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Joe Jonas VPL

Wow, that's a freakin Anaconda!

by NSFW!reply 3103/16/2017

Can't make much out.

by NSFW!reply 106/17/2012

I don't get it.

by NSFW!reply 206/17/2012

After OP's build up, reality left me underwhelmed...

by NSFW!reply 306/17/2012

Duh. cellphone in the right pocket, a bunch of change or something in the right pocket. his dick is where the bulge is, and it looks like a pretty standard issue bulge. But keep dreamin'

by NSFW!reply 406/17/2012

What does Brett Everett have to do with this, though? Is Brett the new boyfriend.

Although though Joe's bulge along his leg is admirable, it seems it may have more to do with what's in his pocket. Not that he's short-changed or anything. I just don't think that's his penini running down his leg.

by NSFW!reply 506/17/2012

I just can't get worked up over the Jonas sisters. Those gals are more in MICHIGAN Nan's bailiwick. There all Cruise sized gals too.

by NSFW!reply 606/17/2012

Wow, OP, I wish I lived in your rose-colored world.

by NSFW!reply 706/17/2012

Did anyone watch Joe on that awful dating show The Choice this week? Poor thing trying to act like a straight horndog. And he still played the pronoun game when asked why he wasn't married yet. "I just haven't found the right person." I know someone said that's how all 20-somethings talk but in the context of a dating show where he's supposed to be hot for all these WOMEN it really stood out.

by NSFW!reply 806/17/2012


That name wounds.

by NSFW!reply 906/17/2012

Any word yet on whether the Jonas brothers are cut or uncut?

by NSFW!reply 1006/17/2012

Ah, no.

by NSFW!reply 1106/18/2012

First Aid is on its way Nan Michiganwomyn, and my sincere apology.

by NSFW!reply 1206/18/2012

Is Nan cut or uncut?

by NSFW!reply 1306/18/2012

Anyone who ever comes out of the basement would know that the world is full of hot guys who put the stumpy, decidedly average-looking Jonii to shame.

OP, you obviously have too much time on your hands if you feel the need to obsess over non-existent penis lines in pictures of men. But you should know there are thousands of sites that show pictures of actual penises if you're so desperate to see one.

by NSFW!reply 1406/18/2012

It's an iPhone in his right pocket. Oh, the crotch? No, nothing much to see.

by NSFW!reply 1506/18/2012

Is he the gay one?

by NSFW!reply 1606/18/2012

Yes, R16.

But there could be more than one 'gay one'.

by NSFW!reply 1706/18/2012

Man Joe is hot. I want to see him and Zac Efron make out.

by NSFW!reply 1806/18/2012

if only

by NSFW!reply 1906/24/2012

There are also rumors starting to leak about Joe's drug use. Just curious, does anyone know the number of Joe or his dealer? No special reason, just thought one of you might have it.

by NSFW!reply 2006/24/2012

Bitches is jealous

by NSFW!reply 2112/11/2012

r21 - Of his iPhone you mean?

by NSFW!reply 2212/11/2012

Grow up, dudes. Peering at guy's crotches like silly junior high perverts. Yes dudes have penises, it's called human anatomy. Grow up.

by NSFW!reply 2312/11/2012

Really!! Teeny-boppin' time!!!

by NSFW!reply 2412/11/2012

Anaconda? More like a baby rattler.

by NSFW!reply 2512/11/2012

Well that's the long of it, not the long and short of it.

by NSFW!reply 2612/17/2012

We call that a "ball ramp", OP.

by NSFW!reply 2712/18/2012

Because he's hot

by NSFW!reply 2801/15/2014


by NSFW!reply 2905/15/2014

Joey Joe Shabadoo

by NSFW!reply 3005/15/2014


by NSFW!reply 3103/16/2017
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