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Just broke up with a straight guy

Just broke up with a straight guy I'd been "dating" for a month. We went to movies, dinner, took him sailing, a Giants game, and went on long walks together on the beach at sunset and talked for hours.

Call me old-fashioned, but I just don't kiss on the first, second, ... or fifth date. But I tried on the sixth. Didn't work out so well.

His name is Greg-o-ree. How many straight guys with incredibly cute butts do you know who call themselves Greg-o-ree? Not "Greg," which is the proper, hetero version. Gregory is pissed that I tried to break up with him and isn't having any of it... "We were never even a couple" etc.. and won't stop texting me. Greg is coming over for dinner tomorrow.

He says this isn't the first time this situation has happened.

I just don't have the time to clean the hot tub or call him Greg-oree, but I can cook a mean lamb shank with couscous.

We will likely watch the All-Stars game after dinner. But I'm not gonna try to hold his hand.

Fuck me, please.

by Newly singlereply 15902/04/2015

What "All-Stars" game? The MLB game from Tuesday?


by Newly singlereply 107/14/2012

6/10. Would read once more.

by Newly singlereply 207/14/2012

LMAO at "All-Stars" game. Fucking Mary. If you're gonna play the sports card, learn the proper words and phrases.

by Newly singlereply 307/14/2012

Serve him quiche and a salad prepared in a salad spinner. They all go gay that way.

by Newly singlereply 407/14/2012


by Newly singlereply 507/14/2012

This BETTER be a troll post. First, you idiot from hell, a STRAIGHT guy doesn't date men. Period. So, whatever the fucking nomenclature you are using or HE is using, it is wrong. Second, your whole story makes sense. You said you just "broke up" with him but you were not even a couple? And, honey, if you don't kiss by the fifth date, there is something SO wrong with you. So, hope this is all a troll post. Otherwise, you are a mess.

by Newly singlereply 607/14/2012

[quote]I just don't kiss on the first, second, ... or fifth date. But I tried on the sixth.

Brazen hussy! You're practically GIVING it away for free!

by Newly singlereply 707/14/2012

We're so sorry, Cassie.

by Newly singlereply 807/14/2012

Sweetheart, I've been there. You have all my sympathy. Get rid of this straight guy at once. Please, learn from my experience: GET RID OF HIM AT ONCE. You will never, NEVER get what you want. And he will take and take and take and take and take, until he has left you with nothing.

It isn't just that straight guys want to take from you and not give anything in return. It's that they want to take everything and leave you with nothing.

Believe me.

I have so been there.


Otherwise you'll end up very very very very unhappy.

by Newly singlereply 907/14/2012

OP, you are a heartless boob. Considering all the love starved gays in China and India you waste your affection on a hetero doodle in San Francisco. It's not as though you don't have a huge oriental population to select a token Chinaman or Hindu-hottie.

by Newly singlereply 1007/14/2012

I once was madly in love with a straigt guy, he played me along for sometime and stole everything from me. I am still not over it

by Newly singlereply 1107/14/2012

Darlin', you're a damn whore!

by Newly singlereply 1207/14/2012

Oh, and I need mental help.

by Newly singlereply 1307/14/2012

Pathetic, op. Completely pathetic, but not undeserved. This is what happens to self-loathing gays who chase after straight guys.


by Newly singlereply 1407/14/2012

Where did the Giants play in June?

by Newly singlereply 1507/14/2012

Jive talking you're telling me lines

And jive talking it isn't a crime...

by Newly singlereply 1607/14/2012

R15, I know you are trying to help, but that's kind of a fail.

The Giants are hosting the Astros at AT&T park tonight. It's the name of the San Francisco pro baseball team as well as your NY football team. Good try though. I'll give you bonus points for your effort.

But you'd certainly think the OP's imaginary straight boyfriend would be watching that game tonight rather than the "All-Stars" (I still can't get over that) game which was played 4 days ago. That's if this weren't an uninspired work of fantasy.

by Newly singlereply 1707/14/2012

You don't need mental help, OP. You need an editor and some humility.

by Newly singlereply 1807/14/2012

Baseball's the one with the small balls and no stupid protective gear, right?

by Newly singlereply 1907/14/2012

r7 wins.

by Newly singlereply 2007/15/2012

[quote]Just broke up with a straight guy I'd been "dating" for a month. We went to movies, dinner, took him sailing, a Giants game, and went on long walks together on the beach at sunset and talked for hours.

Oh, trollerina. You've seen waaaaaaaay too many straight rom-coms. Sailing? Long walks on the beach? In the first *month*? Also, as noted, you clearly know nothing either about sports or the fact that the Bay Area's beaches aren't walking-friendly.

[quote]Call me old-fashioned, but I just don't kiss on the first, second, ... or fifth date. But I tried on the sixth. Didn't work out so well.

Uh-huh. You're quite old-fashioned ... an old-fashioned troll, that is. Seriously, is ANYONE buying this shit?

by Newly singlereply 2107/15/2012

I've seen episodes of Bewitched that were less contrived than this thread, OP.

by Newly singlereply 2207/15/2012


by Newly singlereply 2307/02/2013

I'd like some updates, too, real or not.

by Newly singlereply 2407/02/2013

Okay, R24, here goes:

We had fantastic make-up sex. Unfortunately, we both have necrophile tendencies.....

by Newly singlereply 2507/02/2013

This is worse than an episode of Noah's Arc.

by Newly singlereply 2607/02/2013

I could write a book about my failed relationships with straight guys.

Or at least a good EST ...

by Newly singlereply 2707/02/2013

I never view my straight bros sexually. Don't ruin your friendships.

by Newly singlereply 2807/02/2013

R27 I hate to break it too you, but if you as a guy fooled around with another guy than THAT GUY IS NOT STRAIGHT!!!

Simple logic 101

Real straight guys would fuck a 400lb woman with a smelly pussy and a yeast infection (or at least let her blow them) before they would ever touch another guy

It repulses a lot of them, even if they're not homophobic

by Newly singlereply 2907/02/2013


by Newly singlereply 3007/02/2013

We are sorry, but we have declined your application to be the new head writer for the online version of "All My Children."

by Newly singlereply 3107/02/2013

[quote] Real straight guys would fuck a 400lb woman with a smelly pussy and a yeast infection (or at least let her blow them) before they would ever touch another guy.

The DL definition of "straight" is as accurate as trying to judge one's appearance in a funhouse mirror.

by Newly singlereply 3207/02/2013

[quote]failed relationships

Gee, R29, you don't read too well.

Relationships. With Straight guys. THEY FAILED.

I never said I had sex with them. They were STRAIGHT - gee, maybe one of the reasons the relationships FAILED.


by Newly singlereply 3307/02/2013

For as long as there have been online message boards, mailing lists and chat rooms, there have been gay guys framing their hopeless "relationships" online, hoping that they can draw others into their fantasy, thereby allowing them to believe that what they imagine might actually be real. Lucky for them, there are others online, who are willing to play along, because, you know, if I believe in your imaginary boyfriend, maybe you will believe in mine, when I find him.

OP, if you have any chance in the world with this straight guy, go find a gay guy. Attaining the attainable is much more satisfying than not attaining the unattainable.

by Newly singlereply 3407/02/2013

hilarious thread

by Newly singlereply 3507/13/2013

pic please

by Newly singlereply 3607/21/2013

Pretty sure when OP refers to "All-Stars" he means "Night of 100 Stars". Total boner candy to straight men.

by Newly singlereply 3707/21/2013

Datalounge isnt about Winning, R20. You sound like Charley Sheen.

by Newly singlereply 3807/21/2013

OP, what's your recipe for the lamb and couscous?

by Newly singlereply 3907/21/2013


by Newly singlereply 4007/22/2013


by Newly singlereply 4108/15/2013

poor thing

by Newly singlereply 4208/21/2013


by Newly singlereply 4309/16/2013

Made-up BULLSHIT. Next?

by Newly singlereply 4409/16/2013

OP, are you two still together?

And I think we all know that the OP meant that his buddy is "straight-identified" and not strictly straight-straight.

by Newly singlereply 4509/16/2013

OP: Your pretend bf is a major closet case. You just broke up with a major closet case who is in major denial.

by Newly singlereply 4609/16/2013

Funny to find this thread bumped after so long. It really happened. I forgot all about Greg-O-Ree.

We met at an AA meeting in SF. He would constantly text me, was a cute, single, school teacher, and rather e fee me Nate. I assumed he was gay, and flirting. I made it clear that I'm gay; I watch baseball because I think a lot of the players are hot.

I still think he's gay but was not sexually attracted to me.

by Newly singlereply 4709/16/2013

Just re-read my original post, written over a year ago.

It reminds me how empty and desperate I felt after the breakup of a very L LTR.

Have recently started to fall in love again. BTW, I learned to put out by the second date now or third dates wouldn't happen.

Don't know what ever happened to Gregory, but still have his cell#. Am tempted to text him to ask if he's still not gay, then post the response here, but will just punch and delete instead.

by Newly singlereply 4809/16/2013

I just heard from my "straight" boyfriend from 30 years ago. He's still "straight" (except when he sucks dick).

by Newly singlereply 4909/16/2013

OP - would you mind giving us Gregory's cell? There are only 49 of us.

by Newly singlereply 5009/16/2013


by Newly singlereply 5109/17/2013


by Newly singlereply 5209/27/2013

Madonna's daughter is dating a guy named Timothee, OP.

by Newly singlereply 5309/27/2013

Wow, OP, you're like Taylor Swift in reverse... When does your album drop?

by Newly singlereply 5409/27/2013


by Newly singlereply 5509/30/2013

pic please, OP

by Newly singlereply 5610/07/2013

I picked blue because it's your favorite color Greggie!

by Newly singlereply 5710/07/2013


by Newly singlereply 5810/07/2013

I'm a 30 year old, good looking, masculine attractive gay male and I've come to this realization about straight guys from my own experiences throughout the years:


I've had straight guys, after they find out I'm gay, BEG me to hang out with them, watch sports, hunt and go fishing etc

I had one hot straight dude who was begging to hang out with me and go to a gay bar together

Later tonight I'm meeting up with this new straight buddy of mine at his house to watch some hockey and drink some beer, he's been BEGGING me all week to hang with him while his girlfriend is at work.

He had previously told me that when he was a teenager, he's 21 now, that he experimented with other guys and that he doesn't regret it.

He's also redneck as all hell, but hot in that wife beater way

by Newly singlereply 5910/10/2013

NOW we're talking, r59.

Do any of these friendships ever lead to anything physical?

And please keep us posted about your 21 year old experimenter.

by Newly singlereply 6010/10/2013


by Newly singlereply 6110/10/2013

r59, how did it go?

by Newly singlereply 6210/11/2013

R62 met him at his house, we ordered some pizza and started drinking around 6

He told me his girlfriend would be home by 9:30, while drinking he showed me a book on World War II that he was writing on his computer, he also told me he was in the military briefly and showed me his tats.

I got buzzed enough to tell him that I thought he was hot when I first saw him at work and he replied by yelling "Yes"! He then told me that I was a "really good looking guy" and that I could be a model, and he loved my hair and he asked me what kind of gel I used

Then he told that he wore his best tightest clothes and shaved just for me, because he wanted to impress me.

Long story short, he messed around with a couple of guys when he was younger, he identifies as bisexual and although nothing hapoened that night, because his controlling bitchy girlfriend came home pretty early, were gonna hang together on Saturday night at get drunk.

After his girl came home and started bitching that the place was a mess and that she had a headache from work, we all sat on the couch to watch a horror movie DVD, the girlfriend kept on bitching that the movie was "stupid", Mike (the bi guy) kept farting on the couch and I was dying laughing, and I kept on encouraging him and the girlfriend was not to pleased, saying "ew that's so gross".

The movie ended and they went to bed in the bedroom and I ended up crashing on the couch

I don't think the girlfriend likes me and all the male bonding and fun officially ended when she came home from work.

by Newly singlereply 6310/11/2013

I don't care how much of this thread is true. I'm enjoying the stories and they're turning me on. More, more. But maybe less of the farting. That's not so sexy.

by Newly singlereply 6410/11/2013

R64 it's 100% true, especially the unfortunate part of us NOT fooling around

As far the farting it was hilarious and I was encouraging him by telling him to "do it" and that he had "one good rip left".

Fortunately they were odorless and I got a good fart off and Mike was impressed.

by Newly singlereply 6510/12/2013

please excise the fart stuff out, dude

by Newly singlereply 6610/12/2013

Why did you sleep over?

Where do you think you two will wind up tonight?

by Newly singlereply 6710/12/2013

There are some straight men who come across as gay and enjoy attracting homosexualists. If one is within a two-mile radius of me, I will find him.

by Newly singlereply 6810/12/2013

Give up an example, r68, with some details.

by Newly singlereply 6910/12/2013

[quote]Real straight guys would fuck a 400lb woman with a smelly pussy and a yeast infection (or at least let her blow them) before they would ever touch another guy

Bullshit. Straight guys are not all the same. Some of them want to try gay sex to see what it's like. Some of them will do some things with a guy. Some are gay for play.

Your attitude that gay sex is SO DISGUSTING to them that they'd rather die reflects self-hatred more than reality.

by Newly singlereply 7010/12/2013

I have the opposite problem R69, If a closeted Gay guy is within a 20 mile radius of me, he WILL find me.

by Newly singlereply 7110/12/2013

okay, perhaps a straight dude will try sex with a male once to experiment. but if they try it more than once, they are NOT straight.

by Newly singlereply 7210/12/2013

I'm with R72. "Straight cards" don't have to leave your wallet to turn into "gay cards."

by Newly singlereply 7310/12/2013

R72, don't ruin the fantasy for the ridiculous, desperate queens who like to think that straight guys will go gay only for them, because they are SOOOOO irresistible that everyone wants them.

And yes, R70 , truly straight men are all DYING to sleep with other men. It's society's best kept secret! In fact, they dream about sleeping with you and every other gay man who crosses their path. Now, you keep telling yourself that until it becomes true, sweetie... (hint: keep wishing in vain for something that's completely fictitious, you fool).

by Newly singlereply 7410/12/2013

I guess this is the same troll who keeps posting threads with "straight guy" or "straight guys" in the title. "I Just Fucked a Straight Guy." "I Just Got My Cock Sucked by a Straight Guy." "Why Do So Many Straight Guys Want to Fuck me?" "My Straight Guy Fuck Buddy's Wife Saw Us Tongue Kissing." Stuff of that nature. It's pathetic.

It's very tiresome and not humorous at all. This poor troll obviously is very lonely and has a lot of time on his hands. Poor soul.

by Newly singlereply 7510/12/2013

Obviously they are not DYING to sleep with other men. But it's not like touching another man is an act so powerful that no straight guy could ever do it.

Many gay men had sexual experience with women. They are still gay. Or are you consistent and consider these men forever bisexual?

by Newly singlereply 7610/12/2013

Many gay men have had sexual experiences with women due to intense social pressures. Those same pressures do not exist for straight men to sleep with other men - quite the opposite, in fact.

If he keeps going back, he ain't straight.

by Newly singlereply 7710/12/2013

You know, if we just used the phrase "straight-identified," these threads would have more relevant comments and less semantics.

by Newly singlereply 7810/12/2013

So sad r59

by Newly singlereply 7910/12/2013

Thank you for this thread DL'ers. I am a prodigal daughter who wandered off, inadvisably, to a strange new cyber home. Many months later I find myself sad, empty and yes...lonely. Today, inexplicably I was drawn to visit DL for the first time since February(my membership in still in full effect)and voila! I happened upon this resurrected thread.

It reminded me in short order of what I had been missing: humor, intellect and the art of being clever without coming off like as ass.

I love you Data Lounge Daddy. May I come home now?

by Newly singlereply 8010/12/2013

I have a straight brother. He says any man who has ever had a penis in his mouth is GAY.

Straight guys just don't suck cock. Sorry.

He's not homophobic. I've see gay guys cruise him many times. He thinks nothing of it. Sometimes he laughs.

by Newly singlereply 8110/12/2013

I have a straight neighbor. He says any man who has ever had a hotdog in his mouth is GAY.

by Newly singlereply 8210/12/2013

[quote] I have a straight brother. He says any man who has ever had a penis in his mouth is GAY.

Straight guys just don't suck cock. Sorry.

He's not homophobic. I've see gay guys cruise him many times. He thinks nothing of it. Sometimes he laughs.

That's good for a laugh. In my experience it is straight guys who insist anyone who sucks cock is gay - are in gay and in the closet.

It's similar to insisting someone can't be gay because they have a girlfriend, wife and/or children.

by Newly singlereply 8310/12/2013

I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, 82.

It's not like I asked you to push an elevator button....relax.

by Newly singlereply 8410/12/2013

No, it's not 83.

[quote]It's similar to insisting someone can't be gay because they have a girlfriend, wife and/or children.

BS...married men on the down low is so common, it's discussed by the mainstream.

If a man gives blow jobs, he is not straight. He might not self identify as gay nor bi, but he is deluded if he calls himself straight.

by Newly singlereply 8510/12/2013

You think it is impossible for a straight guy to suck cock? What about for money? Or curiosity? Or is your position that cocksucking is such an abnormal activity for a man that only people with the right genes could possibly do it?

It's a ridiculous argument that putting a cock in his mouth makes a man gay, regardless of his motives or how he feels about the experience.

by Newly singlereply 8610/12/2013

Putting a penis in a man's mouth is not the act that makes a man gay per se. It's the whole having sex with a dude that certainly makes him not straight. It's the gender of the partner, dude.

by Newly singlereply 8710/12/2013

Sorry OP but you are profoundly retarded if you think a straight man has sex with other men.

by Newly singlereply 8810/12/2013

Paint a hundred pictures, am I an artist?

Write a hundred books, am I an author?

But suck one cock...

by Newly singlereply 8910/12/2013

So, if men can have sex with men and still be straight - can I kill someone and not be a murderer?

by Newly singlereply 9010/12/2013

Telex, gents. I'm just telling you what my brother told me. Why get your panties Ina bunch? We tell each other a lot of things...we are very close.

He's a straight man and hangs out with straight and gay men. None of his straight friends have sucked cock.

Why would a straight man be curious about sucking cock?

How many gay women suck cock? How many are curious to try?

Why is it so hard for you...oh, never mind. Enjoy your fantasy world if you must.

by Newly singlereply 9110/12/2013

90 quit being an asshole. George Zimmerman confronted and killed an unarmed kid and was not prosecuted for murder.

by Newly singlereply 9210/12/2013

You know, if we just used the phrase "straight-identified," these threads would have more relevant comments and less semantics.

by Newly singlereply 9310/12/2013

[quote]So, if men can have sex with men and still be straight - can I kill someone and not be a murderer?

Republican reasoning.

Sexual orientation is defined by a person's sexual and emotional desires, not by behavior.

by Newly singlereply 9410/12/2013

Thanks R92. I couldn't help but chuckle at that.

by Newly singlereply 9510/12/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Newly singlereply 9610/12/2013

R94, I tend to agree with you unless said behavior is repeated numerous times.

by Newly singlereply 9710/12/2013

[quote] If a man gives blow jobs, he is not straight. He might not self identify as gay nor bi, but he is deluded if he calls himself straight.

thanks R97 for clearing that up.

It always helps when someone who knows everything about everyone chimes in.

by Newly singlereply 9810/12/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Newly singlereply 9910/12/2013

I only date bi and heteroflexible dudes. Got to be 100 percent masculine.

by Newly singlereply 10010/13/2013

[quote]BS...married men on the down low is so common, it's discussed by the mainstream.

You metric for whether something is true or not is if the mainstream media discusses it?

It must be so difficult for you to believe everything discussed on Fox News and MSNBC.

Rachel Maddow and Bill O'Reilly must give you brain fever.

by Newly singlereply 10110/13/2013

Sorry, r100, that I hit a nerve. Why the bitterness...? It's a difference of opinion, yet you are taking personal offence.



Who knew my anecdote had the power to enrage.

by Newly singlereply 10210/13/2013

You gotta love the way some discussions go on DL.

Someone makes a foolish statement.

Then when people point out how foolish he/she is being two things happen.

1) All of a sudden a statement of fact is simply the foolish person's opinion.

2) People are overreacting to their comment.

My advice - either go away or strap on a pair and defend your foolish position.

by Newly singlereply 10310/13/2013

[R96], sorry but the Kinsey scale concept is too complicated for the typical DL simpleton

by Newly singlereply 10410/13/2013

I love heteroflexible dudes.

by Newly singlereply 10510/17/2013

tell us more stories, OP

by Newly singlereply 10610/18/2013

Sorry r106, don't have any interesting stories, except those I've already posted on other threads.

No news about Greg-o-ree. But I'm thinking about getting sober (again...) and might actually need AA meetings for awhile to do it (dread...) so maybe I'll start texting him.

Going to drink tonight to get the courage to have sex with my married FB, who is also a shy alkie and needs booze to hook-up.

by Newly singlereply 10710/18/2013

pic of these dudes please

by Newly singlereply 10811/01/2013


by Newly singlereply 10911/09/2013


by Newly singlereply 11011/09/2013

Hot thread, dude

by Newly singlereply 11111/11/2013

Dude alert!!

by Newly singlereply 11211/11/2013

I finally texted Gregory to ask him if he's still straight and still sober. He answered yes to both and wished me well.

He's among the most femmy straight guys I've ever met and he has very cute gay face that just smelled fresh baked cookies and has a perfect bubble butt that won't quit. He likes certain stereotypical "guy things" like sports and outdoor activities, but he's also kind and sensitive. I like that combo, and didn't intend to initiate the usual straight-acting vs. self-hating debate. I just assumed he was gay, but I believe that he is not.

My new boyfriend/fuckbuddy is, in contrast, a blunt, butch, hairy bear. When he opens his mouth, power tools (not purses) fall out. Yet he hates team sports and hiking, plays the violin, and enjoys quilting and baking frau pies. He's also a dominant top, which I'm getting used to. Other than his beautiful twinkly eyes with long lashes, I'd never have guessed he's one of the gays until his tongue went down my throat at a party.

My bromance with Gregory was real and affectionate -- except there was no sex. It helped me heal from a bad breakup and the newness of sobriety. I feel a tinge of guilt for dumping him as a friend who wouldn't put out. I also think it's fun to sexually objectify straight men. Karma. Greg is very tolerant and patient, but I still feel that he's a bit of an experienced prick tease.

by Newly singlereply 11311/11/2013

Why do you only seem to get involved with married guys?

There seems to be some self-loathing there.

by Newly singlereply 11411/11/2013

No, I still love him. What more can I do?

by Newly singlereply 11511/11/2013

r114 is the Self-Loathing Troll. r115 is Vicky Carr.

by Newly singlereply 11611/11/2013

R29 Unless there isn't one around.

by Newly singlereply 11711/11/2013


by Newly singlereply 11812/31/2013

HoneyBadgerDC HoneyBadgerDC is online now Member t t Join Date: Jul 2012 Location: Torrance Ca Posts: 2,295 Not gay but want to spend your life with a friend If two friends of the same sex feel like they would be quite happy spending their lives together even though sexually they would continue to seek out the opposite sex should they be allowed to marry? They would essentially be roomates.

by Newly singlereply 11901/01/2014

I agree with r114. Gay guys who seek married closeted 'straights' seem to have a deep problem accepting themselves. probably tied to the alcoholism too OP. have you ever had therapy for this?

by Newly singlereply 12001/12/2014

(R104) When discussing someone's sexual orientation or their sexual activities I only use the Kinsey scale. I only use the words gay, bisexual or straight in a political context.

I think the majority of the world's population are ones, twos, fours and fives, followed by the zeros and sixes, then threes.

by Newly singlereply 12101/12/2014

Glad to see this thread bumped again.

r114, I don't seek any type in particular, but am attracted to bear types -- but don't get to choose who is attracted to me. I don't care if the seem butch or femmy; I just like them big and hairy. If someone seems interested in me, I go for it. It's pretty random, and doesn't happen often anymore at my age.

I totally misread my "straight boyfriend's" intentions. Was pretty confused after the breakup with my partner.

Haven't had any problem whatsoever accepting myself as gay. I do have a problem with being single, a bit lonely, older, and not having many dating options. I don't go to bars. A lot of guys my age either no longer exist, are HIV+, or partnered.

by Newly singlereply 12201/12/2014

very interesting

by Newly singlereply 12307/02/2014

My experience with tis type of man, and yes I've had several now, is that they do not want to kiss. They do not want romance or physical affection. They DO want their own kind of love and companionship with you (only) and to be emotionlessly buttfucked. Not terribly often, and it is best accomplished wordlessly. Simply take their hand and pull them gently to the bedroom, give some simple instructions the first time, then put it in.

Do not talk about it. I cannot stress that enough.

Some people like this, I do; most gay men do not.

by Newly singlereply 12407/02/2014


by Newly singlereply 12507/04/2014

Got that, straight men?

You can't be friendly with a gay guy. He'll assume watching a ballgame with you or grabbing lunch is "a date". Don't bother assuming that making no physical contact with your gay buddy will maintain a platonic, buddies friendship. The gay guy will make a move. Then scream that you are closetted if you reject him. Then, if you try and remonstrate that you like the gay guy as a person and hope your friendship can continue, the gay guy will scream that you, who he now refers to as his "ex" is "stalking" him.

by Newly singlereply 12607/04/2014


by Newly singlereply 12707/05/2014

R126, what about the straight guys who seems to think everything gay guy does is just a ruse to get the straight guy in the bed? This happened with me. Granted I did try to hit on this het guy at first, and he didn't mind, he actually thanked me for picking his spirits up and making him feel like someone could love him. We were pretty good friends at the time, had started a new school in the same class and we visited each other few times a week.

When it came obvious that he didn't really want anything more than occasional cuddling with me I cooled it down and kept it completely on buddy basis. We didn't visit each other that often anymore and there was never absolutely anything romantic or sexual about because I had moved on with new guys and he had his string of girlfriends. Fast forward couple of years when we rarely see each other anymore and just out of nowhere it comes up somewhere that this guy thinks that I'm completely in love with him. I denied it of course because it wasn't true at all, but he seemed to not believe it. I realized that he had probably thought all those years that I was all the time trying to get into bed with him. And that he had probably told to this our mutual friends, too, although no one said anything about it.

So yeah, it's not always the gay guys who are delusional about things with hets. Or hets and hets, I think Kinsey scale is true to a point, and if I've tried something with hets I believe they are bi.

by Newly singlereply 12807/05/2014


by Newly singlereply 12907/31/2014

OP, update us

by Newly singlereply 13008/28/2014


by Newly singlereply 13111/30/2014

Better call the Po-leece on Greg-o ree!

by Newly singlereply 13211/30/2014

OP = n.e.v.e.r.h.a.p.p.e.n.e.d.

by Newly singlereply 13311/30/2014

We want pics!

by Newly singlereply 13412/01/2014

Nothing to update about Gregory. Didn't even think about him during the Giants playoffs or the World Series.

Have forgiven my ex, am at peace, have moved on from him, Gregory, and the married FB (except for occasional sex), too. Time heals. Am possibly now entering a long-distance relationship, so am sticking with the "unavailable" theme.

Don't understand why this thread keeps returning.

by Newly singlereply 13512/01/2014

very interesting update, OP. YOu need to blog, bro.

by Newly singlereply 13612/01/2014

Sorry OP you broke up with a BI or in the closet gay guy! No straight guy dates another man.

by Newly singlereply 13712/02/2014

What a bizarre thread.

by Newly singlereply 13812/02/2014

I like your dating updates, OP.

by Newly singlereply 13912/02/2014

Up-dating... due to Vodka and boredom.,, and since r139 axed.

Continuing to meet great men on mainstream dating websites, but when we meet in person, there's usually mutual disinterest. But when there's been mutual interest, I should have fucked and asked questions later. Would need a blog for that. Especially for -- yes -- the married guys. And the FTM.

Subscribed to hookup sites and that's been working out rather well for me, except that I'd need Barbra Bush's balls to actually meet these guys. But am getting close.

Started going to bars in the last 2 months and had a few tongues rammed down my throat, but refused to go home with them because I know when I've had too much alcohol and that I don't want any STDs.

The married FB is suddenly no longer married and had to get a restraining order. We finally met again this morning for an awesome, sober, fuck session. I'm no longer smitten by him, so getting the job done is easier. Am already liking 2015.

Am becoming slutty again like it's 1982. Prolly should consider doing PrEP/Truvada (am appalled that it's come to this).

I posted this thread 2.5 years ago during a dark time. Looking back, I really do now think that Gregory is gay.

The responses are why I keep coming back to the DL for 20 years.

by Newly singlereply 14001/01/2015

Sure sounds like Gregory is gay.

by Newly singlereply 14101/01/2015

WHY do we continue to try and figure of the workings of the mind of straight men? Because it's so much fun, and remember the "partial reinforcement effect?"

Straight men care about one thing in this world first, last and always ... and that comes before duty honor country mom kids apple pie and all the rest ... pussy. But, in one of the most incredible of life's paradoxes, when pussy is not around they are easily distracted, will do things one would not dare to hope for, and almost always have no guilt whatsoever.

That's pretty much why.

by Newly singlereply 14201/02/2015

However, there are men who do NOT fit this pattern and who are perfectly comfortable having a good (happens to be) gay friend, even a best friend. Keep your hands off this type, and enjoy a good, long friendship.

by Newly singlereply 14301/02/2015

Take me back, my love.

by Newly singlereply 14401/02/2015

I was "seeing" a straight young guy some years back. I secretly loved him but loved his young, fun company more. We went on trips together; spent a lot of time together. Nothing sexual ever happened although I suspect he was closeted and confused. He stopped seeing me because I became a bit clingy and didn't take well to him having girlfriends (which was inevitable). I tried, perhaps too many times, to get him to change his mind but he ignored my messages. I'd give anything to have him back as a friend but it would never be the same I know.

by Newly singlereply 14501/02/2015

Moral of the story: don't hit on straight guys.

by Newly singlereply 14601/02/2015

r146, well, if they are mutually hitting on you, it is all good, bro!

by Newly singlereply 14701/26/2015


Oh man! I'm rolling on that one! LOL

by Newly singlereply 14801/26/2015

Straight guys don't "date" other men.

by Newly singlereply 14901/26/2015

Already posted previously but I LOVE this thread! So glad I found it.

I've had several friendships with "straight" guys where we got close as is described here.

The last one ended 3 years ago. He and I worked together for 4 years. During the first part of our working together he and I would get into the most heated of arguments and then simply make up by apologizing to each other...etc. He once told me that he hated when I was mad at him because he felt so empty deep down in his gut. I thought that was a rather strange thing to say to an openly gay guy coming from a straight guy.

Still we grew closer. We never had sex but there were certain other intimacies towards the end of working together.

One we used to wrestle each other nonstop when we were alone together. It was so hot too because he was better built than me and a complete muscle stud, so of course I always submitted and got pinned.

Then we began hugging each other a lot and both of us were very affectionate towards each other. There were several times when I would be doing something and he would come up behind me, wrap his arm around me and rest his chin on my shoulder. Hell at one point we were listening to music and this song calle "Just A Kiss" by Lady Antebellum came on and he came up behind me, wrapped his arms around me and we just stood there swaying to this slow dancing.

It was bizarre for me and of course a huge turn on.

Eventually we started going out to dinner together...just the two of us and during this time we would discuss sex continually. It got to the point where it was almost awkward because we both realized it was odd that all we did was drink and talk about sex.

In the end, I guess he was simply very comfortable with me and I him.

We eventually went our separate ways and no longer see or hear from each other. But it will always be one of those things that I remember and smile. Like that old saying goes: "Don't be sad it ended, smile because it happened."

by Newly singlereply 15001/26/2015

Very sweet, Dipsy! But why was contact lost? Not even FAcebook?

In just an hour, I'm about to meet an MD who was an officer in the military. Met on one of those, you know, apps. We've been texting for 2 weeks. I chickened out on our first date after he wanted to meet at an earlier time because he has "the kids" that night.

Am keeping an open mind. I suspect he was once "straight". For our age group, this is not so unusual.

by Newly singlereply 15101/26/2015

OP, what happened with new dude?

by Newly singlereply 15201/27/2015

I want to hear more from other gay dudes in which this type of thing has happened?

I've had 4 "relationships" with straight guys that I have ended up being really close.

Any one else care to share. I know there are more.

by Newly singlereply 15301/29/2015

R150, dude, how do you go from that to no longer seeing each other cold turkey?

by Newly singlereply 15401/30/2015

Most males would never admit watching or liking it because it would make them seem unmanly. It has a stigma attached

by Newly singlereply 15501/30/2015


That's another long story in itself.

by Newly singlereply 15601/30/2015

Fascinating story dude

by Newly singlereply 15701/31/2015

Keep this thread going!

by Newly singlereply 15802/04/2015


by Newly singlereply 15902/04/2015
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