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Live with Kelly and Michael

but he's...well you know....

by The Southreply 4311/05/2012

Newsflash there are black people in the south. I don't get these racist/stereotype posts. Freepers are everywhere I guess but they shouldn't be at Datalounge.

by The Southreply 109/07/2012

I've been waiting for this thread; not necessarily 'the south' signature, but...

by The Southreply 209/07/2012

Oh and he is much better than fake Kelly Ripa. MS being on that show is what's going to save it.

by The Southreply 309/07/2012

OP you do know Michael Strahan hosts an NFL Sunday show watched mosty by white men?

by The Southreply 409/07/2012

I meant that he is gay. You racialists made it about race.

by The Southreply 509/07/2012

Is he the new co-host? I haven't watched any morning TV in a long time. I'd be happy if it was him - I like him. He's funny and genuine, and he's pretty gay friendly.

by The Southreply 609/07/2012


by The Southreply 709/07/2012

I've only been interested in the show when she had a gay in the seat next to her. Now that Strahan has the regular gig, I can go back to rarely checking out the program. I like him, but the show won't be remotely as dishy with them as a pair.

by The Southreply 809/07/2012

This was a bizarre choice. The show is going to go down in flames, and not the good kind. What kind of perceived chemistry is Kelly going to have with some big ol' football player? The two look absurd together.

by The Southreply 909/07/2012

she is so annoying...

by The Southreply 1009/07/2012 is better when she has one of us gays as co-host

by The Southreply 1109/07/2012

Op = webmaster. Lots of empty daytime hours.Poor old fella.

by The Southreply 1209/08/2012

r12=working class drone who conforms to the 9to5 mentality

by The Southreply 1309/08/2012

He's not a light skinned black guy, so he's threatening to white people. When will people learn???

by The Southreply 1409/08/2012

Yes r14 I've noticed the ladies in the front row clutch their purses much more tightly than when Regis hosted.

by The Southreply 1509/08/2012


Obama = light skinned black guy

Shemar Moore = light skinned black guy

Prince = light skinned black guy

Chris Brown = light skinned black guy

Matthew Rush = light skinned black guy

Mayor of Newark = light skinned black guy

Joe Jonas = light skinned black guy

by The Southreply 1609/08/2012

'Live!' Gets a Ratings Boost With New Co-Host Michael Strahan

Nine months after the departure of Regis Philbin, the newly-retitled morning show wins 14 of 15 top markets in its first broadcast and posts year over year gains of 44 percent.

9:44 AM PDT 9/5/2012 by Michael O'Connell share

It's still quite early to see how -- or if -- the addition of Michael Strahan will affect the show's ratings, but the former footballer's first episode as the official co-host of Live! did quite well according to live/same day Metered Market ratings.

The newly retitled Live! With Kelly and Michael posted a 3.9 household rating and a 13 share during the syndicated series' Tuesday season opener and ranked in the top spot in 14 of the top 15 U.S. markets.

That marks a 44 percent improvement from Live's September 2011 time slot average -- a high profile month that saw Kelly Ripa's 10-year anniversary on the broadcast and began the farewell campaign for co-host Regis Philbin.

It was the top-rated telecast since last November when Philbin left his TV home of three decades with a whopping 7.3 household rating with 23 percent of homes.

And though Live! did see a drop after Philbin's final and record-breaking month, the show has been steady year over year, even seeing boosts among women. That's something Strahan could continue to help with. During his first broadcast, viewership among women 18-34 was up 83 percent over last September, with women 18-49 (up 70 percent) and women 25.54 (64 percent) also seeing significant jumps.

Live! fared particularly well in its native New York, where it scored a 6.0 rating and 18 percent of the TV-viewing audience. It bested its closest competition, the 9 a.m. hour of NBC's Today, by 150 percent.

by The Southreply 1709/08/2012

I love him, he is so hot. And I would rule out that he has never fooled around with men either...

by The Southreply 1809/08/2012

Kelly clearly adores him. But like someone said in another thread,she does love her some chocolate!!

Does anyone think Regis' head has exploded over his replacement? He seemed to be pretty territorial about who sat in that seat!

by The Southreply 1909/08/2012

r18 here. That's *wouldn't* rule out

by The Southreply 2009/08/2012

It used to be a show was dying when they introduced a little kid into the cast, or the people on the show started singing and dancing, but now, a punt is "Ebony and Ivory."

by The Southreply 2109/08/2012

A penised person, OP?

by The Southreply 2209/08/2012

Michael is okay, but I don't see the chemistry.

by The Southreply 2309/08/2012

Any commentson the Romney Interview?

by The Southreply 2409/18/2012

I wish he gethe gop in his teeth fixed. It is ditracting.

I can take the color difference----but the gap? Noooo.

by The Southreply 2509/18/2012

Today Michael was talking about muscles and said "strenth."

by The Southreply 2609/18/2012

Michael is h-a-w-t!!

Anyone knows if he dabbles in homosex? ;)

by The Southreply 2709/18/2012

And of course they both hosted the Romneys

by The Southreply 2809/18/2012

Kelly better watch herself backstage and in the parking lot:

by The Southreply 2909/18/2012

Michael's tongue can go through the gap in his upper teeth. Mustn't be able to afford dental care.

by The Southreply 3009/20/2012

r16, on what date did the Jonas brothers become black?

by The Southreply 3109/20/2012

You people are so racists.

by The Southreply 3209/20/2012

Sorry R29. I know you were trying to funny but it just doesn't wash. Michael Strahan is way too hot to want to rape an anorexic over the hill white woman. He could get anyone.

by The Southreply 3309/20/2012

He beat me.

by The Southreply 3409/20/2012

Not funny. Michael Strahan never beat on a woman. Why go there? Just enjoy his masculine beauty.

by The Southreply 3509/20/2012

oh sorry...wrong Mike.

by The Southreply 3609/20/2012

The Jonas Brothers are very dark skinned white guys. They are so dark skinned with curly kinky hair that they could be light skinned black guys.

by The Southreply 3709/21/2012

Michael and Kelly are the same age. They're both "over the hill."

by The Southreply 3809/22/2012

We don' want them R37.

You people please keep them

by The Southreply 3909/22/2012

he's... boring as drying paint

by The Southreply 4009/22/2012

Chi Chi LaRue was in the audience earlier this week. It was on the day that Christopher Walken was the guest - Tuesday maybe?

At the start of the show he (he wasn't dressed as Chi Chi) was on camera because apparently he caught Michael Strahan's attention by dancing when he and Kelly were walking out, so Michael pointed to him and said something about how much he was getting into the dancing.

Newer porn star Jimmy Fanz was sitting next to Chi Chi.

by The Southreply 4110/11/2012

The delayed Halloween/Sandy benefit show was really good today. Strahan is great at rolling with all skits they ran.

Cheyenne Jackson looked hot in the segment on nudity (Carson Kressley was good too), but why wasn't the newscaster Jason Kennedy naked while he reported on it?

by The Southreply 4211/05/2012

I loved Strahan's Oprah.

by The Southreply 4311/05/2012
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