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Is anyone better looking that Jensen Ackles?

I think not!

by JPreply 13111/26/2014

Where is my picture? No one will believe you without a pic.

by JPreply 108/24/2012

He's not even the best looking guy on his own show.

by JPreply 208/24/2012

LOL, r2.

by JPreply 308/25/2012

Bitch, please.

by JPreply 408/25/2012

There is only one way to settle this.

Both are from Texas. Both are similar in ages. Jensen has the bigger cock. Bomer has the better career. You decide. I'll report.

by JPreply 508/25/2012

Licky licky yum yum.

by JPreply 608/25/2012


by JPreply 708/25/2012

Bomer looks the better of the two in the photos [R5] linked.

Jensen is pretty decent looking but isn't he a fundy? That decreases his attraction a ton for me.

by JPreply 808/25/2012

See, I told you.

by JPreply 908/25/2012

The profile photo shows that he's clearly had his nose fixed.

by JPreply 1008/25/2012

Yes - everyone who is not blond.

by JPreply 1108/25/2012

Bomer is the God of male beauty!

by JPreply 1208/25/2012

Yeah, Bomer definitely wins. I can't think of a single male actor, gay or straight, that's prettier than Bomer.

I'd say ten years ago Ryan Phillippe was better looking than Jensen Ackles.

by JPreply 1308/25/2012

Ahhh..yes. He's a beauty for sure but damaged goods. Solid on the surface but emotional jello inside.

by JPreply 1409/09/2012

Details on his emotional turmoil, R14!

by JPreply 1509/09/2012

Five years ago, he was the best-looking guy on TV.

These day, he's looking a little tired and worn. When he smiles, the laugh lines around his eyes could be mistaken for a pair of accordions.

by JPreply 1609/09/2012

He's gotten soft around the middle and has the acting abilities of soggy cornflakes. He's fallen so far since Days of Our Lives.

by JPreply 1709/10/2012

I don't know. I haven't seen him in drag.

Have you?

by JPreply 1809/10/2012

Well, you can meet Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki March 9th in Vegas. It'll just cost you $30 admission, then $89 each for an autograph and then if you want a picture with each that will set you back another $119.

by JPreply 1909/10/2012

Good for them r19. I think they both know that after Supernatural it is pretty much it for the both of them. There are not a lot of roles for 30something middling actors outside of The CW and USA. They need to cash in now.

by JPreply 2009/10/2012

Just curious, OP. What other bland, blondish non-entities with slack bodies are you crushing on? Can't be just one.

by JPreply 2109/10/2012

I think Jensen is way hot, but so is that bad brother from the Vampire Diaries. I don't know his name, but he looks like Rob Lowe to me.

by JPreply 2209/10/2012

R22, do you mean Ian Somerhalder?

by JPreply 2309/10/2012

What about a bargain -- $199 for an autograph and a photo?

by JPreply 2409/10/2012

R22, yes, that is his name. I only watch the CW because it believes in casting attractive people. I wish the rest of the networks would follow the policy because it would mean greater ratings.

by JPreply 2509/10/2012

If anyone would like a photo and an autograph, swing by the "White Collar" set when we're next filming on the streets of NYC, and I'll be happy to oblige for free.

by JPreply 2609/10/2012

LOL He hasn't had a nose job, his nose has always been like that. It's never changed much since it went from his "kid nose" to his "adult nose". There are pictures out there showing him from a child up through high school and right after high school he went to LA to act.

Why would he have a nose job to make his nose slightly crooked? His nose is just the slightest bit crooked. It looks different in a 3/4 on the left side than it does in 3/4 view on the right side. One side looks straight, the other side looks slightly indented. You can see it happening in pictures when he was 12 and was starting to go from his kid nose to his adult nose.

The only change he's had is that his 2 front teeth were filed down a small amount, in his earliest photos when he came out to LA, there were minutely longer.

by JPreply 2709/11/2012

He has that bland boring blah look that only gay men and thirteen year old girls like.

by JPreply 2809/11/2012

Jensen and Jared both sign autographs and pose for photos all the time, for free. A convention is a specific event people pay for, for a guaranteed experience. Otherwise getting an autograph or a photo is going to be a crap shoot as you can't be sure you'll happen to bump into them or that they'll have the time to stop. They used to be more accessible while on set, it's just there were some incidents(fans sneaking onto the set and pretending to be part of the crew, stalkers, etc) so the crew had to tighten up security.

by JPreply 2909/11/2012

I think he joined or started some kind of cult with his wife, R14.

by JPreply 3009/11/2012

Find out if Jensen is uncut please.

by JPreply 3109/11/2012

R14 elaborate please!

by JPreply 3209/11/2012

Just being "blondish" disqualifies him for R21.

The fact that he's beautiful doesn't mean a thing. Awwww.......idiot.

by JPreply 3309/11/2012

Should Jensen's body be better than it is?

by JPreply 3409/11/2012

R33=Jensen Ackles

by JPreply 3509/11/2012

Yes. Many men are, creepy fangurl OP.

by JPreply 3609/11/2012

Lemme guess what YOU look like, R36.

by JPreply 3709/11/2012

Has he impregnated his wife yet?

by JPreply 3809/12/2012

I think he has. She's looking a little plump around the uterus.

by JPreply 3909/12/2012

Jensen looks pregnant. He got sadly fat and puffy faced.

by JPreply 4009/12/2012

Jeff Bridges in Starman

by JPreply 4109/12/2012

[quote]Jensen looks pregnant.

Link please.

by JPreply 4209/12/2012

Only if it's Jared's.

by JPreply 4309/12/2012

extra hairy hole

by JPreply 4409/12/2012

Only if it's Jared's extra hairy hole? Is that correct?

by JPreply 4509/20/2012

Better looking actors than Jensen Ackles?

Loads and loads.

Here's one: From Russia With Love (or Lust):

And he's signed on to star in a new John Le Carre adaptation with an all-star cast: Hollywood's already taken notice (he's already won some film festival prizes for his acting):

by JPreply 4611/10/2012

Is Jensen dating hot daddy Tim Daly?

by JPreply 4711/10/2012

Which are his favourite things?

by JPreply 4811/10/2013

Ackles is a good looking guy. But he's not anywhere close to the A+ list, starting with Montgomery Clift through Paul Newman, Robert Conrad, Tom Selleck, Robert Redford, and down to Henry Cavill and Matt Bomer.

Ackles is at best a B+.

by JPreply 4911/10/2013

What does Jensen's list position have to do with this looks. He's incredibly good looking regardless of A B C D or F list. He is gorjus. I think he's much hotter than Matt.

by JPreply 5011/10/2013

I like him much more than i like Matt Bomer or Henry Cavill. He is much more handsome than these two.

by JPreply 5111/10/2013

Since when was Tom Selleck ever A+ list??

by JPreply 5211/10/2013

This should shut down the thread.

by JPreply 5311/10/2013

For those who like that sort of charmless blond fratboy thing, that is the sort of charmless blond fratboy thing they like.

by JPreply 5411/10/2013

Those pics are fake, R51 and R53.

by JPreply 5511/10/2013

Actually Jensen is more beautiful and sexy than Matt Bomer. Matt Bomer's "hotness" is way too overrated, like Ryan Reynolds.

by JPreply 5611/10/2013

How can you tell r55. I'm really bad at detecting photoshop. Matt is okay looking, but he's no Jensen or Henry.

by JPreply 5711/10/2013

The list would exceed the number of lines and characters allowed.

by JPreply 5811/10/2013

R55, i think your remark is fake and your attitude is the same probably...

by JPreply 5911/10/2013

You would have to be brain dead, or know absolutely NOTHING about his personal life to know that he would never pose for those sorts of pictures.

Yeah, I know next-to-nothing about his personal life but, really it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure it out.

by JPreply 6011/10/2013

Would someone please give away the clue that those photographs are photoshopped? Because if they're fake, they're damned good fakes.

by JPreply 6111/10/2013

What's the latest gossip about Jensen and Jared?

How are things going between those two closet queens?

by JPreply 6211/11/2013

Nobody know shit at this point, R62.

by JPreply 6311/12/2013

Jensen should have a bigger career than he does. He is super handsome and a great actor.

by JPreply 6411/12/2013

R61, if Jensen fangirls say they're faked, they're faked. It's if they said they were real you'd need to be on guard.

by JPreply 6511/13/2013


by JPreply 6611/13/2013

He has a flattish ass.

by JPreply 6711/13/2013

Link, r67.

by JPreply 6811/13/2013

What about Jensen and Jared doing a remake of the movie, Some Like It Hot? They'd both be great in in.

by JPreply 6911/13/2013

He'd make a great Ratzo Rizzo in a remake of "Midnight Cowboy"

by JPreply 7011/13/2013

The ponies appear to be prancing here in this thread.

by JPreply 7111/13/2013

Nobody is better looking than Ackles, as proven by this photo, taken this summer I believe. Gay or not, I lust him a lot.

by JPreply 7211/13/2013

I find his voice extremely sexy - deep and just the slightest raspiness.

by JPreply 7311/13/2013

Hmmm...nice photo R72. And yes, R73 i totally agree with you. His voice is very sexy.

by JPreply 7411/15/2013

I think that he has a better character than Jared Padalecki. He seems more stable and more loyal. I wonder why some people trash him? Jealousy, maybe?

by JPreply 7511/15/2013

This is also cute of him.

by JPreply 7611/15/2013

Jensen Ackles one of the hottest and cutest guys ever! What makes him hot is also his stability and his loyalty.

by JPreply 7711/15/2013

OP, Finnick Odair is better looking.

by JPreply 7811/15/2013

I don't mean that he is perfect, nobody is. Don't smirk malevolently when you read the positive comments i wrote above for Jensen. I know that all people have their imperfections and their bad moments. To sum up, all i wanted to say is that Jensen Ackles is hot and he is certainly not an arrogant ass. Of course he has some vanity, like all people, but he is not arrogant at all. In comparison with other famous people, he is really cool and he is a stable man. His popularity hasn't made him greedy as far as it seems. I hope life won't change him for the worse. He is ok!

by JPreply 7911/15/2013

r79 - you're kind of creepy.

by JPreply 8011/15/2013

R78-R80, you too my too!

by JPreply 8111/15/2013

He is so sweet and yummy!

by JPreply 8202/13/2014

Jensen is gorgeous indeed, unlike Jared Padalecki who looks like shit. Padalecki used to be hot, what happened to him? He is close to fugly now.

by JPreply 8302/13/2014

Does Jared think that his haircut flatters him? Hahahaha!

by JPreply 8402/13/2014

Jared would look miles better with short hair. Why he persists with long hair is a mystery to me. He's loosing his looks and the hair doesn't help.

Then again, it's not only his hair that has been making him look shit. His looks have been going downhill ever since he married his beard.

Marrying that woman is the biggest mistake he's ever made. Take a close look at the eyes on that man.


by JPreply 8502/14/2014

Jensen Ackles got fat - LIKE HE WAS PREGANT - sorry guys, he is OVER.

by JPreply 8607/22/2014

R86, I don't even like the guy anymore but you can obviously see that he's not fat.

by JPreply 8707/22/2014

Perhaps where you live that is indeed thin r87, but JA has clearly put on more than a few pounds.

by JPreply 8807/22/2014

He's just arching his back. It would be funny as hell if he suddenly had a beer belly but no luck this time.

by JPreply 8907/22/2014

Jared is looking odd these days. I wonder what that is about.

by JPreply 9007/22/2014

Jared looks like shit.

He is way too thin. The fact he can't work out and add pounds that way hurts him.

He dislocated his shoulder and had an operation, I think.

He's also losing his hair.

Way, way too thin. Makes him look sickly.

Jensen is still a hottie.

by JPreply 9107/22/2014

Who is this Jensen? Isn't he that homophobic douchebag?

by JPreply 9207/22/2014

R92, so the rumors say.

BTW, I was a bit surprised to find out that Marvel had considered him to be either Hawkeye in The Avengers or Star Lord in The Guardians of the Galaxy. Apparently at least some of his fans seem to think that he passed on the role of Hawkeye because of the scheduling conflict with Supernatural. He also screen tested for Star Lord along with something like 20 other well known actors but that role went obviously to Chris Pratt.

I admit that my current view of Ackles is tainted with these rumors of his homophobia but still I find it slightly unbelievable that he'd suddenly have a big screen career in Marvel mega movies. Although I can't deny that even though the last time I saw him in Supernatural in the beginning of this year where he looked old and dry he still is a good looking guy. I only need him to have sex with Castiel in one episode and I'll forgive him.

by JPreply 9307/22/2014

Meh, No thanks; he's a Rethug. There's a thread on DL somewhere that shows you how to look this dude up through the LA Clerk. I did it and saw clear as day that he's a registered Republican.

No thanks.

by JPreply 9407/22/2014

Lesbian here, 33 years old. I loved Jensen Ackles for years. I never missed an epi of SPN. I overlooked the rumors about him being a Republican. I even overlooked the fandom meltdown when he allegedly ignored a girl’s question at one of the conventions who stood up and professed to be bi. But then my gf surprised me with Golden tickets for a con that included a breakfast with Jensen and Jared. We were told ahead of time by the organizers not to “engage” them, and I swear to God one dumb bitch thought that meant we couldn’t ask them to marry us! Anyway, I was standing there about an arm’s length away from Jensen when some chick asked him what he thought about gay marriage. The look on his face was nothing short of malevolent! He didn’t make a big deal out of it but walked away clearly pissed, and shortly afterward one of the convention workers came over and took that girl out of the hall. After that I gave up on him. I know I’m a stupid piece of shit, but it really broke my heart. I’d been watching SPN since 2005 and he was the only dude anywhere I ever looked at twice.

by JPreply 9507/22/2014

Sad to hear R95, I can imagine how bad you've felt after that. I get offended also personally if a person I admire turns out to be a homophobe. The thing with Ackles is a bit weird since there used to be rumors of him being gay himself. Now that I think about it they could've all been just wishful thinking from the J2 crowd.

There is some possibility that he's just become allergic to all things gay surrounding Supernatural. They must've known all the J2 rumors for years, and obviously Wincest and Destiel raised the stakes.

CW itself seems to a homophobic network. It seemed that in quite a short period of time lot of male leads from CW shows got married and had kids, Ackles among of them. It's a bit sick to think that guys were forced to do that but probably this is just a conspiracy theory in my head.

But still I haven't been able to watch Supernatural since January when I found out Ackles is probably a fundie homophobe. He knows the rumors and doesn't do anything about them so he probably really is that or just doesn't care that he's thought to be that. I'd actually really like to know what the situation is because his stand on gay issues is really not known. I remember hearing that he's got a lesbian sister so one might think that he'd at least have some kind of empathy towards gays.

by JPreply 9607/22/2014

Fugly potato head

by JPreply 9707/22/2014

I don't want to be seen as defending him but.....

Who cares what his opinion is? Do any other actors get that question asked of them?

It's that god-damned Collins who caused all this bullshit to happen.

He egged his delusional stans along with that destiel shit.

I think it puts Jensen in a very difficult position. I'll say that I believe that the 2 leads are together. He would want to avoid those type of questions because he does NOT want to have anything on record and then if anything came out it would be hypocritical of him to say he was against or for something.

That's why the questions are screened, now, at the conventions.

by JPreply 9807/22/2014

There was another thread already about the CW's #AskSupernatural Twitter fiasco but in this Advocate's article about it there are some pretty good comments about the queer baiting the show's done.

R98, I just simply can't blame Misha for all the Destiel shipping. It was written in the dialogue by the makers, and I'm pretty sure Misha had nothing to do with that. Even if he has been the only from the crew who's really talked about it (to my knowledge) I don't think he's really been advocating it the way you accuse him of doing. I think that the makers of the show just noticed the sparks between Jensen/Dean and Misha/Castiel. Good chemistry doesn't just automagically happen but when it does in tv production it's common sense to use it. And they did.

by JPreply 9907/22/2014

R95 here again. I sincerely appreciate your sympathy R96. I know it's dumb but what happened really did upset me and it still does.

I've been a fan for years so of course I've heard the J2 gay rumors. However, I would bet my life that they are nothing more than the imaginings of over zealous fangurls and gay men. I've attended alot of conventions and I've been around Jensen on three separate occasions. Let me just say that my gaydar never once blipped. My brother is gay so even though I'm a lesbian I can usually pick up on gay dudes.

I think alot of those rumors come from the fact that in his younger days Jensen was so good looking that he actually looked gay! The thing is, in person it's a different vibe. He seems REALLY straight to me and you can see him looking at the female fans, sort of checking them out. He doesn't do that to the guys.

Based on everything I've heard and read, I personally believe that he's a fundamentalist who's against gay marriage. I know I should be big enough to overlook that, but I just can't be a fan of someone who doesn't support my rights. It would seem masochistic to me.

Anyway, thanks for understanding.

by JPreply 10007/22/2014

Oh, and no I don't blame Misha either. If anything he and Jared are awesome. Misha actually tweeted congrats to the SCOTUS over the Windsor decision and the end of Don't Ask Don't Tell. And Jared is an Obama fan. Or he was at the last election.

by JPreply 10107/22/2014

It's interesting that Collins, once again, is the ONLY actor commenting or getting quotes from elsewhere to put in that Advocate article. Where are Jensen's comments?

What does he say about it?

Yeah, he doesn't because he knows no such thing exists.

Collins figured out, early on, that he had to hitch his wagon to one or the other of the 2 MAIN stars in order to remain somewhat interesting and to remain on the show.

I'll say it again, he encouraged his followers with this lunacy. In order to remain relevant.

Btw, his aunt is the one who is in a same-sex relationship.

Aren't those conventions primarily attended by women? There are very few men to be found at those things. Besides, why would he look at any other man when he gets to go home with JP? :p

by JPreply 10207/22/2014

R98/R102, I knew nothing about Misha Collins until I started to look deeper into behind the scenes Supernatural last Christmas when the show was on a break. But I had been shipping Destiel ever since his first appearance in the show, even if I didn't actually even know the term. I didn't need coaxing from Misha because the (b)romance and the chemistry was all there to see in the show. And yes I know that many brothers' fans (J2/Wincest crowd?) hate Misha and that's just ridiculous. He and Castiel injected well needed freshness into the show and that is one reason people love him.

I'm not denying that he's doing his best to stay in the show and to be liked, I mean who wouldn't. But people like you make him sound like he's some kind of evil mastermind who's come to ruin the show and that is insane. Obviously he's been kept around because audience loves him. He's good with his fans and he seems like a nice person, unlike your beloved Ackles who really seems to be a right wing asshole. I'm not sure if you are straight woman but I assume you are because you don't seem to mind at all if Ackles is a homophobe. Of course people's personal beliefs aren't dealbreaker to many people but personally I find it really hard to like a person if he or she is a homophobe.

And why would Ackles comment Destiel if he hates it? (Him hating it is the common belief.) He's well aware that the writers and producers put it there and that many fans love it so he'd be shooting himself in the foot if he started badmouthing it. Let's not forget that Supernatural is not exactly a huge show so they do need all the viewers they can get.

by JPreply 10307/23/2014

[quote]The thing with Ackles is a bit weird since there used to be rumors of him being gay himself. Now that I think about it they could've all been just wishful thinking from the J2 crowd.

It was all just wishful thinking. Never any credible rumors.

by JPreply 10407/23/2014

[quote] Based on everything I've heard and read, I personally believe that he's a fundamentalist who's against gay marriage. I know I should be big enough to overlook that,

In my opinion you are a better person for not ignoring it.

by JPreply 10507/23/2014

Jensen Ackles has not gone on record with anything. So a lot of this is just total bullshit speculation.

You know I think Jon Voight is insane, but I can enjoy his performance on Ray Donovan.

Some of you really need to stop this desire for actors to validate you. It's silly.

by JPreply 10607/23/2014

[quote] Some of you really need to stop this desire for actors to validate you. It's silly.

Sorry. I don't take advice about homophobia from straight people

by JPreply 10707/23/2014

I'm far from straight. I just think it's silly to be so wrapped up in an actors opinion. Do you care what the guy running the register at 7/11 thinks about gay marriage? Again, Ackles has not commented one way or the other. And he shouldn't have to.

by JPreply 10807/23/2014

I'd care if the 7/11 clerk made homophobic remarks .

And why do you keep repeating that he hasn't commented if the comments would be irrelevant to you?

What point are you trying to make?

by JPreply 10907/23/2014

My point is that people are damning this guy and he hasn't even said anything.

by JPreply 11007/23/2014

According to some sources he has. Why should I believe you over them?

But you also said it shouldn't matter if he did anyway. If we explore that point, do you draw a line anywhere?

by JPreply 11107/23/2014

We'll those sources haven't been reported anywhere else. It just a bunch of fan bullshit.

If what the actor believes in his personal life takes you out of the character, then fine. It was just my opinion that people need to get over it. But why base your opinions on something that you've heard and not an actual statement by the actor? There is no proof anywhere that Jensen Ackles has made any anti gay statements.

by JPreply 11207/23/2014

R112, that's probably because he knows a very vocal part of Supernatural viewership consists of gay relationship shippers. There'd be a shitstorm if he said something too anti-gay in public, and rightly so.

But you know, sometimes silence tells all there is to know. He's had many chances to show support and to my knowledge he's never shown any to gay people. I stopped watching Supernatural because of his homophobia.

I'll reconsider my stance if I ever hear him show support for gay people. I've had enough shit from the homophobe crowd during my life that I don't want to support any of them anymore if I don't have to.

by JPreply 11307/23/2014

The Jensen haters are just another loony bunch.

It's Robert Downey they should go after - another case of someone trying to change history about his proclivities.

by JPreply 11407/23/2014

Well, R114, we all know Downey Jr. has had gay experiences. Or at least I remember him hinting having those in jail. But whether he's had gay lovers or not is is all the same when compared to Ackles because at least Downey Jr. doesn't appear to be homophobic.

by JPreply 11507/23/2014

Padalecki's been looking like death warmed over for the past four years or so. His "acting" has similarly gone downhill, especially the past two seasons.

There's more bothering that guy than a broken shoulder.

by JPreply 11607/23/2014


by JPreply 11707/23/2014

R111 I really do love you. And R95, I guess I’m just a dumbass too but I SO feel your pain.

I ADORED Jensen like nobody’s business for years, and then the not so gay friendly stuff starting drawing attention. If you Google his Soap Opera’s Digest Award speech, the first thing Jensen says is ‘Thank you Jesus Christ, my Heavenly Father. (Contrary to popular belief, Jensen never won a daytime Emmy award, it was a Soap Digest award.)

Then a few years ago when Jensen’s house was for sale Zillow showed the address online and someone figured out that they could go to the Los Angeles County Clerk’s website and enter the house’s address with JA’s date of birth and it showed you that he was a registered Republican! He had been since the 90s. He had confirmed his Repub party status as frequently as 2012. He had also voted in every election since the 90s. Saw it with my own two eyes.

I totally disagree with you guys calling us loons and saying that a celeb’s politics doesn't make any difference. I’m not going to eat at Chick Fil A or support any anti-gay businesses, so I’m sure as hell not going to follow JA’s career like I used to or pay to see him at conventions! Plus, a friend of mine involved in the It Gets Better PSAs told me that Jared originally agreed to do one but then Jensen wouldn’t so he opted out. I’ve heard similar stories about the NoH8 campaign too. Actually, it was after hearing that that I decided no more.

I’m 24 and I had been a mega fan for 10 years so it was hard, but I’m glad I did it. If not, I would have NO self-respect at all.

by JPreply 11807/24/2014

Here's a sneak preview of season 10 that was shown at Comic Con today. Jensen is fine as usual, but he's even sexier as demon!Dean.

by JPreply 11907/27/2014

Another thread populated by homophobes

by JPreply 12007/27/2014

[quote]Another thread populated by homophobes

Worst than that, a thread populated with homos who are obsessed with complete mediocrity.

by JPreply 12107/27/2014

That too, r121.

by JPreply 12207/27/2014

The little brown ring around my anus is better looking than Jensen Ackles.

by JPreply 12307/27/2014

It's like starting a thread titled: Is there any better car than a Buick Roamaster Wagon?

by JPreply 12407/27/2014

Yes, OP. There are many, many, many people better looking than Jensen Ackles.

And on top of that, he's a Republican who judging by most counts isn't too fond of the gay folk.

His frau fans cite his gay aunt and how much he loves her, as if that indemnifies him from any homophobia. I see it as the exact opposite. If he cares so much for her, he ought to be fighting for her rights, not voting Republican.

by JPreply 12507/29/2014

R125, so what if Jensen Ackles is a Republican? You claim that all Republicans are homophobic? Is that ever possible?

There are Republicans out there who are more democratic that the members of the Democratic Party.

And why do you think that Jensen Ackles has to find for your gay rights? Do you fight for other purposes except your own? You demand from other people to fight for homosexuals and if they don't, well then they have to be homophobic! That isn't how it goes though.

Jensen Ackles is probably a really nice guy and despite the publicity he gets, he seems kind and humorous. Let's state the facts, for once, as they really are.

by JPreply 12610/10/2014

Jensen homophobic? No. No way. He is a cool guy.

by JPreply 12710/12/2014

Even if he's not the hottest, which he is. But but that doesn't matter. Hes a great actor, a great friend, and a caring soul. Super funny. Shy, but uses that shyness to push him to be as great as he is. He genuinely cares about everyone. Money is great but he has other reasons for still being on the show. He is ogled all the time, looked at like a God because of his sex appeal. But most ignore the fact that he's an actually person just like your brother. Making him look like he's gay, or that he's a homophob is ridiculous. This is his job. He does it brilliantly.and he cares about his fans. But if the fans will see him as just a normal man with family and friends, that would be great. He cares about every one of his fans. But if these fans being way too in appropriate and making gay story linea, and feeling like you know him and he owes you something for watching his show, come on. Give the man who break. Hes trying to connect with his fans but you make it hard to do that when you are constantly bringing up awkward situations. Put yourself in his place

by JPreply 12811/26/2014

He is a really cool guy. But when you are having fun with your fans and then like always you get 20 questions about Dean and cass being in love , it gets irritating. It gets always and it rings the entire meet and greet. It's horrible. Hes a man with a wife and daughter. And family and awesome friends that know him and will get the truth out there. Hes not go homophobic. He just doesn't like the awkwardness. Act like Adults ladies and gentlemen. You ate spiraling of a real person.

by JPreply 12911/26/2014

Brandy, are you finding those ESL classes helpful, or did you drop out after the first session?

by JPreply 13011/26/2014

JFC, what's with the fangirling? "He's a man with a wife and daughter?"

Is Jensen going to be outed or something?

by JPreply 13111/26/2014
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