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Psych 101

If anyone on DL remembers me from a couple threads last year, I'm back and hoping to get some good conversations going again this year as we head into the fall.

Ask away.

(I would link the old threads but they seem to be gone. I hope those of you who needed help found it.)

by Psych101reply 21104/30/2013

Welcome back!

by Psych101reply 108/31/2012

Thanks, R1. I never actually left, but I did take a break from posting to focus on school. This looks to be a simple semester.

by Psych101reply 208/31/2012

Are you the person who gave readings while studying for exams?

by Psych101reply 308/31/2012

Indeed. Great study breaks.

by Psych101reply 408/31/2012

How do you read people OP?

by Psych101reply 508/31/2012

I love you. I LOVE YOU! You gave me such a spot on reading and disappeared shortly thereafter. I have it printed out and I reread it every so often (frequently).

The ironic thing is I went to my first psychic reading (it was a birthday gift) about a week later while your reading covered different topics than my gift reading it was at least as accurate if not moreso.

I could go on and on however just know that I so appreciated your time and gift and never adequately thanked you. It meant a lot then and still does now.

Welcome home. :)

by Psych101reply 608/31/2012

My thing is that I'm not a practiced mystic or a highly trained psychic. I'm just a guy with a really good intuition. I try to focus on the thoughts on the edges and give them space for consideration, and sometimes things feel more important to say to someone than other things. I'm not always right, and I'm not even sure I believe in psychics. But I've come up with enough direct hits in my time playing with this stuff to believe I can do something that would've made me scoff at others claiming to do it a few years ago. A psychic at a street fair came up to me in the crowd recently and told me she felt I was one of the strongest "evidentiary psychic mediums" she'd "felt" in a long time. I read up on it and it sounds a little too "too" for me.

Long answer made short: I don't know where I get my answers from. I don't think it's God or dead ancestors. I listen like I'm trying to remember the name of a song (best comparison) and usually something of value to the person for whom I'm reading will pop into my head. It's been names, advice, descriptions of place and dates and events . . . weird stuff, but it's fun and some find it helpful. So, why not?

by Psych101reply 708/31/2012

Oh wow, R6, thanks so much! I'm really glad I could help you, and I hope life is treating you fairly. You didn't ask for anything this time, but I'll go ahead and tell you I feel the energy of young children around you in a positive, creative, sunshine and fingerpaints and plastic buckets on the beach kinda way. I'm not sure this is about you having kids, either. I think it's just that you either have fully or are beginning to reconnect with JOY, actual silly giddy playtime JOY in your life and it looks good on you. Keep it up, make the difficult cuts and don't look back, and ultimately . . . don't sweat it. Wear denim overalls if you want to and eat something with too much chocolate syrup now and again. It's gonna be okay!

Now . . . I'm just getting warmed up, but I felt like maybe I should start there.

by Psych101reply 808/31/2012

Why do we accept those who have vastly superior musical or athletic ability, and fear those who are more intuitive or better at "reading people?" There are those that make false claims of prowess in all categories of skill.

So how can I get a reading? What info do you need from me? My career and love life have stalled, help. Extreme patience is not one of my finer virtues.

by Psych101reply 908/31/2012

Hi there Psych 101-- do you see anything for me regarding career in the upcoming year, or a love relationship?

by Psych101reply 1008/31/2012

Hi Psych 101. Hope you can get a read on my current situation. Stalled career and unrequited love. Sad, I know Any feelings about that?

by Psych101reply 1108/31/2012

Sorry Psych-- I double-posted! R10 and R11 are both from me.

by Psych101reply 1208/31/2012

Will I get #4 for August?

by Psych101reply 1308/31/2012

Alright, R9. I'll take a stab at it.

First things first, I don't think things have "stalled" for you. I think subconsciously you derailed the momentum you had built up because you knew you wouldn't be happy with where things were headed. You're a smart cookie and you've had to survive for so long now you're stuck in a place where you have the option of figuring out what you actually want to do. You made it. You survived. It's no longer about what you HAVE to do, it's about what you WANT to do and you've never had to consider that before. The freedom frightens you, but you know you can't keep doing what you're doing. I don't even think you can stay where you are.

There's a deeper more meaningful connection to life and to the planet and to another person for you elsewhere. I'm thinking you need to be more involved in nature - get your hands dirty. Watch the sun come up while you feed some ducks. Plant something you have to nurture. Eat something you grew.

There is a man's name in your life that keeps coming up. I don't feel 100% that it will immediately mean something to you now but it will. Mark. Mark is important and the term "friendly fire" keeps coming up. Just be careful. It's not a literal interpretation. Nobody's getting shot here. It's just . . . there's the potential for drama so guard yourself.

That's about it for now. Concretely, let me just say this - pick something. Choose. Make your next move. You do better when you're reacting to a chain of events in motion than when you're planning a series of strategic movements. Trust yourself and run the field.

by Psych101reply 1408/31/2012

[quote] I'm just a guy with a really good intuition.

Replace that with imagination.

[quote] I don't think it's God or dead ancestors.

I bet you don't.

[quote]but it's fun and some find it helpful. So, why not?

Because you're not the right person to be handing out advice to vulnerable people, that's why.

Go away. You should be ashamed of yourself.

by Psych101reply 1508/31/2012

Heya R10, R11, and R12!

Boy, I hate to say this but I really don't like your energy. I'm concerned about you because you're putting up a great show for the important people but at home, alone, when nobody's there you're totally abusive to yourself. Listen, kitten, nobody's gonna love you til you love you. It's just not going to happen. Nobody's going to promote you out of your current (I wanna say low level corporate-ish) position any time soon. You're going to have to do the heavy lifting and it's not going to be easy when you're standing on your own neck.

Let me ask you this: SO. THE FUCK. WHAT!?

Things happen. People say shit. Our days are ours every time the sun rises and not theirs. They have to live theirs. We get to live ours. Brush those scars off and MOVE because you're still giving people power over you from shit they did/said in the past.

Now, since you prefer a gentler approach, you know you're pretty. That smile? Come. ON! I want to see you use it. Take that feminine energy and let it light up your life, then the room, and finally the heart of the right one for you. I want you to be as proud of yourself someday as you are of all those role models of yours. You can be somebody, but you're going to have to let go and fall into yourself and be ready to swim.

by Psych101reply 1608/31/2012

Am I finally on a good path? I am meditating, exercising, well... eating not that bad, but damn.. the pissed energy from the past comes up.

I have always tried to bury it.

I read that finally facing your shit gets worse than better initially. Hoping for more calm soon. PMS doesn't help.

Thank you for your time.

by Psych101reply 1708/31/2012

R15, OP is NOT charging money or being manipulative. It's OUR choice in life to listen and to see if anything applies to us, or if we want to take it just as entertainment. Don't YOU believe in free will?

by Psych101reply 1808/31/2012

I'm curious!

by Psych101reply 1908/31/2012

I'd like to know a couple of things.

First, why can't I make any friends, or even successfully reconnect with old ones?

Second, what am I supposed to be doing with my life in terms of work/career? I'm at a point where I've tried a couple of things and failed, and now I feel hopelessly lost.

by Psych101reply 2008/31/2012

R15 brings up a great point.

Folks, please know that I'm just a guy with a keyboard sitting here pulling words out of the air for you. Whether my imagination or a genuine connection, always trust your own instincts and the people who actually know you in real life. I don't accept payments, I don't answer "should I" questions, and I don't typically answer "yes or no" questions because decisions are up to you and should be made after all due consideration.

If you are considering self-harm or suicide please contact the national suicide hotline, The Trevor Project, or a friend you can trust. There are people out there who are far more qualified than I to help you.

If, however, you GET that this is an anonymous message board and I am a random person you could see on the street who pulls words out of the air and allows you to attach your own meaning to them . . . ask away.

I don't feel ashamed of what I do in the slightest, R15. It's entertainment and it sometimes helps people have a better day. I don't feel compelled to apologize for that, nor will I respond to any further criticisms of my moral character from the likes of Datalounger. Please, bitch.

by Psych101reply 2108/31/2012

[quote]It's OUR choice in life to listen and to see if anything applies to us, or if we want to take it just as entertainment.

You might see it as entertainment, but look at R20's post:-

[quote]I'm at a point where I've tried a couple of things and failed, and now I feel hopelessly lost.

He needs real help, not some idiot on a power trip.

by Psych101reply 2208/31/2012

R17, you're not going to find peace by trying to force it. Meditation, yoga, healthy eating, and all those things are wonderful activities and you should keep doing them, but they're just treating the symptoms. You know the root cause and you're gearing up to confront it.

You won't be able to do that alone, nor should you have to. I'm feeling like there is a specific book you're going to read soon that will reveal some fundamental truths to you that will move you forward in your healing. The thing about this book is that it's got something to do with a group of people at a physical book store in your community. There's something about the combination of the people - a woman in particular, brown hair, wears bandanas. You need to be involved with this group and this book. But again, don't force it. Just be aware. You'll know you're in the right place when you see the blue wall after you finally stop looking for blue walls. (Trying to make things happen.)

In summary, yoga and meditation aren't that effective when you're fighting your to-do list at the corner of your focus and thinking of every itch, ache, and pain. Maybe that's not your centering activity. Think. Where do you really, really lose yourself? What really takes you out of you and lets your brain and heart breathe? Find that, find the book.

by Psych101reply 2308/31/2012

Clearly you haven't got the message yet, OP.

Go get your kicks somewhere else.

by Psych101reply 2408/31/2012

Hey, OP!

I think you're totally full of shit, as is anyone who claims to have any supernatural cognitive abilities.

The people begging you to read them are just...sad.

Read that!

by Psych101reply 2508/31/2012

Hi Psych 101, I recently left a group of friends. At least I thought they were my friends. I'm not really certain. I think none of them really miss me in any way. Do you think it's a good idea to have left them? I can't return right now, because I told them I was going to leave them and it's too embarrassing to return now even though I'd love to.

And how do you think my next semester is going to go?

by Psych101reply 2608/31/2012

R20, I'm sorry R15/R22 hijacked your question to make a point. That wasn't very considerate - and I never really got a chance to give you a reading that won't be colored by the statements made in R22.

That being said, I had made a couple notes when I read it the first time and will try to go from there.

As far as not making any friends goes, I'd suggest trying things that interest you and let you be part of a group with a goal, a team sport, or a community activist group. What skills do you have that might be useful to such a group and let you simultaneously meet people with similar interests? Campaign season is upon us and all sides need volunteers. Maybe you could work a phone bank or walk a neighborhood. The point is - find something you care about and give of yourself. You'll meet like-minded folks and friendships tend to blossom that way.

Beats standing on the sidelines at the bar wishing.

As for feeling hopeless about the things you've tried, there's not really much I can say that's going to make you feel better about where you are in life until you decide you want to feel better about where you are in life. There's a quote, I believe from Einstein, that goes "someone who has never failed has never tried to do something new." One of the swings will connect with the ball and you'll be off and running, but you have to be willing to keep swinging. You don't have to be "psychic" to know that.

A good counselor is always a worthwhile investment at times like these. For what it's worth I'd pick the redhead. She'll have better ideas than the others you consider.

by Psych101reply 2708/31/2012

R22, I've been close enough to R20's place, devastated by "friends" betrayal, feeling "stuck" in life, and very unhappy. No, I was never suicidal, and if that's R22's case then yes he needs to get professional help. Unfortunately many of us when we get to a low point can't really afford trained counselors; "sliding-scale fees" can be a joke. Almost all of the ones I eventually did see weren't even worth the minor transportation costs to get there. If Psych 101 can offer some positive and useful insights, similar to what we would have loved to have gotten from our "idealized" friends or relatives we never had, then what's the harm? I've benefited greatly from the round-table discussion in "the many my life is hopeless threads" and I didn't even have to deal with any unpleasant weather to get the free advice. Yes your warnings that we all need to be realistic about what we're told is very valid, and hopefully all of us are rational.

by Psych101reply 2808/31/2012

[quote]And how do you think my next semester is going to go?

He doesn't know. How do YOU think it's going to go?

by Psych101reply 2908/31/2012

Oh, dear...he's still at it.

[quote] For what it's worth

Not a lot.

Here's my psychic reading for you, OP:-

GET A LIFE! (& don't meddle with the lives of others).

by Psych101reply 3008/31/2012

Hey R26.

First, R29 is exactly right. I have no idea how your semester is going to go, but you do. You KNOW you've got a strong intuition and should follow your gut. You always get it right the first guess, but you second guess yourself into some shitty situations. Listen to your instincts this semester and try reading beyond the assigned coursework. Find other authors, articles, pieces, and websites about the topic and find perspectives with which you connect personally. You'll be more into it and less tempted to put school off for other more engaging pursuits.

As for the group of friends, my gut says one or two will call you in the next couple weeks - maybe even ones that surprise you. Let them reach out to you and take it from there with them.

I think you've got a good head on your shoulders and will be okay if you listen to your instincts. Good luck!

by Psych101reply 3108/31/2012

Hey PPSM, get this - I'm an atheist and don't believe in the supernatural. I make no secret about that in these threads and will say over and over again I don't understand what I do, but some people find it helpful or entertaining . . . and on a Friday night when I'm home with a good drink and my dog on my feet . . . why the hell not?

by Psych101reply 3208/31/2012

[quote]when I'm home with a good drink

You're drinking when you do this? That explains a lot.

[quote]why the hell not?

Because it's immoral.

by Psych101reply 3308/31/2012

Psych 101, I'm not sure of the protocol here but I guess the main thing I'm interested in is when will money stop being a worry and the irons in the fire finally come to fruition? Give your dog its favorite kind of scratch from me.

by Psych101reply 3408/31/2012

Hi OP, I am the OP of a thread asking for advice, but I'll just post the same thing here and hope you can help.

* * *

*Fucked up, never went to college, need advice.

I worked in the film industry on and off, lived with friends, took menial jobs, moved aound a lot. I never got my shit together. I know I fucked up. I wanted to party, travel, and "live in the moment", so now, at 45 I find myself out of work and depressed.

I have about 5K in savings and a good car that's paid off.

I want to go to school, but prefer to learn a trade or skill that is really going to help me make a life for myself. Not interested in a 4 year degree... My HS transcripts would scare most of you, let alone a college admissions faculty.

What would be a good career choice or path for me to look into? I'm really clueless, so any help and advice is appreciated.

by Psych101reply 3508/31/2012

Hey R36. She got a pretty good shaky leg goin' there for a few seconds. Not bad for an old girl.

Now then, to your question. Let me say I least enjoy questions about money because money is not part of the human connection and is hard to get a read on - for me at least. I'd also be very wary of any "psychic" who claims to be able to tell you very much about money.

Now, what I can tell you is that I think you're spreading yourself too thin. You know there's one thing you want to be doing to support yourself, and if you keep trying to bolster your situation in life with other ideas that are more "Traditionally Safe" you're never going to give the fullest parts of yourself to your passion, and you're never going to feel fulfilled - even when and if the cash flow is more steady.

I wonder when the last time you traveled was. I know, right? The audacity of me to suggest you need a vacation in the middle of you asking me about when your financial worries are going to calm down . . .

Here's the thing: just stop for a second. Remember that this is your life that you're spending one day at a time and every. single. day. has to matter. Next month, find three days - even one at a time, and make them beautiful. Make them count. Make them memorable.

Journal about them, make a video diary - something where you're very honest with yourself. Then go back and look at them once you find yourself in the middle of the crunch again. Pull out the kernels and find a way to grown those into your everyday life so you can live like the grownup you always thought you'd be.

by Psych101reply 3608/31/2012

OP I'd appreciate anything you can help me with. My life just feels like overwhelming chaos right now.

by Psych101reply 3708/31/2012

R39, watch the George Harrison documentary..

by Psych101reply 3808/31/2012

OP, I'm so lonely right now. I moved to a new city a year and a half ago city hoping to meet some new friends or a boyfriend and it just isn't clicking for me.

I'm thinking about moving back to my previous city, which I miss a lot. Would this be a good move for me right now?

Also, do you see any romantic involvement for me in the near future?

Thanks so much for your insight!

by Psych101reply 3908/31/2012


1. Let go of the guilt. You've got many tomorrows ahead that need the attention you're giving yesterday.

2. Nursing. Seriously. Your people skills are better than you think and I bet you could start out as a tech at a hospital after a few courses, work while you get your RN, and then work your way up from there. Plus, nurses (I believe) can move around the country pretty easily and I am betting there's never really going to be a time when you settle completely into one city for the rest of your life. Then again, if nursing feels completely wrong to you - LISTEN TO YOUR GUT.

3. I feel like I should tell you to go to church. Sort of a need to reconnect to something that was once important to you, may not be "actual church" but you'll get the message.

by Psych101reply 4008/31/2012

OMG r41 I am almost in your exact same shoes. Eerie.

by Psych101reply 4108/31/2012

OH, OP...I'm 57, if that helps.

by Psych101reply 4208/31/2012

Okay, R41 . . . maybe it's just me, but do you even realize how hot you are? That's the whole problem. People are intimidated by your looks or your "look".

Try making the first move, but don't go after the ones that look like porn stars. Go for a guy like two points down the scale from you. He'll make you feel so appreciated, and you'll make him feel so confident. I'm thinking the name "Paul" is applicable to your question in a good way. Either he knows someone that's right for you or he's a potential match.

As for the city. It's not the right city forEVER, but it's right for NOW. I think you should get involved in something that's centered around the upcoming holidays. Maybe it's volunteering with underprivileged kids or maybe it's helping build sets at the community theater or even something in your block/building community . . . theres a pull there you should listen to.

Good luck. You're going to be fine. Keep your head up and remember it's okay to like what you see in the mirror.

by Psych101reply 4308/31/2012

R39 . . .

I wish we could talk privately, but it's an anonymous board so I'll just go with it.

Stop with the unhealthy choices. Specifically the things you're putting into your body. You don't have the luxury of messing around much longer before it's going to get much worse.

There's a woman in your life who needs you right now. I'm thinking she's got light brown to dark blonde hair in a relatively fashionable shoulder length cut and likes to wear black clothes . . . maybe even leather? She is hoping you will help her, and in return she's going to help you . . . immensely.

I can't shake the word "fever" with you. I hate talking about medical stuff in these contexts, so I'll simply say - TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS with your body.

You've got some karmic work to do, a debt to pay - if you believe in that sort of thing. It's almost as though things aren't going to work for you until you help someone else get themselves out of a really shitty spot.

Best I got, champ. Good luck.

by Psych101reply 4408/31/2012

r46 will this woman come to me? I don't know anybody in the city I live in.

by Psych101reply 4508/31/2012

R47, she's not in your city. I get the sense you already know her and it will come to you in a few days. To be honest, she feels very late 90s to me. Maybe that's when you knew her, if that helps.

by Psych101reply 4608/31/2012

Sorry, R47, I wasn't clear at R48 - you already know her, she's in your past, but you need to connect with her again. She may show up, you may remember her and reach out, but either way there needs to be a connection made.

by Psych101reply 4708/31/2012

Psych don't listen to the haters. I'm an atheist too, don't believe in psychics in theory, but am also brave enough to know tons of things happen that I don't innately understand.

That said, anything interesting on my horizon? Love, no love, career shifts, emotional stagnation? Whatever your gut is telling you, spill!

by Psych101reply 4808/31/2012

So glad you're back, Psych 101! I asked you questions on last year's threads but never could connect with you. Just wanting any general information you might sense. Work has been stressful the last two weeks but I think I'm on an adrenaline high from being consumed by a new project and actually feel pretty good. Is this work something I should keep pursuing or am I just spinning my wheels? Any health issues I should be concerned about?

by Psych101reply 4908/31/2012

Thanks for words of encouragement. Maybe instead of stalking this thread, you should go read Finnegan's Wake. It's a great book. I've read it five times.

by Psych101reply 5008/31/2012

No, I haven't read Finnegan's Wake. I just wanted to get your attention by speaking your language. And that language is full of fear, distrust, and antipathy for anyone who doesn't think or feel the way you do.

Why on earth would it matter to you if strangers on an internet forum site want to play along with a self-described atheist intuitive who is only doing this for entertainment and in the spirit of fun and camaraderie? It harms no one. Not any of the mental lightweights or emotional cripples asking the questions, nor the poster offering his insight seem to mind or be in any sort of harm. Frankly, your hubris is boring and not provocative in the least. I do enjoy your blog from time to time. I have always said I enjoy your posts. But lately, not so much. Why don't you just unclench. Not everything has to be so damn difficult. Let and let live friend and pick your battles.

by Psych101reply 5109/01/2012

What the he'll is wrong with me OP? I'm too scared to do the things I need to do. I need help but I don't know where to start.

by Psych101reply 5209/01/2012

OK - I'm willing to give this a go, OP. Any reading more than welcome! :-)

by Psych101reply 5309/01/2012

OP: Im 32 and depressed about my career and relationship status. Will things click for me within the year, or am I doomed?

by Psych101reply 5409/01/2012

OK, OP -- I'll throw this out there. Two months ago I moved back to my hometown to look for permanent FT work, but I am quickly running out of money, and I can't seem to find anything. I am overqualified for almost everything I've applied for, but I can't even get my foot in the door -- and there aren't that many white collar jobs here in the first place. I used to work for the state government, and that was what I was hoping to get -- but they're not doing too much hiring.

Any thoughts?

by Psych101reply 5509/01/2012

Welcome back Psych 101! How great to see a thread from you again. I do have a question. First off, I did post in the old thread a year ago. I was VERY depressed at the time--feeling almost suicidal. I can't say that my entire life has undergone a 360 degree turn but things are much better. I do have far more hope than I did last year at this time. But here's my question: I have a very important job interview coming up--I'm wondering how that will fare? Also, do you see you anything for me in terms of my three top concerns--career, money and love? And will I move (LOL--yes that's a fourth concern)?

Thanks again and great to see you on DL again!

by Psych101reply 5609/01/2012

Psych101 is misleading.

You should call yourself Psychic101.

Psych implies an actual science...

by Psych101reply 5709/01/2012

I'm so glad you're back. I didn't have the courage before but I'm going for it this time. By chance, can you read me?

by Psych101reply 5809/01/2012

R15/R22/R24/R29/R31/R35: No one here is being hurt or scammed nor is anyone in need of your moral judgments and nastiness. Run along and find a thread here you do like.

Psych101: I am R6 and your reply to me at R8 brought tears but in a happy, joyful way. Once again you are spot on and I appreciate your time. Thank you.

I believe you mentioned last time you were around what your area of study was but now I've forgotten. I do recall it had little to do with your gift.

by Psych101reply 5909/01/2012

Hi Psych 101. I just started grad school. I didn't want to go but I was pressured from my family. I hate it and I wish I had put it off for a year, but it would be pretty detrimental if I drop out now that I've started. Will it get better? And, am I destined to be alone forever?

by Psych101reply 6009/01/2012

OP, I hope you ignore the haters on this thread. After all you aren't taking our money, and if anyone is helped at all by reading this thread then it's all worth it. Many of us don't have knowledgeable friends or family to consult. Now even though you've already answered by earlier query, I've got another issue and ironically it's the same one you're having. Today someone falsely used my name "Davida-Rochelle" to start a new thread. I've tried contacting DL's owners; I've never gotten a response. Ignoring slander could work but if posters think it's me, it could do harm. What is your advice?

by Psych101reply 6109/01/2012

Maybe Psych101 is actually studying psychology and that's why he took some time off - a novel idea, I know!

by Psych101reply 6209/01/2012

Psych, I've been working so hard for so long. Will success finally happen for me? And will the case be settled soon or will it drag on even longer than it already has? Thanks.

by Psych101reply 6309/01/2012

Hiya Psych 101

Could you please read my love situation? I am still in love with this woman who I thought was also into me but got a gf out of nowhere. I guess that's truly over, isn't it? Will I find someone else to occupy my mind soon? I think I'm doing okay in my other areas... Tia

by Psych101reply 6409/01/2012

Congratulations, OP, you succeeded in creating the whiniest thread on DL. Are you doing psych research?

by Psych101reply 6509/01/2012

Hi Psych101! Due to a situation beyond my control, I'm in a bit of a rut at the moment. Do you see when this might change? Or anything else at all to do with me? Thanks.

by Psych101reply 6609/01/2012

Welcome back, Psych101! If you have time, is there anything you see for me? Anything at all? Bueller, Bueller?

by Psych101reply 6709/01/2012

Happy to see you back! Wondering what is going to happen with a permanent, solo living situation for me. And if my career is going to be on the upswing soon? Thanks for your time and gifts!

by Psych101reply 6809/01/2012

Will I ever find love, or at least a boyfriend for awhile?

by Psych101reply 6909/01/2012

Never heard of you.

by Psych101reply 7009/01/2012

Hi Psych 101, I wanted so much to post last night and ask what you saw for me, but I'm not a member and since the board was active I was locked out. If you're still doing these readings or impressions please let me know what you pick up when you think of me. I'm working really hard to improve my health and I have had problems that may seem minor, but really bother me a lot, making friends on Twitter. Any advice would be appreciated.

And I hope you're just ignoring all the nasty comments. There's a lot of negative energy here, plus many people lash out in fear at whatever they don't understand. Don't let them get you down or waste your gift. :)

by Psych101reply 7109/01/2012

Psych 101, after reading all the positive response from people you helped, i am giving it a go, nothing to loose ey!!! I am going through one of the Darkest phase in my life, nothing i try works and nothing makes sense :( sigh...

by Psych101reply 7209/01/2012

So many suckers.

by Psych101reply 7309/01/2012

OP, R41 here. Thanks so much for your reply...and the compliment. "Paul" is my roommate and former partner!

I also have been thinking about volunteering, so you're on the money there as well.

by Psych101reply 7409/01/2012

Do they teach about the Forer effect in your Paych101 class?

by Psych101reply 7509/01/2012

Psych101, I'm one of the many unemployed and I'm giving up hope. Part of my unemployment issue is that I live in Appalachia - even when the overall economy is good in the US, it's still only meh here.

But I can't move for work because I help take care of my mother who has Alzheimer's.

I'm tired and I feel guilty for feeling tired.

Can you feel any strategy that might improve my situation? I have a job interview Tuesday - my first in several months. So even if you can't read me, will you send me some positive flow?

Thank you. Love to you and your endeavors.

by Psych101reply 7609/01/2012

Hi Psych 101

I've had a lot of transition with my personal life and career (which are in a way, intertwined) in the past few years, and things seem to be finally starting to sort themselves. I would like a bit of stability. Am I on the right path?

by Psych101reply 7709/01/2012

Troll Haters of Psych 101, If OP can inspire or motivate or uplift anyone reading this thread, isn't that better than having to get dressed and spending valuable money and time to be confronted with a collection box? Don't you think DL readers have the intelligence to decide for themselves whether or not to take the advice? It's better than "reading your horoscope." And although generic much of it sounds very logical.

by Psych101reply 7809/01/2012

Reaching out to psych101. Just wondering if you have any feelings about me or my life. Thank you.

by Psych101reply 7909/01/2012

Psysh 101, I would be highly interested in any of your resonances as concerns me and a certain youngish man. We have been apart 2 years. He was wishy-washy and disrespectful with it, I had had enough and told him I was seeing someone else and cut off contact. He went into a long-distance rebound almost immediately, yet twice has requested to meet up and confessed deep feelings. And yes, he is still with his long-distance rebound, due to return quite soon. I have kept my distance throughout this all.

by Psych101reply 8009/01/2012

Psych 101. My birthday is tomorrow. I will celebrate it alone. It would be nice to have a partner to celebrate it with some day. What do I need to do to make that happen?

Workwise, there is a big job (big in terms of career recognition) that I would love to get. The job starts in January, but the interviewing process is already on. There is an international connection to it. I am great at getting jobs that I am indifferent about, but as soon as something I REALLY want comes up I start thinking I don't deserve it. For the first time in life I feel that I don't have that block anymore. Do I finally get what I want?

by Psych101reply 8109/01/2012

Hi Psych 101,

For the past hour I've just been looking on the internet for something, answers, feeling restless. I feel like there is a deep problem in my life, even though most things are going great, and I don't even really know what it is to tackle it. I'm 24 and have been pretty successful so far, but don't know what's next and how to be fully content. I'm not sure how this works, how much I say or if you will reply, but I'd appreciate your reply.

by Psych101reply 8209/01/2012

Bravo R82!

by Psych101reply 8309/01/2012

R62 here. OP, is there any hope for me. I'm blessed but all I can focus on are my shortcomings. I feel as if I'm inherently a bad person. And I'm probably right. Seriously, I'm ready to check out. Can you help me?

by Psych101reply 8409/01/2012

R88, Are you referring to the total fraud and scammer John Edwards, who charges outrageous fees and claims to be talking to some spirit world? And what's the difference between asking OP and another "new friend" for advice? Actually OP is much better because I know he/she won't gossip about me behind my back.

by Psych101reply 8509/01/2012

Missing you already Psych. Never mind the control freak naysayers. My main thing is I can't figure out if I'm actually happy or not with the decisions I've made and where I am now. I made a drastic upheaval of my life a couple years ago, finally chasing a career and financial security. I made some serious sacrifices to do this. I tell myself I'm happy here, but not sure if I'm giving myself false reassurance. Like the old Chinese curse, I'm living in interesting times. WTF?

by Psych101reply 8609/01/2012

Hi! I'm an untenured professor in Australia who works 70-80 hour weeks. I've won teaching awards & have a decent research record. I'm well-liked by colleagues & students. However when it comes to tenure, the goal posts keep shifting & I'm overlooked repeatedly ("yes, you have 23 solo authored papers, but you need to have published a book..". "Make that two..." "No, that's two books AND a large grant"). The stress & anxiety of living from short term contract to contract is getting me depressed, especially as I support my partner & child. I feel devalued & taken for granted but have few other career options.

Could you please tell me if things are going to change for the better? I'm not sure how long I can keep functioning like this. Thanks.

by Psych101reply 8709/01/2012

It's been almost two years since my last relationship ended. When will I find love again? I'm desperately lonely.

by Psych101reply 8809/01/2012

Psych, I have a never-ending struggle to make a decision about going back to school. On one hand I'd love to get a Ph.D., but on the other there wouldn't be any return on the investment as far as money or time spent. I'm pretty well set in my career and about 10 years away from retirement. I would be doing it just for the title/degree. My other consideration would be to go for a second Masters in a subject I would really enjoy. I would be doing it just for the opportunity to learn something I love. The Ph.D. would be distance ed and mostly paid for by my employer, the Masters would require travel and more out-of-pocket expense. Either one would take a sizable investment of my time. In the end I always decide not to do either one. Then the new year comes and I agonize over it again. Thank you for any insight you can provide!

by Psych101reply 8909/01/2012

OP, are you the one who said there's a person on DL that's so toxic and tormented* that they are evil? If so, does that person still post?

*Far beyond the normal DL variety of toxic and tormented, of course.

by Psych101reply 9009/01/2012

Hi psych - I am in a job that's not terrible but not great and have been having this feeling maybe there's something else out there for me. Any readings for me? Many thanks...

by Psych101reply 9109/01/2012

Thanks in advance for anything you can sense for me...

I'm worried about my little buddy as he is young and reckless. Will he be ok?

Also, do you see anything for me career wise or any changes in the near future?

by Psych101reply 9209/01/2012

Psych 101, you have just freaked me out.

I bought a book a few days ago and started reading today. It's called "The Untethered Soul, the journey beyond yourself" by Michael Singer.

Read 100 pages .. consciousness, awareness, energy that can't move through you and how to release, cycling energy,..... things you are talking about in your post.

I didn't meet anyone at the bookstore, but I have been holding back going to a meditation group. Fear is coming up in the book so that should help.

My goal is to make it to that group 2 times in Sept. If there is a woman with a bandana there, I will laugh and think of you. ;)

I do think my main problem is I have closed my heart.

Thank you so much.

by Psych101reply 9309/01/2012

Psych 101 would like your input

Undecided whether to keep reaching out to a troubled friend. He has become unresponsive, but he has been ill, unable to work. Just not sure how long to be supportive without any response. I don't want him to feel abandoned, but not sure my efforts are wanted.

by Psych101reply 9409/01/2012

Wow. Quite a response. I'm going to try to get to everyone this time. But, I can't really handle more than about 5-7 in one sitting. So, I'm going to see what's what for the next five from the last reading I did last night. I'll get to everyone, I promise.

by Psych101reply 9509/01/2012

Hi R50!

Wow, your energy sorta leaps out at me in a really cool way.

Couple things came to me. As always, do with 'em what you will.

1. The word "redefine". I couldn't shake it and, while I wasn't convinced at first that it was for you, it is. You're going to go through a period of significant personal change on some fundamental issues. The message is that it's okay to redefine yourself - it doesn't mean you're giving up who you know yourself to be, it means you're adding to what you already know.

2. Increased physical activity, possibly the gym, resulting in an injury. Yoga might be your thing, or you might use yoga to repair an injury. Either way - yoga.

3. Vegetarianism. It's going to be in your future or with you for a long time. I get that maybe you're playing with the idea (like you do) or that you've tried it before and would really LIKE to do it but you just can't give up a few "vice" items. It's going to happen, and you'll be better for it.

4. Start that website. I wanted to say "a" website, but it felt more specific. Kind of a "stop telling yourself why it's not going to work" thing. Just get it started.

by Psych101reply 9609/01/2012

Psych 101, how many of the queens posting on this thread are wearing earrings and caftans?

by Psych101reply 9709/01/2012

I'm just curious. What do you pick up from me? Thanks op.

by Psych101reply 9809/01/2012


How can someone worship the government and believe that voting for one of two parties that are both in bed with powerful corporations (that got their power by using government powers to suppress competition) and not be insane?

by Psych101reply 9909/01/2012

R51 -

Going to do kind of a speed read with you if that's okay.

Bones/joints/calcium/arthritis. Make sure you are eating enough green leafy veggies, and you might listen to the creaks and cracks of your body and if you get concerned that things are getting worse, get it checked. Also, you might check out an accupuncturist for allergies if they're bothering you.

Career. I'm thinking you've got transferable skills to a career that would really ignite you. My thoughts were: Educational profession - administrative/leadership. Need training or good mentor - use connections you have but haven't considered yet. Engage friends in "what do you think about if I tried . .. " conversations.

Fish - aquarium? (This came to me and then I got distracted by a text message and I can't really get back to where I was with you. I'm so sorry. Good thing you're not paying and this is just for fun!)

by Psych101reply 10009/01/2012

R56 -

I don't know what's wrong with you. However, I don't think it's permanent. The very first thing that popped out to me was the name "Jason." This may not make any sense to you - but "distance yourself from his example."

I feel like you need to clean up your environment and yourself or perhaps you should rearrange things and get a new haircut and switch to a new channel every now and again. Essentially, stop thinking you're going to someday suddenly have an epiphany and everything's going to feel okay or be better. It's never going to happen.

You have got to find the next tiny concrete step forward to having a life you want and fucking take it and don't look back. If that means that tomorrow you take out the trash and wash the dishes . . . fucking do it. You'll be one step, one day closer and that's 100% better than where you are today.

I feel like you need a pet - in particular a bird. An African Grey parrot perhaps. They have a long life span and are excellent talkers, quite mischievous and very loving. If you can commit to caring for the bird for the long term and you can provide for the both of you, you'll begin to see that things are looking up.

Also . . . and this is weird for me to say . . . but I feel like your grandmother, the chubbier one, (I don't believe in afterlife so this is really weird to say) . . . I think she's telling me to tell you "look for the pretty things and go in that direction." Maybe she's not dead. Definitely feeling a grandma connection there.

Sorry, my read on you is odd and scattered and I'm not totally confident all of that was for you.

by Psych101reply 10109/01/2012

Wow, thanks so much Psych101! I'll keep all that info in mind going forward. Not sure about the fish either. Though I'm in my forties and have never really liked seafood but have recently started eating fish on occassion. Maybe my body is looking for something fish can provide? Thanks again!

by Psych101reply 10209/01/2012

Psych 101 - I need you to tell me that everything will be okay in this big chaotic mess I've made. That's all I want to know. Will I be okay?

by Psych101reply 10309/01/2012

You're an interesting one, Psych.

by Psych101reply 10409/01/2012

R57 -

Took me a while but I think I was able to pull something for you.

Three things.

1. I feel like you struggle with your weight and/or body image issues. You're not eating well and your diet is unhealthy. I feel like you should see a dietitian or at least do some reading about what people at your age and health need. What nutrients, where do you get them, and what types of food should you be eating? This is important.

2. Frankly put: you're going to be in the happiest relationship of your life with someone of a very different race than your own.

3. I get an 80s music freedom vibe from your reading. Specifically rocking out to Prince's Purple Rain. If you never have - put that shit on. If you haven't in a while, it's time to reconnect. If you know what I'm talking about and smiling, yeah, go to it.

by Psych101reply 10509/01/2012

I haven't talked to a psychic for years and roundly condemn others for doing so but you seem attuned--to what I don't know!--and I'm interested in what you might sense from me without my giving you any specifics. Thanks in advance.

by Psych101reply 10609/01/2012

R58 -

What a fatalistic question, mate. Doomed? No. I can't be more clear on that. No. You are not doomed.

You ARE however being tested. While I don't believe in a higher power, I also don't know what you believe. If it makes sense to you to hear that you're being tested, go with that. Otherwise, my explanation of it is that you're looking for an opportunity to prove yourself to yourself.

Thing is you're surrounded by them but you're petrified to fail. I wanna say the name Jessica is important here and it's about a conversation that should reveal a next step to you.

Couple things:

Try not to spend so much time on the computer. Disconnect tomorrow, purposefully, for an hour and do something creative with your hands and brain. Draw, craft, cook . . . make something.

Uh, this is weird, but . . . get rid of the stuffed animals or the toys . . . maybe that's a symbolic representation of you trying too hard to cling to a childhood you are romanticizing instead of experiencing what's great about being 32. There's a whole glorious world out there for you to take pieces of and make your own. Don't hang on to the past quite so much.

Either start taking a daily multivitamin or switch to a better brand . . . or actually take the ones you bought but abandoned. I feel like maybe that's the most accurate.

You're gonna be fine, kiddo.

by Psych101reply 10709/01/2012

Hi psych, I realise you are overwhelmed with responses but if you could take the time to give me any suggestions I would really appreciate it! It sounds like there are some people here that need your words a bit more than me, but I am still (of course!) very interested to hear what you pick up for me. Thanks, we all appreciate it.

by Psych101reply 10809/01/2012

Psych 101, I feel beyond hopeless in every aspect of my life. Please tell me things will get better.

by Psych101reply 10909/01/2012

R59 -

Yep! I have a couple thoughts.

1. Dumb down your resume, make it specific to each job you apply for, and send a job-specific cover letter to each company. 2. If you aren't using LinkedIn to suss out hiring managers and connections at companies, you should be. Send them your resume and cover letter and a short email (100 words, no more) explaining what you're looking for and why you contacted him or her specifically. 3. You're not using your hometown connections to your advantage. Look up old friends, their siblings and parents, and work your network.

I say all of this because you're meant to be where you are right now for some time. What I can't determine is whether you're supposed to be there RIGHT NOW. I feel like you may have acted impetuously and the good karma you have coming your way is off balance with the shift in your life. Somehow you threw off the course of some goodness you're owed.

I feel like your power, your personal strength comes from helping others in tangible ways. That's a great networking opportunity. You're going to have to think like a weasel - how can you get an "in" with places you want to be?

Sorry. I don't feel like I'm going to be much help to you and I'm reaching for things that might not be mine to know right now.

All that being said, boy you have some secrets you're running from don't you? Let me give you some peace if I can. She's not really all that mad at you anymore and you can let it go. We all get to be an asshole sometimes and we have to live on and try to be better than our worst. You've done your time karma-wise.

by Psych101reply 11009/01/2012

Please just tell me what you think is important for me to know.

by Psych101reply 11109/01/2012

OP, so nice to see you back. LOVED your previous threads.

Mine, (I think?) is quite a simple one. I'm fairly happy in my life usually, but it's come to a point where I'm at a crossroads with a couple of things, and that in turn is making me unhappy.

Firstly, my career. I've got a solid job that is easy for me and is pretty good money, but I've got numerous other projects on the go that could potentially be really good, fun and profitable. But they are now needing some commitment - ie, quitting my job for. I just don't know if they will be successful. I don't want to be stuck with failing projects and no job in a market like this.

Secondly, my relationships, or one in particular. With a guy I'm falling in love with. He lives fairly far from me, and we connect on quite a deep level, and I visit whenever I can. But I just can't tell if it's worth pursuing or if he's into me in the same way. I don't want to get my heart broken. I'm really attracted to him, but because I'm useless at reading situations I don't know if it's ever going to go anywhere. I really would like it to, but I don't want to get fucked over.

by Psych101reply 11209/02/2012

wow impressive & thoughtful answers PSY101. I am hoping you get to me I'm r96! Thanks for coming back to DL and sharing your knowledge!

by Psych101reply 11309/02/2012

OK, I'm in.

Psych 101--

See if you can "pull" my struggle, and then tell me what I should do about it.


by Psych101reply 11409/02/2012

I saw a psychic last friday and I ended up feeing kind of sorry for her. The poor woman didn't have a clue. She kept talking about a blond WOMAN in my life.

by Psych101reply 11509/02/2012

Thanks, OP! A lot of what you said was eerily relevant (in a refreshing way).

by Psych101reply 11609/02/2012

Will I be dead by the end of the year?

by Psych101reply 11709/02/2012

I'm impressed with the details.

Call me a voyeur but I like seeing all of the questions and advice. I will use some of it myself!

by Psych101reply 11809/02/2012

OK, I'll take my shot, even though you are clearly pretty backlogged, Psych 101. All I want to know is whether or not my relationship with CJZ can/should/will ever be repaired, and which one of us might be the first to reach out to the other.

Also if you can give me any tips on where my opal ring is. I would give anything to have that ring back. I mean this sincerely. Get to me whenever you can. Thanks--

by Psych101reply 11909/02/2012

OP, R57, here... nothing you said has any relevance to me (weight, '80s music, other race), but I'm willing to give it another go... Hope you get a better read on me this time, and have something to say about my work and money situation.

Pretty please? :-)

by Psych101reply 12009/02/2012

HELP OP, What is the best way to deal with "Umpy" and others, the extremely angry and abusive trolls that impersonate others on DL?

by Psych101reply 12109/02/2012

So glad to see you are back, Psych101! I was impressed by some of the insights you had on the old thread.

Lately, I've been worried about a health issue and the tests that I've had done have come back normal, but these results have not fully set my mind at ease. Do you see anything in this area that should concern me?

I've also been out of the workforce for a while, but am now thinking about future career paths. I have a couple ideas in mind, but do you see any that would be a good fit for me?

Thanks Psych101!

by Psych101reply 12209/02/2012

Hold the line, bitches. OP's got a backlog. Let 'em get through all that.

by Psych101reply 12309/02/2012

Ha! R128 makes a fine point.

I think I might be able to get to another five with the chunk of time I have right now before the household gets noisy and distracting. Hang on to your hats.

Oh, and I'm also going to do a very rare, re-read for R57, even though I disagree that NONE of what I said is applicable.

First, R57, you can't be so closed off to possibilities. I really feel rather strongly about your nutrition in particular. The love life question . . . even if you're happy in a relationship right now, there is always potential for things to change and for you to find yourself even happier later. As for the Purple Rain connection, I see you losing yourself in a lip sync to it, in private, as a way to relieve stress and kinda "bolster your badass-ness". All of these are things that you should be open to. My readings don't always apply to concrete things that are already happening and can be ticked off a list. Just be open to them. I stand by that reading.

As for your specific questions about work and money, this is what came to me:

Here's the deal with work - you are being overshadowed by two other people in your work environment. While you have good ideas and should be getting a lot of attention and respect, it's not happening because other people are stealing the spotlight. Maybe they were there first. Maybe they're better at playing the politics of it all, but for whatever reason people don't seem to be connecting with you. Let me tell you it's not your time yet. Yet. Let them run their race and get their rewards and move on - because one will flame out and the other will be promoted out. Then it's your turn and you'll be very happy with your situation then.

As for money . . . why do I feel like you're okay money wise? Sure things could always be better, but compared to a lot of people out there, you have a safety net, no? When you really think about it? I don't feel too badly for you financially and you feel like you have access. I will say, though, your 1% dreams and tastes may not be in accordance with your actual likely situation in life, but you'll get your moments.

Big hug and good luck.

by Psych101reply 12409/02/2012

Hi R60.

Wow, lots going on, huh?

Bet you couldn't have imagined this time last year that you'd feel the way you do now. That's why anyone reading this who feels like they just can't go on . . . should. Things really do change, and usually for the better. And, sometimes, even a different kind of "shitty" is better than the "shitty" we know until something truly good comes along.

Okay, to your questions . . . all FOUR of them. :p

As for the job interview, I don't think you should stop sending resumes and applying elsewhere. I see you getting more than one offer and being torn by the choice of which job to take. Make sure you're helping to create that situation because it is a good one for you. The interview will go fine and you will be proud of yourself. Remember to shake hands confidently and check the back of your outfit/hair for unsightly-ness and muss.

Career, money, and love . . .

As for career, why do I feel childrens books around you? Specifically well-illustrated ones at that. Hmmm. If you have an artistic streak you should nurture that and let yourself be free to play and make mistakes and grow. I read that it takes seven years to "master" something, so don't be afraid of day one. Now, that could be me responding to the free nature of your question about career - you might be happiest in that arena. Specifically about what you're doing now . . . I think you're going to be much happier in your work around March of next year. "March" keeps coming to me and I'm taking it in the context of the month, not that you need to march away from your job. :)

Money. Listen, it's going to be a case of "keep it simple" for a while. No crystal drinking glasses or luxury vacations for you for the foreseeable future. However, you're going to be happy with the little world you create for yourself. Simple things that make you smile, love them and buy them! Also, talk to your friend Jennie or Jeannine about what she does with her money. I'm laughing, because this could also be a banker you're going to meet when you go check out a bank. Either way, you'll like her.

As for love, I feel like this is going to sound generic because "we've all been there" but this is completely applicable to you:

You can stop being the outsider, the weird kid, the freak and start realizing your uniqueness makes you beautiful. Really, any day now because it's time. You're really a good person with a lovely heart and energy and good people are going to be attracted to you as soon as you can find it within yourself to let your LIFE smile. Make it happen and you'll find yourself surrounded by suitors.

Actually, you need that song. I want you to watch this video.

by Psych101reply 12509/02/2012

R62 -


My first impression was about a vacation/trip to Santorini. I feel like you need to see some more of the world and be somewhere beautiful and truly luxuriate. It's as though your life just sorta paused and the cobwebs are starting to show.

Let's open up the windows and get some sunshine and fresh air in this place, eh? The birds are singing outside, the world is still turning and you deserve to be part of it.

Now then, there's something here about shoes. Literally I'm seeing loafers then shiny sequined heels like as if you were to put each on the opposite side of a card and spin the card on a string. Maybe you've got some gender identity questions, perhaps you're considering drag, maybe you do drag? I dunno. Either way - I think life is calling you to perform yourself to the fullest. You've got a lot you're burying deep inside and you need to let that OUT. Let them who love you for it ADORE you for it, and those who don't like it - baby, cut 'em loose. This is your life and it's ending one second at a time just like the rest of us. You deserve to live it fully, so come on in, the water is fine.

Finally . . . and this is not great news, I feel like there is an animal in your life that is sick or about to pass. It's okay though. It's going to happen to all of us, and the next animal in your life is going to be very, very important to your happiness and growth. (Not that this one is a bad animal or anything. I just feel like you're not AS connected to this one as the next will be.) ((For the record, I'm not sure the animal I'm talking about even belongs to you. But the next one will.))

by Psych101reply 12609/02/2012

Hey R63, I'm wrapping up a masters in education. Hoping to start a doctoral program in higher ed leadership in the spring. We shall see. Not sure there's too much of a connection between what I study (how people learn and how school should be structured/organized to help individuals learn best at their comfort level) has much to do with what's going on here, but I'm open to that idea.

Hope you're well. Good luck, and, bit of advice, I like the taller one. :)

by Psych101reply 12709/02/2012

R64 -

I won't lie. This is not going to be easy for you because you tend to withdraw into yourself as a defense mechanism and blame everyone else for the "bad" things going on in your life instead of rallying yourself to overcome the obstacles.

Sorry, I guess I'm out of sugarcoating paint this morning. Please don't think I'm being mean. I just think you need to hear this.

You're in graduate school. GRADUATE school. Do you realize how few people in the world EVER get the opportunity you have in front of you? Now, I'm not saying you should be thankful and suck it up and shut up. Not at all. Everybody, regardless of privilege and opportunity, has to face challenges and we should always cheer people on to achieve - whether it's graduating from grad school or fighting off malaria in a hut somewhere.

Here's how you're going to make this work for yourself.

1. Open up to your adviser. Connect with this person in a strong, meaningful way. Discuss exactly what you hate about the program or the classes you're in. You could be in the wrong program. You could be taking courses out of sequence. Faculty and staff didn't just magically appear in the university, they had to work to get there and make sacrifices and go through shit. Chances are your adviser will have had an experience like yours and worked with a student who did. You've GOT to make this relationship important.

2. Read within your area of study but outside the coursework. There are tons of people doing work outside the academy and publishing fascinating work in non-traditional places. They write in approachable ways that bring subjects down to earth and have views that challenge the institutionalized academic view. Bring these ideas up in class, quote these scholars, and delight yourself in the idea of fucking with the system. I mean, if you've got to be there, why not fuck with it? Yeah? (PS: Be ready for people to get very, very interested in you and your progress.)

3. See a psychiatrist. I feel like you suffer from anxiety and depression that are manageable with some help, and you don't need that around your shoulders as you attempt to make this work for you.

Because ultimately . . . you have to do this and come out the other side. You'll be happy you did and you'll remember this conversation and thank me.

Oh! Also . . . most of the other students in your program feel the same way or felt the same way. Find some friends in your classes - make friends with them on a social network and learn about them. Overall message: MAKE THE EFFORT TO CONNECT WITH PEOPLE AT SCHOOL.

Good luck, you're going to do it.

by Psych101reply 12809/02/2012

OP, Something really jumped out at me. I am actually R75 But, when I checked in today to see if you had gotten to my question-and I totally understand you have to take these slowly-I read your answer to R50 and it sort of "fit" me as well, which I thought was pretty cool.

I do hope you get to me, I'm R75 and it's a bit of a specific question, but in the meantime I felt some encouragement from the Universe reading the answer to R50

Hope you're doing well & enjoy the holiday!

by Psych101reply 12909/02/2012

Psych101, I went to visit a psychic about 10 years ago. When she began the reading I was very mindful not to give anything away, so she couldn't cold read me, she read some cards looking puzzled and then looked at and said I was stuck in limbo, which was true, so she said she couldn't read me and then she gave me my money back.

but 10 years later I'm still stuck in limbo, I can't seem to get moving, no matter how hard I try or how much effort I put into it. I mean I'm not unhappy or anything but still.

Is there anyway out of limbo, once you're there are you stuck there for good?

by Psych101reply 13009/02/2012

R65 - I'm afraid I have no advice for you as to what to do about someone impersonating you other than report it and provide proof that it is damaging to you. Personally, I think people should be able to distinguish you from a fake unless the fake is good enough to do your job for you as well as you do it without anyone knowing the different at which point, hey, no harm unless they're stealing money from you.

by Psych101reply 13109/02/2012

I'd LOVE your feedback. I don't have anything specific to ask you. I can tell you that I am prone to depression, am being treated, done tons of therapy and I'm okay. I wonder if I'll ever be able to feel motivated and happy. I have so much good in my life, but it's always a struggle for me. What can I do to make the most of my life? Will the deep sadness, disconnect ever go away? I would just love to not dread everything and continue viewing everything, even socializing as work. Let me know if you need any info to let aid you in reading me. I do believe in your gift of insight and would very much appreciate your feedback. Thank you!

by Psych101reply 13209/02/2012

R67 -

The case will settle in the spring.

You don't work as hard as you do for life to never pay off. Trust the karmic circle.

That being said . . . how could you better be investing the time you spend worrying and being upset and bitter? Shocked by the word "bitter"? Don't be. You've developed an edge that would surprise you and your strength lies in your sweetness. Get back to being you and let the rest settle itself out.

by Psych101reply 13309/02/2012

OP, what is the deal with all of the women in my life? (both new and old). And how do I best deal with them? Thanks.

by Psych101reply 13409/02/2012

R135 - that's not really a question for OP. I was in the same position. The only solution is to make a huge jump: a big life change. Be it your job, your city, your situation. You just need to trust that it'll all work out. Half of the problem of being 'stuck in limbo' is the fear of changing, or failing.

by Psych101reply 13509/02/2012

Dear R68,

Sweetie, she never respected you and you know it. Granted, that's part of what attracted you to her.

Here's the scoop on your love life:

you need to be on your own for a while. you have got to love yourself first before you're ever going to be strong enough to attract someone worth going through all the bullshit a real relationship takes if it's going to work. relationships that don't last aren't going to fill the void you feel in your life. neither will children, pets, drugs, food, or "Jesus". YOU have to fill that void with a passion for living YOUR life and making YOU a success in YOUR own eyes.

I want you to read this and figure out what you're going to do with your "next" life. It's a short comic strip. Check it out.

Now then, some practical concrete advice: ask for help with your image. Go to your nearest high-end store and get them to teach you how to do current makeup for your face, INVEST in a hair stylist who can help you develop a look you can maintain, and throw out one outfit for every new one you bring in.

You're walking around in the drag of a victim and it's time to create a new character for yourself to play.

by Psych101reply 13609/02/2012

For R68 -

Sorry, I'm the king of forgetting to attach something to an email before I send it. Here's that link.

by Psych101reply 13709/02/2012

It's easier to say r140 but I suppose you are right, thanks for the advice.

by Psych101reply 13809/02/2012

Hi Psych 101-

I realize there's currently quite a line but thought I'd join it.

I'm in a relationship with a good man but I don't seem to have the kind of feelings for him I'd like to. I don't know if I can get that back. Do you see us staying together or is there another guy in my future (and do I already know him)?


by Psych101reply 13909/02/2012

R84 here (I am coming closer in the queue :) ) - just wanted to clarify that I have been busy with a lot of cool stuff, and recovering from a 14+ year relationship when I met him initially (and until recently), so I have not been sitting around just pining. DOn't know if it's relevant. I just feel a soulmate connection with him. I feel certain that it is reciprocated but the timing has just never felt right.

by Psych101reply 14009/02/2012

R75, I'm R50 and, sadly, Psych101's post to me didn't register at all. Feel free to assume it was actually meant for you! Good luck!

by Psych101reply 14109/02/2012

Wow R50 That is really strange. Maybe his psychic wires got crossed. I can't wait until he gets to me. This is a great thread. Hope things work out for you.

by Psych101reply 14209/02/2012

We'll see, R50. Only time will tell. I feel the most strongly about the first two points for you.

Checking back in I also feel like you're going to take a flight soon. "Going home" are the words I see but it's not permanent and it feels more like a spiritual home connection than a physical one, so more like some place that's important to you than the house you grew up in.

As for stagnation, the only thing that ever cures stagnation is movement and freshness. Gotta get new water in there and that requires both a source and an outflow. So ask yourself what sources you need to examine - where do you get nourished? Then look at the outflows, make some room in your life to let things go, express emotions, express feelings and try things. In with the new, out with the old, repeat, repeat, repeat until you find yourself in a new place.

Sorry I didn't connect at first, but I stand by the first reading - even though I DID say, just by point of order, I wasn't sure it was for you at first . . . it's deeper than surface and I went with it and stand by it.

The other bits are suggestions on a possible path and I hope you'll remember them when the opportunities present themselves.

by Psych101reply 14309/02/2012

Psych 101

I am in love with a man who used to be wonderful but has since turned kinda mean. Is there any way he will care about me and treat me well again.

by Psych101reply 14409/02/2012

No fair going back to R50!!

Some of us are waiting patiently.

by Psych101reply 14509/02/2012


Please let me know something about my future. I know I have what it takes to be a world famous superstar, but I've fucked around so much over the years and I'm already probably too old, but I still have hope.


by Psych101reply 14609/02/2012

Oh how I hope you have some insight. I have so many good things in my life right now but for some reason can only focus on bad/what I DON'T have. I've stopped exercising and gained weight. I feel stuck, powerless to pick myself up, shake it off, get back on the exercise and health horse, etc. I fee like I need some sort of insight/nudge to get back on track. Please help me, Psych 101. You are my only hope!

by Psych101reply 14709/02/2012

Wow. I'm impressed. A lot of what you said, particularly when it comes to job, money and love does register. And thanks for that vote of confidence about my big job interview the end of the week. It's a major company. And I'll make sure the back of my suit and hair doesn't get mussed up. (Both sometimes do--HA-HA--you're right).

What you said about career is very interesting. I never thought about being a children's book author. Hmm. Very interesting. (I'm an editor/journalist and published author--but the book I wrote was a nonfiction/trade book for adults). But it is in publishing/media so it's funny that you got my field.

As for love--yes, you're right. Even at my advanced age (I'm in my 40s), I like to beat myself up sometimes for not being the "norm." (But really what is the norm?) So your words are very encouraging.

by Psych101reply 14809/02/2012

Oops, sorry I'm R60

by Psych101reply 14909/02/2012

This thread is actually pretty amazing.

by Psych101reply 15009/02/2012

Give me a read, Psych101!

by Psych101reply 15109/02/2012

Hi Psych 101 I use to give readings also but stopped 7 years ago. Should I resume meditation and giving readings again? Also, should I take the yearly dreams I have seriously? Can you give me some info regarding what they're about and who is sending them and why? Thanks for your help!

by Psych101reply 15209/02/2012

Hi, Psych 101.

Any suggestions on how I could make money using my (limited) creative talents?

Thanks! Have a good day!

by Psych101reply 15309/02/2012


I'm a young gayling who's only recently come out of the closet. Loath as I am to admit it, I have absolutely no experience in attracting men, though I'm doing my best to get in shape and become more appealing. Do you think my efforts will pay off?

by Psych101reply 15409/02/2012

Hi Psych 101, what do you see career wise? I feel good about my relationship. I do wonder if I am paranoid about my fathers intentions or members of his family trying to sabotage me. Thanks for looking into me.

by Psych101reply 15509/02/2012

Dear Psych101

Here is R68. Thanks for your reading. I don't agree with the victim thing but what else you said is spot on. I'm grateful for your reply even if I don't know how you do it.

I know you have lots to do but do you see someone special in my future? (Yes, Im desperate)

by Psych101reply 15609/03/2012

Dear Psych 101:

I'm worried about my cancer coming back, and whether or not I should quit my job and enjoy myself as long as I can in case it does come back.

I'm lonely and sound rather pathetic but mostly I'm angry. I never talk about things like this in public. Thanks for your help.

by Psych101reply 15709/03/2012

Sorry everyone, just stopping by for a quick moment. I'll try to get to five more tonight.

But, R68 - did you really read what I said? You're really going to come back and ask about whether I see someone in your future after you and I both established we agree that you need to be on your own for a while? Seriously?

Girl, get a grip. It's time to get over your fear of being alone with yourself. If you can't commit to yourself how do you expect anyone else to?

by Psych101reply 15809/03/2012

Hi Psych101! Have been reading this thread (and the last one) with interest. I'm hoping to get a reading, particularly about my job, which I'm struggling with and/or anything else. Thank you for doing this!

by Psych101reply 15909/03/2012

Hey Psych101, I'd love to know when I'll be getting steady, stable employment and/or selling my writing and when (dear God) will I be living in my own place again. Love can wait, I need $$ and privacy again.

It's been a rough few years.

Thank you and best of luck with this semester!

by Psych101reply 16009/04/2012

Hey Psych101-

Things are good for me with the job and friends, but have never had much luck with the love thing. I find it much easier to have NSA hookups than to get involved in relationship. Not that I'm necessarily complaining, but was wondering if you think that will ever change or if I should resign myself to bachelorhood and focus on the other things in my life.

by Psych101reply 16109/04/2012

Hi, Psych 101.

How are you? I have a dilemma with my love life. I have three love interests right now who are all, uh, problematic. One I met online. He's very successful, travels all over and we have quite a bit in common. BUT he doesn't live near me and I rarely see him because he's always flying off somewhere. Then there's this other guy who's a few years younger than me. Interesting person but I haven't committed to him romantically because he doesn't seem to have a steady source of income. He always seems broke. But we do have fun together. Then there's the last one, whom I've known for over 20 years. We do have quite a few things in common and there's chemistry between us. BUT he's married (sometimes he doesn't care about that but I do), seems to live WAY above his means (I strongly suspect he has financial problems due to overspending) and lately has been acting very weird (he also recently gained A LOT of weight, brought on by drinking and eating excessively). And yet we have a very strong bond.

Should I dump them all? I know no one's perfect but...jeez.

by Psych101reply 16209/04/2012

Hi Psych 101,

I lost my dog of 14 years in July, gave up two foster Chihuahuas that I felt I should've kept (they came to me, I feel like they were gifts from the universe that I just threw away, even though they went to a very good home of an ex-co-worker), my daughter lost her horse of 12 years and I just started a new job.

I just feel so empty. I still have my two cats to keep me company but I feel very sad. I don't know if I should get a dog. I saw this one dog at the shelter over the weekend but I'm not sure if he is the dog for me. I am lookingfor a dog for my cat really as he misses our dog very much (the cat would sit by his grave in the backyard). I am seriously thinking about adopting the dog but I'mmot sure if it's the right time. At the same time I feel very sorry for the dog. It is in a good shelter but it was in a kennel with two other dogs.

One of my cats has IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) and I can tell how relaxed he is that there is no dog in the house. I'm also in the process of changing the cats' diet because of one of the cats' IBD.

I kust don't know what to do. When I met the dog I didn't have a big urge of taking it home with me. I just feel so bad for it.

Thank you, S

by Psych101reply 16309/04/2012

Psych 101 how do you explain deja vu? I have dreamt various scenes only to have them come to life later on when I'm awake. I never remember the dreams but at the moment they become reality it hits me I have dreamt this before. Is this deja vu real or is my mind playing tricks on me?

by Psych101reply 16409/04/2012

R168 I'm not the OP (Psych101), but just based on my intuition and experience (and if you had asked me-which I realize you didn't); I would say listen to your heart and the Universe and adopt the dog.

Of course, I don't know your whole story, but I would consider the possibility that your cat with IBD may be suffering from the changes and loss in your household.

My partner and I have four rescue dogs. We think of them as our children. But, like children we're aware of the fact that they each have unique, complicated and very deep relationships with one another that we don't always understand or are even aware of, it's possible that your "relaxed cat" could be grieving and a new addition to the family could ultimately be a joyous, stabilizing influence.

At first, of course there would be turmoil and drama as the pets work out for themselves all the intricate protocols they expect each other to follow. Anyone with multiple pets can tell you the issues pets work out amongst themselves are more intricate and arcane than those of the characters on "Downton Abbey." But, they manage, they bond, they may not let you see it, but it works out as long as you love them and they know they are loved. Often their petty squabbles are best left to them to straighten out-besides, most cats can keep a dog from becoming too disruptive if necessary.

The dog you met at the kennel was in stressful circumstances. Love happens naturally, I can't imagine spending time with any dog and not falling in love with them. You're creating a blended family-plain and simple-it'll be messy, stressful and crazy at first, but cats, dogs and people all bond quicker than we think and when the "newcomer" becomes family, it's a beautiful thing.

Just my opinion. I'm not psychic. Actually I'm R75 eagerly waiting for my answer too!

by Psych101reply 16509/04/2012

Hi - do you get any vibes from me? Do you see a future for me with Mark?

by Psych101reply 16609/04/2012

Not psych 101, but I do see a future with you and Mark, r171. It will be slow and steady, but worth the wait. You both have hang ups that will eventually be unveiled, but each of you will overcome them and work to be together. I have good feelings about Mark, like he's a really good person. Be patient, and do not underestimate your own self worth. You are a catch, but seem to have low self esteem. Your friends are lucky to have you in their lives. Focus on the good in yourself and it will shine brighter to others.

by Psych101reply 16709/04/2012

hi psych 101,

i'm happy that you've come back.

i've had to live through extreme stress for the past 6 years (death of my mother, death of beloved pets, loss of my home and severe financial stress).

currently, i am dealing with a medical mystery as to why my throat has been swelling up, making it hard to swallow.

also, my darling little dog was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and almost died. his CHF is now being controlled with medication.

i feel like i have lost myself -- who i was.

will i ever be able to resurrect my creative life?

do you see happiness, a new love, and success in my life sometime soon?

thank you.

by Psych101reply 16809/04/2012

Dear Psych101

Good to see you again. I enjoy reading your intuitive observations and would appreciate some insight from you.

My father took his own life a few months ago and with so many unanswered questions this still remains to be a very traumatic situation. I don't really know what to specifically ask but would gladly receive any information you may be able to interpret.

Thank you

by Psych101reply 16909/05/2012

HI Psych 101. i am at a crossroads. I left my job last year but have yet to start the businesses and projects that I want to work on. I feel so anxious and scared qat starting over and feel like people will steal my ideas or judge me/not take me seriously. I feel like I sabotage myself and psych myself out before I can get started. Any advise or insight would be great. Sometimes I wonder if I am on the right path and have enough initiative to be an entrepreneur. Also should I move to Los Angeles or another country such as Sweden? I have always had a fascination with Sweden and France.

by Psych101reply 17009/05/2012

Thank you so much R172. I really wasn't expecting a reply so soon, so it was lovely to come back and find one.

by Psych101reply 17109/05/2012

I apologize that I've not been able to respond as quickly as I would like. Going through a health emergency with my partner. We think everything will be okay, and yes, we saw it coming - before anyone asks.

I'll be back as soon as I can and will start on the queue and work my way through. Though, I have read all your questions and some jumped out at me immediately. I may decide to start there and triage some of those then double back on the queue. Thank you all for waiting patiently.

And, to the other intuitives, readers, mediums, psychics, shamans, and folks of that nature: feel free to offer up whatever moves you. I know you're out there.

by Psych101reply 17209/05/2012

Hope things are okay, Psycho 101. You have been very generous with people, so take care of yourself.

by Psych101reply 17309/05/2012

Whoa - I meant Psych 101! Sorry... Those were genuine well wishes, too. Good luch, *Psych* 101.

by Psych101reply 17409/05/2012

R171/r176, did any of that ring true?

by Psych101reply 17509/05/2012

[quote]Hope things are okay, Psycho 101.

Freudian slip, r178?

by Psych101reply 17609/05/2012

Psych 101 / OP I wish the best for you and your partner. You've already been so generous with your time answering questions here, do take as much time as you need for yourself and your family.

by Psych101reply 17709/05/2012

Hi Psych 101...I'm R124. I'm a longtime RN, and if there is anything I can offer you to help with your partner's health in the way of free advice, just say the word.

And fuck the whereabouts of my opal ring, I know it's long gone. But I would appreciate your comments on my relationship with CJZ. We are at something of an impasse and I would genuinely appreciate your input. Thanks and best wishes.

by Psych101reply 17809/05/2012

Hope everything is okay Psych 101

by Psych101reply 17909/05/2012

R180/R172 yes it rang true for me. It has already been a bit of a long and winding path for Mark and I. There's always been a very strong attraction there but we never seem to be able to be together (distance, other partners). I go on my way, as does he, but we keep seeming to get thrown back together. It never really had a chance to start, but it seems so hard to let go too. I suppose it just feels unfinished.

Thanks for the compliments re being a good friend, I do believe I am, but it is always nice to hear.

by Psych101reply 18009/05/2012

Hi Psych 101,

I am wondering if I should apply for a Forensic Technician (Mortuary) position? The fact is I have been out of the job market for 5years now. And I would like a job that does not deal with many people (alive ones that is). Many thanks to you first.

by Psych101reply 18109/06/2012

I've tried to be extra-patient; hard to do as you know. Just need to know if "G" is helping/is going to be helping my acting career. Or is it another "empty promise."

by Psych101reply 18209/08/2012

Hey psych. My life just fell apart again. Tell me what to do this time.

by Psych101reply 18309/08/2012

Psych101, I just saw your post. I hope a speedy recovery for the person with the health emergency.

by Psych101reply 18409/08/2012

Psych 101,

i hope that you and your partner are ok and that your partner is recovering.

by Psych101reply 18509/08/2012

Is this "Robin" poster real, or full of shit?

by Psych101reply 18609/08/2012

Hi Psych 101,I was R86. I hope all is well with you and your partner. Wanted to update that since I posted things have been developing with a man. It's fun, can't tell if it's what I need or if I should wait. Obviously could be a part of that feeling of searching, I don't want to misplace these urges onto him. There is no rush in reply, we all understand and wish the best for the health concerns.

by Psych101reply 18709/09/2012

Where did Psych 101 go?

by Psych101reply 18809/14/2012

I'm sorry, everyone.

I'm still here. My partner is recovering very nicely. Thanks to those of you who sent good wishes for him. He's back to work this week.

In the meantime, I picked up a couple consulting gigs and my thesis is becoming more complex than I thought it would be.

And, in total honesty, I look at the queue and I get overwhelmed. Please keep in mind this is something I do for free in my spare time because it fascinates me. If you have real, serious things that need attention in your life, please consult trusted friends, professionals, or family members. Don't wait on me to reply because I may never get to it.

However, it's a rainy weekend (forecast says) here so I may just be able to get to some of the requests that jump out at me. Thank you all for understanding.

by Psych101reply 18909/14/2012

It would be better if you could just go in order of the requests. Some of us have been waiting patiently.

by Psych101reply 19009/14/2012

I hope so, too, r195!

by Psych101reply 19109/14/2012

r195, I think it is better to have low expectations about your 'reading' being done in order to avoid disappointment. Psych101 is obviously a busy guy and may never get around to answering you.

If you have a serious problem it is probably best to speak to someone in the 'real world' about it.

Good luck.

by Psych101reply 19209/14/2012

psych 101,

i am happy to hear that your partner is better. i think most of us were very worried about you and your partner when we hadn't heard from you.

please don't feel overwhelmed.

i think you had the pattern of 5 at a time. just do what feels right.

we will wait.

we appreciate that you have shared your gift with us.

by Psych101reply 19309/14/2012

good to hear, psych101. Glad you are back and all is well.

by Psych101reply 19409/14/2012

I can understand and sympathize with all you have going on. But maybe takin then in order in groups of 5 would work. I'm really hoping you get to mine. I'm R75 I tried to hard to post the day you started doing this, but couldn't because I don't have the extra money for the membership and it was "Prime Time" on DL and I was locked out.

I stayed up as late as I cou so that I could post, but I fell asleep-otherwise I would have been in the top 15 or so.

If you get a chance please help me out with a respospnse. There are two people in particular in social media whose friendship I lost because I was new to Twitter and just an idiot I guess. I just wan to know if I can make it "right" wih them again.

by Psych101reply 19509/14/2012

r75 you can't sit around waiting for a stranger on the internet to tell you what will happen in your life. Try to make amends, if it doesn't work you know you tried, and that you approached the situation with an open heart. Move on, learn from your mistakes.

But don't put your life on hold whilst waiting for a response from a stranger on the internet (no disrespect psych101).

by Psych101reply 19609/15/2012

Really I'm not sitting around waiting on a stranger to tell me what to do. I just believe that some people are genuinely psychic and that the Universe has many, many ways of imparting information and guidance. I don't want to close myself to any of those sources of wisdom and insight.

For some reason, the issue I mentioned weighs on me; probably because I've made a ton of arduous, but positive changes in my life in the past few months and I suppose I wish I could somehow "reintroduce myself."

We cross paths and, occasionally "walk beside" the people the Universe wants to bring into our lives; sometimes for our benefit, friendship or spiritual growth, and sometimes for theirs. I accept that. But, I still can't help but wonder what Psych 101 would see or advise for me. I'm really curious.

by Psych101reply 19709/15/2012

Hi Psych 101,

Thanks for the update. My question was r186 and I think u can ignore mine. Cut shorts the queue. Thanks again.

by Psych101reply 19809/17/2012


by Psych101reply 19910/15/2012

Psych 101: Love your responses and your honesty and humility.

A question for you: After several years of retirement that included caring for a terminally ill partner, then a parent who had a stroke, I'm depleted emotionally and am looking for a creative outlet. What do you see happening for me, generally, in 2013?

by Psych101reply 20010/16/2012


by Psych101reply 20111/02/2012

What the fuck happened to OP without giving our readings? Did he die and not foresee it coming?

by Psych101reply 20212/01/2012

Hey we've overwhelmed Psych101 with our neediness.

Oh well.

by Psych101reply 20312/03/2012


by Psych101reply 20412/19/2012

I have a prediction...Psych 101 won't reply to the majority of people.

by Psych101reply 20502/07/2013

Wow, Sylvia was right for the first time

by Psych101reply 20604/30/2013
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