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Casper Smart says he's not gay

Star magazine sent an undercover reporter to a xxx peep show in Hell's Kitchen, where Casper was photographed near a day after J-Lo's birthday.

The tabloid says gay sex takes place there -- and this isn't the first time Casper has been there.

But, J-Lo and Casper say -- Not true.

by Omarreply 5701/29/2014

Does anyone really care if he is taking it up the ass? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Omarreply 108/01/2012

Aren't her 15 minutes OVER YET???????

by Omarreply 208/01/2012

I don't care that he's gay. What I can't understand is that he's an ugly, over-inked midget with no discernible career prospects, and she for some reason is bankrolling him and letting him around her kids.

by Omarreply 308/01/2012

ENOUGH with this Rumorfix shilling.

It's the same fucking thing every time. A misleading headline, a fake name signed to the post and a link to this shitty blog.

by Omarreply 408/01/2012

r3, sounds like you're describing 90% of all DLers and the relationship they have with their mothers.

by Omarreply 508/01/2012

He was photographed NEAR "a XXX peepshow".

Well then he MUST be gay. No other explanation for why you would be NEAR a peepshow.

And by extension, I must be straight, having been spotted NEAR womens strip-clubs around the city. MORONS!

by Omarreply 608/01/2012

R4, they showed the photo of Casper entering or exiting the peep show in NYC on The Talk tv show a few days ago.

He was definitely entering or exiting the peep show. It's not a phony story.

by Omarreply 708/01/2012

R6, the photo shows him entering or exiting the peep show.

The photo does not show him just near the peep show.

by Omarreply 808/01/2012

He's gay and she is a desperate idiot. Let them fade away.

by Omarreply 908/01/2012

who cares i don't want him..

by Omarreply 1008/01/2012

Dude is Fugly!

by Omarreply 1108/01/2012

Here are the photos of Casper entering and exiting the gay peep show.

Why would you be so quick and fast to declare he is not gay, R4 and R6. Bizaree on your part.

by Omarreply 1208/01/2012

sorry, bizarre

by Omarreply 1308/01/2012

I agree with you guys. He is so revolting. He doesn't even hold a candle to my wondrous beauty!

by Omarreply 1408/01/2012

While J-Lo's boyfriend continues to deny he is gay, he has since confessed "I am a friendly ghost."

by Omarreply 1508/01/2012

Well? Can one of DL Hell's Kitchen Whores tell us who's had him?

by Omarreply 1608/01/2012

I don't really care, r1, but I do wish that he were taking mine up his yum yum.

by Omarreply 1708/25/2012

He's fug but they are protesting way too much. It's just a way to keep her name in the press.

by Omarreply 1808/25/2012

If he is gay then he is obviously lying to J lo. As much as her voice grates at me, I think thats a stupid assholey move that he should be castrated for.

And the same goes for the rest of you closetted fags. Go "live your truth" and quite ruining other peoples lives.

by Omarreply 1908/25/2012

Milady doth protest too much.

by Omarreply 2008/25/2012

Anybody with eyes can see in the Dance Again video that he's gay.

by Omarreply 2108/25/2012

Here he am

by Omarreply 2208/25/2012

No moobs

by Omarreply 2308/25/2012

He was just on Fashion Police and, while he didn't exactly come out...he might as well have.

Purses? There were cocks and jizz coming out of his mouth.

I'd only ever seen him in photos, never actually in an interview with the hands in motion...and that voice.

He was so screamingly gay it's no wonder Lopez used him as a silent prop. Is she gay? Why would she pick him as a fake bf?

by Omarreply 2411/08/2013

[quote]Why would she pick him as a fake bf?


by Omarreply 2511/08/2013

She must be really desperate if she can only get somebody as ugly as Smart. Gay or not, the guy is repulsive!

by Omarreply 2611/08/2013

He's on 8th avenue and 40th - the doorway he's exiting leads upstairs ABOVE the porn shop to the third floor and from what I recall is not actually part of the store, at least that was the case when I lived in this area.. it was being rented out at the time though.

Can anyone actually confirm this has turned into a "gay massage parlor" in the last year? The peep show sign (and other banners from the first and second level porn shop) have always encompassed the entire building. I know for a fact there were two other "massage parlors" directly next door but they are straight places, so it is possible this was a straight massage or tattoo parlor.

by Omarreply 2711/09/2013

Why won't she trade up? She's still gorgeous and rich. She might just want someone who is not going to cause too much drama in her life right now. When they break up or if he cheats on her, the entire world will just say she could've done better all along.

by Omarreply 2811/09/2013

Until tonight, I had thought he was balding. Most guys that age shave their heads to cover thinning hair.

He had a full, thick head of hair and it didn't seem to be a wig. Granted, the wigs for men are better now, but this looked real. On closer inspection, the pics of him with shaved hair they showed didn't have any bald/receding areas.

Odd, all around.

Oh, and Joan Rivers implied Jada Smith was a dyke. Never heard much along those lines on TV. I thought it was mostly a DL thing.

by Omarreply 2911/09/2013


Damn, you really earn your money. At this hour of the night, you're still "defending" Casper's heterosexuality.

You are good.

by Omarreply 3011/09/2013

Oh yes, he's gay. He's also so ugly as sin. If the MV blind item is JLo, from CDAN, then he very well have been blackmailing Ms. Lo and then they contractually had a so-called relationship. Once his 'term' of agreement was up, she sacked him. Just a thought.

by Omarreply 3111/09/2013

*ahem* 'ugly AS sin'

by Omarreply 3211/09/2013

oh for fuck's sake... "He's also AS ugly as sin"

I'm done.

by Omarreply 3311/09/2013

Why on earth would anyone think this guy is gay?

by Omarreply 3411/09/2013

Very simian looking.

by Omarreply 3511/09/2013

I'll take him

by Omarreply 3611/09/2013

And you can have him...for the right price.

by Omarreply 3711/09/2013

r30 I'm not defending his sexuality - just pointing out that the block is fucked up and nearly all of the buildings on it have a different business on each floor. The entrance he is leaving is attached to the same building as the porn store but does NOT lead to the porn shop, that's all I know.

I posted hoping someone had experience with, or could identify what, the business that entrance leads to actually is.

I don't follow this guy at all, and it seems weird that the paparazzi are even tracking him to this extent.

by Omarreply 3811/10/2013

The photo's OP posted remind me of Donna Summer's album cover for Bad Girls.

by Omarreply 3911/10/2013

You guys and your labels!

by Omarreply 4011/10/2013

He is a whore, darlin.

by Omarreply 4111/10/2013


by Omarreply 4211/10/2013

R12, etc. what are the distinguishing features that make this a gay peep show/massage parlour?

Moreover, the caption accompanying those pics is "Casper Smart is seen going into an adult toy store and lingerie shop." Which is not exactly the same as going into a peep show. And, as r27 points out, he's actually going in to a different entrance from the sex shop

Oh, and the pics in the window of the sex shop - they're of semi-naked women.

As for the peep show, this is apparently a straight peep show but gay cruising place?

Still creepy, whatever he's doing.

by Omarreply 4311/10/2013

I think this guy is cute and far from being fugly.

by Omarreply 4411/11/2013

R44, ITA. This guy looks much better than half of what DL posters consider hot.

by Omarreply 4511/11/2013

There is nothing ugly about this.

by Omarreply 4611/11/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Omarreply 4711/11/2013

Keep up with the spin, R43. Good try.

Per Jennifer's PR, he was allegedly looking for an ATM--inside the gay porn theater/video booths--although it was pointed out by several news outlets that there was a Chase ATM across the street.

He's gay, much as it pains me to say so.

But since you're grasping at nonexistent straws, you can have him. I sincerely doubt many gay men are lusting for this guy.

by Omarreply 4811/12/2013

Spin, r43, is where you avoid facts and try and push a story with loads of hyperbole, in the hope that your "narrative" will get across, irrespective of the actual reality. A bit like what you're doing.

So, please tell us, what is the evidence that Casper is entering a gay peep show? Do you know for a fact that that's what that place is?

I don't know if you noticed, but the building he's entering - there's a big sign saying ATM over it.

Why the fuck would "news outlets" even be following this non-story.

Anyway, this story is over a year old.

by Omarreply 4911/13/2013

Just because he gose there doesn't mean that. I am only 10 and I am a fan of J-Lo and Casper. So how bout you just leave the cuple alone

by Omarreply 5001/28/2014

R46. Casper's tattoo is ugly.

by Omarreply 5101/28/2014

[quote]There is nothing ugly about this.

There is nothing pretty about it either.

by Omarreply 5201/28/2014

Casper Gay says he's not smart.

by Omarreply 5301/28/2014

While these adult book/video stores do have male action in the peep show booths, there is a ton of straight material to be browsed and/or purchased, so just walking into one is indicative of nothing.

by Omarreply 5401/28/2014

Is Lopez secretly dating somebody else and Smart is the beard for the relationship? Is she a secret lesbian? I would believe any scenario but him being straight and into her.

by Omarreply 5501/28/2014

He's probably just a paid employee. He's making a good salary as a 24/7 escort. Even if she had a boyfriend the guy would have to bend his schedule to fit hers and that ain't going to happen if he has any professional obligations.

Here Casper sign this contract and make yourself available for photo ops.

by Omarreply 5601/29/2014

r50 seriously?

by Omarreply 5701/29/2014
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