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Jean-Louis Hym, director

I was looking at Allen Tannenbaum's book of photography 'New York in the 1970s' and saw a photo of Jeanne Moreau, Micheline Presle, and director Jean-Louis Hym. I'd never heard of him, so I looked him up on google, and there was virtually nothing about him except this:

Paid Notice: Memorials HYM, JEAN, LOUIS Published: August 21, 2003

HYM--Jean-Louis. In remembrance of Jean-Louis Hym who died 20 years ago in New York City, a murder still unsolved. From his family and friends. Helene Hym-Williams, 27 rue de la Pierre, 37100 Tours, France

Anyone remember this?

by Weirdreply 807/07/2014

Yes. He was murdered near his aparrtment in 1983. There was some speculation that it was because he was leading a rent strike in his apartment building and his landlord had threatened him.

by Weirdreply 107/11/2013

Wouldn't there more info. Strange indeed.

by Weirdreply 207/11/2013

Try google archives

by Weirdreply 307/11/2013

There were articles in the New York Post. I'm sure you can find them in the archives. His boyfriend now lives in China.

by Weirdreply 407/11/2013

I believe the actual killing happened as he was entering the subway. Forget the station but he lived on Broome Street near Chinatown. There was a lot of press because it was done gangland style in broad daylight.

by Weirdreply 507/11/2013

I remember it well. My best friend Ray Penso was the cinematographer/editor for a French TV movie Hym was shooting called "The Black Cap" an adaptation of a Katherine Mansfield short story. Micheline Presle was the star, and Jean Moreau (a friend of both Hym and Presle)was along for the ride, an unpaid consultant as it were. And I (being no one except Ray's friend)was there with all of them for the original screening in a loft in SoHo. (I think it was Hym's girlfriend's place.) It was a mutual friend, the Beatles' photographer Jürgen Vollmer, who knew all these people in Paris, and introduced them to me and Ray in NY -- but that's a whole different story.

by Weirdreply 602/11/2014

-There was an article in" Le Matin " ,in 1983 ,in which his partner was interviewed and told all about the numerous threats he received before Jean-Louis Hym's assassination ........ Met Jean-Louis and* during a week-end with my mom in their country house in Jamesport ,took a liking at them both-especially Jean-Louis,since he had at that time a dental bra ,and I was experiencing issues with it............... ! ! ! !

by Weirdreply 707/05/2014

-He was NOT leading the rent strike -He ( and * ) SUPPORTED it thoroughly ,which cost him his life............... ! ! ! ! How old would he be now,I wonder ? ( I guess * must now be well into his mid-fifties ! ! ! ! )

by Weirdreply 807/07/2014
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