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Dolly Parton - UNMASKED!!!

What does she really look like without the wigs and make up and fancy clothes?

by B. Macereply 1708/11/2012


Offsite Link
by B. Macereply 108/10/2012


by B. Macereply 208/10/2012

18$ for that...

by B. Macereply 308/10/2012

That's not even funny or scary.

I saw Dolly a year ago when she was visiting her doctor in Beverly Hills and even under the weather, she looked very very good.

by B. Macereply 408/10/2012

R4= Joan Collins. Also at the doctor in Beverly Hills.

by B. Macereply 508/10/2012

like an old dried out chicken

by B. Macereply 608/10/2012

She's covered in tattoos. This is why you never see her without long sleeves. Really.

by B. Macereply 708/10/2012

She's a lesbian...

by B. Macereply 808/10/2012

She was much prettier before all the plastic surgery.

by B. Macereply 908/10/2012

some of her old songs are good, but never liked her ethereal squeaky high voice. Plus she lipsynchs her entire show, very overrated. Gets by on the boobs and country charm.

by B. Macereply 1008/10/2012

Dammit, seeing that pic of Angelica as the main witch makes me want to see that movie again. Such a fun film.

by B. Macereply 1108/11/2012

Dolly Parton has beautiful bone structure but she messed it all up with her latest face work. She should go see whichever surgeon sorted out Jessica Lange's work and be done with it.

I respect Dolly Parton as an artist and businessperson. She wrote and recorded all but five of her songs and owns the rights to everything about her. Everything! Her name. Her songs. Everything. Smart thing that.

by B. Macereply 1208/11/2012

Someone on here claimed years ago that they saw her partially topless at her home and that she has tattoos of ribbons, birds, flowers, etc. on her tits in an attempt to cover up all the scars from the breast augmentations she had over the the years.

by B. Macereply 1308/11/2012

[quote]she has tattoos of ribbons, birds, flowers, etc. on her tits in an attempt to cover up all the scars from the breast augmentations she had over the the years.

I like Dolly Parton. She seems like a genuinely nice person & I enjoy some of her music. But that description sounds like a freak show!

by B. Macereply 1408/11/2012

Don't forget, Dolly was the most mentioned on DL to bring tears at the announcement of her death. No other entertainer came close.

by B. Macereply 1508/11/2012

Dolly's a treasure. It might not be the truth but I am falling for her nice humble woman public image shtick hook, line, and sinker.

I hope one day she is able to come out before she dies, because I just can't believe America would be so heartless and homophobic to turn on her.

by B. Macereply 1608/11/2012

Why was she topless at a party?

by B. Macereply 1708/11/2012
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