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Pitch Perfect

How many of you queens will be seeing this with me ?

(I think all of Rebel Wilson's funny lines are in the preview)

by 1507/20/2013

Since it's basically Glee in College, the actual Glee will now have an even harder time coming up with decent storylines. Oops!

by 109/09/2012

Whoops ... posted URL in wrong place

by 209/09/2012

It's what GLEE should have been, and Rebel Wilson could be this year's Melissa McCarthy. HY.STER.IC.AL.

by 309/28/2012

I went and saw it last night with a friend. Really enjoyable. You've spent your money on worse things. I thought it was going to be one of those 'everything good was in the trailer' types of movies and was pleasantly surprised that was not the case.

Rebel Wilson was really good, but didn't 'steal the show' necessarily. Lots of funny stuff in it.

And I liked the music they used. Well done.

And Schuyler Astin was kind of cute. Is he related to Patty Duke ??

by 410/07/2012

Rebel is the whole show.

by 501/06/2013

Rebel, Rebel

by 603/28/2013


by 703/28/2013

Better than "Glee" but not by much.

by 803/28/2013

Just watched it on HBO. Cute. No more. Anna Kendrick is a star.

by 907/20/2013

Who was the red-haired actress?

by 1007/20/2013

R10 Brittany Snow. Usually a blonde. Was in the movie version of Hairspray.

by 1107/20/2013

I wouldn't have guessed that, R11. She should think about staying a redhead.

by 1207/20/2013

Brittany Snow looks better as a redhead. She should stick to that. Blondes are a dime a dozen, anyway.

[quote]And Schuyler Astin was kind of cute. Is he related to Patty Duke ??

Astin is his middle name. His full name is Skylar Astin Lipstein. He pulled a Lea Michele.

by 1307/20/2013

BTW: I enjoyed the movie. I watched it on DVD over Xmas vacation with my younger brother, who is also gay. We liked it so much we watched it three more times that weekend.

by 1407/20/2013

I meant R14 is R13.

by 1507/20/2013
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