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Palm Springs More Gay Than SF?

PS is so fucking gay friendly. There are now more same-sex households than SF. Houses are dirt cheap now. So many "lost and alone" hotties coming here's a daddie's smorgasbord of young meat. I love this!!

by PSCofCreply 12201/24/2013

I don't think it's for me: I hate mid-century modern, swimming pools, and thrift shops.

by PSCofCreply 108/14/2012

How could someone hate swimming pools? LMFAO

by PSCofCreply 208/14/2012

They have very different kind of 'leather' scenes.

by PSCofCreply 308/14/2012

[quote]So many "lost and alone" hotties coming here now


by PSCofCreply 408/14/2012

Ugh, the desert. And extremely old people. My two least favorite things in the universe.

by PSCofCreply 508/14/2012

Many of these young hotties are coming here looking for rich daddies of which there are many in PS. Of course, they have one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel...but this is great actually. I remember meeting one really hot boy at coffee. He had come from...oh..somewhere...and was living in a studio apt and rode a bicycle to get around and worked part time in a restaurant(where they all wind up). I told him I liked him but was not rich..he said he was not rich either but knew that someday he would be. LMFAO. He eventually found a rich daddy in SF and moved away.

by PSCofCreply 608/14/2012

(r5) So are you like 12 years old?

by PSCofCreply 708/14/2012

[R2], do you want me to tell you?

by PSCofCreply 808/14/2012

To be my new soul mate, R4.

by PSCofCreply 908/14/2012

Yes, a lot of very wealthy older gays end up here, and the town does bring in a lot of young, and lost, hotties. So the match -up can be perfect. I was having dinner one night, at one of the upscale gay resturants there, and when the waiter came over, I looked up, and it was a very well known porn star, who I had whacked off to many times. Thats the fun of Palm Springs. It's so close to LA, and that whole world, you never know who you'll see.

P.S. - the waiter/porn actor, flirted shamlessly with me , and when I got the bill voucher back, he had slipped his cell # in. In P.S. they're not looking just for Mr. right now - they are looking for Mr. let me lay by the pool, drive your Mercedes, use your Platinum card, and I'll bring my hot friends over for orgies.

by PSCofCreply 1008/14/2012

(R10) I would guess that you had paid him for sex on another occasion and he thought he could get next month's rent out of you with another fuck. LOL. Oh yes, these boys that come to PS with nothing but their asses in tow are desperate..they will do anything for a good meal or rent. And they don't care how old or withered you are which is really cool if you are....old and withered. Bently's are so common in PS and there is always a young hottie driving and an old fart on oxygen in the passenger seat. I feel so sorry for these hot boys who think they are going to meet someone who will set them up for life...only in the movies darlings..only in the movies. I think many of them have watched "Pretty Woman" far too many times.

by PSCofCreply 1108/14/2012

This sounds awesome.

by PSCofCreply 1208/14/2012

[quote]PS is so fucking gay friendly. There are now more same-sex households than SF.

Complete bullshit made up by OP. At least PS finally got their openly gay-hating police chief to take a small fortune of their tax dollars and "retire". And OP conveniently left out that it was 116 degrees yesterday in his paradise. As a former resident I can tell you it is over 100 degrees for at least 6 months of the year or more. And all this "young" meat OP is talking about is a complete fantasy. There are no jobs for young people in PS.

by PSCofCreply 1308/14/2012

It's not an exaggeration. Indeed one of the stories of the gay travel the last twenty years is that PS has basically run Key West, Provincetown, and Guerneville out of business.

by PSCofCreply 1408/14/2012

I see no links to any articles proving that PS has "more same-sex households than SF" because it is a completely made up "fact" by OP.

by PSCofCreply 1508/14/2012

So it's for gays who want to live their life like they are forever 21. People like Tom Bianchi who never want to grow up.

by PSCofCreply 1608/14/2012

RE 13 = another 35 year old, ex- porn star , who's trying to scare all the 25 year old , fresher meat, from hitting town. The giveaway is his last sentence. The reality is any cute 25 year old can find lots of 'opportunities' here .... just getting paid to lie by a pool in his speedo ( or nothing ) and work on his tan.

by PSCofCreply 1708/14/2012

Still no links proving that PS has more gays than SF? hmmmmmm

by PSCofCreply 1808/15/2012

My mom winters there and she's never mentioned anything remotely gay about PS. Oh and wtf is Guerneville?

by PSCofCreply 1908/15/2012

[quote] I feel so sorry for these hot boys who think they are going to meet someone who will set them up for life

You don't get out much do you hon.

I know at least a dozen examples of VERY well set up for life: from the mildly calculating to Eve Harrington calculating. And yes, some of them have been breathtaking. I remember one of them laughing at me: " You work! You work!" as if it was the dumbest thing in the world if one had a face and body to market.

by PSCofCreply 2008/15/2012

I agree with r 20. I know someone , in PS , who is 27 - his 'benefactor' is a not in good health 68 year old . The older gentleman , who's very wealthy, bought the toy-man a new BMW for his 25th birthday. He is given a Visa card with a $5,000 month limit, has his health insurance paid for, and lives in a beautiful estate, in Las Palmas ( Bev. Hills of P.S.).the older gentleman has no children, only 1 sister, and 1 brother, neither of whom he gets along with. The younger man's only 'job' requirements are that he maintain the home ( as overseer- of course there's a maid, gardner,pool man), and have sex with said older man twice a month, minimum. Of course , the younger is very good looking & buff - but where else could a kid, from Minnesota, with only a high school education, have a life like this - and by the time he's 30-35, inherit approximately $20 million dollars ? He calls his life now, 'setting up for his retirement'.

by PSCofCreply 2108/15/2012

[quote]and by the time he's 30-35, inherit approximately $20 million dollars?

Unless geezer gay has legally married or 'domestic partnered' the younger guy, the next of kin always wins the money in court cases against the dead gay guys wishes. Always. They may hate him and never speak to him but believe me when he (geezer gay) dies, the next-of-kin vultures will swoop in a take everything. The will (if there is one) won't count for shit.

by PSCofCreply 2208/15/2012

Don't think they are 'domestically partnered' , but young-un claims old guy has had trust papers drawn up , showing he is leaving everything to young-un. Doesn't a Trust supercede a will ? I'm no lawyer - just what I've always heard. Wouldn't notorized Trust papers have more weight than estranged relatives showing up after a person's death ?

by PSCofCreply 2308/15/2012

Guerneville is the town gays go to when they say they're going to the Russian River.

I'm friends with a 25-year old who's in PS now. He loves older guys and he says he's having the time of his life.

by PSCofCreply 2408/15/2012

All the rich guys I know in Palm Springs are already partnered up. And have been for many years. There will be no wills changed, but you might get a tip...try the Hamptons.

by PSCofCreply 2508/15/2012

Does the Hamptons have lots of older, sun-baked, wealthy gay men ? I don't think so. Try ugly ,withered, older, straight Jews, looking for a 25 year old, big- titted whore, to re-vamp as his future wife

by PSCofCreply 2608/15/2012

Eeeew. I forgot about Tom Bianchi. There goes the neighborhood.

by PSCofCreply 2708/15/2012

We should all look that good at 70 ! Sure it's all steroids, but if you have to be with an old daddy, wouldn't you rather have him look like Tom, than Jack Nicholson, Kelsey Grammer, or some other out of shape, bloated old guy.

by PSCofCreply 2808/15/2012

If I was with somebody at seventy the last thing I'd place a premium on is looks. It's seventy, for God's sake.

That said, Bianchi is the extreme opposite of the guys you listed and no more appealing in his extreme.

by PSCofCreply 2908/15/2012

R22, If the old man has a solid will, then it would take an anti-gay judge to totally overturn the old guy's will. That rarely happens.

by PSCofCreply 3008/15/2012

[quote]Oh and wtf is Guerneville?

A town in the Sonoma wine country, north of San Francisco, that has absolutely nothing to do with PS. Why on earth do you ask?

by PSCofCreply 3108/15/2012

Tom is actually 77 . Do you know another 77 year old who looks that good ? If so, please post pic.

by PSCofCreply 3208/15/2012

Tom is 67 - not 77 years old.

by PSCofCreply 3308/15/2012

Has anyone here ever attended the annual white party?

by PSCofCreply 3408/15/2012

He's 67. And FYI, Tom Selleck is the same age. However, so is John Lithgow, Van Morrison, and Chris Matthews.

by PSCofCreply 3508/15/2012

Gay Russian River link

by PSCofCreply 3608/15/2012

Guerneville is horrible. I went there once in the 90s and it was the most boring place on earth.

by PSCofCreply 3708/15/2012

You say he looks good. It's entirely subjective.

by PSCofCreply 3808/15/2012

RE 34 The White Party is worth going to at least once, to experience the tidal wave of gorgeous, tanned, muscled men, all in one place - most out of their minds drunk, and or drugged out.

by PSCofCreply 3908/15/2012

From The Desert Sun newspaper: June 27, 2011. "With about 115 same-sex couples per 1000 households, Palm Springs ranks ahead of other notably gay friendly cities like San Francisco and West Hollywood according to an analysis of (2010 census data) by the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation based at the University of California, Los Angeles".



by PSCofCreply 4008/15/2012

[quote]The White Party is worth going to at least once, to experience the tidal wave of gorgeous, tanned, muscled men

And then the sun comes up and the heaving mass of tired wrinkled sun damaged mottled flesh manifests itself like a Galapagos Island reptile spawning -- if the reptiles had stretched fading tatts. And the fantasy dies in the buzzing brain static of a drug downer. Been there, done that, over it!

by PSCofCreply 4108/15/2012

(R22) TOTALLY WRONG!!! Unless the next of kin can demonstrate that rich geezer's will was made under duress from the boytoy or that rich geezer was of "unsound mind" when he made his will, if he leaves all his money to BT there is nothing the family can do about this. NOTHING. A will is a will and if it is carried out within the guidelines of California and properly witnessed by 3 people who are NOT mentioned in the will, it's a legal document. The family can, of course, makes waves for BT but if all is legal/correct with rich geezers will, they are wasting their time.

by PSCofCreply 4208/16/2012

(R21) I think I actually know which couple you are talking about here. They have a house in Las Palmas a few blocks down from where Lily Tomlin's Mom lived before she died. A few years ago I met a hot latino guy who lived with two rich old guys in an estate in LP. He had actually married the sister of one of the old guys in order to get his Green Card so he could work in America as a Radiology Tech. at Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage. This older couple had apartment houses they owned all over Los Angeles. The problem started when the latino guy wanted more freedom and the old guys did not want him even working at an outside job. I was fucking him for a while on a regular basis whenever he could get away to my place. Finally, there was some kind of "showdown" with the old guys and latino boy left and managed to get his own apartment. He still works at EMC in RM and is apparently still in a sham marriage with the old guy's sister. And, they cannot really do anything about this because the woman would be in deep shit for marrying the latino just so he could get a Green Card as much as the latino would be.

by PSCofCreply 4308/16/2012

[quote]And then the sun comes up and the heaving mass of tired wrinkled sun damaged mottled flesh manifests itself like a Galapagos Island reptile spawning -- if the reptiles had stretched fading tatts.

Lol, very evocative.

by PSCofCreply 4408/16/2012

PS is an amazing place. We spend half the year here and it's only 110 degrees or more in August which leads most residents to have places at Lake Arrowhead. The weather the other 11 months is perfection. Weekly infusion of people from LA, SF, SD, Seattle and the world.

by PSCofCreply 4508/16/2012

Many old men promise fortunes and do not deliver. An acquaintance of mine gave 18 years (20 to 38) to an older man with the promise of great riches. While together he lived high, had a beautiful convertible and plenty of walking around money.

They talked openly about the money he was going to be left.

When the man died he discovered that all the real money had been left to the niece and nephew and he was given 10k. At 38 he had a car, a lot of clothes and 10k.

Now he is in San Francisco....and a waiter honey.

by PSCofCreply 4608/16/2012

What's a waiter honey?

by PSCofCreply 4708/16/2012

When young people allow themselves to be taken care of and forced to live an insular lifestyle they do not develop skills.

Like a diamond, pressure and stress shapes one into a more complete and beautiful adult.

Surviving painful and stressful experiences makes one a more interesting human being.

by PSCofCreply 4808/16/2012

palm springs is an ok weekend getaway from LA if you want to lay by the pool and do NOTHING...because that's exactly what there is to do in Palm Springs. PS has in no way whatsoever replaced Provincetown, which is lively, vibrant and tons of fun with lots to do and big, fun crowds all summer long. Palm Springs is where people go to retire and die.

by PSCofCreply 4908/16/2012

R49, I don't know, there is something in the air of Palm Springs, something special.

There is nothing to do , you are right. But it is a very sexually charged place.

by PSCofCreply 5008/16/2012

Go see Follies when you're there. It's a hoot!

by PSCofCreply 5108/16/2012

Dirt cheap houses? No, but better than a few years ago when we bought. Many elder Gays move to PS after selling much higher priced houses in SF or LA and buy a great place mortage free in a very Gay friendly city with a Gay Mayor and several Gay City Council members. Summer heat is something else, though.

by PSCofCreply 5208/16/2012

I hate the heat but I'd love to visit.

by PSCofCreply 5308/16/2012

don't EVER go in the summer. it is quite literally like walking into Hell.

by PSCofCreply 5408/16/2012

What is the average electric bill for a nice PS house w/pool in the summer? What is the average water bill? What are property taxes like?

by PSCofCreply 5508/16/2012

R49 LOL I go to both PS and Ptown every year. Ptown is fun but full of white trash and has about one-tenth the sophistication of PS, but nice try. It's like a northern Lauderdale.

by PSCofCreply 5608/16/2012

Cheap houses? Single family home listings ranged from $200s to $30M during the last year so something for everyone as long as you like mid-modern or spanish

by PSCofCreply 5708/16/2012

r56, on what planet is Palm Springs sophisticated? Where did you grow up, a barnyard in Kansas???

by PSCofCreply 5808/16/2012

I think PS is sophisticated - between it's museums, homes, and restaurants. And the designer stores are thriving - and believe me, you have to know your stuff, re furniture. I've been in a store, and seen people spot a Knoll chair , from 1960, and a Geroge Nelson lamp, and know their value. Or in other words, the difference between what a hack might see as 'old', and a collector knows is true 'vintage'. Half the people there are gays , with attitude, down from LA. Non- sophisticates go to Vegas, or Lake Havasu . I've found people in PS appreciate the mid-century homes, & bldgs., and know the difference between eating at The Viceroy, and Olive Garden. There's a lot of money in the PS/ Rancho Mirage/ Palm Desert area . Some new, much old .

by PSCofCreply 5908/16/2012

Re:59. Exactly.

by PSCofCreply 6008/17/2012

You can't call a place sophisticated if you don't know the difference between its and it's.

by PSCofCreply 6108/17/2012

Tommy Bahama has a restaurant attached to their retail store in PS. It's so cool. They have coconut shrimp there.

by PSCofCreply 6208/17/2012

Actually born, raised, and live in urban center of a tier one city and in no way can Ptown compare to PS on any level of sophistication

by PSCofCreply 6308/17/2012

RE 63 Haven't been - so P Town is not hip & cool ? Do they have nice shops, galleries, hotels ?

by PSCofCreply 6408/17/2012

I love it because its a young meat's smorgasbord of HOT DADDIES!

by PSCofCreply 6508/17/2012

Palm Springs is a town OP and SF is a city. PS is more of a resort destination than SF. They are not really comparable.

by PSCofCreply 6608/17/2012

I was looking forward to the week that my partner & I booked in PS in October, but after reading this thread, now I'd partially dreading it! Some of the posts make the place sound unbelievably shallow. Can two middle aged, soft-bellied, bearish geeks have a good time there, or will we be snubbed by both the rich eldergays and the young beauties?

by PSCofCreply 6708/17/2012

Hi R67, you'll have a good time, don't worry. October is the best time to go, good on you! And regarding bearishness, don't feel out of place, there are many differing body types hanging out.

You'll love the restaurants, wandering around, just taking it easy. Take a drive or tour of the surrounding desert area--it's beautiful, much more scenic than the Vegas desert.

It would be fun to read your posting of your trip!

by PSCofCreply 6808/17/2012

Would someone please answer my question about summer electric bills in PS?

by PSCofCreply 6908/17/2012

r69, 2200 sq ft house with pool, mine runs 400-600 may thru sept. ...water 20-30 per month (desert landscape) gas bill 100-150 in the winter, 20-30 in the summer.

by PSCofCreply 7008/17/2012

[quote]Can two middle aged, soft-bellied, bearish geeks have a good time there, or will we be snubbed by both the rich eldergays and the young beauties?

You will fit right in. Go to the Sunday T at the Barracks and you'll be in bear heaven or go to the Toolshed on a Friday or Saturday night and you'll be regarded as young hot chicken

by PSCofCreply 7108/17/2012

W&W for r48. So true.

by PSCofCreply 7208/17/2012

R70, how do you afford such sky high electric bills? You could lease a new Mercedes for that price.

by PSCofCreply 7308/17/2012

[quote]Tommy Bahama has a restaurant attached to their retail store in PS. It's so cool.

HUH? There's no Tommy Bahama store in Palm Springs. The closest one is in Palm Desert which is 3 towns away from Palm Springs. Are you sure you were ever in PS????

by PSCofCreply 7408/17/2012

Zagat rates the Bistro at CCBC very highly.

by PSCofCreply 7508/17/2012

R70 we just keep foil on the windows since we have no A/C sometimes it's 120 plus but we adjust

by PSCofCreply 7608/17/2012

I can just imagine that ummmm 'cuisine', R75.

by PSCofCreply 7708/17/2012

r76, you should try and hang out at the mall or a senior center. this sort of shit just breaks my heart, god bless and good luck to you.

by PSCofCreply 7808/17/2012

r78, you are very kind. Bless you.

by PSCofCreply 7908/17/2012

I say buy in Indio because the rich areas are east of PS. And it is just east of the most wealthy area in the Cochella Valley. With time Indio will be gentrified .

by PSCofCreply 8008/17/2012

I would suggest Rancho Mirage, much more upscale than ps.

by PSCofCreply 8108/17/2012

R80, you are muy crazy if you think Indio is on the way to being gentrified anytime in the next 50 years.

by PSCofCreply 8208/18/2012


by PSCofCreply 8308/18/2012

Palm Desert is where all the shopping is.

by PSCofCreply 8408/18/2012

Rancho Mirage is nice if you like expensive tract house that have lost 1/3 of their value and new money type people. Also not nearly as gay as PS, lots of old straight golf types live there. The nicest neighborhood in the entire valley by far is Old Las Palmas in Palm Springs. Old money, gorgeous old homes. No other neighborhood compares in any of the desert cities. You may find some small pockets throughout the valley similar, even some more expensive but none with the Old Los Palmas cache. The best thing about Palm Springs is that everyone is welcome and there are accommodations for all economic types. No where on earth has better weather between October and May than PS.

by PSCofCreply 8508/18/2012

RE. 85 = Typical old Las Palmas Queen ! Probably an interior designer ,who met his BF when he was 30 , and BF was 60. Now, BF's long dead, Queeny is 60 + himself, and walks around his Las Palmas estate, he was left by the BF, in his caftan, before he changes into his Hawaiian flowered shirt, to go get margaritas, at El Mirasol - if it's Friday night, or wear his long sleeved RL shirt , to meet friends for Apple-tinis, at Spencers nearby - driving there in his 2 year old Cadillac.

by PSCofCreply 8608/19/2012

r86 = sad wannabe rent boy Warm Sands adjacent, trolling Steetbar for a "companion", badly home highlighted hair, Ed Hardy tee, too tight jeans stolen from a trick, reeking of cigarettes.

by PSCofCreply 8708/19/2012

R87 LOL totally true! R86 you are off a bit, sorry to disappoint but 42 year old bi coastal professional , drinks at the Riviera before dinner at Tropicale to and from in my one year old Bentley but if it makes you feel better you may pretend otherwise.

by PSCofCreply 8808/20/2012

I'll pass, thanks. I used to enjoy being around gay men, but not anymore.

by PSCofCreply 8908/20/2012


by PSCofCreply 9008/20/2012

PS is where the queens go to die. It's boring as hell. No, thanks!!!

by PSCofCreply 9108/20/2012

Re. 91. - That's on the West Coast. Florida, pick any city, is where the East Coasters go to die. Bugs , drugs, humidity, golf carts, slow drivers, hurricanes, poverty. I'll take Palm Springs.

by PSCofCreply 9208/20/2012

R91 that would be fort lauderdale...

by PSCofCreply 9308/20/2012

Palm Springs? A bunch of old gossipy queens. No, thanks!

by PSCofCreply 9408/21/2012

You said it brother. Phew , who wants to be around gossipy old queens !

by PSCofCreply 9508/21/2012

RE. 84 the shopping is great in Palm Desert . El Paseo really is Rodeo Dr., in the desert. The real wealth is in Palm Desert, Indian Welles, La Quinta area. Palm Springs , other then great mid - century furniture stores, has virtually no clothing stores, while Palm Desert has RL, Gucci, Saks,etc.

by PSCofCreply 9608/23/2012

I go every year, and love it . I do feel totally comfortable there, in shops, and restaurants, as so many gay brothers & sisters, visit, and more & more, live there. I plan to retire there in a few years . As RE 92 says, too much humidity, and too many insane people in Florida - I'll be a 1 / & half hr. drive from LA, about an hour, by plane, from San Fran, & Napa/Sonoma, and 2 hrs. from ocean - Laguna, Newport. Prices still good there , re housing , and I know in 10 years, PS will be 'officially' the gayest U.S. city / area.

by PSCofCreply 9708/24/2012

What are property taxes like there? Say on a $500k house?

by PSCofCreply 9808/24/2012

Approx. $2,500, twice a year -$5,000 . Prices are starting to creep up, but for $500 k, you can still get a great home, with pool , and yard. Even an 'architecturally significant' home as they're called - an Alexander, or Eichler, Wexler, or Cody. You've probably already heard this , but PS has the largest concentration of Mid-Century Modern architecture, in the world .

by PSCofCreply 9908/24/2012

What I get from reading these replies, is PS sounds like there is a place, or group,for every little clique. They welcome bears, gigolos, young hotties , retirees , wealthy A -gays, middle class couples, , old hipsters, sophisticates, attitude, laid back. That's the kind of place I'm looking for - nothing more boring than living in a place where everyone's the same. Adios Florida - I'm heading west.

by PSCofCreply 10008/25/2012

A few things:

--R2, some people hate swimming pools because they're an expensive bitch to maintain, and absolutely NOBODY wants to do it themselves. At least in PS you don't see the kinds of problems swimming pool owners elsewhere in the country see due to shifting land, which is common both in areas that freeze in the winter and in certain states like Texas.

--R70's house must have ghastly insulation and/or an older A/C compressor. It is not at all hard to design a house that size with summer power bills 1/3rd the size of R70's, even in a desert climate. That said, I'm obviously aware that much of PS's charm is in its mid-century architecture, and retrofitting an older home with energy-efficient technology isn't cheap.

--Palm Desert is the desert version of Newport Beach: loads and loads of look-alike McMansions, golf courses and expensive shopping, and utterly devoid of culture. The merchandise in El Paseo stores is no different than what you'd see in any other city with upscale stores. The *real* shopping gem of the area is the Desert Hills Premium Outlets center on the interstate just outside of PS, which is one of the best outlet malls in the country (up there with Woodbury Common, for you New Yorkers on the thread).

--The poster upthread waxing poetic about PS's mid-century vintage stores either hasn't been there lately or is unaware of what the vintage scene used to look like there. Vintage stores across the country have basically been killed by the Internet, particularly, and none more than PS. Only a handful of stores remain, and those that do sell most of their stuff online to people across the country. Believe it or not, New York City is the biggest market for PS vintage furniture these days.

by PSCofCreply 10108/25/2012

HGTV's House Hunters International regularly features gay couples looking for a house in Mexico to retire in. It's amazing how much house w/pool you can get for your money in Mexico. Add in the low cost of living, and it's a retiree's paradise.

The only problem is that it's Mexico. I really wonder what the health care system is like there?

by PSCofCreply 10208/25/2012

Isn't the HIV rate in Palm Springs 100%?

by PSCofCreply 10308/25/2012

[quote]42 year old bi coastal professional , drinks at the Riviera before dinner at Tropicale to and from in my one year old Bentley but if it makes you feel better you may pretend otherwise.

You're a chauffeur.

by PSCofCreply 10408/25/2012

R102, I haven't ever seen "House Hunters," but I can practically guarantee they're only showing couples in San Miguel de Allende if they're featuring gays seeking to retire somewhere inexpensive. It's one of the few truly gay-friendly areas in Mexico (outside of the DF, of course), and the weather really is ideal there, it being in the mountains: usually in the 70s and very low humidity year-round. Baja California gets a lot of ex-pat retirees, but almost all of them are straight and moving from California; San Jose del Cabo is MUCH more expensive than nearly anywhere else in Mexico, but beachfront property is a "bargain" by California standards (about US$1 million for a new-construction McMansion), and the gulf offers far nicer waters than the chilly Pacific.

As for health care, I have two retiree friends who spend half the year in San Miguel (a straight couple, however), and they report that basic health care and meds are dirt-cheap, but they return to the U.S. for any serious medical problems, and they have medi-vac insurance that will fly them to Texas for treatment in the event of a true emergency.

by PSCofCreply 10508/25/2012

I wonder how safe San Miguel is these days with all the drug wars?

by PSCofCreply 10608/25/2012

R106, I've specifically asked my friends that. San Miguel remains as peaceful as ever, thanks to its remote location and the fact that it's not on any main highway or thoroughfare to the U.S. border.

by PSCofCreply 10708/25/2012


by PSCofCreply 10808/26/2012

[quote]I haven't ever seen "House Hunters," but I can practically guarantee they're only showing couples in San Miguel de Allende if they're featuring gays seeking to retire somewhere inexpensive.

They have had two episodes with gay couples in Mexico, one in Merida and one in Puerto Vallarta. Both are relative bargains for what you get compared to US. Merida is relatively untouched by the drug wars, PV is mostly off the radar, but gets some drug related activity outside of town. PV is probably one of the gayest friendly cities I have ever been to.

by PSCofCreply 10908/26/2012

I live on the East coast and can't stand Florida due to the humidity, bugs and the fact that you have to drive everywhere. I bought a house in PS two years ago and spend about 2-3 months a year there and am loving it. Heading out there on Wed for a month and can't wait - I like the dry heat compared to DC.

by PSCofCreply 11008/26/2012

I agree with an earlier post - the heat / air in PS is sexually charged. Maybe that's why , since the 30's , all the Hollywood stars would end sneak down to have their affairs there.

by PSCofCreply 11108/26/2012


by PSCofCreply 11209/30/2012

bump ooooooo!

by PSCofCreply 11301/18/2013

San Miguel is a paradise with the exception of those giant Mexican cockroaches. You will encounter them in your bathtub in the morning, or step *crunch* on them on your way to pee in the night.

I hope the gay couples moving there are of the butch/femme dynamic because I don't see any queens being able to handle those Mexican monsters.

by PSCofCreply 11401/18/2013

What's PS like this time of year? Do people still come down to party on the weekends?

by PSCofCreply 11501/18/2013

R110 -- don't you have to drive everywhere in Palm Springs? I've never been there, but am curious about the place.

by PSCofCreply 11601/18/2013

You can stay at home and get anything delivered. Including sex if you want. No need to ever drive anywhere.

by PSCofCreply 11701/18/2013

Fun in the winter; dead and deadly hot in the summer.

by PSCofCreply 11801/18/2013

How hard (and expensive) is it to maintain a second home?

by PSCofCreply 11901/18/2013

A pal moved there from PA. He was miserable,as it turned out. I couldn't imagine him being happy in a mid-century modern house.

by PSCofCreply 12001/18/2013

How safe is the area near Ruth Hardy park? How about Old Las Palmas. These 2 areas seem very nice, if I remember correctly.Someone warned that the crime rate in PS is high.

We visited a few years ago, and stayed with a friend who is now deceased.

by PSCofCreply 12101/18/2013

Was your friend murdered or did he die of old age?

That could give you an idea about the areas safety.

by PSCofCreply 12201/24/2013
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