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Tom Hanks To Host Bill O’Reilly And Scott Free’s Nat Geo Docu-Drama ‘Killing Lincoln’

EXCLUSIVE: Oscar winner Tom Hanks is set as the on-camera host, historical commentator and narrator of Killing Lincoln, National Geographic Channel‘s two-hour historical thriller from Ridley and the late Tony Scott’s Scott Free Prods. It’s based on Bill O’Reilly best-selling book with co-author Martin Dugard that chronicles the conspiracy behind Lincoln’s assassination.

Hanks joins director Adrian Moat (Gettysburg), Emmy-winning writer/executive producer Erik Jendresen (Band of Brothers) and producer Mark Herzog’s Herzog & Co. (Gettysburg) on the film, which combines drama with CGI — in the signature style of the Scott brothers — with rare historical archives. “The murder of Lincoln is not a passage of our history — it was a signpost of our American character, then, now and forever,” said Hanks, who has been involved in a number of historic TV projects including the HBO miniseries Band Of Brothers and The Pacific, which he exec produced, and the PBS docu-series Freedom: A History Of Us.

In Killing Lincoln, Billy Campbell plays Lincoln, Jesse Johnson plays John Wilkes Booth and Geraldine Hughes is Mary Todd Lincoln. Graham Beckel appears as Edwin Stanton (who served as Secretary of War under the Lincoln administration) and Shawn Pyfrom portrays Private John W. Nichols. “Having someone like Tom who is so passionate about history and such an incredible storyteller join National Geographic Channel on this project will add even more energy and gravitas to this epic historical moment being retold for contemporary audiences,” said Nat Geo president Howard T. Owens. Added Ridley Scott, “Only Hanks can add that unique poise, intrigue and dynamism that are his trademark to a film about one of the most significant, life-changing events in America’s young history.”

The film, set to air globally on NGC in early 2013, is one of the last projects of the late Tony Scott, who is credited as an executive producer alongside Ridley Scott, O’Reilly, David Zucker, Mary Lisio, Herzog, Jendresen and Teri Weinberg.

by Miareply 1302/17/2013

Might be more interesting than Spielberg's movie. The trailer for that looks like one of the parody clips from the Academy Awards scene in "In & Out".

by Miareply 109/13/2012

WTF is Tom Hanks associating himself with ANYTHING shat out by O'Lielly?

by Miareply 209/14/2012

I thought Sally Fields is playing Lincoln.

by Miareply 309/14/2012

I believe [R2] one of Tom Hank's best friends is Dennis Miller.

by Miareply 409/14/2012

The Fox News Bill O'Reilly?

by Miareply 509/14/2012

Well, there goes having no opinion on Tom Hanks.

by Miareply 609/14/2012

Maybe they're paying him in scotch.

by Miareply 709/14/2012

Tom Hanks narrates a 4D WW2 hour film that plays daily at the National WW2 museum in D.C. I guess he's a history buff? As a narrator his voice sucks though. It's too distracting.

by Miareply 809/14/2012

Tommy, I'm very disappointed in you.

by Miareply 909/14/2012

The book is chock full of errors, its as bad as that crap David Barton puts out. That Hanks would want to be associated with something like this is really disappointing.

by Miareply 1009/14/2012

[quote]I believe [[R2]] one of Tom Hank's best friends is Dennis Miller.

How unfortunate.

by Miareply 1109/16/2012

Did anyone watch that Killing Lincoln show they had on TV tonight? It was kind of really bad. DL demi-favorite Shawn Pyfrom had a cameo near the beginning. I think it's only the second job he's had in a year, so it's good he got it.

by Miareply 1202/17/2013

A soap opera take on the 1860's. The male actors were way better looking than the actual men they were portraying.

by Miareply 1302/17/2013
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