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BREAKING - Jury reaches verdict in the Drew Peterson trial

expected to be read in about 30 mins.

by Nancy Gracereply 2202/21/2013

GUILTY First degree murder.

Another Peterson killer gets his desserts.

by Nancy Gracereply 109/06/2012

Thank God! Let this menace rot, and I hope the media stops giving him the attention he craves.

by Nancy Gracereply 209/06/2012


For some reason it didn't get a lot of coverage.

I remember Larry King covering it a few years ago though.

This guy was a police officer.

I think at least 2 of his ex-wives have ended up dead - one in the bathtub.

by Nancy Gracereply 309/06/2012

Good! The guy deserves to be convicted for his smirk, let alone whatever he did to all those wives.

by Nancy Gracereply 409/06/2012

Who the fuck is Drew Peterson?

by Nancy Gracereply 509/06/2012

Being a police officer is what allowed him to get away with murdering more than one wife.

If he had been an ordinary guy, he would have been investigated sooner.

by Nancy Gracereply 609/06/2012

Why not, R5? I'm curious as to why someone who's sufficiently interested to ask who the guy is can't be bothered to google the guy's name (which takes fewer keystrokes) & get an answer that's likely to be even more reliable (!) than a response on DL.

by Nancy Gracereply 709/06/2012

Because I don't feel like typing: and then typing out "who the fuck is drew peterson" in the google search engine. I am just having a suicidal kind of day and that makes one quite lazy and apathetic.

by Nancy Gracereply 809/06/2012

It's about time, just wish they still had public hangings so we could all watch him swing.

by Nancy Gracereply 909/06/2012

R8, if you type the letter g in the search bar, your browser will probably fill in "" for you & just hitting the "enter" key will take you to the Google site. Then you only have to type his name (not in the form of a question & without capital letters, no profanity needed either) to get lots of results immediately -- in this case, the first result in the left hand column is the Chicago Tribune story about the verdict & the first result in the right hand column is his Wikipedia biography.

Or, if you hate Google, use any other search engine you prefer -- I use GoodSearch, which contributes to the charity of my choice whenever I search (& it might make you feel less suicidal to help some worthy cause).

Believe me, I know all about being lazy & apathetic, which is why I take shortcuts instead of asking for information on DL & waiting (perhaps futilely) for it to appear before I've lost interest in the subject.

by Nancy Gracereply 1009/06/2012

DL is usually well-informed on court cases, and the above responses demonstrate people knew about Drew Peterson.

by Nancy Gracereply 1109/06/2012

They made a Lifetime movie about him starring Treat Williams, either early this year or last year.

by Nancy Gracereply 1209/06/2012

Rob Lowe played Drew, not Treat Williams R12.

by Nancy Gracereply 1309/06/2012

And I think Dean Cain played SCOTT Peterson, yes?

by Nancy Gracereply 1409/06/2012

I could never figure out what women saw in this guy. He wasn't particularly attractive. Big dick maybe?

by Nancy Gracereply 1509/06/2012

Imagine him being your father and you wondering, "Did I inherit the psychopath gene?".

by Nancy Gracereply 1609/06/2012

I wonder how many people he's going to rape in the first week alone.

by Nancy Gracereply 1709/06/2012

Ah, no! Dean Cain played Drew Peterson in "The Drew Peterson Story" on Lifetime. You guys never get the correct actors right!

by Nancy Gracereply 1809/06/2012

Jesus, R10, passive aggressive much?

R8, you're a lazy fucker.

Drew Peterson was a police sergeant in Illinois who killed his third and fourth wives. He was convicted of killing wife number three.

The case got a lot of national coverage. Peterson was an arrogant famewhore, even appearing on Larry King prior to his conviction. The story was eventually made into a tv movie starring Rob Lowe.

by Nancy Gracereply 1909/09/2012

Peterson stomps his feet and throws a little hissy fit when judge sentences him to 38 yrs.

by Nancy Gracereply 2002/21/2013

.... crying and trying to regain his composure at times. His voice quivered and his hands were shaking...


by Nancy Gracereply 2102/21/2013

I hope he never gets out. I really believe he killed two wives.

by Nancy Gracereply 2202/21/2013
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