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The Galloping Gourmet here, scouring the farmer's markets

Anyone want anything while I'm out?

by GGreply 1002/21/2013


by GGreply 109/06/2012

For you not to return.

by GGreply 209/06/2012

Yes, a couple of irradiated Brussels sprouts -- I think they call them cabbages.

Fresh ones!


by GGreply 309/09/2012

For you to pick up a pound of death cap mushrooms - and enjoy.

by GGreply 409/09/2012

I actually ended up at the union square farmers market today between tornadoes talking to phillip Seymour Hoffman about corn. I had no idea it was him until after the fact. I was lamenting about the terrible condition of corn this season.

by GGreply 609/09/2012

What was Phillip Seymour Hoffman's opinion about the sad state of corn? Have you tried Iowa corn instead of the kind they sell at the Union Sq. market?

by GGreply 802/19/2013

What's the latest on your upcoming business venture GG?

by GGreply 902/19/2013

Are you hiding from DL, GG?

by GGreply 1002/21/2013
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