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The Gays and Tennis part 3


by Rafa's beardreply 43011/07/2012

Much Love. Thanks Rafa's beard

by Rafa's beardreply 106/16/2012

Gracias Rafa's beard!

I think Nole is a nice guy but I can't stand how he celebrates his wins (e.g., when he tore his shirt off after winning the US Open). He needs to act like he's been there before.

I do, however, think Nole exhibits better sportsmanship than that petulant little Federer.

by Rafa's beardreply 206/16/2012

Federer is not always a gracious loser but Djokovic is not always a gracious winner, which is worse to me.

by Rafa's beardreply 306/16/2012

That was personal, r3. He was clearly pissed at Roddick for things he'd said about him. A personal tiff with Roddick 5 years ago should not be used to forever characterize Djokovic as an "ungracious winner". Djokovic has matured a lot since then.

by Rafa's beardreply 406/16/2012

I really miss tennisplayers like: McEnroe, Agassi, Becker,Ivanisevic,Rafter, etc. They are so politically correct nowadays, back then everyone had an opinion and wasn't afraid to speak out. Does anyone remember the feud between David Wheaton and Brad Gilbert or Richard Krajicek,calling the female players "fat pigs"?

It's all so (PR)orchestrated today ,they are just robots, boring as hell....

by Rafa's beardreply 506/16/2012

I just wish that gay male and female tennis players could just come out and be done with it. I think it would make tennis a much more interesting sport. It is so painfully obvious that Gasquet and Stosur are gay but they won't come out because they fear a loss of sponsorship and support...which is a real shame in 2012.

by Rafa's beardreply 606/16/2012

Mauresmo didn't have a problem with it R6.

by Rafa's beardreply 706/16/2012

She wasn't really out and she didn't really talk about it until the end of career.

by Rafa's beardreply 806/16/2012

Mauresmo came out publicly at age 19, when she advanced to the Australian Open final in 1999, and some competitors compared her play to that of a man.

by Rafa's beardreply 906/16/2012

One differentiation between the Stosur and Gasquet situations.

I'm pretty sure that Stosur doesn't deny being gay or pretend like she's dating a dude. Now that her singles career is rocking, she just chooses to not publicly address the issue (ala so many other public figures - A. Cooper, R. Roberts, etc.).

But Gasquet has unequivocally stated that he is not gay. So in my book, he deserves a different level of disdain - since I do think he is gay.

Tommy Robredo I also feel likely is, but I've never seen any confirmation except for people on this board saying they know it's true. And side note - according to his website, he's practicing now and hoping to be back playing in the coming months.

Another topic...

I'm excited about the Tommy Haas/Fed final tomorrow. Tommy was playing well in Paris, but really looked like he tired out. That will probably be the case again tomorrow, but I'm really hoping that he can take a 5-hour Energy and really take it to Roger.

by Rafa's beardreply 1006/16/2012

[quote]So in my book, he deserves a different level of disdain - since I do think he is gay.

I understand what you're saying... but what if Gasquet isn't gay despite what you believe? Has he done anything wrong?

It is nice to see Haas making another run. He will be ranked ~ 59 by reaching the final, and would re-enter the top 50 with a won over Federer in the final. He was kind of an arrogant prick when he was younger, but seems to have matured over the years. Plus he looks terrific (picture from February of this year).

by Rafa's beardreply 1106/16/2012

R11. You are absolutely right. I and the others that think Gasquet is gay may well be wrong. I fully acknowledge that.

And since I don't know, I'm not saying that I hold any bad feelings toward him. Actually I like him a lot as a player. I'm just saying that he would be worthy of some wrath if he actually is gay vs. Stosur who hasn't denied it.

Thanks for the rocking pic of Tommy.

by Rafa's beardreply 1206/16/2012

I will remain in the Novak camp. The closet takes such a terrible toll. One day, my prince will get to be himself, truly and freely.

by Rafa's beardreply 1306/16/2012

I like Hass but his wife, Sara Foster, is who I like seeing at his matches. I feel the same way when I used to watch a post-2000 Agassi match...I always watched to get a glimpse of Steffi.

by Rafa's beardreply 1406/16/2012

"Brad Gilbert or Richard Krajicek,calling the female players 'fat pigs'"

They called the players fat pigs? That's almost a surreal, bizzaro world.

by Rafa's beardreply 1506/16/2012

Yes, r5, professional tennis was much more interesting when it was filled with overt sexist, misogynists, and racists. Golly, I miss those good ol' days.

by Rafa's beardreply 1606/16/2012

I admire Novak but the way he celebrates and the way his family taunts keeps me from rooting for him.

It's just too obnoxious.

by Rafa's beardreply 1706/16/2012

I honestly think that to do a good job at rimming Rafa's ass you'd have to have the tongue of a giraffe

by Rafa's beardreply 1806/16/2012

I'm such a great fan of Raffa's. Love his tennis, his smile, his attitude.

by Rafa's beardreply 1906/16/2012

Nole pouts and whines about something as simple as the crowd cheering for his opponent. He's his father's son. Fed got away with that perfect gentleman thing for a very long time. He had many incidents that would disprove the gentleman image but they were ignored.

by Rafa's beardreply 2006/16/2012

R9, was that the AO when Davenport said that Mauresmo was basically a man?

by Rafa's beardreply 2106/16/2012

Of the current top 15 male players, who have the biggest pieces of man meat?

by Rafa's beardreply 2206/16/2012

Mauresmo had all kinds of problems from tennis players, sponsors and fans. She had to have extra security at the US Open because of the crazy threats she got from homophobic fans. Problems she did not have in her home country, France, or in Australia or at Wimbledon, btw.

She never had the sponsor support like Maria Sharapova, who is deep in the closet..

by Rafa's beardreply 2306/16/2012

Nole's parents are psycho and controlling. Although they tried to get Nole to break up with his girlfriend a few years ago to focus on his tennis and he refused. Jelena, herself, is very sweet. Nole in person is a nice easy-going guy who really wants to be liked. And sometimes tries too hard. The main problem is that all around him, everyone mollycoddles him.

by Rafa's beardreply 2406/16/2012

For Number 15....

I have thought about your question long and hard....

The winner (of course, in my very busy mind) has to be Del Potro. The Argentinian has the typical BDF, I am sure only highly expert bottoms could accommodate that huge piece of man meat.

Nadal has a very pretty one, thick and perfectly long. Yummy! Berdych (many years of BelAmi DVD watching), a long, uncut, delicious piece of meat....

The rest....Murray seems like he is packing a big piece, probably Tsonga also....

And, for some reason, I would like to get very, very nasty (the hell with proper etiquette) with Juan Monaco (do not ask!). The things I would do to that ass and penis....

Going to church now

by Rafa's beardreply 2506/16/2012

Unreal. Great win for Tommy Haas! Hopefully that is an indication of how well he'll play at Wimbledon.

by Rafa's beardreply 2606/17/2012

"Pouts"? Maybe.

Let's see you get on court with tens of thousands people cheering your every mistake and see how much you smile. I haven't seen him "pout" more than any other player in such a situation. Andy Roddick and Andy Murray are pretty horrible about it, and Nole does nothing at that level.

As for "whining", quotes and links please. He had one incident at the U.S. Open years ago where a bunch of obnoxious New Yorkers made his comments about the crowd seem civil, and since then, I can't recall any "whining".

Federer? Now he whines...

by Rafa's beardreply 2706/17/2012

Whoa. Did any of you see this Nalbandian/Cilic match? Nalby was winning the match, but got disqualified for kicking one of the line judges. I can't wait until video of this is posted online because I want to see what it really looked like.

Nalbandian is one of my favorite players and I'm hoping that this was just a really unfortunate accident - without intent.

by Rafa's beardreply 2806/17/2012

Here it is, r28.

by Rafa's beardreply 2906/17/2012

Nalbandian should have broke his racket, instead.

He didn't kick the man on purpose, but he had to know that by doing that shit he could injure the judge.

Completely uncalled for.

by Rafa's beardreply 3006/17/2012

Are you from a non-English speaking nation, R30?

by Rafa's beardreply 3106/17/2012

[quote]I like Hass but his wife, Sara Foster, is who I like seeing at his matches.

I agree. Sara was drop-dead gorgeous back in the day. The last time I saw her however, she looked like a vampire.

by Rafa's beardreply 3206/17/2012

Was that Peter Fleming in the pre-match coverage of the Nalby match? He's aging very well and looks very handsome!

by Rafa's beardreply 3306/17/2012

R27 Nole has well-deserved reputation for bad sportsmanship. I was being nice by calling it whining.

"With Federer serving for the match in the fifth set, Djokovic stopped play to go to the back wall and dance up and down, waving to encourage the crowd to cheer. Then, with Federer still standing ready to serve, Djokovic strolled slowly back to the far, back corner to towel off."

"Djokovic did his usual stalling route throughout the match dribbling the ball over 14 times per serve -- and then slowing down more on pressure points. In the game where Fed served for the match, Djokovic also mocked the crowd and Fed by repeatedly striking his frame to ridicule the crowd cheering a great shot by Fed (Yes, Fed did frame a shot earlier in the rally.)"

by Rafa's beardreply 3406/17/2012

r21 - Wasn't that Hingis who called Mauresmo "half a man?" Davenport is no delicate flower herself.

r23 - I didn't know that about Mauresmo needing extra security. Wow. I wouldn't have thought she'd be well known enough in the States to attract the attention of the crazies.

But even if she'd stayed in the closet, she still wouldn't have had the sponsorship opportunities of Sharapova.

by Rafa's beardreply 3506/17/2012

Boy, I like Nalby, but I'm really disappointed in what went down yesterday.

I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt in how heated he still must have been at being DQ'd, but his comments right after the match reek of sour grapes. Griping about the ATP and their unreasonable scheduling and being 'forced' to play on wet grass and unfair enforcement of rules could all be important things to discuss, but not immediately after you caused a guy to have to seek medical attention because of something boneheaded that you just did. Was he really concerned at all about the guy he'd just hurt?

Oh, and Melanie (who I don't give a rip about, but someone that posts here sure does) had a great win over Jankovic to take the championship. Nice work.

by Rafa's beardreply 3606/18/2012

[quote] Wasn't that Hingis who called Mauresmo "half a man?" Davenport is no delicate flower herself.

Yep, it was Hingis who called poor Amelie "half a man". Davenport was also a catty bitch saying stuff like how she felt like she'd been playing against a man. As though Lindsay was some delicate flower herself.

Martina Hingis was a really hateful bitch though. "She is here with her girlfriend. She is half a man already. They are hugging and kissing each other all the time. There is a limit."

by Rafa's beardreply 3706/18/2012

Martina was nasty and had no filter. She would say anything about anybody, but she did it with a smile. Some people liked it because of the drama but to me she came across as very insecure and bratty. Her nickname was Chucky for a reason. Although, I'm sure that some part of the nickname was inspired by her bulbous, movie screen forehead.

by Rafa's beardreply 3806/18/2012

Can't believe Melanie won. Good for her!

I felt very bad for the official that got kicked by David.

The man looked shocked, and was SUPER pissed when he walked off of the court with blood dripping down his leg.

by Rafa's beardreply 3906/18/2012

Davenport said about Mauresmo that "it was like playing a man" out there, or something to that effect, in reference to how hard Amelie hit. She called Amelie and apologized after the remark was pounced on by the media. Good for her.

Hingis was just a twat. A genius, but a twat.

And as for petulance, nobody holds a candle to A. Roddick on the men's side. Total douche-nozzle.

by Rafa's beardreply 4006/18/2012

Jelena Jankovic said several years ago that playing Sam Stosur was like playing a man. That's because of the large amount of topspin and her kick serve, which most women are incapable of hitting--you need that much strength. Sam does have those guns--just like Rafa (when will these people be outed for PEDs?)

by Rafa's beardreply 4106/18/2012

R34 that "objective" analysis of lack of sportsmanship is pathetic if that's the best you can do.

I watched that match, and no one with a brain would think Nole was being a bad sport taking his time in an exhausting match. The crowd didn't seem to think he did anything seriously offensive either, and in fact, he didn't - he knew after his one incident at the Open years earlier he wanted to be on their best side. And they were.

Regarding that very match, it was Roger who received substantial criticism for his pissy unsportsmanlike attitude after the match. The most obnoxious was claiming that a "trained" professional would not take a risky shot on match point and just swing at the ball and that Nole was "lucky" to win.


by Rafa's beardreply 4206/19/2012


Loving that Wozinacki is out in the first round at Eastbourne. Christina McHale kept it together and pulled it out. With pouty Rory McElroy watching.

Kvitova, Stosur, and Radwanska all out in the first round too...

by Rafa's beardreply 4306/19/2012

Kvitova needs to lay off the Kripsy Kremes.

And fix those Iron Curtain teeth! Bitch has the money now.

by Rafa's beardreply 4406/19/2012

R42-you don't seem to understand the rules of the game, but etiquette is supremely important in tennis, there are very strict rules. One of the big rules is that you must play at the server's pace. You don't stall by walking around, toweling off, and trying to pump up the crowd while the server is waiting (especially that long). And that article is correct in stating that if one of the golden umps did that match he wouldn't have gotten away with it.

Another rule is that you are not allowed to exceed 25 seconds to start your serve. During pressure points Novak routinely goes over that time limit. Both are considered stalling and poor etiquette. Even the commentators commented on Novak's gamesmanship during that point in the match , which he is known for, but he seems to be trying to improve his image this year.

As far as Roger, he's never been a good loser. But the "lucky shot" comment and what Novak did during the match aren't equivalent. And there's no way that a comment like that would get "substantial" coverage, Players have said much worse.

by Rafa's beardreply 4506/19/2012

[quote]One of the big rules is that you must play at the server's pace.

This is the main reason I can't stand Sharapova. But more than her, I hate the chair umpires who fucking refuse to enforce the rules and warn her and Rafa and Novak about taking too much damn time.

by Rafa's beardreply 4606/19/2012

Stosur is out of the tourney this early? She better get her game straightened out before Wimbledon. I swear she played better when she wore Lacoste.

by Rafa's beardreply 4706/19/2012

Stosur never plays well on grass. In nine Wimbledon's she has won only five matches.

by Rafa's beardreply 4806/19/2012

R45 you have no idea what you're talking about - and in fact write as if you are talking about a gentleman's game that defined it decades ago. When Novak has abused the rule, as Rafa has, they have both been called for it. Commentators have digged Rafa and many other players and umpires for not being strict with the rule, but it's clear that the players and officials want something else.

I do know the "rules of the game" and the etiquette, which you are distorting horribly. The rules are very clear about how much time you are to take between points, and CUSTOM in the pro-game is to give players leeway in long five set matches. PERIOD. The rules are not enforced because the "etiquette" has changed. The grind of the tour, especially hard court tennis, has contributed to that. But Novak did nothing in that match that Rafa and countless others have done and continue to do.

The fact that you have only that article as evidence of what happened is pathetic. Again, I actually watched the match, as did millions of other people, and NO other major writer described Novak's behavior as "unsportsmanlike".

Again, even though YOU don't think so, apparently many people thought that Roger's rude and dismissive attitude in his post-match press conference were unsportsmanlike, and the reason they are not equivalent is that Roger's behavior was worse.

You clearly have an axe to grind against Novak, in a world where Federer sets some sort of standard for how to behave. He was a boor before, and he's peevish now. Not a great sportsman and many people's books these days.

by Rafa's beardreply 4906/20/2012

Any more pictures of Sabatini? I'm having a slow work day.

by Rafa's beardreply 5006/20/2012

r49 - Give it a break. That Federer can be peevish and petty doesn't absolve Djokovic. I love Rafa but I can see where someone who didn't like him might think his taking so much time between points was not on, or find any number of his idiosyncrasies obnoxious. Novak has been criticized a number of times for gamesmanship, mostly for sandbagging. He can also be childish when the crowd isn't with him. That's how he rolls. Big deal. He's not perfect and some don't like him. Move on.

by Rafa's beardreply 5106/20/2012

R49- I have no idea what I'm talking about and I'm distorting the rules? Prove it. I need more proof and less rambling. Now I see that you're nothing but a Djokovic fan not a tennis fan. You are completely clueless about the game of tennis.

I can guarantee you that the Rafa fans on this board know enough about their FAVORITE player to know that he has been accused of purposely taking too long between points. However, you are so clueless about your supposed favorite player's history. You mentioned the Roddick US Open incident, do you know what started it? Yes you can use Google.

And I know that you don't know this, but being tired is apart of, well, you know, the game. There are no special rules for being tired. I need to see proof that player's are not required to play at the server's pace when they are tired. Did you just starting watching tennis last year? I never posted any articles but since you mentioned it. I will be waiting for proof that I distorted the rules, that there are special rules for being tired, and that Federer's "lucky shot" comment received "substantial" coverage?

Hewitt claims Djokovic used gamesmanship in tight match

by Rafa's beardreply 5206/20/2012

Robredo blasts Djokovic's gamesmanship

by Rafa's beardreply 5306/20/2012

Not a picture, R50, but a fun 30 second Youtube of the "Sabatweenie" against Chris Evert. Enjoy!

by Rafa's beardreply 5406/20/2012

I saw Richard Gasquet play in the grandstand at the US Open several years ago. He's arguably the best looking of all the current male tennis players. Richard has a superb ass. To me, he is far more attractive than Roddick or Rafa.

If he is gay, it must be a bigger subject of gossip in France than here. Gasquest is quiet and shy; he's also usually stuck somewhere between 10 and 20 in the ATP rankings. If he is gay, Gasquet is lucky to be so unnoticed outside of France.

I was very pleasantly surprised at how sexy Gasquet is in comes across less on TV.

by Rafa's beardreply 5506/21/2012

r55 - I love Gasquet. And I kind of hate him too, for not even coming close to his potential. He's a lazy one.

by Rafa's beardreply 5606/21/2012

I know I'm probably very late with this question, but when did Roddick become such a dickhead?

by Rafa's beardreply 5706/22/2012

[R57] When he turned 5.

by Rafa's beardreply 5806/22/2012

I like the cutest guys on tour: Simon Bolelli, Fabio Fognini, Juan Monaco, JW Tsonga, Feliciano Lopez.

by Rafa's beardreply 5906/22/2012

Tommy Haas is one player who plays commando.

by Rafa's beardreply 6006/22/2012

We have similar taste, R59. I used to like Verdasco and I still like Blake.

Roddick has always been cocky, but he was more fun when he was younger (19/20). His attitude got worse when he became Fed's pigeon.

by Rafa's beardreply 6106/22/2012

I also liked Gaston Gaudio but last time I saw him, he was playing the qualifying rounds in the US Open some 3 yrs ago.

by Rafa's beardreply 6206/22/2012

Im still waiting for Andy Roddick to turn...

by Rafa's beardreply 6306/22/2012

Same here! Gaudio had a great game but his game really went away around 2006 and he eventually retired. I really like Pablo Andujar too. Very cute!

by Rafa's beardreply 6406/22/2012

why do they all get weak and drops from their rankings the moment they get married? look at Federer, Roddick, Fish etc.

by Rafa's beardreply 6506/22/2012

Jesus, Nadal once again gets a creampuff draw while the other half is loaded. How exactly does this "random" draw always put Djokovic and Federer in the same half while Nadal keeps getting that wimpy Andy Murray?

by Rafa's beardreply 6606/22/2012

Will there be (or is there already) a separate Wimbledon thread?

by Rafa's beardreply 6706/22/2012

Ranking, R66. 1 and 2 on opposite sides of the draw. 3 and 4 on opposite sides of the draw. Most of the draw is random with a bit of structure.

by Rafa's beardreply 6806/22/2012

Maybe Andy Murray will surprise England and the rest of the world by getting to the Final?

He won't win, of course, but still.

by Rafa's beardreply 6906/22/2012

Or more likely, he'll surprise absolutely nobody and be bounced out the first round against Davydenko. He's been beyond scuffling this spring.

by Rafa's beardreply 7006/22/2012

Simone Bolelli is hot as fuck.

And if you put a bag over his head, Andy Murray has the best legs, and near best ass, in tennis.

by Rafa's beardreply 7106/22/2012

For you R 50

by Rafa's beardreply 7206/22/2012

r66 - Actually nearly all the big hitters are in the bottom half of the draw (Delpo, Cilic, Raonic, Karlovic, Querrey & Brooklyn's husband, if he still counts). Lucky for the other top seeds that they're all in Murray's quarter, so they'll cancel each other out.

Kohlschreiber, who just beat him in Halle, could be tough for Nadal in round 3, and Tsonga is no cream puff in the quarters.

No one is going to trouble Djoker in his quarter, unless Berdych rises to the challenge, and he rarely does that.

Federer should glide right through to the semis. The only mild threat might be Isner.

I'd love for Juan Carlos Ferrero to upset Djoker in the first round for old time's sake, but that's magical thinking. And speaking of old dogs - poor Lleyton Hewitt getting Tsonga in round 1 of what's probably his last Wimbledon.

by Rafa's beardreply 7306/22/2012

Another video for R 50

by Rafa's beardreply 7406/22/2012


by Rafa's beardreply 7506/22/2012

Sad to say goodby to Hewitt, but two grand slam titles is more that just good. Has anyone else beside Safin & Rafter accomplished as much in mens tennis in the last 15-20 years, except the current Big Three?

by Rafa's beardreply 7606/24/2012

Hola, R76!

by Rafa's beardreply 7706/24/2012

The pros are picking Rafa on ESPN, and kinda slit between MaSha and Serena.

I'd like to see Fed win one more. Failing that, Raonic!

And I'd love to see MaSha pick up a second Wimby. Or Kimmy to win one.

by Rafa's beardreply 7806/24/2012

It'd be nice to see some new players winning the slams.

by Rafa's beardreply 7906/24/2012

"The pros are picking Rafa"

Yay!!! I'm no longer alone!

by Rafa's beardreply 8006/24/2012

*split* I mean!

Ooops. Parapraxis!

by Rafa's beardreply 8106/24/2012

I can do the splits.

by Rafa's beardreply 8206/24/2012

I'll be really surprised if Rafa wins Wimby.

Less surprised about Serena.

Are we going to make a separate thread, or just use this one?

by Rafa's beardreply 8306/24/2012

It's going to be tough to beat Martina this year, she's got her lefty serve really working. And if Mac can keep his temper in check, he's much better than Jimmy on grass.

by Rafa's beardreply 8406/24/2012

I think Raonic will make it to at least the quarters or even the semis this time. He has a great game for grass, amazing serve--has been very close to beating Federer in their last two matches. However, I always root for Roger.

by Rafa's beardreply 8506/24/2012

Chrissie, you NEED to make an appointment to see your therapist.

by Rafa's beardreply 8606/24/2012

I wonder if Tomic can keep his shit together and advance farther this time? Between him and his dad, there seems to always be some drama or histrionics following his career.

by Rafa's beardreply 8706/24/2012

And you NEED to down an entire bottle of appetite suppressants, Mirka at R86!

by Rafa's beardreply 8806/24/2012

r76 - Agassi & Sampras are both in that time frame, but I know what you're saying. Hewitt squeezed a huge career out of his wee body. Probably his only huge disappointment is losing that AusOpen final to Safin.

r78 - I'd love for Rafa to win, but I'm surprised the pros are picking him. He's got a tricky draw. Then again, the ESPN crew is nearly always wrong.

Isner just went out so Federer's draw got even easier. I think this is his last, best chance for another slam. I just can't really pull for a guy who already has more than any player though.

And wow - Djokovic is going to snooze right to the semis too now that Berdych has just been dumped out.

by Rafa's beardreply 8906/25/2012

I felt so bad for El Mosquito (JCF); I used to have such a crush on him when I was teenager. He has made the most of his abilities and had a good career, though.

by Rafa's beardreply 9006/25/2012

The Americans really suck at Wimbledon. Blake, Isner, Oudin, Young, V. Williams - all losers.

by Rafa's beardreply 9106/25/2012

R91, you left out Roddick. He is truly a winner. Perhaps not at tennis but in life. He has existential mojo.

by Rafa's beardreply 9206/25/2012

Venus is a surprise since she won the thing like 5 times. But that chronic disease she has is taking things out of her hands these days. The women's side is really lacking these days. The fact that Maria fell into the FO win proves it. The women who play well are either injured, ill or lack the consistency they once had. My Blake is in a slump. Isner, I'm not a fan so I don't pay attention to him at all unless he's about to play someone I like or has a good chance of possibly meeting them in a later round. Is he injured?

by Rafa's beardreply 9306/25/2012

Venus Williams is a five-time Wimbledon champion, hardly a loser. The woman has a debilitating automimmune disease.

To paraphrase one of the British tabs, Federer will put up as much resistance against Rafa (or Novak) as his Missus does when faced with the dessert trolley.

by Rafa's beardreply 9406/25/2012

I'm so glad that Gulbis has lost the Pearl Jam hair. His style of play is so similar to Djokovic that if they both make it that far, it could be an epic match....if Gulbis can keep it up. But before that, I'm hoping that Ryan Harrison can give Novak a good work out.

by Rafa's beardreply 9506/25/2012

May I ask why nobody is talking about my balding, rat-faced husband?

by Rafa's beardreply 9606/26/2012

Brooklyn, has your husband been cheating on you? I hear he was banging Serena Williams on the side.

by Rafa's beardreply 9706/26/2012

Serena??! Oh, my.

I have heard that Serena likes her, erm, what's the term? "Pretzels"? "Pringos"? "Crackers"?

by Rafa's beardreply 9806/26/2012

Not to worry, Brooklyn. You can have Masha. I hear she prefers the ladies.

by Rafa's beardreply 9906/26/2012


I know models are not known to be the brightest bulbs in the universe, but I didn't know you lacked reading comprehension. I mentioned your ferret-faced, yet beautiful buttocks-endowed, husband at R92.

Hell, I even made a supplication regarding his beautiful ass in the original post of the Wimbledon 2012 thread I started last night. See link below.

Do you make more than he?

by Rafa's beardreply 10006/26/2012

Oh, dear. I apologize for missing that, R100. I don't read long books. :-)

I don't really know much about the money thing. I was never good with figures... except my own!

by Rafa's beardreply 10106/26/2012

Brooklyn, are you smarter than Pete Sampras's bimbo wife? Of course you're hotter, not to mention a LOT younger than that bag.

by Rafa's beardreply 10206/26/2012

JMac commentating on Nadal's match, joking about the never-seen GF, "He *has* a girlfriend, right? Have they ever gone out to dinner? I've never seen a picture. You never see them ANYWHERE." Then sarcastically "I'm sure she's a wonderful young lady."

JMac was just joking about how Rafa lives in a bubble, but it is truly amazing how he never goes off-script. Occasionally, you see his nerves on court, but you never see him get messy in his conduct.

Impressive Rafa winning the first set after being down 0-4 and playing like crap.

by Rafa's beardreply 10306/26/2012

Here's some good pix of Rafa (and Xisca) vacationing recently in Mallorca.

Some good Rafa assage...

by Rafa's beardreply 10406/26/2012

This is not Wimbledon related, so I went back to this thread.

Today I was doing a search on James LaRosa, the tennis writer who happens to be one of our gay brethren, and as often happens that started me searching a whole bunch of different stuff. (I was wondering why I hadn't seen anything recent from him - found out that this spring he's been writing some show for VH-1 called "Bounce" which I've never heard of.)

Anyway eventually I got on Coco Vandeweghe and saw that it looks like Jan-Michael Gambill is still coaching her.

But that led me to Jan-Mike's brother Torrey. According to Torrey's twitter, he's now a model and actor in addition to playing tennis.

But the first hit when googling him is the attached which claims that Torrey does gay porn so that he has money to pay for female hookers. I'm not familiar with that site, but it doesn't seem too reputable and the comments all come from what sound like unbalanced women. But it's fun anyway.

by Rafa's beardreply 10507/05/2012


by Rafa's beardreply 10607/15/2012

Ridiculously hot, R106. F-Lo has had that. I wonder who tops -- or do they flip flop?

by Rafa's beardreply 10707/15/2012

Why no camera time for JMG this week? Coco makes the finals (first time in a top level pro tournament, congrats), and all they show is her parents. What gives?

I think the announcers said something about her mom being her fill-in coach for the week. Does Gambill have jury duty?

by Rafa's beardreply 10807/15/2012

He was off playing team tennis r108. I think he plays for Boston.

by Rafa's beardreply 10907/15/2012

Wow. Rafa pulls out of the Olympics. I was shocked at first hearing it, but not too surprised when I took a minute to think about it.

by Rafa's beardreply 11007/19/2012

I no like fast courts. Aces very boring, no?

by Rafa's beardreply 11107/20/2012

Dear God, is there any PRIZE MONEY for playing the Olympics? Even for me, the cupboard's looking kinda bare.

by Rafa's beardreply 11207/20/2012

Rafa's pullout being blamed on his knees again...

And what caused his problems before? Bulking up so he could blow everyone else off the court. He couldn't stand all those losses to Djokovic, bulked up, ruined his knees again... And now may be out through the US Open.

Something's fishy here...

by Rafa's beardreply 11307/20/2012

[quote]Something's fishy here...

No me mires a mi!

by Rafa's beardreply 11407/20/2012

It's a shame Nadal pulled out, but he was obviously not doing well on grass this year and I doubt he would have gone far at the Olympics. Of course, he denies Federer another meeting on a surface that favors Federer.

by Rafa's beardreply 11507/20/2012

I'm not among the guys that think Andy Murray is hot, but those that do might appreciate the attached. Although he talks about how he feels he inherited his sturdy calves from Judy, there are no good views of them.

And no signs of his special good friend Dani Vallverdu

by Rafa's beardreply 11607/25/2012

My selections would be different from this, but someone has generated a list of the 10 hottest male players based on pics from their own twitter accounts.

I had no idea Wawrinka was so ripped. His torso looks so oddly shaped in his shirts and always thought he was a little chunky.

And Benoit usually doesn't do much for me, but that is a smokin' hot pic of him. Normally he looks more like he does in the pic with Stan, and that's less hot and more like OK.

by Rafa's beardreply 11707/25/2012

Oh, yah, r116.

I'd hit that. HARD.

by Rafa's beardreply 11807/26/2012

I object to any list trying to pass the Bryan brothers off as heterosexual.

by Rafa's beardreply 11907/26/2012

R117, what do find oddly shaped about Warwinka?

by Rafa's beardreply 12007/26/2012

I think Ryan Harrison is fucking adorable. Anyone else think he's cute?

by Rafa's beardreply 12107/26/2012

Benneteau looks much hotter than Tsonga in that picture. I would classify Tsonga as cute (if that) but definitely not hot.

by Rafa's beardreply 12207/26/2012

Any list of the hottest guys in tennis that doesn't include Simone Bolelli is incomplete.

by Rafa's beardreply 12307/26/2012

Can someone please explain why we think M.Sharapova is gay?

by Rafa's beardreply 12407/27/2012

She's gay? Did she somehow grow penis or what?

by Rafa's beardreply 12507/27/2012

R125, too bad you can't grow brains.

by Rafa's beardreply 12607/27/2012

[quote]Can someone please explain why we think M.Sharapova is gay?

I'd read some rumors before, but the whole Camilla Belle "friendship" is what really got them in high gear.

by Rafa's beardreply 12707/27/2012

I'd read some rumors before, but the whole Camilla Belle "friendship" is what really got them in high gear.

That's all?

by Rafa's beardreply 12807/28/2012

Ryan Harrison showed great Olympic sportsmanship at the end of his match, petulantly slamming his racket to the ground. He's an asshole. He can't beat anyone in the top 10 and if he hasn't done it by now, he is never going to.

Donald Young is an an even bigger joke.

by Rafa's beardreply 12907/28/2012

They say Olympics courts play very fast. Good thing I am at home, no?

by Rafa's beardreply 13007/30/2012

r130 - You keep trying so hard to get a reaction, but you need to get a little more creative.

by Rafa's beardreply 13107/30/2012

No, hon - I'm just trying to bump the thread. But apparently nobody wants to talk Olympic tennis.

I suppose I could post about fat Mirka or spoiled Serena. That always seems to get everyone going.

by Rafa's beardreply 13207/30/2012

r132 - True. Much as I love tennis, I can't with Olympic tennis. It just doesn't belong there. I hope someone completely random wins, like in 2004. That's the only thing that would make it interesting.

by Rafa's beardreply 13307/30/2012


There have been rumors about Sharapova being a lez since before she won Wimbledon in 2004 and of course the most telling thing, her "friendship" with that actress Camilla Belle. She's also engaged to some fey basketball player she is never actually seen with.

by Rafa's beardreply 13407/30/2012

I'm with you R133. I can't put my finger on it, but I'm remarkable uninterested in the Olympic matches. Of course I've still been recording and watching all of it that's put on Bravo, but when I see all those empty seats in the stands, I feel like I might skip a day if I were a ticket holder too.

It's been mildly amusing to see Chelsea Handler in Sharapova's box - somewhere her fiance hasn't been in a long time.

Oddly, one thing that would make me more interested in Olympic tennis is if they limited participation to amateur players. This is an event where I don't care to see all of the usual pros.

I'm happy that Sam Querrey was able to take advantage of the deficit in top-ranked talent and win the LA tournament.

Bring on Canada and Cincinnati.

by Rafa's beardreply 13508/01/2012

r21 it was probably that incident with that roided up racist/ homophobic bitch Hingis.

Davenport made a comment too but apologized saying she didn't men it the way it came out.

by Rafa's beardreply 13608/01/2012

[quote][R21] it was probably that incident with that roided up racist/ homophobic bitch Hingis.

Hingis may have been may things, but roided up she wasn't. It was precisely because of her lack of power that she was losing against the new generation of ball-bashers.

by Rafa's beardreply 13708/01/2012

Hingis may have been may things, but roided up she wasn't.

Bitch please that Antonio Inoki chin, forehead, receded hairline, acne, built like a linebacker, and fucked up mood swings.

The nerve to call Mauresmo manly when she looked like a Dallas trucker with brace mouth.

by Rafa's beardreply 13808/01/2012

Thank you 134.

It's sad if, for example, Sharapova or Nadal indeed are gay but can't just say it (because of sponsorships, fans or families)and go on with their really is irrelevant to their job and one can only be sad that in year 2012. we still have this sort of conversation.

by Rafa's beardreply 13908/01/2012

Anybody picking Murray?

by Rafa's beardreply 14008/04/2012

"Anybody picking Murray?"

His mother, in various and sundry ways.

by Rafa's beardreply 14108/04/2012

Who glued the bird's nest to Serena's head? That was some really outstanding glue.

by Rafa's beardreply 14208/04/2012

I really don't care. And after watching the end of the Murray-Djokovic match, I am unsure how much Novak cares about the Olympics either. Djokovic did not win a point on HIS serve, giving the semi-final match to Murray.

by Rafa's beardreply 14308/04/2012

Which of the tennis players has the most pleasing buttmusk?

by Rafa's beardreply 14408/04/2012

What an embarrassment for Maria!!

Caroline and Victoria took a handful of games off of Serena and she could only get one.

I have no idea what happened to Novak, but he was just lackluster against Murray. I remember the fight he had against Rafa in 2008 for the gold medal match, and when he lost he left the court in tears. Yesterday it seemed like he just didn't give a shit.

Don't think I will watch Andy/Fed. I've seen the movie a few times, and kinda know how it's gonna end.

by Rafa's beardreply 14508/04/2012

Is Serena on the roids again? What a borefest of a final. Sharapova needn't have bothered showing up. I saw that Chelsea Handler was in her box, since when are they friends?

Hoping the men's final is a little more competitive.

by Rafa's beardreply 14608/04/2012

As I said in the other thread, the tennis commentator kept mentioning Chelsea Handler being in Sharapova's box and emphasizing it in a weird way. I think it was about the third time she mentioned it that made me think she was trying to say something. Are they dating or lovers?Is Sharapova a lesbian?

It is odd that Chelsea showed up for all her matches, rooting for a technical Russian and against the American player during an Olympic match.

by Rafa's beardreply 14708/04/2012

R146, Serena has dominated Sharapova since Sharapova humiliated Serena at Wimbledon. This has nothing to do with "roids" more "tards" with the same tired accusations.

Maria served poorly. Everyone has acknowleged that the grass is much faster - probably thinking the change might be good for Murray. It was like watching the days when Boris and other big servers won like that.

That's why Serena won so overwhelmingly more so than at Wimbledon. The court + her serve. Case closed.

by Rafa's beardreply 14808/05/2012

R146, you're not getting your wish.

Andy is killing Roger, almost as badly as Serena beat Maria.

I wonder if Andy is on steroids, or a woman :)

by Rafa's beardreply 14908/05/2012

Final is best of five, right? I still don't see Roger winning this. Murray is on fire.

by Rafa's beardreply 15008/05/2012

It is best of five, which is odd that the rest of the tournament is this way.

If Andy wins this, watch for Wimbledon to go back to the fast grass for a while. See R148 above.

He must be pissed thinking that the slower grass to take away from the servers made it easier for Nadal and Federer to win. True, everyone thought Andy's strength on hard courts would have made the slower courts better for him too but Jesus... this is a slaughter.

by Rafa's beardreply 15108/05/2012

I love seeing Delpo cry. He teared up yesterday when losing the semifinal to Roger and then he cried again just now when he won the bronze. He's such a sensitive guy. Love him.

by Rafa's beardreply 15208/05/2012

[quote]He must be pissed thinking that the slower grass to take away from the servers made it easier for Nadal and Federer to win.

Maybe Nadal, but Federer thrives on fast courts. Why would you say something so inacurate?

by Rafa's beardreply 15308/05/2012

If you like the sensitive guys crying, R152, you're going to love Andy beating Federer, no? Both will be in tears.

by Rafa's beardreply 15408/05/2012

Check your facts before you hurl charges of innaccuracy, R153.

Wimbledon changed its grass in 2001 - before Roger won his first Grand Slam there - deliberately to slow down the play. Everyone knows this. It's why serve and volley tennis died at the Grand Slams.

Even Henman protested it.

by Rafa's beardreply 15508/05/2012

Is Del Potro gay?

by Rafa's beardreply 15608/05/2012

Federer will have silver in singles. Not what he wanted, but now something to cry over.

by Rafa's beardreply 15708/05/2012

At least I LOVE cock instead of having one like Serena!!

by Rafa's beardreply 15808/05/2012

Federer is a fast court specialist. To say that he doesn't do well on fast courts is rubbish. FYI, if Federer complains about anything is the slowing down of tennis courts in the past ten years.

by Rafa's beardreply 15908/05/2012

Good for Andy. Now maybe he can cut back on the tears and really be a force to be reckoned with at the Slams, especially if Nadal is down for awhile and Novak seems to have lost his bravado.

Roger won 7 games in three sets? Smackdown.

by Rafa's beardreply 16008/05/2012

Does anyone know when Judy Murray's sex reassignment surgery is scheduled?

by Rafa's beardreply 16108/05/2012

Good For Murray, indeed. This year's USOpen will be really competitive. With no player dominating the year it is hard to tell who is the favorite. And it is nice to see Del Potro's come back to good form.

by Rafa's beardreply 16208/05/2012

God you Federer drones are tiresome.

There are no more "fast courts" in the way they were before Roger came on the scene, and there is no conceivable way Roger can therefore be a fast court "specialist", except that hard courts are "faster" than clay courts, which is the primary distinction that you are taking WAAAY out of context.

Classic fast carpets came to an end for the same reason grass was changed at Wimbledon. Indoor tournament promoters switched to slower hard courts indoors years ago.

True fast court specialists were predominantly serve and volley specialists. Is that Roger? No.

I love Roger and wished that he won, but his genius is his groundstrokes, and he is a baseliner in the class of Nadal and Serena.

You have no idea what you're talking about, R159.

These courts were faster than hard courts. PERIOD. Everyone says so.

by Rafa's beardreply 16308/05/2012

Federer's game is more suitable to fast courts as we define them TODAY, which makes him a fast court specialist of TODAY, whether you like it or not. What he would have been fifteen years ago on slightly faster courts, who knows. He is comfortable playing serve and volley much more than Nadal with whom he has little in common in terms of playing styles. Federer is not your typical baseline player. What a silly thing to say.

Are you that poster who hates Federer to the point that you'd rather reinterpret the whole sport of tennis than give him any credit? And how can I possibly have a conversation with someone who, right off the bat, calls me a "tiresome Federer drone"?

by Rafa's beardreply 16408/05/2012

It's ok.

Roger will get you British bitches at the US Open!

by Rafa's beardreply 16508/05/2012

R164, Roger has won more grand slams than any player of all time and has EARNED all of them. I have said that over and over.

YOU are a drone because you robotically turn everything into some imagined defense about Federer and make up arguments when none exist. To win an argument of your own making, you're now claiming Roger is a fast court specialist when the ONLY issue HERE is that this grass court is a classic fast court faster than hard courts.

To which YOU tried to turn this into an argument about him being a hard court specialist ... oh wait a hard court specialist "of today" ... when NO EXPERT calls him that, and certainly not on FAST GRASS which this was.

And yes, you went into this ludicous argumentative mode before when I agreed with you that he was the BEST in the world when Agassi and Sampras were in decline because they were not threats in his Grand Slam wins, a fact you agreed with but wanted to argue to death because their existence during his career was somehow important to you.

You have mental problems. Get help.

by Rafa's beardreply 16608/05/2012

Correction to last post at R166... you are the one who is making up this argument about him being a FAST COURT specialist ("of today"), when that's not the issue.

You want to make up these arguments for the sake of arguments.

And you're a loon. And a drone. I stand by it.

by Rafa's beardreply 16708/05/2012

Del Potro is very handsome, so glad he got a bronze over Novak.

Judy and Andy Murray are morphing into one another.

by Rafa's beardreply 16808/05/2012

How is it that Mirka has millions to spend on clothes and hair, and still looks like a frump from Sioux City?

by Rafa's beardreply 16908/05/2012

Great points, R163. Your point about the promoters is especially true. Slower courts equal more money. The fans want to see rallies.

by Rafa's beardreply 17008/05/2012

Well, it's nice that Murray finally won something big (even if no one will remember it in a few years), but I'm still not feeling Olympic tennis.

by Rafa's beardreply 17108/05/2012

I'd ask for shirtless pictures (of anyone), but these threads always seem to degenerate into straight male fanboy bitching...

by Rafa's beardreply 17208/05/2012

Same here, R147

by Rafa's beardreply 17308/05/2012

I forgot to say congrats to Murray, it was a great win for him and his country. I do wish it would have been Delpo instead but Murray did a great job. I hate to say this because I don't want to take away from Murray's win, but Fed looked "unbothered" in that match. I don't know if it was just Murray's great play today or if he wasn't really into it. But that's just my opinion.

by Rafa's beardreply 17408/05/2012

When Federer wins say Steffi Graf then you an say he is the greatest player of all time. He's a baby, a sore loser, and Murray kicked his butt today, end of story. We'll see if little Mr. Petulance can raise his game at the US Open or will he use his "sore back" excuse if he doesn't play well?

by Rafa's beardreply 17508/05/2012

Fed lost his last chance to win gold in Ols. Rio is four years away, he'll be 34 and whether it's on clay or hard he has no chance. Poor Roger. He's an arrogant prick and I'm so glad Murray destroyed him. The US Open will be thrilling with all the big guns knowing they need that to be no. 1 for the year.

Is Rafa on roids? His knees are hurting him from a match where he barely had to move(losing at Wimby to Rosol?) - now he has pulled out of Canada. Oh c'mon.

Djoko has not been the same since winning the Aussie O with the 12 hrs it took to beat Murray and Nadal back to back. Hard to imagine him having the same season as last, when he was inspired and could frustrate Nadal. Nadal was ready for him when the clay came in the Spring.

by Rafa's beardreply 17608/05/2012

Congrats to Andrew on winning the Olympic Gold, it's the biggest achievement of his career, but the grand slams are where careers are made, and until he wins a slam he isn't in the discussion with the three men above him in the rankings. With that being said, he could pass Rafa for 3rd in the rankings after Toronto.

Roger will be fine after some much needed rest, especially mentally. At his age his bounce-back abilities from a long physical match simply aren't there. Regardless, he won where it truly counts, Wimbledon. And he's still right now the best player in the world.

Will be interesting to see how Djokovic does in Toronto and if he starts truly slumping. He's in a very tenuous time and his confidence is dropping.

by Rafa's beardreply 17708/05/2012

Depending upon how Roddick does in he US Open, I wonder if he will retire after next year.

by Rafa's beardreply 17808/05/2012

How sad is it that the US has no men or women to compete in the singles at the Olympics or the Slams?

God help us when the Williams and Bryon brothers retire.

by Rafa's beardreply 17908/05/2012

I have no idea what you are angry about R149. I will never understand how some of you can get so nasty on an anonymous board. I mean, seriously angry and nasty. And over what? Geez, go out and get some air, will you?

by Rafa's beardreply 18008/05/2012

Thought the whole tennis at the Olympics was a bit lackluster. Just seemed like a repeat of Wimbledon, only two weeks later.

by Rafa's beardreply 18108/05/2012

Yea, No

by Rafa's beardreply 18208/05/2012

I don't think Federer cared all that much about winning the Olympic gold,but he still seemed shocked that Murray beat him. Federer had a dazed look on his face at the medal ceremony and was looking at Murray with a little respect.

by Rafa's beardreply 18308/08/2012

r183 - I didn't watch the match, but Federer has mentioned the gold medal as a goal ever since the 2012 Olympics were awarded to London.

He probably knew he didn't have enough left in the tank to win against a fired up Murray and was resigned.

by Rafa's beardreply 18408/08/2012

Federer's passive defeat was all the more surprising given just how much he did want that gold medal. Federer is all about his legacy and the records, and the singles gold medal is about the only thing missing from his record: a Grand Slam, record number of Grand Slam titles, most weeks at #1, etc. etc.

by Rafa's beardreply 18508/08/2012

Nadal is not going to the Cincinnati tournament either.

Wonder if his season might be finished?

by Rafa's beardreply 18608/09/2012

Nadal's statement on the pullout didn't sound good - he would not set a return date and emphasized the American season required preparatation. He's taking it day by day and says he will not go on court if his knee hurts.

I'm sure he also doesn't want to go in out of practice and get beaten.

On another note, Murray just pulled out of Toronto with a knee injury.

by Rafa's beardreply 18708/09/2012

As expected, Rafa is OUT of the US Open.

I would not dare post this over at the VB site, but I have a feeling that his injury may be more mental than physical.

Maybe he will make a comeback on the Clay during the Davis Cup.

by Rafa's beardreply 18808/15/2012

What is the VB site, R188?

I'm not sure I agree with you about his issue being more mental than physical. He fights like a bulldog whenever he can and in general displays more mental focus and fortitude than any other current player I can think of.

Watching him lose that Wimbledon match to Rosol (maybe his last of 2012), his usually explosive movement was so limited. While I was watching it I remember thinking how similar it was to his 2009 FO loss to Soderling. He couldn't make fast changes of direction in either of those matches and we all learned afterwards about the knee tendonitis flaring up in each case.

It will be interesting to see if he takes a similarly extended break from the game this time. In '09 we wondered if his knees were so debilitating that it was career ending. I'm sure that talk is going on again.

Anyway, I'll take Delpo for another USOpen win, please.

by Rafa's beardreply 18908/15/2012

VB= Vamos Brigade. I'm always on that site. I'm a huge Rafa fan and have been for a very long time. But some of the Brigade take fanaticism to another level. But I've heard that Andy Murray's fan site is crazier with extremely deranged fans.

I thought DelPo looked good today. The score is misleading; Delpo was definitely in that match and I think that kind of match is good for his confidence. He is definitely looking match tough heading into the USO and it's awesome to see. With Rafa out, Delpo, Tsonga, and Nalby are the only players left for me to root for. Well, the primary ones.

by Rafa's beardreply 19008/18/2012

Congrats to Roger on winning Cincy. And bagelling Djokovic in the finals.

by Rafa's beardreply 19108/19/2012

Well done Roger what an awesome win at Cinncy love to see him repeat that win at the US Open.

I agree with the earlier poster who said that Roger didn't have anything left in the tank to beat Murray. Roger usually takes a break immediately after Wimbledon and doesn't play again until Toronto/Rogers. Plus the home crowd must have helped Murray. It must be very annoying when the crowd cheers all you crap shots.

by Rafa's beardreply 19208/20/2012

I'm still loving Serena's demolition of Sharapova. Best. Tennis. Day. Ever. The endorsement companies can suck on that.

I'm happy Li won Cincinnati. She has a good game when she's in form, and her personality is hilarious. Plus it's nice to see a non-european win. Nothing against them, but the influx of eastern europeans in tennis has really made it less popular. Most of them have robotic personalities. If the top 50 were composed of players from more countries besides mostly the eastern european ones, tennis would be more popular. We need more Asians, Africans and South Americans.

Federer embarrassed Djokovic once again lol.

by Rafa's beardreply 19308/20/2012

@ R193 Sharapova is so f***ing hot though.

Serena does not look like an athlete to me her ass is so huge it looks like a shelf.

by Rafa's beardreply 19408/20/2012

Was watching Kvitova play this week and she totally looks pregnant.

Bad skin, pooch in the tummy (which she always has) and massive breasts.

by Rafa's beardreply 19508/20/2012

Why all the negative Novak posts? With Rafa out for an extended period, Djokovic is the only consistent threat to Federer. A few months ago mens tennis was at its most exciting, do you really want to watch Federer win tournament after tournament for the rest of 2012?

by Rafa's beardreply 19608/20/2012

Novak is very stubborn about not coming out!

by Rafa's beardreply 19708/20/2012

He can tell those homophobic Serbians to get some other hero.

by Rafa's beardreply 19808/20/2012

Whether Nole is gay or not, he's been far more playful about his sexuality (very revealing underwear, dresses in women's clothes for comedy, imitations of Sharapova) than Federer, Murray or Nadal.

If Novak is gay, he's only 25 years ago & from a country that is pretty damn homophobic. It took DL favorite Anderson Cooper decades to come out.

by Rafa's beardreply 19908/20/2012

"very revealing underwear, dresses in women's clothes for comedy, imitations of Sharapova"

Doesn't Roddick engage in some of the same behavior?

by Rafa's beardreply 20008/20/2012

Finally... Some actual tennis gossip!

So why do we think Djokovic is gay?

by Rafa's beardreply 20108/20/2012

Jan Michael Gambill could be gay, is he out now? I'm just asking because of his recent partying with Elton and a bunch of gay guys and 1 gay 4 pay porn star.

by Rafa's beardreply 20208/22/2012

Could it be that all the top four men are gay?I also wonder about delpo.

by Rafa's beardreply 20308/22/2012

Djoko would be assasinated if he came out. The Serbs are seriously homophobic and anyone who reflects badly on their country, as they'd see it, would be taken out.

by Rafa's beardreply 20408/22/2012

Can somebody PLEASE tell me that Horia Tecau is gay pretty please!

by Rafa's beardreply 20508/22/2012

YAASSSS. so glad to see someone else appreciates Horia. haha he's hot.

by Rafa's beardreply 20608/22/2012

Djoko is getting married to his long time girlfiend. I don't believe he is gay.

I am surprised that there has not been any gossip about Murray he spends a huge amount of time with his 'hitting partner' and that guy follows him around like a puppy dog. He sits there at all his matches. I guess it's just that the gays do not want to claim fugly guys as their own. I'm sure if Murray was some hot guy they would be linking him with his hitting partner.

I am curious about Federer's friendship with Gavin Rossdale. he is the front man with the band Bush and married to Gwen Stefani but didn't have a gay relationship with Marilyn many years ago. I just think it is an odd friendship.

I know Federer has been with his now wife for a number of years and had children but hmmm.

by Rafa's beardreply 20708/22/2012

Fed is not gay, Novak is not gay, and Murray is not gay. If you saw them up close in person for any amount of time- practicing, talking to the press, etc I'm sure you would agree. I thought for a while Novak might be (very small might), but he has had a very attentive and beautiful girlfriend on tour with him (living with him) for a couple of years now. Murray has a beautiful girlfriend as well- tennis players who are 25 years old do not hire "beards". Last thing they think about if they even know what they are.

by Rafa's beardreply 20808/22/2012

Some of these guys I just can't believe are actually married and/or with kids. I mean Gilles Simon a father? WTF he looks and acts like a fucking twink. He's also sexist.

Janko Tipsarevic I think is quite hot but he's sexist and homophobic. that is some man meat right there. Too bad he can't win any titles.

Gambill is still the best looking male player I've ever seen, and the most likely one to be gay haha

by Rafa's beardreply 20908/22/2012

R202, I didn't know what you were referring to when I first read your post, but then I saw the attached. I almost wouldn't believe it if I weren't seeing it.

I've had a thing for Gambill for at least a decade and always thought he may well be gay, but I've never known him to be in any situations like this (being part of Elton John's man flesh entourage) to really give much credence to my opinion.

I like how he lets David Furnish play with his nipple. Wow, just wow.

And for R207, there has been plenty of speculation on various threads here about the working relationship between Murray and Vallverdu.

by Rafa's beardreply 21008/22/2012

Will Nadal ever regain his former greatness, or are his knees going to kill his career in the very near future?

by Rafa's beardreply 21108/22/2012

Rafa's knees will mysteriously recover for 2013 and certainly in time for the clay season next year. They always do--a mystery wrapped inside an enigma.

by Rafa's beardreply 21208/22/2012

Is Rafa gay?

by Rafa's beardreply 21308/22/2012

Kvitova's BIG boobs are kinda making me horny. God knows they are her best feature. Her face is ok.

Rafa has been posting photos on his Facebook page, and I haven't seen a lot of his girlfriend on there.

by Rafa's beardreply 21408/22/2012

I have always believed Rafa's girlfriend is a friend of the family and the ever-publicity conscious family wants him portrayed as a good boy who is faithful to one girl.

That being said, I can't get a read on his sexual persuasion, but he is NOT afraid of embracing other male athletes. However, the Europeans seem more open with same sex affection and still be straight.

I have a hunch however, he gets loving from paid ladies while on the road and is usually so preoccupied with tennis, he doesn't take the time to get involved with serious girlfriends. Thus, the "beard" girlfriend nicknamed Zisca.

by Rafa's beardreply 21508/22/2012

lol Kvitova needs to start playing with a damn bra or else her boobs are gonna be dropping like hell.

Simone Bolleli is gorgeous too.

People like to joke Dimitrov is gay...

by Rafa's beardreply 21608/22/2012

Google search "Rafa gay." There are some photos out there (particularly with Argentinian player Juan Monaco) that suggest they might have (or in the past had) a closer than average relationship. I think Rafa pings big time. Obviously his endorsements would be jeopardized if it ever came out. Pulleeze--why does a straight guy need a beard (Xisca) anyway. She is the last person he hugged when he won the French this year--this is not a girlfriend. But it is a reality of the business aspect of tennis that you can never know the truth about (male at least) players, at least not since Bill Tilden.

by Rafa's beardreply 21708/22/2012

I agree that Xisca and him seem like old friends, there is a total lack of anything romantic between them. Rafa is the male pin up of tennis though, he'd lose a lot if it were to come out he were gay. I have always got a gay vibe from him, but who knows?

by Rafa's beardreply 21808/22/2012

Police: Tennis Umpire Killed Husband With Coffee Mug

POSTED: 2:38 pm PDT August 22, 2012

LOS ANGELES -- A 70-year-old tennis umpire who was in New York City to referee U.S. Open tennis matches remained in custody in Manhattan Wednesday as she awaited extradition to California to face charges that she bludgeoned her 80-year-old husband to death with a coffee mug at their home in Woodland Hills earlier this year.

by Rafa's beardreply 21908/22/2012

Glad I didn't mess with that one.

by Rafa's beardreply 22008/22/2012

Nadal is the gay pin up of tennis....

Really. In what alternative universe?

by Rafa's beardreply 22108/23/2012

R221, have you seen Rafa's underwear ads? I didn't think so. You think Federer or the Joker have his looks, charisma, and body?

by Rafa's beardreply 22208/23/2012

I loved the fact that the Rafa in his underwear ads were on the front page of After Ellen.

by Rafa's beardreply 22308/23/2012

R221 here. Rafa has a great body, and I love his tennis. But I have watched him in too many four and five set matches in which he never smiles & insists on wearing a headband which hides his good looks. Off the court, Nadal may be charismatic.

On the court, I prefer Djokovic or Federer...something I thought I would never say (or write).

by Rafa's beardreply 22408/23/2012

r224 - You don't like him because he doesn't smile 4 hours into a match? Ok, then. I like how theatrically serious he is in a long match. He's entertaining to watch.

So, now that JMG is hanging with the hired flesh on Elton John's party boat, does that mean he's pretty much for rent now? I suppose he earns some money at tennis exos and as a club pro, but he looks like he has expensive tastes. Hey JM - write a tennis tell-all.

by Rafa's beardreply 22508/24/2012

Interesting USO draw for the guys and ladies...

Poor cute Donald Young. His year has been AWFUL and who does he draw in the first round? None other than Federer...I'm dying to see Young shirtless...I've seen most of the rest of the ATP top 100

OMG Serena was so DIVA on Letterman last night! That dress, those shoes, her hair, that ring and her witty answers. How anyone could prefer Sharapova to Serena, I'll never understand

by Rafa's beardreply 22608/24/2012

@R226 because Sharapova is hot and Serena is not.

by Rafa's beardreply 22708/24/2012

Am watching a rerun of the 2000 Rome Open final, and am amazed at how much Magnus Norman, but especially Gustavo Kuerten, ping. Any news on either of them?

by Rafa's beardreply 22808/24/2012

Magnus Norman was engaged to Martina Hingis.

by Rafa's beardreply 22908/24/2012

Don't know about Magnus Norman, but Gustavo Kuerten, yes. Not a secret.

by Rafa's beardreply 23008/24/2012

R227, Sharapova is pretty but not hot. Her moustache, weird body shape with big shoulders and no boobs, and unfriendly, stank attitude are major turn offs.

by Rafa's beardreply 23108/24/2012

Why no "GAYS AND MALE GOLFERS" thread?

by Rafa's beardreply 23208/24/2012

For the Fognini fans...

by Rafa's beardreply 23308/24/2012

There are several gay/bi tennis players who are currently playing. More than one would expect, but it's not half the tour like some people fantasize.

Djokovic is definitely straight and so is Dimitrov (too bad since I find him cute). Nadal is also straight but he's gay friendly.

by Rafa's beardreply 23408/24/2012

@ R234 so who are these gay male tennis players? I can only think of gay female ones.

by Rafa's beardreply 23508/24/2012

Francis, are you a gay tennis player? How do you know which players are gay or straight? Please don't answer in a cagey manner.

by Rafa's beardreply 23608/24/2012

@[234] is Ivan Ljubicic bi? Also I wonder about Lopez,Verdasco,Robredo,Ferrero and some others.

by Rafa's beardreply 23708/24/2012

Robredo, Seppi, Cipolla, Rainer Schuettler (just retired), Phau are definite, heard some strong rumors regarding Wawrinka, and Florian Mayer. I've heard quite a few things regarding Roddick, don't know whether they are true but he does have gay men in his inner-circle, and he's close with Elton. I've heard things about Tursunov, that he could be bisexual, I do know that a lot of people think he's gay, and he's asked about it a lot and I think he realizes that and plays with it. I've heard and read that he's a regular at gay clubs in California. There have been questions in the past regarding guys like Llodra, Mahut, Gicquel and Gasquet (of course). Personally, I've never heard anything actually definite about Richard, but there are A LOT of rumors regarding his sexuality that do not die. And Simon, I've heard some things in passing about him, especially when he was younger. After he had his kid, I've heard less of the gay rumors, but when he first came onto the scene, especially in 2008/2009, many French people swore he was gay.

A lot of people want Lopez and Verdasco to be a gay couple in secret, there are rumors about Verdasco actually more than Lopez which would surprise some. Feli, IMO, is just a straight pretty boy, I don't think he's gay given he is definitely a ladies man, but he is touchy-feely with guys. I don't know about Nando. I remember someone who is involved in tennis straight up saying that Verdasco had sex with guys. But is that true, I can't verify.

I'm sort of a tennis junkie and I know a lot of people who are in the game behind the scenes. Plus I've gone to some tournaments. And I talk to people who themselves are tennis junkies and they'll spill secrets.

by Rafa's beardreply 23808/24/2012

no way are Roddick and Verdasco into guys lmao. They both have always had a hot gf and now roddick is married to a SI cover model.

Llodra, Nahut and Gicquel are all married fathers.

The others I'd believe. My only issue is there are many homophobic tennis players so I don't think that many are gay or bi.

by Rafa's beardreply 23908/24/2012

Being married to a woman does not make one straight whatsoever. And Verdasco has generally been single, not in relationships, and the relationships he has been in, like the dubious one with Ivanovic, tend to flame out quickly.

Players have flat out said that there are gay players on tour, it isn't a secret. Tipsarevic, the homophobic bigot he is, said that he and others know who the several gay players are and that they are avoided. That was in like, I think, 2009 or something. I've heard guys like Fish and Bogomolov are homophobic too and that Tomic used gay slurs in an incident at a club. So yes, there is homophobia on tour, and thus no player is going to come out anytime soon.

by Rafa's beardreply 24008/24/2012

Thanks Francis for the straight scoop--or is that gay scoop.:) It is more believable when people identify how they get their info. I would believe a person who knows people in the know and goes to tournaments over the typical datalounger who goes on gaydar and being attracted to a player to make their assertions.

by Rafa's beardreply 24108/24/2012

but both Verdasco and Robredo have dated 1 of the wta's biggest sluts, the now married Gisela Dulko. I'm sure she wouldn't have gone for them if they were gay or bi.

by Rafa's beardreply 24208/24/2012

I could totally see Seppi as being gay or at least bi. Wawrinka always seemed questionable too. He has that soft face. The others I don't have that feeling about.

by Rafa's beardreply 24308/24/2012

Federer pings for me. I see his wife as more of a manager than a lover.

by Rafa's beardreply 24408/24/2012

Robredo is a DEFINITE. And Verdasco, if I had to say, is in the probable category. They both fuck women but I'm confident in saying they both have fucked guys. Robredo is probably one of the top two or three known gays around, to the point it's almost common knowledge.

by Rafa's beardreply 24508/24/2012

Francis, without naming names, who "in the know" have you talked to at these events? Coaches and members of a player's entourage wouldn't spill secrets. With the exception of fans who are wealthy enough to stay at the player hotels, who else would know? and how do we know these fans might not just be pissed they were turned down when they hit on a player they hoped was gay or bi?

by Rafa's beardreply 24608/24/2012

Any male tennis stars crossdressers?

(I heard the rumor that Tommy Haas was.)


by Rafa's beardreply 24708/24/2012

Doesn't Tommy Robredo hang out with Reichen?

Someone on here claimed that he is fucking his male coach.

by Rafa's beardreply 24808/24/2012

I don't really seek out people to talk to, [R246]. I just know these people personally. People in the entourages will spill but deny they spilled anything. I know of at least two cases (not gay related) of that happening. A lot of these guys have designated drivers they hire to take them out on town, and often secrets spill from those drivers or people who see these players out on the town. People who work in like player management roles have close connection with these players on a consistent basis as soon as they are off the court and they know the lifestyles of these players more than most would.

I don't think those who say they saw such and such at the player hotel are telling the truth because if there was going to be anything that could potentially show a player to be gay, he will be much more discrete about it.

[248] Yes, he at least did hang out with Reichen, and that really started the gay rumors. I remember he was with Reichen and Tennis Channel had a show called "Open Access" and when the host tried to come in they closed the door very quickly on him. Rumors (take them for what they're worth) indicated that it was a sex party, but I don't know.

[241] Thank you!

by Rafa's beardreply 24908/24/2012

I also think this is the right time for me to say that my favorite players are Filippo Volandri and Simone Bolelli without doubt. I prefer Roger the most of the big three, I detest Andy Murray, I think most WTA players are obnoxious, and I expect Djokovic and Azarenka to win the titles at the Open.

by Rafa's beardreply 25008/24/2012

Hmm... A lot of us gays will be happy knowing that Tommy Robredo is a homo, since he's generally seen as attractive. He doesn't do it for me, though... In fact, I find none of the tennis gays Francis lists attractive.

by Rafa's beardreply 25108/24/2012

ugh of all the tennis players to be might be fuckin' Robredo? he's a cheater and a jerk. Why couldn't it have been someone nice or at least hotter. At least we can bank on retired Gambill now lol He's perfect looking.

Robredo hanging out with Reichen pretty much seals the deal. From what I've seen of Reichen, he's a fucking whore and I don't understand why any straight guy would want to hang out with him. Hell, as a gay I have no desire to hang out with that self-absorbed, loose idiot.

Francis, you don't think a lot of the ATP guys are obnoxious too? Plenty of the wta gals are cool.

by Rafa's beardreply 25208/24/2012

Yes, a lot of the male players are obnoxious, like Roddick, Murray, Bogomolov, Haas (although I like him). But generally on court they are more professional than the women. Less dramatic with their emotions, they aren't as bitchy towards one another (on and off court), fewer chokes in matches. With that being said, I like Azarenka and many will say she's one of the most obnoxious around.

by Rafa's beardreply 25308/24/2012

"Tomic used gay slurs in an incident at a club."

...and yet poor, widdle, put-upon Bernie was screaming that everyone in Australia had it out for him. Including the cops who had nothing better to do than chase this spoiled, wanna-be hoon around Surfer's Paradise. Didn't he basically accuse them of xenophobia?

by Rafa's beardreply 25408/24/2012

I've always loved to hate Roddick; the beginning of his career was about when I started following tennis, so I guess I've begrudgingly followed him through the years. He does come across as a slightly phobic frat boy, but his romantic life has always seemed really choreographed. The showmance with Mandy Moore just as he was getting famous bumped up his profile considerably (and hers). A few photographs with a blonde random. The Paris Hilton hook-up rumour. Then the whispered relationship with Sharapova when she was the 'it girl' and he was still BMOC. And finally the early marriage with an extremely ambitious, quintessential hetero fantasy "babe." It's almost too cliche to be real. But, bleh. No thanks.

Francis, the homophobic players you mention in r240 are nobodies. They might intimidate a really low level player, but any gay high profile players are just protecting their money, I reckon. And Nadal's circle is wrapped up so tight, I seriously doubt anyone on the outs knows Rafa's proclivities, if they do happen to differ from his very controlled public image.

by Rafa's beardreply 25508/24/2012

lol Francis so really, you mean to say, you have your favorites just like the rest of us. Haas and Azarenka are obnoxious, even if Haas has a nice game. Azarenka to me is a slightly less annoying but uglier Sharapova.

Roddick's popularity always baffled me. Sure he gives a lot to charity but a lot of them do. He seems like such a jerk when things don't go his way.

If Murray wasn't British, no way would he be as high profile. He's ugly, has a boring game and has a boring personality to match, when he's not busy being annoying.

by Rafa's beardreply 25608/24/2012

Sadly, Verdasco doesn't seem gay to me at all. He seems like someone who just loves himself quite a lot lol

by Rafa's beardreply 25708/24/2012

Who knows, maybe with the younger generation coming up, we'll have some more gays.

by Rafa's beardreply 25808/24/2012

R258, you reckon? One of the great mysteries of life is why there have been no homo male tennis players since Big Bill Tilden and von Kramm - not even posthumously, for goodness sake! Why are they so perversely refractory to even living in a glass closet? And, assuming big-name tennis pros from the past and now long dead were in fact gay or bi, why no mention, ever, in their biographies? This really is the most astounding phenomenon...

by Rafa's beardreply 25908/25/2012

R259 sadly there are likely many top male athletes in every sport who do not choose to come out. They're afraid of not just their family and friend's reactions, but also sponsors, fans and their peers. I know a top profesional in an individual-based sport that I won't name who told me about this. It's sad. It takes a lot of courage to do it on a public forum. Just read sites like twitter. When a male athlete messes up, or he moves a certain way or does a certain gesture or facial expression, some on twitter mock him and come ragin' with the gay slurs, even if the athlete is not gay. The world of sport is really the last place gay males have yet to be accepted, in general.

That said, I would love for someone, especially in tennis, to break this trend.

by Rafa's beardreply 26008/25/2012

Wawrinka is married with a child. He split from his wife, but I believe they reconciled. Yes, yes, I know that doesn't mean he isn't gay, but take it for what it's worth.

If Gambill is gay, he is (officially) deep in the closet. Meaning many who are close to him truly don't believe he is gay.

I don't think Verdsaco is gay, I just think he loves himself, loves attention, and his willingness to pose shirtless and do anything for attention means he may come across as gay at times. (Meaning he's not opposed to taking off his shirt and flirting with guys if it gets him attention.)

by Rafa's beardreply 26108/25/2012

R260 - yes, yes, I get all that (and I'd also add that, unlike most other sports, tennis will also take players to countries which still have, or have re-enstated, homosexuality as a crime - see Russia, or many middle-eastern countries). What I don't get is how this same silence is willingly carried into players' posthumous existence in official and unofficial biographies. The same doesn't seem to be true of female tennis players' biographies (see Gianni Clerici's bio of Suzanne Lenglen, eg - she was certainly never out in any modern sense of the term, but Clerici did his homework and mentions her affair with one of her doubles partners). It just baffles me.

by Rafa's beardreply 26208/25/2012

Francis please tell me Horia is gay, pretty please!

by Rafa's beardreply 26308/25/2012

Just a poll for everyone here: if you could have a threesome with any 2 active ATP players, who would you pick and what role/position would all 3 of you play?

I would pick Verdasco and Fognini. They would both top me and then Verdasco would top Fognini too.

by Rafa's beardreply 26408/25/2012

Nothing I've seen would lead one to believe Tecau is gay. He's been in a relationship with a girl for a while.

I'd have to think about the threesome thing but what I do know is that I want to fuck the German player Stebe. He may not be traditionally hot but there is something about him that makes me want to top him.

by Rafa's beardreply 26508/25/2012

Francis, curious to know why you say Haas is obnoxious. I've dealt with him on quite a few occasions and he's always been extremely easy-going. From my experience, the most obnoxious are Roddick, Ferrero and Robin Haase. Pains in the ass, all three.

Azarenka is a bit of a diva, but actually once you spend some time with her and she relaxes, she's a lot of fun. If, still, self-absorbed.

Re. gay players, i don't know for a fact but i have it from another ATP player that Gasquet is gay.

by Rafa's beardreply 26608/25/2012

Oh, and i tend to agree with those who suggest that Verdasco is in love with himself rather than gay. And he's none too bright, either!

by Rafa's beardreply 26708/25/2012

Oh no not Ferrero! I've always been a fan of his, very disapointing to find out he is that way.

by Rafa's beardreply 26808/25/2012

Sorry (R268), but Ferrero is a serious sourpuss. With bad BO.

by Rafa's beardreply 26908/25/2012

Richard Gasquet is one of best looking tennis players in the world, especially in person. He has a great ass. The gay rumors are mentioned here occasionally. He is consistently ranked in the top 20, yet is correctly considered a 'head case' because he's never reach his sky-high potential.

He has one of the best backhands in the game. And his tennis is more consistently decent than many of the player mentioned in this thread.

Why do the gay rumors never gain any traction on DL? I do not understand.

by Rafa's beardreply 27008/25/2012

Rafa's FB photo of the day, stretching shirtless in spandex.

by Rafa's beardreply 27108/25/2012

Oh, and r261 - Gambill's family & friends think that until he meets the right girl, he's just hanging with male porn stars and getting felt-up by Elton John's husband? Hahaha!

by Rafa's beardreply 27208/25/2012

R266, I think you missed one of the all-time pricks on your list, mate!

by Rafa's beardreply 27308/25/2012

Surprisingly, (R273), I have only ever dealt with Hewitt on a couple of occasions and both times he was surprisingly cool and laid-back. First time i met him, i was meeting him at the airport. Lots of media waiting outside, so i told him what to expect and that security would lead us through and out to his vehicle which was waiting directly outside. Fine with that. We come out into the arrivals area, he stopped and smiled for photos then we walked on with media all throwing questions at him which he was answering. We get outside to his car. And there's no car!! Someone says something about, sorry the car had to move because some dignitary was arriving blah blah blah, but that it would be back in a few minutes. Fuck!!! And much to my surprise, Hewitt's reaction was, "No worries, mate," and stood there by the kerbside and just answered more media questions until the car arrived.

Couple of days later he was doing a sponsor function and i had the sponsor call me afterwards, raving about him - how he did everything and more that they wanted him to do. They couldn't have been more happy. I was as surprised as anyone.

And dealing with him during the tournament, he was absolutely fine. Having said all that, most of the ATP people hate him.

by Rafa's beardreply 27408/25/2012

244 what Federer has with Mirka is real no doubt about it.

by Rafa's beardreply 27508/25/2012

r274 - What I've gathered about Hewitt is that he himself is exactly as you describe, but his father was a nightmare and made a lot of trouble over the years. He was particularly disagreeable with ATP requests when Hewitt was #1 and there's lingering rancor about that.

by Rafa's beardreply 27608/25/2012

(R276), have heard the same things about father but have never met him. Tomic's father is another nightmare apparently. I know one tournament director who won't have Tomic back if dad comes.

by Rafa's beardreply 27708/25/2012

Francis + Cheryl = FRAUD

by Rafa's beardreply 27808/25/2012

I find Roddick obnoxious on court during matches, but is he obnoxious off court too? and tell us about Ferrero being obnoxious? I had no idea!

I hear Ivanovic, in addition to being the most beautiful player, is one of the most friendly.

I've also heard Sharapova is very cold, professional but haughty at times.

by Rafa's beardreply 27908/25/2012

Roddick off-court can be as petulant as he comes across on-court. However, he can, also, be very funny and friendly. I have to admit he does have an excellent sense of humor. When he was with his asshole agent, the late Kenny Meyerson, the two of them together could just be total belligerent pigs. Meyerson could have walked straight off the Jerry Maguire set. He was every worst cliched stereotype of the sports agent. Roddick would agree to do things, then at the appointed time decide he didn't want to and it would become a huge deal and you would be the worst in the world for "forcing" him to do something he didn't want to do. He never forgets things like that, either.

Ferrero is just very arrogant. And surly when dealing with people. Plus he expects everything to be done for him. He is another one who gets petulant when things don't go his way. First time i dealt with him he was the #1 player in the world, so had a courtesy car for his exclusive use. Years later, his ranking was in the 50s or 60s so he didn't get a car to himself. He had to use the transport services that all the other players used. Well, you'd think someone just shat in his racket bag. I also remember, when i witnessed his surliness for the first time I asked another player who i knew quite well if Ferrero was always like that. His answer was "yes".

I've never met Ivanovic but have been told she's a delight. A few years ago, the Hopman Cup wanted Serbia to compete but Djokovic would only play if it was with Ivanovic. He wouldn't play with Jankovic because she's such a nutcase.

Sharapova ... yes, cool, extremely professional and expects everyone else to be, too. She's very polite but there is always a distance there. Haughty is probably the right word. Hardly surprising when you consider how everyone wants a piece of her. And despite what many want to believe, i have it from someone in the Djokovic camp that they did fuck at the US Open a few years ago.

by Rafa's beardreply 28008/26/2012

I think Lukas Rosol, the guy who upset Nadal at Wimbledon, is hot. Unfortunately he lost to Pella in the 3rd round of US Open qualifying. I'm headed to the Open next Sunday. Can't wait!

by Rafa's beardreply 28108/26/2012

So Novak cheated on his girlfriend with Sharapova? Talk about a downgrade. Jelena is way better looking. I still think Sharapova prefers the ladies, her engagement seems very suspect.

by Rafa's beardreply 28208/26/2012

Ha! What I always suspected! I think the year was 2007 when Djoker and Maria fucked. There were some pictures of them at some club or party after the us open that year, I could tell by their body language in the pictures they were more than just good "friends". Also is Delpo gay? I suspect he might be, he's got some of the most amazing legs on the Atp tour thats for sure.

by Rafa's beardreply 28308/26/2012

LOL I have a hard time picturing Sharapova as "the other woman" haha. I do know she is very cold when meeting people off-camera. I know someone who met her at a launch event for one of her lines/products. She went around and professionally greeted everyone but anyone who dared to try and chat her up was quickly shut down lol. After less than a minute she went "OK..." and walked off to the next person. My friend wasn't a Sharapova fan to begin with, but he was definitely left with a negative impression of her that night.

Serena seems like a hot and cold character. I've seen her be very friendly, charming and engaging, or moody and quiet.

Jankovic looks like a total diva, who would be friendly if she was treated like royalty lol

by Rafa's beardreply 28408/26/2012

Has Roddick made any comments about the size or shape of his ass or have any around him done so? If so, what are the comments? Thank you.

by Rafa's beardreply 28508/26/2012

Read some tweets yesterday from someone who was with their kid watching Hewitt practice for 45 minutes yesterday. The kid asks for an autograph, and got blown off. Sounds kind of dickish to me.

by Rafa's beardreply 28608/26/2012

This became a great gay thread, instead of all the boring straight threads ("what's the score, bro?") we've had here these past few years. It's like a return to all those superjuicy tennis threads we had 5 or 6 years ago - the gossip flowed freely, because of all the insiders we attracted.

Anything interesting on Del Potro? He's tall and brawny, but also really sensitive... I think he could be family.

by Rafa's beardreply 28708/26/2012

Haas is really cool off court, that is true R266. On court he's ultra obnoxious when things aren't going his way (which is what I was speaking about) but on court, he's very chill. Especially as he's married Sarah Foster and become a family man. He's also smart and has a good perspective on things; he's mature. Hewitt has sort of the stereotypical laid-back Aussie vibe off court. He's nice, at times jovial, at times he can be almost shy, but all-around is considered a good guy, but it is true, his reputation both internally in the sport and publicly is not at all good, for an assortment of reasons. A lot of the severe hotheads on court throughout the years are completely opposite in their behavior off court.

I agree about Azarenka too, at least based on what I've heard of her. I've been around her only one or two times but she was really good with fans and seemed bubbly, a little ditzy perhaps.

Ryan Harrison is a guy I've heard some bad things about, in particular, that he's a diva. He seems cocky but the few times I've been around him, he's been OK. Guess I've been lucky.

Also agree about Maria both from what I've seen, heard and based on interviews. She's professional but she's come across very distant and calculated, and her general vibe is a little uncomfortable for people to deal with, she's not loose like a lot of players are. There are rumors R282 that Maria and Vujacic has broken up, at least partially based on Maria's family "rejecting" Sasha as her boyfriend. I don't think she's a lesbian, though.

by Rafa's beardreply 28808/26/2012

I've never heard anything about Del Potro being gay. He's been linked to a lot of women throughout his career, but what I do know is he's very family-oriented. Very close to his family. So whoever he dates I'm sure will have to get the A-OK from his parents. I don't know much gossip about him, though, he seems to have a tight circle and he's not as outgoing as other players.

by Rafa's beardreply 28908/26/2012

Last I heard Del Potro was dating some Argentine model who is on the thin side.

I'm not surprised Harrisson might be a jerk. He's kinda Roddick junior as far as what I've seen from him on court.

Anyone met the following players: Berdych, Blake, Almagro, Troicki, Isner? I'm curious what they're like off court.

by Rafa's beardreply 29008/26/2012

(R290), Berdych is very nice off court and extremely good looking. Blake also very friendly, co-operative etc. but surprisingly "charisma-free" given how i expected him to be having seen him on court. Never met Almagro but haven't heard great things. Only ever met Troicki in passing - was pleasant enough. Isner is a great guy! Really friendly, drama-free, good sense of humor. Nothing is a problem - if something doesn't work out or is not how it was supposed to be he is totally cool about it. His girlfriend is a sweetheart, too.

by Rafa's beardreply 29108/26/2012

Just from his facial expressions, I've always had the opinion that Troicki is the stereotypical "dumb jock". He's good looking, good body and obviously a decent player, but he doesn't seem to be too intelligent to me. Am I right?

by Rafa's beardreply 29208/26/2012

R289 you said Del Potro has been linked to a lot of women throughout his career.

What women? I have never seen a girlfriend in his player box.

by Rafa's beardreply 29308/26/2012

R293 Del Potro was or still is definitely dating an Argentine model. You could see pics on

by Rafa's beardreply 29408/26/2012

He's been linked to a lot of models, Del Potro, and he's been seeing/linked to the same girl for months now, and they've been seen out together on occasion. He's been asked about his dating life in Argentinian press and generally plays very coy. He's really one of the more private players around so it's hard to get good gossip about him.

Troicki is a nice guy, speaks very good English, he's actually quite smart, but also is a goofball and known as being sort of a klutz. I wouldn't necessarily say he's a dumb jock but he's definitely not the brightest guy around.

I have to say that Nieminen, Melzer and "Rendy" Lu are three non-elite players who are awesome with fans and genuinely good guys. Isner is charming, chill, positive, as was said, very much drama-free. He's another one who is close with his friends/family and his girlfriend, and I haven't really been around them much but everything I've read and heard has been great about them.

Almagro speaks very limited English and thinks highly of himself. He has a macho-bravado vibe. He's not very well liked among players. I haven't been around him much but most impressions from others aren't positive.

by Rafa's beardreply 29508/26/2012

There's something sexy about Almagro to me. I know he has a huge nose and a bad attitude, but I still want to have sex with him lol

by Rafa's beardreply 29608/26/2012

Francis did you ever meet Gambill? If so, impressions of him?

by Rafa's beardreply 29708/26/2012

Does anyone know if Safin was as moody and bipolar off court as he appeared on court? lol

by Rafa's beardreply 29808/26/2012

Never met JMG, unfortunately. He hasn't been on tour in so long that I don't really know too much about what other's impressions were of him, but what I've heard has been all over the map, good and bad. The people who say they "know" him closely and even his mom all say he's straight, and basically everyone else says he's definitely not straight. I do know his inner-circle has always had a ton of gay men in it.

Safin isn't a moody guy off-court but he does have a temper and a serious side. He's actually a cool, wise guy overall and he's quite the complex individual, he's got a philosophical thing going on, he has strong awareness of the world around him. He's witty and although he does have sort of a serious demeanor he also is sort of a teddy bear, he's a positive person. He was always popular with fans and players because he made you feel comfortable around him.

by Rafa's beardreply 29908/26/2012


Also, (R295) is dead on regarding Melzer, Lu, and Nieminen in particular.

by Rafa's beardreply 30008/26/2012

Actually, in all fairness, Francis' description of Safin is very good. But he could still be amazingly moody in that when he was up, everyone was his best friend and he really did like goofing around with anyone, but when he was in a crappy mood, steer clear! I don't think it was helped by how mollycoddled he was by his agents/managers. He really was a bit crazy. Have some very funny Safin stories.

by Rafa's beardreply 30108/26/2012

I really wouldn't call Safin moody necessarily. I think he was the type where, if you were cool with him, he was cool with you and when he was cool with you then you can see that he was a overall nice guy. His disposition is very chill in general. It's just that when he goes off, then you definitely want to get out of his way.

I guess that is textbook moodiness actually!

by Rafa's beardreply 30208/26/2012

Is there or will there be a US Open thread?

It's nice that this thread has recently come alive again with chatter about players, but it's also good to have the threads where DLers can talk about the goings-on at the tournaments.

And I like to get Pammy's commentary on all the hot guys she struggles to keep her hands off of.

by Rafa's beardreply 30308/26/2012

Soderling is an interesting character-anyone met him? I've heard he's not the most popular with other players, but I wonder how he is with fans and people who work at tournaments. I hope he can return soon-that mono has done a number on the sexy swede...

Cilic is another guy who I find interesting. He seems thoughtful and polite?

Is Fish a jerk? I've heard he's moody.

by Rafa's beardreply 30408/27/2012

(R304), have met Soderling a number of times over a number of years. He tends to be a bit aloof, but increasingly less so. Seemed to get more relaxed as he became more successful. I've heard the stories about him and the other players but i never witnessed any tension myself. Generally speaking the men's tour is NOTHING like the women's when it comes to player relationships.

Cilic, yes, quiet and polite.

Never met Fish.

by Rafa's beardreply 30508/27/2012

Well let's talk about the wta tour player relationships haha. I've heard Sharapova is not really friends with anyone, except now she's cordial to the girls who are wearing her Nike line on court since it makes her money lol. She really seems like a bitch.

I know in particular Sharapova and Azarenka don't care for each other. That bump this year in Stuttgart was hiliarious.

Cibulkova seems to get on the nerves of some players too.

by Rafa's beardreply 30608/27/2012

Bartoli is another weirdo.

I think we can confirm Stosur is a lesbian btw?

by Rafa's beardreply 30708/27/2012

So suspected gay Florian Mayer had to retire against Jack Sock (hilarious name)...

by Rafa's beardreply 30808/27/2012

I'm new here. Just saw the query abiout threesomes. One would HAVE to be Roddick,the sexiest player I've ever seen -- and I go back to the handsome Clark Graebner. (I didn't figure out till years later why I was rooting against Ashe.) i would definitely want to work over a-Rod's str8 virgin a-hole with my tongue, my finger and my d**k. The third . . .maybe the other Andy, cause I think he's sexy, too. But maybe Roger, because his body is so beautifully hairy -- and cause he probably f**ks with all the grace, power and artistry with which he plays. My favorite retiree is Boris Becker. i could go on and on . . .

by Rafa's beardreply 30908/27/2012

R309 you can have Roddick lol He does nothing for me.

by Rafa's beardreply 31008/27/2012

Did anyone see the photo that Rafa posted on Facebook of him, his mom, sister, and girlfriend?

He's got his arm slung over his gf's shoulder like she's a buddy, not his woman.

by Rafa's beardreply 31108/27/2012

R306 Sharapova seems like an anti-social ice queen and apparently isn't remotely close to any of the girls on tour. She still gives me major lez vibes, despite the insider here saying she had a fling with Djokovic. What the fuck is this Sugarpova thing btw?

Bartoli is a weirdo and I think we can confirm Stosur is a lesbian, yes.

by Rafa's beardreply 31208/27/2012

r311 - Yeah, he's totally leaning away from her into his mom too. (Speaking of: Nice job Nadal-mom on werking that bikini.)

by Rafa's beardreply 31308/27/2012

I agree that Roddick is the sexiest player I've ever seen (love his ass) but he is also an ass.

by Rafa's beardreply 31408/27/2012

You can do both here, R303. We've just been low on gossip lately.

by Rafa's beardreply 31508/27/2012

Gotta love him (or at least admire his PR deftness)...

But did Djokovic say yes??

by Rafa's beardreply 31608/28/2012

Djokovic is doing everything in his power to come across as a nice guy in the US these last couple years lmao. In general it's a bit much for me, but it was cute that he allowed the kid on court for a few minutes.

Anyone else see man meat Gambill tonight? He's coaching Coco Vandeweghe, who got destroyed by my favorite tenns diva Serena Williams. When Pam interviewed him, his voice had just that hint of gay to go along with being pretty masculine sounding. He's def one of us lol.

by Rafa's beardreply 31708/28/2012

I have a sudden attraction for Dolgopolov haha. Anyone else like him too or has met him?

R312 "Sugarpova" is Sharapova's latest business venture. It's "luxury candy" aka a fucking ripoff and overpriced gummies and licorice. This bitch is a moneygrubbing nightmare. I love her "I'm so Russian schtick" lmao. Bitch you've been in the US since you were 7 years old.

by Rafa's beardreply 31808/28/2012

Some others not mentioned who I think are kinda sexy: Monaco, Bellucci, Andujar, Sweeting and Paire.

by Rafa's beardreply 31908/28/2012

Sloane Stephens seems really fun. I hope she does well. Really pretty too.

by Rafa's beardreply 32008/29/2012

I agree with you R320.

I hope Kimmy slammed Robson off the Court today and what the fuck is wrong with The Woz?

by Rafa's beardreply 32108/29/2012

@ 317 I particularly like The Jokers touch the year he won the Open when he wore a NYFD baseball hat. That is just trying too hard.

by Rafa's beardreply 32208/29/2012

Robson is too slow to bother Clijsters. I'm actually shocked she has 4 losses to Cuntapova. I thought Kim's speed should be too much for most players not named Williams or the retired Henin.

Wozniacki has a knee injury. Without her movement she's fucked since she doesn't play an offensive gae.

by Rafa's beardreply 32308/29/2012

omg you guys on thursday make sure to watch Baghdatis vs. Dolgopolov. That will be a fun ass match. I'm also kinda attracted to both haha I think it's their fun personalities...

by Rafa's beardreply 32408/29/2012

Jan-Michael needs to get Coco to step away from the dinner table.

by Rafa's beardreply 32508/29/2012

It is funny one of the fittest guys has a fatass player he's coaching...they've been together for months now I woulda thought he would have her improving her fitness. She has the power but the movement and fitness suck...

by Rafa's beardreply 32608/29/2012

You can make a player run drills but you can't knock a sandwich out of their hands.

by Rafa's beardreply 32708/29/2012

r316, that is heartwarming. Nole is hilarious. His impersonations of tennis legends & current players on tour (both male & female) are legendary. I recall Darren Cahill had him do his Sharapova after a night match at Ashe in '09. Then Nole invited John McEnroe down from the commentary booth. First he did his McEnroe impersonation and then they hit it around a bit. Needless to say, the large crowd went bonkers.

by Rafa's beardreply 32808/29/2012

R328 Djokovic tries too hard to be liked. His real personality is a jokester and sometimes an ass. This "nicey nice guy" crap is all an act. I think he really wants to be HUGE in the US like Federer and Nadal are, but it's not quite happening for him. He should just be himself and let the people who like his personality like it, and the ones who don't, don't.

Dimitrov vs. Paire-battle of the good looking guys!

by Rafa's beardreply 32908/29/2012

r329, for sure. I didn't say he wasn't an ass. He is an ass, and I'm actually not a big fan. I just think he's hilarious. I respect his game, though. Sometimes his defense is inconceivable ("You keep using that word; I don't think it means what you think it does"). I'm way more a Rafa fan, even if he might be doping. I dig crazy, all-out effort at all times.

by Rafa's beardreply 33008/29/2012

What evidence has there ever been that Rafa is doping? His bad knees occurred more than likely because he pushes himself so hard. He has been playing hardcore tennis since he was a young teen, and his practice ethic is enormous as well. The drug testing happens randomly, and he always passes them. Que pasa?

by Rafa's beardreply 33108/29/2012

I was going to post about Malisse looking a bit fat, then googled it, and before I could finish typing up his last name, up came "Xavier Malisse fat."


by Rafa's beardreply 33208/29/2012

Not a good look for Isner that he's having trouble with tubby, 32-year-old Malisse. XM is one of those talented underachievers, but at this stage he shouldn't be troubling anyone hoping to make it to week 2.

Remember when XM and Jennifer Capriati were engaged? Who would have thought X would have the longer career?

by Rafa's beardreply 33308/29/2012

Malisse needs to just let the pony tail thing go already!

by Rafa's beardreply 33408/29/2012

r321 - Clijsters-Robson is just starting now. Robson has that neon yellow spray-painted looking adidas top with the mismatched mint skirt. For that reason alone, I hope Kimmy dispatches her quickly.

by Rafa's beardreply 33508/29/2012

Robson's making too many errors but still has Kim down... She's not playing like she's afraid of her.

I will miss Kim when she retires. You want to believe she's as nice as she comes across, and when she fights, there's no one like her right now on tour.

by Rafa's beardreply 33608/29/2012

Sometimes Clijsters plays mindless tennis. I want her to win today just because a mindless messy match between her and Li in the next round will be fun as fuck to watch.

Malisse has NEVER been in shape. He would have been a constant top 20 player throughout his career for sure. Such a lazy idiot. He has a nice face but that fatassy body and sloppy appearance turn me off. Makes my penis invert.

Gulbis vs. Haas went 5 as predicted. 2 more good looking guys I'd bang. I do wish Gulbis would get in a bit better shape though. He clearly has the talent, if not always the motivation to do well.

by Rafa's beardreply 33708/29/2012

What a bullshit PR stunt from the Djokovic camp! He wants so desperately to be liked by the NYC fans that he has to stoop to this level. He must contend with not being a fan fav like Fed or Nadal...just get over it.

by Rafa's beardreply 33808/29/2012

Are you serious? Cuntapova vs. fucking Dominguez Lino is the ladies night match? This will be worse than Djokovic laying the beatdown we saw last night.

by Rafa's beardreply 33908/29/2012

awww suspected gay and confirmed cheater asshole Robredo won his first round match today over another suspected gay, Seppi lol.

by Rafa's beardreply 34008/29/2012

Dominguez-Lino is one of my favorite players! Too bad she has to play Maria though. I hope she doesn't get embarrassed.

Malisse is a cool guy off-court, very friendly, unlike his attitude off court with is usually off-putting. He's one of the bigger underachievers in tennis history, IMO, but he's never been one of those guys who dedicates himself to tennis as the only focus of his life. Gulbis is similar but I think Ernests actually cares. Great win for him beating Haas, I wanted Tommy to win, but he didn't serve well enough the final three sets.

Gulbis outhit Haas in the end and his serve was too big, and that's tough to do because Tommy is a great mover and returner. Now Ernests can make a big run here and become relevant again.

by Rafa's beardreply 34108/29/2012

Kim might lose to Robson...what the hell

by Rafa's beardreply 34208/29/2012

r340 - How is Robredo a cheater? At tennis, or on his BF?

r338 - Ever since Djoker got on the wrong side of the American crowd in 2008, there have been these overkill attempts to make him palatable, as if Americans have some collective memory of the incident. I dunno if what happened with the kid was a PR stunt, but even if it was spontaneous, it's no man-kissing-shirtless-Rafa in 2009.

by Rafa's beardreply 34308/29/2012

Oh my God, this Djokovic PR conspiracy is so ridiculous. I've met him, and he's actually genuine and funny.

Do you really think someone would use a kid making a gay proposal as a PR stunt?

This kid expressed himself, Djokovic not only does the right thing by not getting flustered but makes the kid feel like he did nothing wrong.

You can't even give Djokovic credit for that. Sad.

by Rafa's beardreply 34408/29/2012

Well.. I think much of the reason why Americans don't like Djokovic is because of his nationality. Serbs are notorious all throughout Europe, and universally hated. They have much bad blood and a very dirty history to speak of. Then there's the whole Kosovo separation issue. The country is also in general extremely homophobic, and gay people were attacked the last time they arranged a gay pride parade. It was horrible to see.

Rafael Nadal on the other hand comes from gay friendly and liberal Spain. I have been to Spain and trust me when I say this, they don't give a flying fuck who you fuck. They don't look twice if two guys hold hands on the street, it's totally normal. So Rafa's reaction to the gay kiss doesn't surprise me at all. Most Spaniards are very open minded and gay friendly.

by Rafa's beardreply 34508/29/2012

lol the lighter skinned guy from LMFAO is in the stands watching Cijsters.

Robredo has had multiple moments during his career when he would cheat during a match. The most memorable one is up on youtube against Kohlschreiber. The umpire made a bad call in Robredo's favor and Robredo knew it was a horrible call. When he went to check the mark, the umpire initially looked at the wrong mark. Then Kohlschrieber told him where the correc mark was, and the umpire saw it and then changed his mind. Robredo then brought up the technical rule that an umpire can't change where he thought the mark was...even though the umpire admitted his mistake, Robredo won the point on a technical issue rather on whether the ball was in or out. Bitch move. There are numerous other examples of Robredo doing this kind of gamesmanship BS. I don't care if he might be gay, I can't support a bad sportsman such as him.

by Rafa's beardreply 34608/29/2012

R345, very nice way to stereotype an entire people.

All Serbs are not hated throughout Europe. What crap. Those of us who actually live in Europe don't think that way.

The only anti-Novak event came when crowd was behind Djokovic's opponent in the match, as New York is apt to do -- pick a player and get behind that player, even when such solidarity is hard to explain. Djokovic made a foolish mistake in commenting on it, and that's all that happened.

Since then, New York has embraced Novak. They did last year.

by Rafa's beardreply 34708/29/2012

the kid thing with Djokovic is real, I have no issue with that. I do have issue with him in the last few years going out of his way to be as "fun" and friendly and ass-kissing as possible. That is not his personality. When he first came on tour, that was the real Novak. I prefer the real Novak.

by Rafa's beardreply 34808/29/2012

Exactly what R345 said. Serbs make me think of rape, ethnic warfare, and landmines.

by Rafa's beardreply 34908/29/2012

You don't know the "real Novak", R348.

Novak was always joking on court, in the locker room, and in interviews. Your memory is failing you.

What he was on court was someone who didn't believe in himself and got negative. He turned that around, until recently.

You have issues, clearly.

by Rafa's beardreply 35008/29/2012

The real Novak is a jokester, sometimes an ass and cocky. I have no problem with that. This kiss-ass BS is annoying. He's trying too hard to be popular. That's all it is. I never said he's a bad guy. If he wouldn't try so hard I wouldn't say anything.

by Rafa's beardreply 35108/29/2012

Djokovic is the kind of player who HATES to not be the crowd favorite. He actually gets pissed off in such occasions. He doesn't seem to understand that he's not always going to be the favorite.

by Rafa's beardreply 35208/29/2012

Sweden and Switzerland were neutral during World War Two, while neighboring countries were damaged greatly by Hitler & Germany. Yet, no one has ever taken after Borg or Federer for what happened many years ago.

Yes, Djokovic is trying too hard to be liked. He need to just relax and be himself.

But, I am not so sure the fact that Novak is a Serb is the issue. I'm gay & I am not going to like Nadal better just because Spain is so gay friendly...seems like a silly reason to root for an indivual player.

by Rafa's beardreply 35308/29/2012

R352, There lies the problem. Last Sunday's finale bwt Roger and Novak in Cincinnati highlighted this very issue. When the players were introduced coming out of the tunnel Roger received this loud, long and boisterous welcome. Novak was clearly taken aback by the crowd's enthusiastic cheers for Roger. Novak started the set sluggishly and lost 6-0. Of course other factors played into him losing the 1set, but no doubt Novak was upset by the crowd's fully backing of Roger. He lives for the crowd's approval.

by Rafa's beardreply 35408/29/2012

Novak showed a lot of class last night. During the on-court interview after he obliterated his opponent, Brad Gilbert kept trying to get him to say he'd never broken a sweat. You could see that Novak was extremely uncomfortable with the question, as it insulted his opponent.

As much as Brad pushed, he insisted on taking the high road. He didn't want to embarrass the other guy -- a player for whom being on a show court is a very rare thing.

by Rafa's beardreply 35508/29/2012

R320 Sloane Stephens is as annoying as they come.

by Rafa's beardreply 35608/29/2012

r346 - That's hardly cheating. Maybe a player like Rafter would have given up the point, but many wouldn't. Anyway, that's not an example of gamesmanship. Feigning midmatch injuries & illnesses is gamesmanship. Stalling between points is gamesmanship. Calling injury time-outs or potty breaks to interfere with an opponent's momentum is gamesmanship. That was just hard luck for Kohlschreiber that the umpire screwed up.

by Rafa's beardreply 35708/29/2012

I love Sloane, too. Great personality.

by Rafa's beardreply 35808/29/2012

Soane is a great girl. Soon she'll have many fans.

Robredo has had multiple instances of gamesmanship and cheating. That Kohlschreiber incident was just about dishonesty. If you know a call was incorrectly given to you, and you know the umpire corrected himself, don't try to say you won the point anyway due to a technicality. That's pathetic.

by Rafa's beardreply 35908/29/2012

Now I know Clijsters is married with a kid and she wants another, but to me she always gave off tomboy/slightly butch-ish vibes...

by Rafa's beardreply 36008/29/2012

Robredo is a cunt. Anyone who has seen his close matches against lower ranked players (he doesn't act up against the top 20) would agree unless they were a diehard stan.

by Rafa's beardreply 36108/29/2012

hmm I find Ivan Dodig to be kinda sexy...would love to see him shirtless...

by Rafa's beardreply 36208/29/2012

Djokovic is a nice guy but he is desperate to be liked. I don't think the kid a couple of days ago was necessarily set up but Djoko and his team have been on a PR mission in New York since the Roddick thing. That really got to him.

Coincidence that inviting the kids of 9/11 victims to sit in his box during the US Open a couple of years ago came just after he'd hired Rafa's PR guy Benito Perez-Barbadillo to handle his PR?

by Rafa's beardreply 36308/29/2012

Mugray and Cuntapova couldn't be any more unlikeable. yuck to both.

by Rafa's beardreply 36408/29/2012

The night time TV matches have been so one sided so far. Do we really need to watch Federer for the 2nd time in four nights again tonight.

Let's hope the schedule on Labor Day weekend is more even handed w/ some of the top players appearing in the afternoon.

by Rafa's beardreply 36508/30/2012

Andy Roddick just retired from tennis.

by Rafa's beardreply 36608/30/2012

Wow. Though it's best he do it now before a serious decline.

by Rafa's beardreply 36708/30/2012

Glad I got to see Roddick win his only slam at the US Open nine years ago. But, he received a huge amount of hype in his career for that one slam victory.

by Rafa's beardreply 36808/30/2012

good riddance to that brat Roddick. Never liked him.

So glad Serena, Ivanovic and Stephens won.

Sad for Venus...she came so close but too many errors. I hope she can keep improving. She would have gone deeper at the USO if she didn't run into Kerber so early though.

by Rafa's beardreply 36908/30/2012

To the Shazza-loving lesbians: She finally confirmed her engagement is off (and has been off for months), for the predictable 'busy careers' reasons.

And can ESPN stop overblowing the Roddick retirement? It's a big tennis story, but no, the entire sports world was not reeling.

Go Tomic!

by Rafa's beardreply 37008/31/2012

Maria seems so broken up about being single.

I thought it was a love that would last a lifetime.

by Rafa's beardreply 37108/31/2012

Disappointed in the Roddick-Tomic match. Three people announcing the match is too many, especially if one is John McEnroe. First time I can ever remember the announcers talking a lot while tennis was being played.

Understandable if they slip up every once in a while...but tonight was ridulous.

by Rafa's beardreply 37208/31/2012

Serena sweet revenge over Makarova! Makes me think of Macarena every time lol

Clijsters is officially retired now, having lost her mixed doubles match...she'll be missed

Can't wait for Roddick to lose so we don't have to keep hearing about him nonstop...he ain't a legend...he's a great player that's it.

damn Verdasco is sexy...too bad he lost to Federer...

by Rafa's beardreply 37309/01/2012

I always wondered why Roddick was never outed. He and Elton John are extremely close friends, and Roddick has even said that John is a 'mentor'. Roddick had that weird relationship with 'coach' Brad Gilbert. Gilbert once said that they always shared a hotel room to save expenses. Which is completely bizarre. Roddick always dated beard types...he almost married Mandy Moore, and his model wife now screams beard. given that Roddick is closer to John than Gambill, how did he escape notice? Is it because he's such a jerk that we just don't want him?

by Rafa's beardreply 37409/01/2012

I'm pretty certain Roddick isn't gay, R374. Although his retirement is being blown completely out of proportion. I'm not a fan, but I can appreciate what he has done in the game, and it's not worthy of all the accolades he's receiving. I suspect it's because he's been the only American of note over the last 5-10 years (except for the tail end of Agassi). I'd love for a non-US poster to weigh in to see how much attention his announcement has made outside of the US. (For instance, Hewitt is close to his equal in career accomplishments, and his retirement will be unlikely to get significant press here.)

Back to the gay thing, while I don't think Roddick is gay, there are others that I believe are: Robredo,maybe Seppi. It's just funny that the gay guys are deep in the closet, while many of the lesbians are "open secrets" (Stosur, Dellacqua, Hercog, Daniilidou, etc.). While they may not officially out, all of the other girls know.

by Rafa's beardreply 37509/01/2012

r375 - Hewitt has two slams and finished year end #1 twice. His career accomplishments exceed Roddick's without a doubt. But outside of Australia, Hewitt has never been in the public eye, so he won't get much of a send-off. His retirement won't even make the sports news in the US. Might get a mention on the Tennis Channel, but no overblown 'legacy' tributes.

Anyway, it'll be a totally different scenario when he quits. He's going to keep playing until he's carried off court on a stretcher or can't rustle up any more wild cards. He mentioned in his presser that several doctors over the years told him he couldn't play anymore.

by Rafa's beardreply 37609/01/2012

I definitely don't think Roddick is gay. For fuck's sake-he saw his now wife on the cover of Sports Illustrated and then had his people call her people to set up a date! How straight is that to want to marry someone who gave you a boner because she looked good in a bikini? Brooklyn has no personality or acting skills and is just a hot girl that a typical hetero dog athlete would love.

Anyway, Roddick's retirement buzz is insane. He TOTALLY took away Clijsters' moment and I'm pissed about that. Her career is a hell of a lot more noteworthy than his. I really want him to lose ASAP.

btw speaking of Brad Gilbert-has ANYONE ever seen a shirtless pic of Brad from the last 10 years or so? He looks kinda buff and every now and then I check the internet but no luck. If his body is good, he's a DILF to me lol

by Rafa's beardreply 37709/01/2012

Yeah it's very annoying the press and espn/tennis channel commentators are basically canonizing Roddick to sainthood...I love how they don't mention that he could be a complete ass to umpires, linespeople and lower ranked players who he didn't feel he had to respect. He never dared to step to top players obviously. Whenever other players player, the media and commentators always mention the good and bad parts of their career but for some reason they think Roddick is "unlucky to have been in the same generation as Federer", an "underachiever", and "underappreciated" by tennis fans and media alike. Get a fucking grip-if anything, he was very lucky to win his lone slam (remember the controversy in the Nalbandian semi match???), he was an overachiever (his number of wins over top players is much less compared to other slam winners and most of his titles are smaller tournaments) and he was overhyped for years by the press. Not to mention for some reason he's wildy popular in the US, Australia and Europe.

Roddick was never injured or sick until 2 years ago which is a very good run for a tennis player. It seems like he's just pulling the plug. I have more respect for Hewitt (whom I always can't stand because he's a jerk too) because he's willing to go out there, suck it up and fight. He doesn't mind taking some loses early in big tournaments because he has the hunger and drive to be a top player again. I respect that.

by Rafa's beardreply 37809/01/2012

Yeah Roddick is the type of guy who can't deal with 1 little thing being wrong. He hasn't had half of the significant injuries that other notable names have had, yet they're out there battling back up the rankings while he's "burnt out". I can't wait for the next American male to win a slam so we can forget how Roddick has "saved" or "carried" American tennis since the retirements of Sampras, Agassi, Courier and Chang.

by Rafa's beardreply 37909/01/2012

hmmm anyone like Martin Klizan? He's kinda cute in a William Higgins models way.

by Rafa's beardreply 38009/01/2012

[quote]I have more respect for Hewitt (whom I always can't stand because he's a jerk too)

According to Pat Rafter and many others, Hewitt's a shy, pleasant fellow off court, apart from his overbearing dad.

[quote]He never dared to step to top players obviously.

He tried it, twice, with Hewitt when they were both at the top of the game and was totally shut down. And lost both matches.

by Rafa's beardreply 38109/01/2012

True-Hewitt was the only one Roddick stepped to because I think Roddick was always annoyed that despite the difference in size, Hewitt owned him. I remember a couple years ago when Nishikori was new to the tour Roddick acted up during the their match too and afterwards said "he didn't need any new friends". I think Nishikori said something like he wasn't friendly or whatever. Apparently as far as lower ranked players go, Roddick was only nice to the younger Americans.

by Rafa's beardreply 38209/01/2012

Do we have a tour insider here? I have lesbian friend who says Sharapova doesn't ping to her but I've heard the rumors (yes, on gay sites) and this engagement thing that broke off make me wonder.

by Rafa's beardreply 38309/02/2012

Didn't Seppi and Robredo play against each other just the other day? Do we think they had beautiful hate sex after the match?

I can't believe they're the only gays we have left. I feel like we had many more in the 90's and early 00's.

by Rafa's beardreply 38409/02/2012

We have lots of insiders here, R384. I don't know why, but the DL has historically had lots of solid tennis gossip.

by Rafa's beardreply 38509/02/2012

Er, I meant to direct that to R383...

by Rafa's beardreply 38609/02/2012

What "solid gossip", r385? DL has historically had lots of tennis "insider" nonsense. On the other hand, we do get some knowledgeable tennis fans.

by Rafa's beardreply 38709/02/2012

I agree with R385. The "knowledgeable" tennis fans - Asperger's victims all - are the ones who drone on and on about Bitch A winning the first set, how Coach Cunt improved Bitch B's backhand by .093%, and how Bitch C wears his socks when he's at Roland Garros.

I suppose much of the gossip could be nonsense, but it has consistently been the most interesting part of any tennis thread we've had since this forum started.

by Rafa's beardreply 38809/02/2012

Didn't you hear R388? Bitch B fired Coach Cunt, and is now working with Coach Cock. Rumor is that Coach Cock is giving Bitch B the high hard one every night, even though Bitch B is only 18, and has been seen in the company of Diva Dyke all summer.

by Rafa's beardreply 38909/02/2012

Roddick's whole career is being so overblown right now. I read a tennis columnist ask the other day if anyone could imagine the last decade of tennis without him. Ridiculous. It's like asking what the 90s would have been like without Petr Korda or Sergi Bruguera.

by Rafa's beardreply 39009/02/2012

I hope Del Potro can knock out Roddick. Maybe I'm jaded, but this whole "I'm so humbled" schtick seems kind of phony to me. Definitely playing to the crowd. Someone who spent his whole career making it a habit of belittling umpires and certain opponents... this just rings false to me.

by Rafa's beardreply 39109/02/2012

What's the story with commentator Brett Haber?

He's on Tennis Channel and he seems like a pudgy queen.

by Rafa's beardreply 39209/02/2012

Anyone see Cuntapova going back to her CUNTIEST self tonight against Petrova? LMAO. Petrova takes it to a third set and goes up 2-0 then the rain. Cuntapova then comes out after the delay screaming and yelling "C'mon" louder than ever. Such an unlikeable cunt. Anyone who is a fan of this bitch is idiotic.

by Rafa's beardreply 39309/02/2012

As long as Del Potro is not injured, doesn't choke or doesn't come out flat, he'll win in 3 or 4 sets without too much problem against RodDICK.

WTF @ Bartoli and Kvitova's match score lol.

by Rafa's beardreply 39409/02/2012

God, another one of these "he's faking" idiots at 291.

"maybe I'm jaded" ... "it just rings false to me".... Do you say all of this with your nose in the air?

When was the last time you were in a stadium or on stage with thousands of people cheering for you before you walked away from it all?

Andy has always been a crier. He may be shallow but he's not faking this.

by Rafa's beardreply 39509/02/2012

Sharapova and Roddick have made this USO very annoying to watch. The sooner both lose, the better it will be.

by Rafa's beardreply 39609/03/2012

Does anyone remember that photoshoot he did in the late 90's, where he was on a bed and his feet were bare and up towards the camera? They were HUGE; I don't even like feet sexually, but they caught my attention. Does anyone know if he's well-hung?

by Rafa's beardreply 39709/03/2012

R397, do you mean this one?

by Rafa's beardreply 39809/03/2012

Here's a bonus for your R397 that I found in doing my search.

by Rafa's beardreply 39909/03/2012

That's definitely the shoot, R398, but I seem to remember them pointing more up. Look at how much hair he had! Testosterone was a bitch to his hairline.

by Rafa's beardreply 40009/03/2012

383. i read on a Croatian or Serbian forum someone claiming their buddy (male) had sex with Maria and how she laid there like a piece of wood the entire time and stared at the ceiling. Could be she's gay but really tries not to be.

by Rafa's beardreply 40109/03/2012

I saw it r393. I don't know what that bitch did to get so licky, but that rain delay saved her ass. I just want slap her every time I see that stupid contrived clenched fist. Slap her viciously.

by Rafa's beardreply 40209/03/2012

r401 - Isn't that just a variation on an urban legend about Adam Levine saying the same thing, adding he was disappointed that she didn't scream like she does on court?

by Rafa's beardreply 40309/03/2012

Good job Serena!

by Rafa's beardreply 40409/03/2012

Oh yes, R377, that's proof that he's straight. Getting "his people" to set up a date with Decker. That's exactly what a straight guy would do, and not someone looking for a convincing model-beard.

I often wonder how many gay people there are on DL, because a lot of the posters on DL do not seem to understand 'the closet' as a phenomenon. They also have no clue of how complex a situation it can be.

by Rafa's beardreply 40509/03/2012

It looked liked Petrova was going to be able to hold it together and take out Sharapova but then the rain came. And that's when I knew that it was over for Petrova. Serena is not playing around. It looks like she's headed for number 15. I'm disappointed to hear that Fish has pulled out. Does anyone know why he pulled out?

by Rafa's beardreply 40609/03/2012

r406 - No idea, other than 'health reasons.' But seriously. . . Mardy Fish? Why would anyone be a Mardy Fish fan?

by Rafa's beardreply 40709/03/2012

The pussy Mardy Fish retired because of anxiety??? Oh c'mon on Labor Day, you are playing Fed who will kill you anyway - what anxiety could he have??? And John Isner, losing that match at 2:30am to a guy he'd never lost to before. Horrible, horrible efforts on the parts of the no. 1 and 2 US players. What a joke.

Now CBS is covering horrible Marin Cilic and Agnesia Radwanska matches. Snooze.

by Rafa's beardreply 40809/03/2012

R392 Haber was a local sports anchor in my old city and I had a major crush on him. He was a lot thinner then and kind of snarky. Love his blond hair highlights. He's married, but he does ping.

by Rafa's beardreply 40909/03/2012

I'm not a Fish fan ( but I don't hate him either, I like to see him do well), I'm just disappointed that a match had to be canceled because he pulled out. I like to watch as much tennis as possible. Also, his reason for pulling out seems to be a mystery.

by Rafa's beardreply 41009/03/2012

I imagine those who paid $400 and up to see Federer play on Arthur Ashe will be pissed.

by Rafa's beardreply 41109/03/2012

I think Murray vs Raonic could be a good one. Well, if Raonic plays well.

by Rafa's beardreply 41209/03/2012

Fish has had heart problems this year. He's had heart palpitations Where he had a procedure back in May to have a catheter inserted to regulate his heart rate. Apparently stress causes this to flare up, and it's suspected that's why he had to withdraw, is the the heart went screwy again.

by Rafa's beardreply 41309/03/2012

I'm not a Fish fan but I'm not gonna trash him for pulling out. His heart is the primary concern.

R405 it's called being very hollywood. Straight or gay, a lot of celebs have their people set them up with other famous people...Roddick definitely saw that cover pic and jacked off to it.

by Rafa's beardreply 41409/03/2012

Well, he didn't R412. On the other hand, Murray played very very well

by Rafa's beardreply 41509/03/2012

I think Fish has gotten too thin. When I saw him on TV last week, I was shocked by how much he's lost in just the past year or so. He looked healthy before; now he's starting to look anorexic. I can't help but wonder if his weight loss and what it took to lose the weight is making the heart condition worse.

by Rafa's beardreply 41609/03/2012

I forgot about that R413. I feel bad for him. I hope he's taking good care of himself, he does look very thin. If stress causes flare ups, will he be able to continue playing tennis? I hope so.

Yeah that match was kind of a dud, R415. Murray looked really good, though. He's in very good form right now and feeling pretty confident.

by Rafa's beardreply 41709/03/2012

It's boring that almost all of the time the same 4 guys are the ones battling it out for the big titles. Only because of Nadal's injury and withdrawal are we going to see a minor shakeup. I HIGHLY doubt Berdych or Cilic will stop Federer and Murray, and no one in the other half will stop Djokovic.

by Rafa's beardreply 41809/03/2012

Uncut huge thick Serbian cock YUM

by Rafa's beardreply 41909/05/2012

Marty Fish likes to be on all fours while being fucked he said it helps his heart

by Rafa's beardreply 42009/05/2012

For some reason that seems to ring true about Fish.

by Rafa's beardreply 42109/05/2012

Anyone else think Stosur's voice has dropped a register? Listen to an interview from last year after the Open...

by Rafa's beardreply 42209/05/2012

Then click on her press conference and notice the difference...

by Rafa's beardreply 42309/05/2012

I'd love to see Jack Sock fucking Christian Harrison in the CollegeDudes247 studio.

by Rafa's beardreply 42409/09/2012

Who bumped who? Sharapova vs Azarenka.

by Rafa's beardreply 42509/10/2012

Why does Andy Murray look most fuckable when he's throwing temper tantrums? Otherwise, the hair, the mouth, that dopey look ... I don't get it.

Novak, on the other hand, looks so sexy in all blue. That tight body really shows through those clothes. And they just showed an up close shot of his sexy legs. Hot.

by Rafa's beardreply 42609/10/2012

Surprised no one's mentioned Lucacz Kubot. He is as close to being officially out as you can be. His webpage is all purple, his wiki pic is topless, his game attire is sleeveless shirts, he has highlights... lmao

by Rafa's beardreply 42711/05/2012

you can see outline of Novak's fat thick uncut Serbian cock YUMMY

by Rafa's beardreply 42811/05/2012

Thanks for bringing up Kubot, r427. He's a player that I don't give too much though to actually.

I was hoping that you had good evidence to support your case that he's close to officially out.

Frankly, none of the things you mention mean anything. Having hair highlights and wearing sleeveless shirts is indicative of nothing - unless you have the antiquated notion that only gay men get their hair highlighted. Having a shirtless pic on his wiki page isn't even his doing. And his homepage being purple might just mean it's his or his webmaster's favorite color.

I tend to look for clues too, especially with athletes, but none of these things are really clues that he's gay. I'm not saying he isn't because I have no idea about him. But what you've provided seem like much ado about nothing.

Also, just an fyi in case you don't know, this thread was mostly abandoned when somebody started a 'Part 4' for some reason. There is more current chat going on there that you might have missed...if you don't know about it.

by Rafa's beardreply 42911/05/2012

can anyone get me a pair of Novak's unders after a long match? I need a sniff

by Rafa's beardreply 43011/07/2012
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