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Baldness Cure (for Men & Women) in 2 years?

A lotion that cures male-pattern baldness could be for sale in as little as two years. University of Pennsylvania dermatologist George Cotsarelis says the lotion works by inhibiting a single enzyme, prostaglandin D2 (PGD2), which he says is the "major" enzyme connected to hair loss.

And the cure would also extend to men of all ages who have already lost their hair.

"We really do think if you remove the inhibition, you get longer hair," Cotsarelis told the journal Science Translational Medicine.

Cotsarelis and his team of researchers first applied the lotion to mice and found that it was effective in both stopping hair loss and in regenerating follicles that had already ceased to produce longer hairs.

"During normal follicle cycling in mice, Ptgds and PGD2 levels increase immediately preceding the regression phase, suggesting an inhibitory effect on hair growth," the study reads. "We show that PGD2 inhibits hair growth in explanted human hair follicles and when applied topically to mice."

Cotsarelis says he is currently shopping the lotion to several U.S. drug firms and hopes the product can be sold publicly in the near future.

He says that there are already prescription antiasthma drugs available, which work by reducing PGD2 levels. The presence of those treatments should help accelerate the baldness cure's availability in stores. The transition from discovery to potential product has already been a rapid one, as the study results were only first announced in March.

"I can't see why we won't soon be able to intervene to prevent hair loss," Des Tobin, the director of the University of Bradford Centre for Skin Sciences told the Telegraph, calling the study "a big step forward."

by Bruce Willisreply 4306/19/2014

Oh, thank heavens.

by Bruce Willisreply 109/03/2012

They're waiting until I'm completely bald before they put the cure out there.

by Bruce Willisreply 209/03/2012

This is a definite step forward. Usually a baldness cure is about 5 or 10 years away from tomorrow, and tomorrow never comes.

by Bruce Willisreply 309/03/2012

Safe for ballsacks?

by Bruce Willisreply 409/03/2012

Great news for us eldergays ... eventually. Considering the market for this, it will be hugely expensive as long as the patents last.

by Bruce Willisreply 509/03/2012

"it will be hugely expensive"

If it truly works (and not just Propecia-like effectiveness), then people will complain about the price, but pay. They'll mortgage their homes and pay.

by Bruce Willisreply 609/03/2012

WEHT the stem cell cure? I've been waiting for that for 5 years already.

by Bruce Willisreply 709/03/2012

if you've seen jason alexander lately, I think he got in on the trials.

by Bruce Willisreply 809/03/2012

Great. Wake me when they cure cancer.

by Bruce Willisreply 909/03/2012

I, for one, am not celebrating this. I love a bald man.

by Bruce Willisreply 1009/03/2012


by Bruce Willisreply 1109/03/2012

Will it work on a completely bald head or is it like Propecia where it would only keep the hair you have?

by Bruce Willisreply 1209/03/2012

Yes, R6, those who can certainly will.

by Bruce Willisreply 1309/03/2012

What the drug company will do is set the price so it is high enough for them to make an obscene profit, and just high enough for consumers to reluctantly but willing pay the price.

by Bruce Willisreply 1409/03/2012

Did you read the article, R13?

[quote]And the cure would also extend to men of all ages who have already lost their hair.

by Bruce Willisreply 1509/03/2012

Tutti a tavola a pettinarsi!

by Bruce Willisreply 1609/03/2012

OK that was strange. At R15 I seem to be replying to myself at R13 with an unrelated comment, but I swear there was another post I was responding to that isn't showing up for me now. Maybe the board will sort itself out soon.

by Bruce Willisreply 1709/03/2012

If it's based on an existing drug then a generic version could possibly be made.

by Bruce Willisreply 1809/03/2012

Here's the positive and negative part:

1) Positive: The drug is already being prescribed in pill form to treat other conditions. It's passed the FDA review, so it might be faster to get it approved in lotion form. It's not some new, unknown drug.

2) Negative: No human trials, no concrete results, just a university-affiliated dermatologist shopping around a drug/cure to big drug companies.

So we can remain hopeful, but skeptical until trials on humans are performed.

by Bruce Willisreply 1909/03/2012

I like male-pattern baldness

by Bruce Willisreply 2009/03/2012

I'm going to buy a jug of the stuff and force my way into porn studios to lather up all those barren crotches.

by Bruce Willisreply 2109/03/2012

Yeah, but the side effects will be that you're balls shrivel down to raisinette size.

by Bruce Willisreply 2209/03/2012

I guess I understand this but I'm kind of shocked that so many view this as a great thing.

I think that bald or partially bald men are really handsome.

by Bruce Willisreply 2309/03/2012

No, I didn't read the article. TL;DR.

What did it say?

by Bruce Willisreply 2409/03/2012

Who cares, I don't need it.

by Bruce Willisreply 2509/03/2012

One's doctor knows which asthma drugs are described in the artcle. No one needs to wait for the high priced lotion. I've used minoxodil for 28 years and started when I had to buy the pills and have the pharmacist compound the stuff in a solution.

by Bruce Willisreply 2609/03/2012

It'll cause cancer. Don't you worry 'bout that!

by Bruce Willisreply 2709/05/2012

R25 you are awesome!

by Bruce Willisreply 2809/05/2012

[quote]We really do think if you remove the inhibition, you get longer hair,"

That's all the proof I need...somebody who THINKS something will work without any scientific data proving it. As long as someone thinks it then it is a fact!

by Bruce Willisreply 2909/05/2012

There have been lots of new medicines, promising miracle results for many problems, that never work.

If they have genuinely invented a medication to reverse pattern baldness, buy stock in the company, it is a practically a license to print money.

by Bruce Willisreply 3009/06/2012

A cure for baldness? I didn't know it was a disease.

by Bruce Willisreply 3109/06/2012

I just use the other end of my NO NO for more hair.

by Bruce Willisreply 3209/08/2012


It would be great thing if it happens in near future. People are wondering really whether there is a proper treatment for baldness cure or not.

by Bruce Willisreply 3303/25/2013

Thicker bushes too? They thin as you age as well.

by Bruce Willisreply 3403/25/2013

R7, I think PRP uses stem cells. Most people say it doesn't work though.

by Bruce Willisreply 3503/25/2013

will probably be as successful as that weight loss cureall, Alli.

by Bruce Willisreply 3603/25/2013

If a hair falls out (you don't see it on the head) is there still a little hair present there under the skin.

by Bruce Willisreply 3703/27/2013

Does it work on body hair?

by Bruce Willisreply 3803/27/2013

I'm on my way. See you tomorrow.

by Bruce Willisreply 3903/27/2013

Hairless Man Grows Full Head Of Hair In Yale Arthritis Drug Trial

by Bruce Willisreply 4006/19/2014

Link to story.

by Bruce Willisreply 4106/19/2014

r40 I really can't tell without seeing him smile.

by Bruce Willisreply 4206/19/2014

R40, the patient had alopecia, not arthritis.

by Bruce Willisreply 4306/19/2014
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