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Mitt Romney's Hair

Who put black shoe polish on his head?????? Is he trying to erase 20 years so that he looks as young as his twin running mate? Just saw his same old, same old tired speech from High Point, NC. He looks ridiculous....I hate him but the grey became him more. He needs a gay hairdresser.

by Mr. Brucereply 610/11/2012

His running mate uses the same coloring.

by Mr. Brucereply 108/12/2012

It looks like he combs coal dust into his gray hair.

by Mr. Brucereply 208/12/2012

Talking heads say he is trying to look just like his father.

by Mr. Brucereply 308/12/2012

Mitt dyes his pubes too.

by Mr. Brucereply 408/12/2012

I didn't realize Romney was such a horrible speaker until the VP announcement. He comes across fake and weird. And the timbre of his voice is irritating.

Ryan was like a myopic high school science teacher blinking in the spotlights. He doesn't have the cojones to win a debate.

by Mr. Brucereply 508/12/2012

Resurrecting this thread for some pointless bitchery that exposes Romney for the appearance oriented queen we all know he is.

Romney has had a hair transplant and uses concealer to make his hair look thicker - that's why it sometimes looks like what r2 describes. Until now, there hasn't been a picture to prove this. At the link is a photo of Romney in the rain which shows the true state of his hair - without surgical intervention and makeup he would be bald.

by Mr. Brucereply 610/11/2012
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