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BREAKING: Report: Director-Producer Tony Scott Jumped To Death From San Pedro Bridge

Deadline has not yet independently confirmed this report, but the local Daily Breeze newspaper is quoting Los Angeles County Coroner’s officials as saying that the 68-year-old British film director jumped to his death today from the Vincent Thomas Bridge spanning San Pedro and Terminal Island.

Tony Scott is known for such Hollywood blockbusters as “Top Gun,” “Days of Thunder,” “Beverly Hills Cop II” and “The Taking of Pelham 123,” as well as ScottFree Productions which producers TV shows like The Good Wife with his brother Ridley Scott.

Tony Scott climbed a fence on the south side of the bridge’s apex and leaped “without hesitation” around 12:30 PM, according to the Coroner’s Department and port police quoted by the newspaper. A suicide note was found inside Scott’s black Toyota Prius, which was parked on one of the eastbound lanes of the bridge, as U.S. Coast Guard Lt. Jennifer Osburn told the Daily Breeze.

Earlier today Deadline was alerted that “an older gentlemen who people recognized from either movies and/or TV tried to jump off a pier” and that the attempt was not successful”.

by Nikkireply 9011/10/2012

Wiki has posted his death as has Huffington Post. Gruesome. BH Cops 2 wasn't THAT bad.

by Nikkireply 108/19/2012

Apparently he finally saw "Prometheus"

by Nikkireply 208/19/2012

According to IMDB, he was still involved in a lot of projects.

by Nikkireply 308/19/2012

Why would he be upset about one of his brother's movies?

by Nikkireply 408/19/2012

the wrong director killed himself

by Nikkireply 508/19/2012

He made "The Hunger." I liked that more than all the blockbusters.

by Nikkireply 608/19/2012

I will always remember him for this, his most personal work..

by Nikkireply 708/19/2012

This totally shocks me, why did he kill himself? Wasn't he planning to do Topgun 2?

by Nikkireply 808/19/2012

NY TIMES/AP report as of 12:15 am EDT

I wonder what the suicide note said...

by Nikkireply 908/19/2012

Trying to get a better look at a highway to the danger zone?

by Nikkireply 1008/19/2012

R8, people kill themselves for a variety of reasons. About 80 percent of suiciders suffer from depression and other mental illnesses. Some do it because they become financially destitute; suffer from a terminal illness; experience an unexpected and extreme trauma; have a substance abuse problem, or are trying to avoid criminal prosecution or other responsibilities. Some do it for revenge.

Hopefully, his family will release a statement or the contents of the note.

by Nikkireply 1108/19/2012

I agree with R6, it's one of my favorite films. Rest in peace, Tony.

by Nikkireply 1208/19/2012

Any relation to Ridley Scott?

by Nikkireply 1308/19/2012


by Nikkireply 1408/19/2012

R13, have you read ANY of the links in this thread?

They were brothers.

by Nikkireply 1508/19/2012

True Romance is one of my favorite films.

by Nikkireply 1608/19/2012

A bit violent though, yes, R16?

by Nikkireply 1708/19/2012

Didn't he have an affair with Brigette Neilsen , making B.H Cop 2 , which is what broke up her marriage to Stallone ? Long time ago, vague on details. She, Sly, and Tony have had a terrible few months, obviously.

by Nikkireply 1808/19/2012

[quote]Hopefully, his family will release a statement or the contents of the note.

Why would they do that? It's a personal matter. I can't believe that you think his suicide note should be published.

by Nikkireply 1908/19/2012

I know that bridge - it's unbelievably high. This guy REALLY wanted to go

by Nikkireply 2008/19/2012

His movies were always filled with lots of crazy gunfight footage

And now Tony Scott has gone and jumped off a California Bridge

by Nikkireply 2108/19/2012

According to reports, he was spotted earlier in the day at the piers in San Pedro, trying to jump off and was stopped by police.

He was clearly determined to off himself.

by Nikkireply 2208/19/2012

r22 So why was he released? I never understand why people jump off bridges/buildings. It's so dramatic, messy and sometimes can actually hurt someone else. Why not just take enough pills at home and go to sleep?

by Nikkireply 2308/19/2012

I was an 'action' director - WTF are you talking about ?

by Nikkireply 2408/19/2012

Isn't committing suicide in San Pedro redundant?

by Nikkireply 2508/19/2012

True Romance was a really good movie.

by Nikkireply 2608/19/2012

Let's not forget Ridley Scott gave us "White Squall". Another reason why he gets the edge.

by Nikkireply 2708/19/2012

I'm deeply sorry for his loss. Had I ever worked with him I'm sure I'd have been nominated for my work. Now will never sad.

by Nikkireply 2808/19/2012

sorry about all the typos at r28. I'm overcome with grief.

Mamie get my a paxil!!!!

by Nikkireply 2908/19/2012

Very sad. May God comfort the family during this tragic time.

by Nikkireply 3008/20/2012

I'm surprised the cops let him go after his first attempt. Can't they hold people who've tried to off themselves?

by Nikkireply 3108/20/2012

That's what I wondered, R31.

I know they can't hold someone indefinitely, but maybe they could have held him for 24 hours while they contacted his family, brother etc. and told them he needed help.

by Nikkireply 3208/20/2012

[quote]Tony Scott's Death Prompts Deep Hollywood Mourning

by Nikkireply 3308/20/2012

Did he have finacial problems?

by Nikkireply 3408/20/2012

"May God comfort the family during this tragic time."

Seriously, go fuck yourself.

by Nikkireply 3508/20/2012

"I'm surprised the cops let him go after his first attempt. Can't they hold people who've tried to off themselves?"

It's not as simple as stopping a freight train barreling towards a city. Tony WAS Unstoppable.

by Nikkireply 3608/20/2012

No, the police can't imprison someone for being depressed ... yet.

And yes, someone who REALLY wants to kill themselves will find a way. It's just a matter of time. Sad but true. You can't imagine it if you've never been through it. This level of depression is truly an ongoing, often fatal illness.

It's very very sad for everyone involved.

by Nikkireply 3708/20/2012

[quote]Hopefully, his family will release a statement or the contents of the note.

Why they fuck should they do that? It's not for the public.

by Nikkireply 3808/20/2012

time to watch 'night, mother.

by Nikkireply 3908/20/2012

Very sad.

RIP Tony Scott, but a W&W for R25.

Very dramatic way to go. He wanted to make a big splash, no pun intended.

Personally, I wouldn't do this because at 68 no one really feels sorry for you. And I certainly would not do this to my family, or be a bad influence on other depressed paople.

Me, I would have just driven that black prius into Mexico, escaped into the highlands, and given my money away to the poor. Maybe helped build homes for them, or put in plumbing.

Then I would take the magic mushroom, which is used traditionally by the native people. Whatever revelations I would have would gotten me out of my funk, and enhanced my artistic talent.

by Nikkireply 4008/20/2012

We don't know the reason - he may have been ill (aside from depression)

by Nikkireply 4108/20/2012


Depressions doesn't work that way. You can't imaging driving to Mexico or anywhere else when you're that depressed. You don't have any imagination or vision of anything beyond your own shit.

Also, the point of suicide is to end all thoughts and feelings about anything. One being alive in Mexico would still think about their family and their problem - again - because depression obsesses and occupies the mind totally. There is no rationale.

I'm also annoyed as to the 'why' questions. It doesn't matter 'why' because when you're that kind of depressed EVERYTHING is a reason to commit suicide.

It's an illness and it needs to be understood as such.

by Nikkireply 4208/20/2012

R42, You are right about clinical depression, it clouds the mind. That's why magic mushrooms should be sold over-the-counter.

by Nikkireply 4308/20/2012

They're saying that it's possible that had inoperable brain cancer.

by Nikkireply 4408/20/2012

"My heart stopped when I heard of the tragic death of 1 of r most inspiring directors, Tony Scott. Rest In Peace Tony. U will be missd so..."--- Adam Shankman

How touching.

by Nikkireply 4508/20/2012

Last night, I jumped off San Pedro....

by Nikkireply 4608/20/2012

I agree R6.

It's a very unusual film with a perfect cast. Far, far better than the current crop of so-called vampire films.

by Nikkireply 4708/20/2012

Deadly chic.

by Nikkireply 4808/20/2012

I didn't like any of his movies, including The Hunger. His brother has been inconsistent too, but with a sprinkling of classics.

by Nikkireply 4908/20/2012

The other Tony Scott death thread:

by Nikkireply 5008/20/2012

What kind of weirdo are you R50? What is the point in linking to another thread about this topic?

Is it because you started that thread and are one of those damaged people who take their self-worth directly from the number of responses they get to their postings?

Seriously, I wonder if that's it.

Btw, this thread was first so if you are a real DL'er you would know what that means.


by Nikkireply 5108/20/2012

He drove a Prius. That'd drive me to suicide, too.

by Nikkireply 5208/20/2012

R51? Unclench. There are often multiple threads on certain topics. They can each coexist assuming enough posters contribute to them. Or are you being a cunt because you started *this* thread and don't like the competition?

by Nikkireply 5308/20/2012

Btw R51 I just noticed the other thread has 135 posts, so apparently you're losing. Sorry, cupcake.

by Nikkireply 5408/20/2012

Mmmm.. cupcake

by Nikkireply 5508/20/2012

Thank you, R53. I linked to this thread too in the other thread. This way if someone only finds one thread, they'll have access to and know about the other.

by Nikkireply 5608/20/2012

How about look at the front page for 3 seconds before making a duplicate thread, dicknuts?

by Nikkireply 5708/20/2012

R56/thread linker here. R57, I did not make that other thread, if you are talking to me.

by Nikkireply 5808/20/2012

I am talking to the OP of this thread.

by Nikkireply 5908/20/2012

Have you heard anything about that pedophile Justin? He likes to go to libraries and cruise pre-teen boys.

by Nikkireply 6008/20/2012

R59, no one cares.

by Nikkireply 6108/20/2012

Is it true that Justin the Ped-o-phile aka "No Means No!" likes to suck the farts out of the anuses of 7 year old boys?

by Nikkireply 6208/20/2012

Your mama's cunt cares, she told me.

by Nikkireply 6308/20/2012

**** BREAKING NEWS!!! *****

Tony Scott did NOT have brain cancer!

by Nikkireply 6408/20/2012

So who has pictures?

by Nikkireply 6508/20/2012

I wonder why he really did it. If he wasn't dying, there is no other reason do jump.

Unless you like preteen boys and are about to be outed. Right, Will, I mean Justin?

by Nikkireply 6608/20/2012

I didn't know that about your organs exploding. Sounds horrible.

by Nikkireply 6708/20/2012

What other famous people have died this way? Anyone have a list?

by Nikkireply 6808/20/2012

Latest theory is that Veronique Peck and he had a suicide pact as they have been lovers ever since Greg died.

He just couldn't live without her.

by Nikkireply 6908/20/2012

You know if he was gay, it would be Val Kilmer he would have slept with and not Tom "issues" Cruise.

And really, aren't the English ALL a little gay?

by Nikkireply 7008/20/2012

Maybe he DID have cancer and just didn't tell his family? Of he was going to be busted as a member of the Penn State pedo ring.

by Nikkireply 7108/20/2012

What about his collection of porn twinks?

by Nikkireply 7208/20/2012

So, why did he kill himself??

by Nikkireply 7308/20/2012

Will they release the contents of the suicide note? They owe it to the people.

by Nikkireply 7408/20/2012

I heard he had brain cancer, can anyone confirm this?

by Nikkireply 7508/20/2012

Family said, "No brain cancer".

by Nikkireply 7608/20/2012

Maybe he didn't tell anyone in his family that he had cancer. I guess the note tells all.

by Nikkireply 7708/20/2012

He knew too much.

by Nikkireply 7808/20/2012

What did he know? My GAWD!

by Nikkireply 7908/20/2012

[quote] Maybe he didn't tell anyone in his family that he had cancer

No he just told TMZ instead.

by Nikkireply 8008/20/2012

what about organs exploding r67

by Nikkireply 8108/20/2012


by Nikkireply 8208/21/2012

r87, sometimes an organ will overheat and explode if you play the full 17 minute version of In-A-Gadda-Da-Vita on it.

by Nikkireply 8308/21/2012

Seems he had a brain tumour - seems a more drastic way of finishing it than just waiting around feeling worse.

I think I have only seen The Hunger of his, which I was going to have another look at, Deneuve Bowie & Sarandon are all perfect in it.

by Nikkireply 8408/21/2012

What, r82.

by Nikkireply 8508/21/2012

I am the OP of this thread. I wonder why the other, later thread took off faster. Maybe it's a Nikki backlash?

by Nikkireply 8608/21/2012

Apparently the organs get smooshed like a pancake when they hit the water and pop like water balloons?

by Nikkireply 8708/21/2012

But, why did he jump? Somebody must know something!

by Nikkireply 8808/21/2012

Unbelievable debate tonight. I think we all know who Tony Scott would vote for. R.I.P.

by Nikkireply 8910/22/2012

Obama, bring Tony back!!!!

by Nikkireply 9011/10/2012
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