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Dallas Season 2

now that the show has been renewed, which character would you like to see return with a big storyline?

by Dave Culverreply 4202/19/2013

I realize my poll does not include later season characters; I'd lost interest in the show after Pam and Donna left.

by Dave Culverreply 107/13/2012

Kit Mainwaring

by Dave Culverreply 207/13/2012

I apologize, R1; I should have included Kit or OTHER as a choice.

It was groundbreaking for Dallas to include a gay character; and I LOVED (I recall) JR telling Lucy to marry him anyway; it would'nt be the first marriage like that.

So rich it was fattening.

by Dave Culverreply 307/13/2012

Bobby's son with Jenna.

I want him to be hot as hell and looking for revenge.

by Dave Culverreply 407/13/2012

Too bad Alexis Smith is dead as are Howard keel and Barbara Bel Geddes.

Jessica Montford was an insane hoot.

But what about Dusty?

by Dave Culverreply 507/13/2012

What actually happened to Jack Ewing and his sister? I know in the "dream season" the sister got killed, but I can't recall what actually happened to them.

by Dave Culverreply 607/13/2012


by Dave Culverreply 707/13/2012

I voted for Donna (it would also be interesting to see the daughter she had with Ray mix it up with this new, younger set), but I'd really like to see Dustry Farlow come back.

by Dave Culverreply 807/13/2012

When they brought Dusty back in the old show he had lost his penis in a rodeo accident. It was one of the things that made me stop watching back in the 80s.

by Dave Culverreply 907/13/2012

I want to see the guy that managed Sue Ellen's lingeree venture. I had such a crush on him. Or that guy with the real hairy chest who used to sleep with Lucy in the early episodes.

by Dave Culverreply 1007/13/2012

I think Susan Howard is a professional freeper fundie cunt now. I'd like to see her fugly self back on TV even less than that nutty alcoholic VP.

by Dave Culverreply 1107/13/2012

[quote]When they brought Dusty back in the old show he had lost his penis in a rodeo accident.

He was injured in a helicopter crash, IIRC, and was partially paralyzed. I think he regained at least a good portion of his sexual functions, as he did get married.

by Dave Culverreply 1207/13/2012

it was classic soap when Sue Ellen's lawyer stated at her divorce trial from JR that Sue Ellen was NOT living in sin with Dusty as he couldn't have sex.

JR REVELED in that; he said to Sue Ellen later something about "long, uneventful nights on the Southern Cross Ranch."


The show continued to call on Dusty throughout the years. First, he and Sue Ellen split, he married a girl named Linda (ironically), then divorced her and picked up with Sue Ellen again on and off.

I read he came back after Linda Gray had left the show but I stopped watching by then.

by Dave Culverreply 1307/13/2012

" used to love the LAND! What happened, Ray?"

by Dave Culverreply 1407/16/2012

Couldn't Bobby at least have a telephone conversation with Gary? You never need to see Gary, but Bobby could call on him to get something signed to thwart JR's plans.

I hate the way Gary, Valene and their family (3 children!) no longer exist in the Dallas universe.

by Dave Culverreply 1507/17/2012

I'm seeing a storyline where Valene sues her plastic surgeon, with Lilimae chirping incessantly over her shoulder about how she warned Val not to go under the knife.

by Dave Culverreply 1607/17/2012

Maybe the could add Betsy, Gary and Valene's daughter to the cast... she and Christopher could get it on, fall in love, etc... ain't nothing wrong with that, right? Christopher's adopted.

Of course, the writers could find some way to make Christopher an actual Ewing and then the wedding would have to be called off!

Bingo - season cliff hanger, because whoever spilled the beans about the kissing cousins would be dead. Who killed the snitch?

by Dave Culverreply 1707/17/2012

R7, I agree, it would be fantastic to have Sly back working for JR.

by Dave Culverreply 1807/17/2012

Agreed it would be fun to see JR call on Sly to help with a scheme.

Bobby just mentioned Gary in last weeks episode. I'm sure they will continue to grow the cast. Cliffs daughter seems o be an obvious choice for me since Cliff has been seen and is still a thorn in Jr's side. John Ross dating Cliff's daughter would drive JR crazy!!!

by Dave Culverreply 1907/17/2012

[quote] I hate the way Gary, Valene and their family (3 children!) no longer exist in the Dallas universe.

How dare you!

by Dave Culverreply 2007/17/2012

Wow, I thought *I* was a "Dallas" obsessive. I don't even remember half of the characters mentioned here!

Top of my list would be Jenna's daughter Charlie and her high school boyfriend Jenna caught her fucking in a hay loft ... who was played by none other than Brad Pitt. Yes, Brad would need to return for the role.

Seriously, I think most of you need to accept the reality that times have changed, and that the vast majority of viewers remember only the original "Dallas" cast, two of whom have passed away. The ratings plummeted in later years, so please, no calls for characters like Callie or whoever the fuck Susan Lucci played to return (yes, I know April's dykey sister killed her).

Realistically, the show needs more villains. I'm totally fine with Mitch Pileggi joining the show full-time, particularly if the producers cast somebody who can play the diabolical-bitch role to a T to be his new wife. J.R. needs a counterpart, and by that I don't mean Ken Kercheval, who really needs to go back out to pasture. How about Diahann Carroll? She's still acting (frequent guest star on "White Collar") and looks DAMN good for her age, plus "Dallas" could use a little ethnic diversity (Elena the "Mexican" maid's daughter, played by an Anglo woman, doesn't count).

Most of all, though, it would address both the pleas of longtime fans as well as deliver the BEST IMAGINABLE cliffhanger if Pam were to finally reappear (only if played by Victoria Principal, of course!). That would not only give Christopher a great plot twist, but also a major one for Bobby and Ann. Anyone else up for Pam and Ann duking it out Krystle-and-Alexis style in the Southfork pool??

by Dave Culverreply 2107/17/2012

I agree that Pam should ONLY come back if Vicky Principal agrees to the role. I don't think she will though. Larry Hagman hated her (apparently) and made her life miserable on the set, and she certainly isn't hurting for cash. Trouble is that with Pam and Jenna, both actresses are barely recognizable anymore. And I really don't think Brad Pitt will be making any guest appearances, although I would love to see Charlie back, played by the same actress, of course.

by Dave Culverreply 2207/17/2012

Joan Van Ark ruined her face. There is no way they are going to have her on Dallas 2.0. I also think that rules out Gary. Although Ted Shakelford (sp?) is currently working. He has a small role on The Young and Restless. There are weeks when he isn't on Y & R. So he could definitely work around that schedule.

by Dave Culverreply 2307/17/2012

They have GOT to add some cast photos to the opening for season 2!

by Dave Culverreply 2407/18/2012

It's confirmed. We will be getting some Gary, Val, and more Lucy in season 2. Maybe some Afton too.

by Dave Culverreply 2510/31/2012

How about Julie Harris? I'd love R16s plot suggestion.

by Dave Culverreply 2611/01/2012

So Gary and Val confirmed but who will Judith Light play?

by Dave Culverreply 2711/01/2012

Judith Light article

by Dave Culverreply 2811/01/2012

R28, she'll be playing a New York ad exec named Angela Bower who moves to Dallas to escape her housekeeping husband and gay son. Add on an over-sexed mother and a step-daughter who is a witch and you've got a woman with a past looking for a fresh start in the Texas wild.

by Dave Culverreply 2911/01/2012

Gay son, you say? That's a perfect storyline for John Ross.

by Dave Culverreply 3011/01/2012

when will Bobby Jr present his hole?

by Dave Culverreply 3111/01/2012

Audrey Landers has already been confirmed as appearing in an episode or two this upcoming season.

by Dave Culverreply 3211/01/2012

Susan Lucci (Sheila Foley/Hillary Taylor)

by Dave Culverreply 3311/01/2012

Cannot wait for January 28th!

by Dave Culverreply 3411/01/2012

r23, Val and Gary are reportedly coming back for a few shows.

by Dave Culverreply 3511/02/2012

Why the fuck was the recent "Dallas Season 2" thread closed?

by Dave Culverreply 3602/11/2013

What ever happened to the relationship with Sue Ellen and the British director/producer named Don Lockwood? He was played by the fabulous Ian McShane

by Dave Culverreply 3702/11/2013

Last year, there was a man who committed suicide in court just like Frank did. I think he was a banker.

I loved when Bobby said to JR, "It's not like the old days when we used to knock 'em back for no reason at all." On the old show, they were pouring drinks in almost every scene.

by Dave Culverreply 3802/12/2013

BUMP for tonight's episode.

by Dave Culverreply 3902/18/2013

I just can't buy Judith Light as Harris Ryland's mother. It's awful casting, age-wise.

by Dave Culverreply 4002/18/2013

Help me with some info. I stopped watching mid-last season. So Christopher is currently married to his cousin. She is Cliff's daughter. I know that Christopher was adopted but it is still kinda ???

What is the deal, I knew she was up to no good, but to knowingly seduce her cousin?

Who is Christopher's real parents? Weren't they real characters from the original series.


by Dave Culverreply 4102/18/2013

Christopher's real parents were Kristin Shepard, Sue Ellen's sister and a character named Jeff Faraday. He sold Christopher to Bobby when he needed money. There is no DNA relation between Pamela Rebecca and Christopher.

by Dave Culverreply 4202/19/2013
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