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Scented candle recommendations

I want some nice scented votives and tealights to set a calming mood when I write.

I LOVE the Capri Blue from Anthropologie. What are some other nice scents and brands?

by Mary!reply 6106/11/2013

Whiskey and cigarettes

by Mary!reply 107/24/2012

We have all our candles made in Paris for the season

by Mary!reply 207/24/2012

Unless they're made from essential oils, scented candles are carcinogenic.

by Mary!reply 307/24/2012

Diptyque has nice scented candles, Miss OP.

by Mary!reply 407/24/2012

I like "gay cute" topics like this even though I don't partake.

by Mary!reply 507/25/2012

Baobab..... White Rhino or Platinum

by Mary!reply 607/25/2012

You might want to stay away from Anthropologie, unless you don't mind your money being funneled to Rick "man on dog" Santorum.

by Mary!reply 707/25/2012

My standard has been Yankee Candles for years. Also, if you know anyone who sells Gold Canyon, those fuckers smell great and last forever.

by Mary!reply 807/25/2012

Cire Trudon. They made candles for the french kings and are still in business. Some fabulous stuff. One that smells of old monasteries (so you can dream of being ravaged in your monkish cell) and another that smells of old oak floors and moss and centuries of privilege.

by Mary!reply 907/25/2012

Voluspa Suede Blanc it is Masculine but fresh at the same time.

by Mary!reply 1007/25/2012

Cire Trudon. By appointment to Marie Antionette so perfect with caftans and earrings.

by Mary!reply 1107/25/2012

DL & Company also do some unusual and lovely scents.

But I would also explore markets in upmarket areas where you can occasionally come across candle makers producing stuff that is as good and sometimes better than the big companies. eg those that use pure beeswax rather than vegetable blends.

by Mary!reply 1207/25/2012

R4, I once bought a cheap chinese knock-off named "dipshit", it didn't smell nice.

by Mary!reply 1307/25/2012

Love Diptyque. Annick Goutal are gorgeous but difficult to source. Jo Malone are lovely too.

by Mary!reply 1407/25/2012

I splurged when I got my tax return and got Jo Malone pomegranate noir hand soap. It is an amazing scent. I imagine the candle version is just as great.

by Mary!reply 1507/25/2012

I agree, Yankee is the best. They have half-off sales online which I watch for. They have some great fragrances - I like Christmas Rose. They have a powerful scent and sometimes last 24hrs for me.

by Mary!reply 1607/25/2012

Best candles in the world: Pacifica Candles! Made from natural soy wax, plant aromas and essnetial oils.

by Mary!reply 1707/25/2012

Aromatique "Scent of Spring" is fabulous. If you can't find it, you can purchase from their online store.

by Mary!reply 1807/25/2012

I'm coming out with a new line of scented candles, in case anyone's interested.

by Mary!reply 1907/25/2012

I love Diptyque too, but so expensive. Esteban makes some great ones ( Teck&Tonka,Légendes d'Orient) .

by Mary!reply 2007/25/2012

George Harrison was a real penny-pincher and would buy cheap candles and incense made in China to save pennies.

He contracted throat cancer by inhaling these fumes while meditating.

I advise all to avoid buying cheaply-produced Hari-Krishna paraphanalia because karma's a real bitch when it comes to skin-flints.

by Mary!reply 2107/25/2012

I don't like soy - it melts weird for me. Amazon has some really inexpensive secneted candles from Quick candles. They have a french vanilla one I order hundreds of for a low price. The scent is not so strong, but it's a great value. I worry about Chinese candles and what they are made from. All candles have cancer dangers, even beeswax. Obviously, some are more dangerous than others. I think Yankee is US made.

by Mary!reply 2207/25/2012

He also smoked for most of his life, R21.

by Mary!reply 2307/25/2012

Leather scented. Everything else is for fraus and efeminates.

by Mary!reply 2407/25/2012

[quote]My standard has been Yankee Candles for years.

Oh, dear.

by Mary!reply 2507/25/2012

What did that have to do with this discussion?

by Mary!reply 2607/25/2012

Northern Lights Candles has some amazing in particular called "Esque". Can't get enough of that aroma!!!

by Mary!reply 2707/25/2012

I've found a picture of OP writing at work on her next blockbuster.

by Mary!reply 2807/25/2012

LOL [R25]

by Mary!reply 2907/25/2012

[quote]What did that have to do with this discussion?

Oh, dear.

by Mary!reply 3007/25/2012

Tocca candles are very nice

by Mary!reply 3107/25/2012

Candleberry Candles made in Kentucky.

by Mary!reply 3207/25/2012

Thanks, lots of great ideas. I'll check them out.

by Mary!reply 3307/25/2012

Henri Bendel has great scents.

Much cheaper, but also good, is Ikea.

by Mary!reply 3407/25/2012

Large Marge.

Smells like diesel.

by Mary!reply 3507/25/2012

W&W R3. Thanks, I didn't know that, will keep that in mind.

by Mary!reply 3607/25/2012

Yankee Candles are carcinogenic.

by Mary!reply 3707/25/2012

That doesn't sound very patriotic of them, R37. Thanks for the info.

by Mary!reply 3807/25/2012

Do those oil diffuser things have the cancer risk, too, since you don't burn them?

by Mary!reply 3907/25/2012

R3, don't you have a 12-year old son you should be breastfeeding?

by Mary!reply 4007/25/2012

Synthetic scents contain petrochemicals which disrupt your hormone levels.

by Mary!reply 4107/25/2012

Some of us don't want to breathe that stuff, R40.

by Mary!reply 4207/25/2012

[quote]Synthetic scents contain petrochemicals which disrupt your hormone levels.


Just breathing and walking will kill you too, eventually. And of course the longer you live, the greater your chances of developing can erous tumors.

Life is a series of risks: but to live, you've got to take them.

by Mary!reply 4307/25/2012

Everything we eat and breathe is full of that crap, almost anything with cherry, lemon, strawberry, orange, lime, almond etc flavoring is artifical and dangerous.

by Mary!reply 4407/25/2012

I also recommend Voluspa. At $30, it's good value for the money.

by Mary!reply 4507/25/2012

I'm pretty sure that EVERY SINGLE THING ON EARTH is carcinogenic, dears.

Like R43 said, life's full of risks, but you gotta take 'em in order to really live!

by Mary!reply 4607/25/2012

A link, please, to all these confirmed candle deaths.

by Mary!reply 4707/25/2012

Archipelago candles really are the very best. I used to work in a store that sold many candles and this was the only one the staff could get enthused about.

by Mary!reply 4807/25/2012

One of my FAVORITES! I could smell this forever!

by Mary!reply 4907/25/2012

Uh, you don't HAVE to burn artificially-scented petrochemical candles. There *are* alternatives. There's a reason Yankee Candle is so secretive about what their candles are made of! Go them and ask them what type of wax they use. See what their response is!

by Mary!reply 5007/25/2012

If they are acting secretive, it probably means they are hiding something that could potentially hurt their business, R50.

by Mary!reply 5107/25/2012

What are "essential oils", precious? What are "essential oils"?

by Mary!reply 5207/25/2012

[quote]Leather scented. Everything else is for fraus and efeminates

What about ass or creampie scented, you manly man?

by Mary!reply 5307/25/2012

Which candles are ok and not poison? I like candles, but now I am scared of them.

by Mary!reply 5407/25/2012

Jo Malone (grapefruit)

Acqua di Parma

Diptyque (my personal favorite is "cuir" which has been around for a long time)

by Mary!reply 5507/26/2012

Still waiting a link for stories about candle-related deaths.

by Mary!reply 5607/26/2012

LMFAO!! Did anyone else notice that the full URL in R55's link contains the identifier: "...bougie-cuir"??!!

Guess Diptyque doesn't really want the Great Unwashed buying their candles.

by Mary!reply 5707/26/2012


by Mary!reply 5807/26/2012

R57 bougie-cuir means candle-leather in French. what the hell does your reply mean?

by Mary!reply 5907/26/2012

Je parle francais aussi, R59. But "bougie" in slang American refers to someone who is bourgeois. More accurately, it refers to someone who is trying desperately hard to be better than they are by pedestrian means. "I paid extra for that makes me a better person." Or in terms you yourself alluded to: "I speak French so that must make me better than others."

by Mary!reply 6007/26/2012

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by Mary!reply 6106/11/2013
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