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Prince Harry

I get the sense from looking at him that he's a very sensual guy and really enjoys sex.

Harry seems more likely to want to give a woman an orgasm than his brother would. William seems colder and more aloof to me.


by Intrigued by Harryreply 4601/29/2013

OP thought she was at her fav place.

by Intrigued by Harryreply 108/22/2012

The Chav Prince!

by Intrigued by Harryreply 208/22/2012

Yeah he sure is the Chav Prince. This is a guy who has had the best of everything in particular the best education money can buy and look at him.

by Intrigued by Harryreply 308/22/2012

Edward VIII was kind of chavvy, too. Remember those photos of him in next to nothing (in Greece, I think) that caused a Brit furor?

by Intrigued by Harryreply 408/22/2012

[quote]and look at him.

Yes. What a waste to use all that privilege to have lots of sex with random beautiful women in the Presidential Suite of a Las Vegas resort.

by Intrigued by Harryreply 508/22/2012

I think it's great that he's really just one of the lads and likes to have fun. He's over 21, and only human. Believe it or not nice, decent people do have naked parties occasionally and yes they do have sex with people they're not married to. Big fucking deal.

by Intrigued by Harryreply 608/22/2012

So does this prove that Harry gets more pussy than William?

by Intrigued by Harryreply 708/22/2012

He isn't related to Edward VIII.

by Intrigued by Harryreply 808/22/2012

Yeah R 5 but they are only with him cos he's a super rich Prince. If he was a regular guy they would see him for what he is a fugly ginge with no brain cells and milk bottle white puny body.

by Intrigued by Harryreply 908/22/2012

He inherited his lust for beautiful women from me. I could never resist a beautiful blonde.

by Intrigued by Harryreply 1008/22/2012

R9, he looks very toned and fit to me.

by Intrigued by Harryreply 1108/22/2012

[quote]He isn't related to Edward VIII.

Great-Great Uncle. (Great-grandfather's brother)

by Intrigued by Harryreply 1208/22/2012

Seems to be a bit of a drinker -- perhaps not the best performer.

by Intrigued by Harryreply 1308/22/2012

Harry isn't a true Windsor - he's a Hewitt-Spencer - so there is no blood relationship.

by Intrigued by Harryreply 1408/22/2012

I think Harry is Charles's son.

by Intrigued by Harryreply 1508/22/2012

I'm not at all troubled by Harry's tomfoolery. Firecrotch is a lot to handle, and the mixture of ginger and booze is incendiary.

Perhaps he thought the saying is "Whenever hapless in Vegas, slays in Vegas"

by Intrigued by Harryreply 1608/22/2012

All the redheads I've fucked have had HUGE dicks!

by Intrigued by Harryreply 1708/22/2012

William seems a lot more ugly and horse faced to me.

by Intrigued by Harryreply 1808/22/2012

He's trashy...but what can you expect from his overindulged life? He has the famous second son syndrome of being royal, but with no responsibilities. He'll never be King once William and Catherine have a baby.

by Intrigued by Harryreply 1908/22/2012

I'm sure Grandma is very proud!

by Intrigued by Harryreply 2008/22/2012

All redheads have major cocks it's part of their gene pool

by Intrigued by Harryreply 2108/22/2012

He's as thick as his mother. How did he think he was going to get away with a sex party in Vegas and not have people take pictures?

by Intrigued by Harryreply 2208/22/2012

R22, there is nothing wrong with it. He was in a private hotel suite - he wasn't flaunting himself naked in public like the Republican Congressmen in the Sea of Galilee.

by Intrigued by Harryreply 2308/22/2012

You think William is jealous of his hair? Most baldies always seem a little angry.

by Intrigued by Harryreply 2408/22/2012

He's a big boozer though. Alcoholics usually have a hard time getting and keeping it up.

by Intrigued by Harryreply 2508/22/2012

He's just an average drinker. He's not an alcoholic. Please.

by Intrigued by Harryreply 2608/22/2012

I think he's tremendous!

by Intrigued by Harryreply 2708/22/2012

He turns me on. I never paid much attention to him before, but I've become a fan.

I want to go down on him now.

by Intrigued by Harryreply 2808/22/2012

no one has mentioned that Ryan Lochte was there? the man who has no time to date, but can get naked with a prince?

by Intrigued by Harryreply 2908/22/2012

Lochte was there? Whoa, dude! where are the photos of him naked?

by Intrigued by Harryreply 3008/22/2012

I think he's bisexual.

And honestly, I don't see what he's done wrong. He was on a private (non-taxpayer funded) holiday, in a private room with friends, all consenting.

Somebody has got pictures and sold them for a lot of money and it's a horrific thing to do. It was a private adult party and he's not married/family, no committments. He hasn't forced anyone or raped anyone. I don't see the big deal.

If Harry did this every night in his own time he'd be doing no more than many people (and nobody would be any the wiser), yet he is criticised not the person that leaked the pictures and betrayed him.

by Intrigued by Harryreply 3108/22/2012

R30, I doubt there are photos of Ryan Lochte naked or we would have heard about it.

But there have been articles that Ryan and Harry challenged each other to a swimming race or contest.

by Intrigued by Harryreply 3208/22/2012

"Harry seems more likely to want to give a woman an orgasm than his brother would."

Funny, I get the impression that he's a "wham bam thank you ma'am" kind of guy. As long as he gets his rocks off, he's good.

by Intrigued by Harryreply 3308/22/2012

[quote]there is nothing wrong with it.

Of course there is, by the palace's standards: not because he was playing strip poker with random floozies he picked up in Vegas (that's his own business), but because he was stupid enough to allow them to bring cellphones with cameras into his suite so they could take pictures of him.

As 3rd in line to the throne, he gets to live a fabulous life in sumptuous palaces and meet famous people and be given an enormous allowance by his grandmother: in return, he's asked to exercise discretion in how he conducts himself publicly. Since he invited several women in to play strip poker and didn't bother to have their cellphones taken away, he clearly failed in this regard. His father's staff and the queen's staff have had to meet today to figure out how to handle this disaster. He's a major headache because he's too stupid to figure out how to do shit like this discreetly.

by Intrigued by Harryreply 3408/22/2012

[quote]His father's staff and the queen's staff have had to meet today to figure out how to handle this disaster.

Are you serious? Why do they have to meet to do anything about it? It's just a couple of mild, half-naked photos. How is it causing an international incident?

by Intrigued by Harryreply 3508/22/2012

Bisexual? Good Lord. He's a known pussy hound, specialized in upper class pussy.

by Intrigued by Harryreply 3608/22/2012

[quote]and be given an enormous allowance by his grandmother

Plus his allowance from his father's Duchy of Cornwall estates, and his inheritance from his late mother. Rent or mortgage not a problem either.

Not such a great lapse by Harry (getting caught) during a deep recession, specially when the Windsors were in fair repute. Third World charity work for Harry very soon. Not that he'll ever change!

by Intrigued by Harryreply 3708/22/2012

I don't think he's full-on bi, but I think he'd let a guy blow him if he was horny enough.

by Intrigued by Harryreply 3808/22/2012

prince harry is hot.

by Intrigued by Harryreply 3908/22/2012

Harry doesn't get a penny from his grandmother. All of his income comes from his private fortune, which he inherited from his mother, and his grandfather, The Earl Spencer, who set-up a trust fund for him at Diana's request. This was done to ensure Harry would have his own money as he will not inherit the Duchy of Cornwall or become The Sovereign.

The Prince of Wales does pay for the expenses of staff and private secretaries for his two sons out of his Cornwall income. The British taxpayer is paying for the security costs of protecting Harry, which are enormous.

by Intrigued by Harryreply 4008/22/2012

He must be 100% royal - HE HAS A STAR COMING OUT OF HIS ASS!

by Intrigued by Harryreply 4108/22/2012

Oh to be a fly on the wall when he is summoned to his father Charle's house. I'll bet that William will be in that room as well to take a piece out of him too.

by Intrigued by Harryreply 4208/22/2012

He'll go the way of his uncle Prince Andrew. Get all the girls and attention when younger, totally ignored when his brother's kids are born.

by Intrigued by Harryreply 4308/22/2012

Uncensored NAKED ASS:

by Intrigued by Harryreply 4408/22/2012

How have some of you bitches missed the Ryan Lochte connection? Both of them were in Vegas this past weekend - separately. Their paths met up at some point at a pool party, at which Harry apparently challenged Ryan to a race. TMZ had some very blurry photos of the event a few days ago. There is no evidence whatsoever, though, that Ryan was with Harry up in the Wynn suite during the strip billiards game, and all this speculation that Harry is either gay or bi is completely fucking ridiculous and entirely wishful thinking-based.

Also, I find the reactions amongst DLers of how "trashy" Harry is to be utterly priceless, considering many of you probably typed these remarks mere hours (or minutes!) after getting barebacked by some random fucktoy you met on Grindr.

by Intrigued by Harryreply 4508/22/2012

I always thought Harry wasn't the son of Charles, but he's starting to resemble him

by Intrigued by Harryreply 4601/29/2013
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