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Because I love viewing taints

Beautiful and lickable taints

by NSFWreply 15801/27/2013

anal piercings are not hygenic.

by NSFWreply 106/19/2012

I don't see any piercings.

by NSFWreply 206/19/2012

R1 = master of the complete non-sequitur

by NSFWreply 306/19/2012

I hate those things, they remind me of wine glass charms.

by NSFWreply 406/19/2012

What in the hell are you talking about, R4?

(talk about a thread that bizzarely derails after only one reply...)

by NSFWreply 506/19/2012

No anal piercings, please.

by NSFWreply 606/19/2012

Those dildos with costume jewelry glued on the end are gross.

by NSFWreply 706/19/2012

Goatse thread.

by NSFWreply 806/19/2012

I fucked a Romani Gypsy with a gold capped tooth, had cheap ass coin charms dangling from his taint. about power bottom, we both were a bloody mess.

by NSFWreply 906/19/2012

More taint presentation

by NSFWreply 1006/19/2012

Love a good taint thread:)

by NSFWreply 1106/20/2012

Taint nobodies business if I do!

by NSFWreply 1206/20/2012

Nice and trashy!

by NSFWreply 1306/20/2012

Lovely to behold

by NSFWreply 1406/25/2012

That guy at R14's link needs some heavy-duty butthole bleach.

by NSFWreply 1506/25/2012

lol @ r15

by NSFWreply 1606/25/2012

Good looking hole and taint to me!

by NSFWreply 1706/25/2012

More taints

by NSFWreply 1806/30/2012

R2, R5

It taint necessarily soooo. It taint necessarily soooo.

The thinga that you're li'ble to read in the DL, it ain't necessarily sooo.

by NSFWreply 1907/01/2012

Btw R15, I think that the man in R14's link just has a furry hole. Some of you are just so used to the shaved looked.

by NSFWreply 2007/01/2012

Is it homeyphobic to call someone an asshole?

by NSFWreply 2107/01/2012

nope, it's a big compliment.

by NSFWreply 2207/01/2012

More taint

by NSFWreply 2307/01/2012

More taint please!

by NSFWreply 2407/01/2012

Taint Presentation Position #1

by NSFWreply 2507/01/2012

[quote]It taint necessarily soooo. It taint necessarily soooo.

Ironic that this song has scat singing in it.

by NSFWreply 2607/02/2012

Anyone know the guy at r25? I need to marry him.

by NSFWreply 2707/02/2012

To me the only hot pic is the one in the OP's post.

by NSFWreply 2807/03/2012

that might be the winner.

by NSFWreply 2907/03/2012

Taint shaved smooth:

by NSFWreply 3007/03/2012

beautiful in many ways

by NSFWreply 3107/03/2012

pretty. . . . . flowers!

by NSFWreply 3207/04/2012

Damn these is some sweet taints!

by NSFWreply 3307/04/2012

closer inspection

by NSFWreply 3407/04/2012


by NSFWreply 3507/05/2012


I love the idea of a hunk making efforts to put on ONLY his shoes, nothing else.

by NSFWreply 3607/05/2012

Clear view

by NSFWreply 3707/09/2012

Friday-night taint viewing:

by NSFWreply 3807/13/2012

R30 image is the winner!!!

by NSFWreply 3907/13/2012

it certainly is a muscular one!

by NSFWreply 4007/13/2012

I'm going to give it to OP.

His guy owns this thread.

by NSFWreply 4107/13/2012

double taint

by NSFWreply 4207/14/2012

Hot Argentines move up to the front of the line!

by NSFWreply 4307/14/2012

R38's pic comes in second to the OP's pic in terms of hotness. Those were the only two pics to turn me on.

by NSFWreply 4407/14/2012

nice taint

by NSFWreply 4507/14/2012

Another good one, r45

by NSFWreply 4607/14/2012


by NSFWreply 4707/14/2012

Master shows you bitches everything BUTT the taint.

by NSFWreply 4807/14/2012

Nasty. Pig.

by NSFWreply 4907/14/2012

So there are any Tumbirs that focus solely on Taints.

by NSFWreply 5007/14/2012

no, but tons of ones on asses.

by NSFWreply 5107/14/2012

Double taint presentation

by NSFWreply 5207/15/2012

WOW! my dream date!

by NSFWreply 5307/15/2012

Wish I were licking that thing:

by NSFWreply 5407/15/2012


by NSFWreply 5507/22/2012


by NSFWreply 5607/25/2012


by NSFWreply 5707/26/2012

You know why it's called a taint?

Because it taint your asshole and it taint your balls.

by NSFWreply 5807/26/2012

Because I love viewing taints I went to the Betty Buckley song interpretation workshop

by NSFWreply 5907/26/2012

Showing off his taint

by NSFWreply 6007/27/2012

More taint

by NSFWreply 6107/27/2012

Blond and hairy:

by NSFWreply 6208/03/2012

that's Sean Cody styled taint, i can tell.

by NSFWreply 6308/03/2012

Same taint as in R38, but in color:

by NSFWreply 6408/04/2012

That looks like some kind of tumour R62

by NSFWreply 6508/04/2012

that's called a ball sack, dummy

by NSFWreply 6608/04/2012

Sunday morning taint:

by NSFWreply 6708/05/2012

He might be stupid but he's taintilicious

by NSFWreply 6808/05/2012

I found my ass with both hands!

by NSFWreply 6908/05/2012


by NSFWreply 7008/07/2012

He's got a really cute hole

by NSFWreply 7108/07/2012

R62 let me eat that

by NSFWreply 7208/07/2012

Smokin' taint

by NSFWreply 7308/11/2012

Taint on display

by NSFWreply 7408/19/2012

From this angle, it's taint display... if we moved to the right, it'd be for the "presenting your holes" thread :-)

by NSFWreply 7508/19/2012

R75 my power is out

by NSFWreply 7608/20/2012

A glimpse of taint...

by NSFWreply 7708/24/2012

[quote]A glimpse of taint...

Wasn't that a Lifetime tv-movie with Jaclyn Smith?

by NSFWreply 7808/25/2012

R77 UUHHH and he's uncut, I just creamed

by NSFWreply 7908/25/2012


by NSFWreply 8008/28/2012

Does anyone know who that is in the pic in R23 link. What movie?

by NSFWreply 8108/28/2012

R77 would be sexier if he wasn't displaying it like Carol Merrill.

by NSFWreply 8208/28/2012

WHo is she?

by NSFWreply 8309/02/2012


by NSFWreply 8409/02/2012

R84 looks as though he had some double dicks in that large hairy hole

by NSFWreply 8509/05/2012

i love taints just looking at them is sexually arousing to me more than say a thick hard cock

by NSFWreply 8609/06/2012

is that Brent Corrigan at R60? i love that cutie pie so hot and versatile love how me takes it up the ass and moans!

by NSFWreply 8709/06/2012

Mmm at R67 it reminds me of Ryan Tedder and thats HOT!!!

by NSFWreply 8809/06/2012

Hot little sluts

by NSFWreply 8909/06/2012

Vintage Taint!

by NSFWreply 9009/12/2012

He's beautiful, but looks So dense.

by NSFWreply 9109/12/2012

Hot hairy taint

by NSFWreply 9209/14/2012

R90 OMG that's my twin brother

by NSFWreply 9309/14/2012

really? If so, where is he now?

by NSFWreply 9409/14/2012


by NSFWreply 9509/24/2012

Nice one

by NSFWreply 9610/03/2012

Taint nothing wrong with this one:

by NSFWreply 9710/03/2012

Just trying to casually put that taint out there...

by NSFWreply 9810/03/2012

Taint display

by NSFWreply 9910/04/2012

Taint Ever enough

by NSFWreply 10010/04/2012

Hot hot guy:

by NSFWreply 10110/07/2012

Just a hint of taint in this one... coy taint display:

by NSFWreply 10210/13/2012

The first photo still wins by a wide margin, in my opinion

by NSFWreply 10310/14/2012

Taint on display:

by NSFWreply 10411/05/2012

R104 my cock is so hard right now

by NSFWreply 10511/05/2012

r105, that's creepy psycho POZ Mason Wyler. Instant salt peter.

by NSFWreply 10611/05/2012

R10 and OP were the hottest pics

by NSFWreply 10711/05/2012


by NSFWreply 10811/06/2012


by NSFWreply 10911/06/2012

R110 nice and clean NOW FUCK ME

by NSFWreply 11011/06/2012

DJ Taint

by NSFWreply 11111/06/2012

Josh Taint:

by NSFWreply 11211/12/2012

need me some HAIRY taints

by NSFWreply 11311/12/2012

Extended taint

by NSFWreply 11411/12/2012

You're a whore, OP.

by NSFWreply 11511/12/2012

I'm with 113, the hairier the better!!

by NSFWreply 11611/13/2012


by NSFWreply 11711/13/2012

Hairy holes are gross.

by NSFWreply 11811/13/2012

prisspots are gross

by NSFWreply 11911/13/2012

Dirty feet are a huge turnoff, R112.

by NSFWreply 12011/13/2012

Or turn on

by NSFWreply 12111/13/2012

need me some jock beefcake hairy hole

by NSFWreply 12211/13/2012

Jock beefcake would be nice right now.

by NSFWreply 12311/15/2012

How I Know I'm Old:

"I don't care how hot you are, let's keep the cock snot off my furniture. Here's a towel."

by NSFWreply 12411/15/2012

Flashing a little taint

by NSFWreply 12511/15/2012

Oh My

by NSFWreply 12611/16/2012

So many great taints...

by NSFWreply 12711/24/2012

Hot taint

by NSFWreply 12812/15/2012

R10 yum yum

by NSFWreply 12912/17/2012

Military Taint:

by NSFWreply 13012/27/2012

Fuzzy taint:

by NSFWreply 13112/30/2012

Taint no big deal:

by NSFWreply 13212/30/2012


by NSFWreply 13312/31/2012

Nice taint... though it makes me wish we still had a 'big balls' thread...

by NSFWreply 13401/01/2013

Last night I licked my partner's taint while he jacked off.

by NSFWreply 13501/01/2013

The expression on R133's face is how I imagine Phylicia Rashad looks when she presents her hole.

by NSFWreply 13601/01/2013

thick black taint hair

by NSFWreply 13701/01/2013

If you go to a sex fair, do they offer taint painting instead of face painting?

by NSFWreply 13801/01/2013

The taint painting people are on the thread about nerd hobbies.

by NSFWreply 13901/03/2013

My uncle once compared my taint favorably to my father's.

by NSFWreply 14001/03/2013

Nice taint... and this guy is a total whore/horn-dog... with a nice taint:

by NSFWreply 14101/09/2013

R141 I want that inside of me

by NSFWreply 14201/09/2013

my fuck buddy is a 23 year old hung construction worker, total jock with hairy taint that I lick smell and suck after a sweaty days work

by NSFWreply 14301/09/2013

OP and R10 are my favourites.

I've got to give the edge to R10 which looks less perfect, more like an amateur. It's hot.

by NSFWreply 14401/09/2013

More taint

by NSFWreply 14501/16/2013

Cocker Taint:

by NSFWreply 14601/16/2013

slowly stirring my screwdriver with my finger wishing I could view more hairy taints

by NSFWreply 14701/16/2013

Flashing taint:

by NSFWreply 14801/18/2013

One seriously robust taint:

by NSFWreply 14901/21/2013

A well-displayed taint

by NSFWreply 15001/23/2013

R150's guy is hot but Christ, dude, wash your fucking feet.

by NSFWreply 15101/24/2013

This tainted love you've given. I give you all a boy could give you.

by NSFWreply 15201/24/2013

runny taint

by NSFWreply 15301/24/2013

Tainted love

by NSFWreply 15401/26/2013

R154 who is that hunk?

by NSFWreply 15501/26/2013

R154 love his curly taint hair

by NSFWreply 15601/27/2013

Not me... I find that completely off-putting, almost disgusting. Shave that shit. Ick.

by NSFWreply 15701/27/2013
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