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First Pic of Michael Douglas as Liberace...

...and Matt Damon as Scott Thorson!

by Can't. Wait. reply 5604/08/2013

Well, it was just up on Gawker and now they've taken it down! Sorry...

by Can't. Wait. reply 107/31/2012

Pic at new link:

Damon looks hot as fuck

by Can't. Wait. reply 207/31/2012

Thanks, r2. Matt does look so hot with the feathered hair. Those were the days...

by Can't. Wait. reply 307/31/2012

Isn't Matt Damon like 20 years too old to play Scott Thorson?

by Can't. Wait. reply 407/31/2012

[quote]Those were the days...

I agree!

by Can't. Wait. reply 507/31/2012

I love Matt, but Scott was in his 20s. Damon is 15-20 years older than he was.

by Can't. Wait. reply 607/31/2012

Damon looks sexy

by Can't. Wait. reply 707/31/2012

Good point, Voice.

But the age difference between Douglas and Damon is sufficient enough to get the gist of the relationship across.

by Can't. Wait. reply 807/31/2012

Scott Thorson was in his early 20's at the time this pic is set. Damon is almost 42. Michael Douglas is 67, which is exactly the same as Liberace was when he died.

by Can't. Wait. reply 907/31/2012

I remember the first time Lee saw Thorson's ass. He said,

[quote]You know that's got to be some sweet stuff.

by Can't. Wait. reply 1007/31/2012

Oh yessss!

I may be in the minority, but I love this look. I miss the 70's!!

by Can't. Wait. reply 1107/31/2012

R9, oh, I know the MATH isn't on my side, but, to me, the looks are close enough; Douglas, to me, looks much older than he is.

by Can't. Wait. reply 1207/31/2012

Douglas looks more like Jerry Lee Lewis than Liberace..

by Can't. Wait. reply 1307/31/2012

r10, I was think it was more like:

[quote]George! (That's my brother, George.) George, tell Mother that that's got to be some sweet stuff.

by Can't. Wait. reply 1407/31/2012

Lib , by the time he met Thorson, had salt & pepper wigs. That doesn't look like any wig I remember Liberace wearing.

by Can't. Wait. reply 1507/31/2012

More pics

by Can't. Wait. reply 1607/31/2012

I trust r15's memory as infallible!

by Can't. Wait. reply 1707/31/2012

How are they gonna handle the sex scenes ? Will Damon mount Douglas from behind , and F the S out of him, which is what Thorsen said Lee loved ? Or will there be a 'kiss' that's supposed to make all the straighties go ' Ooooooh , how daring for Matt & Michael to do that !'

by Can't. Wait. reply 1807/31/2012

I love that Michael is back at work on location, because I can finally smoke in the house again.

by Can't. Wait. reply 1907/31/2012

One note - Thorsen was like 6' 2" - a tall, burley guy then. Damon is about 5' 8" . Seeing them in the pics, with the 70's pants, he looks so stubby, compared to Thorsen, who towered over Liberace, and looked impressive standing next to that Rolls, onstage. Damon will barely be as tall as the car.

by Can't. Wait. reply 2007/31/2012

At least Damon is better casting for Thorson than Naomi Watts is for Princess Diana.

by Can't. Wait. reply 2107/31/2012

Smart move being filmed through gauze, butt boi. Smart move, indeed.

by Can't. Wait. reply 2207/31/2012

[quote]Smart move being filmed through gauze, butt boi. Smart move, indeed.

If it was good enough for Lucy...

by Can't. Wait. reply 2307/31/2012

Douglas looks a little like kd lang, a little like an Elvis impersonator and a little like Roy Orbison. I don't, however, see Liberace.

by Can't. Wait. reply 2407/31/2012

I think Damon looks like Kristy McNichol in this pic:

by Can't. Wait. reply 2507/31/2012

I agree that the Liberace wig is not right. There need to be some elegant silver highlights in the temples.

Does anyone remember the TV movie with Victor Garber as Liberace made in the late 1980s? Did that cover the same plot points as this one? Who played Scott then?

by Can't. Wait. reply 2607/31/2012

There were actually 2 TV movies at that time - looking back, it's sick how much crap was made, instead of 1 good movie. They made 3 about the Buttafuoco/Amy Fisher case. Alyssa Mylano, Drew Barrymore, and -oh who cares. It was ridiculous.

The other Liberace movie had Andrew Robinson (sicko in "Dirty Harry") playing Lib VERY gay, with Rue McClanahan , as his mother. The Garber movie had Maureen Stapleton playing his mother. My memory is that they were both very cheesy.

by Can't. Wait. reply 2707/31/2012

There were TWO Liberace TV-movies back in the days right after he died. Ironically, they aired one week apart in 1988.

One, called "Liberace - Behind the Music" starred Victor Garber, was written by gay author Gavin Lambert and co-starred Maureen Stapleton as his mother and an actor named Michael Dolan as Scott. It was a high-toned semi-serious biopic.

The other, trashier movie was just called "Liberace" and starred an unknown actor named Andrew Robinson as Liberace (he looked JUST LIKE HIM!) with another unknown named Maris Valainis as Scott and DL fave Rue McClanahan as Mother.

The Victor Garber version is available on DVD.

by Can't. Wait. reply 2807/31/2012

Andy Robinson as "Liberace"

by Can't. Wait. reply 2907/31/2012

Yes, the generational difference between Matt Damon and Michael Douglas keeps the age different as a main focus. But, a 42-year old man is going to have so much more life expeience than Scott Thorsen.

by Can't. Wait. reply 3008/01/2012

I can't wait to see this fucking movie

by Can't. Wait. reply 3108/01/2012

"starred an unknown actor named Andrew Robinson as Liberace"

To Star Trek fans he is not unknown. He very memorably and aptly played a character named Garak on Deep Space Nine.

by Can't. Wait. reply 3208/01/2012

Damon looks gorgeous.

by Can't. Wait. reply 3308/29/2012

"starred an unknown actor named Andrew Robinson as Liberace"

"To Star Trek fans he is not unknown. He very memorably and aptly played a character named Garak on Deep Space Nine."

He also made quite a splash as "Scorpio", the deranged killer in "Dirty Harry." He was so convincing as the psycho maniac that he got death threats. He was also in the first "Hellraiser" movie. I'd say he was a character actor, not an "unknown" one.

by Can't. Wait. reply 3408/29/2012

"Vanity Fair" blub, with a photo of Douglas as Liberace and Damon as Thorson...

by Can't. Wait. reply 3510/01/2012

Andrew Robinson also was several years in the lead role of "Frank" in Ryan's Hope. Followed Michael Hawkins - crazy father of Christian Slater - in this role. And yes, he was great in "Dirty Harry." I always wondered why his career wasn't bigger, from that film.

Oh,and does he ping for anyone????

by Can't. Wait. reply 3610/01/2012

Damon looks amazing in that Vanity Fair photo. So nicely tanned.

by Can't. Wait. reply 3710/01/2012

Will they really explore their relationship or will they hint at it and and imply something may have happened like they did in J. Edgar?

by Can't. Wait. reply 3810/01/2012

The wigs are horrid and the casting is laughable regarding age....they are both 20 years too old. No amount of surgery on Douglas can hide that fact.

by Can't. Wait. reply 3910/01/2012

I heard Matt wears a cock ring during filming?

by Can't. Wait. reply 4010/01/2012

Source please, R40?

by Can't. Wait. reply 4110/01/2012

Up for the gorgeous Damon in Vanity Fair.

by Can't. Wait. reply 4210/01/2012

Matt Damon has great legs at R35, a bit hairier than expected but still great.

by Can't. Wait. reply 4310/01/2012

Michael Douglas is currently the same age Liberace was when he DIED, and he doesn't look a day younger.

by Can't. Wait. reply 4410/01/2012

Matt Damon is among the yummiest men. He may not be among the most handsome, but he is certainly sexy.

by Can't. Wait. reply 4510/02/2012

Aren't they brilliant actors? You know, being able to play gay men? Such talent.

So sick of his Hollywood.

by Can't. Wait. reply 4610/02/2012

"You know, being able to play gay men?"

R46, not too long ago, actors of the magnitude of Douglas and Damon would have been ostracized for playing gay men. I am thankful that is no longer the case.

by Can't. Wait. reply 4710/02/2012

"Steven Soderbergh: Every Studio Rejected Liberace Film as 'Too Gay'"

In other news:

"HBO also announced Friday that it will air another gay-themed project that was once planned for theatrical release. The network said that it will air Ryan Murphy's adaptation of Larry Kramer's play 'The Normal Heart,' starring Julia Roberts and Mark Ruffalo, next year."

by Can't. Wait. reply 4801/07/2013


by Can't. Wait. reply 4901/07/2013

Damon's ass.

by Can't. Wait. reply 5001/07/2013

Matt Damon Imagined Michael Douglas Was Catherine Zeta-Jones During Their Behind the Candelabra Kissing Scenes

When it came time for Matt Damon to lock lips with Michael Douglas in the upcoming Liberace biopic "Behind the Candelabra," Michael's wife Catherine Zeta-Jones was instrumental in creating the chemistry between the two actors.

"Matt actually said to my husband that when he had to kiss Michael, he'd close his eyes and pretend he's actually kissing me, which I thought to be extremely flattering," Catherine told's Laura Saltman at the junket for her new Steven Soderbergh-directed movie, "Side Effects." (Steven also directed the HBO film, "Behind the Candelabra.")

PLAY IT NOW: Catherine Zeta-Jones Dishes On Michael Douglas & Matt Damon Kiss Scene In Liberace Biopic

The actress' husband may have gotten cozy with Matt, but Catherine previously one upped Michael on her list of co-stars she's kissed.

"When you have to make love or kiss on film, it could be a man, a woman, but it's always strange. It's not something that's an entirely normal day out at the office. I remember when I had to kiss Brad Pitt once, Michael asked me what I was doing that day," she recalled. "I went, 'I'm lying in bed, kissing Brad Pitt. He went, 'Good for you, darling. You enjoy.'

Someone has to do it," the actress added with a smile.

"Side Effects" with Channing Tatum, Rooney Mara and Jude Law hits theaters on February 8. "Behind the Candelabra" premieres on HBO this Spring.

by Can't. Wait. reply 5101/28/2013


Be STILL my (ab)normal heart...

Mark Ruffalo, mmmm!

And R46? What the hell are you on about? Next you'll be saying gay actors can't play straight characters. It's called acting, dear.

Sadly, Liberace isn't here to play himself which would probably be the only thing that would mollify you.

by Can't. Wait. reply 5201/28/2013

There's a new trailer, and it has a shot of Matt Damon getting out of a pool a skimpy white speedo! Eww kill it

by Can't. Wait. reply 5304/08/2013


by Can't. Wait. reply 5404/08/2013

I have never liked Michael Douglas. He always seemed like such an asshole. He's just that one actor that I would not watch in a movie if my life depended on it. He just rubs me the wrong way. His dad too.

by Can't. Wait. reply 5504/08/2013

Love the pic of Debbie Reynolds as Liberace's mother..if it didn't have her name on there you'd never know it was Debbie

by Can't. Wait. reply 5604/08/2013
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