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How is Zsa Zsa doing?

I haven't heard a peep lately.

by Luise R.reply 4304/10/2015

Fine, I hope -- comfortable...

by Luise R.reply 106/06/2012

[quote]I haven't heard a peep lately.

Neither have I.

by Luise R.reply 206/06/2012

She she is is doing doing fine fine

by Luise R.reply 306/07/2012

She's back up and painting the town! Recent pic!

by Luise R.reply 407/12/2012


by Luise R.reply 507/13/2012

She and her entourage had a big blow-out party here on 2-for the price of 1 all you can eat pasta night last Tuesday. That old cow can sure shovel down the chow.

The Prince spent a lot of time in the ladies powder with one of the waiters. And it was NOT Cedric.

by Luise R.reply 607/13/2012

Ok, the R4 pic is real.... just a little cropped. Not really painting the town.

by Luise R.reply 707/13/2012


by Luise R.reply 807/13/2012

She's carrying the torch into Olympic stadium later this month.

by Luise R.reply 907/13/2012

What must Francesca Hilton look like at this point? She's no spring chicken either.

by Luise R.reply 1007/13/2012

Any news?

by Luise R.reply 1107/23/2012

She was thinking about suing Cedars-Sinai for malpractice, but her lawyer didn't think she had a leg to stand on.

by Luise R.reply 1207/23/2012

Zsa Zsa is is OK OK

by Luise R.reply 1307/23/2012

WOW! She looks so bad. I haven't seen her in a long time. Poor thing, she really has been having one miserable ride. That is truly sad. That creep of a husband of hers is just waiting for her to die to grab anything that she has left. What a loser! I remember he claimed he had an affair with Anna Nicole Smith. Was that true or was that just crap because I thought he is gay?

by Luise R.reply 1407/24/2012

She looks great here. It's simple darling!

by Luise R.reply 1507/24/2012

Bitch is going to outlast the cockroaches.

by Luise R.reply 1607/24/2012

For being 95 and bed ridden, she really doesn't look all that bad.

by Luise R.reply 1707/24/2012


by Luise R.reply 1810/25/2012

I can't keep up with Zsa Zsa.

by Luise R.reply 1910/25/2012

I don't know about now, but she was doing damn good when she slapped that cop around years ago. Some wag back then said, when Leona Helmsley was convicted of tax evasion or something about the same time that the worst punishment for both of them was sharing a jail cell with one mascara brush between the two of them.

by Luise R.reply 2010/25/2012

Going into 2013 now....

by Luise R.reply 2111/14/2012

I wonder if she was stupid enough to believe that the surname 'Prinz Von Anhalt' meant he was a real prince.

by Luise R.reply 2211/14/2012

Can you imagine how much of her $$$$is being chewed-up for her care and will not go to the Prince. Maybe just the sale of the house will survive for Von Ass-wipe. How poetic.

by Luise R.reply 2311/14/2012

How is she doing? She's doing her favorite cop up the ass with his nightstick with his uniform pants still on saying "I fix your butt dahling!"

by Luise R.reply 2411/14/2012

No one updated this? She just sold her home for $11M. And they put a "3 year" life expectancy due date on her!

by Luise R.reply 2505/22/2013

nice house

by Luise R.reply 2605/22/2013

In an interview some years ago, the ceiling was falling down and the horse stalls were in need of an overhaul. "Prince" Anhalt was letting the place go. It needed a lot of work.

by Luise R.reply 2705/23/2013

In "One Lifetime Is Not Enough" she compared Spanish men to dogs. She claimed she preferred a nice German man. Interesting because she's a Hungarian Jew. Before she got her nose job, she was nothing special. The rhinoplasty made all of the difference along with her false eyelashes.

by Luise R.reply 2805/23/2013

What's new? Haven't heard a peep out of her recently.

by Luise R.reply 2909/27/2013

Kisses to Zsa Zsa. I hope she is fine this evil heel!

by Luise R.reply 3009/27/2013

Zsa Zsa originated the role of Lydia on As The World Turns.

by Luise R.reply 3109/27/2013

The article is misleading. Zsa Zsa will be renting the property for three years.

I saw the house on Beverly Hills Pawn recently. The "Prince" sold a white piano which he claimed belonged to Elvis to that bald Israeli for 1M. (Is this tv show for real? Real in terms of truly buying all this shit at exorbitant prices? I have some jewelry to unload.) The house looked old, neglected and smelly. Poor Zsa zsa I'm sure is not aware that anything not nailed down is being sold out from under her. No wonder the daughter is fuming.

by Luise R.reply 3209/27/2013

Anything new?

by Luise R.reply 3303/21/2014

I wonder what the "dahling" looks like..not slapping any cop lately to get some publicity. She only made one good movie, the rest of her career was hunting rich husbands, if they were titled, even better.

by Luise R.reply 3403/21/2014

She's a mere shadow of her former self. She's not half the woman she used to be. We just call her "Zsa" now.

by Luise R.reply 3503/21/2014

What does she do all day? Just sit there and watch TV?

by Luise R.reply 3605/07/2014

she maybe does her nails

by Luise R.reply 3705/07/2014

munchie crunchie

by Luise R.reply 3805/07/2014

Funny that there's been no news lately.

by Luise R.reply 3907/26/2014

We're well into 2015 already! She's still here!

by Luise R.reply 4004/09/2015

She's still fine! She sends her love.

by Luise R.reply 4104/09/2015

Zsa Zsa will be on the Merv Griffin show next Tuesday. She's going to be very grand. Merv will be at his dishiest best. They're so good together.

by Luise R.reply 4204/09/2015

Oooooo, R42.

by Luise R.reply 4304/10/2015
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