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Does anyone like 2 Broke Girls?

CBS is making it its anchor show at 9pm replacing 2 and a Half Men. That shows how much confidence they have in it. I used to think Caroline's voice was so annoying but now I like it. It fits her character.

by I love Hanreply 18204/16/2016

The show has gotten much better since Jennifer Coolidge joined the cast. The two "broke girls" also have created a real Lucy and Ethel thing for a new millenium, and all the characters in the diner are priceless.

I've started to LOVE the show.

by I love Hanreply 109/02/2012

The acting is awful, I can't get past it.

by I love Hanreply 209/02/2012

I never thought about the Lucy and Ethel comparison but you're right. The casting is great. I don't any other girls can play these roles.

by I love Hanreply 309/02/2012

This is the new Friends.

by I love Hanreply 409/02/2012

Michael Patrick King, who we may or may not love from SATC, is showrunning this. I think he's great.

by I love Hanreply 509/02/2012

I love this show, but I get why some people don't like it. It is exactly my sense of humor. There are some lines that I probably laugh at more than anyone. I like that they characters call everyone out: straight guys and their bullshit, hipsters and their lame fashions, Facebook addicts, superficial chicks, borderline racist/sexist inappropriate humor - just like me on daily basis!

by I love Hanreply 609/02/2012

I adore this show and was actually one of the few shows from last season that I'll be sticking with this upcoming season.

I also agree with R1. Just the mere presence of Jennifer Coolidge in any scene gets me all giddy; she really added a lot to the show after she joined.

That "Partners" show that is replacing it in its old 8:30 timeslot looks just awful, though.

by I love Hanreply 709/02/2012

I love JC, the girls are pretty funny.

by I love Hanreply 809/02/2012

Ack, you people have awful taste.

by I love Hanreply 909/02/2012

I love 2 Broke Girls, best show on TV now.

by I love Hanreply 1009/02/2012

I liked the show in the beginning but lost interest midway through the season. Love Jennifer Coolidge but even she couldn't rekindle my interest in this. And I agree about the bad acting. I've loved Kat Dennings in several movies but she's awful here.

by I love Hanreply 1109/02/2012

This and Revenge are the only shows I try and watch. The funny thing is that Whitney Cumming's writing works well when delivered through 2 Broke Girls, but is dead in the water on her show, Whitney. It's an interesting dynamic. On her own show, Whitney tries to be the funny gal and the hot gal, but it doesn't come together, and she seems nagging and annoying. But when Kat Dennings throws that shit out there, it's like a fricken bullseye! I do wish Jennifer Coolidge played more of her own personality, though, and not with the accent. She would be awesome as an older American cougar, like an older version of the two main girls.

by I love Hanreply 1209/02/2012

Somehow this has a lot of heart. You really feel for the girls when they experience something new, like Max experiencing for the first time something only rich people do or when Caroline experiences and enjoys something only poor people do.

by I love Hanreply 1309/02/2012

I only saw about 10 minutes of it once, but hated it. Seems like a typical dumbed-down sitcom. Laverne & Shirley was tolerable because the leads had enough charm you could ignore the dumb writing, I don't think that's the case with Broke Girls. But I also hated Friends, maybe this show is the new Friends for all I know. And maybe Friends was the new Three's Company. But that's no compliment to any of those shows or their viewers.

by I love Hanreply 1409/02/2012

R14 it took you more time to criticize the show than you spent watching it.

by I love Hanreply 1509/02/2012

It is, however, a compliment to the pocketbooks of all involved, r14.

by I love Hanreply 1609/02/2012

I had the privilege of working on this show this year, and we all had "lunch" at about 1:30am. The two girls really did act like Lucy and Ethel, off camera too. The two of them sat across from Michael Patrick King, and they are all obviously very good friends and laugh a lot together. Though I guess Lucy and Ethel were not friendly at all off camera.

by I love Hanreply 1709/02/2012

They lost me when the pet horse showed up.

by I love Hanreply 1809/02/2012

I know, so unrealistic. What apartment would let them keep a horse??

by I love Hanreply 1909/02/2012

Nothing but sleazy sex jokes...hate it. Not smart at all.

by I love Hanreply 2009/02/2012

So many sex jokes. I'm surprised this didn't get an X rating. They were talking about Caroline's boyfriend cumming a big wad on her face. Yikes, what if there are children watching. Think of the children. This is primetime television, for pete's sake!

by I love Hanreply 2109/02/2012

I tried watching it once. It seemed like every scene was 10 seconds long followed by a clip of that Peter Bjorn and John song. CBS shows love those guys apparently. For whatever reason that got stuck in my head and annoys me. At every mention of the show I get a visual of 2 waitresses, one played by Paris Hilton and the other the brunette with huge tits, just standing there. Then 6 notes of a Peter Bjorn and John song play, and they are standing/sitting somewhere else. Cum joke. Repeat.

by I love Hanreply 2209/02/2012

it's a horrible show. both girls are dreadful.

by I love Hanreply 2309/02/2012

It's not horrible. I agree it goes for the easy joke, aka the sex pun, way too much. But it has its charm and I think the big boobed actress is great. Her deadpan makes me laugh even when the writing is flat.

I also think Coolidge and the show would be better served for her to drop the accent. Also, more of the Rich White Mother of Twins character. She's like Karen Walker: The Early Years. I have an affinity for those sorts of characters.

by I love Hanreply 2409/03/2012

My idea of a guilty pleasure.

But I think it kind of lost its way and the budget thing (the amount of money they have at the end after each episode) goes nowhere. Jen Coolidge is a great addition. I still laught about her Kardashian line (It's me Kim Kardashian, ... no I am not Kim Kardashian, I work for a living).

by I love Hanreply 2509/03/2012

Hate it.

by I love Hanreply 2609/03/2012

I still don't understand the purpose of having Garrett Morris there.

by I love Hanreply 2709/03/2012

I love the girls (especially Kat Dennings) but the writing is painful.

by I love Hanreply 2809/03/2012

The writing is horrible. Stock bitch characters (one blonde, one brunette) with tons of racial stereotypes running around (horny slavic cook, horny asian man, horny black man). Jennifer helps a bit but not enough to save the show.

by I love Hanreply 2909/03/2012

The sex jokes are cheap, easy laughs. Let's see how many times we can get the word 'come' to mean 'cum' (really, any fourth grader can cum up with this stuff). But the writers probably see them as groundbreaking envelope pushing.

The two girls have the same annoying timbre of voice. Sometimes if I'm looking away from the screen, I don't know who's talking.

The supporting characters are walking clichés updated for the Willyburg crowd.

Jennifer Coolidge has played that same character (different accents and all) quite a few times.

The running gimmick (with the money at the end), just like the narrative to the kids in "How I Met Your Mother" or the hiding of half of Wilson's face in "Home Improvement", is tired, completely useless and unnecessary.

Yet I still find myself enjoying the show enough to be relieved that "Two And A Half Men" is finally getting bumped (why don't they just cancel that one? It's shit without Sheen)

by I love Hanreply 3009/03/2012

I love it.

by I love Hanreply 3109/03/2012

The character of Han is awful.

Kat Dennings has the worst timing I've ever seen when it comes to delivering a one-liner.

And then there's the stupid waitress uniforms from the cover of a Supertramp album cover, the graffiti-covered subway cars...

While I never minded Roseanne working at the plastics factory, her quitting at the end of the first season and jettisoning all those coworkers was a bold move and the show became so much better.

The diner needs to burn down. The girls need new jobs and face it, by the time they raise enough for their damn cupcake business, cupcakes will no longer be in vogue. And she fucking makes them from a mix anyway. That revelation kinda killed any momentum toward the business for me.

by I love Hanreply 3209/03/2012

I love this show!!

by I love Hanreply 3309/03/2012

I didn't realize so many people watched TV shows that they hate. WTF? I can't stand watching TV in general, and only seek out shows that I really want to watch, like this one. How boring is your life to watch and discuss shows you can't stand? Go and watch the hundred Housewives/white trash reality shows which clog the rest of your channels if you don't like it.

by I love Hanreply 3409/03/2012

I loved that line: "Just once I'd like to shove my wad in his face for a change!"

You could tell the audience was shocked to hear it also.

More family unfriendly entertainment, please.

As if prime time TV is the babysitter/role model for breeders. Read to your kids!

by I love Hanreply 3509/03/2012

The family UNfriendly appeal is what makes it stand out from all the family friendly entertainment that sure doesn't want to offend potential advertisers and consumer friendly audience members.

by I love Hanreply 3609/03/2012

Writing is godawful; brunette cannot act her way out of a paper bag; cracks up at her own (supposedly) funny lines, BUT I like the blonde. She's the only thing that keeps me (occasionally) watching the show. Agree with posters who say Jennifer Coolidge improves things. Not sure if the entitled-acting rich bitch character (early episodes) is still on? ANNOYING off the charts. I would like to see them get rid of all the characters who work in the diner: hideous. Nice to see Garret Morris working; could have sworn I read somewhere years ago he was dead; guess not.

Glad CBS giving this show "Two-and-a-Half Men"'s old slot; show is dreadful (but Ashton Kutcher no bad) since Charlie Sheen gone, especially Jon Cryer who USED to be a good actor. He is so beyond-dreadful now I have had to stop watching (maybe is the writing...)

by I love Hanreply 3709/03/2012

I'm guessing only extremely old people watch this show.

No one under the age of 50 watches sitcoms on CBS.

by I love Hanreply 3809/03/2012

It's all right. I much prefer The New Girl though. However, I'm mesmerized by Kat Dennings' giant boobs. I kind of want to stick my head between those things. Yeah, I don't know either.

by I love Hanreply 3909/03/2012

Not true, R38. Two Broke Girls and How I Met Your Mother are among the two youngest skewing shows on the otherwise older-skewing network.

The sitcoms are the only things I can stomach as their dramas are all essentially the same exact show set in different locations.

by I love Hanreply 4009/03/2012

I enjoy 2 Broke Girls as well but the jokes are very crass. I like New Girl too, but my FAVORITE sophomore show is The B in Apt. 23. Krysten Ritter is amazing.

by I love Hanreply 4109/03/2012

The most tired racial stereotypes aren't even the most offensive thing about the show. It's that it could be better, but it isn't. It's as if the writers are thinking: what will stupid people laugh at? But you know, a little nudge-nudge wink-wink at the people who "get it" in order not to come off as insufferable cretins themselves.


by I love Hanreply 4209/03/2012

We call it Broke Butt Bitches at my house. Terrible show. Stupid.

by I love Hanreply 4309/03/2012

I don't care much for the show, but the camera certainly loves Beth Behrs. I don't know what she has, but whatever "IT" is, she has it in spades. I have no idea whether or not she can act, I'm talking about her looks and her presence.

She reminds me of seeing Jennifer Aniston for the first time in Friends.

by I love Hanreply 4409/03/2012

I think she looks like a chicken. And the brunette seems to be trying to channel Mae West with her hand on her hip all the time.


by I love Hanreply 4509/03/2012

Beth Behrs's brother Jason is gay.

by I love Hanreply 4609/03/2012

Jennifer Coolidge = nails on a chalkboard

by I love Hanreply 4709/03/2012

I ABSOLUTELY HATE this show. It's so stupid. Episode 14 where they went couponing at the supermarket is when the show jumped the shark. And in Episode 10 when Max revealed she uses a mix, like WTF? How could you open a cupcake business if all you do is open up a box of Duncan Hines. And the secret ingredient of putting a teaspoon of Pillsbury in the Duncan Hines mix, please, like people can't do that at home? Why would they come to your shop? And as mentioned, the "shove my wad in his face for a change" line in episode 6 was really crass and uncalled for. Chestnut the horse is completely stupid and episode 20 where Caroline takes Chestnut back from his new home is so unrealistic. No Brooklyn apartment would let them keep a horse. The worst episode is where they competed with hipsters they met at the laundromat to throw the best party. First of all, hipsters do not look like that. That guy was transgendered or something. And no matter how rich hipsters are, they would NOT pay $100 to enter a party even if VICKI the robot from Small Wonder was there nor would they pay $100 just to ride a horse. And don't get me started on the season finale. I really thought Max was going to get back together with that hot piece Johnny. Martha Stewart really lowered herself to appear on the show. HATES IT!!!

by I love Hanreply 4809/03/2012

Chill r48 it's not like they made Sarah Jessica Parker play the horse.

by I love Hanreply 4909/03/2012

They could barely afford rent and they had a horse.

by I love Hanreply 5009/03/2012

The whole "Duncan Hines with a spoonful of Pillsbury" is such a ludicrous line. The whole idea of her cupcake business is dumb.

by I love Hanreply 5109/03/2012

Seriously, I do like it. Kat Dennings and the blonde girl have great chemistry. Sometimes the line readings are a little off but I like them together.

Love rich bitch with twins too. Although a little goes a long way there and she could use some better lines.

Jennifer Coolidge is great in other projects. It would be nice if she could drop the accent here - it was all a cover so she could recruit cheap labour - and just be American. It would be funnier.

by I love Hanreply 5209/03/2012

Me too, R12 - love this show and Revenge. These are about the only network shows I watch - everything else is on cable.

by I love Hanreply 5309/03/2012

It's a silly show and that's why I like it

by I love Hanreply 5409/03/2012

Let's be honest, that show got more press and more PR off a handful of dirty jokes than they could ever have dreamed they'd get.


by I love Hanreply 5509/03/2012

this awful piece of shit makes Small Wonder looks like The Sopranos.

by I love Hanreply 5609/03/2012

I only watch when Jennifer Coolidge has a major part. She is the only one that can act on that show. The two girls just read lines to one another, but Jennifer is hysterical.

by I love Hanreply 5709/03/2012

I like KD. She's good in Daydream Nation. As a horny, young student, I would love to have had an affair with a teacher who looked like Josh Lucas.

by I love Hanreply 5809/04/2012

So who is playing Caroline's dad? It looked like Conan O'Brien.

by I love Hanreply 5909/17/2012

So the new season is starting.

by I love Hanreply 6010/08/2012

Yes three weeks ago

by I love Hanreply 6110/08/2012

I think it's easy to relate to because most people are broke nowadays and scheming to prosper or get rich - Caroline is inspiring that way and she does look like she's at least related to January Jones.

I like Kat Dennings but she can be a terrible actress. Jennifer Coolidge makes the show, with her half-assed vaguely Eastern European comedy dialect.

by I love Hanreply 6210/08/2012

I've only seen the promos for it. But considering those promos pull from the best or at least the better bits of the show as enticements, it looks fucking dreadful.

The only thing interesting is, as OP notes, the level of confidence or investment in that crap.

by I love Hanreply 6310/08/2012

There are only two reasonsor watching the how.

by I love Hanreply 6410/08/2012

This show has too many negative stereotypes...I stopped watching it when I saw the girls were making fun of the asian dude because he's asian and not because he's human.

by I love Hanreply 6510/18/2012

I liked when the Korean owner, Han, found out what Rice Queen meant.

by I love Hanreply 6610/18/2012

It's crap like this (laugh tracks in 2012!) and what 666 Park Avenue is *not* becoming that make me realize that network TV is dead. The best cable shows are like watching a great, serialized independent film. Network TV is like vaudeville; it just feels incredibly old fashioned and hammy now.

by I love Hanreply 6710/18/2012

It's vulgar. Sorry, I am not usually sensitive to that, but it is. Make as many penis, vagina, lesbian, breast jokes as you want, but it doesn't belong in prime time. I even like Kat Dennings a lot, but come on.

Lowest Common Denominator.

by I love Hanreply 6810/18/2012

Old, black guy jokes, horny Asian men jokes, horny Russian (?) cook jokes. Lather, rinse repeat.

by I love Hanreply 6910/18/2012

I really like this show.

But I agree with the others, it lost its magic when it was revealed that Max uses cake mix for their cupcakes. I don't know what they were thinking, but it kind of destroyed the entire premise of the show.

I like the girls and it's a fun bit of escapism for thirty minutes, but it's not the kind of show I can see myself getting seriously invested in and watching the episodes over and over, like Roseanne or Seinfeld.

by I love Hanreply 7010/18/2012

This is the female guilty pleasure that 2.5 men became.

I never watched 2.5 but in syndication, I don't miss it.

Hate that they put the Kutcher episodes into immediate rotation. Hate those. Won't watch them. Love the Sheen episodes.

by I love Hanreply 7110/18/2012

I hate it. Grating and loud and just stupid. Any favorable comparison to the genius of Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance is blaspemous and ignorant. And untrue.

Vulgar, loud, abrasive twenty something women saying supposedly "funny" things for some sort of comic "shock value" is not my idea of entertainment.

Give me Modern Family or Happy Endings any day. At least the writing is clever (usually) and the casts are talented. The Middle (minus cunt Patty Heaton) has some funny moments. And for mind candy and comfort TV, I like Hot in Cleveland. Just not the annoying, braying gaping maws on those actresses on 2 Broke Girls. PLEASE CANCEL NOW.

by I love Hanreply 7210/18/2012

Hard to believe it's Michael Patrick King, creator of the hysterical and underrated "The Comeback." Yeah, don't like it, the actresses aren't sympathetic and the writing isn't that funny. God, "Roseanne" was so much better in every way.

by I love Hanreply 7310/18/2012

R72: speaking of The Middle, was that Brooke Shields last night as the white trash neighbor?

by I love Hanreply 7410/18/2012

Nevermind, R72, I just checked. it was!!

by I love Hanreply 7510/18/2012


by I love Hanreply 7610/18/2012

I tried to give it another chance but the show has no real idea of what hipsters look or act like. It's just dumb.

And by the time they actually open up that cupcake business, the whole fad will be over.

by I love Hanreply 7710/18/2012

Wait- that hipster in the episode where they charged admission for people to come in and ride Chestnut was supposed to be a GUY?

Were they also supposed to be funny because they sure weren't.

by I love Hanreply 7810/18/2012

[quote]How could you open a cupcake business if all you do is open up a box of Duncan Hines. And the secret ingredient of putting a teaspoon of Pillsbury in the Duncan Hines mix, please, like people can't do that at home?

Being able to bake at home has nothing to do with it. People can be talked into buying anything at almost any price.

by I love Hanreply 7910/18/2012

Ugh, Magnolia Bakery cupcakes taste like corn muffins.

by I love Hanreply 8010/18/2012

I like Katt and Beth but I think they need to dump the cupcake business idea,are cupcakes even a thing anymore?They should get rid of the tiny sterotypical asian guy or maybe have it turn out he was really born and raised in the US and in private speaks perfect english.I like Jennifer Coolidge but the accent and the weird cupie doll smile/squint thing she does when she delivers a line is distracting.I would like to see the Russian/Polish cook naked though,talk about BDF!

by I love Hanreply 8110/18/2012

I find it difficult to take any adult seriously who watches shit like this.

by I love Hanreply 8210/18/2012

21st century Laverne & Shirley.

by I love Hanreply 8310/19/2012

The fact that it's directed by the awful Scott Ellis is enough for me not to watch it.

by I love Hanreply 8410/22/2012


by I love Hanreply 8510/22/2012

r67, they don't use a laugh track. Next available tickets are for Tuesday, November 6 at 5:00PM. Vote, then head over to Warner Brothers in Burbank and be part of the audience.

by I love Hanreply 8610/22/2012

Anyone watch tonight's episode? One of the funniest ones yet, and the new actor they have playing Caroline's boyfriend (Ryan Hansen from Veronica Mars) is HAWT.

Much hotter with the shorter hair.

by I love Hanreply 8711/12/2012

I thought tonite's episode was one of the funnier ones, and that Candy Andy was hot...didn't know what he had done before this, so thanks! Altho i can kinda see one of the setups to hit their relationship...i wonder if Caroline's father was involved in the bankruptcy of Andy's former job?

by I love Hanreply 8811/12/2012

tonight: anal, used condoms, half-naked Amish boys, and mocking Dan Savage

by I love Hanreply 8901/28/2013

It's idiotic, as are most of CBS's comedy shows.

by I love Hanreply 9001/28/2013

This isn't as bad as I thought. It's throwaway but not unwatchable.

There was a joke that actually made me lol which is rare in sitcoms. The black guy said he was a fan of Downton Abbey cause all the help were white.

My only problem is the generic look of the actresses. One is a clone of Jaime Pressly and the brunette who always wears the clown make-up and spray painted on dark red lips is maddeningly familiar looking as well, can't work out who she reminds me of.

by I love Hanreply 9106/09/2013

She reminds me of that girl in Thor: The Dark World.

by I love Hanreply 9206/10/2013

She also reminds me of the daughter in 40 Year Old Virgin, and Norah from Nick and Norah.

by I love Hanreply 9306/10/2013

No, she looks nothing like Natalie Portman.

by I love Hanreply 9406/10/2013

I liked the guy in the kitchen in his Speedo.

by I love Hanreply 9506/10/2013

I meant to see Nick and Norah at the time as I like Michael Cera movies but missed that and Youth in Revolt. Didn't know Kat Dennings was in movies, she sure seems familiar.

Anyway I've worked out who she looks like. It's Gwen Stefani + dark hair. The clown make-up Stefani favours highlights this. Google agrees with me as it comes up. :)

by I love Hanreply 9606/17/2013

God I hate this show. Hate it, hate it, hate it.

by I love Hanreply 9711/18/2013

That brunette is such a fucking cunt. I just want to punch her in the mouth. Everything out of her mouth is: sassy insult with a double entendre, cock joke, cunnilingus joke, anti-Asian joke, fag joke, followed by an angry unsolicited cutting bitchy insult. Rinse and repeat. She's a hateful, witch and someone should have killed her a long time ago.

by I love Hanreply 9811/18/2013

That brunette is Cheryl.

by I love Hanreply 9911/18/2013

The jokes are too obvious and unchallenging to be funny. It's like listening to middle schoolers rip on each other. The laugh track is such an obvious and sad attempt to manipulate my response that it's backlash effect on me is an eye roll.

I liked the show at first. I thought the actors were really trying to portray the heart and depth of their characters--the brunette in particular--with barbed humor used as a shield to protect herself from a world she found hurtful and capricious. Now she's just being mean because she insecure enough to think being mean will make other people like her. Sort of a 'step on others to raise yourself up' scenario. I would never hang out with the person she is now. I would have loved to have spent time with the damaged and witty person she was at the beginning. Now she's a caricature of what she could have been. She's a joke. And a mean one at that. Oh my goodness. And the blonde? When did she get so disgusting? Pee funnel? I really hope she gets a job on another show soon because I like her and I feel sick thinking of the embarrassing things this show has made her do on national tv.

She and the brunette seem like good actors. They were at the beginning of this series. They actually embodied their characters back then. They're the human embodiment of a cheap joke.

I watched a lot of this show. I kept thinking it would get better, get back to the real stuff, but it just hasn't. I've missed about 2/3 of this season just because I never felt like watching it. I know it's just going to be the same dumb, mean thing over and over and over again. I'm over it. It's just... Man. This could have been a great show.

by I love Hanreply 10003/22/2014

Painfully unfunny.

The episodes I've watched all had gay jokes that come off as anti-gay. Whoever is writing the scripts has an issue with gay men.

by I love Hanreply 10103/22/2014

I agree with everyone else - very anti-gay and bitchy. And the no-name actresses are anything but funny.

What are the ratings for this piece of shit show? Do people actually watch it? I watched it twice out of boredom and that was enough for me.

by I love Hanreply 10203/22/2014


Badly acted, totally pedestrian and not funny.

by I love Hanreply 10303/22/2014

Bring back the Amish guys.

by I love Hanreply 10403/22/2014

Cannot believe it was renewed.

by I love Hanreply 10503/22/2014

If you want smart go to PBS.

LOVE the girls and the entire cast! I miss the gay waiter! Love Max's new boyfriend. Jennifer is star power! and Oleg is hot!

I laugh harder at this show than any other! Fantastic show with great cast and writing--nothing wrong with the acting! Sure beats Everybody loves Raymond and How I met your mother and many others

by I love Hanreply 10603/22/2014

Kat Dennings has the face of a slapped ass, on screen and off. Smile once in awhile you miserable cow.

by I love Hanreply 10703/22/2014

Very anti-gay, anti-Asian show. Shame on them. Also, the cast seems largely talentless. Horrible writing, horrible acting, not funny.

by I love Hanreply 10803/22/2014

What happened to that gay Cuban waiter they had? They introduced him mid-season as if he was a new character, but he didn't seem to be around long.

by I love Hanreply 10906/03/2014

Never miss the show. They made the mistake of getting AWAY from the diner for several episodes when the girls were trying to set up the cupcake shop. Now that they ARE back in the diner, the show is much better. Sophie, Oleg, Earl, Han, love 'em all. I miss the girls being catty and scatty with the customers. The pastry school and especially the Deke(sp?) character was a MAJOR error, glad both are gone. I miss Andy. The few times Steven Weber was on, as Caroline's father, were execrable. Another vote for those Amish "boys." I liked the Pillsbury in the DH schtick, it just underscored how silly and ephemeral the cupcake mania is/was. More Julio, he's the most natural character on the show.

by I love Hanreply 11006/03/2014

I've never seen it but I do know that one of the broke girls got the job by blackmailing the boss who fucked her while she was a nanny for his children.

by I love Hanreply 11106/03/2014

Love this show. Better than any NBC borecom. It sure isn't high art, but it makes me laugh. Great cast. Bring back the snarky cute gay waiter. Jennifer Coolidge=EMMY!

by I love Hanreply 11206/03/2014

The token, snarky gay waiter must be no more.

by I love Hanreply 11311/10/2014

This sucks worse than a whore in a hurry.

by I love Hanreply 11411/10/2014

The one liners are never ending and rather corny...if memory serves me.

by I love Hanreply 11511/10/2014

I love Two Broke Girls. And yes it is not high-brow at all.

With its decidedly raunchy jokes and one-liners coming from the two female leads, it's Two and a Half Men for the gay and female demographic.

by I love Hanreply 11611/10/2014

I agree, R116. It's mindless, stupid fun.

by I love Hanreply 11711/10/2014

Did Kat keep the weight off?

by I love Hanreply 11811/10/2014

It's cute, enjoyable to watch, but rarely funny. Andy (who went on to the short-lived Bad Teacher) was hot to look at. The gay waiter should've been kept on permanently. He's beyond hilarious. His line about "being on his knees wearing a bad wig...been there, girl!" kept me laughing for days.

by I love Hanreply 11911/10/2014

Only fraus like this pedantic drivel.

by I love Hanreply 12011/10/2014

What's your point, R120?

by I love Hanreply 12111/10/2014

I watched it a couple of times and found it awful. The main characters are unlikeable, especially Kat Dennings, who is such a shitty actress.

by I love Hanreply 12211/10/2014

I love the show, but, to me, it's Beth Behrs that need to brush up on the acting skills.

by I love Hanreply 12311/10/2014

Lots of naysayers here. I think I've only seen one episode, and I wasn't impressed. But the show's a big hit, and my niece says she likes it, so I'm willing to give it another chance. Are there any complete episodes on YouTube? The fans should post links to their favorites.

by I love Hanreply 12411/10/2014

THIS SHOW SUCKS. Its full of slapstick nonsense. Annoying puns and observational Comedy. I can not wait for that going off the air commercial. PLEASE GOD MAKE IT SOON.

by I love Hanreply 12511/17/2014

Who's forcing you to watch it, R125?

by I love Hanreply 12611/17/2014

Kat Dennings was on The Newsroom last night. Good god, how does anyone listen to more than a minute of her. Her acting was awful, but her voice, dear god, her voice, it could be put to better use torturing people. By the time the episode ended, I would have confessed to anything. I wanted to shove knives in my ears. How? Why? Do straight men watch her with the volume turned down?

by I love Hanreply 12711/17/2014

I can't stand that fucking show.

I watched all of the second and most of third season, against my will, while caring for my dying grandma.

It was so low-brow and stupid. I love low-brow and smart, but there's nothing smart about that show.

I can't believe the same guy did the Comeback.

by I love Hanreply 12811/17/2014

I've just started watching it recently. I'm in the minority in that I think it didn't hit its stride until the third season. The pastry school storyline worked a lot better than when they opened their own business, Eric Andre was a fantastic love interest for Max, and the episode where she met his parents was the best of the series.

I'm excited for the new year. Beth Behrs looks a lot better with her new haircut.

by I love Hanreply 12911/22/2014

Friends reruns walk all over this show. Though on a side note...Big Bang Theory needs to end already.

by I love Hanreply 13011/22/2014

My post menopausal mother loves this show, CSI and Two and Half Men. I can't believe how many of you are admitting to liking this garbage. Is everyone on this thread a frau?

30 Rock, Parks & Rec, Louie, Arrested Development, Curb, The Comeback, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. THESE are great tv comedies.

by I love Hanreply 13111/22/2014

Jennifer Coolidge is great on it. The show is light but I do not rush home to see it.

by I love Hanreply 13211/22/2014

[quote]30 Rock, Parks & Rec, Louie, Arrested Development, Curb, The Comeback, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. THESE are great tv comedies.

All those are great shows, R131, but our elderly DLers need a laugh track to tell them when it's funny.

by I love Hanreply 13311/22/2014

R132 - I think Jennifer Coolidge is a WONDERFUL comedic actress. One of the two eps of 2 Broke Girls that I've seen happened to feature her, but even her comic flair can't save such awful writing - not to mention the terrible acting of the leads.

R133 - I know you're not saying this, but I probably come off as a bit of an elitist snob - only favoring the tv comedies that have done well with critics. But, truthfully, I don't mind a formulaic tv comedy - IF it's done well. There can be something comforting about it. Although I think it's tired beyond belief at this point, for what it is, I think Big Bang Theory is well made. Same for Everybody Loves Raymond - another hugely successful middle-of-the-road CBS comedy. It doesn't get more frau or fly-over than Big Bang or Raymond, but they excel at what they do. I can't believe anyone actually watches 2 Broke Girls and laughs. It just makes me cringe.

by I love Hanreply 13411/22/2014

R131, I'm not saying that 2 Broke Girls is a classic comedy that will be remembered through the annals of time, but it's good for what it is, and while many of the shows you listed are terrific, there are some that fall into the same pitfalls that 2BG and other sitcoms do. When was the last time in the last four seasons of Parks and Rec that they made an original joke? Every time a set-up is made about Ron, you know it'll be the same four jokes about his masculinity? Or Ben about his nerdishness? Or April about her misanthropy? When Jerry shows up on screen, is there any reason to suspect that he won't be treated with absolute shit?

Sitcoms are formulaic. That's where there success comes from. So while Parks and Rec doesn't have a laugh track, and was beloved with the critics at one point, it shouldn't escape the same scrutiny you have for other shows that aren't beloved by hipsters of the moment.

by I love Hanreply 13511/22/2014

[quote] 30 Rock, Parks & Rec, Louie, Arrested Development, Curb, The Comeback, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. THESE are great tv comedies.

Did you just list every trendy comedy you could think of? Louie is not a comedy. It just happens to be on a channel known for comedy thanks to Sunny. Also, 30Rock was never funny. It was like what Modern Family would be if it were Modern Workplace instead.

And, like r135 said PNR fell off years ago. After the stupid ass An/Dy baby arc and the halfassed attempt to revive the show by giving everyone a love interest, not even my dick could get me to keep watching for Adam Scott.

by I love Hanreply 13611/22/2014

LOL, r120. I watched a couple shows and I would have thought middle aged ladies would be a stretch.

I always thought the audience was hipsters watching the show ironically while stoned and ten year old boys who have their internet access “restricted” looking at the two real stars of the show. Maybe, too, there are some parents who watch the show while putting their baby to sleep. So, this thread is mildly fascinating to me.

[quote] It just makes me cringe.

Yes, I have to say I hate this show. It's not the fact that it's not funny or clever. What bothers me is how meanspirited the show is. It is the most vapid and banal show on TV. It isn’t It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but it pretends to be.

At least BBT knows what it is- titties and titty jokes. I don’t like BBT either, but I appreciate the candor. I guess there is one way that they’re similar. They dumb down nerd and hipster culture to make them accessible for the CBS audience.

by I love Hanreply 13711/22/2014

30 Rock was never funny?? Are you people actually practicing homosexuals or Republican housewives?

by I love Hanreply 13811/22/2014

30 Rock was very funny until about the fourth season. Then they got so desperate to pack in sixteen jokes a minute that they started depending on these misdirection jokes ("You think we mean this thing...but wait, WATCH out, we actually mean THIS thing!") that it became exhausting to watch, and an issue of diminishing returns.

by I love Hanreply 13911/22/2014

The type of people who like 30 Rock are the same people who pissed themselves regularly watching King of the Hill.

How many pairs of underwear did you go through, r138?

by I love Hanreply 14011/22/2014

The tough thing is that comedy is so subjective. What's funny to one person may not be funny to others. To judge other people's opinion on what makes them laugh is stupid. But people still need other people's approval of what the right thing to laugh at is. For some people, knowing that shows like Big Bang Theory are the most popular in the country and with their friends, it gives them allowance to freely enjoy. Others need positive reviews in the A.V. Club and with their cool cred friends to make that decision.

by I love Hanreply 14111/22/2014

Ooh, slow burn there, r141.

People are actually judging the cleverness of the show. Not "judging other people's opinion on what makes them laugh". There is judgment in criticizing the writing, but that is secondary, not the main point.

And, I know you think you're being deep with your comment about BBT vs shows the AV club likes... The thing is emotionally mature adults don't allow things like that to determine what they like.

by I love Hanreply 14211/23/2014

R140 - what on earth are you on about? I fail to see the connection between 30 Rock and King of the Hill. I never found King of the Hill remotely amusing.

by I love Hanreply 14311/23/2014

I'd love to know the comedy shows you like, R142, and hear your confidence in naming them.

by I love Hanreply 14411/23/2014

Liked the 9-year-old bitchy queen, Elliott, on November 10 episode and the inside gay jokes. Love Sophie.

by I love Hanreply 14511/23/2014

I loathe this show. The acting is awful and I've never detected any humour of any kind.

It's a revelation that some people actually like this show.

by I love Hanreply 14611/23/2014

R145 - interesting tidbit. I haven't seen this queeny kid character, but I believe he was created by and has most of his lines written by a VERY funny, witty performer names Justin Sayre. The dude who bills himself as the Chairman of the International Order of Sodomites. His regular shows at Joe's Pub are HILARIOUS. You might have seen some of his monologues/stand up routines on HuffPo. I guess a guy's gotta eat, so he works on 2 Broke Girls now. Hopefully, he'll get to move on to a stronger sitcom worthy of his talents.

I only know all this shit because I read a profile of him a few weeks ago when I was looking up info on his live shows.

All that said, 2 Broke Girls is still awful.

by I love Hanreply 14711/23/2014

I can go for all the AV Club shows as much as the next guy, but 2 Broke Girls remains a guilty pleasure, and it's hard not to bust a every time Kat Dennings says a line. Behrs is pretty hilarious too and of course Jennifer Coolidge always scores.

No it's not 30 Rock, Arrested Development, Parks & Rec, Modern Family, New Girl, Mindy or even Mom, but it has its charms and there's no wonder it is still on the air.

by I love Hanreply 14811/23/2014

The best comedy on TV right now! FUNNY, LIKABLE characters, superb writing! No, it is not Shakespeare girls, but do we always want something highly intellectual? Don't we need something that just makes us laugh? LOVE the entire cast! The girls are wonderful and Jennifer Coolidge is ready for her Emmy! Han and Oleg crack me up, and love Oleg's shirtless scenes too! Garrett Morris--what a brilliant casting idea! He's like a black Betty White! What happened to the gay waiter? They should bring him back! AND Judy Gold was comic genius in the ep where they are waiting in line to buy cronuts! I also like all of the topical references and put downs to current stuff that deserves it, like stupid pop groups and texting constantly. Two attractive girls and great writing and cast!

DON'T even begin to compare it to the idiotic horribly acted and written Laverne!

by I love Hanreply 14911/23/2014

r149, do you know who played the gay waiter?

by I love Hanreply 15011/23/2014

[quote] No, it is not Shakespeare girls, but do we always want something highly intellectual?

I'm in my early twenties (I guess the same age as the girls?), but I was fortunate enough to grow up watching Mel Brooks movies. No one would say they were intellectual, but they weren't trite, either.

by I love Hanreply 15111/23/2014

[quote] but it has its charms and there's no wonder it is still on the air.

It's on CBS. They don't put horses in the show unless they think they can win.

by I love Hanreply 15211/23/2014

I love it.

by I love Hanreply 15311/23/2014

[quote] I laugh harder at this show than any other! Fantastic show with great cast and writing--nothing wrong with the acting! Sure beats Everybody loves Raymond and How I met your mother and many others

You’ll go berserk if you ever watch Baby Daddy or Melissa & Joey! Sadly, you missed Guys with Kids... :'/

by I love Hanreply 15411/23/2014

[quote] and it's hard not to bust a every time Kat Dennings says a line.

Nthing this.

by I love Hanreply 15511/23/2014

I loved when Max was once complaining about the snow-covered streets and said, "These streets need to be plowed more than that poor married Jonas brother."

by I love Hanreply 15611/23/2014


Was it your dick that liked that joke or your funny bone?

by I love Hanreply 15711/23/2014

R149, the topical references are funny, but since I just started watching the show, a lot of the references from season one are already outdated, so I don't think the show will age very well in syndication.

by I love Hanreply 15811/23/2014

R145, I thought he was funny too, but I was reading the IMDb forums (my first mistake) and there was a really mean backlash about that kid on there.

by I love Hanreply 15911/23/2014

[quote]"These streets need to be plowed more than that poor married Jonas brother."

Yeah, that was funny. Sometimes they will have a line that is so outrageous (for network tv, at least) that I rewind to make sure I heard it correctly. Like when Caroline said, "Sophie is the loudest person we know. Even black people at the movies tell her to be quiet."

by I love Hanreply 16011/23/2014

[quote] "Sophie is the loudest person we know. Even black people at the movies tell her to be quiet."

That would have been outrageous in 1999. I'm pretty sure that's where they got that from, 1999.

by I love Hanreply 16111/23/2014

You don't think it's racist, r161?

by I love Hanreply 16211/23/2014

The point is that the joke is incredibly dated. If you're going to be "outrageous" or "shocking", at least also be original.

by I love Hanreply 16311/23/2014

Sorry, what I meant to say is that in order to be "outrageous" or "shocking", [italic]you have[/italic] to be original.

by I love Hanreply 16411/23/2014

METRO NEW YORK TV ALERT ....................

CBS-2 is airing an NFL game tonight, see us at 9:00 on co-owned WLNY. 10 on some cable systems, 55 on others.

by I love Hanreply 16511/24/2014

We've just been informed that our show will air at the usual time. That's Eight O'Clock (like the coffee) on 10 and 55.

by I love Hanreply 16611/24/2014

I've tried watching this steaming pile of a show several times since inception, to understand how it's still around. I don't understand. At all. Neither of the leads have any charm. Literally the only thing I can see that could keep the show going is Denning's constant cleavage shots.

by I love Hanreply 16703/13/2015

[You do realize that this is a troll, right? You might want to stop talking to it.]

by I love Hanreply 16803/13/2015

They can't act! They just read the lines!

by I love Hanreply 16904/23/2015

I like Dennings. She should be a model. She should.

I want her to perform a runway shos in Victoria's Secret threads. In my home. In my bed. On my face.

I'm broke, girl. I need a new female rommate.

by I love Hanreply 17004/23/2015

I just can't even picture Kat Dennings and Josh Groban together, just seems like such an odd pairing.

by I love Hanreply 17104/23/2015

Comedy for the Jezebel crowd i.e. humourless chicks

by I love Hanreply 17204/23/2015

I am under 30 and I think this show is hilarious, not anti gay, not racist.

Get the stick out of your fat asses, you cunty queens.

This show is better than any of the NBC shitcoms and that includes all of the Tina Fay shit. Mindy? Dumb and wry. Sunny in Philadelphia--very uneven, some eps are funny but many are dull.

Two Broke may not be highly intellectual but it is highly funny, and I think it will hold up in syndication. Most sitcoms nowadays have topical humor that people in a few years won't get.

I suppose you people who hate this love that idiotic stereotyped Modern Family? or do you salivate over the biggest shitcom of all time, Full of (shit) house?

by I love Hanreply 17304/23/2015

It suffers from the same ailment as the Chuck Lorre shows it is so obviously aping: the same joke, in variations, is told over and over again... And as funny as that joke may be the first few times, after a while it starts getting tiresome and grating on your nerves.

by I love Hanreply 17404/23/2015

How does this show not make you people want to vomit?

by I love Hanreply 17505/25/2015

the acting omg how are they getting paid for this shit

by I love Hanreply 17605/25/2015

the acting omg how are they getting paid for this shit

by I love Hanreply 17705/25/2015

Jennifer Coolidge is so funny, that I have to stop when she's on.

by I love Hanreply 17805/26/2015


I've tried to watch it a few times but couldn't stand it. That obnoxious bitch shooting off line after unfunny line. And the annoying LAUGH TRACK to the unfunny writing. Some guy in a sound effects booth continually pussing a laugh track button after the obnoxious woman's one-liners.

It's all such a big waste of time. Never will be a classic sitcom. It won't fare well in syndication, either. It'll be forgotten when it's canceled. It's just NOT good entertainment. It's manufactured. Forced.

by I love Hanreply 17905/26/2015

It is a waste of video tape and or lighting. The head of CBS has run his course. He needs to be sent packing and let him take his hag wife with him.

by I love Hanreply 18004/16/2016

I liked the episodes with the hot Irish guy.

by I love Hanreply 18104/16/2016

I watched an episode of it for the first time the other night, and was surprised (and a bit ashamed) at how much I liked it.

A lot of the criticism I've seen was that it doesn't sound like real people talking, it sounds like people just reading a bunch of lines from random standup comedy skits, which is very true -- literally every line in the episode I watched was a joke, and no, it wasn't realistic, but I liked that. Unrealistic dialogue is basically the sole reason why I like old movies -- it has a fantasy, escapist element to it. I think the show would work a lot better if there were no laugh track to interrupt every single line.

The episode I watched involved Kat Dennings talking about Obamacare and she said something along the lines of, "Everyone has the right to Obamacare, that's what that Rachel Maddow guy said!" It's rare to find a TV show that finds the opportunity to crack jokes about something as random as Rachel Maddow.

by I love Hanreply 18204/16/2016
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