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Samuel Colt

all the Laughter, All the tears. . ..

the DL Holds Forth!

by Wooferificreply 8712/17/2014

What happened??

by Wooferificreply 106/22/2012

OP, you were supposed to take him aside and let him know it's time to retire the Marky Mark drag and start wearing big boy clothes.

by Wooferificreply 206/22/2012

I think he's hot - out of clothes. He makes some poor clothing decision. And his boyfriend is pretty adorable, but in a buffed twinky tatooed kind of way.

by Wooferificreply 306/22/2012

On the Erik Rhodes thread, some poster really trashed Mr. Colt, basically calling him a psychopath.

Any truth to this, or is it just a dissatistfied Colt customer?

by Wooferificreply 406/22/2012

Gay is Sad..

by Wooferificreply 506/22/2012

Is that all there is?

by Wooferificreply 606/22/2012

From the Erik Rhodes thread:

Brandon Clark's (aka Samuel Colt) ex-boyfriend had to pretend to leave the country, because he was so afraid of his abusive steroid violent behavior.

He seroconverted, then went on to make porn with his tiny dick and beady-eyed mug.

He entered an SF leather competition, solely for self-promotional purposes, and was surprised when he didn't get past a local title. He never did anything for the community, where vain muscleheads sometimes win, but like others, stormed out of a ceremony when he wasn't voted queen of the IML.

He's now promoting his new "husband" another porn whore, as if they're a picture of martial bliss, when they're just PR-hungry whores.

His utter hypocrisy about being upset by Rhode's death is proven by his willing enabling of others in drug abuse and prostitution.

If you met him, you'd know he's a pompous self-absorbed sociopath.

by Wooferificreply 706/22/2012

It seems that gay porn stars change boyfriends and husbands like underwear.

by Wooferificreply 806/22/2012

Thank you!!!

by Wooferificreply 906/22/2012

Oh yeah so I'm the fan who requested this in the other thread. As per clothes, I make an exception for leather, which he looks good in. Don't care for the beard. As for the hate, yeah he is the proverbial box of rocks/bag of hair. Par for the course with hot guys, no?

by Wooferificreply 1006/22/2012

Gorgeous, but kind of short. And not the most exciting porn performer.

by Wooferificreply 1106/22/2012

no, that's odd, you'd think he'd TEAR into the guys he fucks. he's sometimes tepid enough to seem straight.

by Wooferificreply 1206/22/2012

[quote]no, that's odd, you'd think he'd TEAR into the guys he fucks.

You don't have much experience with bodybuilders in bed, do you?

No matter how butch they seem on stage or on the street, as soon as they hit the sheets, their legs fling up over their shoulders faster than a wink of the eye.

by Wooferificreply 1306/22/2012

that's fine, but he also bottoms tepidly too. He's just probably more stand and model-esque. he looks ripe and ready to be ripped into here

by Wooferificreply 1406/22/2012

he's a handy dandy

by Wooferificreply 1506/22/2012

R7 who gives a fuck. He's a god.

by Wooferificreply 1606/22/2012

He's a pathetic piece of trash....Samuel and his loser boyfriend moved to Greece, and now they're in NYC...where the bf thinks he's going to be some white rapper (even though he's failing to garner much buzz).

by Wooferificreply 1706/22/2012

they can do it, they can do it in the rain

by Wooferificreply 1806/22/2012

I think his body is great and I like that his handsomeness is very masculine.

However ... he is a short little fellow and does not have much of a dick.

Good news/bad news type of guy.

by Wooferificreply 1906/22/2012

He probably would agree

by Wooferificreply 2006/23/2012

He looks like a younger version of Jesse Ventura.

by Wooferificreply 2106/23/2012

Hate the nipple piercings, and his dick looks small and dented... and is that a stab-wound in his abdomen or something?

But other than that, he has a mega-hot body:

by Wooferificreply 2206/23/2012

I'd fuck him.

by Wooferificreply 2306/23/2012

A lot of bodybuilders have that kind of scar, r22. Are they hernia scars? I know it's easy to give yourself a hernia if you lift huge amounts of weights.

by Wooferificreply 2406/23/2012

Guys? That's what an appendectomy scar looks like when you have little body fat and lots of muscle mass.

by Wooferificreply 2506/23/2012

I hate how shallow the gay community is. "We" worship a worthless piece of shit like SC, yet rip to shreds any decent guy when he is 5 pounds overweight or reaches the ripe old age of 36.

by Wooferificreply 2606/23/2012

R25, that looks way too high to be an appendectomy scar... which is why I asked in the first place. I've seen more than my fair share.

by Wooferificreply 2706/23/2012

Simmer down, gramps, and start in early on the vodka. It's going to be a long weekend.

by Wooferificreply 2806/23/2012

Drinkie Poos!!

by Wooferificreply 2906/23/2012

Nothing to add except that it's refreshing to have a thread about a gay porn star who is actually, wait for it, gay - and not some gay4pay/bi guy with a wife and three kids.

by Wooferificreply 3006/23/2012

He like Erik Rhodes is clearly out and gay.

by Wooferificreply 3106/23/2012

Trashy whore.

by Wooferificreply 3206/23/2012

Samuel Colt has a lot of nerve disclosing someone else's HIV status. I guess he feels his lipoatrophy tells his story far better than he ever could.

by Wooferificreply 3306/23/2012

r17 is spot-on.

by Wooferificreply 3406/23/2012

His white rapper boyfriend, Chris Portapotty, failed to raise the funds for his album. Poor (literally) kid.

by Wooferificreply 3506/23/2012

he's a cutie

by Wooferificreply 3606/23/2012

Is hat what fit-fat looks like, because he looks like he's trying hard to keep that belly from exploding.

by Wooferificreply 3706/23/2012

Chris Porter will just need to drink more piss and eat more cum at Michael Lucas' if he wants to make that album of his happen.

by Wooferificreply 3806/23/2012

Who's the tall guy at R33?

by Wooferificreply 3906/24/2012

poz sex worker

by Wooferificreply 4006/24/2012

I never liked the way he promoted his cigarettes to little kids

by Wooferificreply 4106/24/2012

He raped people's grandmothers

by Wooferificreply 4206/24/2012

Stose is looking puffy here.

by Wooferificreply 4306/27/2012

He's a whore, darlins.

by Wooferificreply 4406/27/2012

[quote]Who's the tall guy at R33?

I would like to know this too. He's hot.

by Wooferificreply 4506/28/2012

Has Colt made any comments about his quote in the New York Times Eric Rhodes obituary ?

by Wooferificreply 4607/05/2012

Are you kidding? Who do you think started this thread?

by Wooferificreply 4707/05/2012

I'm curious about Chris Portapotty. New thread?

by Wooferificreply 4807/05/2012

R47, no, I did

by Wooferificreply 4907/05/2012

R16= Anton LeVay.

by Wooferificreply 5007/05/2012

Chris Portapotty is from Richmond, VA

by Wooferificreply 5107/05/2012

Is he rapping because he left porn?

by Wooferificreply 5207/05/2012

Supposedly, R52. Too bad Chris/Stose gained so much weight...he won't be able to fit into his wedding dress at this rate.

by Wooferificreply 5307/05/2012

Sorry, I'm lazy and I don't want to read about it .....

What happens to the money you raised when you don't reach your Kickstarter goal ??

Also, if he only needed to earn $ 9K, why didn't he just shoot one new scene. That's the going rate now, isn't it ?? NOT !

by Wooferificreply 5407/05/2012

LMAO, R54! Chris and Samuel hook all around the world and they can't even scrounge up $9,000 for an embarrassing endeavor. I thought porn stars make $250,000 a year!

Anyway, when a kickstarter project fails to meet its fundraising goal, no funds are allocated...therefore, none of the would-be contributors are charged.

by Wooferificreply 5507/05/2012

Ha Ha!

by Wooferificreply 5607/05/2012

He's a cutie

by Wooferificreply 5707/05/2012

Chris Porter (before)

So twinky...

by Wooferificreply 5807/05/2012

Chris Porter (today)...


by Wooferificreply 5907/05/2012

Another meth binge and he'll be back in porny shape!

by Wooferificreply 6007/05/2012

Scott Smith, those sound like your hateful, bitter words at R7. Ever since Samuel Colt asked you nicely to please NOT use his real name on your craptastic blog and then you got your ass kicked about it on THE SWORD, you've been nothing but a whiny little bitch.

Oh wait a minute, you've always been a whiny little bitch so I guess you're just the same as it ever was.

by Wooferificreply 6107/05/2012

See, this is why I like SC. Not only is he hot as hell, but he's a reliable lightning rod for funny drama.

by Wooferificreply 6207/06/2012

HIs ass needs a few more cocks

by Wooferificreply 6307/06/2012

Brandon, shouldn't you be hosting the "small cocks" thread?

by Wooferificreply 6407/06/2012

He should be hosting my averagely-sized cock.

by Wooferificreply 6507/06/2012

For $200, it will.

by Wooferificreply 6607/06/2012

Saw the couple in Chelsea yesterday. At least they aren't mirror images of each other. I used to think Sam was the hottest thing going watching his vids. He is much shorter than I expected and looked thick and fat. Stereotypical, in your face gay exhibitionist, wearing a next to nothing tank top and army boots. He looked like he needs to bathe. Has a handsome face for sure, but beyond his prime. Fantasy is always better than the real thing.

by Wooferificreply 6708/10/2012

Did you grope him?

by Wooferificreply 6808/10/2012

I didn't want to or have to- I have seen the inside of his hole on widescreen on my computer.

by Wooferificreply 6908/11/2012

It's Nice!

by Wooferificreply 7008/11/2012

LOL He sounds like a walking cartoon character...or fire hydrant.

by Wooferificreply 7108/11/2012

The guy pictured with him at R33 is seriously hot.

by Wooferificreply 7208/11/2012

How nice that his "boyfriend" supports him with his work via

by Wooferificreply 7308/11/2012


by Wooferificreply 7409/28/2012

Wish I could find the link, but I came across some twitter argument between SC, Chris Portapotty, and Chris Crocker ("leave Britney alone"). I think threats were exchanged, iirc.

by Wooferificreply 7510/22/2012

I am saddened by how hateful so many of you are. Forgetting about SC, listen to you all tear apart each other over your cock sizes and scars and ages. As if our lives weren't fucking hurtful enough with society denying our equality, you are denying each other acceptance even. I feel bad for anyone who truly believes there is a perfect body out there.

My openly gay nephew took his life last Christmas because his shitty & catty gay friends tortured him over a half inch scar on his face. A HALF INCH! Any of you cynical ANONYMOUS trolls can say all you want..if you can make a joke out of it you're as big a piece of shit as any homophobe, racist or sociopath.

This is a prime example of why I don't get along with some gay men in daily life. You're still children looking to bully someone. I am openly gay and happily married for over 15 years now. I can tell you something right now, those of you slinging insults at each other will always end up alone..and you can call them all 'ugly' and 'little-dicked' and 'POZ whores' and etc all you want because STILL you'll never feel real love from anybody.

Order your 'single' cemetery plots now and beat the rush. HA

by Wooferificreply 7602/22/2013

what the fuck does that have to do with Samuel Colt? and frankly, if you need , or your nephew for that matter - RIP, need tea and sympathy NO ONE in their right mind would ever come to the DL! Would you expect bull fighting in a library? Knitting in a pool hall? NO, so bug off and find a nicer site for yourself.

by Wooferificreply 7702/22/2013

Samuel Colt and Chris Porter in happier times

by Wooferificreply 7802/22/2013

Which one assaulted the other this time?

by Wooferificreply 7906/29/2013

Not a nice guy

by Wooferificreply 8004/24/2014

I just met him, short as hell. HUGE handle-bar mustache now. seemed like a party boy.

by Wooferificreply 8104/24/2014

I asked him for his autograph.

I got a



Roid rage ... ?

by Wooferificreply 8204/25/2014

possibly, he doesn't really strike me a stable.

hes sexy though

by Wooferificreply 8304/25/2014

Could be roid rage [r83] or maybe he's embarrassed that he doesn't know how to write.

by Wooferificreply 8404/25/2014

He doesn't seem that bright either, but he's got a great ass

by Wooferificreply 8504/25/2014

Thanks, at least you noticed my ass.

by Wooferificreply 8605/09/2014

One of my favorite guys in porn. He may be short, but he still is the hot muscle daddy of my dreams.

by Wooferificreply 8712/17/2014
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