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The Ass of Louis Tomlinson of the Band One Direction Part 8

So here we are thread 8 of an obviously incredibly hot ass!!

So for those who want a recap.

We have a guy from the Band One Direction,who some think has a great ass( that would be me ) and some who think he is an ass.

There are some who believe that Louis has or was in a relationship with Harry Styles in a self confessed bromance.

There are some who believe that this is all bull and that linking these two together is like linking Dominic Monaghan and Elijah Wood and that these shippers are clearly insane and deluded.

There are some who believe that Louis is in a relationship with his ( cough) girlfriend.Sorry I tried. I will try again.

There are some who believe he is really in love with his girlfriend Eleanor, who is now seen continuously around him since about May,even though they have been together since September / October.Actually I don't know exactly when they started going out together,you would need to ask Louis ,except he doesnt seem to remember either:)

Then you have Harry Styles who is either a quiet loving boyfriend of aforementioned Louis or a raving wannabee slut sleeping with everything that moves. He could actually be the secret lover of Louis or Caroline Flack or Nick Grinshaw.

So come join us while we argue,laugh,bully create tantrums get called names,inspire and freak each other out.

Your sure to have fun, if it doesn't end in tears :) The best is when it brings a smile to your face either through the joy of it or that insanity:)

by Larry believerreply 50403/13/2013

[quote]There are some who believe that this is all bull and that linking these two together is like linking Dominic Monaghan and Elijah Wood and that these shippers are clearly insane and deluded.

I'm in that camp. SEVEN full threads now? Let's see ... 4300 posts on this absolutely fucking RIDICULOUS topic? Seek help. PLEASE. You're starting to make MsA look sane. You're also creeping the fuck out of most of us, given that these boys look like they're 15; most of us assume you're pedo freaks.

by Larry believerreply 108/25/2012

Just wanted to raise something about the excellent article that Links linked on the last thread at r 595 at the daily dot.

For those that didn't read it you should.

It does what good articles do which is make you think.

I had no idea what Prancing Pony or Tinhat meant till I read that.

It did make me question if what I thought was rational or deluded.Just an imagination run wild on the deluded ramblings of teenage wannabees and insane people and slowed down Gifs.

I am tempted to say that the article is a great piece of propoganda that actually works. But then to even say that suggests I too am deluded. Which is the delemma.

Because it is a clever article as you are invited to laugh at the insanity of deluded fans, while safely realising that you are part of the status quo. " Aren't these people insane " we are invited to say. " They really took it to this level and spoke to Dominic about the supposed love affair with Elijah really ?

The problem with an answer to this is how do you answer this article without sounding deluded or insane yourself.

I could say that the first ramblings of an affair did not come from the fans but the behaviour of the boys themselves. It was Harry who had a tshirt on saying Harry loves Louis.It was Harry who first suggested his first love was Louis.

It could have all been lies but to then turn around and say that people are deluded for putting the two of them together when they have walked around hugging each other touching each other and sleeping in the same room together whenever they are away,or living together.See I don't particularly see it is that far of a leap to suggest they were or are together.

Eleanor has featured a lot in the past few months specifically because of the rumours of Harry and Louis.

The cleverness of the article also gives us a truth. Many actors and musicians are closeted.Sportsmen are closeted.There were only what about 21 out athletes out of 10800 at the Olympics. So are we to assume that there are no other gay athletes because all the rest there are straight ?

What I am saying is that people lie all the time,every day.When it is your career you bet they lie.

When you rely on a cash cow like this band,where image is everything where even the colour if your hair can affect sales.Would someone lie to protect their investment.You bet they do.

So therein lies the problem. Do you say the article is a lie or a particular type of truth or a truth with some lies.Am I deluded,possibly .

But it is a nice delusion

by Larry believerreply 208/26/2012

So finding a 20 year old's butt is being a Pedo while discussing Tom Daley's 18 year old body for the numerous 14 threads is what fine.

Tom Daley turned 18 in May.Harry Styles the youngest of the group was 18 in February.Louis will be 21 in December.

Stop clutching your pearls Mary,these girls are legal.BTW look up the word pedophile I think you are misusing it.

by Larry believerreply 308/26/2012

Oh god, go clutch your pearls on the anal bleaching redux or schizoid, diabetic mother-in-law threads, Mary at r1.

by Larry believerreply 408/26/2012

[quote]Also, Modest! doesn't handle One Direction's PR; Hackford Jones does.

They have to liaise.

by Larry believerreply 508/26/2012

[quote]I've heard Louis is taking Eleanor to Leeds this weekend. Besmirching the sanctity of one of the Larry Anniversaries; to many, where it all began. I think it's quite telling that to him, it probably holds little to no significance at all, other than that he went there with his best mate last year.

Since all fandoms tend to "sanctify" a moment or event they assume brought someone (and as someone who thinks Louis and Harry are together regardless), I don't think they necessarily have to "recrete" Leeds each year to be in a solid relationship.

The whole 'Leeds return' was just fandom assumption anyway, same as that Harry's tattoos have Louis written into everything. Some seem to truly believe "Larry" would turn up at Leeds this weekend (wellies in tow) and parade around the grounds defying the past 6 months of intensive bearding and carefully-worded magazine statements. But then circumstantially the group could have booked to tour or record during this time and failed to make it anyway.

However I do think the explosion of weekend photos to show they all seemed to be in different places at the same time on these 'sacred' dates could be deliberate to cause further confusion in boiling cauldron of the Larry fandom. Some of those girls are convinced they'll just "come out" on Ellen or in a rainbow-covered interview, as a couple.

This is naive. If it did happen it would be a gradual process and even then the road would be twisty with other "players" most likely involved along the way. You'd need to have 3/4- 4/4 of the fandom onboard for it and they're nowhere near that, though the idea is popular. By how great a slice is hard to say though. All I seem to come across is Larry blogs out there though, with hundreds or thousands of notes. So...maybe but it'd still be a gamble.

Harry did go to Reading (which is twinned with Leeds, by tradition) and some fans are assuming an 'implication' from a Louis tweet that some think nods towards it.

It's possible one or more combos could show up at Leeds today, purely from the point of view that one can purchase a joint ticket for such an event.

by Larry believerreply 608/26/2012

Let me get this right discussing Patrck Schartzenegger 6 threads 18 years old , Tom Daley 14 threads 18 years old,Justin Bieber 24 threads 18 ears old ,The Olympics were full of 18 and 19 year olds but no one stopped talking about these guys.

We are talking about a guy who is almost 21.

A pedophile is a person whose attraction is directed at children per pubescent.Please explain how Louis Tomlnson is a prepubescent child.

Considering being called a pedophile is one of the most damaging things you can say to a person and can potentially destroy someone's life.i would love to know how to find a legally aged 20 year old attractive is the same as finding a prepubcent child attractive.

Because from where I sit r1 it is you who needs help,not only in the definitions of words but in the hypocrisy of discussing other subjects younger than 20.

Personally I am attracted to hairy guys in their 40s and 50s,but before you label me please look up the word you intend to insult me with.

I suggest starting working with a dictionary and working from there.Thanks

by Larry believerreply 708/26/2012


by Larry believerreply 808/26/2012

Cute r8.

Very early photo right ?

by Larry believerreply 908/26/2012

Yes, r9. And canid. I think that Larry has already been outed by that video and the witnesses subsequent claims and whoever it is that does PR did the only thing they could do, ignore it. And obviously it worked because here we are.

by Larry believerreply 1008/26/2012

Candid. Oh, dear.

by Larry believerreply 1108/26/2012

And there was this photo too:

by Larry believerreply 1208/26/2012

Oh Jeeeezusszz... has anyone else seen this photo from 1D's next music video??? At the link, see the first photo... then read the caption underneath: "amazingness" should clearly be replaced with "gayness"!!! :D

From shirtless Niall's sassy posture to Louis holding on and "singing" into the (very large) pink phallic microphone to Zayn undressing Louis with his eyes to Harry's wet shirt with nips showing through to... wait for it... Liam holding a GIANT BANANA over the other boy's heads...

I love these boys, can't wait to see the whole video, should be quite entertaining...

by Larry believerreply 1308/26/2012

It is funny how you keep talking about this Larry buisness and Harry is seen three days in a row with Nick Grimshaw (going to the Reading festival just the two of them, partying in clubs and spending the time non-stop in each other presence). But they are just good friends, no? What 18 years old is "just" friend with a gay man 10 years his senior? Yesterday in Primrose Hill Harry was practically sitting in Nick's lap, but hey, they are good friends. Stop being so naive. They are an item.

by Larry believerreply 1408/26/2012

Matching his & her blankets for when they are apart.

by Larry believerreply 1508/26/2012

14, I agree with you. Harry's behaviour is not of a guy in a relationship. No boyfriend (or girlfriend)would ever accept this from their significant other, no way. It's glaringly obvious there is nothing between Harry and Louis. And if Harry is in a relationship, it's probably with Grimshaw. Everything else is just fantasy.

by Larry believerreply 1608/26/2012

But this is cute too. Harry and Nick sharing a seat.

by Larry believerreply 1708/26/2012

[quote]We have a guy from the Band One Direction,who some think has a great ass( that would be me ) and some who think he is an ass.

NO,no. I don't care if he is a goat. Just stop this damn thread from appearing again and again.

by Larry believerreply 1808/26/2012

My cute Harry and Grimshaw pic might be an optical illusion as they were in separate chairs here. But I do think they would be nice together, even if I'm not convinced they are anything more than friends. r16 hasn't been around many young gay men in relationships.

by Larry believerreply 1908/26/2012

Nick and Harry together again last night (three days in a row) and very happy.

by Larry believerreply 2008/26/2012

Equating being seen together with being in a relationship is problematic. If that was the case Louis and his gf would be for real, even they smile together. I'll take the odds that Harry's with the guy he comes home to every night - Louis.

Look at it this way, Harry would be hot with this guy. Just a few more pictures together and you can be convinced they are dating, right?

by Larry believerreply 2108/26/2012

Hey guys,

It's David.

I don't know if anyone remembers back in July I mentioned I would write a fanfic for 1D...

Well, I did. I finished it up the other week.

It is 220,000 words and 75 Chapters long.

Sorry it took two months to write. I only had my spare time.

But It will debut on my tumblr page on Sept 4th.

I'll put the link to where you can view the book cover and Chapter names.

by Larry believerreply 2208/26/2012

Wow, David, I think I have to take time of work to read your fic. Just kidding, I'm really curious! Great you finished it!


I have nothing of importance to add to the thread, but I'm very curious how this whole Harry/Nick thing will develop. I get a friendly vibe from them, but Grimmy is lovely so I wouldn't mind them being together (or just hooking up). That would be quite a power couple, too.

(I love the romantic idea of Harry/Louis, so I'll keep rooting for them, but evidence is a little bit lacking in that respect. But who knows?)

by Larry believerreply 2308/27/2012

I strongly believe in a Harry/Grimmy relationship. And what best cover than Harry's reputation as ladies man. I lolz so hard at media's coverage of last days, everybody sugesting a Rita Ora/Harry combo (based by just one photo of them), but neglecting to see the real couple. I mean they arrived and left together (just the two of them) from all the eveniments they attend. But who to believe such a thing, Nick is just Harry's pal (or so the papers portrait him). Very funny stuff.

by Larry believerreply 2408/27/2012

@24 I'm really growing into the possibility of them. Although I'm happy about the straight-guys-can-be-friends-with-gay-guys attitude, I have to say it it is rather weird that Harry is linked to freaking everybody he meets for just seconds while he's with Nick for 3 full days (and are also very much 'together' with him within a group of people). And Nick seems infatuated by Harry.

by Larry believerreply 2508/27/2012

21, the boy in the picture with Harry is his cousin, Ben, so no date, but good try. I still believe that Harry is going for more mature people (see Grimshaw), and all Caroline affair was in fact a cover for him and Grimmy.

by Larry believerreply 2608/27/2012

Harry shopping yesterday (with a good friend).

by Larry believerreply 2708/27/2012

you guys are straight, they don't even look like boys, except that arab one

by Larry believerreply 2808/27/2012

I'm straight, r28? My mom may or may not be happy to hear that.

by Larry believerreply 2908/27/2012

R29, show her their pics, she will be surprised to know they have dicks!

by Larry believerreply 3008/27/2012

No, I think everyone is surprised that it's that big!

by Larry believerreply 3108/27/2012

NSFW by the way. It's his nude.

by Larry believerreply 3208/27/2012

ew, chick with dick

by Larry believerreply 3308/27/2012

This might sound ridiculous but does anyone else think maybe nick is a cover up for larry.?if harry is always seen with him then the attention is took away from what might be happening behind the scenes.(Yes i know crazy isn't it)

by Larry believerreply 3408/27/2012

Not that crazy r34. It works in many ways. Slowly saturating fans with the gay angle for one. Plus, it's much less risk to have one of them inch out of the closet than both at the same time. The magic of it is that being pictured with an out guy can be successfully interpreted in many ways (ie. they are together, Harry is friends with a gay guy, Harry is friends with a DJ & there's no gay angle, what have you) which leaves an escape clause if things go wrong. They can close up the gay hatch and push the Harry just likes DJs angle to the already gullible fan base like it never happened.

by Larry believerreply 3508/27/2012

Well clearly the push is for Nick and Harry here.

That photo at R27 is pretty intimate I think.

They could be friends with benefits.They wouldn't be the first ones with this arrangement.

Nick could be showing Harry the ropes or his rope more likely.

But while I see Nick could be infatuated. Harry I suspect is like the banana he is holding in the picture on r27 not very hard on the idea,but as Lgirl would say Jury out on this one.

At the risk of sounding insane as I have said many times,the fact Louis and Harry have not been seen much together means next to nothing.

The whole point to me is they are not supposed to be,

Before they came from the US everything was Louis Harry. Damage control was in evidence the moment they left the US.

The fact that they have not been seen together recently means it has worked.To link them together now is almost insane and deluded. Yep it worked.

Except how do two friends who were all over each other not see each other at all? Oh they grew apart.Really ? Like really!!!

After being over each other and clearly loving each other,either in a platonic way or the real one. You just drop your best friend when you get back to the UK.

Oh that is right it was act for the cameras.

Well then I would change jobs because their acting is clearly better than their singing !!

by Larry believerreply 3608/27/2012

I went ahead and put up the 4,000 word prologue for the novel if any of you all wanna check that out.

by Larry believerreply 3708/28/2012

Along with everyone else here expressing a view I will express mine, tinhatty as it my seem in our uber-straight world where actually, all these angelic gay-esque boys (according to the sages of DL) are really all pussyhounds who are providing a 'fanservice' to all the tiresome fraus and fangirls.

And yet, after all this time, there's still no plausible explanation/actual NEED for Harry to be seen in any shape or form as so open minded to possibility he himself puts out there. It's not really beneficial to One D as a brand, their music or their 'image' so I think what we see with Harry is what we get.

I think it would be a wonderful, healthy, liberating thing if Harry and Nick were a couple.

But I just cannot shake off this feeling that Louis is lurking in the background all the time. That he has not quite gone away.

His gay hips were out in force yet again on his latest trudge round the fashion stores with Eleanor. Their people clearly have clout to be able to film these kids IN these chain stores when it'd be deemed a terrorist offense for anyone else to do that these days!

However, in the most recent Daily Mail piece on Harry and Nick's outing (I esp. liked the market banana pictures), the comments are not moderated btw, someone wrote that they had seen them together last night in a club in Milton Keynes and both Harry and Nick were lovely, very friendly. Just as you'd imagine.

Nick also tweeted a pic of some McDonalds wrappers from the inside of Range Rover (printed on the gearstick) and it was likely Harry's. They are certainly spending a lot of time together but as I say, I have this nattering feeling Louis is not out of the picture. Though it is refreshing to see someone as fun and outgoing as Harry out with someone actually HAPPY to be seen with him.

I think now is a good time to bring in One D's good friend, Ed Sheeran, and his cat. As we all know, this ridiculous sucking up translates as 'Dad, I want my dinner'.

by Larry believerreply 3808/28/2012

[quote]From shirtless Niall's sassy posture to Louis holding on and "singing" into the (very large) pink phallic microphone to Zayn undressing Louis with his eyes to Harry's wet shirt with nips showing through to... wait for it... Liam holding a GIANT BANANA over the other boy's heads...

I love you.

by Larry believerreply 3908/28/2012

I also think r35 has it nailed on.

by Larry believerreply 4008/28/2012

I see the dear old Daily Mirror fails as stoically as ever, in their no doubt paid quest to turn Harry Styles into a the planet's youngest womaniser. Now they have to rope Nick Grimshaw, of all people, in as well. It's like painting Dolly Parton up to be a serious contender for Jack The Ripper.

[quote]One Direction singer and Nick Grimshaw were showing off in front of a group of blonde girls outside a fancy London pub

Yah. Nick Grimshaw needs to 'show off' to 'blonde girls' when he's just outed himself in a more reputable paper than The Mirror.

Is it possible to waterboard all the British tabloid press in one session, lol!

by Larry believerreply 4108/28/2012

And personally I also agree with r36. A clever bombardment of various PR exercises from all angles has and will convince the less questioning elements of this fandom - and even outside watchers - that there's nothing to see here folks (re: Larry).

In the same way as 'Louis' bitchy, pushy Twitter 'mannerisms' and sometimes acerbic words are swiftly covered up by 'his' charity/funny tweets to a fandom that mostly worships him. And, who, incidentally, are allowed ONE gay luxury that management has failed to quash in being able to openly refer to him as 'sassy' (a useful quasi-gayism that gets overused to "get him off the hook"/excuse 'him' the aforementioned at times appalling manners. And yet a term coined specially for him that nobody in their wider fandom is prepared to look deeper into). I assume hundreds of thousands of these girls all call their brothers and fathers 'sassy' at home and never think about why.

Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes things just take time. Maybe things just have to happen this way.

by Larry believerreply 4208/28/2012

What If One of the One Direction Boys Were Gay? Ben Harvey for Huff Po.

"What if, in 2012, one of the One Direction boys decided to tell the world he was gay? Would his umpteen million devoted female fans take the news OK?..."

by Larry believerreply 4308/28/2012

Some follow up twitter conversations with the author of the Huff Po article at r43.

[quote]I assume hundreds of thousands of these girls all call their brothers and fathers 'sassy' at home and never think about why.

Funny. Great set of posts r38-42 - really good reads.

by Larry believerreply 4408/28/2012

Notable is the picture of the magazine naming Harry and Louis one of (#9) the best couples in pop.

by Larry believerreply 4508/28/2012

R35 Nailed it

by Larry believerreply 4608/28/2012

Guys its really not that complicated.

Harry is dating the 'out' (and very physically unattractive) Nick Grimshaw.

Harry may have dated/had a fling/flirted with the 'in' (and very, personality-wise, unattractive) Louis Tomlinson.

by Larry believerreply 4708/28/2012

Harry opened Grimmy's show last night. And Nick said they were to a double date the other night, when some people spotted them in a club in Milton Keynes being very much together. I wonder who was the other pair because Harry and Nick are clearly a couple.

by Larry believerreply 4808/28/2012

R48: Grimmy issued the denial?

Harrys "people" have probably had a word with Grimmy. All that homosexual prancing about can not be good for business.

by Larry believerreply 4908/28/2012

I don't know why people here are concerned Louis will do something to damage the healthy, whealthy, wonderful, lovely etc etc couple that is Nick and Harry. Harry is one of his friends, no? I think Louis will be more than supportive. In 1D recent interviews they seems to be OK, smiling at each other and such. So relax people. And if Louis is gay (as most people seems to believe) he is such a sexy, funny, crazy, full of life boy, I don't think he will have any problem in finding sex parteners. Please watch this interview from April in Australia. The hosts are both gay and in an open relationship. Pay attention to the last 3 minutes of video. Hamish said he liked by Zayn but after he meet the boys he's "gooey for Louis" (his words). He was really impressed with Louis, and his partener teased him a lot.

by Larry believerreply 5008/28/2012

47, is a matter of taste. I for example find Grimmy very attractive physically. I see why Harry is dating him. On the other hand I really like Louis and his unique personality fascinate me. He is anything but boring and predictable.

by Larry believerreply 5108/28/2012

I can also totally see why Harry would be dating Grimmy (also physically, although he doesn't have a 6pack). My only problem with Harry/Nick is that I don't really see a relationship/hooking-up kind of vibe, but that's had to tell on a bunch of pics. While I love Louis (and Harry/Louis would be great) I can also see that maybe they have less in common or that there was some sort of crush/thing in the past what developed into a strong affectionate friendship (but who knows, I keep all options open). What I'm most enthusiastic about is that it really becomes more and more apparent that Harry is definitely not straight & seems only to vaguely hide this.

by Larry believerreply 5208/29/2012

We already know Louis is a jealous little bitch. Cant wait for the slap fight between him and Grimy.

Speaking of which, I am reminded of that prank segment Harry did while on Grimys show. While they were brainstorming pranks, Grimy suggests Harry do something to Louis ( I forget what). Harry very quickly and very firmly (one might say authoritatively even) says no.

So am taking that as evidence that Grimy is also a jealous little bitch as he was obviously attempting to lash out at his bfs ex or fuckbuddy.

by Larry believerreply 5308/29/2012

1D was invited to Grimmy's show 4 or 5 days ago and everything seems to be ok between Nick and Louis. I don't think there will be any cat fights in the future. If Louis and Harry had an affair is seems to be over now. I think they try to overcome this phase for the greater good of the group.

by Larry believerreply 5408/29/2012

I'm gonna give my view one last time before I consider this chapter over and done with.

I believe Louis and Harry had something at one point. Maybe they were just casual, or maybe it was something more, aka a real relationship. My guess is just them having sex from time to time though.. anything else would be too complicated, considering the circumstances. I do believe that whatever they had is over now. They have clearly not spent much time together lately, and blaming management is too easy. They're not spending any time together because they're not actually together, end of story.

I don't want to admit it, considering I don't really like Nick Grimhsaw, but I do think it's very likely that Harry and Nick are together. They're out basically every day.. they hang out all the time now. They seem like more than friends to me. And this is also one of the reasons I do not believe Harry and Louis are together anymore.. whatever they had is over, because Harry's actions are not those of a guy in a relationship.. I doubt he has a boyfriend at home, because no boyfriend would just accept their significant other going out clubbing every night. Once in a while, sure.. but not every night. So.. to sum it up, I think Harry and Nick are together.

One last thing.. I still believe Eleanor is a cover up for Louis' sexuality. I believe Hannah was real, but I think he found himself during X-Factor and after. I think he found out he was gay (either by experimenting with Harry or someone else). He broke up with Hannah because he found out his sexuality, but then management found out and asked him to beard up, or he told them and Eleanor came along... hell, maybe it was even his decision, considering he seems terrified of coming out.

Before you call me a tinhat, bearding in the music industry has happened before. Mark Feehily had "girlfriends" during Westlife, and Ricky Martin was even engaged. So please don't tell me this is outlandish, because it isn't. You may not believe Louis is gay, or even that Eleanor is a beard.. believe she is a real girlfriend for all I care. But the thing is, bearding has happened before. We also know that Simon Cowell is homophobic, and that their management was recently SUED because they overworked their clients so much that they collapsed. Fact is that their management is shady as hell, so it wouldn't surprise me at all if they got Louis a beard. I've even read comments from people in management saying that being gay is a big "no-no" and that they try not to hire gay guys. So.. you know how it is. I think it's likely that someone with those opinions would give Louis a beard.

The reason I think Eleanor is a beard is because the relationship looks fake. They do not look into each other at all, except for the staged photos with the awkward handholding. They look miserable together. I've seen so many non-staged photos and videos of them, where they don't interact at all. It just looks suspicious to me. And they always go shopping or drink Starbucks, they go to public places where they know they will be seen, and again.. it just looks suspicious. I've also seen pics of how he was when he was with Hannah, and compared to Eleanor.. you can clearly see the differences.. he's got a genuine smile when he's with Hannah and a fake smile when he's with Eleanor. All of this combined, staged photos, awkward handholding and PDA, fake smiles, public outings, all of this tells me that they're fake. Eleanor is a beard. You may have a different opinion than me, but that's what I think and I'm sticking to it. I am convinced she is a cover up, or a fake girlfriend if you will.

by Larry believerreply 5508/29/2012

r50 the interviewers are Hamish & Andy who are mates, not partners.

by Larry believerreply 5608/29/2012

Ofcourse when they are in PUBLIC they go to places where they are seen. That is the meaning of public after all.

Anyway none of us knows how they spend their PRIVATE time, you know the time when no one is looking, so I still wont comment on whether they are real or fake.

Just to say that I have seen fan videos and they are not distant from each other as you suggest. Thats just cannon that fandom constructed and will forever cling to.

I've always thought that both Harry and Louis were bi. With Harry leaning towards girls and Louis leaning towards guys. Perhaps its the reverse, idk now.

by Larry believerreply 5708/29/2012

All good comments here, I'm personally not so sure Harry and Louis is 'over'.

Then again, many will argue it never began.

For me R36 makes a very good case.

I like to see Harry with Nick out 'n' about though. They look how Harry USED to look when he and Louis were allowed to stand next to each other and enjoy life, not the regressive separation tactics in evidence of late. Sure some fans went too far but ffs that's the nature of the beast in any highly-charged teen fandom that lives for drama/relationships. Did they think this would never be spotted?

For international management they sure seem stupid enough to assume a shedload of keen-eyed teen girls would somehow fail to recognise a pair clearly enamoured with each other in a fledgling One D bubble? Especially when the strength and depth of their music is not currently enough of a distraction to buffer that.

Similarly, why has Eleanor got over a million Twitter followers? Because people are more interested in the current "inter-relationships" than the music. That's why all of this is such a headache for their people imo. Thus far One D are less a marketing exercise in music than believable roleplaying characters for an international audience. Thank fuck there are rebels among them. If their second album branches out and offers something more substantial than fluff-pop then they stand a chance of being about music and less about who's fucking who (in both a straight and gay context).

by Larry believerreply 5808/29/2012

55, I agree with everything you said. Harry and Nick are in relationship, is obvious, and those who don't want to see are blinded by Harry's reputation as ladies man (which is a good cover). They even have the blessing of their parents. Harry's mom tweet Nick frequently, and the boys had dinner with Nick's parents back in April (the photos are everywhere). You analyzed very well Louis situation and he seems to be gay and in a "bearding" relationship. I think he is very discreet with his real partners because he is never caught in compromising situations. And he must have a lot of action, did you see that ass?

by Larry believerreply 5908/29/2012

[quote]47, is a matter of taste. I for example find Grimmy very attractive physically. I see why Harry is dating him. On the other hand I really like Louis and his unique personality fascinate me. He is anything but boring and predictable.

Nick Grimshaw has gorgeous eyes and a nice set of nips. He also comes over as friendly and into his music. No hangups. An older man's experience and drives? Might he be more appealing than a bunch of screaming 12 year olds? At the very least, if they are not diddling and it's just a 'bromance' (cretinous term), they can sit and get legally blind drunk, illegally toked up (but who's counting), talk about music, sex and other 'filth' most parents wouldn't want their young 1D-loving daughters exposed to.

If I were comparing, Louis, he's painfully beautiful from all angles and let's not beat around the bush he has a massive one, a huge draw. It's probably half the size of his body. Add a gigantic bubble (non-surgically enhanced) arse onto that and it's a no-brainer. Louis could turn straight men gay. He's also way smarter and notices more than he lets on. He seems to me to have an unreadable personality these days. Whereas Nick is like an open book, like Harry.

I can see the charms of both myself.

by Larry believerreply 6008/29/2012

I think we should disclaimer for the record, nobody is, to date, 'dating' anybody in this little triangle of fevered speculation. The idea of Harry and Nick seems to be catching on but statements could easily be put out by reps to say 'we are just fishing buddies'. Followed by 'We both like blonde girls...'

Well, you know the drill, people.

by Larry believerreply 6108/29/2012

Oh come on R60. Nick Grimshaw is objectively fugly. I dont care for his radio show either, irritating as shit. I hope he doesnt spoil it for that kid, you know with the drugs or an accidental outing.

Because guys, like it or not, Harry has a small window to make a truckload of cash and not have to ever work again. If hes wise, he'll stay closeted for another 2 years at least.

by Larry believerreply 6208/29/2012

R57... you believe they are together. You don't think they're awkward or don't find anything fishy at all over the fact that they never kiss and all they do is hold hands awkwardly. Fine.. but I respectfully disagree.

I have seen candid pictures of them.. both in public and in private. Whenever they're "on", as in having to put on a show, like at the airport, OF COURSE they would look like a couple, it is their job after all.. not just Eleanor's job but also Louis' job. But all the pics and videos I've seen of them taken by fans.. they barely interact. They seem more like friends than a couple.

Oh and btw.. of course they would seem like a couple in the fan videos of them, they take all the best photos from the photo ops, and plaster them together. And I mean.. Louis did say he wanted to be a drama teacher, so he can obviously act, although some times he lets it slip that he doesn't really enjoy playing a couple. But you're right, most of the times he does look happy with her. Like I said, he's not a bad actor.

I also need to add that I do believe they are friends. The Larry shippers actually found out that they probably knew each other before they started going out. He obviously would choose someone he gets along with to fake being his girlfriend. I am not a hater, I do not hate Eleanor. I don't like her, for various reasons, but I don't hate her. I actually think Louis likes her a lot, I think they enjoy hanging out and enjoy each other's company. I think they are good friends, but that's all.

I read somewhere that Lottie was skyping with a friend, and the friend of Lottie had a friend there.. a sleepover. Anyway, she said that "Louis and Eleanor get along great.. except when they have to act like couple". I don't believe this for a second. I don't believe it happened. BUT I still wrote it here because I think this perfectly describes Louis and Eleanor, I do think they get along, but I don't think Louis likes to pretend to be a couple.

And true.. I don't know how they act in private, I would imagine they don't spend that much time together, because Louis is in London and Eleanor is a university student in Manchester. And yes.. it's true that I have no idea what they do in private.. they might be kissing and having sex for all I know (although I highly doubt it, because he can't even master to kiss her when they're out and about, and I don't buy the "not into PDA" thing, because he didn't have those issues while he was dating Hannah), but the same can be said about you.. you don't have any idea how they act in private either.. so they might as well never hang out for all you know.

If you think Louis is legit together with Eleanor, then that's great. I can't say that is wrong. I obviously have my opinion, but I obviously don't know the truth any more than you do. I'm just speaking from what I see, and from the conclusions I have drawn by having watched other bearding arrangements throughout the years and how Louis and Eleanor act together. I have never claimed it to be fact, it's obviously just my opinion. I just don't think it's likely that they're together. All I see is awkwardness and a miserable Louis having to hang out with Eleanor. I think it's too easy blaming it on the paps too, because Danielle and Liam seem to have no problem being affectionate with paps precent (and btw.. we never saw any pap pics of them until recently, when all the Larry shippers pointed out that we only get HQ pics of Eleanor and Louis, and not Liam and Danielle.. voila we get OBVIOUS pap pics of them on vacation in Venice.. they've been on vacation together so many times before, and no pap pics then).

But again.. you can believe what you want to believe, you have your opinion and I have mine. Where you see a loving and caring couple I see an awkward and fake couple. We can't agree, because you see something that i don't. I cant know for sure that I'm right, but I do think that I am.. we'll just have to wait for the "tell all" interview in a few years time, then we'll know the truth.

by Larry believerreply 6308/29/2012

R62, come on Louis, it's past bedtime now.

by Larry believerreply 6408/29/2012

I had no idea so much can hapen in such a short time. So Harry is probably with that DJ. Hmmm! I hate it. That DJ is toothy and ugly and too old to date a teenager. Yuck!

I only liked it if Harry was with Louis. Now I dont care and wont follow them again. I didnt like the music so much anyway.

by Larry believerreply 6508/29/2012

Harry yesterday outside Grimshaw's appartament.

by Larry believerreply 6608/29/2012

65, come on Grimmy, don't victimize yourself, you're still hot and you have the chance to bang Harry. Life is good, be happy.

by Larry believerreply 6708/29/2012

Here's hoping Louis gets '29 Red' tattooed on his bum.

by Larry believerreply 6808/29/2012

Luna Lovegod apparently at Nick's place yesterday (28th). There's about a million pictures of him parking his wheels up.

Freshly scrubbed and nice shirt too - bonus.

by Larry believerreply 6908/29/2012

It is funny Harry is so smitten with Nick he don't want to hide anymore.

by Larry believerreply 7008/29/2012

R70 I see this as well - but a lot of people say they don't see chemistry, they don't see Harry expressing any interest ...

Well, when I fancy someone quite a lot, I spend the majority of my time with them; like to go to big events (Reading fest, carnival) with them; and generally try to impress them/make them laugh and get on with their friends as well as I can. So I kind of see Harry being completely infatuated and desperate to please; and Grimmy looking on with a kind of bemused/amused adoration.

I think it's kind of dangerous when you start thinking that NOT seeing something, having no evidence for something and generally having just come up with a theory from a handful of instances; means that you're simply not being shown the truth, rather than that what you want to see simply doesn't exist.

For example, pictures of Harry and Louis out together. Well, think of it this way; no pictures of Niall and Zayn out together away from work, or Liam and Louis, but we're not assuming they're under a photoban, are we? Just because their relationship has never been as openly physically affectionate. Actually, it would be more likely that those who are LESS physically affectionate are hiding something. Who avoid looking at each other to avoid "giving it away" with their eyes or whatever it is InLove Couples apparently do these days.

Please DO NOT get me wrong, I am not trying to crash and burn your Larry Dreams, it's just that I'm trying to be quite rational about this. I've said before, I have no interest in disillusioning anyone, I'm just trying to engage the other side of the argument.

However, you have to admit to being a tinhat when you start saying that they'll put Harry in a gay relationship with a man ten years his senior, who in the past has been linked to heavy drinking and I think drugs (no judgement, I'm just saying) and who met him initially when he was just sixteen (legal, I know, but it's still a bit dodge); and all of this to cover up his relationship with his bandmate, only a few years older than him, who people find attractive, and who a chunk of his fans would be perfectly happy for him to date?

I like conspiracy, but that's going quite far.

Anyway, Harry chilled for a bit on Grimmy's show last night, introducing the show, making Grimmy laugh and buying cake for the security guard. Because he's adorable. And also because if Grimmy wasn't such an amazing Gay Mentor, letting Harry hang out with him like a wounded puppy when Louis's off pretending to shag his girlfriend, Harry would probably be at home crying his eyes out to Read All About It, watching Larry Stylinson videos. Because he's just a teenage fangirl at heart.

Grimmy is such a saint.

by Larry believerreply 7108/29/2012

I don't know.. there could be a possibility that Harry and Nick are just friends. I don't see any chemistry there at all. If anything Nick has a crush on Harry, and Harry seems flattered but it's not returned. I also do find it a bit suspicious that he hangs out with Grimmy every time Louis is out with his girlfriend. This happened when he was in France with her, and now recently when they went out shopping. Hmm..

I'm still not sure what's going on. Harry might be with Grimmy, or he's not.. maybe he's fighting with Louis, or maybe they broke up, and he is just out having fun with Grimmy (whether they are in a relationship or not).

But I do admit that it does look quite likely that Harry is with Grimmy (and that is saying A LOT coming from me, because I do not like Grimmy). I think the huge amount of pap pics lately might be because Harry is nudging out of the closet, it's a way for the public to get used to the bromance, before Harry reveals "the big seceret". It's all so the public can get used to Harry being bi/gay, so that they won't take it as hard when he finally does come out. At least that's how I see it. I agree with R71 that management would never intentionally put Harry and Nick together to hide the gay, or to hide Larry. It's probably instead so people can get used to Harry being bi/gay.

by Larry believerreply 7208/29/2012

I can't wait for these teen awards or whatever the hell it is that Nick is presenting that 1D is headlining. Would love to see the interaction between Louis and Nick.

by Larry believerreply 7308/29/2012

Whatever all our views are, it's all speculation until someone steps up and says what the deal is.

And we have no right or expectation that they ever should, for anyone. They all pique our curiosity but it doesn't mean they owe us their private lives lock stock and barrel upfront.

I do strongly agree with r35 that, in theory, there's a huge window of opportunity to be played here.

If it is orchestrated just to help someone ease out (from the self-confessed not really had a 'proper' boyfriend Grimshaw) then it's genuinely the one thing their managament is playing really well because it gives all these people breathing space to sort their lives out. If it's genuine and Harry and Nick are a couple or growing into one then wahay! A sturdier bed may need ordering. The shadow of Louis large arse will always lurk for me in this one, but that's just my personal quirk.

But look, there is already a Harry and Nick masterpost on tumblr.

by Larry believerreply 7408/29/2012

I've always championed the idea H could be involved with Grimmy but not convinced as yet due to Flacks recent reappearance on the scene. (She is off filming X factor at the moment, could H just be at a loose end at the moment?)

That said, I've lost count of the no of tweets / reader comments from people stating they KNOW / have heard from legit sources that H/Grim is the real deal. These go way back to last year up to today and seem to be increasing. They could be be lying / misinformed but seem genuine?

I agree it is highly unlikely this is a cover for Larry. I also agree (if it is real or H is bi / gay) the publicised nature of the last week may be a PR strategy to acclimatise the general public to the notion H is into guys?

I listen to Grimmy's radio show. Last week he was joking with a female guest he about H secretly dating her. He then joked mgmt were working on how to 'strategically announce this to the public'

Could relate to Flack, could relate to Grimmy, could have been a joke.

I'm reserving judgment on this for the moment but personally think it would be great if H & Grimmy are together, that they go public.

Great for them and great for the entertainment industry generally.

by Larry believerreply 7508/29/2012

[quote]I listen to Grimmy's radio show. Last week he was joking with a female guest he about H secretly dating her. He then joked mgmt were working on how to 'strategically announce this to the public'

You wouldn't need to 'strategically announce' Harry and any woman to the public. There are about three women, including his lovely mother, that he hasn't slept with in the entire world according to what the public of the UK is told. They announce a new one every other day so I don't reckon much planning would be involved, it'd just be link 'em up and off we go. To his credit thus far Harry hasn't played the beard game for a long time. I think the last was the tabloid thingy he did with Emily Ostilly which seemed bizarre but that was at speculation point re: Louis also.

On another note, looks like old Voldemort's out of pocket. Not exactly, but no wonder he's been pushing his charges this year and threatening a return to UK X Factor. To be fair someone says he gives a lot to animal charities and what gay's heart wouldn't melt at that:

by Larry believerreply 7608/29/2012

This is why I love One Direction.

Extra points for the little pocket hanky.

by Larry believerreply 7708/29/2012

Drunk photo booth at Rochelle of The Saturday's recent wedding featuring, Rochelle, Tulisa, Reggie Yates, Wretch32 (dear lord) and... Harry.

by Larry believerreply 7808/29/2012

Do not let this be lost, my fellow posters: What we see is usually what was put out there for us on purpose. Glad to see my idea at r35 holds up to this. And that I happen to largely be in agreement with L Girl. Though I have a suspicion that Louis is not out of the picture, but only out of the pictures that are circulating.

by Larry believerreply 7908/29/2012

I didn't want to post again tonight but will leave those of you so inclined with this and this was bugging me:

Try as I might I cannot find ONE picture of the many of Harry and Nick out and about and socialising that shows anothing NEAR the "hands on" affection of Louis and Harry. Outside of just arms round each other for posed/funny pics they still have a respectable, careful distance between them just like Louis and Eleanor do.

I knew this was bugging me. There's no hint in any shots of Nick with a straying arm or hand onto Harry's person, or a foot or a light touch to the face. Or vice versa. There's no HINT that when they are sat together at the bar recently there's a hand straying under the table to touch - unlike the many times we see Harry and Louis interact as if they have to, hands everywhere.

Hary and Nick are either a totally different kettle of fish and the dynamic is different or it is just a respectable friendship perhaps designed to be seen as more.

There's lots of friendship and affection in glances in all those pictures, but nothing physical, and Harry seems a very physical person. It's just not there so far.

by Larry believerreply 8008/29/2012

I guess Harry has a type and clearly its effete men. I wonder how the fangurls will feel about this new pairing. My guess is that they will pretend its not happening.......which is what I may have to do too. I cant be the only one skeeved by this???

by Larry believerreply 8108/29/2012

R81, if it helps it's not always about you, hun.

by Larry believerreply 8208/29/2012

It's funny how the people here try to portrait Nick like a nice uncle who want to guide Harry through the hard ways of being a gay man. Don't be naive guys, those two are fucking big time.

by Larry believerreply 8308/29/2012

Well R80, I dont want to believe it too but sometimes the evidence hits you so hard in the face theres no denying it. That age gap, the sleepovers, the shopping trips, the 24/7 hanging out, the dinners with family, the tweeting between Grimshaw and mama Styles kind of preclude a platonic relationship.

To be sure its nasty as hell and makes me want to scrub my skin till its raw, but THIS IS happening my friend.

by Larry believerreply 8408/29/2012

Dont be so sensitive R82. I'm not judging you and your teenage boyfriend (although somebody most certainly should), just this very weird looking man whos likely dating some barely legal kid.

by Larry believerreply 8508/29/2012

Get back to me when we get some handholding pics of these two or a fumble in public and I'll deal again.

Until then, jury's out.

by Larry believerreply 8608/29/2012

@79 & 84: The things mentioned in 84 hint for me also clearly to a -already building for some time- relationship (in whatever form, from fuck buddy to kind-of serious). But I also agree with @79, it is also clearly something that they (whoever 'they' are) want us to see. With a little bit more effort, the rumors would have been far less and there was no need for all these pictures the last couple of days. So either the ID management is fine with slowly outing Harry, or Harry just wants to out himself (but I cannot believe that their management/PR would have no hand in this).

by Larry believerreply 8708/29/2012

R85, gay legal age of consent is 16 in the UK. We're not in Buttheadsville, USA, no matter how many paedophiles you wish to dream up here.

by Larry believerreply 8808/29/2012

R81 If skeeved = creeped out, then no you are not alone.

R82 These threads have been about Larry and Elouner and everyone here has expressed an opinion on those couplings. Why should this pair be treated any differently?

R86 I agree. The rules that eliminated Flack must also apply here. Being seen is not conclusive although it does raise questions.

by Larry believerreply 8908/29/2012

Seriously, can we watch our tone please! Lets have atleast one thread that doesnt deteriorate into pointless name calling. People hold different views, deal with it.

by Larry believerreply 9008/29/2012

No handholding (yet) but Grimshaw giggling like a schoolgirl (to presumably Harry, since he was in the studio that day and introduced the show)

by Larry believerreply 9108/29/2012

[quote][R82] These threads have been about Larry and Elouner and everyone here has expressed an opinion on those couplings. Why should this pair be treated any differently?

Please link to where I implied they should be? They just lost me at 'skeevy'.

by Larry believerreply 9208/29/2012

Another clip.

Someone (Harry or Nick) says 'they do make things up, the papers'. (We know.)

The they start discussing who has the biggest watermelon.

by Larry believerreply 9308/29/2012


Review your post on R82. Its a dismissive statement that could apply to all 8 threads because in the end, these relationships, whatever they are, are not about us. Why you would think to apply this 'wisdom' so selectively is beyond me.

Also, you dont get to tell people how to feel about any relationship. If the guy at R81 is "skeeved" then he is "skeeved". If you dont think he should feel that way then tell him (without the infantile one-liner put downs) your reasoning.

by Larry believerreply 9408/29/2012

Looks like I'm going to be retiring my interest in One Direction since I have no intention of googling gifs of Harry and the fug radio presenter.

Zayn, fascinates me now after the video of him trying to sneak a girl past his burly security guard. Still waters run deep they say. Hes definitely the most likely to have a sex tape, albeit a straight one.

by Larry believerreply 9508/29/2012

Remember when Lou's mom immediately cleared up rumors of her son being gay? No, you don't, because it never happened. Remember when, at the first sign of it, she immediately cleared up rumors that Harry and Louis aren't friends anymore? It just happened.

by Larry believerreply 9608/29/2012

Nick Grimshaw kissing someone. As r14 and r16 would say, who could accept this from their boyfriend? Or is Harry different than Louis in this way?

by Larry believerreply 9708/29/2012

Hey David

Just got finished reading the prologue of your fanfic and I gotta say I'm enjoying it.

Anyway, I'm a long time lurker but finally decided to post.

by Larry believerreply 9808/29/2012

Nick Grimshaw has a star tatoo on his right ankle, we all know about Harry's star tatoo.

by Larry believerreply 9908/29/2012

Harry and Nick two days ago.

by Larry believerreply 10008/29/2012

R97, That's Mark Wright! (TOWIE) Completely straight and a total neanderthal. Nobody would ever take that seriously (they were both laughing about it on the radio recently)

by Larry believerreply 10108/29/2012

[quote]Also, you dont get to tell people how to feel about any relationship. If the guy at [R81] is "skeeved" then he is "skeeved". If you dont think he should feel that way then tell him (without the infantile one-liner put downs) your reasoning.

I get the right to say what I want within reason here because I pay my fees to use this place.

I get an opinion just like you or him so don't dictate to me what I can and cannot say.

These threads were alright until people like your buddy turned up bringing it down to a childish level.

My response was to him, not to you, so why not keep your bloody nose out?

[quote][R97], That's Mark Wright! (TOWIE) Completely straight and a total neanderthal. Nobody would ever take that seriously (they were both laughing about it on the radio recently)

Never thought Mark Wright was straight. He spends way too much time kissing dudes. He was never off Dougie Poynter in the Celeb jungle. Neither is he 'neanderthal', he's one of the softest people out there and I mean that in a complimentary way.

by Larry believerreply 10208/30/2012

^That said, the Mark Wright/Nick kiss is clearly goofy and put on for the cameras.

Today's One D twitcam involved a giggling Harry and Louis (for a change) allowed to interact like they used to do which was nice to see again.

Plenty of laughs and rude, Niall shipping his "otp", beard innuendo (I kid you not) and everyone trying to rip Liam's clothes off. Later on today someone tweeted they were: 'Boring the shit out of Harry. He liked it'. He retweeted it. Someone else tweeted 'tell him to hurry up with this announcement, I want to go to bloody sleep!'.


It was a good gay day today.

by Larry believerreply 10308/30/2012

Here's their new album cover:

by Larry believerreply 10408/30/2012

Just gonna quickly add some great pics of Harry someone found. Some from schooldays and one set from a One D tv interview.

I do wonder if Louis is actually fucking tapped in the head when he supposedly gets "offended" about people linking him to this guy. Harry is fabulous.

by Larry believerreply 10508/30/2012

Another, I think these are a few years old.

by Larry believerreply 10608/30/2012

TV show. This is good.

by Larry believerreply 10708/30/2012

TV part 2.

by Larry believerreply 10808/30/2012

So on this MTV thing, when Louis read a question about who their first crushes were off the teleprompter, Harry turned and mouthed something to him that looked like 'You' or 'I do'.


by Larry believerreply 10908/30/2012

I watched 1D twitcam and my observations are: Harry was really unintrested in everything. All the boys were joking and laughing and he was standing there pouting. I remember a few days ago how happy he was with Nick, how much he smiled and laughed. If you watched this and you still believe in a relationship between Harry and Louis, you must be a really loyal Larry fan. There is nothing intimate between them, they seem ordinary friends. I'm sorry but I saw more chemistry between Louis and Liam than from those two "lovers".

by Larry believerreply 11008/30/2012

Harry and Nick Grimshaw was at Mahiki tonight, celebrating Rita Ora's debut album. Another date. And people are so blind, insisting with this Larry nonsense.

by Larry believerreply 11108/30/2012

Harry was spotted at Mcdonalds lastnight around 1am, while Grimmy was waiting for him in the car.

by Larry believerreply 11208/30/2012

Harry and Nick arriving at Mahiki lastnight.

by Larry believerreply 11308/30/2012

I love the interactions between Louis and Harry and the theories about them (the idea is just very romantic), but I'm now totally in the Nick/Harry camp. Hanging out almost everyday, going home together... When it is just some (celeb) friendship, there would be no reason why Nick and Harry are sharing cars, arriving together - all the time! Nick has loads of other friends to do that stuff with. The only thing (but I'm probably just getting too old) is that their 'thing' seems to revolve around going out/partying together. I'm curious how this will play out...

by Larry believerreply 11408/31/2012

114, I agree with you. Harry/Louis "romance" is a very good acting to keep the girls screaming and interest fresh, but Harry/Nick are the real deal. It's obvious.

by Larry believerreply 11508/31/2012

Another update: Harry was at the private residence in London to film a promotional clip for Nick Grimshaw. Helping your boyfriend, Harry?

by Larry believerreply 11608/31/2012

I try to convince myself about Harry and Nick and I just can't properly.

They probably sleep with each other but in love ?

See I just don't see it.

I could see them fucking I could see them as friends. I could see them in a part time relationship.I could see Nick in love and I could see Harry smitten but in love?

I can also see this as Harry testing the waters to come out.

But in love together no.

So we are talking about the same Harry who was all over Louis,who basically could not function if Louis was not around him,who on screen showed how jealous he was just when someone touched Louis.Who had to hold hands with him,whisper to him secretly,lived with him,stayed in the same hotel together.

This same Harry who was over Louis as much as Louis was over him.Not 2 years ago,not 6 months ago but less than 8 weeks ago.

Suddenly he is over it,moved was fake lalala.

Seriously being young for me was continuous angst and insecurity,but Harry seems to have swallowed the drug that says no pain move on,as easily as we seem to have swallowed the drug labelled smokescreen and manipulation and run with it.

I suppose someone who has a headline Larrybeliever should be the last one to abdicate that title.

I admit I feel there is a lot we do not know or cannot know.

Why so now feel the same way Lgirl must have felt.

Still clearly deluded/)

by Larry believerreply 11708/31/2012

Larry believer, Harry was all over Louis? All the boys are all over each other. Niall sits on Liam's lap, Zayn licks Liam and kisses Louis, Harry embraces Zayn etc etc. This is the whole point. They all are affectionate and acts crazy. If you will go to Zarry's fandom you will se how fanatics the fans are with their ship. Larry is the same. They cannot look or talk with each other because fans invent all kind of things. You clearly see the things through your own wishes. I am objective and practical and I see this Harry/Louis pair like a very good acting in front of the cameras. But behind the scenes they are not what you think, they have complete different lives, friends and aspirations. Harry is partying non stop, attending all kind of select parties, metting famous people. Louis is different, more family oriented. And more important, apart of their job, they are never together. On the other hand, Harry is always with Nick Grimshaw, in each other cars and houses. Nick insinuated multiple times that Harry stayed overnight in his apartment and I doubt they watched movies or played monopoly. You said that you don't see a spark between them, maybe because they try to hide their affair and fake an innocent friendship? I tell you, these two are a couple. Nick is clearly infatuated with Harry and Harry follows him everywhere like a lost puppy. This is the real relathionship, the other is just a fiction made by shippers.

by Larry believerreply 11808/31/2012

As soon as gay peeked through last night, a new picture of Eleanor and Louis surfaced with his dad and sisters.

Even though his dad is in Cyprus and his sisters in Turkey.

Are these people even trying to be subtle any more?

by Larry believerreply 11908/31/2012

R118 you mention that Louis and Harry seem to spend no time together outside of their jobs.

Does the fact that two men who still live together (Zayn said they were roomies twice in yesterday's twitcam) and who by one's mum admission are still as close as ever, are never seen together any more not raise a few red flags to you?

Maybe Nick and Harry are together. But something very iffy is going on behind the scenes with Louis and Harry, now whether that's executive meddling over a secret relationship or just management being cautious is the question.

by Larry believerreply 12008/31/2012

[quote]I do wonder if Louis is actually fucking tapped in the head when he supposedly gets "offended" about people linking him to this guy. Harry is fabulous.

I just gotta say one thing before you continue the discussion.. Louis never said that. It was a made up quote from the BS Storyboard interview. They even admitted it themselves that they made it up! Then magazines and newspapers just went with it, because it made a great story, or because management figured it would be a good idea, or both. Some of the quotes in the following magazines and newspapers were even reworded to make it sound even worse than the first BS quote. They basically just rehashed a made up quote and went with it. That's all. I doubt Louis would have an issue with fans shipping him and his friends together, and come on.. like Louis "acts the way he does around Harry like he does with his other friends". LOL.. ok, so you simulate blowjobs and get boners when you're with your other male friends too then? ok. I doubt he would say that, because he knows it isn't true.

by Larry believerreply 12108/31/2012

Here's my take on it: Harry and Louis were together. R118, all the boys are close? Well.. let me know when Harry looks at any of the other boys the same way he looks at Louis. Let me know when Louis gets a boner when he's with any of the other boys (as far as I know this hasn't happened, but it has happened at least three times with Harry). Let me know when any of the other boys decide they want to live together.

I'm sorry, call me deluded.. call me whatever you feel like. I still think there's something weird going on here. I can't quite put my finger on it. I admit that it is likely that Harry and Nick are together. I'm not denying that at all. But I agree with R121.. something iffy definitely is going on behind the scenes with Harry and Louis. I have no idea what though.

My theory is that Harry and Louis were together up until very recently. I don't think it was all an act, Harry can't act for shit, and can't lie either. I do believe he was very much in love with Louis, probably still is. And they definitely were more than friends. My gut feeling, based on all the videos and stuff I've seen hints at something more than a friendship. If not together, then they at least had sex. But I noticed something changed after they came back from the North American tour, we didn't get as much as a sighting of the two of them together, unlike before the tour, when they were seen at a hotel together, at a restaurant, and at a mcdonalds. I think they broke up or at least are on a break/fighting right now. I don't think Harry and Nick had anything more than friendship until recently. But I do think Harry and Louis, whatever they had, ended, and Harry took his friendship with Nick to the next level. That's my honest opinion on all of this. I think Harry grew into his own, the boys grew apart and he decided he wanted to be in a real relationship, which means he didn't have to lie anymore. Louis is still closeted. It just didn't work out. They have different ambitions and aspirations. They look at life differently. Harry want to party, but Louis seems to be a bit more on the quieter side. I think he did most of his partying in his teens, and grew up, while Harry feels liberated about his sexuality and just wants to enjoy life, and that includes partying. I think they came to a mutual agreement, and it was a good break up for both of them. I think what happened was natural, and it wasn't the shippers fault at all.

The reason for all the pap pics lately of Harry and Grimmy I believe is because they want to quietly out Harry, so that his coming out will be easier. You can't deny the increase in pap pics of them together. Something is definitely up.

Now onto Louis.. I still believe in what I said previously, that Louis is gay and Eleanor is his cover. They mentioned it twice in that twitcam video, that Louis had a beard.. and then they all laughed. Yeah, way to be subtle guys. And I think the pic of Elounor the day after the twitcam is no surprise.. EVERY TIME there's been something revealing about his sexuality, and I mean every goddamn time, without missing a beat, a pic of Elounor is released. It should really say something that this pic is released now, when we now it wasn't even taken recently. And yes, R119. People still believe Eleanor and Louis are legit. There's fans that starve themselves because they want to look like Eleanor, these are called Calderics, and are scary as fuck. They truly believe in the relationship. They find nothing odd with the staged pictures, the fake kissing, the awkward hand holding, Louis telling Eleanor he loved her on twitter when he was asleep (LOL.. management, I see you) or anything else. No.. these two are so much in love! OK. I don't believe that for a second. I believe Eleanor and Louis are close, as in friends, which they should be, if they have to act like they're a couple. But there's definitely not anything more going on between them. Louis is gay and Eleanor is a cover, but whatever.. if people want to believe they're together, fine by me. We'll see who's right in a few years time.

by Larry believerreply 12208/31/2012

@122, I could actually get into this explanation. Really, I'm already looking forward to the 'tell-all' book which hopefully will come out in a few years after the band broke up. Especially I'm curious about Louis. I just cannot believe this Eleanor thing is real. I do believe something between Harry and Louis has been going on, or at the very minimal, that they at least tried something which maybe didn't get them somewhere romantically. But I do think that they share (part of) their sexuality in common and that they also bonded over this.

I do think Nick/Harry started as friends and now became something of a relationship (at least involving sex). There is no way Nick hasn't tried to get Harry into bed (otherwise I'm disappointed in Nick) and I see why they have more in common at this stage that H/L. Also, since the beginning Harry has been giving hints about supporting gay rights/being indie-hipster-ish/being at least open-minded about sexuality. And Nick seems like somebody he can really look up too (and not only in an older-brother kind of way). Although he's maybe not classically pretty, he's handsome and I think Harry is attracted to his attitude/intelligence/friendliness. I know why people call Nick a bit shallow, but he seems at least genuinely good at his job and has something why people keep hanging out with him.

by Larry believerreply 12308/31/2012

I agree that Harry and Grimmy's relationship/friendship is suddenly being commented on by the press in a way it hasn't been before (there is even an on line article today that actually asks the question 'are they in a relationship' and mentions the call and delete prank)

However, IF they are together, I personally don't think it's only recent? If twitter reports are anything to go by, N & H have been spending days/nights together at a time since Xmas. Also, someone tweeted seeing them "all over each other" in Shoreditch House (to the extent he concluded H to be gay) This was also in December. There were even blinds about the 2 of them back then.

I'm not suggesting that H&L has never happened, it may well have. (whilst I don't belive larry to be current or recent, neither do i believe they have only ever been platonic?) I just don't think H & N is new? This is the longest period of time H has been back home since jan so whatever may be going on between him & N is perhaps just more apparent?

That said, if the press have their way, Harry will be dating Rita Ora by the end of the day.

The Daily Mail have already rewritten their initial account of last night to remove their initial comment about how much time H & Grimmy are spending together...

by Larry believerreply 12408/31/2012

I didn't know Harry also brought Nick to Liam's birthday party...and looked quite intimate while doing so.

by Larry believerreply 12508/31/2012

122, if you want my onest oppinion, I think Harry must be real stupid if he wants to come out right now. And Nick, his lover, must be very selfish to advise him so, given that Nick himself come out few months ago, after he has built a career. What about Harry'r reputation as ladies lover? What he will say? That he was a shameless liar when he claimed he loved women? What about Ema Ostily and Caroline Flack? Everybody will call him an hypocrite. Very bad move from his part, if you ask me.

by Larry believerreply 12608/31/2012

R126 I doubt he will say anything. If anything I expect he'll pull a Travolta, continuing to live a gay lifestyle when he's supposedly straight. But the young girls will buy into it, because anything that gives them hope that Harry will some day want them is definitely true in their eyes.

I agree though, if he does come out he's very stupid. One Direction in my opinion have about 2 years left before they burnout and go on a very long hiatus, split or fade, which in the grand scheme of things isn't all that long.

by Larry believerreply 12708/31/2012

I can't help but wonder whether they really are planning an imminent 'outing' for Harry?

Harry was pictured arriving at Liam's party alone yet clearly wasn't?

Suggests there is still an ongoing attempt to hide things (whether they be real or not)

(I do think he could come out as Bi without looking too dishonest though?)

by Larry believerreply 12808/31/2012

Bi is definitely a possibility L Girl, a big part of his appeal is that these teen girls retain the hope of fucking him. With him being out as bisexual, they'd still be able to cling onto hope.

However, if Gryles is real, I doubt management/PR/whoever would want that relationship out in the open. They'd want Harry to continue to be seemingly single.

by Larry believerreply 12908/31/2012

I try to see the chemistry between Nick and Harry and I just don't see it. That they have fucked I have no doubt,but no.

See to say Louis and Harry are fine with each other and that Louis is fine with Nick and Harry is fine with Eleanor just flies in the face of the face of everything we know about the boys.

I don't buy the Harry and Louis have grown apart.No I just don't.They are meant to be not seen together.They are meant not to coupled together and it has worked.

Until you look deeper. When Louis arrived back in the UK he was seen driving Harry's car. In an article that really was a throw back to the good old days. The media discussed how Louis was dressing like Harry ,to the point of Louis wearing a cap like Harry and the reporter commenting on what a shame this was as Louis had such lovely hair.

Would you lend your car to someone you didn't see often,dress alike.

That Louis is acting normal and Harry is over it just makes me more suspicious.If they could control themselves this much why the fuck were all the problems in the US with them both.Surely if there was nothing there they would be more manageable?

This is not a Noel Coward play,with everyone civilised and let's just have a stiff upper lip and get over it.

These boys were all over each other 8 weeks ago.Now they have got over it ?Really and no one thinks this is suspicious.

See if I saw Harry and Louis jealous over the other's relationship I would almost believe the Nick rumours,cause then I would think well it is over Etc.

I know you think it was all an act but no I don't buy it.

I think both are biding time. I think Nick is aware and has accepted it and I think they are fine with it all because it buys time.

Yep still deluded.

by Larry believerreply 13008/31/2012

I'm laughing so hard at Larry's shippers right now. They were so enthusiastic after yesterday's twitcam. Oh did you saw the way Harry looked at Louis, he is so in looooove, did you saw how their elbows touched, they are so boyfriends etc. And of course the fanfictions began. Zayn mumbled something and now everybody think he said that Louis and Harry live together. But if you look closer you will see that is some kind of inside joke because all the boys started to laugh loudly. Do you think Zayn will be so careless with all the gay rumours flowing around to say something like that so openly? Another thing, Louis's mother tweeting about H/L friendship. Do you believe she will say the boys are enemies or something? Could you imagine the hate and resentiment Louis would have received? She is very diplomatic. And about the "grow a beard" thing, it was Niall who said that, not Louis, and the boys agreed, saying yeah he is becoming a man.

by Larry believerreply 13108/31/2012

Its no surprise that people are clinging to Larry even as it sinks. Actually, its quite noble, kind of ike the orchestra that kept playing as the Titanic split into two and sank!

The interaction between all the boys is homoerotic. Its intentional. The Wanted do the exact same thing! So did McFly. Its clever marketing. Note these are all European groups. And once they cross over to the US they have no choice but to tone it down.

Ofcourse some of the couples were more believable than others. Its all about chemistry. Its the same reason why some romantic comedies are successful and some arent. It doesnt mean the actors are fucking, some people just have good chemistry. End of.

I do have to say that while I acknowledge Grimshaw as Harrys likely lover, it truly and thoroughly disgusts me!!! Nick Grimshaw is a pederast if there ever was one.

by Larry believerreply 13208/31/2012

I hate to jump into the Grimmy haters brigade but did I just read a comment suggesting that he is "cute"?!

Puhleeeze. That aging twink is on the wrong side of 'plain' I imagine he must suck a mean cock to compensate.

by Larry believerreply 13308/31/2012

I still don't think Harry and Grimmy were anything more than friends until recently. There were sightings of Harry and Louis together, they still lived together and spent time together. Harry and Grimmy hanging out could be explained by a close friendship back then. Maybe they even talked about Louis.. lol, who knows. I do think they are something more now though.

And I'm sorry R131, but even if Larry NEVER happened (which I don't believe, because imo they've at least had sex.. I actually think casual sex from time to time is more likely than a serious relationship anyway), I still don't think Louis is straight and he's legit together with Eleanor. There's just too much stuff there. I could go on for days saying why, but I won't.. I've gone into it time and time again. Bottom line is that there's just lots of stuff going on with that "couple", and there's too much to get suspicious about to not at least raise an eyebrow and make you think. Yes, Niall said the beard thing, yes, they all laughed. I think Niall probably meant growing a beard, then they all laughed because they got the double meaning. But if you think something else, then go right ahead. We're all allowed to our own opinion. What I don't get though, and I'm sorry if people get offended by this, but it seems like some people here are trying to shut out the possibility of Louis being gay, because that means it would be likelier that he really is with Harry.. and I know some people here are VERY anti-Louis and pro-Grimmy, which put me off the thread in the first place. My point is just that they can both be queer and still not be together. Like someone above said.. maybe they experimented together, maybe they bonded over their sexuality.. whatever, but it was never anything serious. Hell.. what if Harry has been with Louis all along? does that mean that Louis can't be gay? I'm only asking.. I still think that Louis is gay and Eleanor is his cover even if Larry never happened. Larry not happening will never change my view on that, it just looks fake, fake, fake.

by Larry believerreply 13408/31/2012

Larry believer, this is the whole point of growing apart. You stop to see the other as yours, you don't allow bursts of jealousy etc. And you paint Grimmy as some stupid guy who is waiting for Harry to decide if he love Louis or not. And what about Louis? Would he be ok with his lover fucking another because you were fighting or something? Would you accept somebody behaving like this? If Harry did this he probably never loved Louis and is better they split. And about the car thing, Louis didn't drive Harry's car, he has his own Range Rover. And the clotes, Louis wore a beanie before, why he will stop now?. Watch some videos from two years ago and you will see this.

by Larry believerreply 13508/31/2012

133, As someone else said, it really is a matter of personal taste.

Louis is more classically attractive, physically, than Grimmy and on looks alone, I would go for him.

Factor in their personalities however (as much as we can know these without actually knowing them) and I personally find Grimmy far more attractive.

A lot of women find Grimmy attractive. Perhaps it's a female thing.

by Larry believerreply 13608/31/2012

I agree with R133, I think Grimmy is fugly. Yes, he is funny, and I'm sure he's a great guy. But looks-wise.. umm. No thanks. He actually grosses me out. There's something about him that just bugs me the wrong way, something I can't quite put my finger on. I'm glad I don't need to have sex with him.

But the thing is, my personal taste means nothing. If Harry loves him and is happy with him, then I think that's great. Hell.. one more we can add to the growing LGBT family. I'm just happy he's with a guy and not a girl. But it is quite unfortunate that it is with Grimmy, since he's the last guy in the world that I would pick, but again.. it's not my choice, so whatever. He can do whatever he feels like, it's his life. Just don't expect me to ship them.. because I won't.

by Larry believerreply 13708/31/2012

Harry and Grimmy last night.

by Larry believerreply 13808/31/2012

LOL at the "aging twink" comment. Most twinks age horribly, so no surprises there.

What bothers me most about him though is the blatant social climbing. It makes me wonder if he isnt using Harry for some tabloid space for himself.

As someone said, he was in the closet for the majority of his career. Clearly he knows theres a cost to coming out too early in the career. So why is he gambling with Harry who has barely began?

Let the boy establish first before you throw him in that glass closet, or drag him out Grim!

by Larry believerreply 13908/31/2012

Grimmy is certainly an appropriate nickname for him.

Quite grim.

by Larry believerreply 14008/31/2012

R121, hence why I put "offended" as such, since I have long maintained stars do not say these quotes themselves. I like the idea of Harry with Nick OR Louis. But we may all be on the wrong path for all we know.

I came across this on tumblr, little ramble from someone but it does make sense in terms of peoples reactions and asumptions. The last paragraph was basically what made decide it was fit for DL:

"Every time any evidence is given about Harry and Louis it is knocked down as delusional or fantasy while an tenuous piece of gossip is held up as absolute proof that Harry is a slut.

Hence a necklace that Harry wears is proof that he is in love with Caroline as it may have been her’s.Harry having a ring ,possibly from Louis,given on Valentines day.No not all.That was all bull.He actually spent the night with Nick. A bracelet from Leeds to remember a time Louis and Harry together,no proof.Tattoos on Harry’s e body possibly linked to Louis and Harry ,could be anything.Tattoo possibly in Louis’s handwriting.Prove it and they are friends.

Harry coming out of Nick’s in the morning from partying.They obviously fucked.Harry and Louis living together in an apartment, friends.

Harry being seen with a random girl at two events.possible secret relationship. Harry always having to share a room with Louis on tour ,friends.

Harry holding hands and being affectionate on stage with Louis.He is affectionate with everyone on stage and they do it for show.

Blind item that discussed two possibly gay band members who are incredibly popular at the same time that both boys tweet ambiguous messages.Not necessarily about them,coincidence.

Eleanor having to visit Louis several times on US as a studenr as rumours of a relationship spread between Harry and Louis. In love with Eleanor,coincidence.Harry going to a gay club twice while Eleanor is visiting ,coincidence.

People saying inside Gossip that Caroline and Harry together and management didnt want them together.Quite possible.Insider gossip about Harry and Louis together and management not wanting them together.Delusional Fangirl.

Gifs and videos showing Louis and Harry together. Slowed down and manipulated. Even when one of them shows Harry whispering to Louis when the group is asked what their favourite ride at Universal was and Harry can be seen whispering “you are” or Harry touching Louis and Louis leaning in another interview when Harry is touching him and they do not think they are being watched. Manipulation and fan girls.

They are not seen together as management is pissed over the obvious rumours that are becoming more and more prevalent. The answer they are no longer friends and have grown apart!!

I get some of these could be signs of manipulation,but all of them really !!

As I have said before if Harry was found sitting on Louis’s face people would be saying that they had run out if seats !!! Oh and they were just friends."

by Larry believerreply 14108/31/2012

R122 that's a really good assessment and very believable.

At this stage, taking all other possibilities out of the equation (hidden Caroline Flack's and Irish photogs) and just assuming this is all about the guys then I can buy:

Harry and Louis ongoing in a proper relationship, deeply closeted, Nick as a ruse.

Harry and Nick as the current real couple, Harry and Louis an ex-couple who still have affection, but have moved on.

A love triangle of all three with a revolving door policy of hooking up when fights or splits occur, maybe involving other parties.

Harry and Nick being the real deal since day one and Harry and Louis being a ruse.

Harry and Nick being the real deal and Louis being the go-to guy when the other parties fight.

Harry has Nick's permission to smash headboards with Louis/other people when away on tour.

The above is all bullshit and I'm completely confused! My youth was never so colourful!

by Larry believerreply 14208/31/2012

[quote]122, if you want my onest oppinion, I think Harry must be real stupid if he wants to come out right now. And Nick, his lover, must be very selfish to advise him so, given that Nick himself come out few months ago, after he has built a career. What about Harry'r reputation as ladies lover? What he will say? That he was a shameless liar when he claimed he loved women? What about Ema Ostily and Caroline Flack? Everybody will call him an hypocrite. Very bad move from his part, if you ask me.

"Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet." Stephen Hawking

by Larry believerreply 14308/31/2012

Looking forward to the day we get to see HQ photos of the lovely Eleanor looking like this on a flawless outing with Louis:

by Larry believerreply 14408/31/2012

Harry and Nick at Liam's birthday party a few days ago at the Funky Buddha club in London.

by Larry believerreply 14508/31/2012

Interesting tweet from Henry Holland (ex-housemate/rumoured ex-boyfriend of Grimshaw):

by Larry believerreply 14609/01/2012

louis is so gay.

by Larry believerreply 14709/01/2012

R147 with a timely reminder, bless you.

by Larry believerreply 14809/01/2012

Nick G took a pic of them wearing matching shoes

by Larry believerreply 14909/01/2012

Harry leaving a club that Nick Dj at..Is Harry wearing one of Nick's ring?

by Larry believerreply 15009/01/2012

[quote]That said, if the press have their way, Harry will be dating Rita Ora by the end of the day.

That's already happening in the UK gutter press. Despite Harry being out with Nick several nights in a row and clearly taking him to Liam's birthday party and not Rita Ora (fwiw) they fixate on two vague Rita Ora moments, both of which Nick Grimshaw was involved with anyway.

What I find weird is that Gordon 'not so' Smart of The Sun is a big peddler of Harry and his army of female conquests stories, and yet they play golf together. How well they know one another or 'get on' is less clear. The guy seems like a total leech to me.

L Girl, when you say Nick and Harry were seen 'all over each other' does that mean kissing or just larking about? Did you ever get any tweets or info that suggested a definite romantic/physical element to this relationship?

If you look at the dynamic of the birthday party pics of Liam's everyone knows and tolerates that they are being photographed randomly and Harry seems happy to bring Nick along and be seen as a sort of permanent social fixture with him. He was wearing a ring on his right wedding finger yesterday as was Nick, who wasn't wearing one there on other nights.

The plot thickens.

by Larry believerreply 15109/01/2012

Interesting facts: Last night Nick Grimshaw and Harry were together in club Paradiso, in an intimatate room of about 20 guests for a karaoke show. They wore matching shoes (Nick tweeting about this) and matching rings. Also Harry had his overnight bag and supposedly he spent the night again at Nick'place. I'm expecting an official anouncement very soon or for Nick to visit him in US.

by Larry believerreply 15209/01/2012

[quote]or for Nick to visit him in US.


It would be quite good.

by Larry believerreply 15309/01/2012

Very suggestive tweet by Grimmy today, when his boyfriend left for US. An instagram with title: Send help.

by Larry believerreply 15409/01/2012

I would find it more interesting if Harry is just open-minded and is friends with Nick. Is it still rare for a straight 18-yr-old guy to be hanging out with a flamboyant older man who is gay?

by Larry believerreply 15509/01/2012

152, I agree with you. Also at the airport today Harry was seen very sad and distant with the other boys, texting constantly on his phone. This is like Romeo snd Juliette with gays actors. Very funny stuff.

by Larry believerreply 15609/01/2012

R154, I thouht that too, but I didn't dare say it because I figured I'd be called a fat frau.

by Larry believerreply 15709/01/2012

I have this weird feeling that Nick supplies the drugs to his many "friends"..sometimes Harry looks too that why he's always hanging out with him

by Larry believerreply 15809/01/2012

If Nick Grimshaw were merely a supplier do you think Modest would stand for that, or Radio One would offer NG the top spot in broadcasting?

I am sure none of the One Direction boys are saints. I think most of them drink like fish and probably do weed, but nothing much harder. Louis was as high as a kite in a recent UK interview, to the point where even Harry looked bemused/slightly concerned for him.

Doubt anything is going on outside the regular booze and odd joint. Modest probably has a policy of having regular medical tests on their cashcarts as well.

by Larry believerreply 15909/01/2012

I don't think the ring Harry wore yesterday is new. He was seen with it after the dinner at the restaurant he and Grimmy had on Valentines Day. I'm sure Nick gave him as simbol of their love or something. And yesterday, the night before Harry's departure, he was seen with it again. interesting.

by Larry believerreply 16009/01/2012

r160,Or maybe it's from Flack?

by Larry believerreply 16109/01/2012

Flack was just a cover for Nick and Harry, imo. Do not forget Nick and Caroline are very good friends. Maybe she did Nick a favor covering for him and Harry.

by Larry believerreply 16209/01/2012

[quote]Maybe Nick and Harry are together. But something very iffy is going on behind the scenes with Louis and Harry, now whether that's executive meddling over a secret relationship or just management being cautious is the question.

If we were to assume this is purely about guys. Then it's either an elaborate game (with a sudden upsurge of press interest in Nick/Harry...pap photos, tweeting suggestive things...when it wasn't upfront before) to hide the actual couple (Larry), that Nick is happy to play along and help a good friend/maybe gets off on it (enjoying the flirting) and it certainly gets attention.

Or, people may have to sob into their duvets and accept that Louis and Harry may have once been but are no more and that they've simply moved on, and that's that. I will forever maintain Eleanor is just a good friend.

Of the two I can see both being plausible.

It'd be quite challenging to openly date Nick Grimshaw, with his top music industry job, but if anyone could pull it off I bet Harry could.

Given how quickly Larry spread, Harry and Nick must know people are now talking/wondering, yet continue to push it with matching clothes, rings, etc. This pyschology is interesting to me. It's almost as if Harry is firing back a Louis/Eleanor, but with a man. It must have had his management's blessing as well for so many pictures to be released in such a timely and high quality fashion and access to Harry and Nick in quite intimate settings in clubs. Harry wants to be seen with Nick, that's evident. But where it's leading to who knows.

Theories aside, as L Girl says everyone could be hooked up with female stars by next week, even NG!

by Larry believerreply 16309/01/2012

Anyone get the feeling that Harry will be coming out soon?

by Larry believerreply 16409/01/2012

Look what caroline flack tweeted...

must be something to do with Harry's ring??

by Larry believerreply 16509/01/2012

R160 It's a different ring, the one Harry wore then was silver, not gold, and apparently without the twist in the middle. Apparently the ring is one Nick has been seen wearing previously, and is now on Harry. This is dangerously close to Leeds bracelets and promise rings, though, so I'd be careful doing more than speculating; it could just be a new ring he bought before he's going away, after all.

But, setting that aside for one second ... they have like a week long date of doing fun stuff, they wear matching shoes, Harry stays over, they get a take away and Harry wears lazy clothes (probs Grimmy's COME ON), they go to G-A-Y, they go to karaoke, Harry POSSIBLY wears one of Grimmy's rings on his way home and then at the airport looks sad like he has separation anxiety, while Grimmy works his way through a tub of Daaz.

I mean, this is just too much for me to handle. Sure, it might all add up to nothing, but for now it's adorable.

R163 - you're definitely right about the speculation, at this point there's no way they can't know it's going on and if they hadn't noticed (despite the fact that I'm sure people on Twitter will be speculating) then Harry's management will have picked up on it. They would have done a while ago, so actually, they probably could have been working on possible backlash against the Harry/Nick stuff for preventative action, if need be. Clearly they haven't gone with that.

I said my feelings on Harry/Louis and Louis/Eleanor before. Personally, I think if Harry and Nick ARE together, this has been brewing for a while. As in, going back to late last year a while, maybe early this year, to when Flack was on the scene. Remember Harry was already staying over at Grimmy's by this point (oh hello, Henry Holland's tweet!). With this in mind, they've had a while to get used to the idea of coming out; Grimmy, after all, has just done so.

Harry's still young, though, so I'm really on the fence as to whether he'd come out this early. Also taking into account his career; even if he was bi, his being taken (by a guy) really complicates their relatability to the fanbase. I mean, it should just be about the music, but. It's not.

Ooooh I'm loving conspiracy today.

by Larry believerreply 16609/01/2012

Why are people grossed out by Harry and Nick? Is it because of the age difference? Is it because Nick is not a pretty boy?

Let me be clear, I'm not for Harry and Nick and I'm not against it. (I'm actually one of the few people who think Harry is straight).

by Larry believerreply 16709/01/2012

R167 I think it's because of his looks. And for some because they've invested a lot of emotional time in Larry; it's pretty gutting to think that might not be true, when you were so sure.

R165 I hardly think it's to do with Harry, his ring isn't even on his wedding ring finger (people keep saying it is, but think of it like a mirror and if you were sitting as Harry - look down at which hand you'd be wearing the ring on). If you think he's married her ... well, I think the idea would be ridiculous myself, but who the fuck knows anymore.

by Larry believerreply 16809/01/2012

163, why you mention this Larry thing? What have to do with Grimmy and Harry's relationship? The first is a fantasy made by teenage girls who don't want to see the reality (if they would see Harry and Grimshaw kissing they will still say with all conviction that is nothing but a genuine friendship, because you know, Nick is like a "father figure for Harry". Mind boggling really.) The second is legit, and the evidence is overwhelming.

by Larry believerreply 16909/01/2012

R164, the thing is he has pretty much come out, twice already (Swedish interview, Call Or Delete), but it was done with innuendo or subtleness and went by unloved by many in this fandom/press.

Harry's media/press image seems very different from the Harry you see when you follow him on a personal level.

by Larry believerreply 17009/01/2012

A lighthearted moment I'm bringing here just because it reminds me of One Direction dramas for some unfathomable reason.

by Larry believerreply 17109/01/2012

Harry's not gonna come out. I'm not even sure he's bi. I just think he's comfortable with himself, but would probably be up for experimenting.

167, mostly i think nick is gross and a attention whore who uses his celebrity friends.

by Larry believerreply 17209/01/2012

169, both could just be a fantasy and they could be just friends. Stop acting all high and mighty.

by Larry believerreply 17309/01/2012

[quote]Look what caroline flack tweeted... must be something to do with Harry's ring??

Well a lot of fans have been commenting on her and Olly Murs apparent 'closeness' as presenters of Xtra Factor. I am probably one of the few people who thinks Caroline is bisexual. She recently said she was single and just enjoying herself.

Fwiw, Nick Grimshaw was wearing a ring on his right wedding finger same karaoke night Harry's ring appeared. I spooted that on his twitter pic.

by Larry believerreply 17409/01/2012

Spooted? Pretend I can spell spotted, sorry.

by Larry believerreply 17509/01/2012

Harry's an Aquarius so he's a very free-spirit type of guy and he'll prob get sick of Nick and find someone new because those signs gets bored easily..I wouldn't be surprise if he's the first one to go solo as well. All Aquarius boybanders seems to be the one who wants to leave.

by Larry believerreply 17609/01/2012

There's only one pairing that's likely under a contractual obligation NOT to be together, just keep that in mind while we consider the possibilities.

I do think that the Harry and Grimshaw pictures are there for a reason - not necessarily that they are together, but maybe - and that's to show Harry as gay/bi. I don't think there is going to be an actual announcement because that would bifurcate, but I do think that subtly (or blatantly with HQ pics that are really timely) they are giving us a queer Harry that's inline with who he really is.

by Larry believerreply 17709/01/2012

R170.. I am sick and tired of you berating on the Larry shippers. Calling it "fantasy" is incredibly disrespectful. You can say it's not real, say it's fake.. but to call it "fantasy", excuse me.. no. That's just wrong. I don't even believe in Larry, I agree with the fact that Harry is most probably with Nick. I'm not denying that at all. But the fact is that you have NO more proof than the Larry shippers. Yes, it does look more likely, but unless you can come up with proof that Harry and Grimmy are together, that's only speculation too, and in your own words "fantasy".

And for whatever it's worth, I still believe something has happened between Harry and Louis. I never believed in a proper relationship anyway, but I can definitely see them hooking up at some point (as in having sex with no attachments).

Personally, I can't stand Grimmy. He grosses me out. I can't explain it. But like I've said a million times before.. it's not about me, it's about Harry. I will support him as long as he's happy. I still love him as a person, even though I can't stand his boyfriend. It looks like he's happy with Grimmy, so I think that's great (and trust me.. words like these coming from me is HUGE).

But I will say one more thing, I'm sorry, but I still do not see the same spark there as I have seen between Harry and Louis. I find it odd that Louis and Harry have more spark, than an actual real couple. This tells me that even if Harry and Louis have never been together, I still find more love between them than between Harry and Nick. I do not think Nick and Harry are in it for the long haul. I think Harry is young, wants to party, he is proud of his sexuality. Nick fits into his lifestyle and makes him happy. But I don't see Harry with Nick in 5 years. I doubt they'll be together for that long. Sorry, I just don't see love there. I see a crush, an infatuation, but no real love.. call me crazy and deluded, I don't care. I'm just giving my personal opinion here.

That said.. to those of you who still think Louis is gay and Eleanor is his cover.. do you have any gossip on possible hook ups? I read about Louis hooking up with some z-list celebrity in another thread (yes, a guy). I'd like to know more about this!

by Larry believerreply 17809/01/2012

I'm a bit confused - it's only your wedding ring finger on your left hand, isn't it? If it's your right hand, it's just your ring finger. It's unlucky to wear on your left, because that's where the wedding ring goes; fine on the right.

Sorry, I guess it doesn't really matter, but if we're going by the "meaning" behind it being something along the lines of marriage (or, the intentions behind that kind of promise), then it would be on their left.

Both wear on their right, if you look at the pictures.

R172 - Nick's popularity comes from his radio show and his work as a presenter on T4. True, it's with a younger audiences, but never once since he has been on TV have I seen him ride on the coattails of his "celebrity" friends. He's simply from a times when those people joined the industry (Lily Allen, Henry Holland, Agy Deyn etc.). If anything, those who are younger have grabbed onto HIS popularity with the younger audience, who see him as stylish and someone with connections. Therefore, they like what he likes.

As far as I can see, he has never "used" Harry for anything, except as someone to go out and have a laugh with.

People need to stop saying things about him which have no basis. Fine, he's older and you might not find him attractive, but that's entirely subjective.

by Larry believerreply 17909/01/2012

R167: One word - AGE.

The basic rule in figuring out how young is too young for you is to half your age and then add 7 years.

So for instance, the youngest a 50 years old should date would be 32 years old. Yes it would be legal for him to date a 22 year old but then most people automatically cringe at the thought. It just feels exploitative!

Now Nick is 28 years old. By this rule the youngest he should go is 21 years old. Instead his dating an 18 year old who lets face it looks like a tall 14 year old. Yeah, I hope to God that man does not live near any schools, playgrounds etc.

by Larry believerreply 18009/01/2012

Aquarius boybander:

Bobby Brown

Justin Timberlake

Nick Carter

Robbie William

Harry Styles

they are also the most popular.

by Larry believerreply 18109/01/2012

And what exactly is the basis of that "rule", r180?

Here's another "rule" for you:

[quote]Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.


by Larry believerreply 18209/01/2012

r180, I was with you until you got to your last paragraph. Grimshaw is a perfectly acceptable partner for Harry. Even though I don't think they are together, it would be okay if they were. Insinuating that Grimshaw is sinister or has criminal leanings isn't okay. It's harmful.

by Larry believerreply 18309/01/2012

R67 here.

So a lot of people hate the idea of Nick fucking/dating Harry because of his looks (or lack thereof) and because he comes across as a creepy individual.

OK I could understand that (not agree with it). I don't know the first thing about Nick outside of what's been posted in this thread so to me Nick looks like a good friend or boyfriend to Harry.

So does anyone have a link where Harry came out in a Swedish interview? Did he really come out or was he just joking around? Or do I have to go into the older threads and search around?

by Larry believerreply 18409/01/2012


In R184 I meant to quote myself at R167.

It should say R167 here.

Sorry about that.

by Larry believerreply 18509/01/2012

Im not sure why but I can't shake the feeling that harry is bisexual. He likes who he likes and I think that's what it boils down to.

by Larry believerreply 18609/01/2012

The translated transcript (from English to Swedish back to English) went something like this and no I won't track it down for you, but it's in the first thread, I think:

Interviewer: All boybands have a gay member, which of you is most likely to come out?

The boys insist Louis would, not because he gay, but because he's most camp.

Harry adds: No, it's okay, I can play double.

In the context, Swedish speaking people, have said that this means he was saying that he goes both ways. So bisexual.

by Larry believerreply 18709/01/2012


Swedish interview

by Larry believerreply 18809/01/2012

harry was probably trying to make louis feel more comfortable. Remember the other interview where he tried to stop zayn when he thought he was gonna say louis was gay.

by Larry believerreply 18909/01/2012

[quote]while Grimmy works his way through a tub of Daaz.

Someone sure was, right? And saw fit to add their heart tattoo into the picture frame as well. Interesting.

[quote]Harry's still young, though, so I'm really on the fence as to whether he'd come out this early. Also taking into account his career; even if he was bi, his being taken (by a guy) really complicates their relatability to the fanbase. I mean, it should just be about the music, but. It's not.

The strange irony with things like this is if you love someone for who they are you fell in love with the gay part of them too, even if you don't (immediately) know it? Because that's what makes them them!

I understand what you are saying and it's all valid but I do think he could do that and come away unscathed. He's got the personality and draw to pull it off. A bisexual boybander is a huge yes for a lot of females as well as a drama point for braindead idiots. But then that's life, you can never please everyone.

I think One Direction may be trying to appeal to an older, more indie audience with their next album (with the inclusion of artists like Ed Sheeran) so that might be a way to attract a slightly broader fanbase. A good deal of One D fans seem to cross over easily into acts like Ed Sheeran, The Drums, Florence and RizzleKicks, etc.

Let's not forget all of these guys could jack this in tomorrow and be minted already. Like how casually they dress but they can obviously afford to buy small islands or landplots on Mars by now.

by Larry believerreply 19009/01/2012

R187 and R188

Thanks for the interview and link. Interesting.

by Larry believerreply 19109/01/2012

Great point, r189. I do remember that. Whether he is or isn't, Harry has no problem with seeming gay. And he also seemed to be bent on protecting Louis there.

r190 also brings up so many good points. And to add one more onto the last point, they've already sold out their next tour.

by Larry believerreply 19209/01/2012

Oh God r180. Please stop with this paedophile schtick. Everyone is legal and nobody has a gun to anyone's head.

[quote]163, why you mention this Larry thing? What have to do with Grimmy and Harry's relationship?

Thread title: Louis ass is still in the building. I never underestimate Louis in all this. I can't write him off totally.

by Larry believerreply 19309/01/2012

If Harry's gay he would have a beard by now instead of being photograph with Nick 24/7.

by Larry believerreply 19409/01/2012

I agree with r190 that Harry might actually pull off coming out as bisexual (not as gay, though) and still retaining his teen heartthrob status - but Syco would never take that risk.

by Larry believerreply 19509/01/2012

Bet Harry would be delighted certain individuals were insinuating Nick is a drug-dealer, paedophile (like they did with Caroline Flack) and hanger-on/user. And that he has no mind of his own with who he chooses to socialise.

He hasn't made anyone do anything.

There is no evidence Nick is a celebrity hanger-on either. His job is to build these musical/industry links. He'd be a fool not to and his networking will be a reason he's landed the top radio spot. I'm sorry he annoys you but the guy is doing his job. Everyone that knows him seems to have nothing but nice things to say.

by Larry believerreply 19609/01/2012

[quote]If Harry's gay he would have a beard by now instead of being photograph with Nick 24/7.

I don't think you're up to speed but I'll let someone else deal with this.

by Larry believerreply 19709/01/2012

I wouldn't worry about Syco r195.

by Larry believerreply 19809/01/2012

harry's not gay, you can tell he has a thing for women. louis however...

by Larry believerreply 19909/01/2012

Harry Styles queens out. And his fans love it.

by Larry believerreply 20009/01/2012

R190 Definitely agree that Harry could pull it off and that bi would in some ways be a draw for some girls - especially the more mature fanbase I think they want (as you said about the more "indie", or alternative I think, vibe of their next album, which I'm really hoping for). What I mean is, with him in relationship with Grimmy - which, no, may not come out at all, but if he comes out as bi then the rumours will be unstoppable - then that leaves only Niall single.

In which case I think they'd be forced - and I wouldn't actually blame them, although it's morally highly dubious - to ask one of the other taken members to give up their girlfriend. I'd say it would be Zayn and Perrie; they're not that visible and people kind of dismiss their relationship, or from what I've seen, anyway. Obviously people would want El/Louis to break up, BUT pick your reason: they're a popular and cute couple to some fans, and VERY visible; or, she's a beard, he can't be single.

Liam and Danielle is the most popular couple of the band, I don't think they'd break them up.

So obviously, Harry comes out as bi but keep him single; yet, I don't think many (except for the more online and intense fans, as opposed to those who buy their music and simply like them as a band - of whom there are actually a lot) would buy him not being with Grimmy.

I have no idea how this would play out by the way, I'm just kind of stumbling through thought right now.

by Larry believerreply 20109/01/2012

if harry came out as bi people would still question what his relationship was with louis even if he was with grimmy. There has been lots of speculation about them and blind items, people just won't forget.

by Larry believerreply 20209/01/2012

Oooh I found out Louis is a Capricon. They are hardworking and will always follow the rules, No wonder he's got a beard.

by Larry believerreply 20309/01/2012

I'm not sure about all of this astrology. But keep it coming.

by Larry believerreply 20409/01/2012

Pics of Harry and Nick last night

by Larry believerreply 20509/01/2012

[quote]if harry came out as bi people would still question what his relationship was with louis even if he was with grimmy. There has been lots of speculation about them and blind items, people just won't forget.

But then a lot of fans don't even pay attention to those blind items.

That's why in general boybands need to broaden out asap, a wider age group audience with crossover tastes is likekly to be far more unflappable than a solely teen fanbase invested in dating their heroes. Though there seems to always be a large same-sex loving contingent in any fandom, which is helpful. I think bisexual people add more mystique tbh. The people invested in writing in such fandoms can let their imaginations go and there are a lot of those. These are also your ticket buyers, etc.

I mean, here's the travesty if you want one: Chris Brown, the woman-beater is still high in the UK charts and selling as well as ever.

You can be an entertainer of women and get away with beating your famous girlfriend's face to near mush, not lose your income, many fans and have women tweeting you saying you can "beat the shit out of me if I can have a minute of your time".

But you can't be an entertainer who is bi/gay and dare to have a boyfriend, even when everyone else can have a girlfriend or a fake girlfriend, or bust their girlfriend's lip, beacuse that would somehow be worse in someone's mind. And all because of the genre/demographic of music you are locked into.

by Larry believerreply 20609/01/2012

[quote]Oooh I found out Louis is a Capricon. They are hardworking and will always follow the rules, No wonder he's got a beard.

Best comment in the thread. Seriously. I don't usually believe in astrology, but all of this seems to fit like a glove. This describes Louis perfectly. He seems to be very worried about his image, and coming across as likable, and although he comes across as funny, he's also very serious, as the oldest guy in 1D. I'd say Louis and Liam are those who most listen to management, and probably those who mostly talk to management too.

I know Harry is with Nick. But I'm still convinced Louis is gay and Eleanor is his cover. I would be REALLY interested in some gossip if anyone has something.

by Larry believerreply 20709/01/2012

"I know Harry is with Nick."

how? Because they were spending a lot of time together? Does that mean Larry was once real as well?

by Larry believerreply 20809/01/2012

a lot of fans are aware people think they're gay, and they get defensive about it. If suddenly harry came out I think they would question what his relationship was with louis.

by Larry believerreply 20909/01/2012

I am going to bring this here as this was posted on an US Larry blog in late August by an anon. Obviously the US blog owner dismissed it as 'fake' but the interesting thing is this anon used British English in their spelling.

Usual caveats apply, as ever:

[quote]It’s likely that Harry will start publicly dating (or “dating”) Nick Grimshaw soon. It’s pretty well known in the London scene that Harry’s been unhappy with his situation with Louis and their management for a while now, and he and Nick have been out to dinner quite a lot. They really like each other, and obviously, Harry loves Louis, but he’s also starting to get really fed up of having to pretend nothing’s happening. Harry’s spent the night at his house a few times recently (and stuff probably happened) and Louis isn’t happy about that, which is why Harry wasn’t at V Festival - he was in London with Nick. And now that Nick is out and taking over the Radio 1 breakfast show it’s the kind of thing that would cause a lot of publicity and get people talking and listening. Like I said, if you’re involved in the same sort of crowd of people as they are it’s fairly common knowledge, so just a heads up about that.

If it's true then Louis and Harry were/are an item, perhaps ongoing but there are issues, hence the diversion into hipster land for Harry. Both dating and 'dating' are used as if the anon is not sure (or doesn't want to say) what the deal with Grimshaw is. But that on some level Nick and Harry are into each other and may have messed about.

Perhaps since then, it's become more than that? I notice in pictures Harry is neither clingy, tactile or possessive around Nick, all behaviours he displays with Louis. He seems more grown up and casual around Nick and that crowd, possibly because there are no dramas or hangups there?

by Larry believerreply 21009/01/2012

I could get on board with the insider at r210 and the following analysis. Sounds plausible. But so does almost any narrative that gets slapped on these characters.

by Larry believerreply 21109/01/2012

Yep, that's why I always say caveats apply, r211. It's plausible to me as well, and the writer sounds sensible. It doesn't mean it is true, will happen or plans don't change at the last minute.

I did love Link's mental image of Grimmy weeping into his tub of ice cream like Miss Jones. Mental scarring for some of our haters (good) but I think it's quite lovely.

I want him to turn up at the VMA ceremony in an Eleanor-esque 'what it's only been 2 DAYS' style. Or have Harry casually phone Radio One halfway through the week, rather than any other of the four members of 1D, as usual.

by Larry believerreply 21209/01/2012

R212 Glad to oblige on the imagery front! I love that the heart tattoo was included; likely just because of the angle, but maybe a sekrit message to Harry saying "I heart you and you make me eat vanilla ice cream because you are innocent vanilla lover". Ahhh. Although according to most fanfic writers Harry is far from vanilla, but still.

Annnyway, that anon I have actually seen before. Why I wouldn't believe it is because the "heads up" isn't really that prescient; you say late August, but I think it MIGHT have being doing the rounds before that, I'm not sure. Either way, Harry's been spending a lot of time with Grimmy for a while, so ... it's not really that big of a leap to make. A lot of people on Tumblr, some just discovering that people "ship" Gryles, are making it independently of suggestion.

I am always very suspicious of anons who use quite "shipperish" language; things like management, the situation between Harry and Louis, Harry being very unhappy ... yet when they show examples, they tend to just be exactly the same things everyone else has seen. There's no real insider information there, except for that "Harry will start publicly dating Nick Grimshaw". Which anyone can say. Equally, anyone could make up some insider situations, some candid moments; but for some reason they rarely do.

Finally, I'm assuming this Larry blog was on Tumblr? I don't see industry insiders using Tumblr and going on random Larry anons. If they use it, it will be for work; I don't know anyone over the age of eighteen, who is not a fandomer, who uses Tumblr. And maybe some photogs. As far as I know, Tumblr isn't even that big in the UK, even amongst teens - though please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm all Facebook/MySpace/Twitter at the latest kind of era! Tumblr confuses the fuck out of me.

Why it might be real? As you say, quite sensible and not THAT shipperish; no mention of management controlling them etc.

Anyway, good article in the Evening Standard, who talk to Simon, SyCo and I think Modest/Hackford Jones. For those who don't know, it's a credible evening free paper (NOT like Metro) and tends to run proper stories, as well as having a popular culture magazine. Not the sort of paper, I would have thought, who could be bought in the same way as the Sun; or who would be happy to print something JUST to make the record label, management and PR look good. Which it kind of does.

by Larry believerreply 21309/01/2012

This Harry/Grimmy relationship, make me think Larry isn't/wasn't real like most people want to believe. Harry seems like a very honest and sweet guy, I don't see him jumping from Louis's bed into Nick's within one month. Especially as recent 1D interviews showed no bad blood between Louis and Harry. They seem OK with each other, smiling and joking arounnd like every other time. If they broked up they were more subdued and awkward in each other presence. You cannot fake that. And if this really happened, if Harry, being Louis's boyfriend, did that after a fight with him, he must be a first class bitch and I congratulate Louis for geting rid of him. So I'm sorry but I cannot believe in any Larry scenario.

by Larry believerreply 21409/01/2012

For me is very strange this non stop partying and drinking Harry showed this last two months. Is almost like he has no other friends than Nick and his hipsters, all of them 10-15 years older than Harry. He seems very distant with the other boys from 1D, he is never with them. Even at Liam's b-day he came for one hour (with Grimmy in tow) and flew very soon to some other club. I understand that he is 18 years old and love to party, but this is too much. And please don't tell me that he is a free spirit and bullshit like that. He seems superficial and not very smart to me.

by Larry believerreply 21509/01/2012

Couldn't you believe in the Larry senario where Nick is Harry's friend and Larry has been together the whole time, r214?

I feel as though there are far too many couple-y moments captured (candidly) between Harry and Louis to just ignore in favor of these new pictures of Harry and Nick. Sorting out what has actually transpired and continues to play out is good fodder here. I'll start with the jiz-jeans incident where both H and L had cum stained pants. I feel like this suggests some sexual activity between the two of them.

by Larry believerreply 21609/01/2012

For r215

by Larry believerreply 21709/01/2012

A good proof Harry and Nick are together for me is of them being very careful not to be seen arriving and most important leaving together after some clubbing. For example at Liams birthday, Harry was seen alone outside the building, and after a week everybody was surprised to discover he was there with Grimshaw. Also the ever-present overnight bag Harry carries with him after partying with Grim showed me they spend a lot of nights together.

by Larry believerreply 21809/01/2012

I'm sorry R216 but since WHEN did we know this was cum? It could be fucking yogurt for all we know. As if they would ever be allowed to go out, BOTH of them, with cum on their jeans. They would just be told to change - they have back up clothes at these things, you know. At the very least, they would have sponged it off! This has bothered me since it first became a thing; people go on about how fucking mafia strict their management/PR are, but then when it comes to "proof" they look like bumbling idiots who can't do their jobs.

I reiterate: they would not have gone into a situation with paparazzi with cum stains down their jeans. I doubt Harry and Louis would even want to! Whatever made those marks didn't bother them or wasn't a concern to them so they left it.

by Larry believerreply 21909/01/2012

r219 Or they didn't know the marks where there. Even if it was yogurt or the glaze from doughnuts it would have been taken care of if noticed. And you notice when you drop food on yourself most of the time. But not when you just came during a quickie.

by Larry believerreply 22009/01/2012

so everyone thinks harry is with nick now? when did it happen? they have known each other for years.

by Larry believerreply 22109/01/2012

216, suppose Harry is Louis's boyfriend and Nick is just a good friend. How you explain Harry's behaviour then? The non stop partying, drinking, staying overnight at your gay friend's appartment multiple times etc. It don't make sense. Especially when your best friend said in his show at radio that he is not a big fan of your boyfriend. This I heard with my own ears. So you see, I cannot believe in this Larry thing, I'm just logical.

by Larry believerreply 22209/01/2012

[quote]Especially when your best friend said in his show at radio that he is not a big fan of your boyfriend.

Wait, what? Details?

by Larry believerreply 22309/01/2012


I would agree with you, but I stop and I think what would I do if I was 18 and part of a global sensation like One Direction? I would probably be partying my ass off for as long I could after spending so much time on tours and working on music.

Just my opinion.

by Larry believerreply 22409/01/2012

222, really? what did he say? I would think people would have heard about this if he said he didn't like louis.

by Larry believerreply 22509/01/2012

224, exactly. and he will be off to do promo with 1d so he's probably having all the fun while he can with his friends who he probably won't see that often.

by Larry believerreply 22609/01/2012

One Direction Dancing. Just watch it. Special acknowledgment to Louis, who works it. But they are all adorable here.

by Larry believerreply 22709/01/2012

A few thoughts...

1) Harry is one moody son of a bitch going by that recent TwitVid. And it not the first time hes sucked the life out of a room either.

2) Why arent their bodies developing? They look like they just hit puberty. Seriously hit the gym boys, you look like breastless girls.

3) Grimmy is one grimmy mofo. A 28 year old who has a platonic friendship with an 18 year old is fine. But hanging out as often as they do is suspect. What is he, Peter Pan? And if they are fucking ......then barf! WAY. OVER. THE. LINE. GRIMMY.

by Larry believerreply 22809/01/2012

Holy shit. I just watched that TweetVid R228.

Why on earth is Tumblr saying there was Larry in there. They barely spoke. Harry clearly didnt want to be there. Louis seems to be kind of giving him the cold shoulder - exuberant with everyone else and just blah with Harry. Major teen angst there.

I know kids dont understand the concept of a breakup....and moving on. But I expect better on DataLounge.

Nic Grimshaw is obviously a vulture type, he just hang around in the background until Harry was available (and legal. And then he swooped in with his shoulder to lean on and his hipster buddies and his roster of D list celebrity pals and cocaine/xanax/smack and his overt career sabotaging.

I kind of think that Louis and Eleanor are real. Real in the sense that he is trying very hard at being hetero and she has her head in the sand. I dont buy her as some mercenary, she would be riding the fame bus more aggressively, if she was. As it is she is known only to the hardcore 1D fans. I doubt she would still be at Uni either. No, I think he is deceiving her and himself.

by Larry believerreply 22909/01/2012

r229,He does seem like a vulture type who supply drugs to his friends:

It's soo weird how HAPPY Harry looks when he's around Nick..too happy imo

by Larry believerreply 23009/01/2012

Have people really never heard the 'half your age plus seven' principle? Shocking.

I think it just finds a way to verbalize the kind of relationships that offend our communal sensibilities.

It works perfectly. So for instance, I would be ok with a 23 year old dating an 18 year old, which is theoretically a final year student dating a freshman. Or even a 38 year old and a 28 year old. But definitely not 28 years old and 18 years old.

On a separate note, whatever happened to David? Its been a minute guy, why so quiet?

by Larry believerreply 23109/02/2012

Disregarding all romantic conjecture for the moment, I've always thought that Harry really wanted to be a part of Nick's cool, hipster circle of friends and that it was him who initially pushed their friendship (clearly Nick was keen as well). Harry instigated their first social outing and seems to have taken every opportunity since to hang out with Nick and his friends.

I think they are mutually excited by each other and have a lot of fun and Nick is the type of friend Harry wants. I also think Harry is ambitious and has worked hard to build up his social network. He's built on the friendship to make lots of connections and has befriended people in the fashion industry, the social elite and in the less mainstream music scene in the UK and the US. And why not? Those are clearly the interesting types of people who share his interests and who he wants to hang out with.

Instead of being preyed on, I think he's lucky to have been accepted into the social scene of people 10 years older, at the age of 18 and as part of teeny bopper sensation, and hopefully that's testament to his character.

The age difference never bothered me because he's inserted himself into their established social circle, not the other way around. Maybe they'll take advantage of him, unlikely and he seems to be having fun right now.

Anyway, just offering an alternative perspective. Disregard at will.

And if Harry is with Nick, I don't care about the age thing and I hope they're happy together. I wonder if Harry's public persona will change in keeping with his cool older friends. He has said he's had to work at being cool. I'm really fascinated by what the group dynamics are going to be like coming up.

by Larry believerreply 23209/02/2012

223, go to, archive August 16th. Near the end of the show Grimmy said he wasn't a fan of Louis (he is the only one Nick mentions in a negative way). It's a recording.

by Larry believerreply 23309/02/2012

RM, I agree with you, Harry is very ambitious and his lover is helping him big time to establish his position in showbiz. He seems almost bored with his pals from 1D. I think he already is preparing his solo career, he will be probably the first to leave the group after 2013 tour.

by Larry believerreply 23409/02/2012

Of course Harry will want a solo career a la Justin Bieber, and he will have one (if the constant partying, drinking and drugs (and these will come, I asure you) do not kill him.

by Larry believerreply 23509/02/2012

There was a long thread about one of the boy bands in the 90s (prob the Backstreet Boys) and I recall thinking back then how foolish the posters in it would feel ten+ years later when they looked back on their lives and realized how they'd wasted a lot of time on a dumb subject, one that taught them nothing and had no lasting value.

I'm just sayin'.

by Larry believerreply 23609/02/2012

R233 I didn't realise this is what people were talking about - he's clearly being a bit sarcastic! He would never actually seriously say on live radio that he didn't like one of them, that would be pretty unprofessional.

I love that clip though, it's so adorably fangirlish of him. And I think precludes the argument that he's just using Harry; he clearly liked them from the get go. Before he knew they'd be huge in America or anything like that.

I do wonder whether those talking about Grimmy being a "dealer" know anything about him. He's never been involved in drug scandals himself, though some of his friends have, and though I'm sure he's used in the past, I hardly think he's coking an innocent young Harry up every time they go out. Harry's 18 - and not JUST 18, either - and seems like he's comfortable enough himself that he could say no if he wanted to. If Harry's taking drugs, it's not because he's been forced or feels like he has to.

To people saying "all this partying, the drugs could seriously hurt him/kill him" - please. Taking coke on a night out isn't going to kill you; if he's taking a lot, then yes, there are health risks, but we're talking snorting it off of the coffee table at lunch time. And so what if he does it when he goes out sometimes? Plenty of people do. He's not on heroin (although I'm sure some people would like to imply Grimmy's got a tourniquet around his forearm while he injects the needle himself).

They're going out and getting drunk and having a good time. This was the only time Harry was going to have off before the VMAs, MSG and then album promotion up to Christmas; he's not going to have a lot of time from now on. Whether they're involved or not, Nick's just showing him a good time before his schedule kicks back in.

Regarding the Twitcam ... I thought it was really strange how on Tumblr everyone was screaming "LARRY MOMENTS". I thought they looked awkward; the hug Louis gave him was more of a brief shoulder rub; and apart from that Harry seemed glued to his phone (either texting or reading the Twitter feed for questions, I think), while Louis slobbered all over Zayn, who he seems much closer to now.

I've heard Harry and Niall are actually closer these days? Don't know if that's just rumour though. I think they all get on; but Harry's interests are very different. As, I think, are Zayn's; you never see him anywhere. Niall is friends with Alexandra Burke and Bressie (sp?) who's another Mullingar export; and he likes football and going up the pub. Liam spends time with Andy, Maz and his girlfriend. Louis spends time with his family, girlfriend and probably friends from home.

I think it's stupid to assume that when they spend so much time together on tour, living in each others' pockets, they'd really want to spend all their time off together as well. They'd really hate each other if that was the case.

Anyway. Harry getting out of a cab with "cum" on his jeans, probably from Nick. (To the person who said you'd notice food falling on your jeans but not cum after a quickie - what?! They were about to go out for a photoshoot and got off still wearing their jeans, and they DIDN'T check to see if anything had got on them?! That's just ridiculous!)

by Larry believerreply 23709/02/2012

I dont know if I buy Harry as some kind of hipster ingenue RM.

This whole situation reminds me of Wilmer Vilderama and his propensity for 18 year old Disney actresses. Yeah, and in each case the girls turned out to be drug abusers - Lovato, Lohan, Moore.

My money is on Harry to be the first into Rehab. Because as sure as the sunrise, a good number of them will be heading to rehab or rather "treatment for exhaustion or dehydration" in the next few years.

by Larry believerreply 23809/02/2012

R238 But this has never happened with Grimmy before?! The only similarity is the ages of the people involved! There have been rumours of Grimmy liking younger men, yes, and someone linked to Henry Holland's tweet, but there's never been a drugs scandal connected to this. And no relationships he's had, however short-lived or casual, has been publicised at all. I think people are really jumping the gun concerning his motives.

People should listen to his radio show if they can; he's dry, funny, smart, knows his music, has good connections, and good taste. He doesn't come across at all predatory or sinister; if anything, he acts a lot younger than his age, he's also quite childish in his enthusiasm.

Maybe I'm biased because I like him and I've always liked his show, long before 1D and Harry. But people just seem to be comparing him to sexual, drug-pushing predators with absolutely no basis.

by Larry believerreply 23909/02/2012

What slobbering all over Zayn, what do you talking about? I didn't saw anything that resemble what you say. All the boys, except Harry, were very happy, joking around and laughing. But Harry was clearly bored (and boring) with everything happening in the room, and probably expected to be over as quickly. Of course, he had a party to atend with his boyfriend, but that I understand later. So this is my oppinion concerning the twitcam.

by Larry believerreply 24009/02/2012

R240: Harry does have mood swings, or rather an inability to hide his bad mood. I dont think the behaviour on the Twitcam had anything to do with Grimmy.

Links: You were a fairly strong believer of Larry right? Has that changed? Do you think they broke up? Were never together? Are still together?

by Larry believerreply 24109/02/2012

240, sorry, my mistake: What are you talking about.

by Larry believerreply 24209/02/2012

[quote]Finally, I'm assuming this Larry blog was on Tumblr? I don't see industry insiders using Tumblr and going on random Larry anons. If they use it, it will be for work; I don't know anyone over the age of eighteen, who is not a fandomer, who uses Tumblr. And maybe some photogs. As far as I know, Tumblr isn't even that big in the UK, even amongst teens - though please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm all Facebook/MySpace/Twitter at the latest kind of era! Tumblr confuses the fuck out of me.

Links, industry people must use Tumblr to be able to counter punch the fandoms so successfully. Much of the info coming out of the fandoms are solely from tumblr blogs, which have huge readership across many different countries. For example one day a picture of Eleanor and her 'Mummy' appeared on her instagram, right after the Tumblr girls were discussing why her family is never seen and that they know nothing about her. Then the discussion of how Louis has never properly kissed her. Right after that, Louis used Tom Daley's Olympic appearance to PDA kiss with Eleanor, even though she was eyeballing the camera rather like a bull being led past a field of cows.

The Storyboard and MTV pieces and many of the Larry rebuttals can only have been because One Direction's people have trawled tumblr for opinion. They are not interested in the good little upright fans who forgive Louis his rudeness and never question anything, they're after theose that are irreverent and analyse things. It makes more sense because these are the people/opinions they fear getting out of control and spreading. Industry people use Datalounge, tumblr, ivillage, imdb, all of the internet to garner current or popular opinion on someone.

One Direction's fandom is hugely involved online and Tumblr is as big in the UK as it is in the US. Fans here have a Tumblr and a Twitter simultaneously. It's the main known outlet for free, easy blogging and has probably surpassed Livejournal now. Tumblrs are really easy to set up and maintain in comparison to Facebook, which requires actual personal info. You need very little info about yourself to set up a Tumblr blog.

The explosion of Larry blogs will have been known to 1D management for a long long time. The boys admit they have read some of the Tumblr fanfiction and I'm sure they get a buzz from the analysis and gifs of themselves online, as well as the endless debates on who tops and bottoms and Is Louis Going To Get A Good Rimming Tonight posts from 14 year old girls. You can alomst hear someone quirky like Harry screeching in delight at these naughty things. A lot of it is very very funny, well thought out and thought-provoking. I think their people see Tumblr as an opinion gauge and act accordingly.

by Larry believerreply 24309/02/2012

Harry aside, the only relationship rumours I have heard regarding Grimmy were relating to Harry's fellow XF class of 2010 alumni Nicolo. Who I think was 21 to Grimmys 25/26 at the time so more than legal. So where on earth has this bizarre image of Grimmy as a predator of teenage boys come from? (don't know if they really did date btw but there were rumours plus they used to tweet each other constantly late 2010 early 2011 but never seem to interact anymore)

by Larry believerreply 24409/02/2012

[quote]And if Harry is with Nick, I don't care about the age thing and I hope they're happy together.

Me too. Though I never discount Louis fully. I can't be doing with haters or those that invent paedophile or drug rumours just because they're disgruntled or trolling. They can get back to me when they can turn up a criminal conviction for Nick that's more serious than a parking fine or that he forces Harry to pack an overnight bag to seemingly stay at his house or go out to dinner/clubbing several nights in a row.

[quote][R240]: Harry does have mood swings, or rather an inability to hide his bad mood.

And yet he doesn't subjects his fans to it directly. He never looks sullen for photos, poses with fans endlessly without being surley and always seems cheerful. I think he does well to contain himself.

Is it a stretch to suggest his interests probably lie closer to Nick's indie circle than One Directions pop lives? I can only imagine the Simon Cowell route is very restrictive if you want to be a free spirit.

by Larry believerreply 24509/02/2012

I dont think legality is the issue here. Harry is legal at 16.

Lets see if I can explain.....Grimshaw is a worldly 28 years old, hes no sheltered accountant, this is a guy in a very freaky industry. What on earth is he exposing Harry to? Also, Harry looks younger than he really is. Why is Grimshaw attracted to this aesthetic?

Vilmer Valderama grosses most of us out. Same rule applies to Grimshaw. Gay kids shouldnt have less sympathy than straight females... yes I went to the civil rights angle.

by Larry believerreply 24609/02/2012

R151, The tweet you refer to was part of a set of tweets and was from a young gay DJ. The 1st tweet said he had just lunched with a friend who informed him H was gay. The 2nd said the friend had seen H & Grimshaw "all over each" in Shoreditch House. Those were his exact words but given the link with the 1st tweet, I'd deduce that they were being pretty intimate? (but that's just my interpretation) This was at Xmas, before it was publicised that H went to Shoreditch House.

In answer to your second question, yes i've seen many tweets either implying or stating a romantic/sexual angle to G&H's relationship. They could, of course, be utter rubbish but when they are from London based professionals with links to either the London gay scene or entertainment industry, I think there could be some substance to them?

A couple of examples being;

A London based professional woman with PR links tweeted a few months back " so apparently Harry Styles is dating Grimmers... heard from a valid source?!"

Another woman who is a company director in London answered a tweet to a friend (who tweeted that she thought H was gay) with " he is a little bit, I'd heard from a V good source"

Then there are various tweets from gay guys in London saying "its all true" or "they're def shagging" etc, etc...

I'm not saying that their professions or their London base mean their tweets are automatically going to be truthful/accurate, just that they are more likely to have access to insider info (and also, not fuelled by fantasises in the way the tweets from the teenage 1D fans on the subject most likely are)

Also, I'm not saying these tweets are 'proof' that these rumours are true but tweets like these have been appearing since Xmas and still are (similar comments have also been appearing on online articles for months) I personally can't believe that ALL these people are lying/misinformed? (particular those dated before the recent explosion of publicity surrounding the pair)

by Larry believerreply 24709/02/2012

[quote]I kind of think that Louis and Eleanor are real. Real in the sense that he is trying very hard at being hetero and she has her head in the sand. I dont buy her as some mercenary, she would be riding the fame bus more aggressively, if she was. As it is she is known only to the hardcore 1D fans. I doubt she would still be at Uni either. No, I think he is deceiving her and himself.

Are you British? Because we don't really operate like that over here. It's still Blighty, not Hollywood.

Eleanor is about as over-exposed as a civilian girlfriend can get in the UK (and also the US). Over-exposed in the media, fashion mags, fan blogs, followers calling themselves 'Calderics' and many apparently starving themselves to try and be as thin as her (I'll get onto that shit in a minute). She gets celebrity treatment on Twitter via Louis public cakes and gifts, she has over a million Twitter followers, shoutouts from Rihanna and was even photographed signing what seemed to be an autographed One Direction poster on the recent US tour.

She's been flown out abroad with One D several times, had some expensive shopping trips, has attended public events (including the upcoming VMAs back in the US). She also mysteriously got out of having to do UK jury duty on the eve of One Direction's US tour, during which she notoriously made numerous appearances after some serious Louis and Harry antics.

She is supposedly in her final year of university so her future is not necessarily cluttered by dating anyone famous. She has a life in Manchester so is free to come and go to London as she pleases without having to commit. Her father supposedly has links with the entertainment industry and knows Simon Cowell, though this is conjecture at present.

I also think she's lost weight over time and wonder if all this has really been all that easy for her. That said, I can still see her carrying on, she's onto a damn good thing even if she is prancing around with Liberace II.

by Larry believerreply 24809/02/2012

L Girl, thank you for that. I appreciate your effort in posting.

[quote]Lets see if I can explain.....Grimshaw is a worldly 28 years old, hes no sheltered accountant, this is a guy in a very freaky industry. What on earth is he exposing Harry to? Also, Harry looks younger than he really is. Why is Grimshaw attracted to this aesthetic?

That's fine but your argument can only be subjective. Because Harry is completely legal. Neither is Nick Grimshaw on the Sex Offenders register. And he's not an OLD man. There are far worse people for people to be dissing than Nick Grimshaw.

What if Harry pursued NG? (I seem to remember Grimshaw saying that Harry asked him to meet up in Manchester). Is Grim supposed to go: oh sorry I can't because three people on Datalounge and a bunch of Daily Mail devotees will think I'm a pervert?

Perhaps, like lots of relationships, many that last, it started as friendship and just developed because they clicked?

For all we know Harry has cracked more bedframes in the past 2 years than Grimshaw has in his whole life. This idea that Harry Styles is some peg-boy for lurking men just doesn't fly with me. I think he knows exactly what he's doing, with whom, and why.

Those are my final thoughts on this. I'm not wasting time on this age-predator crap anymore.

by Larry believerreply 24909/02/2012

R241 Sorry, I've never been a Larry believer! Always been more sure of Harry/Nick.

R243 I understand what you're saying, but if we go along with the idea that they want a slightly older audience, Tumblr won't be so relevant. I'm 23 and no one I know uses Tumblr. I have pointed out to some the Larry Tumblr blogs as a bit of a joke and many of them have simply rolled their eyes and repeated the "delusional fangirls" schtick. They either believe Harry is straight, as per the tabs, or they believe that there's something going on with Nick Grimshaw (less of those, though).

There are a lot of hardcore fans who use Tumblr and Twitter; however, if you look at the amount of followers they all have on Twitter (5 - 6 million) there's only a small percentage of those who are "obsessed", so to speak, either with being with the boys themselves, or who believe in Larry and therefore probably use Tumblr for that reason specifically, rather than the far more saturated One Direction tag, where much of the Larry stuff gets lost.

The rest probably buy their music, read interviews and articles in papers and online, watch interviews on the TV etc. but don't go much further into the more fandom aspect of it. If you asked them about "Larry", they'd either have no idea about it, cite it as a bromance, or say "oh that thing the crazies talk about online".

Now, as you say, of course the PR and management have to regulate it, but never has there been a case (and do correct me if I'm wrong), where a fandom ship has become entirely mainstream. Larry borders on it, but the likelihood of it happening, where those who don't use Tumblr start getting into it as a real relationship with conspiracy theories, are fairly slim.

Also, I think their tactics would be far more subtle. Yes, if you are on Tumblr then you are aware that people have been speculating about Eleanor and Louis and what's missing, therefore you are aware that those pictures have come out to combat that; if you're not on Tumblr, or not tracking certain tags, you'd just assume it was a leaked photo.

One anonymous message - one that didn't even go viral and which was very blunt and crass in what it said - is not subtle or effective.

I'm not arguing that they don't use Tumblr and have no interest in the fans there; I'm just arguing that it's probably not a huge panic issue to them and that the way they use it wouldn't be quite so blatant. If they read these things, then they know that the fans are very aware of "management moles" and leakers who plant information; they'd have to go a bit more native if they were serious.

Alternatively, you could argue that if they're using Tumblr more intensively, then there's a higher likelihood that they're pushing Larry to keep these girls interested, because the fever never dies down. Maybe they have a Larry blog?

To be honest, I don't know how Tumblr works all that well and I don't know anyone who does; I mainly use it to look at pictures of Harry. So I could be way off base, but I think if they're trying to plant ideas to the fanbase as an entirety, it's not going to be through anons on the Larry tag.

R246 I don't think Harry looks any younger than 18?! And I don't think people have no sympathy at all because he's a young boy/possibly gay; my mum was 17 and my dad was 29 when they met. Funnily enough, no one said he was grooming her and they're still married today. The age gap doesn't immediately plant them in the same category as others who have been predators or dangerous.

by Larry believerreply 25009/02/2012

FWIW, my thoughts on a few other points bought up..

I personally would ignore the insider post. Phrases like "obviously Harry loves Louis" and "stuff probably happened" suggest it was written by a teenage Larry fan?

Re the recent publicity, whilst I wouldn't be surprised if Grimmy is being more open about his connection with Harry to attract younger fans to his breakfast show (which was, after all, the reason he was employed) I don't think ALL the recent publicity is deliberate? Harry looked pretty upset being pictured leaving the gym with G? Also, they were papped later on swapping seats in the car. Were they being followed?! Did they stop and change seats in order to lose them?!? They also tried to hide Grim's attendance at Liam's party with H entering on his own (and on his radio show, Grim was explaining that he couldn't do both days at Reading because he had to get back for 'a party' and was very cagey about it) He also refrains from ever mentioning Harry in person on his show when talking about socialising with him, just refers to him as 'his friend' He mentions all other friends by name.

To me, Grim attending Liam's party was quite significant. Usually, it is H tagging along with Grim which could be explained away by citing loneliness or a desire to be part of a 'cooler' scene. Neither excuse could be applied here though making it look like a 'date' situation to me. Whether they had just come from G.A.Y. or were planning on going after, there was no reason for Grim to be there? (& I've been to that club, it's awful so that can't have been the pull)

In terms of coming out (if he is bi/gay) I don't think Syco would risk it until the 2nd album was a proven success? Also, I don't think the BBC would want to risk it just as Grimmy starts his new show (if he was somehow implicated) However, I do think at a later point, a coming out as bi could actually be beneficial? H would still be a viable fantasy for some girls (& now boys) it would provide the group with an edgier image and generally, provide them with a fresh burst of publicity when & if they needed it?

With regards to Grimmy, I appreciate people are allowed their own opinions on him but from what I've observed, he comes across as very sweet, self deprecating and actually quite innocent in some ways.

Also, having not met him myself, I would be inclined to go along with the views of those that have. Without exception they all say exactly the same thing. That he is very charming, very funny and an all round lovely bloke.

One last thing, can anyone make out whether Harry is wearing his 'new' ring in the pictures of him and Grim at Paradise? It doesn't look to me like he is (although it's hard to tell)

It would be nice to think it was a gift to him from Grim on the night (although that's probably just a fantasy on my part..)

by Larry believerreply 25109/02/2012

I feel like I just spent way too much time thinking about Tumblr - can we call it a day on that argument? I think we can agree they use it - I just don't think that anon was legit. Way too much rambling above just to get that opinion across.

R249 Totally. Even if you think Harry looks younger than he is; remember that he's NOT. And he's not a blushing virgin who hasn't been exposed to the world. He's had sex; probably with plenty of people (male, female, both, whatever); and I think he knows what he wants.

As you say, Harry's the one who asked to go jumper shopping with him. Grimmy said on the radio, "Harry Styles wants to be my best friend!" slash lover.

Know what you mean though; why is Grimmy attracted to this?! (link)

by Larry believerreply 25209/02/2012

Wow.. people here are painting Grimmy in a positive light when we know he has prayed on young, famous, gay guys before. And there's been drug rumors surrounding him for years. It didn't start with Harry. I'm pretty sure Grimmy has provided him with a fair amount of coke and weed though.

Whatever. You just go on worshipping that creepy guy who's 28, but really looks like he's 48. And no.. I don't think he's creepy because he's with Harry.. i just think he's a creepy guy in general. He creeps me out. I find him physically repulsive. If Harry is happy with him then so be it. I just hope Grimmy won't take Harry down the dark path, but it seems like it's already happened, so..

by Larry believerreply 25309/02/2012

R249: No one gives a shit what you think about "this age-predator crap" so you can happily stop feeding us your defensive pedo bs. :-)

by Larry believerreply 25409/02/2012

L Girl - I've been trying to peer closely at those pictures, but they are so, so grainy. In Grimmy's instagram pic of himself singing, he's missing one of his regular rings (apparently). Harry starts wearing a new ring he didn't have on the night before or, noticeably, earlier in the day. It's a possibility.

Completely agree about Liam's party. FunkyBuddha's such a hole; then again, so is Mahiki in my opinion, so maybe they like a bit of tack now and then. Still, I thought it was interesting that Nick went to something related to Harry this time; shows the partying isn't one-sided and Harry's desire to fit in.

Ah! Actually, in the picture linked, you can see Harry's wearing a ring on his right ring finger. It's depressing that there's a lack of HQ pictures from inside Paradise.

I really hope the ring is Grimmy's.

by Larry believerreply 25509/02/2012

[quote]I think it just finds a way to verbalize the kind of relationships that offend our communal sensibilities.

You realize that the number of people whose "communal sensibilites" are "offended" by gay relationships is much, much higher than that of people offended by relationships which violate the "half your age plus seven rule", right?

by Larry believerreply 25609/02/2012

R256: No. Why? Did you ran a census?

by Larry believerreply 25709/02/2012

Dont be stupid R256. You are basically setting an "everything goes argument". FYI, N.A.M.B.L.A uses this logic to sell "Man-Boy Love". I'm not suggesting that Grimmy is part of that hateful group of pedophiles and pedarasts but this relationship is just totally icky.

What I cant stand is his talking about the friendship on his show. I know he does that with his other famous friends too, and honestly I think its very try hard. Will he pull a Taylor Swift when they fight or break up i.e. throw out hints over the show?

by Larry believerreply 25809/02/2012

L Girl: I have seen several gay men living in London tweeting about this as well. A few days ago someone tweeted that Harry and Nick were "seen being all kissy etc" in Shoreditch House a little while ago. Then another gay man who seems to be friends with the first tweeted that someone he knows had a threesome with Harry (some tweets seemed to be missing, but judging from the nature of their conversation, I'd say it was implied it was an all-male threesome). I have no idea if Nick Grimshaw was involved in this threesome, but apparently this all happened at Sadie Frost's house, who is friends with Nick. I also recall a man a week or so ago who works as a columnist for a gay magazine tweeting in response to a discussion about members of 1D possibly being gay that "it's highly likely if you open your ears in a London gay bar's smoking area". The rumours could be false, but honestly, when there are so many similar reports from people who aren't fans of One Direction and are part of the London gay scene, I think it's likely that the rumours really are true. Now, what I gathered from these tweets is that Harry is indeed in some way involved with Grimshaw, but that they are likely not exclusive. It's possible that they are now, but going by the tweet about that threesome he had, they probably weren't a few months ago. I also think that the story about Harry sleeping with the married radio DJ was published because the tabloids found out about either Harry and Nick or Harry and another man. There is substantial proof that Harry did sleep with the DJ in October, but it's suspicious that the story got printed more than eight months later. This is just a guess, but I think that Harry's reps traded that story with the tabloids so they wouldn't publish anything about a gay affair Harry might have had/be having. The affair with the DJ was sufficiently scandalous for the tabloids to make money off it, but it was nothing in comparison to the alternative. One last thing: people were speculating that Zayn was the subject of the blind item in Popbitch from July, but I think it's quite clear that it was about Harry. People didn't want to think it was about Harry because it shatters any theories they might have about Larry, but with all the information I gathered, I really don't believe Harry and Louis are involved, as much as I'd want to.

by Larry believerreply 25909/02/2012

R259 - I think its fairly established that Zayn is straight. The guy was trying to sneak a groupie past his handlers and into his room.

I dont think I can ever forget quiet, sweet, cute Zayn yelling those words across the hotel corridor, "come back in half an hour when this codger is asleep and I want to know how old you are."

Any gay blinds either refer to Louis or Harry or are fake. Actually most blinds are fake, so.....

by Larry believerreply 26009/02/2012

R259 Do you have links to these tweets, if you're willing to share? Or names?

R260 What a charmer. Got his head screwed on straight, making sure they're legal and everything.

by Larry believerreply 26109/02/2012

It is Grimmy's ring.

by Larry believerreply 26209/02/2012

The blind about the two boybanders sleeping together was clearly fake, it was originally posted by Blind Gossip, which is a US based website. I doubt they would have trustworthy gossip about One Direction. The blind from July however was originally posted by Popbitch, a UK mag. I don't know if they have any insider info, but they probably heard similar things to what I just posted.

by Larry believerreply 26309/02/2012

Here is the one about Harry and Nick being seen in Shoreditch House.

by Larry believerreply 26409/02/2012

Links, Shame about the ring, I was clearly & shamefully over romantisising the situation! (and agree, Mahiki's is is overated but the cocktails are v good!!)

R259, I would agree if H & G are a thing, it may not have always been (& may not still be) exclusive.

A young gay guy who runs one of those 1D update accounts in the states has alluded (more than once) about a 'thing' with H. He seems genuine in as much as he won't give much away and only brings it up when gay rumours start circulating about H (as though that somehow means he could reveal his story without getting anyone in trouble) This started in March.

This is also consistent with the account a guy recently posted about Grimmy seeming single in Edinburgh & the poster from a while back who stated they were not an item but heavily implied that 'stuff' was going on between the two?

Harry, has also been spotted in Dalston Superstore and is in Shoreditch House a lot. The first is def a gay club and Shoreditch House has a gay vibe I believe. Again, on its own, not confirmation he is into guys, but adds to the theory?

by Larry believerreply 26509/02/2012

And this is the one about Harry's threesome.

by Larry believerreply 26609/02/2012

Yep R261. I wish I knew how to link, so I can remind us all with that Youtube video. Its always good for a laugh.

by Larry believerreply 26709/02/2012

R264, I think that is a different ring?

Harry's ring doesn't appear to have gold on it?

by Larry believerreply 26809/02/2012

One last thing, Grimmy has just posted a pic of his hand, Henry Holland's hand and Pixie Geldof's hand all clasped together wearing identical rings.

Picture entitled 'forever friends'

Clearly, he is aware of all the rumours.

Probably reads this thread too...

by Larry believerreply 26909/02/2012

L Girl - Dalston Superstore might be a gay club, but all my straight friends go there as well if they're out in Dalston (although recently it's not as popular). Going to clubs like that - and even G-A-Y - just shows an open mind in my opinion.

The ring isn't the same as the ones posted by Grimshaw - but there's not really any indication about where it came from. As I said before, might have just liked it, bought it, decided to start wearing it. He's definitely aware of the rumours (weird to think he could be reading this ...) - I'm sure someone on Twitter (a 1D fan no doubt) has asked him about it. Especially as their "ship" seems to be gaining a sudden momentum on Tumblr. A few days ago, no one was on the tag, suddenly Larry fans are all over it going "I SHIP THEIR FRIENDSHIP TOO" and "THEY'RE SO CUTE ... BUT I STILL SHIP LARRY". Beautiful to see.

I think Harry's ring is gold? I don't know, I haven't looked that closely - either way, it's goes sort of inwards in the middle like a twist, it's not the same width all around.

Interesting tweets, I mean, they've got no reason to make that up - clearly not 1D fans!

by Larry believerreply 27009/02/2012

Grimmy, now that I know you are reading this, your relationship with that boy is INAPPROPRIATE. Also, since you have no way of knowing whether Harry is an addictive personality...perhaps dont supply with him hard drugs for "recreational use" during his "down time". OK?

by Larry believerreply 27109/02/2012

God, r253/4, seek some fucking professional help, please.

For Links, L Girl or anyone else not deliberately trolling, what is this about Harry and Nick having lunch with Harry mother, Anne? Is this true?

by Larry believerreply 27209/02/2012

harry is in the us right now, so i doubt it.

by Larry believerreply 27309/02/2012

His followers dont even hit 400,000. For a public figure, one whos career depends on having a following, thats just sad. To give it some perspective, that a third of what Eleanor has (shes at over 1.2 million)

Its definitely within the realms of reason that he is making a major fame/popularity bid by hanging with Harry.

by Larry believerreply 27409/02/2012

R272 Heard this a lot lately, not sure where the rumour came from, although even if they were just friends I guess it wouldn't surprise too much ... still very sweet. Harry's dined with Nick's parents after all (that was in Shoreditch House, wasn't it?! Actually I think that's the night the tweet was talking about ... shit, I need a life OR to get my brain to be more forgetful of useless information).

If anyone knows how people know about Harry/Anne/Nick lunchtimes, would be nice to know!

R271 Seriously ... get over it. Even if he is taking drugs, it's his choice. Much in the same way as when I was eighteen and snorted coke, it was my choice, and not the choice of the person who supplied it to me.

by Larry believerreply 27509/02/2012

R272, I've not heard that, I'm only aware of incidences where Harry has dined with members of Grimshaw's family?

That said, I've seen a number of tweets from Harry's mum to Grimmy asking him to pop in for a cup I tea so it's likely they have socialised together.

by Larry believerreply 27609/02/2012

262, that ring is not black?

by Larry believerreply 27709/02/2012

R277 Neither is Harry's.

So, apparently Caroline Flack DID get married. Don't know if this is a stunt, something she's filming maybe?! Or maybe she actually just had a Vegas wedding. With the Mirror 3AM you never know ...

So what's the betting she was with this guy whilst covering up Harry and Nick? The plot thickens yet again ...

by Larry believerreply 27809/02/2012

Meanwhile, this site tries to pass of an ancient story as something new. Possibly to combat the amount of Grimshaw Harry's been indulging in recently, rather than lady lovers.

I'd certainly be shocked if I found Harry in bed with a girl.

(I jest.)

by Larry believerreply 27909/02/2012

Guys, what about this one. Which ties in with a post ages ago on one of the older threads here re some tumblr chick getting an anon saying One Direction's management had to 'work hard to cover Harry's same-sex leanings'.

Leanings, plural. Suggesting non-exclusivity.

What if he is just a highly sexual 18 year old who experimented with Nick, Louis and others and had non-committal relationships up until now?

I do think there's grounds for Louis and Harry, but maybe people took pure lust and the innuendo that went with it as a "monogamous romance" rather than being on a touring shag-high and loving the attention they got from it, pushing the envelope because they could.

And maybe now after fooling around someone wants the proper deal or is ready to settle down a bit more.

Just musing.

by Larry believerreply 28009/02/2012

And the picture of Caroline at V in that Mirror article she is holding hands with a woman. Nice.

by Larry believerreply 28109/02/2012

Dawn Porter posted a few 'supportive' tweets in relation to the wedding thing.

I assumed she and Flack were just winding up 1D fans but perhaps there is some truth to it?

The fact that Flack deleted the 'so I just got married...' tweet is a bit suspicious...

by Larry believerreply 28209/02/2012

Links, enertainmentwse has to be one of the worst garbage story printers out there. Heat is as bad, as are the UK red top rags.

I think they research nothing. They just go ahead and print because nobody bothers to challenge it and give them attention.

by Larry believerreply 28309/02/2012

[quote]Meanwhile, this site tries to pass of an ancient story as something new.

Indeed - but it's intriguing that Harry was apparently already having threesomes [italic]before[/italic] he became a pop star. One can only imagine what he gets up to now. So much for Nick "corrupting" him.

by Larry believerreply 28409/02/2012

Links (R283) R284, Ironic that the picture they used is from the night he went to see Jay Z with Grimshaw and slept over... (the night before he went back on tour)

by Larry believerreply 28509/02/2012

In off-topic but weird news, Tom Daley is now hanging out with Liam's friend Andy?

by Larry believerreply 28609/02/2012

they all slept at a hotel the night before the early flight so that they would be on time. that must be an issue for these kids. harry had a pic of him nude in his hotel room the morning of their flight to the US

by Larry believerreply 28709/02/2012

Was that picture really him, r287? I saw it on tumblr along with claims that Zayn had tweeted and then deleted it, but that seemed fishy to me.

by Larry believerreply 28809/02/2012

The nude picture is from a photographer's Flikr; caption "hotel in Poland", so I think fake. Very keen likeness, which I think is why it's being touted as Harry. Definitely not tweeted by Zayn, anyway.

R284 If it was at Sadie Frost's house, then it would be post X Factor, he knows her through Grimshaw. Either way, I highly doubt it's Grimshaw who's corrupted him, if indeed you can call having an active and varied sex life corrupt. From slight innuendo and Harry himself, I get the impression he simply enjoys sex and probably has a lot of it. But then who doesn't and if you were being offered sex left right and centre, you'd probably take people up on it too.

L Girl - Indeed! I didn't realise that was where it came from. Although with Entertainment wise, they tend to print any old trash (as R283 said) and I think it's possible they were unaware of the origin ... they seem to be a site whose writers are unprofessional (as in, not credible journalists) and some of the articles I've seen on there border on fan-written. I'd say it baffles me that the amount of sleep-overs and dates he and Grimmy go on have been ignored by the tabs, who, if this was a woman this stuff was happening with, would be splashed everywhere; but I'm not.

That is random about Andy, but then he's a model and he has a clothing brand, his being known around LDN isn't just from being Liam's mate. Similar with his other best mate Maz, who's a dancer (I think friends with Danielle or something, I'm not sure). Or Liam could have introduced them and they hit it off. People say Andy's a dick, but to be honest, after watching his Twitcam with Liam especially, I think he's funny, laddish and generally an alright guy.

Here's Harry's happy face (but is he TOO happy?!).

by Larry believerreply 28909/02/2012

I think you misunderstood me, r289 - I was referring to the entertainmentwise story. If you read it carefully, you'll see that Harry was apparently in bed with two girls at the same time when he was surprised by his stepdad.

by Larry believerreply 29009/02/2012

R290 Oh, sorry! Crikey, yeah, I've read the story before and everything! I've always thought the was the weirdest story to print (think it was originally in Heat mag), because you don't usually get anything other than straight up references to vanilla sex, one on one. And then he basically says he's had a threesome with two girls. Unless they weren't having sex, but ... that seems to be the implication.

So yes, true, clearly our Harry was into something a bit more out of the ordinary at 15 to 16 years old (since we're talking about pre X-Factor). I'm not going to go any younger than that.

Surely someone was corrupting him though - because Harry's not a womaniser, he doesn't like having lots of sex with women (and men), if anything he's a feminist!

by Larry believerreply 29109/02/2012

R281: Girls holding hands means absolutely nothing. Women friends are 'allowed' to be affectionate that way.

R289: Harry & Grim remind me of Cheech & Chong sometimes. They just look out-of-their-mind-high sometimes

by Larry believerreply 29209/02/2012

None of these boys may be 'exclusive' - even the sainted Liam and Danielle - but this is all going on within a fandom of very young girls at present who, if not buying the bisexual angles or Larry, are buying it but to the point that they are tunnel-visioned into assuming it's definitely a monogamous, exclusive, promise ring-bearing relationship consummated at Leeds in a tent and that Harry's entire body is a forever shrine to Louis. Via some deeply ambiguous tattoos. Nobody questions why dear old Lou seems to fail to reciprocate any of this. But then I think Harry is of a much more sentimental nature than Louis.

There current glances and looks may be no more than 'remember when?'. Or 'we got away with this'?

One thing I am sure about is Harry and Louis had (and may still have) some mad mad hot sex. But they are perhaps not a 'couple' at present, simply because it could never work easily. I think it's highly plausible that Nick and Harry over time have become closer but you have to factor in the publicity angle and boosting Nick's profile and that for some reason, articles are still being written about Harry as a lothario.

However it'd be unusual for management to give the green light for all the papping of Grim and Harry of late (some of which, at least, was clearly HQ-santioned for it to even go out) and then panic and run a story about Harry's family "finding him in bed with a girl", albeit fully clothed from some time back. I figured it was either more bunkum because there's nothing concrete to report or another attempt to present Harry the Stud as utterly desirable to women before Nick pops up again or something else might happen.

The group still need to be all things to all people so maybe that's part of the tactic.

And I can't be the only one who's wondered if Louis has an 'interest' in Tom Daley.

by Larry believerreply 29309/02/2012

[quote][R281]: Girls holding hands means absolutely nothing. Women friends are 'allowed' to be affectionate that way.

Yup, that's always the excuse isn't it. ;)

by Larry believerreply 29409/02/2012

Has anyone noticed that when these Harry articles are being printed they are using his wasted pictures? It reminds me of the old coverage of Pete Doherty.

by Larry believerreply 29509/02/2012

[quote][R289]: Harry & Grim remind me of Cheech & Chong sometimes. They just look out-of-their-mind-high sometimes

They fucking do as well but I bet it's more that they're both silly and giddy. Harry seems to find hilarity in everything and Nick's quite similar.

I also probably don't think they have the best diets either. Too much fast food and late nights spent drinking. Harry's unfortunate acne problem is usually masked by layers and layers of thick makeup because he is massively spotty at times. His skin probably hasn't breathed for the past 2 years so he can appear sallow when the makeup is off.

by Larry believerreply 29609/02/2012

To the sweetie @ R294 - If you are going with that then I have fucked every close gf I ever had. All 20 plus of them. Also a surprisingly large number of my female relatives.

by Larry believerreply 29709/02/2012

Are you denying she could be partnered to a woman?

Seriously? Here of all places?

by Larry believerreply 29809/02/2012

Links, He does look super happy in that pic but in the ones taken immeadiately before that he looks as miserable as sin so maybe someone was trying to make him laugh?

That was the night he went to dinner with Grimmy's parents at Shoreditch House. There are also pictures of them with Harry up on the roof. From what Grimmy had said earlier that day, he was looking for somewhere to take them to watch the Laser show at The Shard. I reckon (and this is all speculation on my part) that they didn't know or plan to attend that Trainer launch or be papped together there (reason for H's miserable face?) but stumbled across the party as it was also being held on the roof. I just can't see Grimmy taking his elderly parents to an Urban Rappers Trainer party!

Regarding the tabloids, I'd always assumed they were deliberately ignoring any potential story between Grim & H but some are starting to hint at it? (although the Daily Mail swiftly rewrote their most recent story involving the two removing an earlier passage regarding the amount of time the two have spending together)

The online 'news outlet' unreality TV have posted an article actually suggesting that Harry may be in a relationship with Grimmy. It's the first of this type that I've seen.

by Larry believerreply 29909/02/2012

I guess theres consensus that Harry and Grimmy are together in some way or other.

Its got me rethinking it all though. Is there a chance that Harry is an emotionally needy straight lad who has cleeved onto Grimmy like some kind of security blanket? That Grimmy indulges him because he has a crush on him and that in turn makes Harry latch on even harder? Maybe?

Probably not. But maybe.

by Larry believerreply 30009/02/2012

L Girl - Haha, I was actually being sarcastic about the "too happy" because of the earlier poster who said something about him always looking high as a kite smiling with Grimmy - whereas I think he just has a laugh with him. Harry does that straight-faced look at cameras sometimes, I don't really know why, but his natural face I think it quite blank in a weird way. And it makes him look even younger than the smile. (Do you mean the one I've linked?)

I don't know if it was a mistake; possibly they attended the launch briefly, while his parents stayed in the bar, to make an appearance; then went back inside. I don't know that much about Shoreditch House tbh, never been there. I used to think it was exclusive, but recently everyone seems to be going ...

He obviously wanted Harry to meet his parents though; and Harry obviously wanted Nick to meet his mum too ... somehow it means more because Nick's older, but that's probably ageist!

I never got to see that original version of the DM article! Quite annoyed. Was it hinting at a relationship beyond friendship or very vague? Unreality TV I did read; interesting, but seemed to take a lot of cues from fandom and it's a bit like Entertainmentwise in that some of it's articles can seem fandom-fan written.

I very much doubt it came from much more than what we've been speculating over; i.e. private information.

The mainstream tabloids are definitely flirting with the idea of it; and the comments on their articles about the "bromance" (using that word immediately makes people think of romance, I doubt it's unintentional) show signs of people cottoning on.

by Larry believerreply 30109/02/2012

[quote]they all slept at a hotel the night before the early flight so that they would be on time. that must be an issue for these kids. harry had a pic of him nude in his hotel room the morning of their flight to the US

If that's true then the last thing Harry did was spend time with Nick before getting in his taxi and heading off. Not seemingly spending a relaxing night in before a long flight the next day? He had to see Nick and stay out pretty late (it's dark in the pictures)? Couldn't he just text him or phone?

So, righty-o.

If it's not true and that picture is bogus or from an earlier date then Harry left Nick at the club, got in a taxi with his trusty overnight bag to...go back home with a packed bag he didn't need to bring out...

by Larry believerreply 30209/02/2012

L Girl, I thought it was telling how that Daily Mail story was rewritten to tone down the implications of the original. Going by some of the comments on recent articles about Harry, people have picked up on what's going on.

by Larry believerreply 30309/02/2012

You'd have loved the comment on one of the Harry and Nick Daily Mail artiles last week (they are unmoderated btw).

Some wit posted about 'I think Harry and Nick are Very Good Frends'. It got about 82 green ticks when I saw it.

Another poster highlighted a line from the article that said 'Harry Styles, notorious womaniser' and added 'Only according to the British press' and that got 180+ tick ups.

by Larry believerreply 30409/02/2012

Bringing Louis ass back to the thread...

by Larry believerreply 30509/02/2012

R304 Oh I saw those, great stuff! Someone else said "I think Harry's trying to tell us something" and someone replied "not that anyone will listen". Another said "there's more to Harry and Grimmy than meets the eye, watch this space".

All, as far as can be told on those comments, from non-fandom people.

by Larry believerreply 30609/02/2012

205, perfect position. :)

zayn is so skinny...

by Larry believerreply 30709/02/2012

I should add I tinahatted on over to Grimmy's twitter and after having a look at his tub of despair picture I wonder if what at first looked like a heart tattoo is perhaps a drawn on heart. It's a bit irregular unless someone (or he) has tattooed it himself. It's still sweet though.

by Larry believerreply 30809/02/2012

'Tinahatted', oh god. Freudian slip if ever there was.


by Larry believerreply 30909/02/2012

He's been buying fruit punnets lately. The jokes writing themselves aside and that buying fruit is perfectly normal and it would help clear up his skin, I have to wonder if Harry is a secret smoker.

If you look at his pants when he's papped out with Nick or the other boys he often has an obvious cellphoine in one pocket but a shorter fatter rectangle in the other that looks like a pack of cigs to me. What else could it be, an ipod or gadget or something?

by Larry believerreply 31009/02/2012

i think they bring ore than one phone with them for some reason. Dont think he smokes.

by Larry believerreply 31109/02/2012

This is a good example but there are better quality pics out there. His right is probably a cellphone but his left pocket looks like a box of cigs? Or could it be an ipod and a Blackberry or something? Just curious.

by Larry believerreply 31209/02/2012

Links, Yes, that was the pic! You may be right about that night, i've not been to Shoredith House either (it's members only I believe)

I do know that Harry has met Grimmy's parents before though. There is a lovely picture (from feb) of Grimmy's mum being escorted out of an event with Grimmy on one arm and Harry on the other (looking rather like a couple)

The DM comment with pretty innocuous tbh so was surprised they removed it? It was something like 'they are spending increasing amounts of time together' or something similar.

Talking of Harry and pictures, those in Paradise are particularly charming. Harry looks a little in love IMO (though maybe I'm just seeing what I want to see!)

by Larry believerreply 31309/02/2012

I have no idea why people think Harry is a naive little kid when he's anything but.

He's ambitious and already planning for a post-One Direction career. His current liaison suits that plan very well.

Don't underestimate him. He's perfectly capable of looking out for himself.

by Larry believerreply 31409/02/2012

I had completely forgotten about this:

by Larry believerreply 31509/02/2012

There is certainly a lot of Harry/Grimmy chatter on DM these days. The top 2 rated comments under the morph suit story were gossip about the two.

You would think their respective PR teams would be monitoring that sort of thing so presumably are unconcerned given the level of exposure they are continuing to attract?

by Larry believerreply 31609/02/2012

A wallet, perhaps, r312?

by Larry believerreply 31709/02/2012

I've seen some new gifs of Harry and Louis, and dammit.. I still see a lot of love and admiration there from Harry. Even the Romeo and Juliet comment. I know what you're gonna say, he played it up for the camera.. blah blah. Call me deluded all you want, I don't think he did. Harry can't act for shit, and it seemed so genuine. They seem as close as ever in the US. Don't get me wrong.. I think it's very likely that Harry is with Grimmy, he probably is. But I still think he loves Louis. Idk.. this whole thing is just confusing.. sigh.

by Larry believerreply 31809/02/2012

Guys, I'm reading your last posts about Harry's feats and I want to say that I'm very disappointed in him if these things prove to be true. This is not the Harry I know. Threesome with strangers in hotels, fucking Nick and Louis and 100 other men of all ages, drinking and doing drugs? This is too much for me. For me this is not a free spirit, but a whore, simply a whore. And a hypocrite one that poses the handyman. And he is only 18 years old, up to 30 he will be a finished man. I'm really disgusted by him if this is the real Harry.

by Larry believerreply 31909/02/2012

The fact that Harry is hanging out with this nasty bugger is proof enough that the nefarious, omnipotent force that is Management, is no where near as nefarious and omnipotent as has been alleged.

I mean reading these threads afew weeks back you would think Management was the Church of Scientology. Controlling every single thing (unless it showed overt Larry)including their brand of toothpaste and toothbrush colors.

Ofcourse their Management has some control over branding but I never believed that it was as invasive as people claimed.

I think the young girls were reverting to classic Fairy Tale mode. Theres a great Love whose fruition is prevented by an Evil Queen or Witch or Dragon or feuding clans.... or Management.

by Larry believerreply 32009/02/2012

I really don't understand why Nick Grimshaw is being so vilified?

I can only assume people have access to information on him that I've never seen.

by Larry believerreply 32109/02/2012

Who says it's not an open relationship? Either one.

by Larry believerreply 32209/02/2012


Not the Harry you know? Unless you have met Harry in real life and are friends with him, how do you know the real Harry?

The real Harry (and all of One Direction) might be radically different than what we see in interviews and on camera.

by Larry believerreply 32309/02/2012

r320, the other side of what you are saying is simply that management has okayed or even encouraged the Harry and Nick press. See r35 for why that is possible.

Hate to say it, but those look like cigarettes to me and due to the protruding quality I'd bet on cigs before a wallet.

Also thanks to the poster who explained that Harry wears makeup to cover his spotty face as I originally thought that many pictures were being touched up before release (furthering the all powerful management meme for me). Makes more sense that he's wearing makeup.

by Larry believerreply 32409/02/2012

I feel sure Harry and Louis had (and maybe still) have a thing going on that's very strong and keeps bringing them back to each other now and then, but the ramping up of Nick and Harry sightings by December as mentioned by L Girl and Links would logically coincide with post Septemeber-October 2011 Eleanor-Louis hookup. Louis tweeted Harry 'always in my heart' around October, when many felt they were split up, because their affection was becoming obvious.

The probably did have a big lovefest at Leeds in August 2011 but I can imagine someone being fed up of such a bearding exercise with an at least year long contract (if that's the case here, as widely speculated) by November-December 2011 and hence hanging out more with the London set. Then maybe things got complicated/serious with Harry and Grimmy and went from there?

If Louis and Harry are together still, then you have to consider what boyfriend would allow his other half to spend night after night/sleepover with a single gay man who's clearly enamoured to begin with. So it either means Louis is - bear with me - somehow in on this thing and involved/part of the setup which seems unlikely but not impossible, or they're just nothing it/anymore and that's that, dunzo.

It doesn't even rule out any future relationship/resumption of. These people are not necessarily going to stay with current partners forever.

But I do like Harry and Nick together, they look pretty happy to me.

by Larry believerreply 32509/02/2012

319, the thing is tho none of us know harry. Just what we think we know from interviews, and the media, etc.

by Larry believerreply 32609/02/2012

Try as I might, I just cant summon enthusiasm for this new pairing. Sure that guy is fugly and a little wierd for dating a teen but for me my big concern is as someone already noted, that this will likely end in rehab for Harry. It may be conjencture at this point, but then almost everything on these threads is conjecture anyway. We are all operating on gut level when we speculate and my gut tells me this is not good for Harry in the long term.

by Larry believerreply 32709/02/2012

I actually like the pairing of N+H, but I'm not as sold on it as everyone else seems to be. It feels like we are being prepped and pushed into believing it - cue the rampant photos where there weren't any before (and N+H had been together many times before), cue the new public speculation of H's sexuality (when the past allowed for nothing of the sort in the press), cue the traction the pairing is getting.

For me the idea splits off into two possibilities. The first is that N+H has always been the true pairing and that there is no Louis involved (or that Louis is an fb).

But the first idea negates itself when I think of the evidence out there for Larry. So I amend it to an open relationship, which makes really good sense.

The second possibility, and one of equal validity IMO, is that Larry is the real pairing and that Larry is endgame. And that Harry has to shed his image first before it can happen. And that Nick is an end to this process and possibly also a means to furthering Harry's foray into the scene (fits the new "Harry is usurious" kink we seem to have going here).

by Larry believerreply 32809/02/2012

Some Tumblr chick I follow has been receiving anonymous messages giving gossip about Harry (I believe a lot of it may have been pinched from Datalounge though).

Her answer to this ask got me thinking though, the Elounor PDA was indeed followed by a Harry going out with Nick a lot more frequently. Wonder if she's right about this?

by Larry believerreply 32909/02/2012

I'm following the same person - who seems like they are maybe on here too. Here's the insider-y stuff:

Anonymous [said]: I'm glad you're receptive to the pairing of Nick and Harry, rather than being the type of person to balk at the idea of Harry and anyone but Louis. I'll continue. Harry's handlers are careful with him, like you hope, but there's only so far they can go. The reason he's seen leaving these clubs alone is because handlers are pulling him out when he starts going too far, he always causes quite a stir when that happens. Why do you think they rarely go clubbing on tour? Especially after Australia.

Anonymous [said]: Another thing - Harry's not as perfect as he seems. He's a social smoker (you can lay spot the cigarette box in the pictures of him out clubbing), he happily accepts the drugs from Grimmy and he has a wild streak like you wouldn't believe. From the whispers I've heard, he's had sex with Grimmy and quite a few other people (not that I blame him, if I was getting propositioned that often, I'd relish in it too). But then again, it's Louis that he's fucking when he's on tour.

Anonymous [said]: Louis needs to rethink what he's doing with Harry, Grimmy will stop at nothing to get that boy in his bed. Yet Harry's willing to wait far longer than Louis deserves, he really has the patience of a saint. Grimmy thinks Harry's being stupid, I agree.

Anonymous [said]: Eleanor Calder was hired and is paid by Hackford Jones, not Modest! Management. As soon as her father comes into the picture, you'll realise why she was chosen (by the way, don't bother looking him up, you won't find him under Murray Calder - he doesn't want to be found). By the way, doesn't Harry always look happy around Nick? A bit too happy perhaps? Maybe he'D be better staying hoMe insteAd.

These go in reverse order if you want to get the chronological idea of the information. "Maybe he'D be better staying hoMe insteAd" MDMA is capitalized for those who might not pick that up.

by Larry believerreply 33009/02/2012

Dont forget Grimshaw is going to start getting up at 5am every morning from sept 21st.

Thats a pretty big change for any relationship.

by Larry believerreply 33109/02/2012

I'm the person who owns that tumblr, just thought I'd confirm I'm on here.

I'm not really believing the anon, they've gone from having inside info on pr/Eleanor to sounding like they frequent clubs Harry frequents. I doubt they'd be able to know about both in the depth theyre trying to make it sound like,

by Larry believerreply 33209/02/2012

Harry is seriously an enigma. Kid is interesting as shit. I feel like he's hiding in plain sight. He gives me that bisexual vibe though. Harry seems to be so easy to fall for. I also think that with him things always start out as more of a friendship, and then it gradually builds. He and Grimmy have known eacother for sometime and may now be taking it to the next level. As far as Louis he's gay as the day is long.

Harry I'm sure still has sex with women.. Unlike male company I just think he still has yet to make an emotional connection with a female.

I could be wrong though.

by Larry believerreply 33309/02/2012

r332 I'm with you. Though there are so many anons that have said so many things, it would be strange if one of them hasen't guessed everything right.

by Larry believerreply 33409/02/2012

Please tell me why is Louis gay as the day is long? Where are his boyfriends, where are the rumours of him hooking up with men? I didn't heard anything of the sort. If you tell me that he looks or behave like an ordinary gay man I call bullshit. I have a friend interested in fashion, delicat looking and very sexy, but unfortunately for me he's also straight. So I want to know why are all of you convinced that he is gay? Where are the proofs? Believe me, i want him to be gay because I find him incredibly attractive and sensual (Harry not so much, he is too juvenile looking in my oppinion.)

by Larry believerreply 33509/02/2012

Hes gay because people here want him to be gay.

And anyone who requests evidence is homophobic.

And anyone who reminds us that some gay men are masculine and some straight men are feminine is blind.

And anyone who suggests that this is wishful thinking is a troll.

And anyone who asks any further questions just needs to shut up.

I hope this answers your question R335

by Larry believerreply 33609/02/2012

Ignore R336. She's that gay male hating bisexual skank that posts antigay stuff in other threads.t

by Larry believerreply 33709/02/2012

R337: We dont do misogyny on this thread, see yourself out.

So what was the conclusion about the rings? Was that Grimmys ring that Harry was wearing or not?

by Larry believerreply 33809/03/2012

I'm listening to Grimmy and Annie Mac's show from last night, and they're talking about the Radio 1 press board, and Nick just said that his name still hasn't been added. Annie says it's strange he's never been on it, considering the amount of press Grimmy has been getting because of his breakfast show. She then says something like "I'll tell you when they'll update it. Next time..." and then kind of trails off and laughs and says "no I'm gonna be mean". You can then hear the producer in the studio laughing as well. I can't make out what she says next.

It might not mean anything, but I thought it was a bit odd that they're anticipating a big amount of press. Maybe I'm reaching, but it could have something to do with Harry? After those tweets I think it's likely Nick and Harry are an item, so maybe they are planning to make it public sometime soon? It's just a thought. Anyway, I've included the link to the show if anyone wants to listen. The bit about the press board is around the 33 and a half minute mark.

by Larry believerreply 33909/03/2012

When have we ever been right about impending declarative statements regarding sexuality? Literally never. The handful who have come out had the rumor that they were about to come out swirling for years, think Quinto, Bomer & Cooper. Because if you guess enough people for long enough, you will get a couple right!

I'm sorry, I'm just saying its a pointless exercise this "they are about to comeout" chain of thought. Of course I respect your right to speculate all the same. Just saying that I am fatigued by that kind of talk.

by Larry believerreply 34009/03/2012

Guys, why don't you start a new thread about Harry and Nick's relationship, because Louis clearly don't have anything to do with them. It's strange to go in a Louis's section to see some ass in action and be forced to read 1000000 posts about another people. Please do a new thread and celebrate there the lovely Harry/Grimshaw couple.

by Larry believerreply 34109/03/2012

Grimmy has started to support the charity Harry and his family are constantly championing (& generously if their tweet is anything to go by)

He's really not a bad guy.

by Larry believerreply 34209/03/2012

Nick Grimshaw and Harry Styles are rumored to be dating thread at the link.

by Larry believerreply 34309/03/2012

Any alleged drug angle with Harry should be a concern but again, it is an anon and we can't take it as concrete truth.

I do think Harry has a wild side that's old beyond his years, he basically should have been born 10-15 years earlier. And if he is doing recreational drugs it's by his own choice to get high, enhance sex and probably escape from the monotony of his 1D situation and the possible internal issues with Louis/others.

I see a lot of chemistry between Louis and Harry that goes back a long way and is hard to write off as just joking around. Some of the blowjob innuendo is quite explicit and is in line with the idea of Harry as a 'bit' wild.

I do like the Harry and Nick pairing (minus alleged drugs and morphing into some London hipster whelp) and if that's his choice then so be it, but I'd infinitely prefer him with Louis in truth (they were the reason I came to the threads).

If Harry is waiting for Louis, then Louis should step up and soon, imo. Ditch the beard/s and just go for it, lol!

by Larry believerreply 34409/03/2012

L Girl, while I'm here can you please elaborate on the following that you wrote. I'm a bit confused:

[quote]A young gay guy who runs one of those 1D update accounts in the states has alluded (more than once) about a 'thing' with H. He seems genuine in as much as he won't give much away and only brings it up when gay rumours start circulating about H (as though that somehow means he could reveal his story without getting anyone in trouble) This started in March.

Are you saying Harry has a 'thing' do with being into guys that this guy is alluding to - or a thing with him personally? Can you give us some more detail on this please?

Bloody hell, Harry gets around! I just wanted him to find a nice boyfriend, not shag everyone else's! Lol.

[quote]Yes it was risky but there is no such thing as bad publicity. I know very few people that knew she existed before this relationship began. And for the record all alleged girlfriends' of boybands receive deathtraps. Liam, another memeber of the band, girlfriend has had to cancel

Also, just bringing this back here. It is absolutely true that before the Harry Styles 'affair' not one person knew nor cared who Caroline Flack was. Now she is everywhere, her face is all over Xtra Factor and her fashion styles are in mags. It is very true that supposed 'bad publicity' is actually, good publicity in this day and age. As has been mentioned, has beating Rihanna black and blue hurt Chris Brown's sales ALL that much? Doesn't look that way. So a few affairs with cougars isn't going to do much damage (it cleverly opens the door for -potentially- an older curious female fanbase to their music).

It was also a win for Flack by someone going on to link Harry up to "multiple older women" and conquests in the press, so Caro never came off as the predatory one in the end, because Harry just clearly pursues every woman he sees doesn't he and the more wrinkly the better, woohoo.

Caroline, only weeks ago admitted in the Daily Mail that '95% of what was written about Harry and I was false'.

Oh really? Why didn't she speak up at the time? Could it be it's safe to say that now that she no longer has to ride his coattails for recoginition? I am not being mean to her, she's very clever and shrewd. It's opened doors for her.

I also wonder if the gold chain Harry wore supposedly from Caroline was not then some bridging sentimental gift much more to do with either Nick or as a thank you for covering for he and Nick for so long, and taking all that hate in the press and from One D fans.

Just speculating but it does make you wonder...

by Larry believerreply 34509/03/2012

R345, The boy is somehow connected with a Canadian tv show (work experience maybe) and was either involved or witness to something involving H. He said he was asked not to spread the story so he wouldn't. He seemed very worried that he had got H in trouble in some way and wanted to say sorry?

He has tweeted about it on a couple of other occasions, always as part of tweeter chats re H's sexuality.

When rumours circulated about H apparently confirming he was bi in some interview, he tweeted something like "maybe I can tell my Harry story now?" He also tweeted a lot about how H shouldn't be made to hide who he really was.

He then got into a fight with someone who didn't believe him and replied with something like "I know something about Harry that would shock you all" he later deleted this but not the rest of the conversation.

He mentioned it again, more recently, again in reference to a gay rumour. Someone asked if he had 'kissed/fooled around' with H. He replied "maybe"

Based on his tweets, the guy sounds normal, genuinely concerned about H and is sufficiently vague yet consistent with his tweets that i would be inclined to believe him?

Whatever it was, I think it was just the one off incident.

by Larry believerreply 34609/03/2012

Thanks L Girl. You're the font of all things sparkly, as ever. Cheers.

I think we have to concede to the likelihood that Harry is young and just trying to find his way in a world that to many people seems easy but can also be a totally guilded cage. From being a free agent to having precious little time for oneself, and at such a vital stage of growing up.

You would hope the people around him care for him and look after him but then also concede he is no innocent sage himself, he is an adult, and has likely got up to all sorts, perhaps compounded by issues with Louis and/or the lifestyle of being in a boyband.

I can't even begin to imagine how honestly awful it must be on many levels, just the deafening screaming everywhere you go and the complete lack of privacy and of being able to be yourself. I bet none of them realised they'd signed up for this much popularity.

Oh Louis, with your funny little walk, can't you just take him home and feed him cookies like you used to.

by Larry believerreply 34709/03/2012

What's the name for Harry Styles x Nick Grimshaw?

Harry x Louis had Larry Stylinson.

I'm guessing Harry x Nick is Narry Styleshaw? Or maybe Narry Grimsttyles?

by Larry believerreply 34809/03/2012

According to a Larry fangirl whose Twitter I keep an eye on Ben Harvey is supposed to be writing another Larry article this week, which is probably gonna be as helpful to Lou and Harry, Nick and Harry, and everyone else, as being dipped in acid.

But there you go.

by Larry believerreply 34909/03/2012

R348 Nirry Stymshaw is what I've seen used.

R349 I'm not surprised he's doing another - look at the response he got from the last one! I doubt this is about the 'injustice gays are facing', this is more about cashing in on something while the going's good imo.

by Larry believerreply 35009/03/2012

Today's other loosely Louis-linked event was that the tumblr FBI got hold of pictures of Eleanor (prob Facebook) of her partying and the fandom has now decided she has a twin who shares bearding duties. Yikes.

To be honest I have wondered if there are two Eleanors because she is quite cameleon-like but she just probably has one of those faces that's very changeable with diff. hairstyles.

I have seen a good few Eleanor house party and holiday pics and that girl can party the tits of a brass monkey. I kind of like her, always have. She looks fun and she gets wasted pretty quickly. There is always cigs and booze in lots of her private pictures, mostly attached to her.

by Larry believerreply 35109/03/2012

Eleanor looks to have an actual personality with everyone that's not Louis. You really should check out her candids and party pics, she's actually hilarious. She seems far from this prissy, upright, stoic little fashion doll as seen out with Louis. He probably likes being with her because he drinks and parties too, that's noticeable. If nothing else they can sit and get rat-arsed together. She looks the sort of chick you could have a belching competition with.

by Larry believerreply 35209/03/2012

This is interesting. Bit about Hackford, One D's PR team.

Especially note the red underlined part, though it was done by Eleanor after three shots and a bottle of Tia Maria (70cl in one sitting).

by Larry believerreply 35309/03/2012

And this because it never gets old. And the guy interviewing them is quite hot.

by Larry believerreply 35409/03/2012

Does Harry have to come out? I feel like he is generally accepted to be bisexual as is. Although maybe he is really gay - or gay leaning bisexual (I think this is likely). Thoughts? Loving the posts today.

by Larry believerreply 35509/03/2012

R355, for many it depends how much it defines your identity or your daily life and how open you want to be about who you are. No more no less than that imo.

by Larry believerreply 35609/03/2012


I also don't think Nick is a bad guy. If Harry and Nick are gay and dating, then they seem very happy and I wish them the best.

It seems that a lot of people can't get over how Nick is 10 years older than Harry. To them, the age difference automatically makes Nick a vulture or pervert.

But honestly I think a relationship between them has a very low of chance of lasting. Harry is part of One Direction which means more tours and long periods of being away from each other. Not to mention Harry being 18. He might very well change as he gets older and might not be as compatible with Nick.

by Larry believerreply 35709/03/2012

Yes r357, a lot of relationships in entertainment seem quite transient and open, purely because of the nature of the beast, travelling, time away, meeting lots of new people.

If they are together, or just kicking it as really good friends, let them have fun while they can is what I think. Same applies to anyone.

by Larry believerreply 35809/04/2012

Also, when a person is, say, 32 and another is 22 the age gap would be less apparent because the "cultural stigma" gets lost as people move out of their teens. But the age gap doesn't go anywhere, it just becomes socially more acceptable in western culture.

Funny that isn't it?

by Larry believerreply 35909/04/2012

Louis looking adorable and queeny:

by Larry believerreply 36009/04/2012

R360 TY for posting that, damn he takes my breath away. So. Fucking. Beautiful. *dead*

by Larry believerreply 36109/04/2012

That video reminded me just how much more handsome Louis is than his bandmates (who aren't slouches).

Today was a killer day for Larry shippers. Someone else can do the honors of detailing it. Oh, and Davids fanfic is incredible - and distracted me from some required coursework today. Seriously, I got chills reading it.

by Larry believerreply 36209/04/2012


I think 32 and 22 in a relationship still has some cultural stigma. I would say the stigma disappears once the younger person moves out of young adulthood (meaning they reach at least mid-late 20s). Not as much stigma as 28 and 18 but it's still there. As you said it just gets more socially acceptable even though the age gap is still there.

But I also think people assume the older one met the younger one earlier than 18 and had "impure" thoughts then and was watching and waiting. To that I say it could go either way. Maybe they did, maybe they didn't. Don't judge till you know the facts. Of course, if they saw, watched and waited (possibly influenced), then it looks creepy. If Nick did meet Harry earlier than 18, in the UK Harry was legal at 16.

It's puzzling that society has a double standard for young adults when it comes to sex/romance and punishment. For example an 18 took his car for a ride drove while texting had an accident and wrecked his and someone's car, most people would be against any sort of leniency because of his age even if no one got hurt. In this case he is clearly an adult capable of making his own decisions and being held accountable for his stupid ones.

The same 18 year old gets in a car and drives to his lover who is in his/her late 20s. The older adult gets viewed as someone taking advantage of a person who can't or is not ready to make their own decisions. Now sometimes this is the case (the younger could be extremely sheltered and naive), but for it to the default position of people, they would have to see the 18 year old as someone not yet ready to make adult decisions. Which flies out the right the window in the scenario I described above.

Though I must admit, if Nick was 20 or more years older than Harry, I would feel creeped out by the close friendship/relationship.

R360 I feel Louis gets too much attention for his ass. It's a very nice ass, but I love his face as well.

by Larry believerreply 36309/04/2012

R362 Killer day for Larry shippers? Please, at least provide the highlights!!!

by Larry believerreply 36409/04/2012

My mind is so wrecked, so I know I'll forget something but they discovered (take it with the usual caveat, as ever) that L+H got another flat (I've only every typed this word, being American) together. And there had to have been more - like two more things that were noteworthy. One of these involves another Harry tattoo, maybe a tent...who even knows what the end game is for the tats, dog. Slow your roll, Harold.

by Larry believerreply 36509/04/2012

R360: Louis has such a pixie face. Definitely not my cup of tea. Now I cant stop thinking of Tinkerbell.

by Larry believerreply 36609/04/2012

[quote]Please tell me why is Louis gay as the day is long?

Darling I don't even know where to begin...but let's start here...

by Larry believerreply 36709/05/2012

[quote]Of course, if they saw, watched and waited (possibly influenced), then it looks creepy. If Nick did meet Harry earlier than 18, in the UK Harry was legal at 16.

Yes and don't forget too that the British media has absolutely no problem printing articles about predatory Harry wrecking older peoples marriages of his own volition and being found in bed (albeit safely clothed) with "two girls" of indeterminate ages and of who could ave been 12 year old for all we know. Of course the story is highly likely bullshit anyway to promote Het!Slut!Harry! but there are total double standards in the press when it suits.

by Larry believerreply 36809/05/2012

[quote]My mind is so wrecked, so I know I'll forget something but they discovered (take it with the usual caveat, as ever) that L+H got another flat (I've only every typed this word, being American) together. And there had to have been more - like two more things that were noteworthy. One of these involves another Harry tattoo, maybe a tent...who even knows what the end game is for the tats, dog. Slow your roll, Harold.

Could the flat not be the same complex? Someone mentioned they lived in her dad's flat complex? Could this not just be the asylum they are already at?

The tent tattoo, it's not the iced gem one that's for his sister? That was pictured yesterday, he's had that awhile.

The Larry shippers are going nuts because there are pool pictures (see above the epitome of het Louis - why this boy even bothers fronting is a mystery to me) but Eleanor and some of the entourage were there too?

So sometimes a 'Larry day' can turn out to be unremarkable when broken down. They thought thy'd spotted a 'lovebite' on him but the pool pictures show it's either been concealed or there was (perhaps more likely) nothing there to start with. They jump at shadows a lot of the time.

On the other hand, I still veer between Nick being a dear and good friend prepared to cover up for Lou and Harry, with the help of a well-planted backstory/tweets/some pics and Harry's Radio One appearances, and this could be the work of Hackford Jones and planned a LONG way back in advance to build the story that is unfurling now.

Or that Nick could be the real partner (either loosely or monogamously) and that what people have seen and tweeted about is genuine but has been managed to be played down to great expense.

That Harry has an open door routine with Nick and with Louis. Maybe others. And the same for Louis (someone on another thread mentioned he was 'fucking Sam Tsui'**). Because they're all sex maniacs. (I could buy this too.)

Or that noone is in any 'committed relationship' and just having fun with different people, with consent, when the situation requires. That sometimes jealousies and grudgefucks erupt but they all know the score.

The bottom line is that IF it is about guys bonking guys in whatever assortment or pairing you would need a powerhouse like Hackford Jones not just to cover the routine PR but their self-confessed 'eye of the storm' PR handling would make sense given any or more of the scenarios we've talked about here.

** I figured this could be someone cashing in by posting randomly to get everyone to go and Google 'Sam Tsui' and then check his music out. Free publicity, etc...

by Larry believerreply 36909/05/2012

O/T but a really cool pic of Zayn falling back against Liam. One of those great 3D pics that reminds me of the Harry Potter newspapers.

Love this effect, it's really fascinating to watch a flat picture move.

by Larry believerreply 37009/05/2012

Nice beard, Lou.

by Larry believerreply 37109/05/2012

Things brewing at Rebecca Fergusson's?

You go, gurl!

by Larry believerreply 37209/05/2012

Harry follows Rebecca.

by Larry believerreply 37309/05/2012

Those tweets seem to be older though, r372. I don't see them on her timeline, and her current profile pic is different than the one in the screencaps.

by Larry believerreply 37409/05/2012

From a Larry blog today, re the fuss about Louis and Harry's 'new' flat (which may not be):

[quote]Anonymous asked: "Most people worked out that they moved out of their old flat as it was put up for sale. As they were travelling so much they needed to move out, otherwise the flat could have been sold with all their stuff in it. They're probably still in the same part of London as they were before though, as when some girls went to milkshake city (which is just outside princess park manor) they saw Nick Grimshaw picking Harry up."

by Larry believerreply 37509/05/2012

It seems like people were right when they said Louis was still lurking. They seem to have spent a lot of time together in LA, even went surfing together. I'm not saying this proves anything.. they might just be friends. But it does make it seem odd that we never see them spend any time together when they're home, but as soon as they are on tour they are constantly together, just the two of them.. doesn't this seem kinda odd to you? Lets say that they're still friends (nothing more), but we never see them spending time together in England.. Isn't this a bit suspicious? They have looked inseparable these last few days, and I think management knew what they had in store. They knew what to expect with them so they sent Eleanor along too. It's nice to have Louis being seen with his girlfriend, or "girlfriend", when the gay rumors start to swirl again.

by Larry believerreply 37609/05/2012

Weren't they all surfing together, r376? Harry tweeted a picture of 5 surfsuits today.

by Larry believerreply 37709/05/2012

I don't like Eleanor, because she seems fake. She's a stuck up bitch interested in fashion. That's all. Why do we NEVER see any of those party pics in the newspapers? All we see is the perfect Eleanor, who is nice, with perfect clothes, being the perfect girlfriend. It's like she is two people! This again makes me think that management has created an image for her like they did with the other boys, and it does point towards her being a cover up for Louis.

It seems like this thread has gone from worshipping Grimmy to worshipping Eleanor, and some people here still seem to think Eleanor is Louis girlfriend. My mind boggles. I can get onboard with Harry being with Grimmy. But you guys seriously think Louis is straight and Eleanor is his legit girlfriend? wow.. just.. wow. I don't even know what to say. I think some of you want Louis to be straight and Eleanor to be his real girlfriend because you're afraid he might come in between your precious Grimmy and Harry. We all know how much you worship the ground he walks on.

Actually.. the new pics of them by the pool and them going surfing together at least make it clear that they're still friends, at the very least. I never thought they were in a legit relationship.. I believe that Harry and Louis have had sex.. but I don't think they've ever been properly in a relationship. It just wouldn't work, it seems a bit far fetched and it wouldn't be very likely imo. But they do seem to have a strong bond. Harry is seen flirting with Louis and Louis have had erections by the sight of Harry three times. There's proof, gifs. Is it really that unlikely that two guys who are bi/gay, who obviously love each other, and find each other attractive, would have sex? I don't think so. I do however doubt that Harry and Louis have ever been more than casual, at most they've just had sex from time to time. No way have they been in a relationship.

by Larry believerreply 37809/05/2012

Zayn and Harry win awards with this one.

And Zayn doesn't demean Harry.

by Larry believerreply 37909/05/2012

Now R330 is actually something I could believe. It looks likely to me. I have believed something along the lines of that for a long time. I think Louis in some ways are stringing Harry along, but I think Harry is so in love with Louis that he's willing to put up with it.. but at the same time, as things get tough with the bearding and BS that Louis puts him through, he seeks help from Grimmy. Grimmy, having a crush on Harry is more than happy to pull him into the crowd. They are happy together, but I can also see Grimmy being a bit of a manipulator, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if Harry had dabbled in drugs with Grimmy. I think Harry wants to be out, I think he likes to be free.. he just wants to party, be open and be happy, and Grimmy brings those things to him. He doesn't have to hide with Grimmy, and is happy with him. But I think the relationship (if there is any), is pretty shallow, more out of convenience. Don't get me wrong, I think Grimmy does make Harry happy, and Harry does like him. And yes.. they have very likely had sex. But I think Louis is the one he wants, Louis is the one he's willing to wait for as long as it takes. He loves Louis so much that he's hurting, and whenever he's hurting, Grimmy is there to pick up the pieces. I think Grimmy feels more for Harry than Harry does for him.

Ok.. I don't even know where I'm going with this, but... if the anon is true (I could believe it, because it's the only anon that has made sense and basically everything falls into place, it's obviously extremely complicated), then Louis should just decide. I have no idea why he's stringing Harry along. Is it Harry being bi that's the issue here, or the fact that he wants to come out and be open about his sexuality (and Louis doesn't want to), or is it the fact that he's drinking and smoking, and doesn't like that he does that? Or maybe Louis just is very concerned about his image and the future. He's afraid of his career. Maybe he is afraid that Harry would ruin his image as the sassy, but perfect boyfriend to his girlfriend? He doesn't have a bright career like Harry does in his future. Harry has always seemed like a bit of a wild boy. His coming out would do little to hurt his image when he decides to go solo.. and him being gay or bi or whatever would be no big deal on the hipster scene anyway. I think Louis might be a bit concerned for his future, he knows he is the least likely in the band to go solo, and needs to protect the image and make as much cash as possible while he can, and this means he has to put up with the bearding and management shit (probably why he gets so defensive). Basically.. he's on the fence when it comes to Harry, for many reasons probably. I do think he loves Harry, he's just scared about his career, about his future, it's not as easy for him as it is for Harry.

One thing's for sure. This is no fairytale. I think if Harry and Louis have ever had something, then it's extremely complicated, and they probably have fought a lot, and still fight from time to time. I could see Harry being with Grimmy, and who knows.. maybe they have been together for a while, but I do have the feeling that he hooks up with Louis from time to time, like when they're on tour and stuff. They always seem to find their way back to each other. Idk.. I guess I could just describe it as someone else said, that Louis is lurking behind the scenes, and I still don't think Harry is completely over Louis.

Ok.. I'm rambling. I'll stop now, but I hope you see at least where I'm trying to go with this? lol.

by Larry believerreply 38009/05/2012

R378, you seem annoyed that there's more to discuss here than "Larry".

Maybe your concerns should be, whilst Harry seems to wear his heart on his sleeve, why isn't Louis doing more to acknowledge and care for what you think is his beloved 'boyfriend', rather than leaving it to Nick Grimshaw to take Harry out whilst he trots Eleanor here and there.

We are just commenting on what we see. And as for 'worship' this is the same Grimshaw that's been called a drugpusher, kiddie-fiddler and leech who uses those around him. Eleanor 'the bitch' who's actually said and done not a lot wrong outside of her duties as girlfriend to a popstar, whether fake or real. Only her drinking habits got mentioned and that she seems fun. So what?

Your anger seems misplaced to me. Believe me, I would love Larry to be an exclusive couple in love but have to accept other possibilities too. And that's fine. Louis ass will always rock though.

by Larry believerreply 38109/05/2012

R380, your post makes absolute sense to me and I think it could boil down to exactly that.

I wouldn't assume though, that Grimmy is the wildcard "go-to" guy while other people dither. His history with Harry appears to be quite solid even throughout some seriously fruity "Larry moments", what with family meetups and meals out, just the two of them (not involving the usual crowd).

I definitely think there's something between Louis and Harry, and the others probably understand that? It's showbiz, it's different parameters from normal lives.

I think you are absolutely right in that their decisions, or lack of, may be down to differences in personality, talent and future marketability than simply being 'embarrassed' to be seen as a couple or to come out.

As much as Larry fans want to believe it will be a fairytale ending, there is no way Louis is going to humiliate Eleanor at this point until their arrangement (if it is) is up. He would be blacklisted. He's a "good boy" who's seeing it through imo. Harry is free of that restriction (at least for now). They are likely in different places, both regarding career and talent aspirations. Maybe they realised it before fans did, hence taking up with someone else (either real or fake) to have some shot at a normal life/relationship/s/an identity before this thing winds up.

by Larry believerreply 38209/05/2012

Early interview with the boys. Louis in a wig, the boys talk about their first kisses, cute Larry analysis attached, Harry wants to be a lawyer, cute.

by Larry believerreply 38309/05/2012

In response to r379.

by Larry believerreply 38409/05/2012

Harry got a tattoo of his sister's name in Hebrew. Anyone know if he may be Jewish? (I've wondered this before.)

by Larry believerreply 38509/05/2012

R385 The only thing I'm thinking is that it's not at all inflamed and doesn't look raised from the skin, which new tattoos do. Whether they took the picture with the transfer, before it was done, to get a better look, I don't know (although it also seems to dark and opaque to be a transfer).

I love some of the Tumblr posts:

"But he's already GOT one dedicated to Gemma, what about another one for Louis?"

Well, it's his sister, even if he IS in love with Louis (disregarding my own theories and beliefs on that one) ... he'll probably always love her a bit more and in a different way. They seem very close.

My personal favourite:

"It doesn't say 17BLACK on his collarbone ... it's Louis's name in Greek!!"

I'll let you decide on that one.

I have wondered once before whether Harry was part Jewish (I would hazard from his mum's side? But could be either, really). If the tattoo is real, then I don't see why else he would choose Hebrew. It's not a common language to choose for a tattoo (unlike, for instance, Arabic or Japanese/Chinese, to name a couple). I don't think Harry himself is religious, per se, but I suppose there's a chance he could have a Jewish ancestry.

Grimmy, on his show last night, said Harry held a nice tan. He then proceeded to say of Chris Evans:

"Remember when Chris Evans did the breakfast show and he bought Billie Piper a Ferrari? Can I do that? Can I buy 16 year old popstars Ferraris?"

Note he's not talking about Harry here (he then mentions Harry being too old when his guest brings up their friendship); but does seem to be pointing out that Chris Evans, heterosexual man who at the time was older than Grimmy is now, seduced 16 year old Billie Piper.

Now, I was too young at the time, but was this a huge scandal? Either way, I thought it was interesting how he pointed that one out.

Any pictures of this so-called tent tattoo? I'm believing nothing until I've seen pics.

They all went surfing today, as far as I'm aware.

by Larry believerreply 38609/05/2012

Links, there was the customary outraged! flap about Chris and Billie but they rode the storm and people shut up. They stayed together for ages and actually got married (lasting about 6 years). They're still friends and are sometimes seen out socially, not so much since Billie has remarried/had kids with Fox.

I think they made it work because both were quirky, had media careers and didn't care what people thought. Now who sounds like that?

by Larry believerreply 38709/05/2012

[quote]Now, I was too young at the time, but was this a huge scandal? Either way, I thought it was interesting how he pointed that one out.

I'd tentatively suggest most people know when OTT internet rumours start doing the rounds, making insinuations of things like paedophilia, or cradle-snatching, etc. Even if they don't follow it themselves they will have friends who probably do and who will be concerned.

Everyone should have the right to defend themselves where there is no proof. I think he played that one quite well, even if it was coincidence.

VMAs tomorrow anyway. There are rumours One D have been plonked between Rihanna and Chris Brown in the seating arrangements. Should be fun.

by Larry believerreply 38809/05/2012

r386, Harry tweeted about Yom Kippur last year, but at the time I thought it was just a nod to Ben Winston, the director of their documentary, who is Jewish.

I found Nick's references to Evans/Piper interesting too.

Btw, Jonathan Ross also started dating his now-wife when she was 16 and he was 26. And John Peel even married a 15-year-old!

by Larry believerreply 38909/05/2012

I suppose if it's true that Grimmy's never had a proper relationship, it makes sense that his first one would be with an 18-year-old, i.e. someone with a similar amount of experience.

by Larry believerreply 39009/05/2012

Some people here read too much fanfiction I swear. Harry loves Louis so much it hurts? Really? Did he confess you that? Why isn't Louis acknowledge this beautiful soul who is clearly crazy about him? This is so stupid. You are not on tumblr and I hope you are not 14 years old. You ever thought maybe Harry and Louis are not lovers, but just good friends who used to share a flat? People are so obsessed they like to invent all kind of things. A girl nobody knows said on twitter that Harry and Louis live together and everybody believed her. It did not matter that the boys was seen every day driving in different places of London after they left the studio, and it was reported they moved separately in March. Today was another crazy day. Louis went to surf and Harry tweeted a photo with some surf things, and boom this mean they are in love and go surfing just the two of them. No, they were surrounded by a lot of people (if they really were together). I'm looking at all the things in general and I see just two friends and band mates. If they were much more, how you explain Harry's behaviour with Grimshaw? How you explain their dates, spending all their free time together, going to the festivals, parties etc together? If he had romantic feelings for Louis, I don't think he will behave like this. I think Harry respect Louis too much to behave like a real jerk, who want revenge.

by Larry believerreply 39109/05/2012


You sound just as obsessed as a typical fangurl.

by Larry believerreply 39209/05/2012

Today I was listening to an old interview Grimmy did with The Kills (it was only posted on YouTube recently but it's definitely old - I think maybe January?). At one point they're discussing which bands they think will be around in 10 years time, and there's this exchange:

Nick: What about One Direction? Jamie: No! 'Cause they'll all have solo careers in a couple of years won't they Nick: Well, two of them will. Jamie: Are they by any chance the two that you fancy? Nick: Yeah them two. 'Cause that's how I'll make it happen for them.

I'm going to take a wild guess and say the other one he fancied is Zayn, since he's made a few references to him being handsome. I don't know though. I just thought it was interesting anyway. From about 11:50 in.

by Larry believerreply 39309/05/2012

Harry's sister replied to an anti-Semitic tweet, and Harry's mother re-tweeted her reply, but the way she responded makes me think they're probably not Jewish after all. What do you think?

by Larry believerreply 39409/05/2012

this is his other tattoo.

by Larry believerreply 39509/05/2012

This is great:

by Larry believerreply 39609/05/2012

Liam: Harry, are you good with your hands?

Harry: I used to be quite...

Louis: Really good.

by Larry believerreply 39709/05/2012

Harry holding Louis' shorts.

by Larry believerreply 39809/05/2012

R394 I live near them, I'm almost certain they aren't jewish, or at least not practicing. The nearest synagogue is in Manchester as far as I know, and the area is predominantly non-practicing christian/atheist.

But like his sister said, shouldn't really matter.

R398 His hands look absolutely massive in that picture, especially when you scroll down so his head is no longer in the frame. No wonder he's good with them.

by Larry believerreply 39909/05/2012

His hands do look big there. But I've never really gathered how tall he is. He's slight so he looks tall, but Grimmy looks to be average height (or a little taller like 6ft maybe) so that skewers my perception. What's the rule - take the listed height and subtract 2 inches? I don't really think of heights in metric terms, sorry to all non USAers.

by Larry believerreply 40009/05/2012

I think all this homoerotic/touchy-feely crap is intentional to pls the fangirls..I went to MTV's official tumblr and when 1 Direction visit their studio the staff made their own gif of Liam slapping Niall's groin and posted it in their seems very forced.

by Larry believerreply 40109/05/2012

How can they be Louis's shorts when Louis is wearing his shorts in a picture with the same girl (I doubt taken far apart).

He can hold a coke can between two fingers, what is that?!

by Larry believerreply 40209/05/2012

R401: Correct. Boybands have always played on the homoeroticism and in the last few years British boybands have been especially explicit about it. After watching youtube clips of Wanted & MacFly, this is clear to me now. They perform at gay clubs, bring guys up on stage to sing to, pose naked on gay magazines. Its business.

Of course that does not fit the narrative where 2 people in love are being kept apart, so the fans pretend as though the homoeroticism is in spite of Management wishes instead of BECAUSE of Management wishes,

I still think that Harry is gay or bi. But hes with that radio guy and not with Louis. All Larry in the U.S is just cynical marketing.

by Larry believerreply 40309/05/2012

I'm starting to believe Louis isn't gay at all. He is never seen in compromising situations, he never goes to gay bars and parties and the rumours about him being gay are practical nonexistent. The only proofs you have are that he has a "gay-wrist" (crazy I know), he wears tight pants and his manners are a little bit feminine. You may say as well a girl is lesbian because she has a flat chest and is a little bit masculine in behaviour. Harry on the other hand is gay, gay gay. The rumours about him are numerous, he was seen in gay bars and the very close "friendship" with an open gay DJ (who is obsessed with him - Grimmy himself confessed that in one of his shows) shows everyone his sexual preferences. Of course the management must work hard and give him a new "girlfriend" every week, but if you look close, his only affair was with Caroline Flack (an old friend of Grimshaw) and that one was very unclear.

by Larry believerreply 40409/06/2012

R404, I would be inclined to go along with this view. Tumblr teens always argue that Louis issues the denials about their 'romance' because Harry is incapable of lying or that Harry is ready to come out when Louis is not?

They don't even entertain the idea that Louis is vocal in his defence because maybe the rumours are NOT true about him whilst Harry remains quiet because the rumours about his sexuality are possibly true?

I'm not saying I think Louis is definately straight. Along with everyone else, I originally assumed he was gay and maybe he is but i personally have started to doubt it. Partly due to the absence of rumours about him but also due to his aggressive defence on the subject.

by Larry believerreply 40509/06/2012

I meant to add that if Harry is intersted in guys, I'm not convinced he is completely gay. From what I understand, the story about the femail DJ was true (she apparently lost her job over it)

I'm also not convinced the Flack story was just a story?

by Larry believerreply 40609/06/2012

Look, I have a number of straight male friends who'd be picked as gay before I would. Because they're more polite than me, because they're more effeminate and make more of an effort to look like they should be in a magazine than I do, because frankly, they're better looking than I am. But guess what? They're still straight. Ultimately, how someoane interacts with the world isn't that great an indication of their sexuality. Rumours are needed. Where are these for Louis?

by Larry believerreply 40709/06/2012

This has bothered me about Louis too. Unless Louis is a gay eunuch, he should have CREDIBLE rumors beyond Larry.

by Larry believerreply 40809/06/2012

[quote]But like his sister said, shouldn't really matter.

I'm just interested in whether he might be Jewish because I'm Jewish myself.

Regarding the question whether Louis is really gay: one of the main reasons I've always thought this is (paradoxically) the fact that throughout 1D's existence, Louis has practically always had a publicly acknowledged girlfriend.

Isn't the PR rule of thumb for teen idols: If they're gay, make them appear straight; if they're straight, make them appear single?

by Larry believerreply 40909/06/2012

r408 there were pictures of him in one of the earlier threads in the company of a well-groomed, tanned, possibly gay, club goer on multiple occasions (or throughout multiple outfit changes). It works out in my mind that the relative lack of other Louis rumors substantiates the Larry rumors.

by Larry believerreply 41009/06/2012

But are there any 'Larry' rumours? (aside from those from Larry fan girls and the blind which seemed to stem from the fan girl rumours?)

I'm just asking as I've never heard one?

by Larry believerreply 41109/06/2012

1D's homoerotic action reminds me of boybanders and the emo/ neo punk bands of the past decade. In the boybands you always had the boys in touchy feely action b/c the girlfans loved that type of shit. The emo boys played it up even in their concerts and in their pictures with one another. Hell, there are videos dedicated to all the mouth kissing btw the bandom boys. Panic at the Disco incorporated the stage gay in their act while Ryan/Brendon were thought to have been dating and even asked by RS as to their dating. MCR's Gee and Frankie would make out at their concerts. It got to a point, that the PC fans got offended at the over use of stage gay to attract the fangirls. One Direction is doing the same thing like those boys did. After seeing it with half a dozen bands over your lifetime you already know the game being played.

Of course the kiddies watching 1D probably never saw this since they were too young to see it get played out with the emos/neo punks 6 years ago. And prior to that NSYNC/BSB. And prior to them, Take That and whatever other boybands, etc.

by Larry believerreply 41209/06/2012

Oh bandom how I used to love it so.

by Larry believerreply 41309/06/2012

I see your point regarding the emo bands, r412, but did NSYNC/BSB really act like this as well?

by Larry believerreply 41409/06/2012

Yes to R412. Its amazing how each generation believes they just stumbled upon something taboo and provocative.

I read a book about David Bowie once and was amazed at how well he manipulated that whole "is he gay isnt he gay" question. For a good chunk of his career he marketed himself as bisexual. In his latter years he has come out as totally straight. Playing on the sexuality question made him interesting, set him apart from other artists and pushed his political agenda.

Theres a game being played here and its being played on young, naive girls and gay boys.

by Larry believerreply 41509/06/2012

The guys from NSYNC and BSB lived/spent so much time together in the early years that they had no personal space. Lou knew that the homoerotic stuff sold. It was so obvious that the fans would joke about the gay ass photoshoots. The guys knew all about the slash fiction. JC/Justin and Lance/JC being the top two. The fat one in NSYNC would manhandle all the other ones particularly the rl gay ones, Lance and JC. And yeah, the teen girls were convinced, I mean seriously that JC and Lance were together. Some still are convinced about that. There were manifestos about management not letting JC and Lance be together. Wah wah. Oh we suffered b/c our boys were made to get beards since their ONE TRUE LOVE had to be kept in the closet.

I think the guys may not have been as aware in the beginning about all the slash goodness the girlies were loving but management knew it sold which is why the photo shoots and all that showed off all the 'affection'. Those boybands were the precursors to Pete Wentz selling the Ryan/Brandon pairing years later (Pete being a Lou type who got the band noticed). I'm sure I could write a book about all our talk regarding Brendon and Ryan. Brendon being the really gay one and Ryan being the cocktease player. Oh the handholding those guys did, yada yada. Frank and Gee are another story and at least we got all the tongue kissing from them in their concerts. Still have my vids on those boys. sigh

by Larry believerreply 41609/06/2012

R412, R414, R415, I agree. Do you think this could explain Harry's ambiguous sexuality or do you think there could be truth to those rumours?

by Larry believerreply 41709/06/2012

Harry reminds me of Ryan Ross. Only thing, Ryan was the lyricist/brains of Panic while 1D isn't selling me that they are more than just product without real song writing skills. Problem happened that after a few years Ryan needed his space and outgrew the band. He was the one who had the hipster friends and did the drugs (coke and booze). Harry just reminds me of him. He's the most likely to have done the coke and booze and fuck around.

It's possible that Harry's straight and basically an affectionate cock tease or that he's bisexual. Whatever he is, he's going to do a Ryan Ross and be the one willing to break up the group or allow it's death.

Ryan and Brendon were inseperable for years but they had their own lives, interests outside of the group no matter how much they sold their OTP bond. And the same thing Panic and BSB and NSYNC sold is what 1D is selling, the romantic illusion to these girls. In the background these guys are fucking whoever they want and NO they are not as intensely involved as the kiddies swoon/hope for. I give Harry one more album before he bolts and does a Ryan Ross.

by Larry believerreply 41809/06/2012

R418: You are illuminating. Where did you come from and please dont ever leave us. Also, would you sign your posts please? I tend to skip to comments of posters I find interesting and you are definitely one of them.

by Larry believerreply 41909/06/2012

[quote]All Larry in the U.S is just cynical marketing.

This is a patently ridiculous statement.

Homosexual marketing whilst touring the USA as an unknown quantity is like sending the Showbears to tour Iran.

by Larry believerreply 42009/06/2012

I'm an old school DLer. I've been around since the beginning of time. Those who loved Nsync and would post on our long ass threads back in the day could probably figure me out from my posts, wink wink nudge nudge.

by Larry believerreply 42109/06/2012

[quote]I think all this homoerotic/touchy-feely crap is intentional to pls the fangirls..I went to MTV's official tumblr and when 1 Direction visit their studio the staff made their own gif of Liam slapping Niall's groin and posted it in their seems very forced.

They do this to distract the fans from Larry. It's a well known tactic.

[quote]I'm starting to believe Louis isn't gay at all. He is never seen in compromising situations, he never goes to gay bars and parties and the rumours about him being gay are practical nonexistent.

I once posted a gif of him on holiday in Spain dancing topless with a load of half naked older men in a club that's well-known for gay tricking. He'd dragged Stan along (who kept his clothes on). I think he wanted Harry to go but he couldn't.

I just think he's possibly discreet and very closeted. One Direction is incredible rich, can afford shit hot PR agents and he's also very young. It might be there is no history because he just does not sleep around or is very careful.

Until this past few weeks, few widely thought Nick and Grimmy were an item (though it seems some lowkey types have suspected for awhile). All it takes is a bit of mainstream press interest to blow something sky high. Louis could easily be shielding a partner nobody knows about?

I discount nothing because nothing is black or white in this game.

Apart from that I think Harry is a lovely gay soul at heart. And that Zayn is fruity and a tease with anyone.

by Larry believerreply 42209/06/2012

[quote]I went to MTV's official tumblr

Btw, not exactly the best place to look for anything other than heterocentric high gloss PR.

by Larry believerreply 42309/06/2012

Hmm...another well known tactic is selling the shit out of the stage gay. These group members spend a tons of time together, there is going to be chemistry. Once the chemistry is picked up on and the teenies do their usually gagging over it, the machine/management plays with it.

Ryden was a phenomenon in Panic! to the point the boys worked it into their first stage show. That was risky but all that 'flamboyant' behavior worked great. Then they acted surprised when their first big interviews asked them if Ryden were dating since it was the big buzz in the internet and the fangirls were talking squeeling about it in their concerts. Yeah, the girlies bought it and the band played with it and management made money.

Doesn't discount the possibility of queerness with some of the members, just that the queer play/ content between the guys can be a huge selling point for the girl fans.

The likeliest possibility is that Harry is fucking the DJ and the other guy is either a closeted 'mo who's worried that the girls talking about Larry might out him b/c while the Harry part isn't real, he likes dick OR he's into girls (whether this supposed relationship with that gf of his is real or not doesn't matter much) so the Larry shipping ain't going to hurt him. If it's the latter he's right since none of that hurt Ryden. Only thing that hurt Ryden was the split in what they wanted the band to do (although I'm sure some of the bandom fans were convinced that it was Ryan fucking with girls and breaking up Brendon's heart that led to the band break up).

by Larry believerreply 42409/06/2012

More Ryden

by Larry believerreply 42509/06/2012

Mtv's official tumblr just posted another homoerotic "wink wink" gif on their blog..

by Larry believerreply 42609/06/2012

r422 Nick = Grimmy.

by Larry believerreply 42709/06/2012

They even tagged it "lilo" (Louis and Liam's "ship" name), r426.

by Larry believerreply 42809/06/2012

From Popbitch:

Dump up the volume Toilet noises from Leon J

One Direction are in the studio again recording new material. No news as yet on how it sounds as the soundproofing at the studio has been vastly improved since Leon Jackson was recording there. People in the offices nearby complained that the ound was somehow drifting up through the concrete floor - particularly of Leon doing his vocal exercises in the loo.

They were not complimentary.

by Larry believerreply 42909/06/2012

Oh, and the other one was tagged "niam" (Niall + Liam).

by Larry believerreply 43009/06/2012

[quote]Hmm...another well known tactic is selling the shit out of the stage gay. These group members spend a tons of time together, there is going to be chemistry. Once the chemistry is picked up on and the teenies do their usually gagging over it, the machine/management plays with it.

True but there's also the old adage of hiding in plain sight and the best form of denial as being laugh it all off as a joke/play up to it.

I am more interested in what the future holds personally, as trying to uncover, sort thorough and analyse people's pasts and motives is a murky area as it can never be conclusive.

I def think Harry is the solo candidate and he's had offers to sing from Florence And The Machine and probably others via his networking. He seems a bit too edgy to play the safe boyband meme forever and I think he's politely seeing it through.

I never understand why their fans get so emotional about the idea of them splitting. Personally I think it would be completely liberating for all of them.

by Larry believerreply 43109/06/2012

r428, Yup Mtv actually tagged it with Liam and Louis ship name..One direction knows what they are doing.

by Larry believerreply 43209/06/2012

[quote][R422] Nick = Grimmy.

'Fraid not. My hair sadly would never conform to any sort of quiff, giant or otherwise.

by Larry believerreply 43309/06/2012

Lol, MTV have just wised up. I can't believe you guys are buying that.

by Larry believerreply 43409/06/2012

[quote]I never understand why their fans get so emotional about the idea of them splitting. Personally I think it would be completely liberating for all of them.

Well, it would liberate them from their paychecks, I'll give you that ;)

by Larry believerreply 43509/06/2012

They're already multi-millionaires as it is, r435.

by Larry believerreply 43609/06/2012


Have they done the old "change a word, take a third"?

by Larry believerreply 43709/06/2012

The group is bound to break up in a year or two. Not only because of they will want it but the current generation of fans will move on to the next hot thing.

The ones hiding in plain site are Harry and Nick. The fans don't realize it because they are so invested in Larry that the obvious is lost on them.

by Larry believerreply 43809/06/2012

I think the main difference when considering 1d fandom and bandoms of the past is the fact that the 1d fandom was present for the formation and in many ways saw them before they were handed a record contract, assigned their marketable personalities, and thought of as a legitimate cash cow. If the majority of the Larry meme came afterwards, it would be rightly questionable - but it came first and now it is clearly being downplayed (or hidden, depending on your convictions).

A tumblr post succinctly said: "How many times do you get to witness your OTP falling in love?" And it's true in the way that you saw H+L becoming more in tune and in sync as X-Factor progressed. As a soon to be forgotten pop group, Larry was hanging out of the closet and the fans loved it. As a twice USA sell-out pop group, Larry is being suffocated. This isn't the normal fanservice.

by Larry believerreply 43909/06/2012

Aw! I think I love you, R439

by Larry believerreply 44009/06/2012

The 1D fandom saw them develop just like the Kradam fandom saw them develop. Luckily Kradam were together briefly in American Idol and in concert and not much afterwards. Yet, for at least a year or so there were boards and discussions by the fans, in this case many older women, who thought Kris and Adam were a gay couple being pushed into the closet by 19/AI/RCA/Jive, etc.

I wonder if the internet and slash fandom created the environment where women and girls are able to communicate about their love for these pairings. Happens in music but also in tv/films. Lee and Christopher Meloni had gossip about them once they started playing a couple in Oz. Girls are into this since it would make their love object into a sex object but the girl doesn't have to think about them with another girl but with a guy. It's harmless and not as threatening as the boy dating a girl or worse, dating a guy outside the band, group or movie he's in.

by Larry believerreply 44109/06/2012

Teen Wolf also queer-bait their fans.

by Larry believerreply 44209/06/2012

I think what's noteworthy is that this pairing lived together when they didn't have to, shared hotel rooms together every single tour stop when they didn't have to, and that their parents have shown admiration for the slash fandom too. And then they were caught canoodling and outed at least until the videographer suspiciously recanted his account of what he saw. It's all too intricate to be deliberate fanservice - unless Simon Cowell has hired Noam Chomsky to provide his services and advice.

r441 - I wonder if what you typed is poisoning the well, a fallacy that makes it more difficult to tend the position that, this time, the pairing is likely real in some form.

by Larry believerreply 44309/06/2012

I can't believe some people actually think Louis is straight, and NO, I do not think he's straight because of his mannerisms. I have a million other reasons to at least suspect he isn't completely straight. His girlfriend is one. I am so positive that she is in fact a cover up. We will see in a few years time who is right though.

by Larry believerreply 44409/06/2012

idk how anyone thinks louis is straight.

by Larry believerreply 44509/06/2012

Well, for one its hard to be convinced that he is gay just because some fans with their minds already made up dont think he and his gf have chemistry......based on photos and 20 second video clips.

I dont know what Louis is and its possible that he doesnt either. I do know that the evidence being presented is insufficient to make any conclusive finding on his sexuality.

by Larry believerreply 44609/06/2012

And btw.. Duncan James of Blue is bisexual, Lance Bass from NSync is gay.. we never heard about their sexuality while they were in their respective boybands, did we? I think it's completely possible that we haven't heard about Louis hooking up with anyone. Either he's celibate (not likely), or he's just being discreet. And come on.. it's not like these boybanders don't have handlers to pay anyone wanting to blab to the media. I think Louis is especially careful considering he is closeted and seems terrified of coming out. He knows what's at stake, hence why he puts up with the beard. He seems the most worried of all the guys about his career and future. He probably knows he is done in the music business when 1D is over, because lets face it.. his voice is not great. And this is coming from a fan of Louis. It's a matter of banking as much money as he can, before time runs out.

I think his fake girlfriend, his multiple erections (at least three times) around Harry and him partying with his shirt off at a club known for gay tricking, and last but not least, looking cosy with that guy he hugged at the party, are all good reasons to think he's gay. Yes, I think we have enough reasons to suspect. No, I'm not saying he definitely is (although I obviously believe it), and no.. you don't have to believe it. But again.. lets see who is right in a few years time. I believe I will be. And his sister saying he's not gay, either he hasn't come out to his family, or his sister is lying to protect him. Neither option is that out of the question imo.

by Larry believerreply 44709/06/2012

During Nsync days.. Lance had a personal assistant who was actually his bf.

by Larry believerreply 44809/06/2012

R443, Some of us on this thread are skeptical because we've seen this over and over again. Like has been mentioned by some in the prior few pages, these "pairings" are partially a way to make money off the fans and get them invested. The fans who aren't into the gay won't notice, the group of slashers fall for it. It's a bit edgy but not really. No one in the press will fall for it since they've seen it before.

I do understand the investment by fans over having their pairing by 'real' but there is another side of things that some people are being blind to namely, how it's a game that's as old as the Beatles.

BTW boys in bands have lived together from the beginning of bands. It means little. Just like the affection. It's common even for uber masculine rockers who spend time together.

I'm also someone who enjoys the little game but I'm not going to blindly fall for it like a teenage girl who's never seen it before or who allows her girlish fantasies to lead her to be a true believer. Nothing wrong with a little skepticism.

I'm more convinced about Harry and Nick and that's b/c they don't have much reason to spend much time together outside of a true friendship or something else.

by Larry believerreply 44909/06/2012

I realize the history of things, did you know that many casual observers thought that the Kinks were gay? They weren't, but I think that 1D is to this point and probably are actually gay (H+L, that is). So if it is a delicate operation to enthrall shippers and elude mainstream detection - Hackford Jones has failed at this. And they don't fail at PR. If this is fanservice, it's experimental, it's invasive, and it's the first of it's kind to behave in this way.

I'm also the last person to discount the Harry and Nick Grimshaw pairing as I think that they seem to be a better emotional match. But logically, I see beyond this and into the mine field of Larry.

by Larry believerreply 45009/06/2012

I get it, R449. But I'm not even talking about Larry being real here. I believe Harry and Nick are together. I think it's pretty obvious. What I don't get are you guys saying Louis can't possibly be gay.. why? why can't he be gay? because this proves that Larry is real somehow? because it doesn't.. at all. Gay guys can be friends, not all gay guys sleep with their gay friends. I mean.. come on. I can still believe Harry is bi, Louis is gay and still not believe in Larry. But it seems like some of you don't get that.

by Larry believerreply 45109/06/2012

R451, I'm not one of those who don't believe that Louis is gay. He just doesn't interest me so I don't really care to talk about him. I can buy Louis gay, Harry be gay/bi and their being friends. I just don't buy the slash fan shipping that they must be in a relationship and that management is stopping them. Larry is the new/old Stereck, J2(Jensen and Jared), Chris/Lee, Kradam, Prancing Ponies, etc.

by Larry believerreply 45209/06/2012

Ok, R352.. I get it, and I even agree with you.. I was just a bit confused because it seemed impossible to some of you that Louis is gay, because Harry is with Nick.. or at least that's how you made it seem like. So I was confused as hell, lol. But I get it. I mean.. ok, so you don't think Louis is gay, but I'm glad you at least admit that it might be a possibility, and that Louis and Harry can still be friends, and only friends, even if both of them are queer.

by Larry believerreply 45309/06/2012

r452,LoL!I remember when LOTR was huge and the Prancing Ponies dominated the DL threads! They truly believe Dominic Monaghan and Elijah Wood are a couple and the conspiracy theories of them was out of control! Their Leader was this woman named MsA who was batshit insane she has this list of colors that the actors were going wear during promos and that was a sign of them wanting to come out!

by Larry believerreply 45409/06/2012

R451, I don't know which posts you are specifically referring to but I don't think the recent posts regarding Louis' sexuality (including mine) are saying 'it's 'impossible' that he is gay.

We are just saying that it's 'possible' that he is straight.

by Larry believerreply 45509/06/2012

No one is saying it's impossible he's gay; the problem here seems to be that people think it's impossible he's straight. Two questions:

What gay "tricking" club has he been seen at?

If we're going by the "visible girlfriend = gay" rule, then there's so many celebs you could point at? Eleanor didn't become visible until recently; he's been seeing her long before that. If anything her visibility as a girlfriend has only been used to show she's not fake; but that wasn't necessary until far more recently. He's been seeing her since last year but only recently have the pair been photographed together.

I would have no problem if Louis was homosexual; my problem is that there is little to no substantial evidence that he is.

by Larry believerreply 45609/06/2012

R453, you got it. Some of the skeptics think Louis is gay but don't buy the Larry fan service. Some think Louis could possibly be straight, they just put it out that anything could be possible. Some don't really care either way.

The skeptics aren't skeptical b/c they assume Louis is 'straight'. Other factors are what leads some of us to the skepticism.

by Larry believerreply 45709/06/2012

[quote]Eleanor didn't become visible until recently; he's been seeing her long before that.

Maybe they weren't photographed together as much in the beginning as they are now, but Louis started acknowleding her in interviews literally right after they had started dating, and the first pictures appeared pretty much immediately.

Compare and contrast that with Liam, who kept his relationship with Danielle a secret for about half a year, then slowly started acknowledging her by saying "I'm kind of seeing someone".

by Larry believerreply 45809/06/2012

Oh my lawd, the prancing ponies! R454, remember back in the day when DL had separate forums (gossip, lesbian concerns, gay politics, etc) and those fucking Prancing Ponies invaded our space. They were like a virus. At some point they would post thousands of comments on one thread (back then the thread post maximum was higher). It got so that the webmeister created a seperate forum for them. I never went into those threads b/c I had not seen LotR so I didn't care. My friend though who has been in possibly every Real People Slash fandom possible told me about the fandom. Even she, who was into those pairings thought the chicks from that were cray cray. Poor webmeister had to shut that forum down and do a purge where no one was allowed to mention any of the actors from that movie. I remember posting a pic of the dude who played Sam and my thread got deleted b/c they thought it would encourage the ponies to come back and shit on DL with their wackiness. I do remember that those actors played it up in the beginning. Remember they, like boybanders had lived together for years filming those movies so they had no problem macking on one another and showing their affectionate touches.

The little girlies who act as if 1D are somehow so fucking special are just clearly ignorant of our LONG ass colorful past as members of fandom who watched the stage gay play out. Much to our pleasure and then pain when those boys got outed as fucking people outside their bands. How dare they! lol

As a huge Ryden fan I gots to laugh at the folks who somehow think Larry is so damn new and shiny and those poo poo boys are being repressed by their management to not show their LOVE. "OMG, like they so live together and are affectionate and omg like they are so downtrodden and made to toe the line." LMAO. No one is overly concerned about keeping 'Larry' on the downlow. Even if Louis is sucking every dick in town. The boys can be percieved as gay with each other, that's not going to hurt them. The Larry stuff can only attract the fangirlies.

by Larry believerreply 45909/06/2012

[quote] If the majority of the Larry meme came afterwards, it would be rightly questionable - but it came first and now it is clearly being downplayed (or hidden, depending on your convictions).

Excellent point, but entirely lost on those with other ideas.

by Larry believerreply 46009/06/2012

And after playing up the gay or letting the rumors slide without much concern the boys get bored/tired/ not amused with the obsession. So it either looks like the gay is no longer happening or repressed when most likely the guys just moved on. Most of these guys who have done this are gay friendly so they don't necessarily care about the gay rumor. Problem happens when fans get really out of hand and make them uncomfortable with the million posts/tweets, etc. Then the fanservice start getting more limited b/c the reaction it starts feeling a bit weird. Happened to all those who did the fanservice in the beginning (e.g. MCR, Ryden, Fall out Boy, DomElijah, Orlando/Viggo). At some point the boys/men under scrutiny are percieved as being on lockdown when in fact it's just that you learn more info on them like they are dating or are interested in somebody (not member of the group). The fans always see/read this as somehow management tampering things down. Not really. It's just the typical cycle.

The following is the trajectory: Boys work together in a band. They get comfortable. They are spoted by others and the girls note the particular chemistry of the really pretty leads or major players. It's very new but fans start posting on whatever social media is available (back in the day it was egroups, then yahoo, then LJ, then myspace, then facebook, then twitter). Somehow we all talk to others who feel the same. Thanks to the net we find each other. We feel that very few others know these boys since they are so new. We think we've discovered their love! Yippee! They make a breakthru, we're still talking about our OTP. Some of the boys know about the chatter, some don't, some sell it, some are just trying to make a point. Management knows 2 pretty boys together gets the little girls juices flowing. They have already used it as a seller in early pics of the boys. Then, it explodes. Even the boys families get questioned about it. Boys get asked about it in interviews. First boys are amused, then depending on how cray cray the fangirls get, the boys are less amused. The fans read this as repression of THE LUV. We all cry to one another and post or link each other's manifestos and metas. Hello, our boys are somehow not so open any more. Boys start dating or get more involved with who they are fucking. Fans continue crying. Band takes a break or break up for solo careers. Fans cry and move on to ANOTHER OTP. The End.

by Larry believerreply 46109/06/2012

Well.. I think Louis is obviously gay. Straight guys do not get erections while staring directly at their shirtless male friends. Once or twice can be called an incident, but three times? nah. I still think Eleanor is a cover up for Louis' sexuality, but I don't hate her at all. I don't like her, true, because she seems fake.. like she has two lives, but whatever.. that's besides the point. I think she's a cover up because of all the HQ photos (until they changed tactics and started using a more down low strategy with instagram, LQ photos and "sightings in public places where they know there will be fans"), because of the incredibly awkward PDA and hand holding, because all they do is go shopping and drink starbucks, because Louis doesn't know how long they've been dating, because of the tweets coming from management, because of the reenactments, and last but not least, probably the most important part.. they look miserable together. In all the pics taken by fans they don't even stand close, and they don't seem to be interacting at all.

But again.. if you still think Louis is straight, and that there's nothing suspicious with his girlfriend then go right ahead. You're free to believe whatever you want to believe, as am I. We'll know the truth in a few years probably. I still think it's a bit ridiculous to say "no evidence that Louis is gay" so that means he can't be. Ok.. I admit it, I obviously don't know about any hookups he's had, but neither did I with Lance Bass in NSync or Duncan James from Blue. I remember watching this one clip of Lance Bass surrounded by girls in bikinis, flirting with them and being all over them. I did suspect he was gay, but I never heard about a boyfriend or anything.. idk, I just don't think think the lack of hook up rumors prove stuff one way or the other. Like I said.. they have handlers, it's easy to keep this on the down low, Louis might not even have sex with guys right now even if he is gay, maybe he's sacrificing it for his career, or maybe he does, he just does it a bit more discreetly than Harry, probably because there's more at stake for Louis. This is it for him.. make it or break it time. Harry has a career after 1D, Louis doesn't, so he needs to be more careful. He's also scared of coming out, and he obviously cares very much about his image and being successful and making the most of the time now. All this to me says that it actually does make sense that he's being discreet with his hook ups. Then again.. there was this BI about a guy from One Direction having a profile on a gay hook up site, but it was probably fake though.

by Larry believerreply 46209/06/2012

So can someone explain to me exactly what would prove to them Louis was straight? Because right now he can't be straight whatever he does, which seems slightly unfair. He can't call himself one thing without being accused of the other.

You can't blame management for him being who he is. And who he is might be straight. But at the moment whatever happens, however he plays his rebuttal, there will always be an excuse.

Even Harry seeing another man becomes a management ploy. It's ridiculous.

As Old School is saying; it's fanservice. And like all fanservice when the fans get too emotionally invested, it becomes uncomfortable and those involved don't want to engage in it any more; because it compromises their real relationships (see today: Eleanor's uni has been getting emails from the Larry shippers. Imagine how embarrassing that is for her; imagine being Louis, and worrying someone you ACTUALLY like might consider leaving you, because the emotional pressure your fans and the general, gossiping public put on her is exhausting - and don't deny that it is and that no amount of holidays or shopping trips will take that away, only increase it).

At this point you shy away from indulging in fanservice. It's not management; it's distaste for the way people treat something you never meant as more than a harmless joke.

But hey. Maybe management controls his every move and forces him to look like he's being asked to swallow a bad tasting pill every time Larry comes up or the fans demand homoeroticism.

by Larry believerreply 46309/06/2012

Thanks r460.

Has anyone seen the denial of Larry? Because there hasn't been one (excluding a printed one that was redacted). To me, there is an imperative to respect something about Larry - otherwise, without some sort of reverence towards the relationship, it would totally be handled differently. There have been words that remain ambiguous and that are scripted to induce a conclusion, but the denial isn't there. I can't believe that this small detail is for the benefit of a subsection of the fandom, I can believe that one of them made a stand and that this action is in respect of the relationship.

Another interesting portion of real life slash is the habitats in which it takes place. Never before has there been content producing opportunities that intersect with the mainstream of a fandom. Now a 1D fan can log onto Tumblr and cruise the 1D tag or cruise her pop star crush Harry Styles's tag and come across a subsection of people who are populating the general sphere of 1D media with the idea of a probable alternate storyline. What is important to examine is the interference of this content producing potion of shippers - in the most prolific and globalized platform which is Twitter, shippers have set global trends about Larry. This means that of all the content being produced on twitter a notable portion at a certain time is about Larry. Anyone familiar with 1D and on Twitter becomes familiar with the idea and the velocity behind it. What's intriguing is that twitter accounts that are populated with high numbers of following users who tweet about Larry are blocked access from the twitters of their OTP. The impetus being that without the potential for interaction, the user will abandon the content producing microblog that conveniently has a huge audience ready to believe in Larry. It's sinister because popular users are specifically targeted for this treatment. It's also revealing of a PR strategy (as detailed in earlier posts 1D employ a 24-7 web-interactive PR team). It also informs the validity of my original idea: Larry is being systematically downplayed while 1D is at the peak success point when before it was one of the tenets of the band.

by Larry believerreply 46409/06/2012

You know what? I'm not 449. I'm r439 and a few others. Sorry for misrepresenting myself.

The conclusion of my twitter rant is that there is an effort to slow/stop the spread of Larry. Proof positive are Larry shippers being blocked by the band accounts on twitter (or even having their accounts suspended for no other discernable reason). Sorry, this is just not the usual pairing. It's, dare I say it, more.

by Larry believerreply 46509/06/2012

R460, The point isn't lost on us. We just don't all agree with it.

R464, Links posted a link a while back to an article in Heat where Louis denied he and Harry were a couple?

R463, Sadly nothing, I suspect, for a small minority of Larry fans.

I completely understand those that think Larry could have been/might be real.

Those that claim/imply it's real without any shadow of a doubt (based on pics, videos) & post that they 'know' how the two boys feel? That I don't understand.

by Larry believerreply 46609/07/2012

Louis talked about the 'Larry' thing affecting the way he and Harry interact in public in an interview but he did it without ever saying that he's straight or directly denying that anything happened between him and Harry so take that how you will.

"Do you ever feel pressured to live up to the “characters” that your fans create, through fan-fiction or otherwise? What do you think about “Larry”? LOUIS: This is a subject that was funny at first but now is actually hard to deal with as I am in relationship. Me and Harry are best friends, people look into our every move, it is actually affecting the way me and Harry are in public, we want to joke around but there seems to be a different rumor every time we do anything. I act the same way with Harry as I do any of the other boys and my childhood friend Stan."

I'm fairly agnostic about the whole 'Larry' thing to be honest. The Harry/Nick thing however, that is definitely true. I remember hearing a rumour about it last November just after the Caroline Flack stuff came out and thinking 'No, that can't possibly be right'. But I've certainly changed my mind over the past few months, plus the fact I heard about it SO long ago when it seemed so unbelievable lends it more credence in my eyes.

Can't say that Nick is my type but he's very funny and Harry always seems very happy when he's photographed with him.

by Larry believerreply 46709/07/2012

Excuse me.. but I am sick and tired of some people in this thread making fun of everyone who doesn't share their opinion. You can not group everyone together! I am not a Larry shipper, but I still believe Louis is gay as a goose. I have said over and over and over again why.. so I won't bother doing it again. If you think that boy is straight and his girlfriend is real (that was hard to write) then go right ahead. I know I'm right, so I don't even care. If you want to believe that gay boy is straight, nobody is stopping you. Just please don't be condescending about this. Just because I believe Louis is gay do not mean I take shit from you or anyone else. Fact is that some people in this thread practically bully everyone with different opinions than themselves. Your bullying left only those who worship Harry and Grimmy, and those mocking and making fun on Larry shippers or all those deluded and crazy people who *gasp* think Louis is bearding up.. because, you know.. this has like never happened in the music industri before, nah.. a boybander has never been gay or closeted, nop.. never, and their management would obviously welcome a gay boybander with open arms (the same management that also said they wouldn't hire gay people.. ok then).

People left this thread because of your bullying, that's all. I respect your opinion. I respect your opinion about Harry and Grimmy, I even respect that you think Louis is straight and his girlfriend is real, even though I obviously don't agree with it. I don't mock you for your opinion, and I don't think you should mock other people's opinions either.

by Larry believerreply 46809/07/2012

I don't think we're gonna sort this one out here. Now or ever. I think Harry is gay at heart, so is Louis, Zayn is bi and the others are straight. Harry could be with Louis, Nick or someone else. Or nobody, he might be enjoying playing the single card. That's my take. I think Eleanor is a beard but I like her, she's cool.

There are all number of opinions and all or none could be near the mark. We base our judgements on what we see, hear, read, believe or class as 'reliable' sources, and belittle others worldview that we assume to be less informed or 'in the loop'.

So until any of 1D come out or talk about it (in such a way that's not seen as a PR whitewash, aka the Storyboard article was a horrible rehash of old quotes 'attributed' to Louis, who carries on being suggestive with Harry and retweets other peoples suggestions that One Direction not always having full control of their Twitters, etc').

One another note, and because this will never be solved, Louis grandad was on our local northern UK news tonight. Really nice guy, very jovial, I didn't catch his first name (my mother insisted on yapping all the way through it on an unrelated matter) but his surname was Poulson. Saying what a proud grandad he is and how Louis is still his grandson rather than a big star. And that he comes to see them and the family also goes down to London to see him too. Good vibes, they seem like a close family.

by Larry believerreply 46909/07/2012

Links says he enjoys conspiracies so I'm going to oblige.

Some (more) random tinhatting occured to me today. In the midst of all the Larry VMA-ing, hugging, ghosts of kisses and 'being all boyfriendy', Nick Grimshaw tweeted to Harry something about 'Yeahhh, my G'.

Nobody had a clue what he was on about and some dopey chick even tweeted him: 'does that mean #Gaybestfriend' (omyfuckinggodddd! slaps forehead in dismay).

The next thing Harry shows up in this towel with what looks like a 'G' on it.

Like I said, complete and utter tinhatting and probably total coincidence. But you never know and they all talk in riddles anyway, so. Just thought it was interesting.

by Larry believerreply 47009/07/2012

^ I am almost embarrassed to post it because it is likely sheer coincidence and some latin symbol anyway that's not even a G, or a towel. But then there seems to be so many shoutouts on Twitter and people talking in code so you never know.

It was probably nothing.

by Larry believerreply 47109/07/2012

R470, Not that 'tinhatty' given Harry has a 'secret signal' he uses on TV to communicate to love ones watching! (according to Grimmy anyway)

'G' is shorthand for 'Gangster' incidentally. Grimmy is heavily into the Hip Hop music scene. Perhaps that's a pet name for Harry?

In other news, Flack was spotted by one of my magazines holding hands with a tall dark gentleman at V Fest. Perhaps she is out of the picture after all.

by Larry believerreply 47209/07/2012

I finally watched these guys perform at the VMA's. Talk about talentless products. In my generation boybanders understood that we expected them to be singing and dancing monkeys, not mediocre auto tuners who can't dance. Sigh.

At least the little girls and boys can enjoy the pretty before they age out of twinkhood.

by Larry believerreply 47309/08/2012

Whoa! If the term "my G" is gay then the majority of twenty-something year old males in the States are gay and fucking each other. Not a bad thought but obviously impossible.

'My G' is just "My Gangster", its like "my hommie" or "my nigga" (the latter would obviously be utterly unacceptable for Grimshaw to use).

And Grimmy is very into the urban scene. On twitter he follows Talib Kweli, Jay Z, Naz, Pharell, Drake etc.

Sometimes theres no deeper meaning, my Gs. It just is what it is.

by Larry believerreply 47409/08/2012

[quote]Problem happens when fans get really out of hand and make them uncomfortable with the million posts/tweets, etc. from R461.

Oh the irony...

You mean like all the crazy loons posting in this thread?

by Larry believerreply 47509/08/2012

Old School: I was just pissed to learn that theres a category in which they beat out fucking Janelle Monae aaaaand Frank Ocean.

If Harry was any kind of hipster he would have worn a bag over his head to pick up that award. I know I would be completely overcome with shame and embarrassment if I was so undeserving of something.

But then I've never bought Harry, who doesnt write or play music, as a hipster or even a music connoisseur, he is just a poser.

Then again this was MTV awards so just ignore my rant against bad music.

by Larry believerreply 47609/08/2012

R476, it's nuts that these little hacks could beat out both Frank Ocean and Janelle. I saw Janelle M. last year when she was an opening act for Bruno Mars in Roseland. Holy shit that girl is fucking amazing. Bruno Mars couldn't top her performance (he was good too but she was on fire). Frank Ocean is so brilliant. Lyrical genius, amazing artist. And best of all he's got the BALLS to admit that he had been in love with a man.

These manufactored products should not be beating out real talent. The thing that sustains me is that real talent outlives the kind of drivel that 1D is.

R475, that's the problem with some girlies. They don't know the fucking difference between chatting with others in a down low manner and BREAKING boundaries by tweeting or emailing these boys directly. Someone even mentioned how it appears that some shippers are blocked from the twitters or whatever the fuck. Well duh, why the hell y'all think that shit happens? Because some dumb bitches overstepped the bounds and brought shit up to these guys in ways that were over the top.

Just like when the stupid heiffers from the MCR fandom would email Mikey Way fanart of him and his brother Gerard fucking. Hello, they are brothers. Waycest was fine to read but no reason to email him that shit especially since they knew Mikey was the most introverted and bound to get weirded out by all their incest stories (besides we all know that Mikey only fucked Pete Wentz during Warped Tour 2005 and Gerard had that thing with Bert when they both high off their asses, wink wink).

Point is, there is fandom discussion that is on the down fucking low between ourselves and then there is the REAL people who don't need to get inundated with bullshit. If they are really fucking or not, it's not our damn place to be sending them porn of their fucking one of their best friends or brothers or whatever the hell. And like I said, I was part of bandom so I know how much fun convo you can have without the need to put it on blast on the boys own real life email/twitter, etc. Maybe these stupid little twats will one day learn about appropriate boundaries and how to work their conspiracy theories without weirding out the real life people involved.

by Larry believerreply 47709/08/2012

What is going on here? Is Harry wiping off a kiss from Katy? He's looking at Louis pretty pointedly.

by Larry believerreply 47809/08/2012

Old School if I cared as much about "real music" as you claim to I probably wouldn't be watching the VMAs let alone caring who they dish awards out to...

by Larry believerreply 47909/08/2012

So Harry's tattoo is really 17Black per r470. Thoughts?

by Larry believerreply 48009/08/2012

R479, I sadly, not, missed the full VMA show but I did the usual of checking out the videos of performers with talent (Frank Ocean, Green Day, Pink) and the ones who would provide fodder for jokes (One Direction). I didn't see the award portion b/c ultimately it's all paid for by the machine. Part of why were at DL though is to rag on popculture which oftentimes is embarrassingly bad. Us queer connoisseurs get our jollies by making fun of the shit. And if one can't watch junk to playfully tear it apart then one's life is truly boring (as I imagine the whole VMA show was). BTW, if there were particularly bad performances to make fun of, please let me know (with the exception of Taylor Swift. I've seen that talentless bitch in person (MSG) and I refuse to expose my self to that pablum again).

by Larry believerreply 48109/08/2012

why do so many people care that they don't dance? their music isn't really something you would do a big dance number to. I always thought the 90s boybands dancing were cheesy.

by Larry believerreply 48209/08/2012

I dont think anyone is suggesting that they break out into a synchronised routine in matching outfits R482.

Just that they are not Boyz 2 Men (so vocally talented and fantastic in harmonies that it doesnt matter what they do on stage as long as they sing).

Nor are they the Beatles (talented songwriters who actually play their own music).

Its no surprise that people resent a one trick pony, thats not even very good at that one trick.

Also Bieber, who doesnt pop complex Chris-Brown-routines but he does display convincing rhythm. Why cant they get a coach to teach them how to atleast sway without embarrassing themselves?

by Larry believerreply 48309/08/2012

"his multiple erections (at least three times) around Harry "

by Larry believerreply 48409/08/2012

Gosh you people are sometimes so mental. the "G" on the blanket is for the Green Bay Packers.

by Larry believerreply 48509/08/2012

Okay okay I said I was fucking sorry!

by Larry believerreply 48609/08/2012

Moving on.


by Larry believerreply 48709/08/2012

And contrast.

by Larry believerreply 48809/08/2012

Same cast as r488 plus Louis, who gets a kiss from Aiden. And Harry says "stop."

by Larry believerreply 48909/08/2012

Link for r489

by Larry believerreply 49009/08/2012

Harry on Nick's new Radio One advert.

With a quiff.

by Larry believerreply 49109/08/2012

R489, yeah they are a total bunch of little flirts with one another, lol.

Plus the 'it's unfair to assume he might be gay' Louis, sat in the pilot's seat, looking for all the world uncomfortable and trying to escape.

But I'm not saying anything.

by Larry believerreply 49209/08/2012

Love the quiff at r491. Harry has the perfect hairline (how it goes back) to imitate Morrissey's impossible, gravity defying quiff. This needs to happen. Is Morrissey credible with the hipster group today?

Funny comment from the video: I bet there are other ways Harry Styles has helped wake Nick Grimshaw up, lol

by Larry believerreply 49309/08/2012

Anon rambles of the day. Take, leave, whatever. You should all know the waters are thoroughly muddied by now.

[quote]Anonymous asked: Nick Grimshaw is currently seeing someone, and it's not Harry.

[quote]Anonymous asked: I've always thought that Louis was kind of a dick and it has only been confirmed by the way he acted towards some fans or even towards his own band members. People defend him by saying he's sassy but I just find him rude, and even condescending sometimes. However, I know for a fact that he really cares about Harry. They did figth and yes, it was really bad at one point (and it included Eleanor + L being worried abt his image and career and H feeling let down etc.), but they're back together now.

[quote]Harry is pansexual but more interested in men at the moment. Louis is gay. Zayn is bisexual. Liam is bisexual but definitely more straight so I’ll say straight. Niall is bicurious.

by Larry believerreply 49409/08/2012

just wondering how has louis been a dick to his band members? if he was i don't think they would seem to love him as much as they do.

by Larry believerreply 49509/08/2012

and i doubt all the guys in the band are interested in men. I just don't see that happening.

by Larry believerreply 49609/08/2012


I find it funny how none of the guys are 0 straight according to anon

by Larry believerreply 49709/08/2012

Are we back.

by Larry believerreply 49809/18/2012


by Larry believerreply 49909/18/2012

Give it back to us webbie.

by Larry believerreply 50009/18/2012

The return of Louis' ass!

And now that the anti-Larry folks have their own thread, perhaps we can all carry on in peace.

by Larry believerreply 50111/24/2012

Give us us thread!

by Larry believerreply 50211/24/2012

Just reviving this to share this:

by Larry believerreply 50303/13/2013

Oh,I should have probably captioned that with

"Louis changes lyrics and sings 'I need you here with me tonight, cause you've got that big dick' in front of thousands of fans"

Well, I guess that clears it up then, Louis. Thanks and congrats!

by Larry believerreply 50403/13/2013
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