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Brony or Bronies - Bro's who are into My Little Pony

I was listening to Howard Stern and he was talking about ComicCon and started talking about something called BronyCon.

I thought this was freaking hysterical .... 4000 men went to a My Little Pony Conference? And Cloppers - people who like pony porn....


by Sweet Pony Assreply 3710/19/2013

I heard this on Stern too. Did they say that it's only men who attend? I was wondering that afterwards - I must have missed it if they specified. But I remember it was only men that they interviewed. Maybe that's why it's 'bro'ny.

I thought it was interesting that those dudes would consent to being interviewed about their fetish. It seems like something they'd be inclined to keep to themselves - not that there's anything wrong it.

by Sweet Pony Assreply 107/21/2012

I feel sorry for them.

by Sweet Pony Assreply 207/21/2012

Is it "men" who are Bronies, or just teen boys?

I know that 4chan loooves the current Pony show, "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic".

As an animation fan, I gave the show a chance, but it was dull and childish like any other cartoon aimed at children. I've no idea why those weirdos love it so much.

by Sweet Pony Assreply 307/21/2012

It's teen boys and people with the emotional maturity of teen boys, so yeah, 4chan types of all ages. I can see enjoying the show despite not being a member of the target demo if you watch it with your kid, or if you're a middle-schooler home from school, but yeah, it's not good enough to inspire such devotion from adults. What is?

I wouldn't judge, but bronies can be hilariously defensive about their love for a cartoon aimed at four-year-olds, like to the point where they try to paint it as [italic]too good[/italic] for the little girls My Little Pony is and always has been made for.

by Sweet Pony Assreply 407/21/2012

Bro's = Brothers.

There were 4000 men at the BronyCon

by Sweet Pony Assreply 507/21/2012

Well he wasn't making it up! I just googled and here is the BronyCon schedule.

I guess if we are going to make fun of MichFest lesbians, then BronyCon is more than fair game.

by Sweet Pony Assreply 607/21/2012

There are females at Bronycon, so it doesn't make sense that the 'bro' means guy pony fans.

The banner of the link that r6 attached is rainbow colored, so I assumed that meant gay & lesbian - but do the rainbow colors mean something in the world of My Pretty Pony? Is it like Rainbow Brite?

I'm finding it hard to believe that straight adult males are into these characters.

by Sweet Pony Assreply 707/21/2012

Wait. I can't get past the fact that you listen to Howard Stern.

by Sweet Pony Assreply 807/21/2012

This is the video you want

by Sweet Pony Assreply 907/21/2012

Brony on the land!

by Sweet Pony Assreply 1007/21/2012

I am puking sparkles, plastic hooflets and pink Chinese angel hair.

by Sweet Pony Assreply 1107/21/2012

Cloppers and Bronies? Anyone read Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty Trilogy - where Tristan and the other "ponies" march around with ponytail plugs up their butts.

by Sweet Pony Assreply 1207/21/2012

It's cute. They take their Ponies very seriously.

by Sweet Pony Assreply 1307/21/2012

I find it amusing that in their tips and suggestions for first-timers they mention that convention attendees should take showers and wear deodorant. They also provide tips on how to keep your costume from stinking if you plan on wearing it for multiple days.

I'd have to think twice about buying a ticket to a festival where the attendees need reminders about the most basic personal hygiene.

by Sweet Pony Assreply 1407/21/2012

Stanky Doogle went to town

Farting from his anus

Whenever he got down

The smell was heinous

Stanky doodle, a brony

Stanky doodle dandy

Stanky was always lonely

His favorite song was Mandy

by Sweet Pony Assreply 1507/21/2012

I think Ross Matthews is probably a Brony. I'm sure he has a character that he most relates to.

by Sweet Pony Assreply 1607/27/2012

Richard Simmons might be a fan of My Little Pony.

Friendship is Magic

by Sweet Pony Assreply 1708/26/2012

A memorable episode of "Paranormal State" had Sergey being caught playing with a My Little Pony.

by Sweet Pony Assreply 1808/26/2012

this vid is probably not far from the truth

by Sweet Pony Assreply 1909/02/2012

What's the difference between a Brony and a Klopper?

by Sweet Pony Assreply 2009/02/2012

I got a Brony tattoo.

Brohoof, anyone? Don't leave me hanging. /)

by Sweet Pony Assreply 2109/02/2012

they are so painfully unable to interact in even the most basic social constructs that they should be transferred to an island somewhere where there horrible dysfunction can run its course.

by Sweet Pony Assreply 2209/02/2012

Are you going to get that colored in, R21?

by Sweet Pony Assreply 2309/02/2012

Van Hansis

by Sweet Pony Assreply 2409/02/2012

Can you rent My Little Pony costumes at the Halloween stores?

How do you make sure that nobody has jizzed in them before you?

by Sweet Pony Assreply 2509/08/2012

Jerry Springer included Bronies on an episode.

What's interesting is that according to this article, one of the My Little Pony enthusiasts organized a social media campaign to keep Bronies off of TV programs in an effort to stop people from making fun of them....or something.

by Sweet Pony Assreply 2610/04/2012

This is NOT and eldergay thread... Totally missed out on My little Pony. TG!!!!

by Sweet Pony Assreply 2710/04/2012

Season 3 of Friendship is Magic premieres on Nov. 10th with a special two-part episode.

Twinkle Sparkle and her friends travel to the magical Crystal Empire that has mysteriously reappeared after a 1000 year old curse caused it to vanish. Twinkle Sparkle must find the Crystal Heart to restore the Empire to its full strength.

Twinkle Sparkle??? Is Mariah Carey involved with this show?

by Sweet Pony Assreply 2810/18/2012

Do the Bronies like the Ponies in an ironic fashion or are they serious about them?!

by Sweet Pony Assreply 2910/18/2012

They're serious.

by Sweet Pony Assreply 3010/18/2012

Seth Green is a brony.

by Sweet Pony Assreply 3101/08/2013

[quote]Seth Green is a brony.

That isn't very surprising. I'm sure there are more celebs that celebrate the mane and tail, but Seth has the balls to let it be known.

by Sweet Pony Assreply 3201/08/2013

So sad

by Sweet Pony Assreply 3301/08/2013

AfterElton (Backlot) has a documentary that must have aired on Logo. I don't have time to watch it now so I can't say whether it's informative or a waste of time, but it's about the Bronies.

by Sweet Pony Assreply 3410/16/2013

Okay, I'm familiar with some internet fandoms, and the scary thing is...

Only a small percentage of the fans makes the trip to the conventions. If there are 4,000 at the con, there's probably 100x that number in the fandom!

by Sweet Pony Assreply 3510/16/2013


This is like something Stefon on SNL would have sworn is "a thing" at some hot new NYC club, and Seth Myers wouldn't believe it.

by Sweet Pony Assreply 3610/16/2013

John de Lancie (DOOL and Star Trek: TNG) is a voice on the show. That's what I learned from the documentary.

They stay away from a discussion about Clopping.

There is a lot of mentioning that guy fans of the show are assumed to be gay. But there is very little argument against this being factual. Even the army dude Brony who says people need to get over that perception is likely a gay man.

by Sweet Pony Assreply 3710/19/2013
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