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Owen of SC apparently was wounded in combat

Now bouncing back and competing in the paralympics.

He's still really handsome

by Owen Fanreply 4607/02/2013

Best of luck to him

by Owen Fanreply 106/20/2012

I'm sure he appreciates the porn sites linking to the news and video, thereby ensuring that anyone who ever Googles his name will find out about his gay porn past.

by Owen Fanreply 206/20/2012

This story was posted here a couple of years ago and people claimed it wasn't the same guy.

Has it now been determined that it IS Owen? Is this an update?

by Owen Fanreply 306/20/2012

Still handsome. The highest accolade of all.

by Owen Fanreply 406/20/2012

wish him all the best in life:)

yeah he's still beautiful

by Owen Fanreply 506/20/2012

If this is true, what it should remind us of is that YOUNG AMERICANS SHOULD NOT ENROLL IN THE MILITARY. All that happens is they come home dead or injured.

They are simply used as pawns and cannon fodder by the military-industrial complex in their fake wars for profit.

by Owen Fanreply 606/20/2012

[quote] If this is true, what it should remind us of is that YOUNG AMERICANS SHOULD NOT ENROLL IN THE MILITARY.

Yeah, Owen should have just kept doing porn for Sean Cody. Because we all know how well porn stars turn out.

by Owen Fanreply 706/20/2012

You're an idiot, R7.

I wasn't saying young Americans should do porn - I was saying they shouldn't enroll to fight in wars.

Learn to understand the difference between one and the other.

by Owen Fanreply 806/20/2012

i met him in oceanside about a year ago at a bar downtown.

by Owen Fanreply 906/20/2012

[quote] I wasn't saying young Americans should do porn - I was saying they shouldn't enroll to fight in wars.

If all young Americans refused to enroll in the military, the draft would be reinstated and then young people would be forced to fight in wars.

by Owen Fanreply 1006/20/2012

Beautiful boy, but is it really the same guy that worked for SC?

by Owen Fanreply 1106/20/2012

No, R10.

We could oppose the Draft and avoid it, like at other periods in history. Bottom line is that if millions of people stop enrolling in the military and fight the draft, we can stand up to the military-industrial complex.

No military = no wars.

by Owen Fanreply 1206/20/2012

So he's openly gay, r9?

by Owen Fanreply 1306/20/2012

Details, R9.

1) Is he gay?

2) Is he without his limbs?

by Owen Fanreply 1406/20/2012

First appearance on SC. Just turned 18.

by Owen Fanreply 1506/20/2012

Owen's beautiful ass.

by Owen Fanreply 1606/20/2012

Owen getting fucked.

by Owen Fanreply 1706/20/2012

Makes him even hotter. He NEEDS me. I have that helper complex.

by Owen Fanreply 1806/20/2012

The reason this story is significant is not because he was a porn star who we happen to remember from Sean Cody.

It's significant because it's an example of how a young man who only a few years ago had his whole life ahead of him and who was beautiful with 2 legs, was recruited into fighting fake wars for the military-industrial complex and is now without either of his legs.

It's a reminder of how senseless war is and why it should be opposed.

by Owen Fanreply 1906/20/2012

Oddly enough, SC has introduced Owen II who's a former Soldier with tours in Afghanistan and Iraq under his belt. Kind of weird that they'd slap the original Owen in the face like that.

by Owen Fanreply 2006/20/2012

It makes me mad when they use the same names, R20. Why can't they come up with different ones?

by Owen Fanreply 2106/20/2012

He has a nice herpes sore in this video:

by Owen Fanreply 2206/20/2012

I think R9 posted that in the thread DL had last year. It made sense for 'Owen' to be in Oceanside at that time because the Wounded Warrior games were going on at Camp Pendleton and he was visiting here for them.

That thread included links to pics of him with other participants in the games as well as some other info about his injury. It was really an interesting one.

But DL deleted that thread for some reason (maybe because it linked a porn star with his real life name?) and I suspect this one won't be long-lived either for the same reason.

by Owen Fanreply 2306/20/2012

R23, many porn stars have their real names on the Internet and are not difficult to find, so I don't see why DL should try to hide it

by Owen Fanreply 2406/20/2012

I'm in the military and our commander actually encouraged us to volunteer with the Warrior Games. I wish I would've so I could meet Owen/Ron.

Just because he doesn't have legs doesn't mean he's not fuckable. I totally support the Americans with Disabilities Act.

by Owen Fanreply 2506/20/2012

[quote] it's an example of how a young man who only a few years ago had his whole life ahead of him

Yes, his opportunities were boundless. He went into porn at age 18 and then into the military. If he hadn't lost his legs, he probably would have become a lawyer or maybe a scientist.

by Owen Fanreply 2606/20/2012

If any of his family members or Marine buddies didn't know about his gay porn past, they do now. The video linked at R22, which was posted by the Marine Corps, now has comments from people mentioning his porn work for Sean Cody. So much for the theory that it's possible for a porn star to keep their porn work a secret.

by Owen Fanreply 2706/20/2012

R26, your attempt at sarcasm does not make your non-existent point any stronger.

by Owen Fanreply 2806/20/2012

Yes, avoid the draft, but don't dare run for public office, because those damn liberals will come after you for being a draft dodger.

See how that works?

by Owen Fanreply 2906/20/2012

His scene partner in the following clip also fucked the MMA fighter who was in the news a few months ago, renouncing his gay porn past.

by Owen Fanreply 3006/20/2012

[quote]So much for the theory that it's possible for a porn star to keep their porn work a secret.

pray tell, when was that a theory?

by Owen Fanreply 3106/20/2012

What, R30?

by Owen Fanreply 3206/20/2012

There was a SC model who has a name, was it Bailey? who came out months ago for a big wrestling pow-wow as a possible champion and to the claims that he'd done gay porn he sort of owned up but claimed that it was all a big mistake.

by Owen Fanreply 3306/20/2012

Owen never sucked dick on SC, did he? He just got fucked.

by Owen Fanreply 3406/20/2012

I don't remember, R34. I'll have to check. He did about half a dozen videos. Is it significant?

by Owen Fanreply 3506/20/2012

I remember the original thread. I was one of the doubters at the time, mostly because the photo wasn't very good and was shot from a distance. There was a resemblance but not conclusive, to my mind.

OP's link is a much better imagine of the veteran in question. It does look a lot more like "Owen".

by Owen Fanreply 3606/20/2012

Please put your periods INSIDE the quotation marks where they belong, R36. Doesn't "Owen" at least deserve that?

by Owen Fanreply 3706/20/2012

[quote]Doesn't "Owen" at least deserve that?

I know he'll be offended R37, I really do. However, after all he's been through I'm betting he's a lot more tolerant than he used to be.

by Owen Fanreply 3806/20/2012

Who gives a fuck about an oxford comma?

by Owen Fanreply 3906/21/2012

fuck off R37, oh and I eat shoots and leaves.

by Owen Fanreply 4006/21/2012

owen seems awfully young, but he might straighten out and be a big winner in the future.

by Owen Fanreply 4106/21/2012

That's almost a non-sequiter, R41.

by Owen Fanreply 4206/21/2012

or a non-sequitur

by Owen Fanreply 4306/21/2012

Why doesn't he use "bionic" legs like the other vets?

A Porn Star Reborn!

by Owen Fanreply 4407/01/2013

OMG, he got fat!

by Owen Fanreply 4507/02/2013

What's a Lympic?

And why would you want two of them?

by Owen Fanreply 4607/02/2013
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