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Missouri Eagle Scout ousted for being gay

Once again, BSA shows its ass.


A Missouri Eagle Scout has lost his job as a summer camp counselor after telling a camp director over the weekend that he is gay.

Kearney native Eric Jones, 19, was asked to leave the St. Joseph camp and stripped of all honors he had earned over the past 10 years.

The Boy Scouts of America affirmed Tuesday that the organization will keep its century-old policy of excluding gay members, despite some public criticism.

The organization said a special committee researched the policy starting in 2010 and after a two-year review, it decided that the policy was best for the Boy Scouts.

Jones said the policy wasn't the best for him. He said his life has revolved around the Boy Scouts of America since he took the oath in second grade.

He said he contemplated his decision for the past seven months, working with the producers of a documentary.

"I was aware of the policy beforehand," he said. "But I thought things would be different. I'd proved myself as a Scout. I had been involved for a little more than 10 years. I had been an excellent example."

He said he was seen differently by the group's leaders after coming out to them.

"I was respected and put in a trusted position," he said. "That trust vanished instantly once I revealed who I was."

The group said its policy is not to proactively inquire about the sexual orientation of employees, volunteers or members.

"We do not grant membership to individuals who are open or avowed homosexuals, or who engage in behavior that would become a distraction to the mission of the BSA," said Alan Frank, the Scout Executive from the Pony Express Council.

Jones is featured in an upcoming documentary called "Second-Class Citizens," that deals with discrimination based on sexual orientation. The moment when he revealed his sexual orientation to Scout leaders was recorded with a hidden camera.

"I hope people are open-minded," he said. "BSA has confirmed their policy. I hope they see the documentary. It's truthfully what I went through."

Jones said despite the decision, he still has a love for scouting.

"It makes me upset that it's gone. It's over," he said.

by Bengali in Platformsreply 1410/06/2012

What's (somewhat) reassuring is the vast majority of the comments are supportive of Eric and gays in general. I guess it won't be too long before the trolls arrive in droves, though.

by Bengali in Platformsreply 107/19/2012

Fuck the boyscouts. It's a proto-fascist, fundie, bigoted organization.

by Bengali in Platformsreply 207/19/2012

Boy Scout Bumps of America

by Bengali in Platformsreply 307/19/2012

You could see his flames from space.

by Bengali in Platformsreply 407/19/2012

Gay as a goose, but rather cute. Single?

by Bengali in Platformsreply 507/19/2012

Tens of thousands of people have signed online petitions to the BSA leaders.

by Bengali in Platformsreply 607/21/2012

Well, he looks gay.

by Bengali in Platformsreply 707/21/2012

They're making an example of him. The subtext is that if you're gay shut up about it, or we'll strip you of your achievements. Total bullshit. They are terrified of the attention this brings, because pro gay or not, parents don't like to put their kids in organizations that are controversial.

I'm an Eagle Scout. So's my partner. Sad that our kids won't be joining.

by Bengali in Platformsreply 807/21/2012


The kid says he KNEW what was going to happen and thought about it for 7 months before "announcing" that he was gay.

He came out as part of a fucking "documentary".

He's an attention whore, darlin'

by Bengali in Platformsreply 907/21/2012

Eagle Scout here. I double dog DARE them to try and strip me of my awards...

by Bengali in Platformsreply 1007/21/2012

There is a petition on to try to force the Boy Scouts into allowing a 17 gay scout to receive his award. He has been denied because of his sexuality. The petition is "Boy Scouts: Don't let your anti-gay policy deny my son his Eagle award"

by Bengali in Platformsreply 1110/06/2012

Welcome to the United Hates of America!

by Bengali in Platformsreply 1210/06/2012

Okay, has it EVER occurred to anyone to start a competing or at least similar, sort of organization for gays only? Outdoorsy; fun; responsible; badges; helping little old ladies across the street: why not a gay-only organization? Different AND better?

I am being serious, BTW...

by Bengali in Platformsreply 1310/06/2012

Hey, R13, that was MY idea!

by Bengali in Platformsreply 1410/06/2012
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