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Tom Daley and his barefoot girlfriend Kassidy Cook emerge from nightclub as they celebrate his A-Level results

18 August 2012

His fans are having to cope with the news that he is seeing fellow diver Kassidy Cook, after she flew from America to visit him the day after he won his medal.

And pulling on their heartstrings further, Tom Daley and his girlfriend Cook were pictured, hand in hand last night as they left Funky Buddha.

The young couple appeared to be in high spirits as they left the Mayfair hotspot, and they obviously did their rounds on the dancefloor as Kassidy left the venue barefoot with her heels in hand.

Tom and Kassidy were apparently out celebrating his A-Level results, in which he achieved an A in Spanish, A* in Photography and an A in Mathematics.

The 18-year-old diver looked dapper in a black blazer, a printed T-shirts, black jeans and desert boots, whereas Cook wore pleated cream top with a pair of jeans and black heels.

As they headed off in a cab together, they were seen getting quite close, and Cook rested her hand on his thigh as he put his arm over her shoulder.

Tom has been in the public eye ever since he was a skinny schoolboy with braces on his teeth.

So it may come as rather a shock to see clean-cut Tom with a distinctly grown up accessory – a tattoo.

The teenage diver has succumbed to the trend for Olympic athletes to ink a reminder of their remarkable achievements on their skin.

Barely a week after he won his bronze medal, he has had the five Olympic rings tattooed on his upper arm.

In a recent interview, he revealed his mother had given him a voucher for a tattoo for his 18th birthday.

He said: ‘I’m playing around with a couple of ideas, but it will probably be the Olympic rings.’

The diver, who at the 2008 Games became Britain’s second-youngest Olympian ever, said: ‘I really want to get a tattoo of the Olympic rings. I’m thinking on my upper arm?’

And last night he tweeted: ‘I finally have my Olympic tattoo...I will post a pic later!!!’

He then uploaded the picture, showing him proudly holding his arm in the air with plastic still covering the design.

Daley’s not the only member of Team GB to have an inking; his diving teammate Nick Robinson-Baker also has the rings, while British gymnast Daniel Keatings has the five Olympic rings, in colour, and a red-and-blue British lion on his stomach, which he had done after the Beijing Games.

Great Britain hockey goalkeeper Beth Storry has the Olympic motto ‘faster, higher, stronger’ tattooed in Chinese on the inside of her left foot above the arch.

It remains to be seen what Daley’s legions of adoring teenage fans will make of his tattoo.

by Chris Mearsreply 8005/23/2013

I knew he wasn't gay.

by Chris Mearsreply 108/19/2012

A tattoo AND a beard. He's so grown.

by Chris Mearsreply 208/19/2012

See--I told you it was impossible to tell with a Brit.

I wonder--do Brits have trouble with domestic gaydar?

by Chris Mearsreply 308/19/2012

He's going to be fat.

by Chris Mearsreply 408/19/2012

He's probably been told to beard if he wants to get sponsors.

by Chris Mearsreply 508/19/2012

His "girlfriend" lives 3400 miles away and they hardly ever see each other. His own mother said he's never had a girlfriend.

Come on fellas this is clearly a beard type situation.

by Chris Mearsreply 608/20/2012

I agree r6. He's flaming to high heaven. He's obviously trying to cash on his accomplishments and is trying to built a career on the "heartthrob" label. For that he needs to appear like a very successful young bachelor.

What exactly he will do, I have no idea. If he can't sing, dance or act, what kind of a career will he have except for being famous for being famous?

by Chris Mearsreply 708/20/2012

[quote]what kind of a career will he have except for being famous for being famous?

Well, I don't think that part is a problem. He's famous for being a successful athlete and Olympic medalist. He's not Kim Kardashian who's only famous for making a sex tape. He's a young athlete who's only at the beginning of his career. He has at least one more Olympics ahead of him and may win the gold next time.

In the meantime, he will probably be expected to beard, just like Henry Cavill is doing for the Superman movies.

by Chris Mearsreply 808/20/2012

Yea! Armpit hair!!!

by Chris Mearsreply 908/20/2012

True r8. Didn't mean to put down his athletic accomplishments and he's indeed very young with at least one more Olympics ahead of him. It's just that he has that "boyband" air and attitude about him without the band or the singing. He seems to like the public attention, you know?

It will be sad if he stays closeted and beards for years for his image.

I guess he wants to make money from all kinds of advertising and sponsors and such.

by Chris Mearsreply 1008/20/2012

OMG We must stop her and get her shipped back to Americano.....

by Chris Mearsreply 1108/20/2012

R4 Fuck you Tom will always be perfect

by Chris Mearsreply 1208/20/2012

He is apparantly going to go into tv presenting, which he should be good at, and will build his fanbase. They have probably been advised to get a girlfriend into the picture, to butch him up for the public, as if there is no girl he is going to look gayer than gay - but he won't be too tied up with her so the other girlies of both sexes can have their fantasties .... thats how it works folks.

by Chris Mearsreply 1308/20/2012

I like Chris Mears better.

by Chris Mearsreply 1408/20/2012

And to top (HA) everything off, she looks a bit 'Kate Middleton-ey'. I'm sure this pairing will be a big hit.

He's a cutie pie.

by Chris Mearsreply 1508/20/2012

He's only 18. She's prolly the last "girlfriend" he'll ever have.

by Chris Mearsreply 1608/20/2012

I get a Paris Hilton vibe from him.

He might be straight, those shoes are fucking hideous. No queen would be caught dead in them.

by Chris Mearsreply 1708/20/2012

With the relentless DM spamming, why don't we just call this the Daily Mail Lounge and be done with it?

by Chris Mearsreply 1808/20/2012

I bet he's having so much sex.

And then calling her and gabbing about it all night on the phone.

by Chris Mearsreply 1908/20/2012

R14, have you checked out the Chris Mears thread?

by Chris Mearsreply 2008/20/2012

You kahrazee kahweens - always thinking one str8 man or another is gay. Just pipe down!!!

by Chris Mearsreply 2108/20/2012

Nothing to do with being British, come on! You're either obviously gay or you aren't and this boy is gay gay gay. You could spot he was gay from Pluto.

Not really interested in him, but he's a cool kid and I was thinking he would be out in the next year. If there's a showmance been forced on him by sponsors, that's a real shame.

by Chris Mearsreply 2208/20/2012

Actually I think it's down to that vile disgusting hateful rag The Daily Mail.

They're in on this and deliberately creating/perpetuating fake news to laugh at him and make him feel awkward cause obviously they would know the truth. Cunts.

by Chris Mearsreply 2308/20/2012

R23, don't you think that theory is a little outlandish?

by Chris Mearsreply 2408/20/2012

Kid has a great (man's) body, but the face of a 12 year old.

by Chris Mearsreply 2508/20/2012

He's doomed to scrawniness. He's been trying to build some muscle but he's an ectomorph.

by Chris Mearsreply 2608/20/2012

On the plus side, he's gloriously free of tattoos.

by Chris Mearsreply 2708/20/2012

He and Mears have the prettiest legs though.

by Chris Mearsreply 2808/20/2012

Oops--Thought this was the Justin Bieber thread.

by Chris Mearsreply 2908/20/2012

By the time he is 22 in Rio in 4 years time he should be a lot more ripped and mature - and maybe out too ... ? plus we should know a lot more about him then and his career choices.

by Chris Mearsreply 3008/20/2012

I don't understand closet cases at all. Why on Earth would he bother with this bearding nonsense? I get that the presumption of hetereosexuality confers privileges on people and makes their lives easier. I get that this twit wants endorsement deals. But can't one of these losers have a little integrity and not hide for $$$?

by Chris Mearsreply 3108/20/2012

Tom now has his family to support, as his father died last year. So he will need endorsement deals and presenting work etc to keep the family going, his mother and siblings. Its a lot for an 18 year to do - on top of his exams and all that training etc, but of course he also has to have a girlfriend too for the reading public to read all these fake stories the PR people plant to keep their client in the public eye.

by Chris Mearsreply 3208/20/2012

Especially since there are already out, gay Olympic champions in the UK. No one bats an eye about it. People in the UK are very supportive. Plus everyone's so supportive of this kid anyway.

by Chris Mearsreply 3308/20/2012

[quote]Tom now has his family to support, as his father died last year.


by Chris Mearsreply 3408/20/2012

r31 I wonder how much money he can make off his new found fame? I bet it's quite a few millions.

Although I mostly agree with what you say, I think you really are expecting too much from an 18 year old boy. He's at the top of the world right now. Offers are probably being showered upon him right now with promises of big money. He's become a big celebrity, he's rubbing shoulders with all other celebrities (or at least has the opportunities to do that), millions of girls are drooling over him and telling him how he's "all that". He's basking in it and you expect him to be "gay poster boy"?

I doubt that's going to happen soon.

by Chris Mearsreply 3508/20/2012

R32, I missed the part where it's the 1800's and women aren't allowed to hold a job.

by Chris Mearsreply 3608/20/2012

Probably R24, it's just hard not to be suspicious of that rag's motives with their blatantly sneering editorial subtext inserted in every article.

Admittedly though they have the biggest showbiz coverage with people who arent even stars in the UK, thats why DL quotes it so much. I just can't look at it though.

by Chris Mearsreply 3708/20/2012

[quote]He's probably been told to beard if he wants to get sponsors.

Who are these sponsors so I can boycott them?

by Chris Mearsreply 3808/20/2012

Why link to the Daily Mail, when there's FamousMales? Tom and Chris Meares getting hot and sweaty together.

by Chris Mearsreply 3908/20/2012

[quote]I don't understand closet cases at all. Why on Earth would he bother with this bearding nonsense? I get that the presumption of hetereosexuality confers privileges on people and makes their lives easier. I get that this twit wants endorsement deals. But can't one of these losers have a little integrity and not hide for $$$?

Close-cases are liars. Don't expect integrity or principle from them.

by Chris Mearsreply 4008/20/2012

AC took 45 years to come out and only did so after a very long career. So did Ricky Martin. So did a horde of others. It seems kind of cynical to pick on an 18 year old boy and expect him to do what so many others haven't and still don't at double and triple his age.

by Chris Mearsreply 4108/20/2012

R41, don't make excuses for cowardice.

by Chris Mearsreply 4208/20/2012

I think this kid deserves a bit of time to figure out his life. He just turned 18 and he lost his father to cancer last year. He just went through the pressure of competing at the Olympics, taking his school exams and has a mother and 2 brothers to think about.

by Chris Mearsreply 4308/20/2012

To figure out clever ways to pretend to come off as straight? Is that what you mean, R43?

by Chris Mearsreply 4408/20/2012

It's more about the fact that it's the 21st century and being gay means shit all to most people, so we'd expect the newer generations to just come out now.

Anderson Cooper and Ricky Martin go back to the 90s which was the dark ages by comparison and things had just started opening up. Unless you're a romantic leading man movie star, there isn't much excuse now.

I think R43 has a point though. Most or many people don't accept their sexuality till their early 20s, in school you have peer pressure and want to fit in.

I don't think Tom would want to come out before Rio, would be too much of a distraction, which is a great shame - imagine having an openly gay Olympian.

by Chris Mearsreply 4508/20/2012

[quote]being gay means shit all to most people

Are you kidding? It's still a major issue.

How many openly gay members of Congress are there? How many gay people are going to become President anytime soon?

by Chris Mearsreply 4608/20/2012

[quote]I don't think Tom would want to come out before Rio, would be too much of a distraction, which is a great shame - imagine having an openly gay Olympian.

Well, with gay people like you, imagining is all we would ever do.

by Chris Mearsreply 4708/20/2012

I was meaning more amongst the younger generation R46 and from a UK perspective. I was actually thinking about politicians as well, I think things are changing there. That's one area where people shouldn't care. It depends I suppose.

Not sure what I've done to bring on your ire, R47, but whatever. You're implying I'm keeping him in the closet, yet said he should be free to be out if he wants. Strange logic.

by Chris Mearsreply 4808/20/2012

R48, did you not just say that coming out would be too much of a distraction?

by Chris Mearsreply 4908/20/2012

Who cares if people care or not. The problem with gay people is that they can hide. If gay people were born with horns on their head, none of this "I'm scared to come out" shit would even exist which perpetuates the stereotype that gay men are fucking wimps and sissies.

by Chris Mearsreply 5008/20/2012

[quote]I was meaning more amongst the younger generation and from a UK perspective.

There are many UK actors, celebrities and politicians in the closet. How many openly-gay Prime Ministers have their been?

by Chris Mearsreply 5108/20/2012

[quote]He's doomed to scrawniness. He's been trying to build some muscle but he's an ectomorph.


by Chris Mearsreply 5208/20/2012

No, gay men aren't "wimps and sissies", just trying to survive in a world where the majority forces its own rules.

by Chris Mearsreply 5308/20/2012

Waaa, cry me a river, R53. Yes, gay people should have been born with horns on their heads.

by Chris Mearsreply 5408/20/2012

Chris Mears also has a girlfriend. Maybe it's expected of the UK divers.

by Chris Mearsreply 5508/20/2012

[quote]imagine having an openly gay Olympian

Excuse me?

by Chris Mearsreply 5608/20/2012

He looks terrible in those photos. Like a badly dressed child.

Chris Mears is far more attractive and interesting.

by Chris Mearsreply 5708/20/2012

Does he know the fags are having a complete meltdown over his girlfriend?

by Chris Mearsreply 5808/20/2012

He better stay in the closet if he wants to be Prime Minister.

by Chris Mearsreply 5908/20/2012

Barefoot and pregnant! You heard it here first!

by Chris Mearsreply 6008/20/2012

At 18 he is now the breadwinner in his family, so he has all that to take on board - but watching him on that Jonathan Ross show he obviously likes all the attention.

Kelly Brook was hilarious too on her hunky boyfriend's French calender, those shots with his brother. They couldnt show the dick shots though...

by Chris Mearsreply 6108/20/2012

I am waiting for someone to show real evidence that Tom is gay. When I say evidence, by the way, I don't mean "gaydar"!

by Chris Mearsreply 6208/22/2012

You mean like a picture of him sucking someone's dick?

by Chris Mearsreply 6308/24/2012

[QUOTE]Does he know the fags are having a complete meltdown over his girlfriend?

The 'fags', as you so eloquently put it, have 'nothing to worry about' as he has said this girl is not a 'girlfriend' but a long term friend. Not that it matters. The Daily Failure was basically implying they were a loved-up couple and maybe he was uncomfortable with that level of assumption.

I am not even going to speculate on what he is or isn't. He's 18 and plenty of time to work out who he is and what he wants to do with his life. He is obviously bright and quite the showman so we should be seeing more of him. He may end up dating girls, boys or nobody and just concentrate on his training/education.

by Chris Mearsreply 6408/24/2012

Well, that would be a good start, r63! So much of the "Tom Daley is gay" talk seems to fueled by jumping to conclusions and wishful thinking.

I really like your post, r64.

by Chris Mearsreply 6508/24/2012

[quote]He's 18 and plenty of time to work out who he is and what he wants to do with his life.

Which path will he choose: the path of rightous heterosexuality? Or, the path of destructive homosexuality.

by Chris Mearsreply 6608/24/2012

R62...go die in a grease fire, then have your best friend thrown in after you.

GAY GOSSIP, board, asshole. Unless you have an explicit video of him fucking some girl, don't ask for proof of anything. Because your homophobic post presumes people are straight until 'proven' otherwise, and that's bullshit. There are millions of closeted gay men in this world, moron. We can gossip all we like about who is and isn't. Don't like it? Go to the IMDB board, you'll feel better there with the fangirls.

by Chris Mearsreply 6708/24/2012

Yes darling, but the "millions of closeted gay men in this world" each do their little bit to contribute to the impression that people are straight until proven otherwise, don't they?

by Chris Mearsreply 6808/24/2012

He's such a mary

by Chris Mearsreply 6908/24/2012

If you look at Tom Daley and listen to him and assume he's anything other than gay then your gaydar isn't working r68

by Chris Mearsreply 7008/25/2012

r27, he got a tattoo recently.

r45, "imagine having an openly gay Olympian." Duh, an openly gay Olympian won the gold in Beijing in Tom's friggin' event.

by Chris Mearsreply 7108/25/2012

He's just the cutest thing.

by Chris Mearsreply 7208/25/2012

He seems like the type of closeted gay guy who would have a fit if somebody asked him if he were gay or thought he was gay. I have seen these fits from closeted gay teens. It's a sight to see.

by Chris Mearsreply 7308/25/2012

R67, I don't have a definitive opinion on Tom Daley's sexuality. Tom may very well be gay, but there is no real evidence one way or the other. DL posters are jumping to conclusions about Tom because he is a diver, cute, and doesn't have the presentation they expect of a young straight guy. I feel sorry for you, r67, and hope you will be strong enough some day to not wish an unpleasant death on me and my best friend because I challenge a gay gossip board's consensus about someone's sexuality.

Oh, your post is really good, r68!

by Chris Mearsreply 7408/25/2012

One more thing, r67: I am not comfortable with all the fangirls at IMDB- and I am not female.

by Chris Mearsreply 7508/25/2012

I sort of love that a diver is getting the celeb treatment.

He looks absurdly young, still like he's about 15. Some 18 year olds look like men, not Tom.

He looks sort of gay in some photos, but I'm not really committed to the idea that he's gay. I could see it either way.

If he wanted to, he realistically could dive in 3 or even 4 more Olympics (he'd be 34 at the last one).

by Chris Mearsreply 7608/25/2012

Tom Daley denies Kassidy Cook is his girlfriend.

by Chris Mearsreply 7708/26/2012

R67, have you taken your meds?

by Chris Mearsreply 7808/26/2012

r71 yes, sorry I was aware of Matthew Mitcham but wasn't sure who is/was openly gay, I thought there might be some but didn't know who. Not a great sports follower but you would hear about that.

It's confusing because the commentator for the London Olympics Ian Thorpe was clearly gay so I assumed he was out, but...

by Chris Mearsreply 7905/23/2013

r47/r49 hmm OK that was really bad ambiguous phrasing which I keep getting called out for on here. I was meaning more Tom's handlers wouldn't want him to come out and the ensuing media circus as he is a big heartthrob.

I think he will come out soon and could have even sooner. It would have been groundbreaking if he did it younger - we already know he was bullied at school and called gay, this info was released.

He did very well in his exams and obviously isn't stupid. He is being himself and isn't trying to hide anything, I'm sure he's out to friends/family. Tom isn't one of those who can easily hide.

This was from last summer, I miss the Olympics! :(

r51 yes there's a long way to go. I wonder if there were any other gay PMs other than the never confirmed Ted Heath.

by Chris Mearsreply 8005/23/2013
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