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Do You Ever Shop At 99-Cent Stores?

If you do, what kinds of things do you buy there? I buy all my cleaning supplies, paper towels, pens, pencils just to name a few.

by M. Stewartreply 9406/06/2013

Party supplies

Gift bags & wrapping paper.

Cleaning supplies.

Batteries that suck.

by M. Stewartreply 106/20/2012

Your Christmas present, OP.

by M. Stewartreply 206/20/2012

Yes - it's great for a lot of items. The one item that I've never been satisfied with from the dollar store is earbuds for my Ipod. They never sound good.

I'm fascinated by the 'exotic' foods from other countries with foreign writing. I'm too scared to try them though; I'm not convinced that the safety standards are enforced in some of these places. I've started a list for stuff I'll be purchasing on my next visit: hand soap, toothpicks, dish soap, batteries, tea lights.

by M. Stewartreply 306/20/2012

It's the only place to go to find some Tussy deoderant!

by M. Stewartreply 406/20/2012

Spices. Canned dog food. Hand lotion. Bar soap. Scented candles. Tea bags.

by M. Stewartreply 506/20/2012

R5, I hope you're not feeding that stuff to a dog unless you're trying to kill it.

by M. Stewartreply 606/20/2012

dog poo bags

Xmas wrapping and stocking stuffers

Cleaning supplies

by M. Stewartreply 706/20/2012

I buy oodles of noodles and garbage bags

by M. Stewartreply 806/20/2012

Our local dollar store carries Alpo, R6. It's not some mystery generic brand imported from China. It's only a few cents more at the grocery store, but sometimes it saves me an extra trip. Our dog sure seems to like it.

by M. Stewartreply 906/20/2012

No carb Pork Rinds. The grocery stores around here don't carry them.

by M. Stewartreply 1006/20/2012

cool, never knew a dollar could buy anything

by M. Stewartreply 1106/20/2012

Don't buy bottled lemon juice or olive oil there. I saw a report on TV that said these items (and some others) were watered down and did not respond properly if you are using them according to a recipe.

by M. Stewartreply 1206/20/2012

Once. I was passing by and decided to stop in for moth balls (of all things.)

by M. Stewartreply 1306/20/2012

Coffee filters

by M. Stewartreply 1406/20/2012

The one near me has a large assortment of vermin-related products -- mouse traps, roach sprays and powders, rat traps, mothballs, flying insect killer, flea killer, etc.

I presume their usual clientele has a great need for such products.

by M. Stewartreply 1506/20/2012

R9, do you check the expiration dates on the cans? Also, Alpo is kind of the McDonald's of dog food. He may like it, but a brand like Wellness would be far better for him.

by M. Stewartreply 1606/20/2012

Yea I always stop never know what you might find.

by M. Stewartreply 1706/20/2012

I'd go more often if they weren't so crowded all the time.

by M. Stewartreply 1806/20/2012

I do but my 99cent Only credit card is over it's limit. I have to pay cash now.

I buy, loufa's sliced pepperoni in the deli case, onions, lemons and lettuce in the produce area. I also buy Shick underarm deoderant since I like stink, and I've bought a few pair reading glasses that I keep in the bathroom and in the car. Here in LA they get great over runs on various breads and tortilla products.

Primarily I only buy those items that the drug store over charges for and the mentioned food items. I live in quite posh high rise and love showing off my 99cent only shopping bag in the elevator to all the rich wannabes in our building.

by M. Stewartreply 1906/20/2012

Yes R16, I check the expiration dates on every single can.

I'd love to buy her a more expensive brand of dog food, but I'm unemployed right now. Until I land a new job, the Alpo will have to suffice.

I'm sure it's not the best nutrition out there, but it's better than table scraps & it's what I can afford right now.

Interesting that people are so worried about what I feed my dog, but no one has commented about Oodles Of Noodles or No-Carb Pork Rinds or the other dietary horrors that others have mentioned here...

by M. Stewartreply 2006/20/2012

I should have mentioned, I shopped a JC Pennys the other day and I was quite impressed with product quality for the price. Their closeouts are great too. I got couple of labled shirts for 7.00 each. The stores seem to be a cross between Ikea and Target with a fair number of designer and brand name products. It's worth a look.

by M. Stewartreply 2106/20/2012

Dog poo bags. I don't trust any of the food at $0.99 stores because I'm pretty sure they are loaded with chemicals that will kill you.

by M. Stewartreply 2206/20/2012

Wrapping paper and tissue. Occasionally cleaning supplies. Everything else in there scares me tbh.

by M. Stewartreply 2306/20/2012

They occasionally have great name brand chips and snacks, I love the TGIF potato skins chips.

Balloons, goody bags for holidays and candy are a great buy too.

by M. Stewartreply 2406/20/2012

I buy all my food there. Yum yum. I do have this funny feeling in my belly though...

OKay, I wouldn't buy any food there. I've gotten doodads for kids - items for geocaches, toys, puzzles, coloring books, kids' gardening tools, hair bands, comb, anything else that looks fun. It's all cheap crap of course, but I get some mileage out of them for cheap. I do feel a little guilty supporting that cheap throwaway economy.

by M. Stewartreply 2506/20/2012

The UK equivalent shops - Poundland and 99p Store - have a lot of branded goods such as Cadbury's chocolate or Heinz products and save a lot of money. They also have ends of ines or ranges such as Fruit of the Loom t-shirts (plain colours). They are also great for stationery items and cleaning products.

by M. Stewartreply 2606/20/2012

Bread for tossing to the ducks in the creek during my walk -- they're not fussy, but they do seem to love the dark russian rye brand that the 99cent store carries.

Kleenex -- not that brand, but something else that works fine & comes in very pretty boxes with surprisingly good art work.

Small bags of baby spinach -- the supermarket only carries bags that are larger than I can use up (& they charge accordingly).

Hearts of romaine, bag of 3 for 99cents -- from a local farm, nice & crisp -- I can't figure out what's wrong with it!

Canned fruit, some of it name brands -- not dented/broken or expired -- again, I see nothing wrong with it & don't know why it's there.

Little gift bags & tissue, kids' party paper plates & plastic leis & etc for decorations/favors.

Foil boxes/pans with cardboard lids for packing cookies in to take to someone, usually 2 or 3 for 99cents -- line them with a couple of printed paper napkins (from the 99cent store) if you want to be festive -- the recipient doesn't feel obligated to return the pan, which is helpful.

Anything where you say to yourself "why pay more than $1 for this?"

Parking's a bitch & it's crowded, so I only go early in the morning.

by M. Stewartreply 2706/20/2012

Wow. Yours has refrigeration, R27!

by M. Stewartreply 2806/20/2012

I usually buy the same thing I buy at the Grocery Supercenter, but in 1/4 the quality for 1/3 the price of a full size at the Supercenter.....

(The Dollarama Store price trickery is OVAH!)

by M. Stewartreply 2906/20/2012

The .99 store near my house has frozen food--beef, chicken, fish. They all have weird name brands. No way in hell I'd eat meat that only costs .99

by M. Stewartreply 3006/20/2012

Ooh, I forgot to say I got some bamboo spoons / spatulas at the dollar store. I don't buy their plastic kitchen stuff, but the bamboo I've been using for years now.

by M. Stewartreply 3106/20/2012

Is it amazing what food items China can make for 99 cents, even more amazing what they claim these food items are!

I wonder what they are really using and how them make it taste the same?

by M. Stewartreply 3206/20/2012

I bought some hotdogs there once at the dollar store that were marked down to .50, they were tasty I hate to admit.

by M. Stewartreply 3306/20/2012

Yes, R28 -- both refrigeration & a freezer! My old, frail neighbor really does eat like a bird, so I get her the tiny tubs of ice cream & sherbet (2/99cents), which don't take up a lot of room in her freezer while waiting for her to eat them one at a time. She also likes little 6oz-8oz tubs of cottage cheese or yogurt, & small packs of thinly sliced name brand lunchmeat, which she's able to use up before it goes bad.

I'm going to check out the canned pet food -- if they've got nutritious brands for less than Costco & supermarkets charge, that would help a friend's rescue group whose budget depends on donated money to buy food for ferals & fosters.

by M. Stewartreply 3406/20/2012

Halloween candy. We get hundreds of kids trick-or-treating every year.

by M. Stewartreply 3506/20/2012

I bought some chicken kabobs at a dollar store near my ex's once. When we brought them home and cooked them, they shrunk to about half their size. I looked at the package, and the ingredients were several gums and fillers in the chicken. Plus the kabobs had no real taste to them.

I get soap and Splenda and sewing supplies. Nothing else.

by M. Stewartreply 3606/20/2012

Theres a $1.09 king dollar by my house that has a better selection. I love the 2 litre coke, body wash, soap and candy.

by M. Stewartreply 3706/20/2012

I found this at a dollar store in Indio, California.

A wonderful read about a fascinating woman and a pivotal point in contemporary art.

So you never know what's going to show up.

by M. Stewartreply 3806/20/2012

Gardening supplies, especially clay pots

Kitchen utensils - hit or miss, but I found some great steel serving spoons once

Foil pans - if you bake a lot at Christmas, and need extra pans, check a dollar store

Canned goods - I regularly find Progresso tomatoes, which I use a lot in stews

2 liter bottles of soft drinks


odd stuff like clothes pins, shower caps, laundry bags

by M. Stewartreply 3906/20/2012

Ask Laura Bell Bundy.

by M. Stewartreply 4006/20/2012

There 99cent cigarettes were outrageous. They guaranteed they would give you lung cancer. They quit selling them since that would eventually wipe out their customer base. Now their condoms are all seconds and you never know where the little holes happens to be. These brought in to make up for all the customers they killed off with their 99cent cigs.

by M. Stewartreply 4106/20/2012

[quote]Interesting that people are so worried about what I feed my dog, but no one has commented about Oodles Of Noodles or No-Carb Pork Rinds or the other dietary horrors that others have mentioned here...

Because those dietary horrors are being consumed by PEOPLE who are freely choosing to eat them and have the power to make their own food purchases. Your dog, on the other hand, has little choice but to eat whatever you put in his bowl.

by M. Stewartreply 4206/20/2012


by M. Stewartreply 4306/20/2012

Are you a big fat girl, OP?

by M. Stewartreply 4406/20/2012

[quote]Yes [R16], I check the expiration dates on every single can.

They just change the expiration date.

Like Expires 1/1/11 becomes 1/1/17

by M. Stewartreply 4506/22/2012

They're great at Chritmas for bulk wrapping paper, bows, ribbons and gift tags.

No, I'm not a frau, I'm a gay uncle with lots of nieces and nephews.

by M. Stewartreply 4606/22/2012

I get my birthday cards and balloons from there. I always get a nice gift, but I don't see the point of buying a $5 card when I can get one of the same quality for $1.

by M. Stewartreply 4706/22/2012

[R43], you just made my morning. :)

by M. Stewartreply 4806/22/2012

I buy cleaning supplies, like wipes and enemas. I have found they have a great selection of dress shoes and wine. 99c. Who knew?

by M. Stewartreply 4906/22/2012

How can you possibly shop at these places. Can you imagine the type of people that work at those places? I bet some of them only make minimum wage.

They are probably all like, "If I'm poor, I'll do things to these products."

I usually stick to Saks or Neiman Marcus or if I MUST use a discount retailer there is Nordstroms or Bloomingdales.

by M. Stewartreply 5006/22/2012

Dollar stores are great for a wide variety of household items, but definitely not for food products.

by M. Stewartreply 5106/22/2012

The one closest to me has quite a few brand names. Granted, they're brand names I don't eat but people feeding families on a tight budget probably buy Campbell's soup, Hunt's tomato sauce and products like that.

I mostly buy cleaning and laundry supplies there, and also some cooking stuff. A lot of their cleaning and laundry products come in from Mexico. I know which to buy, and most are the same basic products with different names. They sell an off brand of Oxyclean that's exactly the same chemical compound but more concentrated. I use far less product for a wash load for a fraction of the price. The 99-cent stores are great for anyone who is willing to read labels.

Last time, they had a great deal on non-stick Reynolds Wrap, not generic foil, so I picked up a few rolls. They also had Best Foods mayonnaise (Hellman's west of the Mississippi). The expiration date is far enough out for me to use the jar.

by M. Stewartreply 5206/22/2012

I think it was Dollar Tree that used to sell these things, they were like fig newtons, but the filling was blueberry. They were so fucking good. But alas, they dont seem to carry them anymore :-(

by M. Stewartreply 5306/22/2012

My 99-Cent has turned into a $1.29 And Up Store.

by M. Stewartreply 5406/22/2012

[quote]Last time, they had a great deal on non-stick Reynolds Wrap, not generic foil, so I picked up a few rolls.

That's pathetic. Dude you need to get off the Internet and find a real job that pays you money, instead of whatever you have.

Or get two jobs, if you're life has come to the fact you can't buy foil at a store without waiting for a sale, it's time to toss it in.

by M. Stewartreply 5506/22/2012

Nordstrom no s

by M. Stewartreply 5606/22/2012

Who said I had to wait for a sale, R55? Please don't put words in my mouth.

That non-stick foil is good stuff and not always easy to find. If I'm in the 99-cent store to buy bleach and I see a deal on something like the foil, I jump on it.

by M. Stewartreply 5706/22/2012

No thanks, I shop at Tearrrrrget!

by M. Stewartreply 5806/22/2012

They are closer than any larger store so I get stuff that I need right away--detergent, light bulbs, eggs. Then a couple doors away is a little produce market (I live in the country) where I can get vegetables and fruit.

by M. Stewartreply 5906/22/2012

condoms, deodorant, arm & hammer toothpaste

by M. Stewartreply 6007/26/2012

What .99 cent store carry Tussy Deodorant. i cant find it anywhere?

by M. Stewartreply 6111/24/2012

R50 - I'm sure you clutch your pearls with your tight over priced asshole as well.

by M. Stewartreply 6211/24/2012

Snap-off utility knives that I use for my hobby are several dollars each at home improvement stores. At dollar tree, they sell a card of four knives for $1. I also buy gift wrap and gift bags at the dollar store.

by M. Stewartreply 6303/29/2013

My last visit I bought a shower curtain liner and a two-pack of pens. I buy coffee filters there also; last time I believe I picked up a tube of toothpaste and some deodorant.

by M. Stewartreply 6403/29/2013

I buy the same things, household cleaners, disposable roasting pans, pens etc. I dont know if I would ever buy something to eat from there though.

Where I used to live there was this store called 5 Below. Everything was under five dollars. The great thing was they mostly sold slightly past its prime merchandise tie-ins for tv shows and movies. I got a ton of really cool Futurama stuff after the show was canceled the first time.

by M. Stewartreply 6503/29/2013

Spanish sausage, One-Way Pepsi, and Red Weirdos.

by M. Stewartreply 6603/29/2013

In my experience these types of stores are WAY better on the west coast than on the east coast for some reason. The east coast basically has Big Lots and Dollar Tree, which are all tired and basically the same. The 99c Only stores out west are much better, with a bigger range of cheap crazy products. My absolute fave is Grocery Outlet, though, which had all kinds of deeply discounted products and sometimes some good finds in imported cheeses, wines, foreign foods, etc. Just watch the expiration dates. I miss that store. There is even a blog devoted to reviews of Grocery Outlet wine finds.

by M. Stewartreply 6703/29/2013


by M. Stewartreply 6803/29/2013

Just went today-- got some AA batteries and reading glasses.

by M. Stewartreply 6903/29/2013

[quote] It's the only place to go to find some Tussy deoderant!

Did someone say they have pussy deodorant?

by M. Stewartreply 7003/29/2013

Occasionally I find something worth buying in canned goods. I browse gardening supplies and wrapping paper. I always find something I want in kitchen gadgets.

by M. Stewartreply 7103/29/2013

I have bought cheap decorations for the office or some paper products but I never buy any type of food.

by M. Stewartreply 7203/29/2013

Five Below is awesome!

by M. Stewartreply 7303/29/2013

Eggs Coffee creamer Canned food (I don't care if it's expired lol) Spices Quick frozen foods (stuff for the deep fryer) Jalapeno single slice cheese Bread Chips Tortillas Nissin Chow mein Oodles of noodles Cereal (only if grocery brand costs more per oz) Cleaning products Kitchen sponges

I typically go to the .99 store before I go to the grocery store.. then walk around the grocery store and laugh at how much I just saved!!!

by M. Stewartreply 7404/07/2013

The Punchy Players need to do "Joan Crawford Goes to the 99-Cent Store."

by M. Stewartreply 7504/07/2013

Joe Eszterhas' book "The Devil's Guide to Hollywood". Hardback edition.

by M. Stewartreply 7604/07/2013

I mostly just stock up on food staples when I'm at the 99 cent store: bread, some meat products, Cup of Noodle knock-offs for when I'm in a pinch at work. Also it's a great place to pick up toothpaste.

by M. Stewartreply 7704/07/2013

Tools - snap-off utility knives (3 for $1), tape measures, wire brushes, etc.

by M. Stewartreply 7806/05/2013

I go about every 6 months. it's not a great store and I hate being followed around as if I were Whitey Bulger.

My last visit I bought reading glasses, a two-sided brush for my cat and two backscratchers.

It does not have medication. There was a dollar store near my mom that sold acetaminophen, sinus medication, simethicone tablets, bisthmol tablets, diarrhea tabs, triple antibio cream, bandaids, etc for a buck. I miss that place.

by M. Stewartreply 7906/05/2013

Alcohol hand sanitizer. Nylon mesh shower scrubs (the fluffy kind). Votive candles. Matches.

I live in LA and work in healthcare for the underserved. I refer patients there for aspirin, acetaminophen, cough drops and Vicks rub.

My best find: big bottles of my favorite shower soap, Skin Milk, for a buck apiece at Dollar Tree. My local Gelsons sells them for $6 a pop. I ordered an entire case through their website.

by M. Stewartreply 8006/05/2013

Cards, books, gift wrap, reading glasses

by M. Stewartreply 8106/06/2013

r61, is Tussy the deodorant with clove fragrance? I like the Avon from the 99-cent store in Chelsea.

BTW neighbors, it moved from 23rd between Seventh and Eighth to 24th, on north side between Sixth and Seventh.

by M. Stewartreply 8206/06/2013

Coffee filters, Goya canned goods, Generic Febreze, bubble wrap envelopes, spray starch.

by M. Stewartreply 8306/06/2013

Dollar Tree sells creamy petroleum jelly - it is the only stuff that heals my dry, cracked hands.

by M. Stewartreply 8406/06/2013

Movie Candy :)

by M. Stewartreply 8506/06/2013

R67 I life in the affluent NYC suburbs and we have plenty of .99 cent stores. When your property taxes and housing costs are so high one has save somewhere! I will say that a lot of the .99 cent stores have become .99 cents and up stores. Once and awhile you can find a nice bargain there, I used to buy Grey Poupon at one but by and large it's buy cheap get cheap at those places.

by M. Stewartreply 8606/06/2013

There is a dollar store just two blocks from Grand Central Terminal. I buy Pears soap there for a dollar a bar.

by M. Stewartreply 8706/06/2013

Sometimes it's a crap shoot. All my locals had a cardboard display with Crush brand powered sugar free drink mix. You know the kind in tubes, seven to a box. They had Strawberry,never saw that flavor before, my favorite, and then Orange and Grape. I grabbed a couple of Strawberry and they were great. Went back and they were all gone. Sold out every store I went to and they said they weren't getting anymore. I think they discontinued them but if they could sell out in a few days at the dollar stores, why not keep selling them? I'm so tired of the iced teas and flavors the other brands offer.

by M. Stewartreply 8806/06/2013

cortisone cream, antifungal cream, softsoap, candy, generic energy drink, utensils, glowsicks, sometimes they have a cute halloween or xmas decoration

by M. Stewartreply 8906/06/2013

I live in the Hamptons and we are not allowed to have dollar stores. Brings in the riff raff.

by M. Stewartreply 9006/06/2013

R90 You already have plenty of riff raff in Westhampton and Speonk honey so please out the snobbery!;)

by M. Stewartreply 9106/06/2013

I meant "out with the snobbery."

by M. Stewartreply 9206/06/2013

I buy my weed there.

by M. Stewartreply 9306/06/2013

Dollar Tree, next to the Banquet chicken pies, they have Banquet apple pie for just $1 - enough for two desserts.

by M. Stewartreply 9406/06/2013
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