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Right wing douche Stephen Baldwin arrested

Yesterday , in Harlem. He pulled a U -turn, and cops found he was driving on a suspended license. Will Jesus help him now ?

by Adam B.reply 2405/10/2013

That's what he gets for defending Kirk Cameron.

by Adam B.reply 108/24/2012

If only you prayed to Jesus and his father God the Savior, you would have realized this topic has been posted on DL earlier.

by Adam B.reply 208/24/2012

I hope he doesn't try to vote with an expired ID!

by Adam B.reply 308/24/2012

Not that drugs are the only reason for someone to be in Harlem but letting your license drop, driving like an asshole and being in Harlem all point to a relapse. Plus he's a dick.

by Adam B.reply 408/24/2012

R4. I'm not so sure Stephen B. is a dick. But you may be right. Instead--and more than a dick--Stephen just seems as dumb as a box of rocks whenever I've seen him in an interview.

Of course, I completely disagree with him politically, but again, he just sounds stupid as if he hasn't thought through the issues rather than him being a dick.

by Adam B.reply 508/24/2012

You mean Jesus didn't take the wheel?

by Adam B.reply 608/24/2012

The laws of God trump the laws of men!!

by Adam B.reply 708/24/2012

R4, a "suspended license" is A LOT different than simply letting your license expire. If he had a suspended license it was because of some major infractions. They don't suspend you license for minor offenses. Since he's church mouse poor now the dumb fuck has probably racked up a huge number of unpaid traffic tickets. That's one way to get you license suspended.

Whatever the reason, it couldn't happen to a better moron.

by Adam B.reply 808/24/2012

He must have seriously pissed off his brother Alec because he's dirt poor now and Alec has apparently offered no assistance whatsoever. And Alec is worth a fortune.

by Adam B.reply 908/24/2012

Well Alec hasn't been shy about saying he hates him and thinks he's a moron. Stephen was lucky to ride Alec's coattails and have a movie career. If he blew all his money, too bad, so sad.

by Adam B.reply 1008/24/2012

arrest all of the Baldwins

by Adam B.reply 1108/24/2012

You libs are crazy!!

by Adam B.reply 1208/24/2012

It's Obamas fault!

by Adam B.reply 1308/24/2012

[quote]The laws of God trump the laws of men!!

The laws of Trump trump the laws of reason!

by Adam B.reply 1408/24/2012

There would be no reason for him to be in that area except that he was looking for "something."

by Adam B.reply 1508/24/2012

Why was his license suspended?

by Adam B.reply 1608/24/2012

I can't stand him but if he is poor and his brother could help him out, I think he should. Family...even if you really disagree with them about should help them out.

by Adam B.reply 1708/24/2012

He tried to claim that Jesus was in his passenger seat when they cited him for driving in the carpool lane.

by Adam B.reply 1808/24/2012

I'd agree with you r17, if Stephen hadn't already been well-off and squandered what he had. And if Alec hadn't already helped him by paving the way for all his brothers to have movie careers. And if he wasn't an extremely offensive fundie jackass. There's too many reasons why he deserves the situation he's in.

Plus he might be relatively poor, but he's not homeless. Madonna having a homeless brother is what's truly despicable. He never had the lucky breaks Stephen had.

by Adam B.reply 1908/24/2012

I can't believe at one time I found the guy hot !

by Adam B.reply 2008/24/2012

Oh please, as if anyone is entitled to anyone else's money just because they're related. Both Madge and Alec have helped their brothers out in the past. At what point do adults have to take responsibility for their own lives? Stephen can go on welfare, enroll in classes, or get a job just like everybody else.

by Adam B.reply 2105/10/2013

Baldwin will claim the arresting Cops were gay and discriminated against him for his Christian faith.

by Adam B.reply 2205/10/2013

He has no excuse. People I know who have turned into rabid crazy right-wing 'Christians' usually have a serious tragedy in their past. I try to give them that. He has been a privileged, good looking actor from a nice family. Well, that's all gone now. Idiot.

by Adam B.reply 2305/10/2013

[quote]People I know who have turned into rabid crazy right-wing 'Christians' usually have a serious tragedy in their past.

I dont doubt you, in fact, under those circumstances its almost understandable. Every one the crazy right-wing 'Christians' I have met were people who had a wild and crazy youth, partied hard, multi hook ups, abortions and never met a narcotic they didnt like. Then one day they realize they are too old to keep running like that so they do a complete 180 and become very judgmental of others who do the same exact things they used to do. Its like they think, "No one should be allowed to have more fun than I had."

by Adam B.reply 2405/10/2013
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