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BREAKING!!! Sherman Hemsley dead at 74

Damn, damn, damn!

by Close enough...reply 6612/29/2012


by Close enough...reply 107/24/2012

Was he gay?

by Close enough...reply 207/24/2012

His partner of 27 years was Tam O'Shaunessy!

by Close enough...reply 307/24/2012

I hope Ja'net Dubois hums/sings that somber closing theme.

by Close enough...reply 407/24/2012


by Close enough...reply 507/24/2012

Deluxe apartment in the sky, et cetera, all the headlines, the end.

by Close enough...reply 607/24/2012

Movin' on up to the ultimate apartment in the sky.

by Close enough...reply 707/24/2012

El Paso?

by Close enough...reply 807/24/2012

What R6 said.

Everyone is going to use that hackneyed line and think it's funny.

by Close enough...reply 907/24/2012

He was only eleven years older than Mike Evans, who played his son.

by Close enough...reply 1007/24/2012

So Marla Gibbs is the only cast member left?

by Close enough...reply 1107/24/2012

Both Lionels are dead, R11?

by Close enough...reply 1207/24/2012

Jennie (Berlinda Tolbert) is still alive and she and Lamont had a kid. (after I stopped watching).The kid is still alive

Second Lamont (Damon Evans). Alan Willis (Jay Hamer)

by Close enough...reply 1307/24/2012

I could never decide whether I preferred first or second Lamont.

I know I preferred first Darrin Stevens, and second Becky Connor. But which Lamont was better I cannot say.

by Close enough...reply 1407/24/2012

Mike Evans is dead,Damon Evans is not.

by Close enough...reply 1507/24/2012

who is lamont? Wasn't he on Sanford and Son?

by Close enough...reply 1607/24/2012

Marla Gibbs is the only main cast member still alive. The second Lamont (the son) is still alive; but he's the only one out of the secondary cast.

by Close enough...reply 1707/24/2012

Moving on up!

by Close enough...reply 1807/24/2012

Berlinda Tolbert (Jenny), Marla Gibbs (Florence), Ned Wertimer (Ralph the doorman) and Damon Evans (2nd Lionel) are the surviving cast members. Wertimer will be 89 later this year. Gibbs is 81.

by Close enough...reply 1907/24/2012

I used to live near the Jeffersons' building that was used in the opening credits, and it really isn't all that (it looks exactly the same today). I used to wonder why they chose that particular building, when there were much nicer ones in the neighborhood.

by Close enough...reply 2007/24/2012

It's Lionel. I used to watch The Jeffersons with a couple of Yugoslavians and they would burst out laughing everytime it was said as Lionel is vulgar slang for feces in their language.

by Close enough...reply 2107/24/2012

I was very surprised to read in one of the reports that Hemsley only received a single Emmy nomination and never won. He certainly deserved an Emmy for his performances as George.

by Close enough...reply 2207/24/2012

Did he break up with the remaining person in the threeway relationship he was a part of? I don't remember whether it was the male or female partner who had died. It should be part of his obituary. Interestingly, Kaye Ballard is in the same kind of arrangement.

by Close enough...reply 2307/24/2012

I thought he had gone a few years ago.

by Close enough...reply 2407/24/2012

I agree r22.

I recommend watching the Emmy TV Legends segments for the Jefferson's cast members on Youtube. Isabel Sanford was interviewed before she died. Marla Gibbs' full interview is up also.

They all have very interesting life stories. Marla Gibbs was still working at a call center for American Airlines when she was taping her first seasons of The Jeffersons. Isabel was catching buses to film 'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner' in 1967 and Katharine Hepburn insisted that she take her car service instead.

by Close enough...reply 2507/24/2012

why did he have a nurse? what did he die from?

by Close enough...reply 2607/24/2012

He was great on AMEN too.

This clip with Nell Carter never fails to crack me up. I wish Nell had lived longer.

by Close enough...reply 2707/24/2012

I think he was older than 74.

But, RIP George!

by Close enough...reply 2807/24/2012

He'll never see 74 again.

(Come to think of it, he'll never see any age again.)

by Close enough...reply 2907/24/2012

George Jefferson's son was LIONEL not LAMONT! Lamont was Fred Sanford's son! Don't you people know any classic tv sitcom trivia?

As for the two Lionels...well, Mike Evans was definitely superior to Damon Evans. Mike Evan's Lionel was handsome and charming and endearing and funny. He really did the role justice. Damon Evans was definitely less attractive and came across as just an annoying goof. For some reason Damon Evan's acting style always reminded me of Stepin Fetchit. Yes, the original Lionel was much better.

by Close enough...reply 3007/24/2012

He was gay but I'm having trouble getting people to believe it. James from Goodtimes is gay too, right?

by Close enough...reply 3107/24/2012

Didn't James have some blond twink soap opera lover?

I read that on DL, so it must be true.

by Close enough...reply 3207/24/2012

wrong show r4, there was no somber version of The Jefferson's theme song. That was Good Times.

At any rate, this saddens me. Not a good year to be a black entertainer, or a fan of black entertainers. Don, Whitney, Donna, Sherman, Yvette Wilson, and Etta...

by Close enough...reply 3307/24/2012


by Close enough...reply 3407/24/2012

Weezy was old enough to be his mother.

by Close enough...reply 3507/24/2012

Don't just stand there, shorty -- get down!

by Close enough...reply 3607/24/2012

"El Paso?"

Yeah, R8. He has had a partner there for many years. At first he would divide his time between Los Angeles and El Paso, claiming that it was for his "music career" and because of the relaxed vibe of the city, but it was really a cover for living with his partner. He eventually moved there full time.

by Close enough...reply 3707/24/2012

Speaking of Marla Gibbs, the last time I saw her was on Passions. She was still very funny--in a part that could have been written for LaWanda Page.

She played the aunt of Dr. Eve Russell who knew all Eve's dirty secrets. Gibbs was constantly calling her a back-slidden slut, a white man's whorin' dope fiend, etc.

by Close enough...reply 3807/24/2012

The first Lamont (Michael Evans) was better suited for the role. Was he fired or did he leave of his own choosing?

by Close enough...reply 3907/24/2012

Maybe he got confused by people calling him "Lamont" and he decided to replace Demond Wilson on "Sanford and Son."

by Close enough...reply 4007/24/2012

Idiot, the son was named Willis.

by Close enough...reply 4107/24/2012

Did he ever come out?

by Close enough...reply 4207/24/2012

Mike Evans, the original Lionel created Good Times. So he left the Jeffersons to work on that show.

Yes, there was a slower version of the theme song of the Jefferson in the closing credits. C'mom people.

by Close enough...reply 4307/24/2012

Willis was the white neighbor.

by Close enough...reply 4407/24/2012

Here was the closing theme. FF to the 13:20 mark, and you'll be humming it all night!

by Close enough...reply 4507/24/2012

And now Chad Everett too.

All our 70s TV friends...

by Close enough...reply 4607/24/2012

I think the second Lionel said in an interview he is a gay ex-druggie and (I think) living with HIV

by Close enough...reply 4707/24/2012

I love Chat Everett :-(

by Close enough...reply 4807/24/2012

Now Chad Everett has passed! Very surprised by this because he always looked fit. But I guess he was an alcholic and a republican and drove Lily Tomlin from the set of the Dick Cavett Show with his misogyny. Strange. Wasn't Lyle Waggoner also extremely misogynistic? The ladies loved them. I was always a fan of the boss John(?) Daly. His was the first gay scandal I remember besides the Rock Hudson/Gomer Pyle rumor. Anyway, it seems Chad was kind of a jerk. Too bad. He was always so cute. My other crush from that period James McArthur also wound up dying unexpectedly.

by Close enough...reply 4907/24/2012

He's with dear poor Dana Plato now.

by Close enough...reply 5007/24/2012

Everyone knew Plato was doomed. It was a 'so it finally happened' occurance.

by Close enough...reply 5107/24/2012

And yet another member of the 74 club.

by Close enough...reply 5207/24/2012

Everett was a religious movie of the week host for TBN. Wasn't he also the originator of the phrase "I'm not a doctor but I play one on TV"? A huckster to the end.

by Close enough...reply 5307/24/2012

He played a gay cop on Cold Case. He still looked good for his age.

by Close enough...reply 5407/24/2012

I will miss Sherman Hemsley.

I just have to watch the reruns now.

by Close enough...reply 5507/24/2012

He was like all WEEZY!! And then he was gone.

by Close enough...reply 5607/24/2012

Sherman Hemsley in PURLIE

by Close enough...reply 5707/24/2012

The man could groove.

by Close enough...reply 5807/24/2012

The man could groove.

by Close enough...reply 5907/24/2012

Hemsley was totally gay. I sat next to him on a plane years ago and it was very obvious. He wasn't closeted in his private life.

by Close enough...reply 6007/24/2012

My mother grew up with Lionel 2. They used to play together as kids.

John Amos was only a few years older than Jimmy Walker too, so that's something Good Times and The Jeffersons have in common, other than Mike Evans (Lionel 1) was a co-creator of Good Times.

by Close enough...reply 6107/24/2012

Mike Evans was definitely the better Lionel. He returned to the show after a few years but by then, Lionel and Jenny were being phased out.

Lionel Jefferson also has the distinction of being onscreen BEFORE Archie Bunker in the pilot of "All in the Family."

by Close enough...reply 6207/25/2012

I read that he actually lived on the East Side of El Paso. So, he did actually move on up to the East Side.

by Close enough...reply 6307/26/2012

NPR did a ten minute story on him and never once mentioned his personal life. I was disappointed.

by Close enough...reply 6407/28/2012

R20 -- if you're asking why the show's producers chose that building, I don't know. But they ran the pilot of the show (part of a marathon IHO Hemsley) and Jefferson mentions his newest store is on the first floor of the building they've just moved into.

by Close enough...reply 6507/30/2012

Did anyone ever get around to burying him yet?

by Close enough...reply 6612/29/2012
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