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Most Americans would be happy if "Obamacare" is overturned.

With the U.S. Supreme Court set to decide on President Obama's health-care law on Thursday, more Americans say they would be pleased if the law is ruled unconstitutional than constitutional, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

In the survey, 37 percent say they would be pleased if the Supreme Court finds the law unconstitutional, versus 22 percent who say they would be disappointed with that outcome.

On the flip side, 28 percent say they would be pleased if the court rules the law is constitutional, compared with 35 percent who say they would be disappointed.

But pluralities on both questions maintain they would have mixed feelings with either outcome, suggesting that opinion could change depending on how the Supreme Court ultimately decides on Thursday.

What's more, if the law's individual mandate is found to be unconstitutional, 25 percent say that would hurt them and their families; 18 percent say it would help; and 55 percent say it wouldn't make a difference.

by 7411/06/2012

Sorry, link is below:

by 106/26/2012

What does the public think about Cold Fusion?! I'm dying to know!

by 206/26/2012

The survey reveals only that most Americans are entirely ignorant as to how much HCR helps there. For similar reasons, lots of Americans vote Republican even though it goes directly against their personal self-interests.

by 306/26/2012

Most Americans are total fucking idiots who don't know what's in their best interests.

by 406/26/2012

Wow, people are so freaking dumb.

by 506/26/2012

Love it, R2.

by 606/26/2012

Wonder how many people who oppose the Affordable Care Act know what's in it.

by 706/26/2012

Most Americans are selfish fuckers who believe as long as I got mine I don't GAS if you have nothing or if you die.

Most Americans are terrified that poor people of color are going to get a dime of their stinking money. Right after that they're terrified that any poor person in general is going to get a dime of their money.

Most Americans are dumber than dirt.

by 806/26/2012

desperate cunts. So many times I read things like this and thing, the world simply deserves the shit it gets.

by 906/26/2012

How many people on Medicare understand Medicare?

How many people on Medicaid understand Medicaid?

How many people not on Medicaid think they know what Medicaid is?

If HCR is reversed, THEN they will know what they have shot themselves in the foot with this good President and this ACTIVIST Supreme Court.

by 1006/26/2012

Americans are dumber than dirt.

by 1106/26/2012

The trouble with Obamacare, improvement though it is, is that it forces everybody to deal with the very same for-profit insurers that have made American health care the hellish piece of shit that it is. I'd like to have it upheld for the nonce, but if it gets struck down we need to militate for Medicare for all, which is the only sane workable solution, given the tsunami of eldercare that's about to hit. If we leave it all to the for-profits we'll be stacking corpses in the street.

by 1206/26/2012

Stop calling it Obamacare

by 1306/26/2012

A vast number of Americans also believe Jesus rode a dinosaur.

by 1406/26/2012

[quote]Stop calling it Obamacare

I agree. It's demeaning. They already disrespect the hell out of him, and just casually calling his health plan tactics for the US "Obamacare" smacks of sarcasm.

by 1506/26/2012

There was a study recently that said the reason health care costs so much more in America is simply that...the prices for everything are set higher.

by 1606/26/2012

That makes no sense to me, R16.

What are you saying? Please restate another way.


by 1706/26/2012

Let me rephrase r16:

In America corporations are accustomed to a greater profit so which drives the price of everything higher.

by 1806/26/2012

Most Americans are complete retards who don't understand things that will actually help their lives. They just believe in guns and Jesus.

by 1906/26/2012

r19, if that is true then let those who do not want affordable health care seek healing from the Lord and when they are found unworthy of healing, let their relatives mediate their pain with their guns.

Just like Old Yeller.

by 2006/27/2012

[quote]Most Americans are total fucking idiots who don't know what's in their best interests.

As was demonstrated when they elected a community organizer as President

by 2106/27/2012

Most of these people against the health care act are also anti-abortion. Oh, the irony.

by 2206/27/2012

The people who are vehemently against health care will not realize what they have done until they lose their job and their their coverage. We all will get sick eventually.

by 2306/27/2012

Most Americans are against the mandate in the health care package. The one where you are fined if you don't pay for your own health insurance.

The part where insurance companies have to accept pre-existing conditions, most Americans would be for.

It helps to break it down into it's various parts rather than assume Americans are against the whole package.

by 2406/27/2012

[quote]Most of these people against the health care act are also anti-abortion. Oh, the irony.

The majority of Americans are not anti-abortion. The majority of Americans are against Obamacare.

Sorry, but you're wrong. Americans don't trust the government with healthcare. Medicare/Medicaid is a disaster. People are left to die on the streets. They're a nightmare to deal with, as most elderly people will tell you, and families who had to get in touch with the services for their relatives. They're incompetent.

The US government just cannot do it, and most Americans know it. They also don't want to be fined for not having any. That's pretty much what will make Obamacare dead when it reaches the Supreme Court.

I know people rely on Social Security, which basically pays jackshit -- better than nothing I guess, but when it comes to life and death health-wise, the US government isn't efficient enough. Other countries have their issues with a universal health plan, but they aren't as terrible when it comes to running their governments.

Universal healthcare will never become reality in the US -- EVER!

Universal healthcare would make all Americans rely on a government system. Employers are not going to offer an alternative plan when they know government assistance is available. Americans are rightly not going to go for this. You can't have both: either government controlled healthcare, or an employer healthcare system. I'd stick to employer.

by 2506/27/2012

[quote]As was demonstrated when they elected a community organizer as President

Oh, shut up. They elected a governor last time, and you saw how that worked out.

President Obama was able to capture and destroy bin Laden. We should elect more community organizers, shithead!

by 2606/27/2012

"Community organizer" is Republican code-speak for "uppity n------."

by 2706/27/2012

[quote]Sorry, but you're wrong. Americans don't trust the government with healthcare. Medicare/Medicaid is a disaster.

Medicare's approval rating was 79% in 2009.

Medicare beneficiaries are more satisfied with their health care, and experience fewer problems accessing and paying for care, than Americans with employer-sponsored insurance (2009).

88% of Medicare Part D beneficiaries are satisfied with the program and 95% say it gives them greater peace of mind. (2011)

by 2806/27/2012

It's taken over thirty-five years but Americans have been so dumbed down that they will vote against everything that might help them.

In fact they 'll cheer the defeat of "ObamaCare" but if they are shown the same program called something else and without Obama's name on it they approve!

Too stupid to figure out socialized Health Care is good enough for their elected officials but not for the citizenry.

by 2906/27/2012

"Most Americans" don't even know what the provisions are in the Affordable Care Act.

If they're asked about individual benefits enabled by the legislation they are in favor of them.

I blame the mainstream media with its 24 hr. news cycles for not properly informing the public.

by 3006/27/2012

"Universal healthcare will never become reality in the US -- EVER!"

C'mon fess up. You were totally licking your lips as you typed that, right?

by 3106/27/2012

I wish President Obama were king. He could summarily lop off the heads of the fucking dumbasses in this country effective eliminating the South, and lower healthcare costs even more.

by 3206/27/2012

R25, Medicare is HUGELY POPULAR. It's right up there with Christmas and Santa Claus. Even Tea Baggers were carrying "Keep Your Hands Off My Medicare" signs at rallies.

by 3306/27/2012

Most Americans are apparently FUCKING IDIOTS.

by 3406/27/2012

I think "Obamacare" is one of those words that was invented (probably by that slime Luntz) to denegrate the president but IF it's upheld, once people see what's in it for them, the president will be able to claim the word as a positive thing.

My brother has affordable health insurance for the first time in forever (congenital hip dysplasia) since the president's bill passed. Obama will always get my vote, and my thanks.

by 3506/27/2012

You can't fault the "obamacare" flks for being inconsistent. Back in 1993 it was "hillarycare" that was being derided. These pople have no new ideas. None.

by 3606/27/2012

The link says that 37% of Americans say they would not be displeased if Obamacare were overturned.

While that is more than those that say they would be displeased, the fact remains OP that 37% of Americans are not "most Americans." "Most Americans" would be more than 50% of us.

by 3706/27/2012

This graphic is from WHO.

It's from 2000, and I can't find a more current graphic. Switzerland has moved from #20 to #1. The US has moved from second to last to dead last.

It's a graphic of who has the best health care in the country (including accessibility).

So while Americans might not accept universal care, the countries that are, are increasing their overall health and life expectancy. Ours however, is spiraling down into the toilet.

Because it's American to expect sick and dying people to pay cold hard cash for health. It's the American way, goddammit.

by 3806/27/2012

[quote]My brother has affordable health insurance for the first time in forever (congenital hip dysplasia) since the president's bill passed.

How is that? The pre-existing conditions clause doesn't go into effect until 2014.

by 3906/27/2012

75% of poll respondents indicated they were satisfied with their own healthcare. If you are satisfied with the way things are, you are less likely to want to change things (and potentially make things worse).

by 4006/27/2012

[quote]Sorry, but you're wrong. Americans don't trust the government with healthcare.

But they trust the government to unfailingly side with the private insurance lobby, which is otherwise in charge of healthcare.

Great point, dumbass.

by 4106/28/2012

I'm satisfied with my own health care. That doesn't mean I'm against the bill. What the hell does one thing have to do with the other?

Just because I have and am satisified with my healthcare coverage, doesn't mean I don't want other people to be able to afford healthcare, or that I don't think the bill is a lesser evil than no reform at all, if not an ideal, which would have been a onepayer system or at least a public option, way of dealing with it, especially since it was a compromise that was forced on us and was, never let it be forgotten, a Republican idea in the first place.

by 4206/28/2012

"Medicare/Medicaid is a disaster"

A more false statement was never written. This of course is exactly what FOX TV and the $400 million private insurance poured into K street when Obama first introduced a single payer system want you to believe and have succeeded in making the poster of this statement believe along with many others in the US.

Fact is that private insurance did not want to compete with Medicare's 5% overhead (their's is closer to 20%). Fact is private insurance wanted to be able to deny claims- no health care claims should ever be denied if they represent standard of care.

Yes a single payer system would be best, and I think we are headed that way. The reform Obama achieved is of course much like the MA plan- and I suggest you ask those in MA how that is working out (much better than the rest of the country.) And under the Obama plan, Medicare may just eek out the competition state by state and we eventually will have a single payer system.

Point is that the reform that did happen, is sooo much better than what existed and insures another 30 million- leaving about 15-20 million uninsured- and left to be picked up as charity cases of the highest expense by Medicaid state by state which is to say the govt pays anyway without any controls whatsoever. We are headed to a single payer system- but keep in mind private insurance corporations have big $ and that is the real obstable- funneled through K Street.

The poster of the above quote simply does not know of what he speaks, not remotely, about Medicare. I am in the business of health care by the way and Medicare is about 100% easier to deal with than private insurance. Most MDs who build big practices opt out of private insurance entirely and let their patients figure handle it if they chose. Of course they end up with rich patients only.

The word "insurance" should be removed from health care. Health care is a universal right and service of every civilized nation in the world except you guess it- the US.

Todays Supreme Court decision was a move in the right direction. I do not care a wit what most American think- they have been brainwashed by the private in$urance industry and their mouth pieces like FOX News.

by 4306/28/2012

That, R42, is because you are a decent, intelligent and fair person. Many, many Americans are not. They are selfish, greedy and cruel and most of all extremely stupid. During the Republican debates we had a hundreds of people cheering in agreement when someone said the uninsured should die. We live in a country of evil monsters who not only want to keep others from having what they have but especially want to make sure that people of color do not have what they have and would sooner see others die than pay even a penny of their money in taxes so that others can eat, have even a room to live in or so that others can live at all.

by 4406/28/2012

We can't have universal health care in this country because we have to spend $1 trillion on our military-industrial complex and two needless wars.

by 4506/28/2012

Most people don't have the AIDS and HIV like the general population of 'mos.

They feel they can take care of themselves by getting jobs with insurance and not going on food stamps and disability.

They feel if you make enough to pay for insurance you should. And not buy iPhone and iPads and go out drinking every weekend then bitching about having no money for insurance.

It's called having priorities. And rampant unprotected sex in only a right to 'mos.

by 4606/28/2012

Most Americans may THINK they'd be happy if "ObamaCare" is over-turned, but the reality is they'd not end up very happy at all.

They're just too stupid, misinformed, or brainwashed to realize it.

by 4708/18/2012

Stupid and misinformed people update dated threads.

This originated before the SCOTUS opinion and Obamacare has been affirmed.

Go start a new thread with current information r47.

This thread was senselessly reopened.

Are you a sock puppet who just wants the thread title top of the list?

by 4808/18/2012

Oddly, the polls on this subject have been widely mis-reported. It is not true that a majority of American are opposed to Obamacare. Only a slight plurality (43% to 38%, with the rest undecided) have an unfavorable opinion.

But much more important is the source of this unfavorability. 51% of Americans either want Obamacare preserved as is, OR EXPANDED(!). Only 40% want it repealed, and they are evenly divided between those who want a substitute Republican plan (of which there is none) or nothing.

by 4908/18/2012

[quote]You can't have both: either government controlled healthcare, or an employer healthcare system. I'd stick to employer.

Assuming you have an employer, r25. My partner and I are self-employed and self-insured. We make an OK buck but at 55 we're already paying $500 each for catastrophic coverage with $2500 each out of pocket until 80% coverage kicks in and then $7500 before we're 100% coveraged. Of course it jumps up about $75 each per year each so at this rate we'll be paying well over $1000 per month by the time we're medicare eligible. And that's assuming we're perfectly healthy. We weren't last year and ended up paying the entire $7500 out of pocket. Do the math. Over $10,000 for basic health care.

It could be worse though. Another friend got laid off and has been working 3 $10/hr just to make ends meet. Her husband can't find work at all. Only one of her jobs includes any sorts of benefits and that only covers them up to about $20,000. He's already had one heart attack which was fortunately covered at her old job but now he has a pre-existing condition and couldn't get any insurance at all except thru her. God forbid anything else serious should happen. It would wipe them out in a heartbeat. And then people like us still would still end up eating the costs thru higher rates.

The current system sucks but people will never get it until they find their own smug backs against the wall.

by 5008/18/2012

Preexisting is already outlawed. Needs to shop the exchanges in their state.

by 5108/18/2012

R51, it's not in effect yet for everyone. Only children.

by 5208/18/2012

R48, you're a douche.

by 5308/18/2012

These are the same fuckers who believe in Angels.

by 5408/18/2012

r53 YOU'RE a cunt wipe.

Start a new thread with a new title.

This, and your shit, is OLD.

by 5508/18/2012

R55 = right wing ObamaCare-basher or something. Certainly a crotchety old control freak and kind of a moron.

Not everyone can post new threads, you know.

by 5608/18/2012

Not everyone can post new threads, you know.

r56, I will take that as an apology and extend my own. Thank you.

If you could start a thread about this topic, how would you re-title it?

by 5708/18/2012

I'm not the one that bumped the thread.

You need to learn how to quote passages (using either quotes, or the quote tag) so you don't look like a moron talking to yourself.

by 5808/18/2012

You need to learn how to quote passages (using either quotes, or the quote tag) so you don't look like a moron talking to yourself.

R58, you are not a moron but you understood the post without the gray box.

But you are a cunt.

by 5908/18/2012

You still need to learn to at least use quotes. They're those things you get when you press Shift and hold the key with the " on it, over there next to the Enter key.

by 6008/18/2012

You still need to learn to at least use quotes. They're those things you get when you press Shift and hold the key with the " on it, over there next to the Enter key.

No I don"t.

by 6108/18/2012

[quote]As was demonstrated when they elected a community organizer as President

Why is the occupation "community organizer" such an excuse for the right wing to blow a gasket. A non-profit career assisting and helping organize working class people, generally in disadvantaged communities to be actively involved in their own civic lives and promote their own well being int he communities where they live.

I would imagine this would be an almost perfect background for any President!

Freepers are bananas!

by 6208/18/2012

The more positive aspects of the act I'd keep:

No ceilings, no denying coverage for pre-existing conditions, and coverage of kids up to age 26.

However the mandate - that I'd scrap.

And honestly - all the give-aways to the insurance companies would have to go.

Then take it and extend Medicare to EVERYONE. Apply best practices etc. But lets not play the health insurance game anymore.

by 6308/18/2012

Lucifer, that's where it's going.

by 6408/18/2012

[quote]However the mandate - that I'd scrap.

Then you're an idiot. That's how the entire thing gets paid for. You clearly don't understand what you're talking about.

And the transition to univeral healthcare really has to be managed better than just scrapping the mandate and then extending medicare to everyone (which is basically putting the mandate right back)... if you're going to put an entire multi-billion dollar industry out of business over night, it's going to have rather large ramifications for the economy. And a lot of that would be chaos, and wouldn't win any friends.

You have to build up to it. You have to start training more medical professionals to meet demand (ACA starts doing that, but doesn't really go far enough), and then keep pushing the administrative margin down (ACA set it at 20%, which is why health insurance companies had to give out billions in rebates). Medicare has it at 4%. So you just, over time, keep notching that down, and insurance company after insurance company will decide to get out of the business, or they're merge into Medicare one by one. A little easier to manage.

by 6508/19/2012

Another reason NOT to resurrect a dead thread.

The SCOTUS said that it is not a mandate but a TAX. So be it.

It will be paid for just as Social Security and Medicare are: through taxes.

No big whoop.

by 6608/19/2012

No, R66, that's not what the Supreme Court said. Sigh.

by 6708/19/2012

"it forces everybody to deal with the very same for-profit insurers that have made American health care the hellish piece of shit that it is."


by 6808/19/2012

OP is stirring shit, most Americans realize that the affordable health act is a long term benefit for everybody.

by 6908/19/2012

[quote]However the mandate - that I'd scrap.

r65 beat me to it. Holy shit r63 I think my heart stopped beating for a few seconds after reading that. Maybe you better think this over a tad more.

by 7008/19/2012

And now the fucking morons voted the dictator back in. They will pay dearly for their ignorance.

by 7111/06/2012

Insurance for everyone does not equate to accessible health care for everyone.

Just because you and your neighbors and friends have insurance does not mean you'll be able to find a decent doctor within 50 miles of your home.

Wait and see who is voting against his own interests. The avalanche is still out a few years.

by 7211/06/2012


by 7311/06/2012

Tee Hee

by 7411/06/2012
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