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Big Brother Thread 6

[bold]so·ci·o·path[/bold] / A person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.

[bold]stalk·er[/bold] / A person who harasses or persecutes someone with unwanted and obsessive attention

[bold]Freak[/bold] / See Ian.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 51906/19/2014

Ian is totally freaking me out!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 109/14/2012

Big Brother Live Chat- Jeff interviews Shane.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 209/14/2012

Just watching Ian gives ME OCD. Was I the only one seriously worried about his health during Thursday's show?

This is also one of the few seasons where I couldn't care less who wins the actual game. Danielle doesn't deserve it and Dan totally fits the definition of a sociopath. This, by default, gives the edge to Ian. But I don't care about the kid.

I'm more intrigued by who the jury is going to choose and their rationale for who they pick. I'm just hoping Danielle doesn't make it to the final two.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 309/14/2012

Shane has better chemistry in a 30 minute interview with Jeff than he did with Danielle after 69 days.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 409/14/2012

R4, that makes perfect sense -- both are overtly homophobic, and in Shane's case, he's a closet homo who probably wants to get in Jeff's pants.

Who gave Jeff the job of interviewing evicted houseguests anyway? He gives Andrea Mitchell a run for her money.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 509/14/2012

Last night I watched Ian remove two ice cubes from a bin inside the freezer, smell each one and then toss one cube away into the sink and put the other in his drink. Does he always do this?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 609/14/2012

"Sociopath" is becoming one of those buzzwords like "Bullly" that people misuse and abuse. Dan is FAR from a sociopath, he's just playing a chess game with others who signed up for, yes, a CHESS GAME. If he's guilty of anything, it's a CBS phenomenon -- using his celebrity to intimidate the mere mortals who want to be his friend and forget the goal is to beat him (see Boston Rob).

I am always baffled when contestants on any show roll over for returning champs instead of getting rid of them on sight. But maybe that's just the power of (too much) TV.

One thing to his credit/power: he makes people feel safe around him, makes them think he'll take care of them. ALL of them. Not possible in a game where someone has to go each week or did they forget that too? (NONE of them talked to each other about the Final Two deals?)

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 709/14/2012

Dan has no empathy for anyone, inside or outside the house. I don't know if he's a sociopath, but he sure is unlikeable. Ian is a mess, but I find him endearing.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 809/14/2012

Sorry R8, I'd still like to fuck Dan with Jeff blowing him at the same time.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 909/14/2012

LOL at him randomly commenting on how nice Wil's legs are in his interview. Oh Shane.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 1009/14/2012

This entire season was worth the look on Dani's face last night.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 1109/14/2012

[quote]Last night I watched Ian remove two ice cubes from a bin inside the freezer, smell each one and then toss one cube away into the sink and put the other in his drink. Does he always do this?


by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 1209/14/2012

Shane dresses like a gay guy, sleeves rolled up to show off his biceps for the men.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 1309/14/2012

[quote]This entire season was worth the look on Dani's face last night.

Indeed. This season has given us week after week of the best blindsides ever in Big Brother. I cant wait for someone on Youtube to make a compilation of blindsided faces, brought to you by Father Dan.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 1409/14/2012

I think Dan is pretty hot and Ian is a totally cutie, though I don't know if he's all there...Shane does nothing for me, probably because he's so effeminate.

What do you guys think of Ian? Do-able??

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 1509/14/2012

P.S. I keep hearing the term "mist" and "misting" in relation to Dan. How/when did this term originate and what does it mean?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 1609/14/2012

r15, Ian's appearance is interesting to me.

Sometimes he just looks like such a gross creeper, but other times he sort of reminds me of a young John Cusack, albeit John Cusack playing a sweet nerd in '80s teen movies.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 1709/14/2012

Even Britney used "mist" in the jury house, so she wouldn't have read it on the Internet. It must be a term they started using in the house that feed watchers picked up. I see it on Television Without Pity all the time.

From the previous thread:

[quote] Didn't Frank say that Dan promised on the Bible that he wouldn't vote him out?

Frank did say that, and Frank is misremembering. Dan swore on the Bible and his wife about the existence of the Quack Pack, not about any final-two deal.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 1809/14/2012


The mist started by and was perpetuated by Britney early on in the game. During a conversation with Willie and/or Shane she talked about Dan having come in the room and it being like a haze went over the room where their minds were completely changed about something. Then it was changed to Dan's mist being how conversations with him changed people's minds about stuff.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 1909/14/2012

Dan is genius, by far the best BB contestant ever.

Hell I think he is the best reality show contestant ever.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 2009/14/2012

Apparently R20 has been misted.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 2109/14/2012

I LOL @ Shane, "Take Dan off what?". He knew deep down that he was about to get fucked over.

I agree with someone on the last thread that said a lot of the houseguests this season who claimed to have watched Dan's season did not. Dan had a slightly different tactic then; let everyone dig their own grave. But he was still just as lethal of a player.

I think it was up to Britney to get Dan evicted, and she failed. She is the only one that didnt underestimate Dan's ability to manipulate minds.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 2209/14/2012

Ian probably broke the hammock last night.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 2309/14/2012

[quote]What do you guys think of Ian? Do-able??

Ian is "special needs".

If that turns you on, then there you have it.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 2409/14/2012

I think Ian would be fine working a gloryhole.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 2509/14/2012

Get ready for Team DaShanielle on an upcoming season of Amazing Race.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 2609/14/2012

What happened to the DVDs that the jury members got to watch of the competitions and ceremonies?I liked the former HGs react to these. There was none of that in the Jury House footage last night.

Going by Shane's interview with Jeff today Shane didn't hear Dan tell him "She's been playing you, ask Jenn." He was apparently in such a state of shock he thought he heard Dan say something else. Julie tried to get it out of him right after he was evicted but he just didn't hear it correctly. That's a HUGE break for Dan because saying that to Shane could have backfired big-time. I hope they play that back at the season finale.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 2709/14/2012

I so agree with R24.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 2809/14/2012

[quote]What do you guys think of Ian? Do-able??

Ian is adorable at times--I like his quizzical eyebrows and sweet smile. If I was his age and a fellow geek, I might be interested. However, at my elder age, he seems like a child.

Also, he must be horrific in bed. Physically awkward and graceless, all those weird sounds, easy gag reflex and sort of asexual.

The tippy-toed walk would be a deal breaker, too. Not down with the brown marshmallow nips, either.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 2909/14/2012

My god, OP was trying too fucking hard. I really hate that I'm going to have to see that fucking bullshit every time I revisit this thread.

In summary, go fuck yourself, OP.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 3009/14/2012

[quote]Indeed. This season has given us week after week of the best blindsides ever in Big Brother. I cant wait for someone on Youtube to make a compilation of blindsided faces, brought to you by Father Dan.

What blindside week after week? Who else was blindsided besides Frank and Shane? No one really.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 3109/14/2012

[quote]Also, he must be horrific in bed. Physically awkward and graceless, all those weird sounds, easy gag reflex and sort of asexual.

Ian is a virgin. His mom told him not to lose his virginity on national television.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 3209/14/2012

Here's Ian's Twitter if you want to talk to him. He's pretty good at replying to fans.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 3309/14/2012

Ian solving thermo nuclear physics.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 3409/14/2012

Yeah Ian may be "special needs" but he's probably the most intelligent person on the show this year. He's the only one who actually seems like he's read a book or two.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 3509/14/2012

[quote]My god, OP was trying too fucking hard. I really hate that I'm going to have to see that fucking bullshit every time I revisit this thread. In summary, go fuck yourself, OP.

For newbies, please note the above is how people say thank you on DL.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 3609/14/2012

[quote]Yeah Ian may be "special needs" but he's probably the most intelligent person on the show this year. He's the only one who actually seems like he's read a book or two.

Maybe only book smart. He has been pretty stupid in the game. He wrongly thinks he created the Quack Pack when the others just let him think that. He wanted to keep the Quack Pack together till the final 4 even though he was the lowest on the totem pole. He almost got evicted on the double eviction night. He just got lucky that he's still here.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 3709/14/2012

Dan and Danielle are fighting right now. Dan is calling her out for wearing Shane's sweatpants. She really is a stalker.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 3809/15/2012

And no, Dani did not wash Shane's wet dream cum-stained sweatpants before wearing them. They are in a lock down and have no access to the washing machine in the backyard.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 3909/15/2012

At least Dani finally got in Shane's pants. It's her dream come true.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 4009/15/2012

DAn is not teh "best" player ever, just the most evil and next to Boogie, that's saying alot.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 4109/15/2012

Regardless of Ian FREAKING OUT all the time, I would be satisfied if he won. Dan is just a nasty unchristian man.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 4209/15/2012

Can has been able to successfully manipulate a bunch of dopes. It would be a bigger deal if there were some other true strategists that he had connived.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 4309/15/2012

r43 should have started with Dan, not Can.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 4409/15/2012

Dan cum in my mouth

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 4509/15/2012

Ahhm so over this house y'all

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 4609/15/2012

I can't see Dan beating either one of them. He can plead his case but he's won before and most people hate him.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 4709/15/2012

[quote]What blindside week after week? Who else was blindsided besides Frank and Shane? No one really.

Janelle gets put on the block by Danielle after the reset *BLINDSIDE!*

Ian lies to Mike Boogie and gets him evicted *BLINDSIDE!*

Jenn asks Julie if her sister is hot on national TV *BLINDSIDE!*

Dan has his Big Brother funeral and tells Danielle she is dead to him *BLINDSIDE!*

Jenn uses the veto on Dan and Britney gets put on the block *BLINDSIDE!*

Franks thinks he is just a pawn and gets evicted after Dan lies to him *BLINDSIDE!*

Dan lies to Danielle and evicts Shane *BLINDSIDE!*

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 4809/15/2012

I agree, R30. Meanspirited and not a good header.

As to people with issues or problems being unattractive, get your noses out of the air sweeties. Everyone has, or will have an issue or problem at some point.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 4909/15/2012

Get a grip, delicate flower/R30.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 5009/15/2012

Ian is a-dork-able. I want to see me taking Dan's bare cock up his cute hairy ass.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 5109/15/2012

After this thing is over I'm going to tell Dan that there is something highly sexually charged about the way he fucked people over, especially Frank and Shane (and hopefully Ian).

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 5209/15/2012

r52 he has to let that sexual tension out somewhere...he doesnt masturbate you know!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 5309/15/2012

making a comment to add this to my thread watcher.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 5409/15/2012

So how does the third place contestant get eliminated?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 5509/15/2012

When there are three left, one person wins HOH. The remaining two automatically go on the block. The HOH then casts the lone vote to eliminate. So basically this HOH position is the most powerful in the game, as it is this person who gets to decide the final two.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 5609/15/2012

OMG! Could Danielle and Ian finally be growing a brain? On BBAD,they both appear to have caught on to Dan's manipulations and have made a nominal deal to take each other to the finals. By evicting Shane,Dan has caught the wrath of Danielle being violently separated from her showmance boyfriend!

It may be too little,too late,but Danielle wants the satisfaction of seeing Dan's shock at being blindsided by her own hand,like she has so many times before at his...!

As for Ian,he looks adorable when he is laying down and not being agitated and fidgety.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 5709/15/2012

Dan would probably choke Danielle on live TV if she wins HOH and evicts him.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 5809/15/2012

[quote]making a comment to add this to my thread watcher.

You can just click the star next to the thread title to do that.

[quote]Here's Ian's Twitter if you want to talk to him. He's pretty good at replying to fans.

He hasn't tweeted since May. He certainly hasn't tweeted since he's been in the house. We don't know yet how he reacts to fans on Twitter.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 5909/15/2012

If Danielle had one tiny brain cell, she'd figure out that her only way to the 500k is to win HOH and evict Dan. The jury would appreciate this both on a rational and an emotional level and hand her the money.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 6009/15/2012

I think Dan and Danielle are starting to dislike each other, one of them is taking Ian to the finals. Meanwhile, Ian is totally freaking out in his room.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 6109/15/2012

It's amazing that it's taken Danielle this long and I have to wonder if the diary room has something to do with it.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 6209/15/2012

@ R24 I agree.

Ian is not Do-Able.

He is special needs and has moobs. He is def not cute either. I wouldn't touch that with a 200 pole.

I bet the only girfriend Ian ever had was 300 pounds.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 6309/15/2012

Dan doesn't like anyone but Dan,r61.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 6409/15/2012

Who won HOH this week?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 6509/15/2012

[quote]Who won HOH this week?

It hasn't been determined yet. It's done in three parts. Part 1 was an endurance competition which Dan won, allowing him to proceed to Part 3. Part 2 is between Ian and Danielle and will probably take place sometime today. The winners of Part 1 & 2 will square off against each other. I'm not exactly sure about when Part 3 takes place.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 6609/15/2012

I posted this in the other thread right before it shut down so not sure if anyone saw...

Shane's mama is on Twitter.

His mom is super super super religious so he probably won't come out ever. She also seems kind of cray cray going back and forth of whether she likes Dani so that might explain how Shane wound up under Dani's spell in the first place.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 6709/15/2012

Apparently jury deliberations with 6 of the 7 jurors are happening today

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 6809/15/2012

Reading Shane's mom's tweets is like reading Carrie White's mother's tweets. No wonder he's so repressed and can't come out. He believed vaginas had teeth until he was 18. He said his family would disown him if he were gay. He says 'there's no homos in my family" like it's some great accomplishment.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 6909/15/2012

"Sociopath, Stalker, Freak... America, welcome your Final 3." This is how Julie will open the show on Finale night.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 7009/15/2012

r69, link please

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 7109/15/2012

[quote]The winners of Part 1 & 2 will square off against each other. I'm not exactly sure about when Part 3 takes place.

Doesn't it take place during the live finale? The winner then evicts whoever s/he isn't taking to final two.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 7209/15/2012

Yes Pt. 3 of the HOH takes place in the finale night episode.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 7309/15/2012

Ian didn't luck out in any of his crucial wins, he was set up to be the likely winner ny the producers.

Danielle would lose to the house goldfish. Ian or Dan would be smart to take her to the finals if they want an easy road to the money. Danielle isn't very likable and played a terrible game. She is there still because of Dan.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 7409/15/2012

Ian is freaking out... calm down little guy.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 7509/15/2012

I think the votes go as follows: Danielle vs Ian

Danielle gets Shane, Dan, Frank, Ashley and Jenn Ian gets Britney and Joe

Danielle vs. Dan

Dan gets Ian and possibly Frank and Ashley.

Ian vs Dan

Dan gets no one if he takes Ian with him and backstabs Danielle to the finals. If Ian takes him then Dan gets Danielle, Shane, Frank, Ashley and Jenn

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 7609/15/2012

[quote]Danielle isn't very likable and played a terrible game. She is there still because of Dan.

I think Dan carried her about 50%. She has done well in comps and pulled HOH at very important times in the game.

Ian and Dan are playing Jenga right now. It is funny to watch Ian rock back and forth, come to a complete stop to move a piece, and start rocking all over again. They are going to need some kind of meds to keep him from having a complete OCD meltdown on finale night!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 7709/15/2012

I dont think Dan is getting Frank, Britney or Shane's votes in any scenario.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 7809/15/2012

My predictions:

FRANK - Dan will get Frank's vote over Danielle. I could also see him getting Frank's vote over Ian. As much as he he hates Dan, his ego can't handle losing to a girl like Danielle and might not be able to handle losing to a 21-year-old kid in Ian. He'll also be anti-Ian if he and Britney have fought a lot in the jury house.

BRITNEY - Dan could get Britney's vote over Danielle because Britney recognizes Dan played the best game and said so in her post-show interviews and in the jury footage. She likes Ian better though and would vote for him.

SHANE - Shane I think would vote for Danielle or Ian over Dan, but he may get more pissed at Danielle if the jury convinces him that Danielle was playing him.

ASHLEY - Ashley will vote for Ian over Dan/Danielle who never talked to her or got to know her, especially with her and Britney bonding in jury.

JENN - Jenn will never vote for Ian. I think she could easily be convinced to vote for Dan over Danielle because Dan used the veto on her. In her interview with Jeff she said she had been to the jury house already and she talked that she thought Dan or Ian would win.

JOE - Joe left the house saying he wanted to talk to everyone after the show and not bitter at anyone. He said that Dan was the best gamer and really respecting Ian's competition ability. Danielle has no chance for his vote.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 7909/15/2012

Dan would not likely vote for Danielle over Ian. As comments throughout the thread have said, he isn't Mr. Empathy or sentimental. Ian is a better player and played a better game and would probably get Dan's vote. Ashley and even Frank would vote for him as well. Britney would vote for Dan over Danielle simply because she knows it's a game--the gist of her big jury house fight with Frank--and Danielle did not play it as well as Dan. Ian would probably take all votes opposite Dan.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 8009/15/2012

Dan also likes Ian better than Danielle personally. Dan was on the feeds alone at one point yesterday calling on the fans to vote Ian for America's Player.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 8109/15/2012

If Dan wants people to vote Ian for America's fave, it probably means he plans to take dani to F2 if he wins hoh.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 8209/15/2012

[quote]so·ci·o·path / A person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience. stalk·er / A person who harasses or persecutes someone with unwanted and obsessive attention

[quote]Freak / See Ian.

See DL

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 8309/15/2012

It will be interesting to see how much of a grudge the jury members will hold against Dan. I cant wait to see Frank and Brit rip each other's faces off during the deliberations!

Shane was about to cry on Thursday night, so I doubt he will give a second thought to not voting for Dan.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 8409/15/2012

You people slay me. Dan won't get ANY votes. Nobody wants to be the ones who were responsible for crowning a two-time winner. Someone will point out if he's gonna win again it should be on All-Stars.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 8509/15/2012

Ian is do-able. I would do him. He's like a little pocket gay. He needs to work on that chest, but other than that, he's adorable.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 8609/15/2012

I agree r85. I think Father Dan's Jedi mind tricks have worked their way onto DL!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 8709/15/2012


I hate Dan and WANT HIM TO LOSE.

But you are an idiot if you think Dan wouldn't get any votes. If he is in final 2 against Ian, Dan will get Jenn's vote at the very least because she hates Ian's fucking guts.

And if Dan is against Danielle he is a guaranteed winner of this season and will get Ian's vote at the very least.

No female player has ever won Big Brother when up against a male player at the end. Women hate other women and men would rather lose to other men. Especially this season, Dan will not win, because Danielle will get ZERO credit from the jury about her gameplay because it was entirely dictated by Dan and she had such a big advantage having a former winner coach her to the final 2 every step of the way. Lying backstabby female players never are respected by the jury. And if the jury doesn't view her as a lying backstabber, but instead just as a naive dumb girl, that still doesn't help her because of what a dumbass she looks like for having won HOH and POV and her closest ally getting evicted at Final Four. The best Danielle can hope for is 2nd place just like the previous BB Danielles.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 8809/15/2012

Danielle shouldn't win over dan but I think she would. The people this year are pretty dense and more likely to vote on emotion.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 8909/15/2012

The Pt. 2 of the HOH comp has just started. We will probably know the results when After Dark comes on in 2 hours, if not before then.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 9009/15/2012

I'm voting for. . .Omaha.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 9109/15/2012

[quote]You people slay me. Dan won't get ANY votes. Nobody wants to be the ones who were responsible for crowning a two-time winner.

Then why did they give Sandra the win?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 9209/15/2012

All anyone in that Jury House could talk about is Dan.

How can they vote for anyone else?

I've had my ups and downs this season, but this is one of the most exciting finishes in years...probably since BB7.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 9309/15/2012

The BB7 finale with Boogie and Scrubica was exciting?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 9409/15/2012

FeedWatcher, thank you for all you do! I really enjoy reading your blog about the feeds and appreciate you harvesting all things BB related and putting links on your site.

Thanks again!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 9509/15/2012

The comp going on right now is ripping people's face off and rearranging them on another body. Kinda like Morph with the mixed up faces.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 9609/15/2012

Per Shane's Mom on Twitter thee night he got kicked off:

Shane has severe ADHD.I hoping tonight will not aggravate these symptoms. Very worried.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 9709/15/2012

I read on Jokers that Dani takes Adderall herself. For weight loss or ADHD? Who knows,

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 9809/15/2012

Well, if she's taking Adderall for weight loss, she needs to ask for her money back.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 9909/15/2012

Oh noes, Showtime is showing fish. I'm so nervousing. I hope Ian is alright.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 10009/15/2012


Dan celebrated and Danielle heard it.

Now Danielle is pissed and threatening Ian that if he doesn't take her to final 2 she's going to taint the jury to not vote for him.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 10109/15/2012

Danielle is ENRAGED.

Ian is trying to deny he has a final 2 deal with Dan.

Danielle is saying that Ian is turning into Dan.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 10209/15/2012

OK I think this Danielle yelling at Ian thing is a plan they cooked up. I'm not sure how it benefits Danielle... AT ALL... but she's now whispering with Dan and not upset and he is telling her things to say.

Apparently Dan celebrated big time when Ian won, which Danielle and Dan planned if Ian would win the second part, and Danielle is acting all pissed about it.

Ian is not happy with Dan for having celebrated the way he did after the comp and setting this whole thing in motion.

And Danielle is claiming she will ensure that Shane votes against Ian and claiming she will taint the jury and see that Ashley doesn't vote for him either.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 10309/15/2012

Danielle can't taint the jury-she'll never have any time alone with them on Wednesday night! Ian knows this and will put her in her place.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 10409/15/2012

Danielle just came out of the diary room sobbing and Dan awkwardly consoled her. Then she got in the shower and Dan went to the kitchen alone.

He said under his breath that his best move is to let Ian win the final HOH because his conscience won't let him evict Danielle if he wins Part 3. Then he says "Yes I do have a conscience."

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 10509/15/2012

[q]Then he says "Yes I do have a conscience."

Damage control. Always thinking.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 10609/15/2012

Wait, Dan is planning to take Ian to Final 2? The whole plan of Danielle yelling at Ian is to get Ian to throw Part 3 so Dan can win and evict Ian.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 10709/15/2012

Ian said his penis is 5.5 inches.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 10809/15/2012

Wow,r81-Dan thinks he can control America's Choice,too? Talk about a Messiah/God Complex!

And his plan for Danielle to act pissed is to insure that Ian will vote for HIM should he be sent to jury.he is really covering all the bases to lock up all the votes!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 10909/15/2012

4Chan loves Ian.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 11009/16/2012

4Chan is really fixating on 5.5 inches. They are chiming in with their own dick sizes.

Damn, Ian. I had more faith in you. I didn't know someone with only 5.5 inches can suck their own dick. He must be super flexible.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 11109/16/2012

What started the dick size talk.

Ian: Jenn said she wouldn't vote for someone with a penis.

Dan: Perhaps we should have a dick measuring contest to help her decide.

Ian: 5.5 inches.

Dan: 7.5 inches.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 11209/16/2012

Anyone going to see Paranormal Activity 4 this Halloween?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 11309/16/2012

Shane on dating Danielle.

Would you date Danielle after the show is over?

"It depends on if she was part of the betrayal. If Dan blindsided her as well, then I can’t really blame her, but I do feel she was involved to some extent. I don’t know what the outcome will be with her romantically."

He's soooo hoping she was apart of the betrayal.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 11409/16/2012

production bought us In n Out burgers y'all.... mine was gross. OH.. MY. GOD! Who puts thousand ahhlan' dressn' on a burger? Ahh wanted to throw up!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 11509/16/2012

Dani is nowhere to be seen, perhaps in the DR. I really dislike Dan and hope Ian wins. Dan is a snake. Just a question of who he will betray. Ian is rocking in the hammock mumbling.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 11609/16/2012

I'm sick of these people.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 11709/16/2012

It's pretty much Ian to lose, I would be shocked if he didn't win.

Btw, Ian is totally freaking out! I hope he lasts through the end.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 11809/16/2012

Last night he was rockin back and forth and pacing while eating his in n out burger... talking to himself. If he is blindsided by Father Satan it will come as a surprise.He feels certain that Dan will take him to the finals.

another blindside?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 11909/16/2012

Is all this talk about the penis size true?

If it is, of course Dan would say his dick is bigger regardless of how big it is in reality. After anyone reveals their size, the next guy isn't going to say theirs is smaller...

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 12009/16/2012

Did they have to show Willy in the re-caps? I got really uncomfortable watching him attack Joe. CBS will be hearing from me.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 12109/16/2012

So who can Dan win against dani or Ian?

The plan is to get for dani and Dan to kick out ian is this still a go?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 12209/16/2012

Yes R120 It was on Showtime

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 12309/16/2012

Dan doesn't deserve to win, especially after that so-called "Dan's Funeral" monologue. Dan not already won already, but he's a major hypocrite.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 12409/16/2012

So if you win a game once, you shouldn't win it again? That's some really poor reasoning.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 12509/16/2012

Fuck you, AG and CBS, for putting on a lame recap (although Britney battering Ted was enjoyable) and ending it with the beginning of the first HoH. What a fucking waste of time. So that means on Wednesday's finale we'll have to sit through the first and second taped Hohs and a rushed everything else, including the awarding of America's Choice.

Speaking of America's Choice, vote for Britney! Janelle's freakazoids are getting out the vote and she doesn't deserve it at all this time around.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 12609/16/2012

I agree that tonight's show was really lame.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 12709/16/2012

There is one of these lame recap and memorial episodes every season at this time. This episode was no different than the previous ones of this ilk in seasons past.

Dan being a previous winner is but one reason why he shouldn't win again. He certainly doesn't deserve to win a second time over Ian or Danielle who have not (yet) won a single time. Far better reasons Dan doesn't deserve to win are because he played an exceptionally dirty game and he preyed upon people. He exhibted some despicable human characteristics during his march through the house this year. That type of behavior should not be rewarded, even if some viewers found it entertaining. Ian and Danielle played a much cleaner and fairer game without laying waste to other people and their own integrity. If I weren't an atheist, I'd want Dan to burn in hell for his antics this summer.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 12809/16/2012

Wish they could have given us jury house footage instead of those lame recaps.

Now there won't be time for much in the way of call-outs for the final epi if they have to show the HOH Pt. 1, 2, 3, the jury panel and the jury questions.

As for Janelle being voted in America's choice, I'm voting her but mainly so I can see the reaction of Danielle if she both is eliminated in the Janelle spot of 3rd place and she sees Janelle get America's choice.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 12909/16/2012

They always rush the America's Choice segment; After asking us foe weeks to vote, they give about 10 seconds to the results.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 13009/16/2012

How long is the finale? One hour? I guess viewership drops off by the finale because regular fall TV is back, so they cram everything into one show.

This the first season in years that the game hasnt been really boring towards the end. I have to give it to Dan. He has made what was going to be an awful season interesting. I have never seen so many people be shell-shocked after they are evicted. He really trampled on people's feelings. I cant wait to hear what comments the jury has for him.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 13109/16/2012

It will be 90 minutes long. The one in 2011 was 2 hrs but that's the only one that was ever that long.

Good shit on BBAD now between Danielle and Ian. She's quietly browbeating him and pointing out to him that he has a better chance to win against her than Dan.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 13209/16/2012

Ian's back on the hammock, muttering to himself. Even though he said fairly loudly "I don't respond to threats, period, end of story, done" I think she rattled him a bit. She did make a few good points.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 13309/16/2012

Danielle has only herself to blame. She threw part 1 of the HOH to Dan. Anyone who throws a competition this late in the game is an idiot. I'm sorry we won't get live feeds after the finale to witness her breakdown when Shane says she is dead to him, Ian wins HOH and drags Dan to F2. She'll be in a straight jacket, blubbering and rocking back and forth worse than Ian.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 13409/16/2012

Dan seems somewhat unhinged now.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 13509/16/2012

R134, it's more likely he'll tell Danielle he's gay than that she's dead to him.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 13609/16/2012

God, I laughed right out loud tonight when they led with Danielle's crying voice before actually showing her image in the DR crying her mascara/eye liner right off her eyes and into black spider webby streaks down her cheeks.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 13709/16/2012


[bold]Danielle:[/bold] Dan, you made a final two deal with Ian. And you never said a word to me about it. You never told me.

[bold]Dan:[/bold] I forgot.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 13809/16/2012

Danielle is going to be so wrecked from going on this show. Between the multiple betrayals by Dan and Shane's pretend interest in her, she'll be way more messed up than when she went in. And she was already a headcase upon entry.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 13909/16/2012

Who are these idiots who think winning a game once means you can never win again? I must be special cause as a child I won multiple games more than once. I also lost many games too. Should you also be exempt from losing a game if you lost one already?

And Dani winning? That's absurd. These shows reward those who play chess not those who play checkers. I think Dan should win but I'd be ok with Ian and think he'd def win against Dani and maybe against Dan.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 14009/16/2012

Ian is swinging on the hammock muttering, "$50,000, $50,000, $50,000, quack, quack, 12 point buck, 12 point buck, I wish I had two of these jokers, get to steppin', Steven Fishbach!"

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 14109/17/2012

Dan is telling Ian they would go on Quack Pack vacations. I busted out laughing when Dan said "When we go on our Quack Pack vacation..." omg.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 14209/17/2012

Miss me?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 14309/17/2012

Ian is talking to himself on the hammock

She thinks I had a final two deal with her, but that's bullshit.

She thinks it's okay for her to have a final two deal with Shane, but not me with Dan?

That's a girl's logic. Immature child logic. This is why I don't date. Put up with this shit. childishness. I swear I need to date older women that have matured. Or a young girl that has matured. Immature. Child.

Danielle is a child. Danielle is not a woman, she's a girl. She bit Dan's bullshit, Hook Line and Sinker. That's why the game was called that the other night.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 14409/17/2012

Danielle says Ian will be America's Favorite over her dead body.

She says she will be fuming if Ian's America's favorite and she knows Ian is the villain. Dan says he thinks hes' the villian, "who's the favorite then?"

Danielle: Shane...... and me.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 14509/17/2012

Flashback to 12:05 am to hear Ian's complete hammock rant.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 14609/17/2012

I'm glad we got to hear what Dan whispered to Shane during the eviction,"She's been playing you this whole time!" Danielle is going to be a hot mess when she sees how Dan played her!

And I also agree that Dan should not be rewarded for his nasty game play.Too many people believe the way he does-lying and cheating-and use the same tools at their disposal-like religion-to justify that behavior.I don't know how Dan does it-coaching kids,claiming to love his wife,swearing on the Bible,devastating people's emotions and trust in him-and then walk out of that house without looking back. I'm surprised he has so many defenders...

And,yes,I'm voting for Ian as America's Choice. Why? Because Father Dan told me to!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 14709/17/2012

I don't think Danielle should be F2, or that she should win. She didn't do anything all season except try to showmance a gay guy. She was also stupid enough to let Dan manipulate her - and she was worried people would think she was too smart if she told them she's a nurse?!?

I don't mind if either Ian or Dan win. Dan was dirty, but you have to give him credit for rolling these people over. Who there didn't know what he was like, and yet they still fell for his dirty game play. If none of them were smart enough to get rid of him right at the beginning instead of Janey, then hell yeah he should win.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 14809/17/2012

I can't stand Dan. However, as others here have said he made the season interesting.. and Britney said he was playing the game. However he is dirty... and he looks dirty...

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 14909/17/2012

[quote]They always rush the America's Choice segment; After asking us foe weeks to vote, they give about 10 seconds to the results.

After Julie says, "And America's choice is....", what else is there to do? Toss the winner's salad? How long do you need for Janelle to bask in her glory?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 15009/17/2012

But it's the ten seconds at the very end of the finale, after the winner has been announced. It's just anticlimactic.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 15109/17/2012

Give America's Choice to Jody! Now that would really piss em off. LOL

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 15209/17/2012

Even though Danielle irritates me and I genuinely think she's nuts, I'm very uncomfortable with the way that Dan psychologically manipulated her and played with her emotions. Yeah, I know, it's a game. But still, it's uncomfortable to watch. That being said, I don't think someone as emotionally fragile as Danielle should ever have been cast.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 15309/17/2012

I kind of dropped this show about ten episodes in this season, but after hearing all the commotion the last week, I went back on Demand and started watching about three weeks back (just in time to see Boogie evicted).

I watched about six episodes in a row this weekend and wow - Dan is nasty, Dan is mean, Dan is a liar, Dan is many things - but Dan is EXCELLENT at this game.

And what Dan is at heart, is a con artist. He observes people, he gets to know how they think and what moves they will make, and he knows how to manipulate them to get what he wants, he knows how to prey on their vulnerabilities in order to stab them in the back at just the right moment to get him where he needs to be. It's disturbing to watch but fascinating too.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 15409/17/2012

Dan is good with young (ie, naive, trusting) people. He didn't have a chance in hell of manipulating Boogie, Janelle, or even Joe.

He said something about as a coach, he sometimes needs to abuse his players in order to win the game which is all that matters. Again, I question why any parent would want Dan as their kid's sports coach.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 15509/17/2012

I realize that bullying has temporarily fallen out of fashion, but I'd love to see Danielle rock in her chair and on the hammock and walk around on her tippy toes.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 15609/17/2012

I give credit to Dan for (a) making this season interesting; (b) conceiving & pulling off the whole 'funeral' scheme; and (c) manipulating his way through to the end (I recognize there were some pretty dim bulbs in there, but he still figured out how to play each of them in their own way to his advantage). I would not begrudge him the win if he pulls it off.

That said, it's been unpleasant to watch him work, especially on Danielle. And it's been a let-down, because I used to think of him as a delightfully clever imp, but now he's just a cold-hearted asshole. He'd be the worst kind of person to be in a relationship, always drawing you in but twisting every event around to make it seem like you're wrong / crazy. After you've been involved with one of those, it's hard to watch another one in action.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 15709/17/2012

R140, $500,000 is a helluva lot different than the piss-ant shit YOU claim to have won. Your comparison is laughable. No way will they allow Dan to win $500,000 again. End of story.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 15809/17/2012

America's Choice is treated as a total afterthought in the final segment of the finale as they're all standing around saying their goodbyes. I certainly enjoyed the dirty look Rachel gave Britney when she won.

Speaking of Britney, vote for her as AC! Don't let Janelle's freakazoids and cat ladies win this for her.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 15909/17/2012

Do you still not get it, R158? Winning previously is not a valid reason not to win again. The value of the prize doesn't matter.

Oh, sorry Serena, you've won Wimbledon before, you can't win again because of the money you got last time.

How completely stupid is that?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 16009/17/2012

R140/R160, ENOUGH with your STUPID comparisons.

Nobody VOTED for Serena/Venus whoever to win Wimbledon multiple times. How big a moron are you?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 16109/17/2012

If I were a jury member I would vote on how they played the game THIS time, not years back. But that's how I roll. I wouldn't want to go down in reality tv history as less intelligent than The Situation.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 16209/17/2012

Dan said Shane rocked the Beiber cut.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 16309/17/2012

Uhhh, R162, The Situation is no rocket scientist but last month on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK he did extremely well. He went from being one of the first probable evicted HGs to ending up in the final.

Give it up with the lame comparisons, already. Dan will NOT get the votes because he's fucking WON this thingp, already. If he wins again it'll have to be on All-Stars where there will be a level playing field and he'll have to compete against some other past winners.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 16409/17/2012

I'd love to see the look on his face if Dan is told at the finale that there's a petition to terminate his employment!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 16509/17/2012

That pic of Shane at R143 looks like someone is trying to explain the color orange to him or something.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 16609/17/2012

Dan is the dirtiest player ever on Big Brother, he doesn't deserve to win, and he already won already. I don't like the way he played everyone by using the Bible to excuse what he's doing for his family. That's being a hypocrite, and he has no right to judge others.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 16709/17/2012

At least he stayed in motion, kept stirring the pot (and yes I want that kind of active thinking on my team or coaching my son's). Nothing worse on a show like this than a SKATER and Dan sure didn't do that. He, albeit calmly, steered the ship.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 16809/17/2012

r161, you're the moron. By your reasoning, Obama should lose this Nov. I mean, he already won once and it was through a vote. Why not vote for Romney?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 16909/17/2012

Dan will have a very compelling argument for the jury: He was targeted from Day #1 as a former BB winner and was hampered by losing a teammate (Jodi) within hours of the game's start. He was also a dead man walking after Kara was evicted. Not only did he survive, but he brought his sole remaining team member to the finals which proves that he's not only a great player but a great coach. A vote for Dan is a vote for skill and gamesmanship, not of popularity.

Someone like Jenn might buy this line of reasoning and award him the cash.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 17009/17/2012

r167, you're right. Dan has sunk to horrible lows. Who would have ever imagined that a contestant on a reality tv show about backstabbing would LIE to those around him and play them for fools. I'm outraged!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 17109/17/2012

Danielle is the biggest psycho bitch ever. I mean she is torturing Ian psychologically. The kid is special - anyone can see that and she pretty much told him she would campaign against him if he takes Dan to the final (D&D's plan is to get Ian to feel so bad he will throw round 3 so Dan can win it thinking Dan will take him). They had to give her a Xanax (seriously) when Shane was evicted - she begged Ian to tell her what Boogie said about her and when he did ran around telling the camera Ian was talking about her body and how she was already in an anorexic mind set (which I think for her means she only eats 19 candy bars that day..YALL WE AINT GOT NO CHIPS)..she said on camera to Dan she could never marry outside of her religion since her faith was so important to her, that her aunt married and athiest and it was horrible on her family, then turns around and says she has never met an anthiest until she met Ian and how she hates him...she has hated him for a long time but never said anything because of the alliance.

If I were Ian I would call her a horrible mind fuck cunt, Dan a douche bag and fuck up everything for the show and walk out the door. No money is worth having to sit and listen to her fat plastic surgeory (uhh yeah boob job and brow lift ms all natural) ass.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 17209/17/2012

[quote]If I were Ian I would call her a horrible mind fuck cunt, Dan a douche bag and fuck up everything for the show and walk out the door.

Actually, I'd like to see that happen.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 17309/17/2012

Please, don't let Dan win!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 17409/17/2012

Big Brother is expected to maintain the approximate 2.3/6 fast national rating in adults 18-49, following a football-inflated 60 Minutes (3.2/9), which is expected to be adjusted down. Everything else last night was reruns.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 17509/17/2012

Why do idiots (Danielle) go on reality shows without ever watching one and expect everyone who wants to win the grand prize to be nice and honest?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 17709/17/2012

I like how Dan is so holy, but apparently it's ok to lie if it's to win money, which sought after is another sin

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 17809/17/2012

R169, now you're comparing Dan's winning 500k again on BB14 to OBAMA winning again in November? Wow. I You're even more of an idiot than I initially thought. I bet you were a real gem at your debate club. (rolls eyes)

Dan, Danielle and Ian will be on The Talk tomorrow. That should be interesting.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 17909/17/2012

You gotta watch religious people. If they think it's God's will, they'll cut your throat. And even if it turns out that it isn't God's Will then all they have to do is ask for forgiveness.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 18009/17/2012

Not in studio, r179, I'm guessing.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 18109/17/2012

Dan is a master mind-fucker and manipulator, so I'd never trust being in a relationship with him (even a friendship), but I'd definitely fuck him once or twice.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 18209/17/2012

Dan needs the money to self-publish more books.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 18309/17/2012

If people who have won before don't "deserve" to win, why are they invited on the show in the first place?

I'm looking for a serious answer in order to understand the vast depth of your lack of reason and rationality, not a reactionary "ENOUGH!" or "You are a complete idiot!"

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 18409/17/2012

[R184]...hmm. I never thought of it that way before and I'm one of the people who usually says that Veterans don't deserve to win. I guess you're right.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 18509/17/2012

"Name me one winner of any Big Brother or Survivor or any reality show that hasn't played dirty or lied or preyed upon people? Can't do it."

I seem to remember Ethan Zohn played a pretty clean game on Survivor Africa.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 18609/17/2012

I'm not one who says that someone who has won before can't win again, but...

in this case the playing field wasn't exactly level from the start.

When individuals that have been through the BB experience before (the stress of the game along with the mental fatigue of being cut off from the outside world and your loved ones) are pitted against virgins (who think they know what they are getting into, but can't really), there is already a disparity. I think rational people would have to agree with that.

It's especially uneven considering that this group of previous players had all either won or at least all gone deep into the game before. So they were all well versed at the winning strategies of the game (Britney less than the others) and bring that knowledge to play against people who have only seen the action play out on TV before, if even that.

Also, they took those returnees and gave them 'coaching' positions. So the newbies who are already slightly in awe of their new celeb housemates immediately are in a situation where they look up to the coaches for guidance. This served to minimize any sense the smartest or less star-struck newbies would have had of recognizing the threat of the vets and thoughts of getting them out with a quickness...when the eventuality arrived that their coaches would become their competitors.

And I'd say it's further inherently unfair for those returnees to play under protected status for the first month (or month and a half or whatever it was). And that fact would be an even bigger deal to me if I were a player in the game.

But all that being said, if the remaining newbies don't unite to get rid of the veterans when they are able, then they look stupid for ultimately losing to one of them - if that's how it plays out.

So it's not necessarily unfair for a player to have a repeat win, but there is quite about bit that is uneven about this season.

Although Dan has done some solid manipulating, the majority of it (and the moves that saved his ass and people seem in awe of) has happened since the other vets were all voted out. If Dan had done that funeral bullshit while either Janelle or Boogie were still there...wouldn't have worked at all. They would have laughed at that show he put on. Actually, he might not have even tried it.

So I'm less impressed by the work he's done of late than I would be if it were against players who'd been there before.

....and I can't believe I just wrote that much about this stupid show....sorry about the long post.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 18709/17/2012

For r176, the best example I can think of (and why Dan might not get votes to win) is the girl that won Survivor the first season that Russell Hantz played.

I can't remember her name, and probably wouldn't recognize her if I saw a pic of her now (even though I watched the whole season), but she she hardly did anything that whole game and certainly wasn't lying or stabbing people in the back. She rode Russell's coattails and he let her do it because in his arrogance he believed that the other players would acknowledge him doing all the dirty work by giving him the win.

Rather, they voted against him in the end because they didn't like how dirty he played the game. So they gave the prize to a girl that did pretty much nothing, but everyone liked her.

That's what Dan has to watch out for.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 18809/17/2012

R188, Ian was just talking about this. He said Russell should have totally won and Natalie White didn't do shit. He said the jury with bitter, bitter and he hates bitter juries.

Now Dan keeps asking him about seasons with bitter juries and how it's disrespectful of the game to be a bitter juror. He's trying to see if Ian will be bitter when Dan votes him out and will Ian still vote for him to win. Ian should shut up about how bitter juries are pathetic. He should tell Dan if he cuts him, he will ABSOLUTELY be bitter and vote for Danielle to win.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 18909/17/2012

I'm an Academy member and I would never vote for someone who's already won before no matter how great their performance is. Give someone else a chance to have a career-changing moment.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 19009/17/2012

R157, I must say that is one of the most rational, well-reasoned arguments I've EVER read on Datalounge in regards to a trashy show like this.

Well done.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 19109/17/2012

Who's going to watch Survivor Filipino? Russell Hantz is going to be back and so is Mrs. Garrett from Facts of Life. So excited!!!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 19209/17/2012

Can I also say how refreshing it is to have a BB thread not infected with some idiotic troll?

I love it.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 19309/17/2012

What troll? The Ozzy troll?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 19409/17/2012

Yikes, Ethan Zohn indeed won nicely but, man, was that season (and that victory) dull. The moment I knew it couldn't last forever.

I think a better example was a girl on BB that looked like Alanis M. a bit, don't think it was Dr. Will season but could've been (no, that was dark haired girl from ATL that got beat by him). Might have been season right after: She dated someone in house but didn't freak when he got kicked out, was nice but not a doormat, and when she won hands down, everyone was fine with it. Can NOT remember her name and don't want to google but someone can chime in. She didn't have to be a villainess to win but she played well.

Remember the nightmare season when Jun (!) won and nobody said congrats. howl. That was not for show... they all seemed to hate her and that ugly Allison chick.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 19509/18/2012

Never thought about Lisa from BB3 looking like Alanis Morisette but I guess you're right that she kind of does. And as far as I know she didn't really backstab anyone, at least not in the mid-to-late-stage of the game except she voted Amy back in the house instead of her showmance Eric when they had that twist. Many fans claim that Danielle Reyes was robbed that season and Danielle's loss to Lisa is the reason that the jury is sequestered and doesn't get to see the diary rooms until they get home now. Personally, I think every winner is deserving. Getting people evicted/voted off and them still wanting to give you money is all that counts... not how many people you mindfucked or lied to.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 19609/18/2012

Shane: Take Dan off what?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 19709/18/2012

Danielle Reyes played a game that would make Dan proud.

She would have won in a landslide if the evictees hadn't seen her brutal (and hilarious) diary room confessions. The rule was changed because of her.

At least she can claim she changed the show forever.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 19809/18/2012

Ian: "A kid at my school wrote on the wall 'Mr Gorbachev tear down this wall'"

Shane: "Who is Mr Gorbachev? Your principal?"

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 19909/18/2012

Ian said if he wins, he's going to give his winnings to his parents, pay off school, and buy super rare Pokemon cards.

Danielle said she's giving half her winnings to her church.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 20009/18/2012


by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 20109/18/2012

Season 3 BB had some of the hottest guys ever-Roddy,Marcellas,Jason,Eric...those were the days!

And the original BB Danielle has been tweeting about the show. She loves Dan,but is throwing her support behind Ian.She just likes him better. Uh Oh! Doesn't look good for Dan!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 20209/18/2012

Dan 'acting' all sad and depressed last night telling Danielle he is a rotten person, that he played a horrible game etc. She was telling him how good he was, what a great coach he is.. how he will win the game.... how much she cares for him. He is such a manipulator. Don't like him but he is the supreme puppet master.

And Ian swingin' on the hammock eating a bowl of chocolate ice cream with melted peanut butter. Chanting to himself... 'redrum.. redrum... Frank!......quack... quack.... Edward Stewinhowser?......'

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 20309/18/2012

Why is Danielle verbally beating up on Ian about his final two deal with Dan? Didn't she throw the final HOH Comp to her mentor? You NEVER leave your fate into the hands of another player this late in the game! She acts as if Ian came into the house so that SHE could win the half mil! She's saying that Dan will say anything to make it to the finals,so if she knows this,why is she alienating her only other option to make it there?

Ian played hard to get where he is and she is Dan's faithful puppet. What an idiot she is!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 20409/18/2012

r188, Dan has never been as nasty as Russell from Survivor.

Plus, I stopped watching this show back in seasons 8 when Dick won. He was absolutely horrible that season yet he won still. I cam back this season for Janelle and have barely tolerated it for Dan.

Plus, juries being bitter and voting for the less deserving person is the exception not the rule.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 20509/18/2012

Great post, R187.

I'm the one who heaped scorn upon the moron who refuses to understand that Dan should not be allowed to win again for the very fact that this isn't a level playing field. I'm all for him winning All-Stars but that's it.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 20609/18/2012

after Danielle tried to cheer up 'depressed' Dan (Showtime) she walked out of the room.. Dan immediately looked at the camera with a big shit eating grin on his face. As expected his down day where Danielle hurt his feelings was another one of his ploys to manipulate

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 20709/18/2012

Last night on BBAD Ian compared himself to the nerdy Cochrane from Survivor-"He made me look like Remington Steele."

BWAAAHAAAHAA. I'd love it if he and Britney tied for America's Favorite HG.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 20809/18/2012

It's funny watching Dan try to severe the cord with Danielle,r207.She is just It STILL has not dawned on her that Dan used her to get to the finals!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 20909/18/2012

The Big Brother Final 3 are making their appearance on The Talk today.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 21009/18/2012

r206, you're the one who doesn't get it. Survivor has brought back old players loads of times. Those old players go up against newbies and seasons that weren't "All Stars." In one season, a returning player was awarded the win despite being up against newbies who were at an unfair advantage starting off.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 21109/18/2012

Technically it WAS unfair to let the coaches slide a month without being evicted. It was also unfair to remove both nominations when the reset button was hit. This show has always had unfair elements. That's never stopped anybody before.

If you want to award someone for best gameplay then Dan wins.

If you want to put morality on a show that is all about deception and backstabbing then Danielle comes closest and wins.

If you want to harbor a grudge and can't vote for Dan's phenomenal gameplay then Ian wins the 'lesser of two evils' vote. But hey, people have won the presidency that way.

But if you vote for gameplay, AS YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO, Dan creams the rest.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 21209/18/2012

The show is rigged for a Dan and Ian final 2. Dan will win and Ian will be asked back for All Stars.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 21309/18/2012

No, THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO vote for just gameplay, R212, that's just your opinion. The social element to it is still hugely important. It's a combination of social and strategic.

BIG BROTHER was originally conceived as a "social experiment" in which each houseguest (or housemate as they're referred to in all the other English language versions) would be evicted by a public vote. This was changed in the US version in Season 2 because the more interesting HGs got voted out too early. I like the backstabbing nature it has evolved into (including the HoH aspect) but I'd love for one season (like All-Stars 2) if they turned the tables on the HGs and went by the original rules. That would be hilarious. Each HG nominates 2 HGs per week and no discussion of nominations are allowed.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 21409/18/2012

Did ya guys see me stand on mah head last night on Showtime? I even did a few cartwheels for ya.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 21509/18/2012

[quote]If Dan had done that funeral bullshit while either Janelle or Boogie were still there...wouldn't have worked at all. They would have laughed at that show he put on. Actually, he might not have even tried it.

I believe Dan's Jedi powers were already in use then. Britney, Janelle and Boogie could have teamed up to get Dan evicted early in the season, since he and Danielle were so vulnerable after the rest of their team was gone. But it was like he made himself invisible until the reset. Britney and Janelle knew that Dan was playing the weakling card when he threw all of those challenges early on. They should've taken action then, and maybe they would be in his position now.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 21609/18/2012

[quote]Shane: Take Dan off what?

r197, I think thats my favorite line of season. Shane, you big dummy. Just sit there and look pretty while Dan manipulates your future.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 21709/18/2012

Shane and Ashley had some great lines throughout the season.

I also loved Shane after Jenn using the veto: "Where did Jenn come from?"

There was also a funny moment on the feeds but not the CBS show from early in the season where Ashley walked in a room and asked people what they were doing and they said they were "talking game" and she said, "Ooooh. What game?"


by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 21809/18/2012

Dan won already, he doesn't deserve to win a second time.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 21909/18/2012

I could not be friends with Dan either, after watching this season. He is a masterful liar...his whole life could be a lie and you would never know. I bet he is not even married to Chelsea IRL.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 22009/18/2012

I'd vote for Dan to win. If you want to talk social game, then you have to consider that he's been able to play a good social game, too. How? By getting people to trust him. He might be full of shit, but it takes skill. Would I ever trust him? No. But I'd award his gameplay before I'd ever award Danielle. If it were between him and Ian, however, I'd probably award Ian just because he at least tried to play (a hell of a lot more than Danielle, who seemed to think she was going on The Bachelor).

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 22109/18/2012

Why won't Danielle shut up? Dan is so over her already. She's actually trying to cheer him up! He just wants to take the prize and never have to look at her face again!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 22209/18/2012


He is married to Chelsea IRL. Chelsea has used Dan being on the show as an excuse to promote herself constantly on reality TV podcasts like Murtz Jaffer's.

Chelsea and Dan actually seem like a good match for each other. He uses his BB profile to con people out of money through his crappy self-help books and coaching services and she plays up the pristine religious chick angle to market this creepy "Good Girl Comeback" program for clueless parents to pay her to coach the girls on not being sluts.

From her website...

t Who is Chelsea Gheesling and why did she start the Good Girl Comeback?

Because I’m a real-life “good girl”. Though I’m far from perfect, I was blessed to hear a very important message at a young age….living a Good Girl lifestyle is the ONLY way to TRUE happiness and fulfillment.

From that moment on, I was on a mission to be a “good girl”…..and still am. Once I decided to live a Good Girl life, I realized the message the world tells us…you know, the one that says you have to be a “mean girl” to get somewhere in life…was totally FALSE. To the contrary, being a good girl has got me everything I’ve ever wanted in life….and more.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 22309/18/2012

I had assumed that Chelsea was the woman Dan was with in his original season. Does anyhone know what happened to that woman?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 22409/18/2012


Supposedly Dan broke up with his former serious girlfriend, Monica, immediately after the show to fuck Keesha. (Incidentally, Keesha also doesn't like Dan now)

From what he has said on the feeds this season, he didn't like the Monica chick sending the "taken" shirt he got in his HOH basket and he also seemed to hold it against her that the two of them were originally supposed to be on the couples season (BB9) but the girlfriend got cold feet about it and decided not to go through with it so they brought Dan by himself for BB10.

Dan didn't say exactly what happened to Monica after the show but just that her family was probably lighting candles in church praying for his death.

I'm not saying he had some sinister involvement in her disappearance and he's a younger Drew Peterson, but it wouldn't shock me.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 22509/18/2012

I wish the TV schedule were switched for tomorrow night. I'd rather see the BB finale before the premier of the Blair Warner version of Survivor.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 22609/18/2012

I hope Danielle enjoys her final night of relatively normal mental health. It's gonna be really iffy for her after tomorrow night. What with finding out Jesus had a wife and all...

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 22709/18/2012

[quote]To the contrary, being a good girl has got me everything I’ve ever wanted in life….and more.

has gotTEN me... Jesus Christ, do good girls not know good grammar.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 22809/18/2012

Also Dan never slept with Monica. He was a virgin the last time he was on the show. Ian was saying they have this in common.

He lost his virginity to Keesha. Now he says he regrets it and wished he waited because he couldn't give his wife the gift of his virginity on their wedding night like she gave him. He married a 28-year-old virgin.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 22909/18/2012

Ian just admitted on Live Feeds that he's a virgin.

Oh, and Dani is totally in love w/Dan. She asked for his phone number..he told her they'd Tweet.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 23009/18/2012

Probably one of the reasons why he couldn't marry Monica was because she wasn't a virgin and was tainted. So he had to dump her and find a "good girl". Lucky for him there still exists virgins in their late 20s and he found her.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 23109/18/2012

Danielle is in love with Dan. The other night she kept asking Dan to be sweet to her. That was the same thing she always asked Shane. "Please be sweet to me."

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 23209/18/2012

Ian already said he's a virgin before. He said his mom told him not to lose his virginity on national TV. How did his mom know he was a virgin??

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 23309/18/2012

Shane, y'all? Seriously, all he did was stalk me. Y'all have no idea how scared I was of him! Dan is such a man by comparison, and I know he loves me!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 23409/19/2012

Has The Talk segment aired? Julie must have shown the houseguests Wil's youtube parody. They were talking about it last night on Showtime.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 23509/19/2012

I'd love to see Danielle's reaction to the fact that people (well, DL people) think she's a fat, lying stalker.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 23609/19/2012

As this season draws to a close I'd like to say thank you to all the DL posters who made watching BB more fun than it actually is.

Danielle and Jenn City's comments had me cracking up all summer, and Shane, Frank, Ashley, Boogie, Britney, Janelle, Dan- these players are only half as interesting as their DL alter egos!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 23709/19/2012

I agree R237. It's been a fun thread. Now on to Survivor and Amazing Race my two other guilty pleasures~

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 23809/19/2012

Does Survivor has as fun DL commentary as BB?

If it does I will keep watching just to continue to be entertained on here.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 23909/19/2012

On the Survivor threads, we discuss the mostly-naked men's bodies.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 24009/19/2012

They weren't on The Talk. Their photos were, and they were talked about, but no actual appearance.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 24109/19/2012

The Talk segment was taped and will air today (Wed.). The winner will be on The Talk live on Thursday.

R239, the Survivor threads are okay but often ruined by a troll who gets off posting spoilers (although there were no spoilers during the last season, IIRC). There are also some queens who can't get over Ozzy and repost his photos and video clips repeatedly.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 24209/19/2012

Had to look up "Gheesling'. It appears to be Swedish.

Not many in them in the U.S.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 24309/19/2012

R240 and don't forget

slobbering monkey, Mandissa's feets and Constantinine. ;)

Seriously, the SURVIVOR threads were fun the past two seasons -- no one spoiled them.. that may have had something to do with the format changed to redemption island. I had to avoid older threads as some insider would come on and spoil who was getting evicted that night. When the producers started the Redemption Island twist, the spoilers stopped.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 24409/19/2012

Dan doesn't deserve to win more $. Dani the ididt won't win either. Guess special Ian will win half a mil. Can u imagine how many hookers he can buy?

and ashley will totally "fall in love" with ian once he wins half a mil.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 24509/19/2012

i'm confused about the finale tonite.

I thought in years' past that the final two was determined off camera(or taped for an episode) and then the hamsters in the jury house got to question them. I think this was all handled during a taped episode. How is that going to work when it is live tonight?

ANy word how Dan is handling tonight is he throwing it? If he wins will he take Dani or Ian? I'm hoping on a Dan win and another jaw dropping shot of Dani (Yaww breakin my hawwtt)

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 24609/19/2012

At the wrap party (crowds, flash photos) tonight, sif Ian gets over stimulated, will they let him get near the hammock?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 24709/19/2012

So Dan lost his virginity to Keisha? She sure is a lot prettier than Scary Dani. The classic Showtime three hour drunken showdown between Keisha, Libra, old man whasshisname and April the whore remains the most entertaining three hours of BBAD ever.

Even Renny got in on the fun...classic!!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 24809/19/2012

BB 10 fight --The edited version. On Showtime this went on for three hours..

Happy Birthday Keesha!

And Dan in his nasty shorts readin' the bible.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 24909/19/2012

R244 you forgot Bo and his jandras

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 25009/19/2012

I did R250 LOL

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 25109/19/2012


What you are describing is the way they did things up until Big Brother 11.

In Big Brother 11, the producers wanted to ensure that Jordan fans stuck around until the finale in case Jordan lost the second part of the HOH and Kevin and Natalie made a deal to boot Jordan at the finale no matter what.

Ever since then they only have an abbreviated jury questioning segment because all 3 finalists stay in the house until finale night.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 25209/19/2012

I can't believe I missed the Talk interviews. Why did someone here say they were on yesterday, when they were on today?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 25309/19/2012

I thought they were going to be on yesterday because the live feeds were down while they were interviewed yesterday.

I missed them today also if it's any consolation.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 25409/19/2012

R253-R254 You didn't miss a thing. So scripted.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 25509/19/2012

Although I love BB (wish there was a winter edition) I won't miss:

Dan - his silly ninja warrior headband and those nasty, rotting shorts.

Ian and his hammock.

and Danielle and her eyebrow lifts.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 25609/19/2012

Chenbot predicts Ian would win 6-1 in an Ian-Dan final showdown. I hope she's right. I want Dan to lose so bad.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 25709/19/2012

just discovered the Big Brother Reality Check recaps on you tube That guy is pretty funny.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 25809/19/2012

[quote]Danielle is in love with Dan.

Stockholm syndrome.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 25909/19/2012

I hope Dan wins.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 26009/19/2012

No matter who wins, the gays lose!

Dan is a conservative Catholic and Ian has said that he's voting for Romney. The prize money will be used to fight against our right!!!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 26109/19/2012

R261, I would assume Ian is going to vote for Romney whether or not Ian wins. Did he say he was going to donate to his campaign?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 26209/19/2012

When is the finale? I thought it was supposed to be on Tuesday night...but I looked for it and it wasn't.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 26309/19/2012

[quote]I hope Dan wins.

No you don't, Dan had previously won already. It's not fair to the others.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 26409/19/2012

Big Brother comes on tonight, after the premiere of Survivor.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 26509/19/2012

Didn't Obama already win, too?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 26609/19/2012

Is Ian old enough to vote?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 26709/19/2012

Just barely.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 26809/19/2012

I wouldn't have pegged Ian as a Rethug. He seems like a genuinely intelligent person all the OCD stuff aside. Such a shame he is voting for Romney.

But then again, he mercifully was in the BB house all summer long and didn't get to have the pleasure of witnessing gaffe after embarrassing gaffe.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 26909/19/2012

Janelle just tweeted "Hey, guys, could you send a list of all the lies Danielle told? We're talking about them on the set." And JoJo tweeted that she'll try to tell Danielle "If I were you I wouldn't go on the internet to find out what they said about you."

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 27009/19/2012


I don't think Ian is super Republican. I think he's more of a Ron Paul person. In any event, he's just a young kid going to college in the South who doesn't know better yet.

Dan is a lost cause, on the other hand, who will not only give money to Republicans but the Catholic church too.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 27109/19/2012

I want Ian to win.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 27209/19/2012

There's a 60% chance the Ian shits his pants on national TV tonight. The question is whether he will fling it or smear it on the walls.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 27309/19/2012

r264 = soccer mom that thinks EVERYONE deserves a trophy.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 27409/19/2012

r274 = Chelsea, Dan's equally as sociopathic wife!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 27509/19/2012

Dan could fuck me like a Floridian fucks a donkey.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 27609/19/2012

Janelle just tweeted "I'm an unemotional Fembot but if Dan doesn't win tonight I might cry."

Break out the Kleenex, Janie.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 27709/19/2012

Wonder if Julie will mention Wil's parodies on you tube? Danielle will have a meltdown when she sees them.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 27809/19/2012

Ian is really freaking out now!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 27909/19/2012

Ahmm really freakin' out y'all... if Dan doesn't take me.. he will break mah heart

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 28009/19/2012

Shane is a delusional closet case bitch.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 28109/19/2012

Who does their hair? Dan is looking sexy tonight.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 28209/19/2012

Ian better take dani.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 28309/19/2012

Dan seemed to throw the final questions. He was quick to answer the wrong answer. I got all the questions right and I wasn't there. Ian will now take Dan and Ian is going to win with the votes of Joe, Britney, Ashley and Frank at least.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 28409/19/2012

Ahhm done! Stick a fork in me!!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 28509/19/2012

haha - so long, stalker bitch! Don't let the door hit your fat ass on the way out!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 28609/19/2012

Dan is far from looking sexy tonight.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 28709/19/2012

See ya Danielle!!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 28809/19/2012

Dani is outta there!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 28909/19/2012

Danielle made all those comments about being uncomfortable with gay people and not knowing any but her bother appears to be a big queen.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 29009/19/2012

Dan always looks like he needs a good scrubbin'

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 29109/19/2012

Cause he's a dirty boy, R291. Yeah, he's a dirty, dirty boy...

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 29209/19/2012

OMG - Dan is hilarious. I can't believe how awful he is, but I still love him for it. That whole grandfather's necklace thing is priceless!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 29309/19/2012

Dan's going to confession. That's a religious person for you.

Jenn is the most ridiculous person ever.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 29409/19/2012

Ian's last comment about Dan giving him his grandfather's chain just sealed Dan's fate. Ian wins it all. I said it from the beginning. Anyone against Ian in the finals loses.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 29509/19/2012

Danielle and her open mouth... can't wait to see Wil's final parody.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 29609/19/2012

Jenn is an idiot.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 29709/19/2012

Ugh. Dan is losing this. Idiot.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 29809/19/2012

Shut up Dan

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 29909/19/2012

I was pulling for Ian until his speech. I hope Ian becomes Dan's bitch tonight.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 30009/19/2012

I think Dan deserves to win, but I want Ian to win. I think he needs it more.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 30109/19/2012

Jen is waste.

What's that shit about her sellign records

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 30209/19/2012

Ugh, Shane! What a frickin' pussy. You lost, homeboy.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 30309/19/2012

Is Dan homophobic? I would not be able to resist the temptation to flirt with him.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 30409/19/2012

Ian does look kind of hot when he's wet during the competition.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 30509/19/2012

I am still waiting. Has Jenn made her big power move yet?

I don't like Dan and want him to lose because he played without humor.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 30609/19/2012

What does Janelle do for a living? She looks like she should be a professional bimbo.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 30709/19/2012

Dan may not have played the game Shane would have, but Shane was ousted and Dan will go home with at least $50 000 plus whatever CBS gave him for returning.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 30809/19/2012

Who is this Will guy? I'm a latecomer...

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 30909/19/2012

We're lucky Jenn got back from Denny's in time for the finale, R306, never mind have time to think of a power move.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 31009/19/2012

Looks like Dan is going to win. Why didn't anyone call him out on his Christian hypocrisy? He can try to rationalize his behavior all he wants, but he will always be a hypocrite.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 31109/19/2012

R307-As a teen she worked in the Judy Garland Home museum in Grand Rapids. Later, a model and also posed for Playboy. Moved to NYC after her seasons on BB and was a real estate agent. Now married she sells Mary Kay

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 31209/19/2012

R309 Wil Heuser.. was in a boy band, on American Idol and has web show The Wil Show. Dad is a surgeon in Louisville.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 31309/19/2012

Oh good. Danielle, a patsy to the last.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 31409/19/2012

Blazin' Hammocks!!!!!!!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 31509/19/2012

Fuck you Dan!!!!!! Go home and cry.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 31609/19/2012

Danielle's about to lose it.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 31709/19/2012

Shane sleep with me

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 31809/19/2012

Even as the credits roll, Dani continues to stalk Shane.

Run Shane boy, Run

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 31909/19/2012

YES Dan won $50,000. How much did any of the jury win?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 32009/19/2012

Danielle looks pissed.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 32109/19/2012

She couldn't even let him alone til the end. She's pathetic.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 32209/19/2012

Wait until Danielle watches the whole season and sees how stupid she comes across. As one of the tweets said at the bottom of the screen, Dan will tell Danielle while on the jury that she still has a chance and she will believe him.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 32309/19/2012

Oh my GAWD!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 32409/19/2012

FUCK you, Dan. His loss was delicious.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 32509/19/2012

If I were on the jury I would have voted for Dan. That is how you play the game. It's how Boogie won twice, Dr Will, crazy Dick. All of them. Ian won because he was well liked. Who could hate Ian? He'll end up in mental institute unless he first takes some assault weapons and goes to the next Dark Knight movie.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 32609/19/2012

I love how the Christian came across as the most ruthless player in BB history. I guess his beliefs were a matter of convenience.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 32709/19/2012

Well said, R327. Bravo! Dan will be getting a divorce real soon. He must be devastated that he couldn't manipulate the final outcome. Well-played jury (excluding the dolt Danielle).

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 32809/19/2012

Up next Dan and Chelsea on The Amazing Race. Taping December 2012 for spring season on CBS

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 32909/19/2012

DAN DID NOT DESERVE TO WIN A SECOND TIME. Even Jenn voted for Ian. Suck it up, Dan lovers.

No fucking way Frank was voted America's Choice. This is one more nail in the AG coffin and I hope that bitch is investigated for this and all the other intervening by Production

It was a bad night for Janelle all around because she rooted for Dan and campaigned for America's Choice for herself. Sorry, Janie!

Danielle will go into a catatonic state by tomorrow afternoon, sadly.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 33009/19/2012

Best finale on Big Brother evah!!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 33109/19/2012

FRANK won America's Choice?!? I think it was Grodner's Choice. I mean, WTF!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 33209/19/2012

I can't believe that barely anyone mentioned that Frank won AC. WTF? I easily thought it was going to go to either Janie or Britney. Some foul play there fore sure.

I also laughed hysterically when Julie teased the AC winner before a commercial and someone whispered "Jody". I think it was Wil, who I think was also cracking jokes with Julie about his web shows.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 33309/19/2012

There's no way Frank won AC. Ian won for sure. It's just Grodner's way of getting him on another BB season. I don't know anyone that voted for him.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 33409/19/2012

[quote]It's how Boogie won twice, Dr Will, crazy Dick.

Those three people never sold themselves as anything other than the assholes that they were, yet people still went long with them. That was the magic of their game play.

Dan just came across as a complete hypocrite and ruthless. And ruthlessness in the face of someone, as Ian said, actually won competitions, doesn't sit very well. Dan's argument for playing dirty against Frank and Shane because he wasn't as big a physical threat was completely laughable while sitting next to 5'3" skinny Ian.

[Danielle will go into a catatonic state by tomorrow afternoon, sadly.]

The only comfort I have for her is the fact that Dan never once sold her out the entire season. She was the one person he was completely true to as he said he would be.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 33509/19/2012

and BTW, I think Ian had one of the best finale speeches in BB history. He really made a great case for himself and against Dan.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 33609/19/2012

I think it was Ian who said "Jodi." He's been saying on the feeds how she might get it.

I think Britney actually won it and Grodner worked it to give it to Frank since he'll go back for another go-around and Britney won't (she wants to pop out babies.)

I wonder what Danielle said to Jenn almost as soon as she sat down. Probably something bad about Ian.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 33709/19/2012

How on earth did Frank win fan favorite?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 33809/19/2012

I don't think Ian was eligible to win both BB and AC.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 33909/19/2012

I am so glad that psycho Dan didn't win!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 34009/19/2012

Jenn just confirmed she didn't vote for Dan because HE'D WON IT ONCE ALREADY.

Take THAT, Dan lovers.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 34109/19/2012

FeedWatcher is a moron. She posted that Dan was "on fire" in the q&a, even after Ian exposed him to Danielle as the lying sack of shit that he was. Yeah, FeedWatcher, Dan was on fire after Ian grinned and lit the flame.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 34209/19/2012

Danielle just found out via an interview with someone named Spicy that Dan whispered to Shane during his eviction "Dude, she's been playing you the whole time. Ask Jenn."

Danielle's night just keeps getting better and better.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 34309/19/2012

I wonder if Dan and Ian know about the Colorado Dark Knight shootings yet.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 34409/19/2012

I would have been fine with Ian or Dan winning, it was a great season.

WTF with Frank winning fan favorite?

Something smells fishy.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 34509/19/2012

Poor Danielle,even after finding out even more deviousness from Dan,she still voted for him. and I disagree,he was selling her out from day one. She looked absolutely miserable-third place and no Shane,either!

Loved Ian's speech tonight! It did,indeed,seal the win for him and reinforced to the jurors still on the fence just how rotten Dan is. Jenn's vote surprised me-glad she came around!

Pretty good season with a winner who deserved it.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 34609/19/2012

Who was Jodi?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 34709/19/2012

So Boogie would've gotten 100K because Ian won.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 34809/19/2012

Danielle needs help...she is like an abused wife who just kept taking it.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 34909/19/2012

Julie Chen thought Dan should've won. Guess she's a moron too for thinking that someone deserves to win twice.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 35009/19/2012

Did she say that r350?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 35109/19/2012

It's sad that Dan ruined his good reputation and goodwill that he gained from his first season. It's absurd for him to claim he had to play ruthless. Look at dumbass Shane getting to 4th place on just witlessness.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 35209/19/2012

I agree with earlier comment that Ian looked good all wet. He's got good legs. Now that he's famous and has some money he's going to smothered by hairy pussy, all wanting some of his smarty genes in them.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 35309/19/2012

I read it on some interview with her, R351. I think it was by someone from EW. But, yes, she said she thought Dan deserved the win.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 35409/19/2012

Dan did provide them with a lot of good stuff this year so I guess she is grateful to him for that.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 35509/19/2012

See link for Danielle finding out that Dan told Shane as he was leaving "She's been playing you the whole time." Another classic O face & boy is she pissed!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 35609/19/2012

I bet Boogie buys Ian his first STD tonight.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 35709/19/2012

I don't think so, R355. She, like so many people who've played the game, believe Dan played best. I know it's hard for you to understand an opinion different than your own, but try this one time.

But first...let's list all the things that will unhinge Danielle upon her exit:

1. Seeing her behavior and her physical appearance on the show.

2. Hearing all the things the other HG's said about her on the show, especially Dan.

3. Reading what the internets have to say about her.

4. Coming to the realization that Shane's a giant mo.

5. Realizing that going on BB hasn't made her a star, but rather a joke.


by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 35809/19/2012

I really dislike that Boogie person, but I thought it was very nice of him to say the supportive things he did about Ian. He almost came across as sincere, and since he was no longer in the game, maybe he actually was.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 35909/20/2012

Now I sort of can't wait to see if Danielle comes to term with everything she's learning overnight and is cool with Dan by the time they have to do The Talk together tomorrow.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 36009/20/2012

Shane's widow's peak look like it's the result of hair plugs.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 36109/20/2012

Shane has doll hair. Those giant doll plugs look gross.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 36209/20/2012

I didn't know they get haircuts in sesquester.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 36309/20/2012

[quote]I'd love to see Danielle's reaction to the fact that people (well, DL people) think she's a fat, lying stalker.

It's not just DL. It's every single BB forum.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 36409/20/2012

Janelle was absolutely right. It's a complete travelocity that Dan didn't win.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 36509/20/2012

Here is some busted drag queen interviewing Britney.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 36609/20/2012

Boogie looked so young and refreshed tonight. Did he get work done?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 36709/20/2012

Dan had a horrible speech. Very used car salesman. And he was kissing everyone's ass and it was so transparent. It was so embarrassing how he was still kissing Jenn's ass about her record sales as she was reaching in her bag.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 36809/20/2012

What are you so freaked out about r358? I was agreeing with you.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 36909/20/2012

OMG r366, who is that shemale with the microphone?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 37009/20/2012

R370, his name is Super Spicy, a drag queen interviewer for Super Pass.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 37109/20/2012


I think Boogie was sincere.

I also think he especially wanted to say something good about Ian because he hates Dan so much. When Boogie said Dan needed to take responsibility for his actions in real life I think he was talking about the fact that Dan invited Boogie to his wedding just so they could align in a future season of BB.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 37209/20/2012

Dan IS a used car salesman, hope he realizes how hated he is with that landslide vote. Now I hope the school fires his nasty ass and his wife divorces him.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 37309/20/2012

So why did Ian dump Boogie? I missed that part.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 37409/20/2012

Ian dumped STD boy because he joined the quack pack and became loyal to them. I don't know that he had any real loyalty to STD boy.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 37509/20/2012

[quote]Who was Jodi?

The very first day they had a competition among the four teams (as they existed at the time). The coach of the losing team had to immediately evict one person on his team. Dan lost and evicted Jodi.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 37609/20/2012

Jenn is still inside the BB house. She won't leave. She said that with some of the new information that she learned during last night's show & some of the backyard interviews, she's ready to make a big move and thinks she can form an alliance with Ian for F2.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 37709/20/2012

Janelle came very, very close to broaching the topic of Danielle's pathological lying before changing the subject. I wish they'd let her go on.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 37809/20/2012

[quote]What are you so freaked out about [R358]? I was agreeing with you.

My post was addressed to R355, not you at R351.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 37909/20/2012

Julie recently said in an interview that she doesn't think a celebrity version of BB would work here (when it clearly has in the UK and Australia) so I don't value most of her opinions. Dan didn't deserve to win. He lost in a landslide vote and the only vote he got was from the BB equivalent of a battered wife.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 38009/20/2012

Dan played the best game but messed up in the end.

When Ian gave his speech, he came off completely genuine. Dan came off as insincere and fake. He should've owned what he did but he was still kissing major ass and coming up with excuses for his behavior. The jurors didn't even take his speech seriously.

If I were a straight man, I'd marry Danielle. It'd be like owning a voluntary slave. Maybe Shane could visit for some "male bonding."

Dani: Honey, why is your penis inside Shane? Are you gay?

Me: Not at all!

Dani: Ok, I just got confused with your penis being in his mouth and all.

Me: Close the door! No girls allowed.

Dani: Ok, as long as you don't leave me for Janelle.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 38109/20/2012

Interesting that all season my DVR Program Info had 'Big Brother' starring Julie Chen, Jenn Arroyo, Danielle Murphree and Ian Terry.

Funny how those people were listed as the stars and also lasted as long as they did...

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 38209/20/2012

I voted for Frank to win $25 grand. Happy that he won. My other choice was Jenn. Simply because she was honest and didn't lie to anyone.

I'm happy that Dan won 2nd place.

Dani is a giant idiot who cost herself at least 50 grand. She should have tried to win round 1 not give it to Dan.

Shane's receiding hairline is gross. But overall his face is cute.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 38309/20/2012

Does Dan think that if he doesn't mention his "beautiful wife Chelsea" every five minutes that we'll all think he's gay or some single loser or something? In nearly every interview since leaving the house, including today on "The Talk," Dan has to mention his "beautiful wife Chelsea" at least once, if not more. And it's always those three same words, too. Does he also think we're all going to think his wife is ugly if he doesn't mention that she's "beautiful" too?

Ugh. He definitely livened up the season and made some big moves in a game where big moves don't get made very often, but the last week or two all I get from him (personality and appearance-wise) is a skeezy, sleazy underhanded used car salesman vibe. But at least he has a "beautiful wife" to go home to...

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 38409/20/2012

"I really dislike that Boogie person, but I thought it was very nice of him to say the supportive things he did about Ian. He almost came across as sincere, and since he was no longer in the game, maybe he actually was."

Don't kid yourself. Booger sees Ian as a potential investor. It's as simple as that.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 38509/20/2012

I was surprised how nice Mike Boogie spoke of Ian, I've never seen that side of him before.

Heard that Dan is still in shock that he didn't win.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 38609/20/2012

Following the 90-minute Survivor premiere, the newly-renewed Big Brother closed out its 14th-cycle finale with a 2.5/7 in 18-49, down 14% from last year’s finale and its lowest-rated summer finale ever.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 38709/20/2012

Where was Willie?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 38809/20/2012

Banned, r388.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 38909/20/2012

They done didn't even mention ME!!!!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 39009/20/2012

Anyone watch The Talk to see Dan, Dani and Ian? I'm curious to know what Dani had to say.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 39109/20/2012

Interesting exit interview with Dan:

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 39209/20/2012

Danielle vows to never play BB with Dan again:

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 39309/20/2012

God, Dan's interview - how sad that one of your biggest goals in life is to get on a reality show, and to help others get on one, too. Kinda pathetic.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 39409/20/2012

Im glad Ian won. He really deserved it. He's the youngest player ever to win right?

[quote]Is Dan homophobic? I would not be able to resist the temptation to flirt with him.

Me neither. He seems so innocent and non threatening on the outside. And he is a very good listener, like a therapist. By the time you realize how corrupt he is, you have fallen for him. It would be hard to get mad at him for using you, because you would miss his conversation. I totally get why everyone fell into his trap.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 39509/20/2012

Dan doesn't listen like a therapist - he listens so he learns your weaknesses in order to use them against you.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 39609/20/2012

I can't help but feel sorry for Danielle. She has had a really rough go of it since Dan betrayed her and evicted Shane. She is such an emotional person so she couldn't be expected to get her head on straight and realize Dan was using her. And on top of that she casted the sole vote for him. At least she has her honor to stand on.

I also think Britney was really short changed this season. She did most of the grunt work early in the game for Ian, Danielle, Shane and Dan, only to get put on the back burner once again and have Frank win America's favorite. I thought she deserved something for gaming herself into a frazzle for all those bitches.

What Janelle did last night was in very poor taste. NOBODY cares about her anymore. And her ass looked horrible in that dress. She was in dire need of more Spanx.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 39709/20/2012

I voted for Frank to get the $25K also! He was very cute and he played hard, coming back from eviction over and over again! He deserved it!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 39809/20/2012

Yes r396, you would think that someone would put walls up to him. But everyone in the house could not resist revealing their weaknesses to him, so he could stab them in the back. I think Dan could make people walk off a bridge if he really wanted too, he is that disarming. He reminds me of those mega pastors who become filthy rich. He will probably be one in the next 20 years.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 39909/20/2012

Britney's big mistake was not covering herself with Frank on the Ian snitching. While Dan was in isolation she had plenty of opportunity to lie to Frank and say something like, "Dan told me that he was going to tell you that it was Ian that snitched and not him, to try to convince you to save him."

She felt like Dan going home was in the bag and she didn't need to keep working it. A good player would have thought about what Dan coming out of isolation could do to try to save himself. Throwing Ian under the bus was such an obvious move, she should have proactively neutralized it.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 40009/20/2012

Cynical Sally at r385 is really cynical, and probably correct.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 40109/20/2012

What did Jannelle say that was so insulting to Danielle?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 40209/20/2012

"What did Jannelle say that was so insulting to Danielle?"

"Shave your hoo-hah. Then get hairplugs put on it. You can call it 'Shane'."

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 40309/20/2012

LOL, Danielle deserves that, go Janelle!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 40409/20/2012

Did she seriously say that, R403? And does Shane really have plugs? If so, why would they give him a widows peak?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 40509/20/2012

She said what she didn't like about watching the show was Danielle's lies.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 40609/20/2012

Janelle did not really say that. I was kidding. But anyone watching last night (and/or a few episodes of BBAD) clearly can see he has plugs. He wore his hair up and off his forehead and that mess was NOT natural. There's a spot with fifty hairs coming out. . .a large space. . .a spot with fifty hairs coming out. . .a large space. . .and so on and so on. They boy has doll hair that Ken or GI Joe would snicker at.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 40709/20/2012

Danielle has nothing to complain about. Dan said he'd take her to the end, and he did.

It wasn't Dan's fault that Ian picked him for the final two.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 40809/20/2012

Yeah, R408, and Dan's mistake was throwing the final HOH so that he didn't have to make the decision to cut Ian in favor of Dani. He overestimated his own brilliance with the jury in the end.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 40909/20/2012

Shane will make a great feets model.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 41009/20/2012

Anyone watching the live finale party going on right now? It's on the feeds.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 41109/20/2012

Just chiming in to say I fucking hate OP's original post. It's idiotic.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 41209/20/2012

Did Danielle show up at the party? I gather that Janelle's intimidating her a lot and she wasn't planning on going. That's kind of sad.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 41309/20/2012

Hopefully Danielle got the same admonition that Margaret White gave her daughter Carrie, and decided that going to the party wouldn't necessarily be good for her esteem.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 41409/20/2012

Feedwatcher is a homophobe

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 41509/20/2012

Janelle just said "Danielle is a fucked up bitch!"

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 41609/20/2012

Danielle said she is not attending any events because she does not want to be around negative people. She said in an interview that she didn't want to be around the negativity at the party or in Vegas.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 41709/20/2012

OMG! Julie Chen is at this party! She's getting drunk and getting down. Is Les there too?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 41809/20/2012

Cowboy just said he is raising 3 kids. He no longer talks to Nakomis but is friends with her on Facebook and saw that she recently got married so he is very proud of her.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 41909/20/2012

They asked Cowboy if he would come back as a coach and he said absolutely. I think the interviewer is just fucking with him. He also asked Adam the rocker from last season if he would come back as a coach. Ha ha ha ha. Who's he going to ask next, Jenn City?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 42009/20/2012

Super Spicy is interviewing Brendon and Rachel right now and Dan just walked up and snatched the microphone out of Super Spicy's hand and said I'm taking over this interview now. What a cocky bastard. Super Spicy must be horrified.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 42109/20/2012

@BigBrotherBuzz - Shane and Danielle are still in LA! At the hotel together! They might show up to the Finale Party!

Hmmm, I wonder what they're doing at the hotel?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 42209/20/2012

CBS has sent a limo to pick up Shane and Dani!!! Apparently Dani is toasted and she wants to have it out with DAN for Ruining her game!!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 42309/20/2012

Whoa Shane and Danielle are there and together. I wasn't expecting them to show as everyone said Shane had already gone back to Vermont.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 42409/20/2012

OMG, Shane and Danielle just arrived!! The interviewer told Jeff and Jordan to leave and had Shane and Danielle sit down for their interview.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 42509/20/2012

LOL at the interviewer asking Dani what she is planning to do after Big Brother.

"I am going to be in Vermont."

This is moments after Shane saying that he wasn't sure what was going to happen with them after BB.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 42609/20/2012

I would love to see a more wise Danielle come back to play. And on The Talk,Ian actually drew up a plan on how to get to the finals before he entered the house! Well,it worked!

There are some people on message boards who think Americas Favorite was production dictated. Don Wollman used to work for the WWE and helping out a friends unemployed son might be a reason...

Just sayin'

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 42709/20/2012

Shane and Danielle are going to force a relationship post-show to try and make it better chances they can do an All-Stars or Amazing Race.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 42809/20/2012


Never heard that about Don Wollman, but the co-exec producer Chris Roach is a former WWE guy. He posted during the season that both Ian and Frank were all-stars.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 42909/20/2012

How Danielle is saying she would only come back to Big Brother if Shane came back.

Dani: "If Shane came, I would cum." Uh, too much info.

Now Shane is saying how he's so poor, he has to work 3 jobs and pay his parents' mortgage. He hopes to make something cum of this, and not just Danielle. WTF?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 43009/20/2012

The Award Ceremony is about to start. Who do you think will win? What will their acceptance speeches be like? This is better than the Oscars.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 43109/20/2012

Shane is FINALLY now talking to Dani Donato, his crush. He finally got to meet her. Danielle does not look too happy.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 43209/20/2012

Now Shane is talking to Dominic, the guy that caused Shane to stop watching last season when he got voted out.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 43309/20/2012

"Hmmm, I wonder what they're doing at the hotel?"

Giving each other pedicures.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 43409/20/2012

R429-There was a thread about this at Jokers Updates that has been deleted. Hmmm....Anyway,here is link to Wollman's IMDB page. He produced some WWE doc in 1999...

I did not know about the Chris roach link,either.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 43509/20/2012

Where are you at,r433?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 43609/20/2012

WTF is Jodi doing in the VIP section? They said houseguest only!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 43709/20/2012

Probably, R434. The interviewer was telling them to have fun sharing a hotel room tonight. Then Shane immediately told her they are staying in TWO SEPARATE hotel rooms.

Shane has more chemistry with Dominic.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 43809/20/2012

WTF? Shane wore flip flops to the party.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 43909/20/2012

R436, I'm at the party! Here is Shane talking to Dani Donato and Dominic.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 44009/21/2012

Here are the guests in the VIP section.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 44109/21/2012

The best part of Dan's interview was when Dan revealed that he really would have evicted Danielle had he won the final HOH because he thought she had certain votes in Shane, Jenn, Frank and Britney. He said he already had a speech prepared if he had won that HOH.

He was going to say, "Danielle, this is the time in a horror movie where you come face to face with the killer and he removes his mask and it's your best friend. Danielle, welcome to your horror movie. I evict you."

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 44209/21/2012 I sort of wish he won r442

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 44309/21/2012

James Rhine tweeting:

"Frank just told me he loves me"

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 44409/21/2012

Janey wouldn't go to that party because it's like z-list central.

I recall Shane saying his family is poor and he works 3 jobs to help support them. I wouldn't have minded seeing him win something over Dan. But who knows, maybe he'd have spent it on more plugs.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 44509/21/2012

Y'all... when Julie said Shane had a question fer me on that finale, ahh thought he was gonna PROPOSE!!!!! ahhh did! But awll he wanted to ask was about that stupid game....


by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 44609/21/2012

I imagine Shane's family think Danielle is a wonderful girl and that he should marry her. Hell, she's a nurse, so she can support him. Plus, she's batshit like Shane's mom, so there's that.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 44709/21/2012

One final look at Wil from The Wil Show.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 44809/21/2012

Janelle did go to that party. She called Danielle a fucked up bitch.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 44909/21/2012

Why do they call Jenn "Jenn City"? Was that ever explained?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 45009/21/2012

Is that the name of her new band?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 45109/21/2012

It's her last name.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 45209/21/2012

She sold over 10.2 million records.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 45309/21/2012

Why does Julie write like a 14-year-old teenage girl?

JulieChen: Hey @ReallyWILLKIRBY! Think U would be up 4 the challenge to face off w/ him or do Uworry your gaming skills may be a little rusty :)

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 45409/21/2012

Jenn City said she changed her vote at the last second while she was reaching into her bag. It might be because Dan was still BSing her at that time about her 10.2 million records. Ian was saying "Still kissing butt to the last second."

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 45509/21/2012

R439, Shane knows where his assets lie and those are his hot, masculine and tanned feets. He was smart to wear flip-flops last night.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 45609/21/2012

Shane is going to end up in LA, chasing reality TV fame. I hope Jenn and Wil are able to remain sane and go back to doing their own things. They seem like decent people.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 45709/21/2012

[quote] Shane is going to end up in LA, chasing reality TV fame.

maybe he'll let Johnny Fairplay urinate up his bum too.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 45809/21/2012

I thought Jenn and Wil were both complete wastes of space. Not funny, not clever, had no clue how to play the game, they just brought nothing. Wil in particular is totally annoying, there's nothing funny in his hammy schtick whatsoever.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 45909/21/2012

[quote]Now Shane is talking to Dominic, the guy that caused Shane to stop watching last season when he got voted out.

Ask if we needed anymore confirmation that Shane is a homosexualist! He and Dominic probably woke up in the same bed this morning, two peas in a pod!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 46009/21/2012

Dan was a little cocky while the jury was sliding their keys into the voting wheel. It seemed like he thought all the comments were for him when in hindsight it's obvious that they weren't.

The most obvious was Frank who said he was voting for the person he thought made the best decisions and Dan shouted back a loud "Preesh...I hope." In hindsight that was particularly obnoxious.

Ashley said something cutesy that I can't remember and waved and Dan chimed right up thinking that was for him.

And trying to stroke Jenn's ego with the comment about record sales seems a little desperate. It was funny to see that when Julie revealed Jenn's vote went to Ian, Dan shook his hand as if to acknowledge that he didn't convince who he thought he had and he was conceding defeat.

But then what a bitchslap to see the results. They all voted against your cocky ass. Well, all except for the one girl that had gotten so confused that the only thing she could think to do was keep the one promise that the was still able to keep.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 46109/21/2012

r457, Shane is going to have to hook up with some Hollywood sugardaddy. Someone is going to have to convince him to get a decent rug because his hair is just a mess. It's so thin in the crown and those forehead plugs are so obvious that he should just shave it all down and get a decent toup.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 46209/21/2012

LOL at R462's assessment of Shane's follicle development or lack thereof. I sure do miss his pretty feets.

I agree that Jenn and Wil were presented to us as roses by Production but turned out to be weeds almost immediately. Zero entertainment and gameplay from both. Wil has, ironically, done a good job spoofing Julie and the HGs in those videos he's made. Jenn is a hideously unnattractive, useless piece if shit. At least she voted for Ian. I heard she changed her mind at the last second and Dan's licking of her ass with "Jenn City! Sold a million records!" is what did it.

What's with this rumor that Eric Stein's been arrested?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 46309/21/2012

Ian was disgusting: stupid, self-important, no photographic memory, ugly, self-righteous about nothing, and altogether a creep.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 46409/21/2012

He won because of all the horrible Christians in the house, who didn't like Dan.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 46509/21/2012

[quote]The most obvious was Frank who said he was voting for the person he thought made the best decisions and Dan shouted back a loud "Preesh...I hope." In hindsight that was particularly obnoxious

Dan was so rude and disrespectful toward Frank during the voting. Glad Dan lost his ass off!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 46609/21/2012

r464 = Dan

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 46709/21/2012

It looks like the foot in R439's link has six toes.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 46809/21/2012

[quote]Ian was disgusting: stupid, self-important, no photographic memory, ugly, self-righteous about nothing, and altogether a creep.

My what an awful person you are. You didn't go to college, did you.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 46909/21/2012

If you'd gone to grade school, R469, you'd know that you don't end a question with a period.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 47009/21/2012

Not necessarily, R469.

Any news on Danielle's mental health tonight? She should be on suicide watch.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 47109/21/2012

Here are Frank and Ashley sharing a hotel room. Ashley's bra is hanging from the drawer.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 47209/22/2012

Frank with his #1 fan.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 47309/22/2012

Frank has got to cut that hair!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 47409/22/2012

Tonight is the Big Brother Vegas Bash. Anyone watching live feeds for it? Here are pics. Ian looks so sad.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 47509/22/2012

Haha, Ian is rooming with Eric Stein in Vegas. Two nerds living it up in Vegas, Gangnam style.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 47609/22/2012

Sad or maybe repulsed...those girls faces are awful.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 47709/22/2012

Does anyone like Frank's self-caricature T-shirt? He is selling the black and white one for $20 and color ones for $30.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 47809/22/2012

Holy shit, who is this hot piece of ass? Was he ever a Big Brother contestant?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 47909/22/2012

Ian so wants to fit in but as a reality show 'star' he's already on his 14th minute. I hope he invests his money wisely,and not let people like Booger seduce him into the fast life were hangers-on will drain his winnings in mere months...

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 48009/22/2012

which one r479? The guy in the left was just on the real world

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 48109/22/2012

Uh oh, Steven Daigle is at the Vegas bash too!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 48209/22/2012

He says he still wants to be a chemical engineer.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 48309/22/2012

Who's the tattooed guy?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 48409/22/2012

Ian is already a stud macking on all the ladies.

WTF is this site? It sucks! It won't let you embed pics or even open them in a new tab.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 48509/22/2012

Ian is losing his virginity tonight in Vegas!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 48609/22/2012

This pic about sums up Shane. Say cheese.

Shane: Huh? What?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 48709/22/2012

Doing Frank's hair.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 48809/22/2012

OMG r488-is that Lawon behind Frank?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 48909/22/2012

[quote]Uh oh, Steven Daigle is at the Vegas bash too!

And, probably has his eye on Shane.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 49009/22/2012

Ugh, the guy with the ugly arm tattoo is nasty.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 49109/22/2012

I don't like that picture link, that stupid Facebook/Twitter pop-up doesn't go away.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 49209/22/2012

[quote] Ian so wants to fit in but as a reality show 'star' he's already on his 14th minute. I hope he invests his money wisely,and not let people like Booger seduce him into the fast life were hangers-on will drain his winnings in mere months...

In a month I'll be urinating up his bum.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 49309/22/2012

Hate to be cynical--well, only slightly--but it seems that Ian doesn't look anything like his nerdy, nervous, socially awkward, "special" self in those pics. It was all an act in the BB House, right?

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 49409/22/2012

Also, Ian doesn't really wear glasses. Those are prop glasses. He brought in a couple of different color pairs to the house but stopped wearing them after the first few weeks.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 49509/22/2012

actually Ian is the guy I would be most anxious to go to bed with from the most recent cast, at least after he let his chest, pit and probly crotch hair grow back in... so tired of that shaving crap..

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 49609/22/2012

Anxious or eager, R496?

I imagine having sex with Ian would be awkward, mechanical, clumsy, clunky, and "self-conscious." Plus he doesn't like to be touched. Yeah, it would make me anxious too.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 49709/22/2012

The only thing to do with Ian is tie him up and fuck him and make him cum. It offers respect for his "touch-me-not" OCD/Asbergers issues, gives him plausible deniability, and gets him off.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 49809/22/2012

Im more interested in dirty, rough sex with Father Dan.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 49909/22/2012

Yay, the 5'7", 5.5-inches erect little nerd won!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 50009/22/2012

Lawonda is such a little leech. Casting disasters like him, Jenn, Beau, Wil and Kara shouldn't be allowed to attend BB functions.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 50109/22/2012

Has anyone read Lawon's Twitter? It makes no sense at all.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 50209/22/2012

Look what someone tweeted about Steven Daigle.

Matt Montemayor ‏@ChargedUpRepair

I had no idea Ross had a whole section dedicated to @StevenFromBB10 !!!! WOW.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 50309/22/2012

Here's a photo of all the fans who showed up to the Vegas bash. Were any of you there? It was nice of Frank, Lawon, Cowboy and Adam to take a picture with them.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 50409/22/2012

I guess I was anxious to pleasure Ian, didnt really want to have "sex" with him, if you know the difference, which does exist, for me at least... some of my best friends are on the autism spectrum.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 50509/22/2012

Lawon made the most stupid move in BB history.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 50609/22/2012

[quote]Yay, the 5'7", 5.5-inches erect little nerd won!

He is 5'3"

[quote]Lawon made the most stupid move in BB history.

That would be Marcellus who decided to take his best friend off of the block instead of himself after winning the Veto. He was so confident that he had the votes to stay.

Frank does need to shave his hair. I remember there was a shot of him in a bandana tied over his hair. I almost didn't recognize him. He has a hot body and a handsome face with big feet. That hair just ruins everything. Too bad he is so attached to it. It is his undoing.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 50709/22/2012

Ian is 5'7". They discussed this on the feeds before. Danielle is 5'8" and Dan is 5'9".

Dan only called Ian 5'3" during his speech because he was dressing him down.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 50809/23/2012

Lawon's move (volunteering to get put on the block and voted out) was the most stupid because he thought he'd be given "special powers" and get to go back in. Talk about a deluded fool.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 50909/23/2012

Yes, a mentally ill queen.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 51009/23/2012

I'm going through BB withdrawal today-can't wait until next summer already!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 51109/23/2012

Danielle's on Twitter now. I didn't know her middle name is Alexis.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 51209/23/2012

So sad that the show is over :(.

What Ian blow all that money in 6 months.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 51309/25/2012

So when are pics of Shane's dick going to hit the interwebs??

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 51409/25/2012

Danielle just retweeted a link to a FB petition by "Team Shanielle" who want them to be on the next Amazing Race, starting filming in late November. I think it could happen.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 51509/28/2012

Does anyone know how to find Big Brother Canada online or perhaps on US TV? I. Die.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 51602/20/2013

Can someone please start a Big Brother 2014 thread? It doesn't have to be the OFFICIAL thread, just a thread where we can share enthusiasm about the upcoming season, dish about past contestants, speculate, hate on Grodner, etc. Thank you in advance!!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 51706/19/2014

One was kind of started yesterday. I'll bump it for you.

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 51806/19/2014

Thank you!!

by GlaxoSmithKlinereply 51906/19/2014
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