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An article on horrible children's names, meant for the Datalounge

Have it, girls!

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 14211/23/2012


by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 107/25/2012

It's a racist article.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 207/25/2012

How so R2? They sound like white trash names for the most part.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 307/25/2012

Surely nobody has called a boy Sincere?! That's just tempting fate and begging for a child to become a mass murderer. What a truly creepy name.

A lot of fraus must watch plenty of gay porn, judging by some of those names.

And Tulsa is surely the work of the gays, in tribute to the greatest musical ever written, Gypsy.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 407/25/2012

Lux is latin for light. I like it, it was the main character's name in The Virgin Suicides: Lux Lisbon.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 507/25/2012

[quote]Surely nobody has called a boy Sincere?!

What's the difference between that and Frank?

* (rim shot) *

But seriously, there are other extalled virtues that have become commonly accepted names (Hope, Faith, Love, Peace, Soledad, Esperanza, Carina, Candido, Candida, and Charity, among others) so I don't see the harm in Sincere.

Blanket, Sketch, and Lynxxx - well ....

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 607/25/2012

Agreed with R3: most of these names have "white trash" written all over them. Btw don't be surprised in the least if next year's list has a plethora of "Hunger Games" character names: Katniss, Peeta, etc. I read elsewhere that Arya from "Game of Thrones" is already becoming a popular girls name.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 707/25/2012

It's not an article criticizing people, it's an article criticizing white people only. That's racist.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 807/25/2012

Just like R3's post, who refuted the claim. What a hypocrite.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 907/25/2012

[quote]It's not an article criticizing people, it's an article criticizing white people only. That's racist.

Actually, it's not. It's a white writer making fun of what he assumes are largely "white names." If he took the extra step and then concluded that because of this awful naming trend, white people are inferior to other people, that would be racist. But, he says no such thing.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 1007/25/2012

I'm white and, yes, use the term white trash just like blacks call someone a nigger. You read way too much into shit and have some chip on your shoulder R5/9.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 1107/25/2012

Sorry that should be R2/9. Excuse me R5.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 1207/25/2012

Given R2 hasn't posted again, I suspect it was a troll post to stir up racial and racist posts.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 1307/25/2012

[quote]And Tulsa is surely the work of the gays, in tribute to the greatest musical ever written, Gypsy.

Or a tribute to Gene Pitney. Tulsa has a sibling called Pity, after "A Town Without Pity" which is almost as chintz as "Spanish Eyes".

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 1407/25/2012

I'm waiting for someone to name thei kid Levitra (or Le'Vitra) or Cialis (or SeeAlice).

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 1507/25/2012

We named our new girl kitten Arya. It fits her very well.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 1607/25/2012

By 2017, one in six children's names will start with the symbol @.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 1707/25/2012

Adler and Bastian aren't that bad. Adler being a surname like Parker and Cooper, and I'm pretty sure Bastian is used in France. Lux with one x would be acceptable. I wouldn't name my hypothetical child any of those, but I could see why other people might.

The rest are just unacceptable.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 1807/25/2012

I think Adler is pretty cool, but that's about it.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 1907/25/2012

I'm with R5 pretty much for the same reason. Also, I just love the name. Not with two x's mind you, but with one. Lux. It's a good name.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 2007/25/2012

Would you guys be mad at me if I named my son Xevious (pronounced Zee-fee-us)? I've always loved that name ever since I was a young Nintendo-playing child of the 80's. I vowed that if I ever had a son, I'd name him Xevious. And I stand by that to this day.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 2107/25/2012


by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 2207/25/2012

It wouldn't be as bad as naming your daughter Candida or Chlamydia. I expect those names are in usage some place.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 2307/25/2012

Little Hashtag is growing up so fast!

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 2407/25/2012

I have an ancestor named Obedience.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 2507/25/2012

[quote] ... extalled virtues ...

Are the extalled virtues the opposite of the deadly sins? How many of them are there?

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 2607/25/2012

R23 - I went to middle school with a girl named Candida. She was a bitch from the pits of hell, so when I found out Candida was the scientific name for a yeast infection, I let that ho have it. Fuck her then and fuck her now. I guess I'd be a cunt if I was named that too.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 2707/25/2012

R25 Was your ancestor an obese drag queen, or a schoolmarm?

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 2807/25/2012

We are about to become parents in about 6 weeks to a set of twins. We know that one is a girl. The other one was turned in a weird way so we couldn't make it out.

We are naming her Douglas after my Great Grandmother.

If the second twin is a girl, we're naming her Austin, which his mother's maiden name.

If the second twin is a boy, we're torn between Nash and Gage.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 2907/25/2012

[quote]But no, dumbfucks all over the country have to be like "I'll name him Raw'Bert."

Raw'Bert sounds like the Muppet's porn star name.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 3007/25/2012

Best boy's name I ever heard: Orangejello - pronounced Aw-rawn-ja-low. Seriously.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 3107/25/2012

Ha r15. My name shaped the girl I am today. I excede in "helping guys out" better yet "helping them up".

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 3207/25/2012


by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 3307/26/2012

R29, that's a joke, right. I'm just too dim.

Well, if not, one of us is. Congratulations on your twins, and on being tone-deaf and twee.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 3407/26/2012

Saw in Luke thread wife named Kelcey.


by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 3507/26/2012

R29: congratulations!

But please reconsider, for the sake of those poor children -- especially the girls, but the boys' names are almost equally atrocious.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 3607/26/2012

Thanks for the congrats r36, but we like those names and they have family meaning so it works for us. The boys names don't have family meaning, but are just names that we like.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 3707/26/2012

I would name my daughters Margot Kidder and Sean Young. Just cos.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 3807/26/2012

I also want to congratulate on the kids, I think that's great, but R29's names are atrocious. Girls named Douglas and Austin, Jesus. Family significance does not give you the right to scar your children.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 3907/26/2012

A friend named her daughter Clarity. The poor kid is the least clear-headed young person I ever met.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 4007/26/2012

R40, Your friend can only hope that her daughter becomes an optician, and not a TV psychic.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 4107/26/2012

I blame African Americans. A friend of mine did a focus group for blacks in the 80s and came across names like Neosynefrin and Nyquil.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 4207/26/2012

[quote]We are naming her Douglas after my Great Grandmother.

[quote]If the second twin is a girl, we're naming her Austin, which his mother's maiden name.

Hopefully, both babies will turn out to be FTM, so those names will work out well for them.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 4307/26/2012

R29, if one of the babies is a boy can't you name that one Douglas?

You are setting your kids up with a strike against them from day 1.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 4407/26/2012

Also, r29 - you're missing out on the key element of parenting fundamentals. It's not about YOU and what YOU like. It's about doing what's best for the child. And saddling them with names like that is not in their best interest.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 4507/26/2012

It's no worse than Modene Gunch, and I went to school with her.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 4607/26/2012

Has anyone called their child Elphaba yet? Or will nobody fuck a Wicked fangirl?

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 4707/26/2012

"Best boy's name I ever heard: Orangejello - pronounced Aw-rawn-ja-low. Seriously."

"Seriously?" Yeah, right. That's a hoary old urban legend. It goes like this: a woman, woozy after giving birth, is asked what the name of her baby is so the hospital can put it on the birth certificate. The woozy woman, misinterprets the question; she thinks they're asking her what she wants to eat. She replies "orange jello." So the name on the birth certificate is "Orangejello." For some reason the woman doesn't change the name, she just changes the pronunciation of it, calling her child "Aw-ran-jeh-low." I've heard that old tale several times by different people.

There's a lawyer named Cupcake Brown who says she got her name the same way. According to Wikipedia Cupcake Brown was "erroneously named when a nurse misunderstood her mother's post-delivery request"...for a cupcake. I don't believe THAT one, either.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 4807/26/2012




Muh Ree

Ayn Muh Ree




by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 4907/26/2012

There's are two colored gals where I work. One is named Alegra and one is Jokeria. I'm not shitting you. How could you do an article on foolish names and not put in some that the coloreds use.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 5007/26/2012

Was one of them High Yella, R50?

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 5107/26/2012

"The coloreds," R51? Don't you have a picket line to man in Little Rock, circa 1957?

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 5207/26/2012







by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 5307/26/2012



by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 5407/26/2012

PLEASE reconsider giving your child unusual or offbeat names. I know that I am not the only one who has been publicly repeatedly humiliated by being called "Mr. David." People are so cruel as it is; why give them another excuse? I remember a fellow high school student who was always embarrassed to say his full name. His African parents didn't give him separate first and last names. He was so shy, saying "Essiet, Essiet." In addition studies have been done where identical resumes and applications, with different names, were sent to major universities, law firms, and corporations. Shocking the difference on who was accepted, and who wasn't, because of preconceived perceptions based solely on a name.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 5507/26/2012

Having kids with the same name in school isn't new (ie eight Caden/Kayden/Caidens). There were lots of Jennifers and Matts in the 70s. When I was in school in the dark era, there were a million Pattys, Kathys, Peggys, Billys, Jimmys and Mikes.

Funny how the nicknames for William were Bill and Billy back in the day and now thy are Will and Liam.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 5607/26/2012

[quote]I know that I am not the only one who has been publicly repeatedly humiliated by being called "Mr. David."

The hell are you talking about? Are you a woman named David? Or what is it you find humiliating about your name?

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 5707/26/2012

R55, Mr David? Are you a hairdresser from the 70's?

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 5807/26/2012

R58, No. People in my almost all-white, very conservative grammar school could not deal with an unusual name of "Davida" and falsely assumed I was a "Mr. David." In high school, sick of the dissing, I made everyone call me by my middle name of "Rochelle." And I've had to get used to being called "Michelle." For acting, because my last name is ALWAYS misspelled, I took an Academy Award winning director's advice and started using "Davida-Rochelle" for SAG.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 5907/26/2012

I run the front office in a day care center. Most of the kids have pretty normal names but once in a while we get some weird ones. Last week we got 2 new kids, both girls, named Alysheeba and Kritten

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 6007/26/2012

I work with a woman named Kykeisha. Really?

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 6107/26/2012


Heaven backwards.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 6207/26/2012

[quote]... we like those names and they have family meaning so it works for us.

But R29, as someone has pointed out, what matters is whether it works for the kids. Those poor little girls are going to have to live through childhood & adolescence with boys' names -- not just unisex names like Chris & Leslie, which are bad enough because no one can tell on paper whether they're girls or boys.

If you're trying to build their character (like the kid in Johnny Cash's song "A Boy Named Sue"), there are far better & less traumatic ways than naming them Douglas & Austin.

Please think of the children! And I really mean that....

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 6307/26/2012

He's right, there are no foreign or black names in the list. It is racist

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 6407/26/2012

Naming your child after a dog breed is the worst

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 6507/26/2012

Told this before, but Eudora Welty heard tell of a woman who gave birth wanted to name her child Placenta. She heard it during birth.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 6607/26/2012

r29, was Douglas your great-grandma's first name or last name? If it was the latter, why not use her first name for a girl?

I hope the other one is a girl to spare any boys the emotional harm from naming them Nash (gnashing his teeth from stress) and Gage (Dave? No, Gage. Gabe? No, Gage. Like a tire gauge.)

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 6707/26/2012

Gage Blade. The hottest new gay for pay pornstar.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 6807/26/2012

Douglas was a well known girls name in the 17th and 18th centuries and Austin is a beautiful name. This thread is heavy with public school graduates.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 6907/26/2012

Both Nash and Gage sound like gay porn names, actually.

Davida-Rochelle, I still don't really understand your story. I can imagine people seeing your name in print and thinking it was a typo for David, but didn't people at your grammar school realize when they saw you in person for the first time that Davida was correct? And then continue to know that for the rest of your grammar school career? How was it that people at your school were calling you Mr. David throughout grammar school?

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 7007/26/2012

[quote] Douglas was a well known girls name in the 17th and 18th centuries and Austin is a beautiful name.

Source, please. And examples.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 7107/26/2012

Bastian is both a French name, and the name of the kid in "The Never Ending Story." Though any kid in the USA saddled with that name will have to get used to being called "Bastard."

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 7207/26/2012

Studies have shown that children with odd or humiliating names don't do as well in school, have more emotional problems, are more likely to drink or do drugs, are more likely to get involved in criminal activity. To be saddled with a stupid name is detrimental to a child; that's been proven many times.

I think to give your kid some weird, awful name is an act of unconscious hostility. The poor kid has to live with their awful name, and it just makes his or her life harder.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 7307/26/2012

[quote] but we like those names and they have family meaning so it works for us

R29, the names have to work for the children, NOT YOU.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 7407/26/2012

R70, When people saw my name for the first time they always called me David. Imagine a substitute teacher in school, a nurse in a doctor's office, anyone who just sees the name and doesn't actually know WHO I am. Of course I've always looked very feminine; that wasn't the issue. As a child you get sick and tired of always having to correct people, especially when they're not just mispronouncing your name, they're falsely assuming you're a different sex. Ask most children with very unusual names; they've been really bullied. Kids go through enough as it is. I just think parents, especially celeb parents, shouldn't be so cruel.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 7507/26/2012

But it's not about the kids - it's about ME!!

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 7607/26/2012

Thankfully, we have another educative post from Davida.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 7707/26/2012

I knew an old man who was christened Wilbur, after one of his mother's favorite uncles. As soon as he turned whatever the age of majority was, he hastened downtown to the courthouse & changed it to James (after one of his dad's relatives). His mother was heartbroken but his father & brothers & friends all understood.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 7807/26/2012

[quote]was Douglas your great-grandma's first name or last name? If it was the latter, why not use her first name for a girl?

It was her first name. She was an amazing woman. My daughter will be proud of her name.

[quote]I hope the other one is a girl to spare any boys the emotional harm from naming them Nash (gnashing his teeth from stress) and Gage (Dave? No, Gage. Gabe? No, Gage. Like a tire gauge.)

Naw, no emotional harm. Just strong names.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 7907/26/2012


Gag me.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 8007/26/2012

R79, you are too selfish to have a child. You're way too far up your own ass.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 8107/26/2012

[quote]My daughter will be proud of her name.

R79, my grandma wanted me to be named for her favorite ancestor, Priscilla Alden (who came to America on the Mayflower & said "speak for yourself, John" when Miles Standish's friend proposed on Miles' behalf) -- she was a huge snob & naturally thought that I would be "proud" to be named Priscilla. Regardless of whatever Mrs. Alden's personal merits may have been, I would have found it mortifying to be known as Prissy, which is bound to have happened. My parents were far from perfect, but I am grateful every day that they had the backbones to give me a regular girl's name.

The only hope for R79's daughters is if all of their parents' friends & relatives get together & use feminine nicknames for those poor little girls from the moment of birth: Douglas could be called Dodie & Austin could be called Abby -- or whatever, just not their horrible real names. People like teachers & doctors who're reading their names would still call out the real names, but the kids could say "Everyone calls me ....", & the kids could introduce themselves to everyone by their nicknames. Then when they're of legal age, they could change their names to something more suitable.

R79, why put innocent babies through all that? Do the right thing & name your daughters something normal -- you can use Douglas & Austin as middle names if you insist. Remember: they're not expressions of yourselves, they're people!

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 8207/26/2012

When R29's daughter has been ridiculed a million times for having a boy's name and she tells her mothers she hates them for giving her a name that has brought her nothing but pain, they'll still insist she should be proud of her name.

And as soon as she's old enough, when she changes her name, they'll have enormous family fights over why she can't just accept that they knew better than everyone else here, who knows that nothing -- absolutely nothing -- is more important to kids than being able to fit in.

Further, the person above is correct for pointing out there are studies that show people with conventional names are accepted more readily in every endeavor: applying to colleges, grad schools, job applications, etc.

I know, because I was given the name of my father's uncle, and I hated it and it brought me countless incidents of ridicule for my entire childhood.

So as soon as I was old enough, I changed it legally, and it was the happiest day of my life. I don't have words to express how great it feels to introduce yourself with a name that you like and that sounds good to other people as well.

My father never forgave me, but fuck him. It's my life, not his, and I'm sure he loved his uncle, but his uncle had a horrible-sounding name.

And giving a girl a boy's name is tantamount to child abuse, in my opinion.

29 proves one thing, though. Gay and lesbian parents can be as selfish and clueless as straight parents can.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 8307/26/2012

If it's a girl, I'm naming it Bookcase, or Sandstorm... or Hat... but that's more of a boy's name...

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 8407/26/2012

R83, Thank you for your supportive comments on my 2 posts.

R77, Thank you for teaching me a new word, "educative."

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 8507/26/2012

Bobby Tables

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 8607/26/2012

You're welcome, R85, Davida-Rochelle. I appreciated your posts because I know how it feels, and every word you wrote rang true for me.

It is just beyond me that R29 doesn't care enough about her daughter to imagine how the girl might be treated or feel about having a name that makes her stand out.

She's already going to be a target because she'll have two lesbian mothers, having a boys name will exacerbate the fact of gender non-conformity.

Perhaps because I experienced what I did and haven't kept it a secret that I changed my name legally, it's not uncommon for people to ask me about the process and tell me personal stories about how much they hate their name and how childhood ridicule has left scars that will never heal, even when they appear to have grown up and moved on.

If parents want to give their children a sense of confidence and self-esteem, one of the easiest and most effective ways to do so is to give them a name they will love, that lets them fit in, that they don't have to spell or explain every time they introduce themselves, that is easy to say, that everyone who hears it understands immediately what it is, how to spell it correctly, how to pronounce it correctly, and does not make people think they heard it wrong, misunderstood it, or need to ask for clarification, because it sounds like the wrong gender.

And regardless if a name was popular in the 18th and 19th centuries, that doesn't mean it's automatically a great name for the 21st century. Sometimes an old-fashioned name is lovely, and sometimes it's just fucking weird.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 8707/26/2012

Hey, Davida-Rochelle, I like your name. It's pretty.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 8807/26/2012

No Shoquandra? Tyleese? Dev'pn? Ren'ique? Destinee?

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 8907/26/2012

R88, Thank you. I now use it on everything from facebook to gmail. And I've gotten used to comments like, "Are you David or Rochelle?" "Are you a transvestite or transsexual?"

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 9007/26/2012

I recently heard a new abomination of a name, "Braylen", used for an African American boy. That poor kid! A made-up name is bad enough, but to have it sound like a girls' name is even worse.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 9107/26/2012

It is true that Douglas was used as a girl's name in some parts of England in the 17th and 18th centuries, but so what? That was 300 years ago; we are now in the 21st century and the name is, and long has been, used only for males, which you don't need a private-school education to know. Giving a girl the name Douglas is setting her up for a lot of needless problems.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 9207/26/2012

[quote]name your daughters something normal

I find that statement to be really sad and hurtful, especially on a gay message board. What exactly is normal? Anyway, we're sticking with the names, but thanks for the input.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 9307/26/2012

Bitch please, you did not just compare giving your daughters fucked up names to being gay. No one has control over their orientation, and you have complete control over preferring to be a selfish cunt instead of putting your daughters' best interests as top priority.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 9407/26/2012

my sister has had clients at her office named Lavoris and Anacin. I think she's mentioned others. I'll ask.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 9507/26/2012

Don't waste your outrage, R94. She's a lost cause. When her daughter comes home crying for the 100th time because kids make fun of her for having a boy's name, she'll still insist it was her right to cause the child endless social problems.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 9607/26/2012

R29's myopia & selfishness really saddens me. I'm sure that poor little Douglas will figure out how to deal with it, but she shouldn't have to do that in the first place. And I'm sorry for her that she'll be stuck with parents whose biggest concern is what "works for" them rather than what's best for their child. If I ever meet a young woman named Douglas, I'll know who her parents are ...

Moving on: I recently heard a father "reasoning" with his son in a stroller, who was throwing a tantrum at a farmers' market -- the kid's shrieks were so loud that I couldn't be sure whether Daddy was calling him Dexter or Baxter, but the monologue was an endless loop of "Now, Dexter/Baxter, we've talked about this! Please Dexter/Baxter, you need to calm down now! Dexter/Baxter, let's be quiet! What, what, Dexter/Baxter? Come on now, Dexter/Baxter, you heard me! Where's mommy, Dexter/Baxter, do you want mommy?", etc, etc, etc. I didn't linger over the berries like I usually do, believe me.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 9707/27/2012


"Gag me"

Who names their kid (girl or boy?) "Reagan?" I've never heard of anyone doing that. I can't imagine anyone naming their kid Reagan unless they were a rabid Republican. It kind of reminds me of the little girl in the Bloomsbury comic strip named...Ronald Ann.

Then there's "Regan" the little possessed girl in "The Exorcist." Did anyone name their kid after HER? She was named after one of the evil duaghters in "King Lear." Hey, it could have been worse; her dingbat actress mother Chris MacNeil "almost named her Goneril." Why not have named her after Cordelia, the good daughter. I guess dingy Chris just liked the name Regan.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 9807/27/2012

[quote] If I ever meet a young woman named Douglas, I'll know who her parents are

You're more likely to read in the gay press about 10-year-old twins named Douglas and Austin who stabbed their lesbian parents to death for fucking up their lives.

It would be hilarious if they turned out to be identical twins who could leave some DNA and each claim the other one did it, so nothing could be proved and they'd get off without incarceration.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 9907/27/2012

Still LMAO over "Raw'Bert".

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 10007/27/2012

I don't think little Douglas' parents are lesbians -- R29 says that the other twin girl will be named Austin, which is "his mother's maiden name". So this foolishness can't be blamed on women.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 10107/28/2012

R101 is correct. Blame it on silly queens hoping twee hipsterism will be in vogue in 17 years so they can raise the next Lana Del Reys and Zooey Deschanels of the world.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 10207/28/2012

I'm glad to have been wrong about that, R101. It was very sad to me that lesbians would be so evil to their child. Now that I know they're straight parents, it makes more sense how clueless and selfish they are.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 10307/28/2012

[quote] Now that I know they're straight parents, it makes more sense how clueless and selfish they are.

Aren't they gay guys? Most straights don't say they're partnered.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 10407/28/2012

I don't know, R104. I may have misunderstood, but I thought one of the parents was giving birth to the twins. I guess that's why I thought they were lesbians.

So god help the poor girl if she's not only named Douglas, but is also born to a surrogate.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 10507/28/2012

Boy's name: Mitt or Newt.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 10607/28/2012

Well, whoever R29 is, s/he I think s/he must be a troll trying to create some controversy. But, from reading his/her posts I agree that it is probably a straight chick.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 10707/28/2012

Does it really matter WHO picks strange names for their child rather than WHY? This thread points out a reality. Too many people have kids for the wrong reasons, including to duplicate themselves. As a parent (which I am not) you should focus on the child's needs rather than on your own.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 10807/28/2012

OK, I'm going to ask what should have been the obvious question in the first place: whatever happened to perfectly good names like John and Mary? I have worked with people with names like Mystri whose middle name was Sharon. I told her she should consider switching her names (ala Dwight David Eisenhower--he was born David Dwight, he started putting Dwight first because when he went to West Point they mistakenly switched them around, he just went with it) as she looked "more like a Sharon"--I didn't tell her that "Mystri" was one of the stupidest names I had ever heard. Another guy was named Brett Robert. Brett sounds like something a girl in the 50s used to hold her hair in place although compared to some boy's names now it almost sounds "normal" (and don't freak the fuck out because I used "that word"), anyway, he was another one I suggested that he switch his names--he just sort of chuckled and said that maybe he would someday. Another thing I don't get at all is the seemingly "black" tendency of putting "La" (or in some cases "Ta") in front of a variety of "made-up-shit-to-sound-African" boy's names, for one thing, La is the feminine article for "the" in French. Considering how butch black parents want their sons to be, well I needn't go on except to say "nigguh pleeeze!". OK, one more--I don't get the stupidity of naming girls Madison these days. Do any of these dumbass parents realize that the "son" at the end of the name indicates "son of"? Yet daughters are given this name--did something slip into the drinking water of these parents, most of whom had been born in the 1980s, to make them utterly ignorant? "Oh, she's so cute, let's name her MADISON". I can see it now, in the year 2100 a bunch of old ladies in wheelchairs with ridiculous tattoos all over alot of sagging flesh named Madison one telling the other in croaking old lady voices, "yes, my parents named me Madison too, I've always wondered what they were thinking".

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 10907/28/2012

[quote] another guy was named Brett Robert.

Brett and Brandon are names used multiple times by my partner's family. They are Jewish and children are named for relatives who have died. (They are Ashkenazi. The Sephardic Jews often name children after a living relative).

Ben was a big name back in grandfatherly days. So a lot of their boys' names start with "B" because they're named after a Ben. For some reason Brett and Brandon became the B names of choice. There are sometimes Brads. But mostly Bretts.

Jared and Jordan are two other big names, named after relatives who were named Joseph, Jerry, Jacob.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 11007/28/2012

I'm R29. This thread has only reinforced our desire to name our children names that have meaning to my partner and me and our family, whether you like them or not. Anyway, I am not straight or a female. We are two gay men, in an major city, in our early 30s. We are using a surrogate. We also don't expect our children to be surrounded by the type of people who have children who make fun of other's names. This thread has been shocking.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 11107/28/2012

[quote]We also don't expect our children to be surrounded by the type of people who have children who make fun of other's names.

I guess you're raising them on the moon then?

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 11207/28/2012

R111, I wish that your children could live in a world where they were never bullied because of their name, looks, background, etc. I hope that when they apply for a job or college, their name is irrelevant. Until then please at least give them a first name that is easy to spell and pronounce, and clearly identifies their gender. Likewise many immigrants adopt a typical American name to aid in assimilation.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 11307/28/2012

"Copelia" makes me think "corpulent".

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 11407/28/2012

If you have to give them a non-standard name because it has family significance it should be a middle name.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 11507/28/2012

[quote] We also don't expect our children to be surrounded by the type of people who have children who make fun of other's names.

This will end in tears.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 11607/28/2012

Wait....Copelia, isn't that some kind of opera or ballet or something? And are they naming girls or boys this name? I think the opera, or whatever it is has 2 Ps in the spelling so the twee, post hippie name dingbats better get with it and add not just another p but 2, 3 or 4--just go with your feelings!!.....I have a feeling that in 20 odd years or so all these people with shitty names foisted on them by brain-dead parents will start a frenzy of name changing--that will really fuck up the computer databases then, wadjathink?

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 11707/28/2012

Early 30's in "an major city". Isn't that always the way? Presumably the kids will leave the major city now and then. Precious hothouse flowers.

Douglas and Austin won't feel so hot getting their KFC name badges.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 11807/28/2012

I noticed "an major city" too r118, I guess in their frenzy to "craft" atrocious names there is also a reinterpretation of grammar and punctuation. It's not an apple, it's "a apple" or "a orange" or maybe "an pear" and we can forget about proper use of apostrophes, they're for names like Brook'Lyn or Raw'bert or as in a sign I saw at the coffee station at work, "we need more cup's please"--cup's what?? This kind of shit comes from the same feeblemindedness that vomits up these depraved names and assumes that there are no rules of grammar and punctuation or limits for ridiculous nomenclature--need an apostrophe?--just stick one in anywhere like a word decoration; go with your feelings. Need a name that borders on cruelty? Again, just make up shit. Just when I thought there might be a chance that uptalk might be receding there comes a never ending, seemingly unstoppable supply of horse's ass names and nonexistent grammar and punctuation. phew....what next?

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 11907/28/2012

Calm the fuck down r119. It was an obvious autocorrect mistake. Stop being obtuse.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 12007/28/2012

[quote]We also don't expect our children to be surrounded by the type of people who have children who make fun of other's names. This thread has been shocking.

Dude, if this thread is shocking, you are in for a WHOLE LOT OF SHOCK once you become a parent. Especially how people judge you on the parenting decisions and mistakes you make.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 12107/30/2012

I really hoped the idiot at R29 was trolling, but I don't think he is (or he would've gone with the too-easy "we're vegan lesbians who paint with our menstrual blood" angle).

You, sir, are a FUCKING IDIOT, and also a MAJOR JACKASS.

After a lifetime of abuse (by other kids, and even adults) and avoidance (by employers), your children will hate your guts for giving them such stupid names.

Douglas and Austin are NOT female names, period. I don't give a fuck that your great-grandmommy was a wonderfully perfect person and you want your child to be her reincarnation, it is NOT appropriate to give a girl that kind of name!

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 12207/30/2012

Nash is a good name, Gage is ok. Austin is iffy for a girl, but Douglas is wrong. Don't use Douglas for a girl. Use it for a boy if you like it.

I was trying to figure out the popularity of "Adler." These things seem to come from pop culture - I see "Chesney" and "Diesel" on the list. Is it from "Grace Adler" on Will and Grace? I don't think it is after Alfred Adler.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 12308/01/2012

How about this for a name: BOOM BAM BA-BA-BA-BA-BA-BA-BA BOOM SHA DOO-WOP DOO-WOP DOO-WOP DOO-WOP DOO-WOP Smith. My partner and I are jazz musicians and we feel little BOOM BAM, etc. will reach his full potential as a musician with a name like that--wadja think guys, huh?! Should we add a apostrophe or two?

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 12408/01/2012

For me its the god awful black names (yes I am black but it does not mean i consent to these crimes)

Anything ending in:

Shawn / Shaun i.e. TreyShawn Elle i.e. TreyshElle Ika i.e TreyshIka Onda i.e. TreyShOnda Ise i.e. TreyrIse Isha i.e TreyIsha

Anything starting in:

La i.e. LaFawnda Trey i.e. Treymisha D' i.e. D'Shawn


by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 12508/01/2012

The people with normal names are going to look so sophisticated compared to everyone else.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 12608/01/2012

To answer an earlier posters message. We actually had a son and named him Xevious. So far no problems at all. We do have to sometimes repeat his name because it is different, but what we found is that anyone younger will say 'wow, what a cool name', one girl actually said she would 'date a guy named Xevious just because it was a cool name'. A few others have mentioned it sounded like a fantasy name and really liked it. The bottom line is that the world is changing, it's not Donna Reed and the 1950's anymore, standard names don't have to be the status quo, just be reasonable as many here have mentioned so you can at least tell the gender or so that the name doesn't sound like something bad the child will be made fun of.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 12711/22/2012

r127, you seem to think the world is changing for the better by saying "it's not Donna Reed and the 1950s anymore", it isn't. And naming kids freakish, bizarre names is not an indication of society "turning the corner unto peace, prosperity, hope and generally 'dreams-come- true-it-can-happen-to-you'". Your odd generation will sooner or later have to deal with a host of horrible problems coming down the line environmentally, economically, politically and socially that will make the depression of the 1930s seem preferable and one can rest assured that yours is the least prepared to deal with it.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 12811/22/2012

[quote] A few others have mentioned it sounded like a fantasy name and really liked it.

They lied, so as not to embarrass you. I've done it myself. Do you really think someone is going to say, "That' awful! Why the fuck would you name your kid something that sounds like a character out of Avatar or Dungeons and dragons?"


by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 12911/22/2012

@ R 29 stop being a self-centered, self-righteous frauggot and consider the advice of those who have posted here. Douglass for a girl is downright hideous, sorry. But the boy's names you picked out are good, I like them.

I absolutely hate the name Madison, always have. Didn't think it could get any worse... until someone decided to go with the horrendous Addison. Fugly names.

Other terrible girls names of people I have known or who have named their children: Potpourri, Breezy, Finesse, Opaline, Solitaire. I hate the names Claire and Nancy and Ellen.

A girl I worked with named her son Maximus. She was going to name him Hershey after her maiden name but her in-laws threw an epic fit so she went with Maximus instead. I also worked with an orderly named Du'vay. Ugh!

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 13011/22/2012

Please don't condemn them to

1) names that are not traditionally used for their gender

2) names with more than one spelling or an alternate spelling (even something as simple as "Cathy" is a lifetime of "with a 'c'"). Or the poor kid featured on DL a while back--who could've titled his autobiography IT'S TAYLER WITH AN 'E'.

3) names that often require repeating/are hard to grasp in group situations or on the phone

4) names that don't clearly identify their gender

5) hyphens, apostrophes, idiosyncratic capitalizations, or can't tell if it's two names or one (Marianne or Mary Ann(e)?)

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 13111/22/2012

When I was a substitute teacher I had in various classes:

A pair of identical twins named Shawn and Sean (pronounced "SEEN").

A first grade girl who could not spell her own name: Gwyndylynn. I often wonder if she turned out to be a RenFair type.

Garl, a little boy who often wore a homemade t-shirt with iron-on letters that said: "It's GARL with a G".

One Kitten, one Princess, one Tootie, and believe it or not, 3 girls named Cher.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 13211/22/2012

r130, r131 and r132 point out what is to me woeful ignorance on the part of these selfish, childishly whimsical, arrogant and stupid people. Sean, which is the Irish spelling of Shawn is pronounced like the latter. MadiSON and AddiSON indicate a SON not a daughter. Maximus isn't too horrible although it's horrible enough for a boy; at least he might be able to shorten it to Max. At least it was with a -us ending which is masculine, for those who are familiar with Latin (which are damn few anymore--remember the ignorance I mentioned?), if it were a girl it would be Maxima. But why strain at a gnat in trying to devise silly, pretentiously horrible names? Instead of Maximus there is the traditional and perfectly acceptable Maximilian or Maxwell or for a girl Maxine.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 13311/22/2012

Austin is cool for a girl or boy, I think. Douglas, Nash and Gage are uhhhh

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 13411/22/2012

well.. these people are just asking for their kids to be bullied

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 13511/22/2012

R29 is one of the most successful trolls DL has had in quite a while. Let's see if we can get him to tell us about the newborns and their city experience so far! That is if the surrogate has released the infants.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 13611/23/2012

I've seen worse. There was a woman who checked into a hotel I worked at years ago named Bluzette I shit you not.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 13711/23/2012

Bluzette sounds like a name Fellini would give to the fattest scariest whore in one of his movies.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 13811/23/2012

Wow, people are seriously overreacting to r29. Choosing old family names you find beautiful is not cruelty, come off it.

I would definitely advise the use of second names, which can easily be used if the child does end up hating their name. That second name should define the gender clearly if the first name doesn't and should be rather ordinary if the first name isn't. So in your case r29, please, very ordinary.

I do like Nash and Austin, actually, and could warm up to Douglas.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 13911/23/2012

Don't forget that many people hate their ordinary names and love their unusual names. Joaquin Phoenix was probably not in a very typical situation, but still, he was the only one of his siblings who got a proper name, I think it was Aaron, and hated it so much he ended up changing it twice, first to Leaf and then to Joaquin. In some social setting a normal name is not the way to great self esteem it seems. And did you ever hear Uma Thurman complain that her name isn't Mary?

As for kids with weird names ending up on drugs and in trouble. I doubt that the names are to blame. I rather think that people with trashy parents tend to end up with trashy names in shitty situations. The name is mostly a symptom. I doubt that pretentious old-fashioned names correlate with ending up in the ghetto.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 14011/23/2012

I've said it before and I'll say it again, there is nothing at all wrong with names like John or Mary (MARY!), however it is best to name boys John and girls Mary. I used to know a girl named Mystri Sharon (I may have mentioned this on an earlier post since this thread is "threadbare"). I once told her she should switch her names and believe it or not she said she had thought about it.

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 14111/23/2012

From today's Washington Post:

[quote]“I’m not interested in J.C. Penney,” said Tryphaena Williams, 22, who was waiting for her mother to check out. “It’s not my type of store.”

by Blayde Luxx Brook'lynnreply 14211/23/2012
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