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Fox News Anchor Women

Do they think they are in a Las Vegas floor show?- They are made up so heavily with double false eyelashes, major eyeshadow and hair done for the nation at 8 in the morning!. They all look like clowns and perfectly reflect the false and ridiculous views of the network.

by The Revlon Companyreply 4603/17/2014

It's Fox, a station watched by neocon, chauvinistic, knuckle-dragging cavemen. They like they're ladies all primped up and wearing dresses and lots of hair. Sarah Palin was their pinup poster girl for god's sake.

by The Revlon Companyreply 108/12/2012

Pardon my typo. I'm still chugging coffee.

by The Revlon Companyreply 208/12/2012

Fox is the only network with an on-staff "image consultant" who tells on-air 'personalities' what to wear, how to do their make-up, etc.

The women are particularly coached in how to "present" themselves - the image comes directly from boss Roger Ailes. He wants his women to look like "ladies" (i.e., high class hookers) and his men to look "put-together" (and "butch" - that means butch it up, Shepard Smith). Ailes even had Greta van Susteren have the plastic surgery to remove the bags under her eyes before he'd put her on the air.

It's all part of the corporate branding.

by The Revlon Companyreply 308/12/2012

Fox's "babes" is one of the reasons for its popularity. Not everyone that watches does so because they agree with their views. Married fraus can't object as their husbands aren't watching porn. And it could be worse. I hear in USSR and Italy they have female nudity on their newscasts.

by The Revlon Companyreply 408/12/2012

I've seen those Fox chicks plenty of times here on the grounds.

by The Revlon Companyreply 508/12/2012

You forgot us Fox airhead babes at night.

by The Revlon Companyreply 608/12/2012

I think Gretchen on Fox and Friends looks like an extra from Planet Of The Apes. And there's a guy on the Sunday morning show who has major gay face and it looks like he gets his hair dyed with blonde tips.

by The Revlon Companyreply 708/12/2012

CNN uses gays to do the same thing for gays

by The Revlon Companyreply 808/12/2012

Gretchen should lose about 15 lbs. She has the type of face that does not look good with extra weight.

by The Revlon Companyreply 908/12/2012

I wonder if any of them are actually liberal and just in it for the job and the exposure?I know it's highly unlikely.

by The Revlon Companyreply 1008/12/2012

With all that lip gloss, they look like hookers on the make for a trick.

by The Revlon Companyreply 1108/13/2012

I picture them like the female executives in the Malibu Stacy episode of The Simpsons - ostensible equals bit still getting slapped on the ass and having to play coy with the big boys.

by The Revlon Companyreply 1208/13/2012

Are they supposed to be homely looking like MSNBC or half of 3/4ths of CNN.

by The Revlon Companyreply 1308/13/2012

Most of the Fox anchors are attorneys. The prior posts on this thread prove slurping cum must cause brain damage.

by The Revlon Companyreply 1408/13/2012

Conservative women are not known for their intelligence, so they need to look attractive in order to appeal to brain-dead Republican voters.

by The Revlon Companyreply 1508/13/2012

So attorneys dress like Miss Louisiana '87 as well R14?

by The Revlon Companyreply 1608/13/2012

I guess there is a lot of bitterness due to the fact that Fox News wins in ratings pretty much 24/7.

by The Revlon Companyreply 1708/13/2012

Because the people who watch it are at home unemployed with 13 kids. Furious at them thar foreigners stealin their jebs, but unwilling to go and get one themselves.

Do you know what else used to win in ratings R17? Two and a Half Men, King of Queens, According to Jim.

by The Revlon Companyreply 1808/13/2012

This thread is useless without pictures. And if you think I'm going to the Fox website to look at them, think again.

by The Revlon Companyreply 1908/13/2012

They have to look pretty for Rupert at all times. They never know when they will be called up to the office to be bounced on his ancient withered knee.

by The Revlon Companyreply 2008/13/2012

R18. You are an idiot. I was talking about cable news ratings. You should stick to threads about I Love Lucy, or getting cum stains off of fabrics. You are right about so many unemployed, though. Thank your buddy Obama for that.

by The Revlon Companyreply 2108/13/2012

R14/17/21 is a Fox news employee. Fox is nothing but a right wing controlled propaganda machine. Listen to some Al Jazeera if you want real news.

by The Revlon Companyreply 2208/13/2012

r21, that's PRESIDENT Obama to you. Suck on that for a while. He is going to be President Obama for another term too.

The blondies on Fox look like Roger's wife and Rush's fourth beard. All blond and golddiggery and vacant.

Oh yes, they are all lawyers just like Mike Branson is a Supreme Court Justice.

by The Revlon Companyreply 2308/13/2012

LOL....watching this crap this am- just so I can shake my head in disbelief. They are talking about Wisconsin and the blond bimbo just said "I have to go there for the beer and bratwurst". They are moist from talking about how great Ryan is and bat shit crazy Peggy Noonan of course said what a great asset he is to the ticket. Fail.

by The Revlon Companyreply 2408/13/2012

R21 is busy retweeting prayers for Billy Graham.

The comparison still stands between sitcom ratings and news ratings. Both are proof that the American public prefer to be pandered to, with little to challenge them, having their every prejudices and their lifestyles validated.

Aren't you afraid one of your buddies will see you on a GAY GOSSIP SITE R21? Why do you troll them?

by The Revlon Companyreply 2508/13/2012

Most of the younger female attorneys I know are fairly chic dressers, i.e. wearing makeup that doesn't make them look like Miss Iowa Butter Queen.

And guess what, Fox spokeshill R17? You know who absolutely kills Fox in ratings? Sponge Bob. More accurate news source also.

by The Revlon Companyreply 2608/13/2012

R17, There are plenty of "lefties" who watch Faux to scream at the TV. It's very slickly produced with plenty of light entertainment news updates making fun of celebs; totally opposite in tone of the "gee, gosh, wow" of Entertainment Tonight. Plus it' flooded with syrupy, makes you feel better "human interest" stories. Watching with a Conservative roomie one year, I'll never forget the Christmas program on the poor man, stuck in a blizzard in his old car, trying to cut down a tree for his family. Even the commentators called it the "happy movie of the week." Oh yes the commercials were fewer and better than what was on daytime talk shows.

by The Revlon Companyreply 2708/13/2012

S Myers • 35 minutes ago • parent Mom Of three: You wouldn't happen to have the names of those studies by any chance, would you? lol The study that showed Fox viewers to be the least informed people in the U.S. was conducted by researchers at Farleigh Dickenson University. Get back to us all with your sources. We'll wait.

foxbitch • 3 hours ago • parent − Mom Of three: A study just out states liberal leaning people are more intelligent than conservatives, at least on IQ tests. Reading the replies at Fox , I'd have to say the study is correct.]

by The Revlon Companyreply 2808/13/2012

r14 exalts being an attorney as some kind of measure of enlightment and smarts.

Pat Robertson, the homophobic, right wing, sky-wizard worshipper is a Yale Law School graduate, although he failed to pass a bar exam and never practiced law.

As for the make-up of the Fox blondes, I say if you can't do it right in the Tammy Faye Baker style, don't do it at all.

by The Revlon Companyreply 2908/13/2012

I watched "The Five" last night-was on at 2 am. They have really stupid hateful bimbos on. One is Dana Perino,shrub's former PR l;ar. There's an overly made up chick Gilfoyle, wearing 6 inch fuck me pumps, who was busting a gasket discussing topics, while Bob Beckell (the sole Dem) calmly disputed her and put her in her place. She was so flustered, she fucked up reading her cue cards. You gotta see it for laughs.

by The Revlon Companyreply 3008/16/2012

The news bimbos on Fox are an extension of the "Page Three girls" Rupert Murdoch used to boost circulation of his tabloid newspapers in the UK (i.e., pictures of topless models.) I wouldn't be surprised if Michelle Malkin showed up on the air one day in nipple tassles and a thong.

by The Revlon Companyreply 3108/16/2012

R7, you're right. And her hair just emphasizes the simian resemblance. And she was a former Miss America too.

by The Revlon Companyreply 3208/16/2012

Why did Brigette Quinn leave Fox News? I knew she had a child. Did she leave because of the atmosphere of the channel?

by The Revlon Companyreply 3308/16/2012

The fact that Fox is the number one rated cable news channel only underscores how ineffective they are. With all of Fox's popularity, Bush should not have won such close elections, he should have won by a landslide. If Fox was really effective, Obama would never had been elected. If Fox was effective, with all the promoting they did for the Teabaggers, they would be a lot more powerful and popular instead of being the laughing stock most as Americans consider them. And if Fox was more effective, Mitt would be miles ahead of Obama in the polls instead of just barely keeping up.

Also, the average Fox viewer is 72 years old. They are not attracting younger viewers to replace the ones that die. Why does one think that so much of the ad time sold on Fox is to companies that sell medical alert bracelets, home diabetes test kits and short term life insurance?

by The Revlon Companyreply 3408/16/2012

"One is Dana Perino,shrub's former PR l;ar."

She's horribly uniformed too, R30. When she was Bush's PS, she had no clue about the Cuban Missile Crisis.

by The Revlon Companyreply 3508/16/2012

I have never heard so many petty, jealous comments. Those that talk down about others are not worth much. No wonder kids now days like to bully at school. Why don't you Fox News Haters Grow Up and live your own unsuccessful, hateful lives. Go Fox Girls with your beauty and brains.

by The Revlon Companyreply 3608/24/2012


by The Revlon Companyreply 3708/24/2012

[quote]Most of the Fox anchors are attorneys. The prior posts on this thread prove slurping cum must cause brain damage.

Which means they're professional liars. You know who else was a lawyer? Michelle Bachmann.

by The Revlon Companyreply 3808/24/2012

[quote]I guess there is a lot of bitterness due to the fact that Fox News wins in ratings pretty much 24/7.

Sweetheart? The Kardashians get ratings, too.

I don't understand your point in mentioning ratings considering: A) We have very ignorant people in this country who want their idiocy validated B) Their demo skews really old and most of us under 80 do not rely on antiquated conduits for our news, esp. since we prefer the truth C) There are 300+ million people in this country and only 2 mil are watching Fox.

You must've also been one of those dopes who claimed the left was "afraid of Sarah Palin." Are you also the dumbass who told Todd Akin to claim it's the "liberal media" who wanted him out of this race?

by The Revlon Companyreply 3908/24/2012

[quote]There's an overly made up chick Gilfoyle, wearing 6 inch fuck me pumps, who was busting a gasket discussing topics, while Bob Beckell (the sole Dem) calmly disputed her and put her in her place. She was so flustered, she fucked up reading her cue cards. You gotta see it for laughs.

You do know that Kimberly Guilfoyle was once a San Francisco Democrat, no? I haven't seen her in action since I don't get Fox, but I've read she's a Republican apologist on the show. Pretty funny considereing she was married to Gavin Newsom when he was a county supervisor (and for a short time while he was mayor). I think she liked his connection to the Gettys a lot. She moved on to work for Court TV in NY (ostensibly why the marriage fell apart) and in between that and her Fox gig she married some very wealthy guy. I think they're divorced now.

I do wonder how much of what they say they believe. I can't imagine compartmentalizing so successfully that I wouldn't be bothered by saying these things on-the-job on camera and then traipse away. Probably a lot of dissonance reduction going on.

by The Revlon Companyreply 4008/24/2012

I'd like to know why FOX is even allowed to operate in NYC? These people have the audacity to live their lives in NYC as they poison the airwaves? Go live in bumfuck if "liberals" are so horrible. NYC is a liberal town. We have gay marriage, we're pro-choice, we believe in science and we have a mayor who (even with his flaws) chastises both pres. candidates for lack of gun control.

FOX douchebags should be made to live in the parts of the country where they are worshiped.

by The Revlon Companyreply 4108/24/2012

Sign of the times in TV news, journalism, and entertainment: ladies with heavy makeup and/or short skirts. FOX News definitely has its share (e.g., Gretchen Carlson, Megyn Kelly, Heather Childers, Jamie Colby, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Andrea Tantaros), but they are not alone.

Check out NBC/MSNBC's Veronica De La Cruz and Lynn Berry. Or ABC's Bianna Golodryga, Tanya Rivero, and Paula Faris. Even Spanish networks have their female stars in very short skirts and heavy makeup -- Marisa Del Portillo, Carolina Sandoval, Chiquinquirá Delgado, Satcha Pretto, Jackie Guerrido, Rashel Diaz -- just to name a few.

by The Revlon Companyreply 4208/24/2012

The Spanish networks'women are the most scantily dressed of all. I remember watching a dispatch from D.C. with the reporter standing with the White House as the back drop. It was very odd; she was dressed in tight scoop neck top in the fall. Weird, but it must appeal to their demographic.

by The Revlon Companyreply 4308/25/2012

Wow sounds like me there are a ton of jealous people out there. If you could actually put your hatred and pettiness aside for a while and listen to what they say maybe you might learn something. However people look like is never as important as their message

by The Revlon Companyreply 4408/31/2012

They'll wear the skirts Roger Ailes tells them to wear.

by The Revlon Companyreply 4508/31/2012

why do people who obviously have serious problems with FOX have to hide behind annonymity, or is it easier to hide in the dark when making disparaging remarks about others?

by The Revlon Companyreply 4603/17/2014
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