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Ton Daley - wet and hard

Not gigantic, not tiny. Just right.

by Looks cut, tooreply 6909/08/2013

Tom, not Ton.

I just got all fluttery, that's all.

by Looks cut, tooreply 107/31/2012

I'm sure his mother has told him that another milimeter and the base of his penis would be showing.

The boy is fucking sexy, and he knows it.

by Looks cut, tooreply 207/31/2012

looking at him makes me think lewd thoughts. Mmmmm.

by Looks cut, tooreply 307/31/2012

My how times have changed. Just a few short years ago, Tom Daley would be the talk of the Olympics and the media would be obsessed with his skimpy speedo nearly showing his dick. It would be headline news.

And the International Olympic Committee would likely have banned the 'little-to-the-imagination' and next-to nothing speedo he's wearing.

But now, even straight guys are probably intrigued by his body, penis nearly poking through and sex appeal.

by Looks cut, tooreply 407/31/2012

Why did they censor him?

by Looks cut, tooreply 507/31/2012

R5. Because Tome Daley is getting everyone--gay and straight--all hot and bothered. You can't even look at him for a second without thinking of his penis. His poses in that Speedo are bordering on soft porn.

by Looks cut, tooreply 607/31/2012

Is he deliberately showing off his bulge in order to get extra marks from the judges?

by Looks cut, tooreply 707/31/2012

I get a huge gay vibe from this cute kid. He was teased for possibly being gay by classmates and had to change schools, from what I understand. Any UK peeps want to share any rumors?

by Looks cut, tooreply 807/31/2012

He's milking it and I want to milk it.

by Looks cut, tooreply 907/31/2012


by Looks cut, tooreply 1007/31/2012

And yet if it were a beach volleyball female with big tits, the cameras would focus totally on her chest.

by Looks cut, tooreply 1107/31/2012

That is one hell of a skimpy speedo, not that I'm complaining of course.

by Looks cut, tooreply 1207/31/2012

Oh my gawd, what a complete and total hottie. Can't believe and never even heard of him before but, will definately be following him from now on.

by Looks cut, tooreply 1307/31/2012

Is he done with the Olympics?

by Looks cut, tooreply 1408/04/2012

Ive been thinking that eventually, Tom Daley is going to show a lot of skin. For some reason, he strikes me as a repressed exhibitionist.

by Looks cut, tooreply 1508/04/2012

No, R14. His individual diving event is on August 10th.

by Looks cut, tooreply 1608/04/2012


by Looks cut, tooreply 1708/04/2012

[quote]But now, even straight guys are probably intrigued by his body, penis nearly poking through and sex appeal.

"even straight guys"?

Oh honey.

I thought we had a little talk about your fanciful definition of "straight guys."

by Looks cut, tooreply 1808/04/2012

What a perfect body. Made for bouncing on dick!

by Looks cut, tooreply 1908/04/2012

The poster above may have a point, R18. There are some straight guys on Twitter telling their girlfriends that even they acknowledge how amazing Tom looks.

by Looks cut, tooreply 2008/04/2012

I like his name, it suits him.

by Looks cut, tooreply 2108/05/2012

TD is the Johnny Weir of the Summer Olympics. Gay, iconic, fashionista extraordinaire.

by Looks cut, tooreply 2208/05/2012

Look bitches, I can whip my pants off in mid-air!

by Looks cut, tooreply 2308/05/2012

If you look up "pocket gay" in websters, there's a picture of Tom there.

by Looks cut, tooreply 2408/05/2012

What's Tom's height? (Looking for a fact, not a guess.)

by Looks cut, tooreply 2508/05/2012

His official height is reported as 5'8. (1.77 m)

by Looks cut, tooreply 2608/05/2012

I heard he was 5' 9".

by Looks cut, tooreply 2708/05/2012

BBC lists him as 74kg (163 pounds).

BBC also lists him as 5'10.

by Looks cut, tooreply 2808/05/2012

5'10"?! Are those Tom Cruise inches?

by Looks cut, tooreply 2908/05/2012

I think the BBC is mixed up. Most reports say he is 5'8, including the documentary about him on YouTube someone linked above.

by Looks cut, tooreply 3008/05/2012

I'm straight and yet he is... Intriguing to me

by Looks cut, tooreply 3101/05/2013

Why do divers wear speedos?

by Looks cut, tooreply 3201/05/2013

He's actually on the tall side for a diver. Most of them are smaller.

by Looks cut, tooreply 3301/05/2013

Hypocrisy. The Speedo-clad male divers were usually censored by those overly large scorecards, but the women's beach volleyball team (wearing similar Speedo-type bottoms and small halter tops) were NOT censored. You can practically see their cunts through those skimpy bottoms! I shouldn't be surprised, considering that NBC had to broadcast the games all over the USA and Flyover-Fraus hate men's bodies.

by Looks cut, tooreply 3401/05/2013

Sexy little fucker.

by Looks cut, tooreply 3501/05/2013

Again, why do divers wear speedos, and not the long spandex shorts like the swimmers?

by Looks cut, tooreply 3601/05/2013

You just know Tom can get his ankles behind his ears without breaking a sweat!

by Looks cut, tooreply 3701/05/2013

One of Tom's favorite activities :)

by Looks cut, tooreply 3801/05/2013

tiny meat

by Looks cut, tooreply 3901/05/2013

He's the sort of darling that could turn into creepy-elvish in a few years, if he doesn't learn how to approximate a normal human expression.

But in the meantime, what a peach.

by Looks cut, tooreply 4001/05/2013

Isn't he doing some diving show with celebrities in the UK? I think it might have premiered already. Does Tom get on the diving board or in the pool?

by Looks cut, tooreply 4101/05/2013


by Looks cut, tooreply 4201/05/2013

[quote]if he doesn't learn how to approximate a normal human expression

Whatever do you mean r40?

by Looks cut, tooreply 4301/05/2013

It premiered today, r41. The reactions on twitter were scathing.

by Looks cut, tooreply 4401/05/2013

It's a show where he teaches celebrities to dive, interspersed with stunt and novelty dive acts, r41.

The adverts showed him shirtless by the pool. He seemed cluelessly enthusiastic promoting it, but at least the producers themselves seemed to understand that what the viewers want is a bit of soft-core fap material, even if it's awkwardly packaged inside a vague idea for some sort of lame TV show.

by Looks cut, tooreply 4501/05/2013

Bulge-wise, he can't compete with Nick "The Dick" McCrory:

by Looks cut, tooreply 4601/05/2013

I'm sorry I missed the lovely Jake Canuso in the diving competition. He is so hot and I hear he was just barely wearing a speedo. He tweeted that he didn't do very well, and I know he was hurt doing a dive a few days ago and wasn't even sure he would be able to participate.

by Looks cut, tooreply 4701/05/2013

I don't see much going on there, R46

by Looks cut, tooreply 4801/05/2013

Tom Daley is the people's princess.

by Looks cut, tooreply 4901/05/2013

[quote]Ton Daley

Because the OP misspelt Tom by putting an 'n' on the end, when I see the title of this thread it almost makes me think it says Tyne Daley.

by Looks cut, tooreply 5001/05/2013

French swimmer Hugues Duboscq is apparently horse-hung.

by Looks cut, tooreply 5101/05/2013

Tom's diving program shows promise. The YT clip is from the Dutch version which screened earlier this year. Ouch!

Can't wait to see that repeated on the 10m board.

by Looks cut, tooreply 5201/05/2013

Has Tom presented hole yet?

by Looks cut, tooreply 5301/06/2013

R51 my mussy is dripping wet wanting that french meat in me while I lick Tom's hairy hole

by Looks cut, tooreply 5401/06/2013

His new show Splash! had its first episode last night, its hilariously camp and cheesy as 5 "celebs" learn how to dive. Two go through each week to the final, so a different team each week. They are the usual D-list here - the guy from "Benidorm" tv comedy series was also in a skimpy speedo.

We get to see lots of Tom on and off the diving board .... that boy just does not want to wear clothes! The reviews today have been dismissive, so it may not be a success, but is ideal for the saturday teatime audience when kids are watching, as will be lots of gays ....

He obviously wants to be the new Ant & Dec (kiddie tv presenters now in their 30s) and could well pull it off ! - the camera loves him.

by Looks cut, tooreply 5501/06/2013

I think there's a photo out there where he recently posed around some sort of stripper poll or its equivalent.

by Looks cut, tooreply 5601/06/2013

Bet his butthole tastes like a Hostess cherry pie.

by Looks cut, tooreply 5701/06/2013

[quote]Bulge-wise, he can't compete with Nick "The Dick" McCrory

Proof that God divides, because Nick's face could stop a clock.

by Looks cut, tooreply 5801/06/2013

[quote] I shouldn't be surprised, considering that NBC had to broadcast the games all over the USA and Flyover-Fraus hate men's bodies.

No, usually decisions like that are by, and for, straight men.

by Looks cut, tooreply 5901/06/2013

tiny tom = micro meat


by Looks cut, tooreply 6001/06/2013

Id love to "milk" his penis. Id let him cum in my mouth anyday.

by Looks cut, tooreply 6106/16/2013

He is a cutie. Who do you think would make a cuter couple. him and Nathan from The Wanted or him and Nial from One Direction?

by Looks cut, tooreply 6206/16/2013

I want to lick him like a popsicle.

by Looks cut, tooreply 6306/16/2013

These are old pics from last year's Olympics, didnt you all see them then ?

Since then he has done the "Splash" show on tv here in the UK, which was quite popular, even if the critics disliked it, it was just perfect teatime television for families, with Tom training the celebs to dive, and yes he was in his speedo most of the time. There is going to be a second series this year.

As Tom is now the bread-winner in his family, as his father died last year, he will be doing more commercial ventures capitalising on his yummy sex appeal.

by Looks cut, tooreply 6406/16/2013

...and not gay.

Just fantasy masturbatory fodder for gay men everywhere.

by Looks cut, tooreply 6509/08/2013


by Looks cut, tooreply 6609/08/2013

I'm suddenly feeling hung.

by Looks cut, tooreply 6709/08/2013

R66. Makes him even more perfect.

by Looks cut, tooreply 6809/08/2013

[quote]teatime television

Is this a thing? Does it mean a show that comes on in the late afternoon?

by Looks cut, tooreply 6909/08/2013
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