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MSNBC rips off Fox News with it's brand new show called "The Cycle".

MSNBC has found its replacement for Dylan Ratigan's show: "The Cycle."

The new program, which the network was set to announce on Thursday, will feature a permanent cast of four: conservative commentator S.E. Cupp, author and pundit Touré, Salon writer Steve Kornacki and former Congressional candidate Krystal Ball. All were previously contributors to the network. The show launches on Monday at 3 PM.

The outlines for the show were previously reported in the media.

The four hosts and Steve Friedman, executive producer of "The Cycle," spoke to The Huffington Post about the show on Thursday afternoon.

Friedman said that plans for the new show began two or three months ago, when Ratigan told MSNBC executives he was thinking of leaving.

"The Cycle" will be an ensemble show; all four hosts will appear every day, with each one taking turns facilitating the discussion. If that sounds like a certain 5 PM Fox News show, the team behind "The Cycle" is well aware of it. In the Thursday interview, Cupp, Kornacki, Touré and Ball all jokingly pretended not to know what "The Five" is, and Friedman flatly rejected the notion that his new show was derivative.

"When 'The Five' started, did you go and ask them if they were doing 'The View'?" he asked. "When 'The View' started, did you ask them if they were doing the 'Today' show?"

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 10812/04/2012

[quote] and pundit Touré....

No thanks. That's all I needed to know as to whether I should avoid this show.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 106/21/2012

What makes it bad is the inclusion of right wing idiot S.E. Cupp.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 206/21/2012

OP, "it's" means "it is." Sigh.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 306/21/2012

Sounds like what would happen if "The View" ladies were all mensturating at the same time.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 406/21/2012

I have no idea what shows are on Fox News, much less which one is on at 5pm. Jeez.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 506/21/2012

What kind of name is S. E. for a TV personality?

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 606/21/2012

They should ditch the last two and call it Toure and One Cupp.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 706/21/2012

R6, I'm guessing it stands for "Shit Eater".

R7, I love Steve Kornacki and Krystal Ball, they are both smart and sharp.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 806/21/2012

Krystal Ball? How about Chandelle Lear ?

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 906/21/2012

It's 'The View' for political junkies.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 1006/21/2012


by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 1106/22/2012

Krystal Ball's name would really annoy me if she wasn't so smart and sharp and liberal. I love her.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 1206/22/2012

In all fairness, Fox rips off MSNBC on the rare occasion that it presents actual news.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 1306/22/2012

If it's going to be like "The Five" then there should be 4 ultra liberal hosts debating 1 drunken frustrated conservative.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 1406/22/2012

S.E. Cupp is the worst kind of hack. She is an atheist who claims that the far-right, anti-gay evangelicals are treated unfairly. She also claims to be gay-friendly, but has written nasty pieces about marriage equality and has catered to the far, far right crazies and groups. She regularly speaks at those really nasty conventions with groups like Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council or people like Michele Bachmann.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 1506/22/2012

[quote]Krystal Ball? How about Chandelle Lear ?

Did her parents want her to be a porn star?

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 1606/22/2012

Krsytal Ball clearly loves the attention because she's married and chose to keep her maiden name.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 1706/22/2012

I wish that Goodfriend guy was on it. I almost drool whenever he is on Ratigan. Total lefty hotness.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 1806/22/2012

Let's hope that the show does pretty well on their first week. It would be terrible for MSNBC if the show bombs for their first week.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 1906/22/2012

I find Toure fascinating and will watch just for him. I was at a cocktail party with him once and totally fell under his spell.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 2006/22/2012

I didn't like Ratigan's show, I couldn't get into all that Wall Street/business talk - I'd rather watch a straight news/politics discussion show.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 2106/25/2012

Anyone watching?

From what I've seen, it's ok.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 2206/25/2012

op, The View is a Fox news show?

Well, I'll be.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 2306/25/2012

Anybody still watching? Personally, I can't stand opinion shows anymore. Just bringing in pretty people shouting superficial soundbites at each other is my idea of a great waste of time.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 2407/02/2012

I'm loving the show. I can't stand S.E. but I love Krystal, Toure, and Steve a lot more. I wonder why MSNBC chose S.E. to be one of the hosts of the Cycle.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 2507/06/2012

Why didn't they just call it "The Menstrual Hut?"

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 2607/06/2012

Why is Toure pretending to be straight. He even married a woman. Anyone with two eyes can see he's a downlow brother.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 2707/06/2012

I have tried to watch it, and not surprisingly, the two people I can't stand are Cupp and Toure.

My prediction is that eventually S.E. Cupp will take over Ann Coulter's mantle. She's stupid, her logic is inconsistent or non-existent, she takes the opposite position from liberals even when there's no benefit to doing so.

She clearly decided at some point that Coulter didn't have enough competition, and she has set out to fill that niche.

And while I often agree with Toure, he's just so self-aggrandizing he's repellent.

I like Krystal and Steve, but have never heard either of them say anything I couldn't have come up with on my own.

I always learn something from Chris Hayes, Ezra Klein, Melissa Harris-Perry, and even that panel show with Alex Wagner, but this afternoon program seems like they brought in the light-weights, so I sometimes check in for five minutes or so before turning it off.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 2807/06/2012

How long will the show last?

Year? Two? Three?

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 2907/06/2012

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

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its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

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its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

its. it's.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 3007/06/2012

first they stole the crawl and then the blondes. Now this.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 3107/06/2012

The show is placing third in the cable news ratings:

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 3207/06/2012

Dang, r32.

I do hope the show will get better in time.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 3307/07/2012

Toure's hair is neatly trimmed.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 3407/11/2012

I'm sure they all wanted to strangle S.E. Cupp when she was whining about the 87 known voter fraud cases in some states. For this she this it's justified to disenfranchise millions of voters. I can't stand her and don't know why she even needs to be a part of that group.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 3507/11/2012

Wait a minute. Toure just mentioned he has a wife and kid.

Toure is supposed to be straight? Are you kidding?

Always assumed he was gay.

Is he married to a woman?

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 3607/11/2012

Apparently, r36.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 3707/11/2012

He got married about 7 years ago and he's always talking about his wife and kids on Twitter. I used to think he was gay too when he used to spar/kid around with Anderson Cooper on American Morning a few years ago.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 3807/11/2012

Well, if Tom Cruise can have a wife and kids, then I guess Toure can, too.

Still want to slap the shit out of him though. He's a fucking idiot.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 3907/11/2012

S.E. Cupp has a tendency to give Krystal Ball dirty looks. Krystal would be saying something and S.E's body language would be thinking something different. I do tend that S.E. might be jealous of Krystal.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 4007/13/2012

The idiot is Cupp not Toure.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 4107/13/2012

Agreed, r41.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 4207/13/2012


by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 4307/14/2012

A clip from the show.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 4407/15/2012

Toure is a fucking moron.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 4507/15/2012

I love Toure, I wish they'd get rid of S.E. Cupp, she's a fool.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 4607/15/2012

[quote]I find Toure fascinating and will watch just for him. I was at a cocktail party with him once and totally fell under his spell.

And what spell was that?! Toure is a cunt.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 4707/15/2012

Whenever Piers Morgan is in a pic with ANYONE, it's pretty clear who the real cunt is.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 4807/15/2012

Sounds like the name of a lesbian band at Michfest

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 4907/15/2012

Here is a clip of S.E. from the show.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 5007/15/2012

Third clip from the show.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 5107/16/2012

Is Krystal Ball being touted as the "sex kitten" on the show? Her smile could make a white man's dick hard any time.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 5207/18/2012

Anybody home?

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 5307/19/2012

R53, quit trying to push this shit. It's not going to work, esp. if they insist on keeping SE Cupp.... not that I think Toure is great, but SE Cupp is an insufferable idiot who belongs on FOX with the other hyperbolic morons who wouldn't know a fact even if it fucked her up the ass.

I saw her a few hours ago on MSNBC to discuss Bachmann's latest bit of batshit crazy, and what does this Cupp moron say "I don't know." and "It's the media." Thanks for playing, cliched, right wing hack.

How the fuck does she have a job anywhere that doesn't include a Hooters outfit or a FOX roundtable (same thing as far as I'm concerned)?

If they think bringing her on will get MSNBC higher ratings because she's so "outrageous" that we watch just to get angry, they're wrong; that shit works on FOX. Most people watching MSNBC lean left, so we're not looking for the dumb, fiction-based views of right wing dingbats.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 5407/19/2012

That's what I wanted to know, r54.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 5507/19/2012

The show will be off for two weeks due to the summer olympics in London. I will be glad to see all of them again. I like Krystal Ball. She's amazing. SE needs to leave the show.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 5607/28/2012

50+ posts and no one mentions that Steve Kornacki is an Out-Proud Gay Man? How far we have come.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 5707/28/2012

I can't believe this show is 3rd in the ratings, unless it is for its time period. I think Alex Wagner's show is decent because she has a changing panel that includes heavyweights at times. I don't really like any of MSNBC's afternoon shows.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 5807/28/2012

Maybe the fact that Steve Kornacki being gay isn't an issue, r57.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 5907/28/2012

[quote]50+ posts and no one mentions that Steve Kornacki is an Out-Proud Gay Man? How far we have come.

Far enough to not need him to wave a rainbow flag. It's somewhat akin to equality for a gay man.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 6007/28/2012


by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 6107/30/2012

I can't wait for the Cycle to come back on next week. I am burned out on the 2012 Olympics.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 6208/05/2012

I'm so glad the Cycle is back on. I love seeing Krystal Ball with her sexy smile. Toure is still my favorite speaker. S.E. Cupp is someone I could do without. Steve Kornacki is doing an excellent job.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 6308/20/2012

Anybody home?

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 6409/11/2012

Why is Toure on here? Something about him annoys me. I like Krystal.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 6509/13/2012

What were Toure's credentials for getting on the show to begin with?

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 6609/13/2012

Kornacki is the reason I watch. He is cute, smart, and openly gay! He needs a bf!

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 6709/13/2012

I like Krystal too. I think a lot of women could identify with her.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 6809/14/2012

Toure is out of his depth on this show. He's annoying. Steve is very smart and sharp.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 6909/14/2012

SE Cupp is horrible. I really dislike her. Krystal Ball is cute. I like her.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 7009/22/2012

Toure comes off like a condescending, insufferable douche even when I agree with them - cannot stand him.

The thing that shocks me is that I always felt Martin Bashir was just another Piers Morgan, but he's turned out to be really great. He will not allow any Rep. hack to give their talking point and just move on without being made to defend that talking point.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 7109/22/2012

I like Toure and generally agree with what he has to say. S.E. is the only one who I can't stand, I don't think they needed a conservative on the panel, I'm sick of hearing from them.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 7209/22/2012

[quote]Kornacki is the reason I watch. He is cute, smart, and openly gay! He needs a bf!

I like to imagine that his wholesome looks belie a real freak in the bedroom.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 7309/22/2012

I dont mind what Toure has to say at all, but that name, like he is Cher or something.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 7409/22/2012

I like Steve Kornacki a lot; a cute nerd is kind of irresistible. Ezra Klein is another one.

If I was a teenager I'd write slashfic with Kornacki, Klein, Chris Hayes and adorably dreamy Richard Engel.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 7509/22/2012

I like the show. There's also family on it

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 7609/22/2012

The problem with all those opinion shows is that the opinionated people are always the same and always just reiterate what everybody knows already. MSNBC (and Fox but also CNN) rely too much on their own talking heads than on subject matter experts. When I read "MSNBC Contributor" I already know that the person has an opinion on everything but is not an expert in anything.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 7709/23/2012

Toure is annoying.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 7809/23/2012

[quote] it's brand new show called "The Cycle".

Sponsored by Kotex

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 7909/23/2012

What kind of serious journalist or serious journalist wannabe has a one word name?

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 8009/23/2012

S.E. Cupp makes me physically angry. I want to hit her. Hard.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 8109/23/2012

@R79: heh. You funny guy.

I think The Cycle is great. SE (Sarah Elizabeth, I believe) Cupp is a typical rightwing hack, but I suppose those on that side of the aisle would say that Touré, Steve and Krystal are leftwing equivalents. Oh well. Think of it as the 24-hour news cycle's answer to The Mod Squad + (a totally useless) one.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 8209/23/2012

Looks like the ratings are a bit better for the show.

I credit Steve and Krystal.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 8309/23/2012

I don't like these kinds of "news" format. They do nothing to advance political discourse. It's not being bipartisan. It's not instructive. It's not even news. Just basically political boxing. This has been CNN's formula and it hasn't worked out well for the network.

CNN thinks it's nonpartisan and unbiased because they have a hack on the left and a hack on the right yelling at each other and spewing talking points. This kind of format is what Jon Stewart was lambasting about in 2004. This was why Tucker Carlson was out of job.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 8409/23/2012

I wonder if there is bickering behind the scenes from the news pundits from the Cyle. Are S.E. Cupp and Krystall Ball fighting with each other? What does Steve Kornacki think of Toure? Just asking.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 8510/13/2012

I never watch MSNBC, they have terrible hosts.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 8610/13/2012

What don't you like about MSNBC, R86?

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 8710/13/2012

I went on YouTube and watched some of the clips with S.E. Cupp. The one titled "Phony Atheist or lying Christian?" is a real eye opener. What an opportunistic, phony bitch. She makes Ann Coulter look sane. What's interesting is the host of the CBN show doesn't look like he's buying her pandering bullshit. She attacks the "liberal" mainstream media for bias against Christians and advocates them rising up as one to fight it. She name drops MSNBC as one of the worst. Two weeks before she started on The Cycle!

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 8810/13/2012

Thanks r88.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 8910/13/2012

Bump this thread.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 9010/13/2012

I watch MSNBC a lot, I love several of their shows but I can't stand this one. I don't like the hosts, individually or together they make me cringe.

There is plenty of news out there, it's easy to skip "The Cycle" in favor of something else or nothing else.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 9110/15/2012

Here is the link for the Cycle.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 9210/16/2012

I like Krystal Ball.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 9310/16/2012

Me too, r93.

Krystal Ball has a very nice personality while S.E. Cupp has a terrible personality. S.E. thinks she's hot stuff while Krystal knows her stuff after running for congress and lost. Krystal is more real with people while S.E. is fake.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 9410/16/2012

Anyone home?

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 9510/19/2012

Krystal Ball announced yesterday on the show that she is pregnant with her second child. She is due early next summer.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 9610/26/2012

Steve Kornacki is great. Cute and intelligent. See his own thread.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 9710/26/2012

At first I rolled my eyes hearing the name "Krystal Ball", but she's pretty sharp.

S.E. Cupp clearly figured out that being a good looking female Republican was her best chance at a solid career.

Toure drives me a bit nuts. Not EVERYthing going on in the world has to do with race.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 9810/26/2012

Krystal is cute. S.E. said she hates her neighbors. I can't imagine how she is in real life.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 9910/26/2012

Love Krystal and Steve. Steve is a real cutie who loves sports and has great taste in music. Hope he finds the man of his dreams.Toure panders to S.E. I guess because he knows he's as despised as she is and almost as shallow. S.E. Cupp is a cartoon character come to life. Daria meets Young Republican. The sexy librarian/neocon. If Veronica was a Rapepublican this is what she would look like. I wonder if she even needs the glasses. I quess that makes Krystal a total Betty:) S.E. Cupp is an Atheist who's open to being SAVED. And hopes that all the MSM types who mock Christianity get smoted in the Rapture "and there is nothing left of them but their shoes". Of course she said this on HANNITY.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 10010/26/2012

Krystal and S.E. gets into shouting matches sometimes. It can get pretty heavy. S.E. will be smirking at Krystal like she's miss know it all.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 10110/26/2012

Toure is so annoying. I try to tune him out.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 10210/26/2012

Steve Kornacki is funny at times and at times he's not so funny.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 10310/27/2012

r103, are you by any chance an undecided voter?

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 10410/27/2012

r104, your remark sounds funny, but it doesn't make sense.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 10510/27/2012

I love Krystal Ball.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 10610/27/2012


by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 10710/28/2012

SE went to Louisiana and interviewed the Duck Dynasty people. Yesterday she and Kornacki got into a heated debated about guns.

by Kimberly Guilfoylereply 10812/04/2012
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