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It's being remade by New Line Cinema.

Please help them cast it!

by Steve and Tonyreply 11705/05/2015

Another example of the barren imagination and poverty of ideas in Hollywood.

by Steve and Tonyreply 106/18/2012

But no one under 50 knows how it ends.

by Steve and Tonyreply 206/18/2012

I thought Kimberlin Brown had said it's unlikely that she'd ever reprise her iconic role!

by Steve and Tonyreply 306/18/2012

Brava, R1! Accusing others of a barren imagination while making no attempt at answering a question requiring imagination. Kudos!

Just remake it with the cast of "Modern Family"-Ty Burrell may as well be Richard Benjamin anyway.

by Steve and Tonyreply 406/18/2012

Is Richard Benjamin gay?

He was so obviously Tony Perkins' stand in in this movie.

by Steve and Tonyreply 506/18/2012

They should remake "A Little Night Music" instead.

by Steve and Tonyreply 606/18/2012

Imagine what sort of dismal imitation of the peerless Dyan Cannon we'd see...

by Steve and Tonyreply 706/18/2012

Nooooooooo! They'll eff it up!

by Steve and Tonyreply 806/18/2012

I wouldn't call Dyan Cannon "peerless." There is Courtney Stodden.

by Steve and Tonyreply 906/18/2012

Why can't Dyan reprise her own role? That character is ageless!

by Steve and Tonyreply 1006/18/2012

Did you all know that the brief glimpse you get in the original of Sheila (the wife, not the boat) was based on drunken Elizabeth Taylor c.1971?

by Steve and Tonyreply 1106/18/2012

NOOOOOOOOO!! Goddamn it, the original was perfect. Well, except for Raquel Welch, who was perfectly horrid. But no one will ever be fit to touch Joan Hackett's gin bottle.

by Steve and Tonyreply 1206/18/2012

This is the film that gave Olivia deHavilland such a glowing angelic reputation and she's not even in the damn thing!

by Steve and Tonyreply 1306/19/2012

Wrong r2. I'm 35 and I know this movie.

Still waiting on a answer about Richard Benjamin. He always pinged to me.

Poor Tony Perkins. He could've been quite the brilliant sexy hipster if he'd been born just a generation later.

by Steve and Tonyreply 1406/19/2012

Will Richard Benjamin have a cameo?

by Steve and Tonyreply 1506/19/2012

Wrong r14!

Tony Perkins was very much the briliant sexy hipster in the 1950s. His entire persona and career was based on that image until Psycho changed it forever in 19560.

You were the one who missed out. You're too young.

by Steve and Tonyreply 1606/19/2012

Booooo hoooooo!

by Steve and Tonyreply 1706/19/2012

Emma Stone as Sue Mengers!

Lee Paice as Richard Benjamin!

Eva Mendes as Raquel Welch!

by Steve and Tonyreply 1806/19/2012

You're right r16. But he was also deeply in the closet, bitter and self-loathing. I guess what I meant is that he could have lived more happily as a gay/bi man today. His homosexuality might have been accepted as more a positive part of his character wouldn't have been such a damned burden.

He would not have to live with the mumbojumbo psychology crap "experts" out there trying to "fix" him.

by Steve and Tonyreply 1906/19/2012

I love that story from Perkins' bio about a party thrown by Perkins' gay-curing therapist, which turned into a cruisefest of the gay men (with wives) present.

by Steve and Tonyreply 2006/19/2012


by Steve and Tonyreply 2106/19/2012

James Coburn - James Spader

Raquel - Salma Hayek

Richard Benjamin - Topher Grace

Dyan Cannon - Cameron Diaz

Joan Hackett - January Jones

James Mason - Dustin hoffman

Ian McShane - Jason Isaacs

by Steve and Tonyreply 2206/19/2012


Didn't someone specify a -TV- remake?

by Steve and Tonyreply 2306/19/2012

So NOBODY has any gossip on Richard Benjamin? No one? ???

by Steve and Tonyreply 2406/19/2012

[quote] Still waiting on a answer about Richard Benjamin. He always pinged to me.

that's news to Paula Prentiss!

by Steve and Tonyreply 2506/19/2012

Jessica Chastain as Joan Hackett Character

Eva Mendes as Raquel Welch

Chloe Sevigny as Dyan Cannon

by Steve and Tonyreply 2606/19/2012

Tom...Ross Benjamin

Christine...Scarlet Johansson

Clinton Green...Jeff Bridges

Lee...Prentiss Benjamin

Philip...Uh, I got nothn'

On a personal note...

Richard Benjamin is not gay at all. He has been married to Paula Prentiss since 1961. The late Ann Prentiss was a Lesbian, though, and that is about it.

by Steve and Tonyreply 2706/19/2012

These casting suggestions are horrible.

The original is brilliant and witty. No scenes dedicated to bowel movements or other bodily functions. And no inane one liners. Maybe that's why they feel they have to remake, but for the sake of all humanity, leave it alone. THE HEARTBREAK KID remake was terrible enough.

by Steve and Tonyreply 2806/19/2012

oh come on r28 its a fun movie but hardly a masterpiece. Aside from Cannon most of the performances are merely serviceable and could easily be surpassed. i mean cmon...raquel welch.

by Steve and Tonyreply 2906/19/2012

Raquel Welch isn't a great actress, but she's turned in some decent work. SHEILA is one.

Eva Mendes? Please. I can't even name a movie off the top of my head that she's been in.

There might be some people who could pull it off, but it doesn't matter. Hollywood doesn't have a clue about making this type of movie anymore. If it's remade, it will contain the same dreadful, dumbed down, obvious comedy bits that every other movie has today. You can quote me on that.

by Steve and Tonyreply 3006/19/2012

Don't let Diane English anywhere near it!

Or even Nora Ephron, for that matter.

by Steve and Tonyreply 3106/19/2012

OH GREAT!!! Another remake of a film that bombed the first time around. I can't wait till they remake "The Wizard of Oz" with Beyonce as Dorothy, Oprah as the Wicked Witch Of The East, Ellen as Glenda, Taylor Lautner as the Tin Man, Ryan Gosling as the Scarecrow, Seth Rogin as the Lion and George Clooney as The Wizard.

by Steve and Tonyreply 3206/19/2012

I remember seeing it in a theater for the first time in 1972 or 73 and how surprised we all were by hearing Bette Midler singing "Friends" over the closing credits.

It was a big song then among the NY gays but not quite so well-known by others. The song and Bette's career really took off from that moment.

I think we all expected a Sondheim song in the scoring but they made the right decision.

by Steve and Tonyreply 3306/19/2012

[quote] Ellen as Glenda

It's GLINDA, dear.

by Steve and Tonyreply 3406/19/2012

Well, at least they aren't remaking a good movie.

by Steve and Tonyreply 3506/19/2012

I really enjoy watching it when it is on TV so I would really hate having it gutted of what little it had. I like snotty people one upping each other. That's why I come to DL.

by Steve and Tonyreply 3606/19/2012

Like most good mysteries, you can't really watch it with the same wonderment, enthusiasm and tension as the very first time.

Obviously, knowing the twists and turns makes a big difference in your viewing pleasure.

by Steve and Tonyreply 3706/19/2012

Clearly, Stephen Sondheim will do anything to ensure he has an income in his old age.

He hasn't written anything of note in 20+ years (please - ROAD SHOW/BOUNCE was a total fiasco) and is happy to just allow all his old works to be re-made and re-mounted by anyone who will promise him a royalty.

That explains all those John Doyle actors-as-orchestra revivals and now this remake of a film he wrote the screenplay for originally (but won't offer to write the new screenplay).

When does the GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER revival open on Broadway - Spring 2013, right?

by Steve and Tonyreply 3806/19/2012

Did anyone actually see Getting Away With Murder? How was it?

by Steve and Tonyreply 3906/19/2012

Of the suggestions so far, the only ones that seem even remotely on the nose - and they ARE remote - are Jessica Chastain as Lee and Jeff Bridges as Clinton (though he's a little old and she's a little young).

Marion Cotillard - if she really, REALLY worked on her American accent - could also play Lee.

Really, who could top Dyan Cannon? I mean, if they're going to go for replicating Sue Mengers, which Cannon did. Julie White? Holland Taylor? (Neither is fleshy enough, but still ...)

Actually, Eva Mendes in for Raquel works, too.

by Steve and Tonyreply 4006/19/2012

James Coburn - George Clooney

Raquel - Marion Cotillard

Richard Benjamin - Ralph Fiennes

Dyan Cannon - Julia Roberts

Joan Hackett - Charlotte Gainsbourg

James Mason - Christoph Waltz

Ian McShane - Gerard Butler

by Steve and Tonyreply 4106/19/2012

James Coburn - Daniel Craig

Raquel - Jessica Alba

Richard Benjamin - Sam Rockwell

Dyan Cannon - Julianne Moore, seriously

Joan Hackett - Emily Blunt

James Mason - Ciaran Hinds

Ian McShane - Ryan Philippe

by Steve and Tonyreply 4206/19/2012

James Coburn-George Clooney

Raquel Welch-Christina Hendricks

Richard Benjamin-Sam Rockwell

Dyan Cannon-Annette Bening

Joan Hackett-Jessica Chastain

James Mason-Anthony Hopkins

Ian McShane-Stephen Moyer

by Steve and Tonyreply 4306/20/2012

Remake as "The Last of Kristen"

A year after the sudden mysterious death of Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson invites all the suspects to a party - only to discover there are several thousand of them...including every actress and acting coach in Hollywood.

And they ALL want to take credit...

by Steve and Tonyreply 4406/20/2012

[quote]Really, who could top Dyan Cannon? I mean, if they're going to go for replicating Sue Mengers, which Cannon did. Julie White? Holland Taylor? (Neither is fleshy enough, but still ...)

Cherry Jones could nail it.

by Steve and Tonyreply 4506/20/2012

There are actually some great casting ideas in r42 and r43.

It could be a fun remake for AMC or HBO or Showtime. Very small cast and just a few locations. I'd certainly watch it.

by Steve and Tonyreply 4606/20/2012

Does Sondheim ever talk about writing the screenplay in his books? I'm curious what he brought to the story as opposed to Tony Perkins and how they came up with the initial premise. And how he thinks the film turned out.

by Steve and Tonyreply 4706/20/2012

Ooh, r45 found the perfect Cannon fodder!

So, picking and choosing from the casts above:

James Coburn - Daniel Craig

Richard Benjamin - Sam Rockwell (or Ralph Fiennes)

Joan Hackett - Jessica Chastain (or Marion Cotillard)

Dyan Cannon - Cherry Jones

James Mason - Christoph Waltz

Raquel - Jessica Alba

Ian McShane - Benedict Cumberbatch

Captain - Jean Dujardin (beef up the role)

Sheila (cameo) - Bryce Dallas Howard

by Steve and Tonyreply 4806/20/2012

Can Cherry Jones do man-hungry?

by Steve and Tonyreply 4906/20/2012

Hmmm... I don't know, r49. I know she can do "warm, loving hetero relationship," - but didn't she play Maxine Faulk in a revival of Night of the Iguana? She would have had to flex her "man-hungry" chops in that.

Of course, then there is the bikini issue - would she look good in one?

by Steve and Tonyreply 5006/20/2012

R42 nailed it. I can see that cast -- as long as it's filmed within the next two-to-three months.

As Sheila (the character would be expanded in the remake via flashbacks to give everybody a good motive to off her): Malin Ackerman, as she appeared in WATCHMEN (dark wig, etc); OR Marion Cotillard (Sheila being from Europe would be a plot device).

by Steve and Tonyreply 5106/20/2012

Naw, Emily Blunt is too young and not the right type to play Lee. I don't buy Ciaran Hinds as James Mason, either, and Phillippe only if they make the character American - because we have proof that he can't handle a Brit accent (Gosford Park).

by Steve and Tonyreply 5206/20/2012

Why on earth would you need to have Sheila being European for a "plot device"? She's a two-minute bit in the movie.

by Steve and Tonyreply 5306/20/2012

Dyan Cannon character was supposed to be a Foxy Alpha Bitch with a tight bod. Cherry Jones is an amazing actress but no way would she get cast in that role.

by Steve and Tonyreply 5406/20/2012

[quote]Why on earth would you need to have Sheila being European for a "plot device"? She's a two-minute bit in the movie.

Evidently, you missed the part of my post where I indicated that the role would be EXPANDED.

Sheila being from Europe could be an effective plot device if used correctly. Clinton cracked that Sheila was born in a whorehouse (not that there aren't brothels in the US), and most of the movie took place on the Mediterranean. Clinton would be just the type to bed and marry Eurotrash with a dubious history. It could work...

by Steve and Tonyreply 5506/20/2012

I'd cast Amber Heard as the Raquel or Dyan character.

by Steve and Tonyreply 5606/20/2012

Not a tight bod, r54. Cannon deliberately gained weight for the shoot. She was spilling out of her bikini - to look like the overly-plush Mengers.

by Steve and Tonyreply 5706/20/2012

this is not "overly plush" if you think Cherry Jones would even be considered in a meeting for a part and costume like this you are smoking the real real good stuff

by Steve and Tonyreply 5806/20/2012

Even Sue Mengers couldn't have pulled that r58 scene off in 1973.

by Steve and Tonyreply 5906/21/2012

r41 here. Bored. I'm revising my casting:

James Coburn - Jude Law

Raquel - Amber Heard

Richard Benjamin - Jake Gyllenhaal

Dyan Cannon - Mila Kunis

Joan Hackett - Reese Witherspoon

James Mason - Christoph Waltz

Ian McShane - Gael García Bernal

by Steve and Tonyreply 6006/21/2012

Sorry, you were closer the first time, 60. Why on earth would you give a plum role like Lee to a lousy actress like Reese Witherspoon? Same thing with Gyllenhaal as Richard Benjamin, and MIla Kunis - who would be great casting as Alice (Raquel), would be all wrong for Dyan Cannon (but would be great if it takes ten more years to make the movie).

We've already had the lousy actress version of Alice with Welch, it would be nice to see someone who could actually act in the role. Buh-bye, Amber Heard!

by Steve and Tonyreply 6106/21/2012

[quote]Evidently, you missed the part of my post where I indicated that the role would be EXPANDED.

No, I just thought it was a lousy idea. Sheila wasn't murdered, in cast you forgot - her death was an accident. There's no point to expanding the role via flashbacks because Sheila herself is irrelevant. She wasn't deliberately killed.

Unless you plan to completely rewrite the whole thing, to make it more trite. One of the nice things about the movie is how surprising its twists are. Why Sheila died isn't one of them.

by Steve and Tonyreply 6206/22/2012

r61 Amber Heard is gorgeous! At least Johnny Depp thinks so.

by Steve and Tonyreply 6306/22/2012

Gerard Butler???

"This is SHEILA!!!!"

by Steve and Tonyreply 6406/22/2012

Cherry Jones could play the Diane Cannon part in a once piece because she cut a very fine figure in "Mrs. Warren's Profession" back in 2010. She could do the very role well and the role is about far more than a bathing suit anyway.

by Steve and Tonyreply 6506/22/2012

Cherry Jones is about as likely to be cast as Mary Martin.

by Steve and Tonyreply 6606/22/2012

Cherry Jones could perhaps play one of the Greek Sailors. Or one of the Greek Islands. Or the boat.

by Steve and Tonyreply 6706/22/2012

Remember that the yacht is actually named Sheila, too! So Cherry Jones could play Sheila! Except that Kirstie Alley already has the inside track on the part.

by Steve and Tonyreply 6806/22/2012

The Dyan Cannon role is vulgar and gaudy much like Mrs. Warren in Mrs. Warren's Profession. Cherry proved conclusively in MWP that she can't do vulgar and gaudy.

by Steve and Tonyreply 6906/22/2012

I just watched this last night for the first time. The audio on the DVD wasn't the best.

So Benjamin's character really did have an affair with Clinton?

I had no idea Ian McShane was in it. Okay, I'd never heard of him until "Deadwood." But damn, his pants sure were tight.

by Steve and Tonyreply 7008/09/2012

How was Dyan Cannon so fun in this and so bad in "Death Trap?" Okay, maybe not bad but miscast. She seemed far too robust to have a heart condition.

by Steve and Tonyreply 7108/09/2012

The Dyan Cannon role is Sue Mengers

by Steve and Tonyreply 7208/09/2012

Dyan and RW

by Steve and Tonyreply 7310/28/2012

Vioa Davis as the maid.

by Steve and Tonyreply 7410/28/2012

Jessica Pare as Racquel Welch

Erika Christensen as Dyan

by Steve and Tonyreply 7510/28/2012

R52, I guess you missed that part in Gosford Park where Philippe's character is revealed to be an American actor researching his role. You know, followed by several characters saying how they knew something was off because his accent was all over the place.

by Steve and Tonyreply 7610/28/2012

New Line to Remake Murder Mystery 'The Last of Sheila'

New Line is remaking the murder-mystery The Last of Sheila with Beau Flynn and his FPC banner producing.

Beau Flynn, one of the producers of "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island," is behind the project, based on the cult movie written by Anthony Perkins and Stephen Sondheim. It was directed by Herbert Ross.

The 1973 Sheila developed a minor cult following. The puzzle-minded movie is set on a yacht that's cruising the Mediterranean and whose owner, a wealthy Hollywood producer, has invited a group of his friends to join him a year after his wife is killed in a hit-and-run accident. While the guests have been ostensibly invited to take part in a mysterious scavenger hunt - Perkins and Sondheim enjoyed devising such games - the vacation quickly turns into a deadly cat-and-mouse exercise as secrets are revealed.

Warner Bros. produced the original movie, full of in-jokes and starring James Coburn, Raquel Welch, James Mason, a young Ian McShane and Dyan Cannon, spoofing the late superstar agent Sue Mengers. The movie also featured the song "Friends," sung by Bette Midler, over its closing credits.

The remake at one point was in development at New Line’s big sister, Warner Bros., with Joel Silver attached to produce. A search for a writer is under way.

Flynn was one of the producers behind New Line’s monster hit Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, which grossed $325 million worldwide. His upcoming films include the remake of Red Dawn, which Film District opens Nov. 21, and Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, which Paramount releases Jan. 11

by Steve and Tonyreply 7710/28/2012

I adore Dyan's laugh.

by Steve and Tonyreply 7810/28/2012


by Steve and Tonyreply 7912/08/2012

Hi Justin/Will!

by Steve and Tonyreply 8012/08/2012


by Steve and Tonyreply 8105/07/2013

Hopefully the remake will make homosexuality look even more shameful and embarrassing than the original did! It won't be easy, but who knows, it's possible.

by Steve and Tonyreply 8205/07/2013

I thought Lee was going to be the homosexual and Little Child Molester would be a card thrown in so that everyone would admit to their secret quickly so as not to be associated with that one.

by Steve and Tonyreply 8305/07/2013

Don't forget Greg Kinnear! He was born to play this type of role, and he can do any of them.

by Steve and Tonyreply 8405/07/2013

I can't imagine Greg Kinnear as Sue Mengers.

by Steve and Tonyreply 8505/07/2013

This movie is perfect. There is no way anyone could possibly improve upon the original. Fuck off, HOLLYWOOD!

by Steve and Tonyreply 8605/07/2013

Bette Midler to reprise her role as Sue Mengers!

I wonder what would have to be updated. Sondheim and Perkins should have written more murder mysteries - between this, Deathtrap, and Clue, I can't get enough of it, even if Clue is a parody.

by Steve and Tonyreply 8705/07/2013

This will never happen.

by Steve and Tonyreply 8805/07/2013

Why did Ann Prentiss try to have her brother-in-law, Richard Benjamin, killed as well as trying to have her father murdered. Does anybody know?

by Steve and Tonyreply 8905/07/2013

Christina Hendricks as the Dyan Cannon character.

by Steve and Tonyreply 9005/07/2013

OP Thank you for starting this thread, I had completely forgotten the cult campy classic.I think that we have some very respectable casting directors here..good choices!

by Steve and Tonyreply 9105/08/2013

Katherine Heigl as Sue Mengers.

by Steve and Tonyreply 9209/15/2013

Ari Graynor as Sue Mengers!

by Steve and Tonyreply 9309/15/2013

Isn't Ari a waif?

by Steve and Tonyreply 9409/15/2013

Ari Graynor as Katherine Heigl!

by Steve and Tonyreply 9509/15/2013

I hope they cast Raquel in a cameo, as a homage to the original. It was her best role.

by Steve and Tonyreply 9609/15/2013

Where can I find it online?

by Steve and Tonyreply 9709/15/2013

So is the remake in turnaround yet?

by Steve and Tonyreply 9809/15/2013

Sue Mengers was not a small woman.

by Steve and Tonyreply 9909/15/2013

Finally saw this--Joan Hackett and Dyan Cannon were great. Raquel was pretty awful, I thought. Some of her line readings were really stilted. Did kind of hate that "homosexual" was a bad secret like "pedophile" and "killer"...

Could be a fun remake. I'm cherry picking from some of these great suggestions, and some of my own.

James Coburn--Clooney

Raquel--Eva Mendes

James Mason--Colin Firth

Richard Benjamin--Mark Ruffalo

Joan Hackett--Jennifer Connelly

Ian McShane--Gerard Butler

Dyan Cannon--Charlize Theron

They could film it on Lake Como during one of Clooney's vacations!

by Steve and Tonyreply 10011/24/2013

Charlize would have to gain about 30 lbs to play the Mengers role.

by Steve and Tonyreply 10111/24/2013

[R11] He pings for me, but I may be wrong. He's been married to Paula Prentiss for decades.

by Steve and Tonyreply 10211/24/2013

[quote] Sondheim and Perkins should have written more murder mysteries

Sondheim actually wrote a mystery play with someone (I think it was George Furth) called GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER. Worst play imaginable. The window card was great, though. And the NY Times ad announcing their closing was legendary.

Why not have Ian McShane play the James Colburn role this time around?

by Steve and Tonyreply 10311/24/2013

They should do it as a musical this time - and have Jerry Herman write the songs.

by Steve and Tonyreply 10411/24/2013


by Steve and Tonyreply 10507/27/2014

That movie was a convoluted, contrived mess and what's worse it SUCKED!

by Steve and Tonyreply 10607/27/2014

Beyonce and Jay Z, Kanye and Kim, Octavia Spencer as Sue Mengers...Zachary Quinto....

by Steve and Tonyreply 10707/27/2014

Ashley Williams (Victoria from HIMYM) in the Dyan role. Rachel McAdams in the RW role.

by Steve and Tonyreply 10807/27/2014

Trailer I have not seen before

by Steve and Tonyreply 10910/18/2014

The idea is to discover everybody's secrets.

by Steve and Tonyreply 11005/05/2015

What happened to this remake? I was looking forward to it - is it permanently in turnaround now?

by Steve and Tonyreply 11105/05/2015

Its in the same place as the Judy Garland biopic staring Anne Whats her name.

by Steve and Tonyreply 11205/05/2015

The remake is listed only as being in development.

by Steve and Tonyreply 11305/05/2015

I think the James Coburn part should be played by Tony Goldwyn.

by Steve and Tonyreply 11405/05/2015

I adore this film!

Saw it my first year in NY on the upper East Side. What utter joy not knowing where the plot was going and how it would end. All those wonderful 70s actors!

And then hearing Bette singing "Friends" over the final credits (just as she was breaking out in NY) was extra special fun.

by Steve and Tonyreply 11505/05/2015

I want to hang out with R115!!!

by Steve and Tonyreply 11605/05/2015

Only if it involves extended (pun intended) nudity, R114.

by Steve and Tonyreply 11705/05/2015
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