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Hi there, my name is Aviva!

I have many phobias that I'd like to discuss ad nauseum. I'd also like for you to be grateful for my presence. I nice banner to welcome me whenever I arrive would be a nice touch.

Oh, and one of my legs is a prosthesis. Remind me to tell you about my childhood accident. Oh never mind, no need to remind me, as I'll be telling you all about it again and again.

So enough from me. What do YOU think about me?

by Avivareply 2711/10/2012

You're a bloody bore cupcake and can hardly wait to dump your ass.


by Avivareply 109/11/2012

Calm down!!! Take a Xanax!!!

by Avivareply 209/11/2012

For some reason I am fascinated by Aviva's teeth. She reminds me of Bugs Bunny with those bucktoothed chompers.

And she's smart enough to know that she came across like a real douche these last two episodes so she's been on a frantic press 'tour' over the the past week to apologize for her behavior. Her blog on Bravo this week starts out, "I was a jerk." (And Sonja refers to her a "A-diva" throughout her blog this week!)

I was also fascinated by how Ramonja reacted to Aviva's "white trash" remark. The fact that they got a kick out of it was pretty amazing. A-diva would have gone ballistic if that remark had been thrown her way. (Although Lord knows George doesn't exactly behave like he's to the manor born, so I don't know where Aviva got the idea that she's some aristocratic dame.)

by Avivareply 309/11/2012

I have not watched most of this season, but has she always been such a bitch to the other girls? I couldn't figure out why they invited her.

Also, her husband is an asshole for that comment about "Old fat women gone wild." I guess that explains why his cunt wife has an eating disorder.

by Avivareply 409/11/2012

I am a lawyer, I went to Vassar, I speak several languages...

by Avivareply 509/11/2012

You're an annoying twat and your va-jay-jay stinks. Douche is your friend.

by Avivareply 609/11/2012

That is the name for a kind of aspirin. Why'd your momma name you after aspirin?

by Avivareply 709/13/2012

I'm confused

by Avivareply 809/13/2012

You're all just white trash!

by Avivareply 909/13/2012

I have no idea what you people are talking about. I guess it's because I do not watch reality TV.

by Avivareply 1009/13/2012

I suppose this Aviva person is gay too, right?

by Avivareply 1109/13/2012

That was weak, Charlie.

by Avivareply 1209/13/2012

Couldn't it just be Viva, to life, Aviva?

by Avivareply 1309/13/2012

You're OK Aviva but I use Motrin

by Avivareply 1409/13/2012

Never underestimate a woman born and raised in New York City.

by Avivareply 1509/14/2012

r11, you supposes wrong.

by Avivareply 1609/14/2012

Reid is Fran Dreschers brother.

by Avivareply 1709/14/2012

Darling Aviana that's all well and good but can you tumble in eighteen languages?

I can!

Kiss kiss!

by Avivareply 1809/14/2012

Reid is HOT!!! I want him.

by Avivareply 1909/14/2012

Reid is old and overweight. Blelch.

by Avivareply 2009/14/2012

So pretty and sooooo boring.

by Avivareply 2109/14/2012

Ramona's husband has a smokin' hot body for his age. The face, not so much.

by Avivareply 2209/14/2012

I adore Ramona. I would love to see her go head to head with Teresa Giudice.

by Avivareply 2309/14/2012

It's not about Ramona, r23! It's about the CHILDREN... WHO ARE... MISSING... LIMBS!

by Avivareply 2409/14/2012

I'd respond to this thread but I'm crazy busy prepping for the party I'm throwing for Aviva!

by Avivareply 2509/15/2012

Is there a new housewives thread?

by Avivareply 2609/21/2012

Do you all miss me?

by Avivareply 2711/10/2012
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