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For those who still think Andrew Garfield is straight . . .

. . . take a look at these .GIF animations and tell me he doesn't ping.

These remind me very much of Taylor Lautner's fluttering hands last year.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 19609/02/2013

Stone looks so much like Bijou Phillips

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 106/28/2012

The 4 animations on the right of Andrew in the purple shirt are the ones to watch.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 206/29/2012

Only the teenbeat girls and Fraus think Andrew Garfield is straight.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 306/30/2012

He also said this to Teen Vogue recently about Ryan Gosling: "That freaking dreamboat ….. I think I'm more attracted to Ryan than any woman could ever be. I think about him so often. I'm not joking. I have a proper man crush."

Reminds me of when my brother used to use the term "man crush" when he was still in the closet but wanted to express his immense like for another male.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 406/30/2012

The think Andrew Garfield is far, far out of the closet. So much so, he forgets the PR routine sometimes, which would explain the verbal slip ups.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 506/30/2012

that shoulder toss puts me to shame

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 606/30/2012

R5, I get the impression of that situation with multiple actors...

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 706/30/2012

Jesse,Robert,Ryan...Andrew is a right little slut isn't he?

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 806/30/2012

There is no fucking way that guy is straight.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 906/30/2012

Totally gay.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 1006/30/2012

r3,Actually the only ones who are on the Andrew Garfied thread speculating if he's gay are teenbeat girls and Fraus including you.

There is this whole thing on tumblr with girls wishing Andrew and Jesse Eisenberg are a gay couple..they even have a slash fandom..I wouldn't be surprised if some flock over here.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 1106/30/2012

Gay as a picnic basket

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 1206/30/2012

He described some guy as a dreamboat on Leno last night which Leno kind of made fun of....Who was he talking about?...I tuned in late.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 1306/30/2012

direct link to one of the .gifs:

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 1406/30/2012

It's obvious when straight girls who are into gay slash are on DL because they bump these threads:


QAF/Gale Harrold

Andrew Garfield


Adam Lambert

futball Zltan/Torres whatever.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 1506/30/2012

Does he have a stutter?

I saw him on both Letterman and Charlie Rose last week and his stammer made me wonder if he has a speech problem, or if it was just nervous tension.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 1606/30/2012

R12, My guess is Ryan GOsling. See R4.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 1706/30/2012

R16, his throat is sore from all the cock that has been stuffed down it this month

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 1806/30/2012

Oh he's got to be a power bottom.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 1906/30/2012

After seeing R14s gif, I would say Andrew Garfield isn't just gay, he is "Richard Simmons GAY!"

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 2006/30/2012

Here's another direct link, R20:

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 2106/30/2012

R15, my younger brother is an Adam Lambert fan and was really into Twilight for a few years--therefore, I am led to believe not necessarily straight girls bumping these threads.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 2206/30/2012

He's stealing my look and fabulous demeanor.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 2306/30/2012

The gif animations make it look like someone (his handlers?) chained his arms tight to his body and as a result he either does all the hand fluttering with his shoulders or is trying to do some Houdini maneuver to get out of the before mentioned chains.

Adorable gay I must say.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 2406/30/2012

R22, the person saying it's mainly girls posting on this thread is full of baloney. Most of us here are men.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 2506/30/2012

Did Andrew Garfield ever figure skate?

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 2606/30/2012

r22,Your younger brother is just a special case.

I found out awhile back that so many fangirls are on DL when I type datalounge on twitter and these ladies with twilight icons were talking about DL..

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 2706/30/2012

No, R26. He did do gymnastics at some point.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 2806/30/2012

Or maybe he has done figure skating as well. If he has, I've never heard about it.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 2906/30/2012

Yes r13, Randy Andy did describe Ryan Gosling as a dream boat. Leno started to have a little fun by saying those wouldn't be his words, but yes, Ryan is a very handsome man. I got the feeling that Leno finally got the message he might be talking with a gay man and softened his comments. It all started with Leno asking what is a proper man-crush?

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 3006/30/2012

The problem is that Andrew has gone from being a little-known British actor to being a major American film actor starring in a big franchise. That means that he is much less likely to be able to come out than if he were mainly an actor working in Britain, or in theater or supporting roles.

He's also in a different situation from Zachary Quinto, who while being part of a major film franchise, 'Star Trek', is playing the asexual Spock, and is not as likely to be viewed as a romantic lead.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 3106/30/2012

The slash for Andrew/Jesse on tumblr from girls is downright scary. Their ship name from them is called "jewnicorns" .. never heard of gays wanting them to be a couple so bad as these girls..

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 3206/30/2012

Does anyone have a link to the interview these come from? Would love to seem them in context and with sound.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 3306/30/2012

Jesse & Andrew:

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 3406/30/2012

Wow,Jesse has really big hands.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 3506/30/2012

He's as gay as gay can be.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 3606/30/2012

Here's the other photo from that set, R35:

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 3706/30/2012

Is Andrew sitting on Jesse's lap in that photo?

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 3806/30/2012

R31, Andrew Garfield is American...born in the USA. The British thing is a promotional gimmick because he parents moved there.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 3907/01/2012

Spock wasn't asexual in the the first film.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 4007/01/2012

I am a tumblr andrew/jesse fan and yes i am leaving myself open to insult here but with all the photos,interviews,and quotes on show we are really not that delusional.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 4107/01/2012

R39, Garfield is American-British. He has a British accent. Yes he was born in America, but he spent many years in the UK and that's where his career really got started. I think he even won a BAFTA a few years ago.

R40, they may have tried to start some silly sort of romance between Spock and Uhura, but Spock is still basically asexual, particularly with Quinto playing him.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 4207/01/2012

I don't find Andrew Garfield attractive at all.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 4307/01/2012

Yes, r42, Garfield won the BAFTA for his devastating performance in "Boy A":

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 4407/01/2012

So if Andrew spends 2 weeks in Zimbabwe, then he can claim to be American-Zimbabweian too?

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 4507/01/2012

R45 doesn't seem to realize that Garfield spent so many years in the UK that he has a British accent

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 4607/01/2012

I don't know if he is gay, but his girlfriend sure is.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 4707/01/2012

He's about as attractive as Garfield the fat cat who loves lasagna.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 4807/01/2012

did you see him on LETTERMAN? only a gay man would sit in the interview chair like he did.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 4907/01/2012

I saw him on Leno. He did saw Gosling was a dream boat.

I pretty much though Andrew was adorable.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 5007/01/2012

Hollywood has a wicked sense of humor when they present Garfield as a straight guy and not hammer it into his head to act butch at all times during promo interviews.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 5107/01/2012

I think he is young and they told him to beard and he accepted this big career move so he's trying to do what he's told. I get the feeling that Andrew kind of HAS to be himself. I hope to hell he doesn't let them take away his sweetness and change his personality.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 5207/01/2012

He was dating Shannon Woodward for 3 years before the Emma Stone thing. So if he is bearding, he was doing it long before he was famous in America.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 5307/01/2012

If Andrew Garfield wants to be a popular homosexual, he needs butt implants.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 5407/01/2012

R53, how do we know that relationship was real?

And are you saying that a guy who pings to high heavens is straight?

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 5507/01/2012

Okay,we've established his queerness. Now,the next question,top or bottom?

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 5607/01/2012

Bottom, Bottom, Bottom. Come on, give us a tough question.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 5707/02/2012

R56 versatile

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 5807/02/2012

Isn't everyone versatile?

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 5907/02/2012

Main claim "versatile" in a world with 10 bottoms for every top. Supply and demand.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 6007/02/2012

I don't think he's straight.

I have no idea what his sexuality is.

But one can't tell from one's movements, no matter how stereotypical they might be, what one's sexuality truly is; much less tell from a gif.

But you knew that.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 6107/02/2012

Body language reveals as much or more than verbal language. You are obviously not a believer in Psychology as a legitimate science.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 6207/02/2012

R61, no one is saying you can make a definitive conclusion based on those things, but they are definitely strong indicators.

In some of those clips Andrew is fluttering away like Taylor Lautner or Richard Simmons. While it is not 'proof' in the conventional sense that he is gay, it's not exactly the way the average straight guy behaves.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 6307/02/2012

R61, I second your comment.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 6407/02/2012

R64 just got a B+ in "Don't Judge People:101".

Wait until you finish your thesis and have been working for 10 years as a practicing Psychologist. You will see the light. The courses you are taking right now, are "fluff and filter". Your brain is being conditioned for the real stuff in a few years.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 6507/02/2012

Okay, tougher question,how many Hollywood stars have explored Andrew's honey hole?

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 6607/02/2012

I think he resembles David Copperfield in some of the photos I've seen of him.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 6707/03/2012

I think a video was posted here in the past of Andrew with Jesse at a "Social Network" press conference. He was sitting next to Jesse, with his legs crossed, and giggling like a little girl as he chatted with him.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 6807/03/2012

Look at this interview on British t.v., with Andrew, Jesse & Justin.

Look at Andrew's body language, way he is sitting, proximity to Jesse etc.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 6907/08/2012

In the 2nd part to r69's linked interview, check out Andrew's response to the question, "How do you feel about being called a 'cute dork' by Nick?" The beginning of the conversation starts at around 35 seconds into the clip.

"Is he attractive? Is he a handsome fellow? Does he write he articulate in the way he writes?...Either way I'm flattered and moved by that."


Someone tried to interject that it might be short for Nicole, but Andrew doesn't bat an eye about that.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 7007/08/2012

Here is an interview with Andrew and Carey Mulligan. It's a long interview, but worth the watch. I can't decide if he just comes off as "dorky" in it or if it's my gaydar being activated. Check out his facial expression change in response to what is being asked starting at 14:07 or so.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 7107/08/2012

Oops! Here's the link this time.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 7207/08/2012

R72, R71, that boy is gay gay gayer than a goose

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 7307/08/2012

I don't know how old the posters here are, of course, but some of you have not yet learned that butch does not equal straight, and, of course, fey does not equal gay.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 7407/08/2012

When I see fey, I often think gay. I do know that butch does not equal straight.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 7507/08/2012

Here's the link I forgot to add at r70.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 7607/09/2012

Andrew Garfield is an enigma.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 7707/09/2012

Andrew Garfield is a power bottom.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 7807/09/2012

The first Gay Spiderman!

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 7911/23/2012

Oh, did he come out, R79?


Ugh, no. Don't false alarm me, man. I thought I was about to read the most interesting celebrity news in a while.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 8011/23/2012

Look at this one. That is definitely not straight guy body language.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 8111/23/2012


by Jesse Eisenbergreply 8211/23/2012

I mean, yeah, he's British and dated girls. But...idk.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 8311/23/2012

"Oh my god".

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 8411/23/2012

They keep on hooking up these butch American actresses with femme British men.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 8511/23/2012

R82 are you responding to the image at R81?

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 8611/23/2012

Well, I wouldn't call RPatz femme. His favorite thing to do is hang out in freelance lawn-worker attire and get fucked up.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 8711/23/2012

I'm not sure what that means, R87, but Pattinson's mannerisms and over the top girlish giggle are quite femme.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 8811/23/2012

Also, can someone explain to me this apparent butch factor of women. I get K-Stew (that VOICE!), but most of the women described as butch on DL are just kind of weird or strung-out insecure flirty jokester types.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 8911/23/2012

Elton John "dated" girls. He even married one and he is British. At least Elton was more believable as straight at the time.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 9011/24/2012

He is friend with RP and Tom Sturridge, and ALL three of them are rumored to be gay, so this really say something.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 9111/24/2012

He's spastic.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 9211/24/2012

Gay actors are easier to control.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 9311/24/2012

I met Garfield in Shoreditch roughly 2 years ago - he had been in Boy A and Imaginarium but Never Let Me Go/Social Network etc were not too far off. We hung out with him and a few of his mates for one evening.

I'm a straight woman, most of my friends are gay (girls and boys) and I think I've got a fairly good gaydar.

Seemed straight to me, he was actually very low key and sweet. He talked about his girlfriend at the time and how hard he was finding it because he was about to move to the States. We didn't twig who he was until the net day, he introduced himself as Andy, and he was reticent about his work, just saying he was an 'actor'.

We thought nothing of it until Social Network came out!!

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 9411/24/2012

Thanks for the gossip r94

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 9511/24/2012

R94, If you come back--what did he say about his girlfriend and moving? I'm sure it's generic, but it would be like the conversation actually happened to us!

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 9611/24/2012

Just watched the Blu-ray of Spiderman, and I STILL love Andrew Garfield to death!!!!

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 9711/24/2012

hi [96] just that he had a girlfriend but it was long distance, therefore tricky! He was partly moving to the States to try make it work better with her, as far as I recall.

We were playing ping pong in a group of about 10 - there wasn't much one-on-one chat. My main feeling about it was I came away thinking he was a genuinely lovely guy.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 9811/24/2012

Garfield and Stone are cute together for a closeted couple. I hope we'll see a lot more of him yet, and that he'll eventually come out.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 9911/24/2012

Will people please shut up about Andrew Garfield???! He's not attractive, and he's not worth talking about. I'm sick of seeing threads on him talking about the same exact crap, over, and over, and over again.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 10011/24/2012

I'm guessing the girlfriend he was talking about was Shannon Woodward.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 10111/24/2012

Congratulations on being poster 100, R100!

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 10211/24/2012

Long distance relationship....yeah, right. They only ever "dated" through their agents eMail.

Cut and paste those heterosexual dating photos too!

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 10311/24/2012

Poor andrew not a lot you can do about that banana head.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 10411/24/2012

Andrew doesn't have a banana head, he is Jewish, he is circumcised.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 10511/24/2012

[quote]Long distance relationship....yeah, right. They only ever "dated" through their agents eMail.

Cut and paste those heterosexual dating photos too!

Completely wrong. He dated Shannon Woodward.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 10611/24/2012

There are many hetero dating photos of Shannon and Andrew, before anyone really knew who he was, especially in the states. And obviously before the general public could recognise her.

Whether he's gay, who knows, but he kind of seems it. More so recently, I think.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 10711/24/2012

Does a straight guy know how to vogue and do the "Single Ladies" dance?

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 10811/24/2012

R108, how about the way he perches himself up off that chair using his arms? Soooooooo what a 12 year old girl would do.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 10911/24/2012

[quote]Andrew doesn't have a banana head, he is Jewish, he is circumcised.

You have no idea whether he is until he says so.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 11011/24/2012

[quote]Seemed straight to me

R94, he doesn't seem straight at all. Did you see the gifs above? No way does a straight guy act like that. Give me a break.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 11111/24/2012

Well to be fair, R111, my artsy father does those mannerisms. I don't think Garfield is thoroughly straight though.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 11211/24/2012

[R111] yeah I saw them, I also saw him in person. Try being less of stereotype why don't you?! My boyfriend is sometimes camp too... doesn't mean he likes cock. My best friend is gay, and has many problems getting a guy as he is so 'straight acting' and only gets hit on by girls.

Jeeeze thought we were in the 21st century now?

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 11311/25/2012

Why everyone knows Andrew Garfield and other obvious actors are gay and lying about it, is they all try too hard to prove otherwise. Where there is smoke there is fire.

The best way to convincingly closet any male actor, is to just chill out and not constantly hype your heterosexual cover story.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 11411/25/2012

Except, R114, I don't know that Andrew's out or even considers himself gay (yet?). I thought bisexual as well. And I think he and Emma at least had a fling even if they're just friends now. I guess we'll never know for sure.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 11511/25/2012

I have no doubt Andrew considers himself Gay, but officially, he is a pussy hound to the death!

Get with the program R115 or go to IMDB where you will find many, many others just like yourself.

(Rumor his it you can also get a discount on the new Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber CD by clicking on the IMDB link)

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 11611/25/2012

R116 Nailed it

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 11711/25/2012

Andrew needs butt implants before he comes out publicly.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 11811/27/2012

What type of wishful thinking, R117?

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 11911/27/2012

What is it that you mean, R116 and R117

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 12011/27/2012

R119 and R120 oh just you know the fangirls saying he "seemed straight" when it's so fucking obvious that he isn't.!!

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 12111/27/2012

Andrew Garfield kind of flirted with a guy who called into a British talk show he was on during The Social Network circuit a couple of years ago.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 12211/28/2012

So Andrew likes lots of guys then. He is not the relationship type?

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 12311/28/2012

R121, Well given that he was in a long-term serious relationship up until the Emma thing, it's not accurate to just state that he's utterly gay. This isn't a matter of fan girling at all.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 12411/28/2012

The only long term heterosexual relationship Andrew Garfield was ever in, was arranged by his manager for publicity purposes.

Andrew has never had sex with a female.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 12511/28/2012

So by this logic, men who ping must be gay and men who don't ping are obviously straight.

What an old-fashioned obsolete way of looking at sexuality and a way that was handed down to us by straight sensibilities.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 12611/28/2012

Men who have sex with men only are gay.

Andrew has sex with men only...Andrew is gay.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 12711/28/2012

[quote]The only long term heterosexual relationship Andrew Garfield was ever in, was arranged by his manager for publicity purposes. Andrew has never had sex with a female.


Jesus, what a sociopath.

[quote]Andrew has sex with men only...


by Jesse Eisenbergreply 12811/28/2012

One of these days Andrew Garfield will come out as a homosexual. Until then, he will do what ever his agency forces him to.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 12911/28/2012

Andrew would have a much longer career if he stopped lying and told the world he was gay today.

His teengirl age window is over and therefore he is over.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 13011/28/2012

R129, Maybe, but he wasn't forced into relationships with girls during CSSD or with Shannon. If he was pure gay then, he wasn't getting his own memo. And neither were those ladies, in full.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 13111/28/2012

Closeted Gay actors, like Andrew Garfield, sign agency contracts with the bearding arrangements already in place. I wouldn't call it forced anymore than if you sign a new car loan, you are forced to make the payments. It is just business.

Andrews agency contract and Spiderman addendum, to his agency contract, likely included exactly how many times a year he is required to been seen in public with the pre-chosen female and what he was required to say about their relationship.

As an actor, the pretending to be straight, is just another acting gig.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 13211/28/2012

His previous girlfriend, the one who he broke up with during Spiderman, was not a contract or arrangement for bearding purposes.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 13311/28/2012

I think most women do know Andrew Garfield is gay in real life and he would do better by just stopping the clown routine and just concentrating on his acting. He may then actually start getting some serious acting gigs again - like Boy A.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 13411/28/2012

He'll be able to get some pretty decent roles after he finishes the Spider Man movies. He even did a respectable Broadway play while waiting in between these two, come on...

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 13511/28/2012

R128 Are you male or female.?

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 13611/28/2012

I'm a salami, R136. Hopefully my spelling and grammar is ok.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 13711/28/2012

R137 Not a bad effort for a piece of meat.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 13811/28/2012


That is "thank you!" in my native Salamian, R138.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 13911/28/2012

R139 Lol

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 14011/29/2012

Let Andrew pretend to be straight for a couple of years, that way he can bank all that teengirl-frau money. Better a closeted gay actor has their money, then them. They will just waste it on junk food and talk time anyways.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 14111/30/2012

He hasn't even been a favorite among teens and fraus.

And he was straight when he started to become popular, so it might be difficult to have an epiphany later [if he had one] specifically during the time he was supposed to be a superhero lead. That's obviously tricky to manage.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 14211/30/2012

Andrew was working his beard before the Spiderman gig. His agency set him up with a female for his Boy A premiere.

If Andrew wasn't already pretending to be heterosexual, he would never have been offered the Spiderman gig in the first place.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 14312/24/2012

[quote]Andrew was working his beard before the Spiderman gig. His agency set him up with a female for his Boy A premiere.


by Jesse Eisenbergreply 14412/28/2012

Andrew Garfield is straight, from my opinion many guys on here are making the speculation that's his gay because he mentioned someone being his man crush but so did many other male actors/singers in the industry,. As for the stutter/stammer Andrew was bullied at school, he dealt with bullies when he was younger and that lead to more insecurities, he also struggled living up too his parents expectations as his brother is a docter in the uk. He enjoyed reading marvel comics when he was younger. he took part gymnastics which is a very popular sport in the uk having gymnasts such as Louis smith.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 14501/08/2013

these guys are hating.. Lol

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 14601/08/2013

R145, what about the way he pings and the way he is fluttering around in the clips at the OP?

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 14701/08/2013

What-ever, r147. Many straight guys have feminine manners.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 14801/08/2013

Boys and girls, let me tell you the god's honest truth about Andrew Garfield.

What am I about to say is absolutely TRUE.

I have inside information and I am 100% certain of it's veracity.

The truth about Andrew Garfield is:

Whether he's gay or straight, he's not going to fall for anyone here, so move on!

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 14901/08/2013

Not like that they don't, R148.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 15001/08/2013

R145 A fangirl from ontd has lost their way.!!

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 15101/09/2013

Andrew Garfield is gay because, as adults can see, he is a walking talking pride float. But teenage girls can't see that yet, so.....enjoy your Justin Bieber collection and simple life, you will awaken from your teenage coma soon enough.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 15201/09/2013

Still waiting for more proof besides subjective personal opinions... I mean ever a friend who is male hooked up with him, not some subjective GIF where you see what you wanna see. You see the world based on your own issues, it colors and filters everything. So more stories besides the subjective variety based off of your own social conditioning's.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 15301/09/2013

Andrew Garfield should just come out of the closet by dating Taylor Swift.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 15401/09/2013

He's had real romantic relationships with women, and for the love of god...that's a fact. Speculate all you want, because even if you saw sex tapes of him with a women, you probably still wouldn't believe it. Not saying he's completely straight, but you can bet he's not completely gay. And if all guys with feminine mannerisms were gay, probably "effem-inate" wouldn't be a forbidden word on this forum.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 15501/09/2013

R155 makes a very good point.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 15601/09/2013

Sex tapes of Andrew Garfield and a female do not exist, nor will they ever exist unless he is acting.

Gay men, like Andrew Garfield, can not/will not physically perform with a female.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 15701/09/2013

Just re-title this thread:

"For those of you who are heterosexual and female"

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 15801/09/2013

[quote]Sex tapes of Andrew Garfield and a female do not exist, nor will they ever exist unless he is acting.

Gay men, like Andrew Garfield, can not/will not physically perform with a female.

Beyond hilarious.

And I'm not a heterosexual female. And I cringe at being called a "fan". Why do you think there are refutations to your very off statements about this? Maybe I would know. And maybe I'm not going to explain how. Your assumptions are just very fascinating.

If you who insist he has never been with a woman, you obviously know everything. So, why don't you contact several of his industry friends, specifically one who also knew at least one of his girlfriends. Or, maybe you prefer to contact one of his ex-girlfriends directly (though this isn't without risk to you).

Come back to this thread with proof that he has never been sexually attracted to a female. Grandpas.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 15901/09/2013

[quote]you can bet he's not completely gay.

Even IF Andrew Garfield is having sex with women, it doesn't prove anything. Ricky Martin did that, too, as did Lance Bass. They've both talked about it. Gay men have sex with women before coming out.

And if you want an example on the lesbian side, just look at Meredith Baxter, she was married to 3 men and had about 4 kids before coming out past middle-age.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 16001/09/2013

Sometimes I think majority of these points, who state OPINIONS and not FACTS are merely still unconsciously, trying to make homosexuality okay in themselves because it has been so heavily programmed into them, and not the person -Garfield- in this case, the carrier of their projection, that homosexuality isn't okay. So they go after and release and put upon these characters, cardboard cutouts of people they will never ever know, that they are gay, etc, because it still doesn't internally sit right with them that they are, even though they may be out and marching proud. The heavy programming is very deep. Self loathing is not a joke. You are okay. You are enough. The dig up examples of others, with the same LOOK AT ME I'M OKAY, EVEN THOUGH I'M GAY... SEE I'M NOT SO BAD.

Andrew may or may not be. That's not the issue. The issue is really what creates the need in us that really really really want to point it out, and prove either he is or isn't. Everywhere you go there you are. Life reveals you 2 you, at every moment, regardless of how the mind may fool you into believing, You really care if Garfield is str8, gay, bi....

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 16101/09/2013

This thread is starting to scare me now.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 16201/10/2013

If Andrew Garfield just came out, I think he could be the next Neil Patrick Harris.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 16301/10/2013

HA! Fangirls and loonies = GAY MEN on Datalounge. That's it's purpose. You must admit.

R161 is essentially correct. Insisting that he's utterly gay with no proof...more ridiculously that he's never been with a doing the very thing you hate, which probably fucked you up as schoolboys.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 16401/10/2013

Andrew Garfield is Gay. He lies about it because it is the only way he can get the big gigs.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 16501/10/2013

He was actually with his girlfriend before Emma, R165. That wasn't a lie. No way his thing with Emma will last a lifetime, though.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 16601/10/2013

Actors are professional liars. That is what they do for a living.

If Andrew or any other closeted actor, can't convince females he is heterosexual, then he is not considered qualified to be an actor.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 16701/10/2013

He has had heterosexual sex at some point and enjoyed it. Get over yourself.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 16801/10/2013

[quote]He has had heterosexual sex at some point and enjoyed it.

Do you live under his bed? Otherwise how would you know this?

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 16901/10/2013

[quote]Do you live under his bed? Otherwise how would you know this?

For those who claim he's never had sex with a female and repulsed by them, the same question could be posed to you. Except that question would make more sense.

For example, his relationship with Shannon was real. I'm sorry. Maybe he was bi, but it was a years-long heterosexual romantic relationship that was typical of heterosexuals.

It sounds like everyone is mostly going by mannerisms and/or denial that bisexual men exist to "prove" that he's gay. Which is just interesting.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 17001/10/2013

[quote]it was a years-long heterosexual romantic relationship that was typical of heterosexuals.


What is a 'typical' heterosexual relationship?

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 17101/10/2013

R171, You can read that phrase with a LITTLE more snark, and then it's not so MARY!

Underneath such emphasis that parallels some of the personality-disordered posters on here with an unfounded opposite view, that is meant to say, "it was a man and a woman who were sincerely into each other."

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 17201/10/2013

I think R164 R166 R168 R170 R172 is andrew's agent/publicist/manager.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 17301/11/2013

I think R173 is engaging in some wishful thinking.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 17401/11/2013

If you can't make people think what you want them to think, the B plan is to try and confuse them, so they don't know what to think.

Standard schlock from PR training 101.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 17501/11/2013

Then I can't fathom what's with your own terribly vague bullshit, R175.

The fact that none of the gay-huggers in this discussion can even concede that AG had a hetero relationship to a woman he was obviously attracted to, highly suggests that R174 couldn't be more on-point.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 17601/11/2013

Before Andrew Garfield comes out, he needs to get butt implants.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 17701/11/2013

Is his ass flatter than average, R177?

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 17801/11/2013

Andrew has 2 choices now:

1. To come out or

2. to Join Scientology

many closeted gay actors have picked #2

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 17901/12/2013

I think we need to get this thread back on track.

Does anyone know when filming for spiderman starts.?

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 18001/12/2013

R180, we've already had one film. I hope the next one will be the last.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 18101/12/2013

Maybe when Andrew Garfield comes out, he will be the first gay Spiderman.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 18201/12/2013

And why would that be exciting, R182?

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 18301/12/2013

Since he's been in love with at least one woman (more than one, but I'll give you queens a little hyperventilation room), he can't be gay. And again...he could be openly bisexual to the people he knows, yeah? Yeah.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 18401/12/2013

The only love Andrew ever had for a female was platonic. Sexually he is a 100 percent homosexual. Always has been, always will be, but please continue saying Andrew likes women, it is good for his bank account.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 18501/13/2013

R185: Proof, please! Actually...scratch the "please". Provide proof.

If he were 100% gay, he could've just had fake agreements with girls for his entire life. But that was unequivocally not the case.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 18601/13/2013

Opinions are not PROOF. Something, even a friend of mine slept with him, etc, SOMETHING OTHER THEN AN OPINION. No facts.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 18701/14/2013

Waiting for the Smoking Gun to publish Andrew Garfield bearding contract.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 18801/19/2013

Could Spider-Man Be Gay? Andrew Garfield Thinks So:

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 18907/10/2013

EW had an article about it too. Clearly, Andrew has the hots for Michael B. Jordan.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 19007/11/2013

Anyone have a link to the interview those GIFs come from? I'd love to see them in context.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 19107/11/2013

I read that article too. So he likes black cock? Well allllriiiight Andrew!

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 19207/16/2013

I think he just trying to look cute because Emma is right next to nhim.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 19308/11/2013

I really feel bad for him. He should've come out earlier.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 19409/02/2013

This picture explains everything. I really don't understand how could there be such trolls believing that he's straight? How? Aren't they blind?

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 19509/02/2013

[R195]=Miss Gayfield.

by Jesse Eisenbergreply 19609/02/2013
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