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Has anyone seen the new web series spoofing The Bachelor??? It is hilarious and the guy is HOT!

by vidaurretareply 502/26/2013

I tried this a couple days ago and got no replies. Good luck OP. Actually they should have another episode out there tonight sometime.

by vidaurretareply 106/07/2012


by vidaurretareply 206/07/2012

I just watched it...late to the game but it was hilarious! I can't believe it's not getting more publicity because it's really funny...also, not that far off from the orginal show....

by vidaurretareply 308/13/2012

It was funny but the problem is, the original version is so ridiculous you can't even spoof it, no matter how extreme you go.

Ken Marino sure has some nice, meaty pecs.

by vidaurretareply 408/13/2012

Hate the Bachelor, loved this. The blind girl was laugh out loud funny.

by vidaurretareply 502/26/2013
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