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Jack Harries, hot Twin

Okay, after reading the on-going Colton Haynes thread, I see there are others out there that are totally in-love with Jack Harries, the British vlogger that's sex on a stick... and a clone to boot.

Love me some Jack. And Finn. Preferably at the same time. But Jack if I can only have one. Then I'll have Finn.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 19801/03/2015

Their dad is a pretty big producer. The ambitious one is going places.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 109/10/2012

So, you're the one that got me hooked. I'm still balls deep in lurve with Colton but I've found myself in lust with these guys. Imma claim Finn.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 209/10/2012

You disgust me, OP, you fucking pedophile.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 309/10/2012

Are they ten?

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 409/10/2012

Fuck off you troll, they are legal the world over! If your concerned about the legitimate issue, join a task force somewhere and focus your efforts where they are needed.

Now, which is the gay one?

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 509/10/2012

I agree with the pedo remark. They look like pretty, effeminate preteens. Your 'sex on a stick' remark is downright creepy OP.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 609/10/2012

Yeah I can't imagine how anyone can consider them "sex on a stick". They are cute or pretty sure, but a sex symbol? They look too much like children.

And it isn't about the legal age R6, some people at 19 have a naturally more mature sexier look and I would totally call them sex on a stick. I mean everybody has their taste, and they are legal, so whatever I guess.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 709/10/2012

No matter how old they are, they look like they're under 18. You're creepy, pedo OP.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 809/10/2012

Thanks for starting this thread, OP. I appreciate it.

R1, they're both ambitious. Jack obviously wants to do stuff in front of the camera, and he's going to uni to study drama. Finn already has his own company, I guess in graphic design, because that's what he'll study in uni. They're obviously both smart guys.

R2 no, they're not 12 you idiot. The perv comments on this site needs to stop. They look completely like their age, aka 19. You are not a perv if you are attracted to a 19 year old who actually looks like he is 19. It's perfectly legal. Oh and btw.. not everyone on DL is an eldergay. I'm in my 20s, so I obviously feel nothing wrong with liking them.

R7 and R5, read what I said to R2 and kindly fuck off.

R6.. they're both straight as far as I know, although one of them gives me the gay vibe, so who knows.. and they're British, which basically means they're bi-curious. lol.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 909/10/2012

"Effeminate" is considered a childish epithet?

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 1009/10/2012

Ugh, I'm much more attracted to sexy MEN than I am to pretty boys. You ephebophiles can have them.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 1109/10/2012

the word is:




Why on earth is that offensive?

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 1209/10/2012

he is no

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 1309/10/2012

Yeah, they look like children. Don't find them attractive at all--certainly not in a sexual way. What's up with all these "children" being marketed as sex objects?????? Our culture has sexualized childhood.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 1409/10/2012

There was a troll on here that kept using that term R13 and eventually the Webmaster had it censored. It is funny that out of all the name calling and trolling that is done on the DL the only one that really caused consequences was calling posters that word...

The troll was annoying but it was an overly sensitive reaction for this board IMO.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 1509/10/2012

I like the guy in r14 better. But don't know what your post means...

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 1609/10/2012

They do not look like children. I don't understand you guys.. they look like their age, aka 19. There's nothing wrong with finding two 19 year olds, who actually look 19, attractive. But by all means, troll this thread as much as you want.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 1709/10/2012

Jack is bi. He's mentioned it twice on chats he's done. He has crushes on Justin Biber and Zayn Malik.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 1809/10/2012

Seems like all the people saying they look like children or 12 yr olds have no idea what a real 12 yr looks like. I know it may be hard to identify since most of y'all are used to watching 19 - 39 yr old actors on tv playing the role of 12 to 16 yr olds. These boys look their age which is anywhere between 19 and 23.

I would think you guys on DL should be know better than to toss around the word pedophile when it's known that these twins are of legal age. I'm straight and I know there are ignorant people who think all gay guys lust after young (under age) boys. There's a big difference in being attracted to a young person of legal age and someone underage. Shame on y'all.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 1909/10/2012

No he's not, R19. He was only kidding. He said he was kidding in his other younow. I watched it. He said he's straight. Trust me, I want this guy to be queer too, but he isn't. I'll try to find the younow for you and I can post it here if I find it.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 2009/10/2012

R15 these "children" are young men. If they were in the US, they could vote, get married, need a medical power of attorney so their parents can obtain their PHI in a hospital situation, invest in a 401k plan at their job or join the military. They might be able to do more than that in England, like legally drink and smoke. But I think my point has been made.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 2109/10/2012

Thank you OP for starting this thread. The twins are adorable in a pinching their cheeks adorable kind of way.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 2209/10/2012

Which cheeks you talking about, r23?

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 2309/10/2012

[quote]I would think you guys on DL should be know better than to toss around the word pedophile when it's known that these twins are of legal age. I'm straight and I know there are ignorant people who think all gay guys lust after young (under age) boys. There's a big difference in being attracted to a young person of legal age and someone underage. Shame on y'all.

Anything you say, Creepy.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 2409/10/2012

r19, I'm not sure that video counts as a profession of being either bi or in love with Justin Beiber.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 2509/10/2012

It isn't even about the age.. it's if they LOOK like their age or not.. like Justin Bieber, he's 18, but he looks like he's 12. I admit that's kinda creepy if you lust after him. But the twins are both 19, and they actually look their age! If they are adults and look like adults, I don't see the big problem? But by all means.. continue to troll this thread, I doubt you'll stop no matter what I say anyway.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 2609/10/2012

It's great to see there are others who enjoy these two as well. They're hot, handsome young men. I wish they were gay. At the moment they just read as "English."

Pedophiles? Really? Throwing that accusation around here really cheapens the word and denigrates the damage sexual abuse of of children really causes.

19 year olds are many things, but a "child" isn't one of them.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 2709/10/2012

Finn comes off as far more introverted of the two. Jack, from time to time, does radiate mondo homo... then goes into being a douchey straight boy.

Was it Jack or Finn that fake-fucked the tattooed YouTuber in the elevator and on video?

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 2809/10/2012

While it is refreshing that male celebrities mention their man crushes I think in some cases it's more or less gaybaiting to please gay fans.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 2909/10/2012

You are all disgusting pedophiles.

Grow the fuck up already.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 3009/10/2012

Calling other people pedophiles is the grown up thing to do?

You must be a Republican which as a result means: Whatever you accuse other people of you are guilty of yourself!

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 3109/10/2012

R28, exatcly. I joked about it on tumblr the other day, saying all British boys are gay.. lol. No, but seriously.. I think it's refreshing to see straight men be affectionate. I see nothing wrong with that at all, I think it's about time actually. I think straight men are past that "can't hug another man because people think I might be gay" thing that was going on just a few years ago. Women have always been affectionate, so why can't men to? It's no big deal, it's just friendship and guys being close. Oh, and btw.. I think British men are more affectionate in general than for example American men. There's an expression "they're not gay, just European". And I think that fits here.

R29, I think Jack is the hottest one of the two, although Finn's look is not conventionally handsome, but still very good looking. Jack is more a pretty face, but Finn has more of that model-face look.. I have no idea where I'm going with this, but I hope I make sense.. lol. I agree that Finn is definitely more introverted and definitely nicer too. Jack is more outgoing and yes, he can be a bit of a douche sometimes. But I don't think he means to be.. he is just crass and that comes across as rude, but I do think he's nice too though. And yes.. I agree, Jack comes across as very gay sometimes, but I think he's just one of those eff-eminate (stupid that this word is banned here) straight guys. Or he's just British, lol.. take your pick.

Oh, and R29.. the guy getting fake fucked in the elevator was Jack. It's his youtube channel (jacksgap). His brother is just in the videos sometimes, but he mostly does videos with other British youtubers, like Marcus, Alfie, Sam, Louis and Caspar (he's South African though). It was actually a pretty funny video.. I laughed. He did it with Sam Pepper, who is probably one of the most famous youtubers.. at least in the UK. He has 300 000 followers on twitter. I'll post the video if you want to see it.

R30.. I'd say that it's not as much of gay baiting as just the way British boys behave. Don't get me wrong, I do think they play it up a bit.. I mean, there's no doubt about that, but British boys are that close. It's just how it is over there, they're past that "touching guys mean I'm homo" schtick that was very visible not too long ago. But yeah.. they clearly play it up from time to time. Like that younow they did last thursday.. holy shit that was the gayest thing I've ever seen. They kissed each other on the cheek, hugged each other.. so much man love.. I mean, the twins didn't hug and kiss each other, lol.. Alfie (another youtuber) was doing a live chat at Jack's place, and they were just all hanging out and then they just randomly came over and gave Alfie some man love, it was so cute. Oh, and btw.. I think they play it up for both the boys and the girls, the girls obviously love it too.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 3209/11/2012

Here's one of his better pictures. WOOF. SEX ON TWO STICKS! great eyes.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 3309/11/2012

Can the webmaster PLEASE ban R34? Why is it wrong to talk about a 19 year old here? When are you going to understand that a pedophile is NOT attracted to ADULTS?!?! You have no idea what you're talking about. You shouldn't be throwing around the pedophile accusation so freely. It's an insult to all those who actually have experienced abuse. Fine, you don't like discussing him.. we get it. We've heard it over and over and over again. Now if it annoys you so much, how about actually IGNORING the thread?!?! Stop with the pedophile shit. We are doing nothing wrong.. discussing an adult is totally allowed, and not everyone here is an eldergay either. I see nothing wrong with discussing adults (because that's what they are) on this site. And you need to get it into your head that there are younger gays on DL too, who are close to their age, and see nothing wrong with discussing them.

Now kindly fuck off.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 3409/11/2012

They are too posh to have never messed around with another guy. I've decided Jack is most likely to be gay.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 3509/11/2012

r36, agree. If either of them winds up gay, it's Jack. He just... has it. I don't know how else to say it.

Here's his nude bungie jump. Cute and hot... and pasty English white. lol

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 3609/11/2012

Well.. he's studying drama in university soon.. you never know :)

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 3709/11/2012

Thanks for the thread. I've just discovered Sammy Pepper again. The person who should have won BB in 2010. Sammy would be around 22 or 23 now dear trolly person and I ain't lusting after him anyway.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 3809/11/2012

R35 I co-sign that! Your comment is way better than mine.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 3909/11/2012

Those guys in the OP's link are an ephebophile's wet dream. OP likes 'em young. Tsk tsk.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 4009/11/2012

Jack's an adult, r41. Get over yourself.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 4109/11/2012

New pic of the twins from today, with Tyler Oakley.. in case anyone is interested. They look really good!

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 4209/12/2012

I love guys in plaid. Actually, I prefer them naked in my bed, with their plaid on the floor. I'll take this though. Thanks r43!

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 4309/12/2012

[quote]Jack's an adult, [R41]. Get over yourself.

The point is that he doesn't look like one, idiot.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 4409/12/2012

R45.. actually, he does look like his age.. I'd say he looks in the age range of 18-22 or so.. and that is perfectly fine, as he is 19 and he looks within his own age range. There must be something seriously wrong with you if you think this guy looks like a kid, because he doesn't... at all. TV shows have made everyone totally oblivious to how 18-20 year olds look today, because 30 year olds often play teenagers on tv. Of course it doesn't help that most of the eldergays here on Datalounge have not been hanging out with guys that age for probably a long time.. so they have no idea how they look like. It's not my fault that you are old.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 4509/12/2012

If the twins were fat and hairy it would be acceptable to find them attractive. Twinks are always bitched about online.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 4609/12/2012

How did they get so popular in the first place?

Good looks get you a very long way in the UK, I hope they know that.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 4709/12/2012

[quote] Good looks get you a very long way in the UK, I hope they know that.

Tell me about it.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 4809/12/2012

[quote]Thanks for starting this thread, OP. I appreciate it.

It's because you're a pedophile.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 4909/12/2012

r48, probably because Jack's parents were well know, Jack was on TV, he's attractive and personable, and he has a "duplicate" that is pretty much the same.

If you add to that well made YouTube videos -- if your dad is an editor / director, talent rubbed off -- and being at the right place at the right time (Google's push for personable vloggers)it makes a lot of sense.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 5009/12/2012

r50, you shouldn't use such big words when you have no idea what they mean.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 5109/12/2012

R47, I think you make a good point. The fact that they're twinks probably don't help with the "omg! they look too young!" trolls here. And btw.. like I've said before, they do look like their age. They do not look like they're 30, no.. but they certainly do not look like they're 12 either. They look to be within their own age range, like 18-22 or something.. they are 19. Not everyone here is an eldergay.. there are people on Datalounge who are in their 20s, like me, who obviously see nothing wrong with discussing them. And hell.. I won't even judge the eldergays if they do find them attractive. Who wouldn't? Again.. they are adults, and they look like adults. There's nothing wrong with that at all.

R48, Jack was on a comedy show when he was a kid, named School of Comedy on BBC3. He was on the show with Will Poulter, who now seems to be hanging out with Colton Haynes (hence the connection there). I know Jack and Will are still close, they tweet each other and stuff. I think he's most known for that show he did when he was a kid, but he reached stardom when he decided to make a Youtube channel during his gap year. He has done videos with his twin brother and other British youtubers. They all seem to hang out and they all seem like really close friends. They have become so extremely popular because they're good looking (obviously), but they're also pretty funny.. they have done pranks, and I must admit I laughed. The other British youtubers have their own channels, but they often do videos together, they're called The Crew (kinda like the Janoskians, if you know them), and it consists of Marcus, Louis, Sam, Alfie, Caspar and obviously Jack (with Finn sometimes joining in).

Here is a prank Jack did with Sam Pepper (known from Big Brother). Sam is also a pretty famous Youtuber, with his own channel (the video was actually done with Jack, but was posted on Sam's channel).

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 5209/12/2012


MARY! What deluded idiots. There are about a billion teen boys a lot more sexy than those 2 dweebs.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 5309/12/2012


by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 5409/12/2012

Assume the position

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 5509/12/2012

I hadn't read this thread and clicked on the link. They look like pre-teens. Not sexy at all, on any planet.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 5609/12/2012

r56, it's that incident that gives me pause about Jack being all that straight. Do straight bros regularly do that?

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 5709/12/2012

R58, it was part of a prank, I linked to the video. I wouldn't think too much of it.

R57, they do not look like pre teens at all.. they look like their age aka 19 years old. Please stop complaining about the fact that they look too young, because they don't. You must be really old and really warped if you think those look like pre teens. I am in my 20s and see nothing wrong in discussing these guys. But you obviously have a problem with it.. fine.. if it bothers you so much then just ignore the thread. We are doing nothing wrong, but it obviously bothers you.. so kindly fuck off.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 5809/13/2012

Who be they?

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 5909/13/2012

R60, it has already been said in the thread.. but I'm more than happy to fill in the newcomers here. Please read R53 for more information.. I'll try to keep this short.

Jack and Finn Harries are famous youtubers. Jack has his own Youtube channel, he decided to make videos during his gap year. He sometimes makes videos with his brother, and other famous youtubers, like Marcus Butler (you can see Marcus with Finn at R55), Alfie Deyes, Sam Pepper, Louis Cole and Caspar Lee. He's going back to uni soon though. Jack is also famous for starring on the comedy show School of Comedy when he was a kid, it aired on BBC 3.

I'll link you to Jack's youtube channel. PS: they also do live chats with their fans once a week or so, but I'm not sure if they'll continue doing that when they're in uni. Anyway.. here's his channel.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 6009/13/2012

Finn being affectionate with his friend. I think it's sweet!

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 6109/14/2012

You pedophiles are fucking digusting.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 6209/14/2012

r63, as mentioned before, you shouldn't use a word when you obviously don't know what it means.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 6309/14/2012

Perfection times two.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 6409/15/2012

There's a new interview with the twins in The Daily Telegraph. It's actually a good interview too. It's definitely worth the read. I'm just baffled at how famous they've suddenly become.. just wow.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 6509/15/2012

R65 I agree, thanks for the pic!

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 6609/15/2012

twinky-dinks. no, thanks

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 6709/15/2012

r65's pic is so pretty I made it my desktop wallpaper. Yeah, Mary!

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 6809/15/2012

The pic at R65 is definitely one of my favorites! Here's another pic of the twins that i really like. I think they look great here!

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 6909/15/2012

Keep the pics coming, please and thanks!

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 7009/15/2012

You want more, R71? Here's one of the twins with Sam Pepper (from Big Brother).

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 7109/15/2012

I like this one..

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 7209/15/2012

I think this is from Thailand.. they're very tan here.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 7309/15/2012

Wow, I like'em all. Love the Thailand tan. They always look so happy. Thanks!

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 7409/15/2012

The twins are live now.. if anyone wants to watch :)

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 7509/16/2012

Jack is in his glasses today.. not bad.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 7609/16/2012

Oh, gawd. They did Twin Mail today. Fuckin' adorable.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 7709/17/2012

Love the twin mail. It's odd, I find Finn more physically attractive but I am overall more attracted to jack.Personality wise I am more similar to Finn, I suppose opposites attract.

jack definitely pings sometimes(and when he does ping he pings hard)

(We are the same age btw, just an FYI to to pedo troll.)

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 7809/17/2012

do they lick each others holes?

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 7909/17/2012

r80, one can hope.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 8009/17/2012

Wow.. they have almost 100 000 views on their new video.. in less than 24 hours. They are getting mighty popular. I actually prefer the live chats they do.. more intimate, even though the last live chat they did crashed the website.. lol. They had about 10 000 viewers on the live chat they did last sunday. They even trended worldwide on twitter.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 8109/17/2012

Jack is live now in case anyone's interested

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 8209/18/2012


by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 8309/18/2012

Jack and Sam kisssing :P

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 8409/18/2012

R85, that's why the live shows are a million timers better than their youtube videos. The live shows are a lot of fun, and usually pretty gay too. I also have to add that Finn looked gorgeous today (I posted a link to the gif).

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 8509/18/2012

As part of my usual ping-pong, after that link, I'm back to thinking Jack's gay. :-)

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 8609/18/2012

R87.. I didn't watch the whole show, so I missed the first few minutes.. but I think they said that they would kiss if they got 5000 viewers. Although I could be mistaken, but it makes sense.. Jack used like 10 minutes just to get ready for the kiss.. he was clearly dreading it, lol. The funny thing is that they ended up kissing twice.. both times were just pecks... nothing big. It was still cute though. You gotta love British boys.. even the straight boys are a little bit gay, no wonder they mess up my gaydar!

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 8709/18/2012

Where do you watch the live stuff at?

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 8809/18/2012

R89.. they will link to the live shows from their twitter accounts, so make sure you follow them.. @jacksgap and @finnharries. They use a website called younow. The youtubers all hang out together, so sometimes you will find Jack with Sam's in his younow, even if Sam is the one broadcasting.

I linked you Jack's younow account. You can watch some of his old broadcasts there, but he's also done broadcasts with Sam, Alfie etc.. so you will find Jack in their younow broadcasts too... and you need to go to their profiles to watch that.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 8909/18/2012

Here is Sam Pepper's younow profile. You can watch the broadcast with Jack from yesterday there. Just click on the video at the top of the page with the date 09-18-2012, and you should be good to go.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 9009/18/2012

Did anyone see the live broadcast today? Nothing much happened, but it was still nice to see the boys again.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 9109/20/2012

R90/R91 Thank you!

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 9209/20/2012

OMG.. Jack's tweets are HILARIOUS! I hope he gets the iPhone after so much effort.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 9309/20/2012

Where you be see his tweets?

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 9409/21/2012

R95.. on twitter, @jacksgap he was tweeting about staying up waiting in line for the new iphone.. and he made some hilarious comments. Fuck it.. I'll just quote his tweets here.

[quote]Its 2am and i'm sat outside Westfield shopping center waiting for the iPhone 5. Its freezing cold. This was a bad bad idea.

[quote]4th redbull down.. Must stay awake for iPho zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

[quote]Yes! Just found out there's only 300 people waiting infront me... That's awesome!

[quote]Just had pizza delivered to the queue without leaving our sleeping bags because thats how we role! Standard bit of 5:00 am pizza!

[quote]I've been up for 24 hours straight... FML

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 9509/21/2012

New video with Tyler and the twins.. they learn the gay lingo. You seriously need to watch this.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 9609/21/2012

And here is the video where the twins teach Tyler some british slang

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 9709/21/2012

r97/98, those are so fucking adorable. But now I know they are both terminally straight.

Though I'm pretty sure they'd accept a blow job.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 9809/21/2012

R99, yes... they are straight. But then again, they're British.. so it's very likely that they are slightly bi-curious.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 9909/22/2012

Too pretty, too straight, too British, too rich, too young. They are too much for me.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 10009/22/2012

I don't like the British thing.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 10109/22/2012

Jack Harries, hot Twink

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 10209/22/2012

No way they should go back to school. Plenty of time for that later. They should exploit their popularity for as long as they can, in as many ways as they can. Plenty of college grads would kill for the opportunities they have right now. They won't be gorgeous twinks forever.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 10309/22/2012


by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 10409/22/2012

I also find Finn more attractive. He wears his attention whoreisness lighter than Jack.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 10509/22/2012

R104, I agree. Jack even said so himself.. he wasn't sure if he would want to go to university.. not after how popular they've become on Youtube. They actually make money off of their youtube videos too. It funded their trip to Thailand and they have bought equipment with the money. I have no idea how much they earn.. it's probably not enough to live on.. but I don't think it's that little either. And they could use their youtube fame to get ahead, if they're smart. They're young, pretty and twins.. they can do so much with that. And they are both talented in each of their fields too. Jack is an actor, Finn is a graphic designer, he actually made the graphics for Jack's youtube channel. I think they should get their own show.. reality show or something like that. I bet it's something they have thought about.. maybe it will happen in the future, I don't know.

R106, I agree. Finn is gorgeous. I actually think Finn has that model look. He has the perfect face. He's not tall enough though.. they're only 5'10'/5'11'. Anyway, yeah.. I find Finn much easier to handle too. Jack knows what he has to do to get viewers.. play up the gayness, talk about One Direction etc. He's smart. No doubt about that. But he also LOVES the attention. I think he knows he's hot and sometimes he comes across as kinda full of himself. Finn is much more grounded, much more down to earth. He is more respectful towards women too. Every time Jack says a girl is hot Finn is like "JAAACK!" lol. And yes, Finn is introverted while Jack is extroverted. I think Jack annoys Finn sometimes. To be honest, Finn is more my type too... especially personality wise. Jack is an actor.. and most actors are slightly narcissistic. Finn is just so completely different. He's studying graphic design and is in many ways more ambitious than his brother, much more serious about things. He has his own company at 19 years old. Don't get me wrong.. I think Finn is gorgeous too. It's not just his personality.. just look at this gif. He's beautiful!

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 10609/22/2012

R4 and the rest of you who agree with him - why are you so sure the OP isn't the same age as these guys? Why do you automatically assume he's some senior citizen like you?

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 10709/22/2012


Because the DL skews eldergay.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 10809/22/2012

R107 Yes, to everything you said about Finn.

Why do people come in threads just let everyone know they don't like the subject or topic of the thread. Stay the fuck out of threads that don't interest you! Don't spoil our fun because you have issues.

Thanks for starting this thread OP and thanks to the people posting pics, links, etc.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 10909/22/2012

Well, fame is fickle. As Heidi Klum says on Project Runway: One Day you're in, the next day you're out.

I think careerwise it would be best to end their youtube stint on a high note instead of 'why don't you guys love us anymore????'. They still have their whole life and career ahead of them (plus their dad being a producer so they sure will get help from him and his contacts if they want to persue a public media career). And it would deliver the Afterschool special message that a proper education can be better for your career. Look at Joseoph Gordon Levitt who went from sitcoms to uni and from uni to a more than legit acting career.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 11009/22/2012

Why would going to uni stop them posting youtube videos? Jack wants to study acting, not medecine. Acting training leaves plenty of time for perusing x, y, z on your iphone.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 11109/22/2012

Sorry: Joseph Gordon Levitt

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 11209/22/2012

I agree, R112. He has said he wants to continue doing Youtube videos. I don't think he would stop doing it completely. He loves it.. he loves the attention. He also makes money off of it, which of course will come in handy now that he's starting uni. And it's not like he's studying physics or maths.. no, he's doing drama.. which isn't the hardest thing to study. However, he did say that he probably won't be doing it as much as he did during his gap year. Maybe we'll get fewer youtube videos and fewer live broadcasts.. but I'm sure he'll continue to do it. He's also said that Finn might be stepping up.. maybe he'll take over more, we'll see. I doubt them going to uni means that it's over though.

But I will say this, R111. I do agree that it is wise to stop while they're on top. They obviously have bright futures in each of their fields. They're very talented. Jack actually is damn funny.. he has good comedic timing, you should check out School of Comedy. I think he was good, and he was only a kid when he did that. Finn on the other hand has his own company already, and he made the graphics for Jack's youtube channel, and I think they look nice. Bottom line is that these guys are so talented and funny and pretty.. you also have the twin factor. They were made for stardom. They have every opportunity available if they want to pursue acting or whatever. Their parents obviously have contacts, from working on movies.

But like I said.. I think they will continue to do Youtube. Maybe not as much.. they may cut down.. but I don't think they will cut it out completely. They would only do that if they they couldn't keep up with their studies.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 11309/22/2012

Finn looked gorgeous today! Did any of you watch it?

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 11409/23/2012

Straight boys and their damn toys. Oh, to be that rope.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 11509/26/2012

I could watch him dance all day.

Naked? All night, too.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 11609/26/2012


by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 11710/14/2012

Who does their eyebrows?

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 11810/14/2012

[post by racist shit-stain # 2 removed.]

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 11910/14/2012

WTF R120? You're one sick fuck. I understand that you don't like them, but was that really necessary? Webmaster, please ban this sick individual.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 12010/14/2012

[post by racist shit-stain # 2 removed.]

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 12110/14/2012

Style the Natives does an interview with Jack, talking about the success he's had with his YouTube channel.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 12210/17/2012

Here's their latest, and damn, they are still adorkably cute.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 12311/25/2012

Yes, they are...thanks for the vid.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 12411/26/2012


by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 12511/26/2012

They're too conventionally pretty to be "adorkable".

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 12611/26/2012

Here's Sam Pepper, whose already kissed on twin, making the moves on Finn Harries. He seems really interested in kissing him. I fancy Sam to be gay or bi.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 12711/30/2012

No question that anyone attracted to OP's "hunk" is a pedo. Legal or not, he looks 14. Sickos.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 12811/30/2012

R126/R129 Go the fuck away!

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 12911/30/2012

Sam Pepper finally kisses Jack's twin Finn!

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 13012/04/2012

Haaawwwtttt, r131.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 13112/06/2012

2 ugly little fame whore queens can't afford more than $18 for their pr campaign?


by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 13212/06/2012

Am I the only one who think Finn probably isn't straight?

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 13312/07/2012

No, R134.. you're not the only one. Most people think Jack is gay, but I actually think Finn pings more than Jack. Idk.. it's like the awkwardness and everything.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 13412/07/2012

This accent I hear a lot on newer British television and in movies is really grating and obnoxious. It's become kind of a lower class/higher class hybrid that's seemingly developed since the 80's...Estuary English perhaps? I guess the callow sounding So. Caliofnia baby talk/upspeak/vocal fry so prevalent in the U.S. is analagous and I hate IT just as much.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 13512/07/2012

Really? I Think jack pings more than Finn, but I find Finn cuter despite the fact that they are twins.

What type of awkwardness are you talking about 135?

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 13612/07/2012

They are ridiculously adorable. Looks like they fixed their teeth recently.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 13712/07/2012

R137, Finn is just so introverted and shy and awkward. I think he might be hiding something. Idk.. it's just a feeling I have.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 13812/07/2012

I was Fairly introverted,shy and awkward before I came out, so your theory is not unfounded.

Jack had his teeth fixed a while back but as far back as I remember Finns teeth have been the same( he must have had them done before jack if it all)

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 13912/07/2012

I love Finn with his shy awkward self. His voice is a tad deeper than Jacks's and I love his smile. Someone needs to slowly show Finn the way. I think he's on our team. Jack is cool, but I think he's straight. Jacks knows that girls love guys that kiss other guys and he game. I think he'll try anything once.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 14012/07/2012

Yes, R141. Basically everything you said. I completely agree. I wouldn't be surprised if Finn was on our team. Jack is kinda (the e word) sometimes, but some guys just happen to be straight and [insert the e word here]. And you're right that he is very open, he knows what girls want and happily plays along. I find it very refreshing, and I don't think he minds at all. And yeah.. I do see Jack as kinda adventurous and one of those "I'll try everything once" kind of guys. So maybe he won't say no to a bj from a guy, this doesn't mean he's bi or gay though. But Finn.. yeah, he definitely pings my gaydar.

Here is a gif of Jack saying he's going to have sex with Sam (lol). He's obviously joking, but I still find it kinda cute.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 14112/19/2012

Here is the second gif from the same gif set. Sam is kissing Jack. I think he was going in for a proper kiss, but ended up with a kiss on the cheek instead, lol.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 14212/19/2012

Thanks R142

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 14312/19/2012

I only just found out that they're Michael Frayn's grandsons!

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 14401/14/2013

I miss the old way they used to make videos. The last one where they said Finn wasn't real was lame.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 14502/14/2013

New video today, and the twins are live NOW!

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 14603/03/2013

They do sorta look like mini-british Colton Hayneses...

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 14703/03/2013

Watch their live broadcast now! Finn's feet has been on display for like 20 minutes.. lol.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 14803/03/2013

This is a cute gif of Finn!

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 14903/11/2013

is it weird that i wanna gave finn a foot massage?

i find it completely hilarious that jack hates finn's feet, but i wonder if he hates all feet or just finn's feet?

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 15003/12/2013

the twins did a younow earlier from new york where they were visiting their friend joey gatto and i swear, from the way finn was looking at joey i thought finn was gonna jump him. like, there was a big difference between the way finn was looking at joey and the way jack would look at him. it felt like finn was trying to eat joey with his eyes and just, the body language was pinging me so hard.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 15103/17/2013

R152, holy shit... I thought it was just me seeing things. I thought to myself, "no, I'm just looking way into it, that's just how Finn is, he's intense". But this was different somehow. I saw it live and I was like.. dude is checking him out! I know Finn is very private.. extremely private even. He always refuses to talk about rumored girlfriends etc. I'm just thinking.. what if it's something more? I can't help but wonder why he's so private. Jack is so laid back and he's just kinda going with the flow, then you have Finn, kinda uptight and serious. I also remember a photo where he's sitting on his friend's lap. And I swear they looked like a gay couple (gorgeous pic btw!)

I don't know what's with Finn. I just can't figure him out. He's an oddball to me. Jack is much easier to read. Jack is your typical straight guy. He's just so straight and comfortable that he doesn't seem to mind joking around. But Finn.. he's more uptight, and he pings to high heavens. And my money is still on Finn being the gay twin. That live broadcast just confirmed it. I don't know if he's open though. I can imagine there's things he doesn't even tell his brother. I feel like Jack can be very intimidating sometimes, and I could imagine it would be kinda hard for Finn to come out too, since his parents are famous. Weirdly enough it's often the rich kids who struggle to come out. I don't know why.

Anyway.. my guess is that Finn is bisexual. I honestly don't believe he's fully gay, I do believe he likes women, but I think he likes men too. Either he's closeted, or he's experimenting, or he just hasn't realized it yet, but that boy is queer.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 15203/18/2013

yes! yes! i am so glad i wasn't the only one who was seeing that! i was like jesus christ, am i just seeing gay everywhere now or is something really going on XD

finn is adorably uptight and sometimes i think he's emotionally constipated, but it just makes me wanna loosen him up, eeww, which now that i've typed that all out sounds gross, um, lol jack on the other hand seems very opportunistic, like someone else in this thread said, he seems like he's adventurous and the type who'd try anything once.

i don't think finn is gay either, but i do think he's curious about men, but idk if he's actually done anything about it yet.

#finnfinnthequeertwin #imahorribleperson

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 15303/18/2013

Finn is gorgeous. So is Jack obviously but I think Finn's personality would suit me more.

I just looked at the whole New York broadcast, and at the start Finn couldn't stop looking at Joey and licking his lips. There was a vibe there for sure.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 15403/19/2013

now the question remains, do you think finn realized he was checking joey out?

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 15503/19/2013

I pretty much agree with you, R154. I don't think Finn is fully gay, but I do think he has bi tendencies.

Jack is just a very easy going straight guy. He can flame out a bit at times, but he's just British. He's not gay. Finn on the other hand.. I could definitely see him having sex with guys. I think there's a reason why he's so private about his love life. I know he's mostly had girlfriends up till now, but that doesn't mean he's not bisexual. He definitely looks like he's into guys too. I don't think he's acted on it yet though. Some people come out late in life. I'm bisexual, and I didn't even realize I was until I was 18. I can see the same being the case for Finn. I wouldn't be surprised if Finn has experimented a bit though, or if he's at that point now where he feels comfortable to maybe try it on with guys, who knows.

Here's a gif of Finn checking Joey out.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 15603/19/2013

wow, yeah, that gif makes it incredibly obvious. i wouldn't be surprised if that's the reason he's so private. i also wouldn't be surprised if he's gotten curious and watched gay porn or even looked at porn gifs on tumblr.

i think finn and tyler oakley would be a cute couple lol

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 15703/19/2013

Finn Harries- Blows a banana

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 15803/19/2013

damn, what a tease

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 15903/19/2013

and now in the latest younow, after telling finn not to put the banana in his mouth, jack decides to try an fit some kind of large phallic shaped microphone in his mouth...what, what even boys?!

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 16003/19/2013

[R157] OMG, pure thirst, that gif.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 16103/20/2013

did anyone else see that highly amusing twitter exchange between jack and tyler oakley?

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 16203/25/2013

everyone needs to check out the youtube channel Fun For Louis cuz there's some great candid footage of jack and finn

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 16303/25/2013

The twins uploaded a new video from New York. Not that interesting tbh, but still worth a watch. I mean.. cute twins and all :)

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 16404/12/2013

yeah, i wish they would do daily vlogs

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 16504/13/2013

I wish they'd do porn.

With each other.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 16604/13/2013

lmao! i love you twincest troll! XD

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 16704/13/2013

I'm late to the party but one of their vids just popped up on my YT suggestions and I was instantly obsessed. Too fucking gorgeous for words, the bastards! Finn's smile makes me feel like a tween again. I cried into my pillow over him.

I had a passing thought that maybe the DL guys would like them and lo and behold there's a thread already here from last year.

DL, you rarely disappoint and are impossible to surprise.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 16804/13/2013

Both seem very gay and like they're wearing makeup.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 16904/14/2013

R166, I know. I have a feeling they do as few videos as possible to maximize the views on the videos they do make, that way they earn more money. I think that's the reason Finn doesn't have a youtube channel either, well.. he actually does have a youtube channel (finnharries), and yes, it's official, he has mentioned it in a few broadcasts. But the thing is that he doesn't use it. I guess they figured they'd make more money only using one channel, and I have to admit, it's not a bad strategy. But it is a pain though, because fans obviously want to see more of them. Finn even mentioned he wanted to get verified on Twitter, like his brother, but the twitter people said they don't verify people who don't make their own content, aka it's really his brother's channel, and he's along for the ride. I wish Finn would make more videos, because I loved the video he made from his uni time (they dropped out btw, they're youtubers full time now). He's just as talented as his brother, I think he should have a time to shine too. Hell, he's already become more popular than Jack.

I have to add though, even if they don't do vlogs, they still feature in many vlogs by other youtubers, like check out Sam Pepper and Fun For Louis, they feature the twins a lot.

R169, welcome to the party :) It's better late than never, right? :) Trust me, you're not the only one getting addicted to these bastards, lol. They're too hot for words, and the fact that there's two of them just makes it worse. It's not fair.

R170, they say they're straight. My gaydar tells me Finn is bisexual though. Jack is probably straight. I don't think it's just wishful thinking either, I've noticed a few things that make me go "hmm" with Finn. Jack is just a very outgoing and slightly obnoxious straight guy. He flames out at times, but I think he's straight. Just my opinion.

They'll do a live broadcast later today, looking forward to that. They were featured in another video too, actually. I'll link it here :)

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 17004/14/2013

that's a good theory and probably a correct one too, but also a good business strategy since finn operates the business end of things. it just sucks for us fans that we don't get to see more of them. sometimes i like the "them" we see in other youtubers vlogs rather than the them we see in their own videos. plus, i know youtubers like sam and louis capitalize on their image by putting a lot of the twins in their vlogs as is evident by putting either jack, finn or the twins in the title of their vlogs. again, i can't blame them for doing this as it is a good way to garner views and they are giving us more of them. it just feels hinky and a little dishonest when the title of a vlog is "coffee with finn" when the whole video is maybe 5 minutes long, but finn is only in maybe 30 seconds of the video, but yeah, again, i get why they do this, it just settles wrong in my stomach.

i haven't watched the broadcast yet, but i'm going to shortly, i'm just glad they finally did one after weeks of saying they will and not doing it cuz of technical difficulties and/or traveling which i can't fault them for, it's just annoying, i don't like being told something is gonna happen and then it not happening.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 17104/14/2013

Their latest broadcast had 45,000 views! =O

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 17204/15/2013

Yes, R172, I honestly think they're the perfect business partners. Finn seems like the brain behind their channel, while Jack is mostly just in front of the camera, he's a natural at it too. Jack makes the videos, while Finn manages everything else.

And yeah, Sam and Louis seem to capitalize on them, but I mean.. who wouldn't? Let's face it, we all would. I would do too if I was Sam. But I do think they're generally friends though. They used to hang out a lot, and still do from time to time. And lets face it, both Sam and Louis have gotten more views because of the twins, so it worked.

And you know what.. I agree with you about the vlog titles etc, but I think it's because they know their fans look for the videos, because the twins never do vlogs, the fans want to see as much of them as possible. I think it's both, they capitalize on it, but at the same time, they just write it in the titles, because it will be easier for fans to find the correct videos. At the end of the day I'm just glad they're featured in other vlogs, since they don't do vlogs themselves (ugh), so I don't really mind tbh.

About your last paragraph, R172, I could seriously sit here for hours and rant about that, because I agree. I have been annoyed with the twins lately. It feels like they're sorta slacking off, and I feel like they sometimes don't put a lot of effort into their videos. Their last video was a huge disappointment. And when they say "sorry, technical difficulties", like fine, I get it. But why not do one later in the evening, or the day after, why wait two weeks to do it? It's just annoying. Idk.. some times I get the feeling that the fame has gotten to their heads a little, like they know how popular they are, and stuff. I still like them, don't get me wrong, but it still feels like something has changed. I feel like they cared more about their fans before, but now they seem a lot more distant, I guess it's natural, because they have gotten quite big, but like I said, still annoying. I miss the days of random broadcats, I miss the days when they hung out with other youtubers.

BTW, their new video at the link, I was disappointed. They made a five minute video from the Playlist Live event, and used a minimum amount of footage, when we saw them filming all the time in the vlogs of other youtubers. I'm just puzzled.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 17304/16/2013

oh yeah, they're definitely genuinely good friends, you can tell by the way they hugged each other in the lobby at playlist.

yes, i was puzzled about that too cuz we did see them filming all the time in other youtubers vlogs. i don't like the format their newest videos have taken with jack narrating and then showing very little footage, it just feels censored and too clean. like would it have really killed them to vlog for the weekend and then upload that? no, no it wouldn't have. one instance in particular was in zoey's vlog? i think, when she filmed jack filming finn where it was obvious that they were filming for their eventual video so i was dismayed when i didn't see that in their video. i realize that a lot gets left on the cutting room floor, i just wish they wouldn't edit so much.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 17404/16/2013

Alas, the proof of their straightness has been uncovered by their sleuthy fangirls. GIRLFRIENDS!?? The NERVE!!!

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 17504/17/2013

apparently finn and her broke up or at least she changed her fb status to single cuz she was getting too much attention.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 17604/17/2013

regardless of whatever their relationship statuses are i still think finn is bisexual.

also, they're young, hot guys, who says they have to have girlfriends or boyfriends, they could just be having fun and keeping things casual.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 17704/17/2013

[quote]Who does their eyebrows?

The same guy who does their concealer, foundation, matte powder, and mascara.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 17804/17/2013

don't forget their blush and lip gloss!

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 17904/17/2013

You Catholic priests need your own board.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 18004/17/2013

Totally agree with everything you said, R175. I had a rant about the new video on tumblr, I think it was disappointing. It's such a shame too, because it's the first video from Jacksgap that I didn't like. They appeared in other youtubers vlogs a lot, and most of the time we saw them filming stuff. Yet none of that made it to the actual video. Like you said, I know a lot of it end up on the cutting room floor. But a five minutes video where Jack talks about his experiences for four minutes?! Sorry, that's just not good enough. When other youtubers make high production value videos from the event EVERY DAY, can't they put a bit more effort into a video they had weeks to make? I know they had a lot more material they could have used. I hate to say it, but it seems like they're slipping a little bit. It feels like this video was more rushed. They didn't put a lot of effort into it. Jack even said his friend helped him with the editing, and I just thought hmm.. if you cared more about your youtube channel than partying and traveling, then maybe the last video wouldn't have sucked so much. It's obvious he's not putting as much work into it as he did. I'm just saying. The video should have been at least 10 minutes, with a lot of footage from Playlist Live. The fans want to see the experiences, actually see them, you know? Just watching Jack talk about them isn't good enough imo, especially not when we know they had a lot of material that they could have used.

Lately I've just had an epiphany, like I don't know what it is, but it seems like the twins have let fame go to their heads a bit. I hear that they ignored some fans at the youtube event. And that combined with the fact that their last video sucked out loud.. idk. I just don't have a good feeling. It seems like they don't care anymore. I know they both have ambitions, and lets face it.. it's not like they would do youtube forever, with their good looks they'll end up on tv sooner or later (well, Jack already was in School Comedy when he was a kid, but you know what I mean). But I still don't like this recent attitude of "we don't care". It's like they're using Youtube just as a stepping stone, to become famous. And as soon as they've done that, they'll ditch it. Like, I get it. A lot of Youtubers think that way, BUT why not do a serious effort while they're doing it? We know they won't do Youtube forever, but at least try to do a good job with it now Jeez. Like, just quit it if it doesn't matter to you. I know they've said time and time again how great Youtube is, like it's a great platform for making videos and getting your videos out there, and they started out very well, they obviously put a lot of effort into it. But lately they've been slipping, and I'm just disappointed.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 18104/19/2013

I'm sorry about that LONG post. I guess I just had a lot on my mind, lol. I just wanted to say one more thing, I agree with R178. I still think Finn is bisexual, or at the very least has bi tendencies. I'm gonna think that until he stops looking at guys like he wants to fuck them.

I find it hilarious though that R176 seems to think he has a girlfriend is proof of anything. Sexuality is a fluid thing, it's complicated, it's not always black and white, there's not just straight or gay either. There's nuances, and there is such a thing as bisexuality. I still think Finn is mostly (as in most of the time) attracted to women, he had a female fuck buddy in university from what I've read on tumblr, and he's obviously in a relationship right now. Again, everything points to the fact that he likes women, but I still find it odd that he looks at guys like he wants to mess around with them. I think he's at the very least bi-curious. Just my opinion, I'm fine with people disagreeing. I just don't think him having a girlfriend is proof of anything, that's all.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 18204/19/2013

ok R182 and R183 i need your tumblr like now lol i must follow you! i know that totally negates the whole anonymous thing though lol but i don't know where all the juicy gossip is, like whenever i go into the tags it's just a million pics of them and there doesn't seem to be anything of substance. this is the first i'm hearing about the possible fuck buddy thing so i'm curious about what else i'm missing out on.

without just recapping everything you said, yes, i agree with everything you just said lol

yes, i hate it when people act like girlfriends/wives or the end all, be all of straightness, it's just ridiculous cuz like you said, sexuality is fluid.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 18304/19/2013

Um thanks for the Sexuality 101 course, Mr. Kinsey. It all makes sense now.

Sure it could be possible that Finn has bi tendencies. But to base that on his stare in his youtube videos seems a bit of a stretch.

Obviously, I'd LOVE for him to be bi so that in the 1 in a billion chance I ever run into him and he's mutually attracted to me we can bang it out til sunrise. I just don't think he is.

"Flirty eyes does not a gay man make."


by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 18404/21/2013

R184, there's not really that much gossip on tumblr. I came across that information by accident. There was this rumor that he was dating a girl in university, since they seemed to be spending a lot of time together. Then one day I just happened to see an ask on my dash, from someone who claimed to know the girl, saying they weren't dating, but they were fuck buddies. Again, the fuck buddy is a female, not a male, and it was before his current girlfriend. Trust me when I say this though, there really isn't much gossip on tumblr, the twins want to keep their private lives private, and fans mostly respect that. But there's still a tiny bit of gossip from time to time.

R185, yikes, unclench, jeez. I just wanted to give my opinion on it. I just find it ridiculous that having a girlfriend is proof of anything. Yes, he might be straight, you're right about that. Like I said, even I think he's mostly into women, that much is obvious. But I still think there's at least a part of him that's curious about guys. I don't think he's acted on it yet though. If any of the twins are gay/bi, my money is on Finn, not Jack. It might look like Jack is gay at first, he flames out from time to time, but I just don't think he's gay. I think it's more likely that Finn (if any of them) end up gay, just from stuff I've seen. And no, it's not [italic]just[/italic] because of one stare. I have been a fan of the twins for almost a year now. I've seen them interact with people. And no, I'm not saying that makes me an expert, and yes, I might be wrong. But still.. that's what I'm going with. I respect you having a different opinion though.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 18504/23/2013

^^^ Dear God, when did DL become infested with squealing, hyperventilating teenage girls?

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 18604/23/2013

R187, I'm not a teenage girl. Nice try though.

If you must know, I've actually gotten quite a few asks in my ask box from people wondering if Finn is gay, so I'm not the only one thinking he might be bi/gay either. But I still believe he's mostly into women though.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 18704/23/2013

Their latest video is such a good one! =3

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 18804/23/2013

Their new video is funny. I didn't realize Finn had such a little lady laugh.

Side note - I just saw a video on Finn's YouNow channel ("Hewwoooooo") and Sam straddles Jack and starts humping him on his bed, kisses him, fingers his ass crack and then proceeds to put his phone in Jack's ass crack and telling him to clench. Jackie boy certainly does not shy away from those silly homoerotic antics. And bravo to that, I say.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 18904/23/2013

R190 yes i love that younow, it's a favorite of mine :)

R186 ah ok, well thanks for telling me cuz all i ever seem to find are just pics of them over and over and those awful imagines lol

R187 i am also not a teenage girl, nor am i squealing and/or hyperventilating

there latest video is really good, much better than their playlist live cop out vid so i'm hoping that was just a flop and the quality of the videos will go back to normal

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 19004/25/2013

Finn is straight, Jack is a closet case. End of story.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 19109/28/2013

OP's link is gone

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 19209/28/2013

Is anyone watching their Rickshaw run vids on youtube? Those vids are amazing, and the group of guys they're with are awesome. I hope the twins focus more on this type of filming.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 19312/16/2013

Any updates?

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 19412/12/2014

I feel like this thread should pick up again with speculation.. Just sayin..

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 19501/03/2015

They've been keeping a rather low profile lately, r195, haven't they?

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 19601/03/2015

There's no speculation. They're both straight, they both have girlfriends, and their videos have been getting boring.

by Twins, Nature's clones.reply 19701/03/2015
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