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"Mystery Diners" on Food Network

(1) There are too many camera angles for it to seem realistic.

(2) The employees didn't notice 12 cameras?

(3) The after-hour party seemed fake.

(4) The employee's reaction to being fired seem fake.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 9406/10/2015

IA, it's faked. I think they all are, Restaurant Impossible, even chopped and Iron Chef. It's such a bullshit network.

Also ON HGTV I think the Love it or List it show is as phoney as a 3 dollar bill.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 106/01/2012

for sure, so fake. lol almost fun to watch the bad acting.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 206/08/2012

If you got caught stealing from your employer, would you sign a waiver allowing them to show your face, unobstructed, on camera?

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 306/08/2012

"Iron Chef" is faked!?

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 406/08/2012

I know someone who works at one of the first restaurants featured, and she tells me it was all very real.

And the owners told her that the fired employee - who technically was stealing from the employer - signed the waiver to allow the telecast in exchange for an assurance that no criminal or civil charges would be filed. Likely the waiver isn't even required, since common law regarding employment does not give one an assumption of privacy on the job.

To the person who insists that people would notice the cameras, have you shopped in a security store lately? Fixed cameras are wireless and real tiny, no more than a couple of inches wide. The fact that the show uses a camera in a server's fake eyeglasses should have given you a clue.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 506/08/2012

Sorry, I disagree with the claim that Mystery Diners is fake. These guys do this for a living for business owners who suspect their employees are ripping them off. Where they place the cameras are located in obscure places. I love Mystery Diners.

Restaurant Impossible is obviously NOT a set up.However, its obvious to everyone when they panic every week that they are running out of time, that is BS and just drama for the show. I like Restaurant Impossible a lot ,but what I don't like is the extremely cookie cutter crappy MOD decor they use in every friggin restaurant!The decor is so bad and boring and they use the same color of green! Total lack of imagination. There is no individuality in with the decor of these restaurants. There was an episode which had a failing restaurant located in the south, and the restaurant used to be a high end restaurant around 50 years before, which famous people like Elvis and Joan Crawford used to diner there. The place most definitely needed to be changed. But, the designer for that restaurant was horrible! The restaurant had this gorgeous hand carved buffet that looked like an original piece around the 1850's. The designer looked at it like it as if was cow dung. The reveal of the restaurant by this no talent designer, gathered a bunch of twigs and put two light bulbs in the center of what she tried to formulate a MOD rustic chandelier. She said its "Rustic Elegance"?! What the hell?!

I love love it or list as well. I think they do a really good job in the transformation of the homes. However, They have the same routine every week, which the home owner gets into a fight with the designer, and the designer gets mad at the construction workers etc. which no doubt is obviously a set up. But the overall end result and the over all show is a lot of fun.

As far as I'm concern, ALL of the designers on HGTV suck! They have no talent! Not for an ounce do I envy the poor naive homeowners who get a make over by these no talents. When HGTV first aired many moons ago, they had some super designers, but now its gone down hill. I only watch, around 2-4 shows on HGTV that's it.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 606/08/2012

R5, your post is fantastic! Very interesting and I agree with you.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 706/08/2012

You people think it's real? Wow! There has never been a "reality" show that I saw where I could so easily tell it was staged and I've seen TruTV's Operation Repo.

I saw the Big Earl episode where the owner feels that her business is losing money on a certain bartender's shift. In the few hours that were filmed the soon to be disgraced bartender did all of the following: -Stuffed her shirt and the tip jar with cash that the customers used to pay their tab. -Gave away free drinks to the customers. -Lied to a guest about the credit card machine being down and flat out admitted it afterwards. -Drank liquor on the job in full view of everyone. -Let a number of customers stay past closing. -Allowed her boyfriend and four of her friends access to the bar when they were suppose to be closed and had a party. -Gave away plenty of beer and liquor to everyone. -Took her boyfriend to the bathroom for 15 minutes. -Left the bar open for her friends to take whatever they want while she was occupied with her boyfriend.

Is anyone really that clueless to do all those items at work, in just one shift? If someone is that inept then maybe they should check the water supply in Arizona as I notice the other episodes take place there and the other employees that are near that level of incompetence.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 806/18/2012

If you believe mystery diners is real then I've got some great swamp land for you in Florida.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 907/16/2012

Clearly R8 has never worked in a bar.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 1007/16/2012

Good grief R9! This reality show is the real deal! If you find that hard to comprehend because you have been brainwashed by Bravo's BS then you are hopeless.

R8, I have worked in retail, and if the head boss wasn't around, many employees would goof off like those people on the show, especially the younger people. There are a lot of losers out there who take advantage of situations in their jobs and really don't care!

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 1107/17/2012

I work in one of the restaurants that was shown on the show. It is fake. Cameras are still there. If you come in and dine you can see them in plain view. I can't mention which restaurant I work for, but know that the person they presented as the culprit is a paid actor and a current waitor, and a good one at that, sadly gets mistaken for them all the time.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 1208/21/2012

FYI, show returns on Food Network this Friday night, with new episodes.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 1310/18/2012

Most 'reality' shows are completey fake/scripted. I think Chopped does it pretty well, but it's clear they decide who moves on based on what would 'make better tv', not who the better chef is.

Love It or Leave It is one of the most blatant fakes. So formulaic. Budget overage, owners angry, saved by Reveal.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 1410/18/2012

Someone posted that iron chef and chopped is fake but my brother was on chopped and its definitely real and so is iron chef but I do think that its possible that Restaurant Impossible may not be 100% genuine but its a 4 out of ten as far as entertaining. MYSTERY DINERS IS CERTAINLY A JOKE OF A SHOW LOL THE ACTORS ARE HORRIBLE AND THE SCENARIOS ARE UNORIGINAL,UNREMARKABLE AND UNREALISTIC . Due to the obvious shortcomings the show is a two out of ten in entertainment, I'm disappointed to see such a poor quality show coming from this network because I enjoy watching the food network on a daily basis and happen to enjoy many of their shows. DON'T WORT PEOPLE, THERE WILL NOT BE A SECOND SEASON FOR THEM. By the way, Restaurant Steakout seems a bit scripted as well, but the host makes it very interested and entertainment and personally. The fact that in a way you can learn a little something about restaurant management after watching the show makes it fun and entertaining,i think its a 8 out of 10 entertainmentwise.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 1510/30/2012

Mystery Diners is definitely fake! I watched the episode where the "chef" bought carp instead of chilean sea bass & bought produce from the corner supermarket instead of the farmers market. A couple of days later that same "chef" was an actor playing a bouncer at a club in an episode of Prank My Mom. What a crock. Even if these scenarios were real, they could at least said that these were re-enactments of actual situations. Geez, this network must think the viewers are a bunch of idiots!!!

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 1611/05/2012

My question is how can a person be an "UNDERCOVER BOSS" with cameras around??? How do they explain that?

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 1711/05/2012

Damn Christian, you need to go back to grammar school

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 1811/05/2012

Just watch the camera angles - they don't seem to align with the supposed cameras mounted in corners of the room, but are too low - And they move and follow the action in too precise a way. Even if each camera were controlled by a remote operator (which we are never shown) they follow the action much too smoothly - as if they know where the action is headed (which they obviously do). Many of the shots on the show are much lower than any remote camera they claimed to place could actually show. The show is a fake.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 1911/10/2012

It's completely fake, my friend who's a struggling actor in LA was on it playing a chef who they wanted to fire. My friend has never been and has no interest in being a restaurant chef. He couldn't even tell me he was filming it because MD wanted people to think it was real....

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 2011/11/2012

I always wondered about the hidden cameras in Tabatha's Salon Takeover. they too seem to follow the action too closely. But people don't seem to be acting.

How could they install the cameras and cancel all appointments for a week without the owner's knowledge?

I wish these shows would be more up front. It bothers me that Project Runway still talks about designers below the top three being so devastated that they won't get to show at Fashion Week when the top 8 or so get to show so the finalists are not revealed to the media. Wouldn't they be devastated enough to be out of the running for the win and the prizes? Why lie?

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 2111/11/2012

Mystery diners is such a fake show it is obvious. I have a friend who auditioned for the show itself absolutely fake 100 percent guaranteed

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 2211/11/2012

Always wondered myself if it was fake or not, then saw the latest episode at Pinas Pizza. There is a scene where the Culprit thief takes a keg from the cooler and takes it to his friends out back. The editing department really screwed up on this one. If you watch them take the keg out of the cooler then walk out the back door, the tap for the keg is sitting on top of the keg as they walked out. They switch cameras to them walking out the door to the back and the keg is mysteriously tapped!!!! Definitely fake!!!!

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 2311/16/2012

I'm wondering why we are able to hear the employees over all the other noises in the restaurant with nothing but these secret cameras. The employees are obviously mic'd.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 2411/16/2012

There is an element of fakeness to Iron Chef in that the challenge ingredient is not a surprise that the chefs have to scramble to come up with 5 recipes for. The guest challenger picks their iron chef opponent in advance, and the two competitors are told the day before the battle that the mystery ingredient will be one of two possibilities. Each chef and their team then has a day to come up with 5 dishes for each of the two possible ingredients, formulate the recipes, practice making them, and decide who will make what during the competition. Knowing the recipes in advance also gives Alton Brown the opportunity to look up facts about the ingredients/dishes and prepare his commentary.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 2511/16/2012

[quote]Just watch the camera angles - they don't seem to align with the supposed cameras mounted in corners of the room, but are too low - And they move and follow the action in too precise a way. Even if each camera were controlled by a remote operator (which we are never shown) they follow the action much too smoothly - as if they know where the action is headed (which they obviously do).

Back in the day, I'd agree. Now this sort of panning/zooming can indeed be done in post production, after the footage has been thoroughly screened. This is possible with hi-res camera systems (like Red) which are widely used. The resolution exceeds 1080 or 720 line broadcast format, so it's possible to pan and zoom with little effect on the final picture quality.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 2611/16/2012

I like restaurant STAKEout....

steak is what's on the plate.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 2711/17/2012

I've watched a few episodes of mystery diners just giving it the benefit of the doubt... Not trying to be suspicious or anything... But the end of every episode... Where the person gets confronted... The is the giveaway for me... The reactions are completely against human nature... Of course deny deny deny I agree with that... But everything else is so phony...

Then you start going backwards and pay attention to the other sorts of oddities and it becomes blatant that its fake.. The biggest giveaways are the terrible actors they use. Charles Stiles being one of them... HE is awful and he's probably the only REAL dude there!

His daughter is hot in a sort of skanky way.

The Moroccan episode is the one that finally made me say ok Enough! The terrible owner the obvious crap actors... Poor all round... Lazy lazy lazy producing/directing.

Cheers =)

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 2811/18/2012

Mystery diners is fake. Saw the Downey pizza episode. Watch the video as the keg is being carried out back door. The place where they are about to put it down has a condensation circle where the keg was obviously placed in previous takes.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 2911/19/2012

Maybe they need a reality show about putting on a reality show! And they can show how they plant the hidden cameras, do the editing, etc.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 3011/19/2012

#30 you should check out the Joe Schmoe Show if you can find it somewhere... TV gold! (Along the line of what you posted)

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 3111/19/2012

99% of what happens on "reality" TV is scripted. Even game shows these days hire actors (I know, I've auditioned). Have common sense. We all talk to human beings who aren't acting every day. Do they sound anything like these "real people" on TV? No. This show is particularly insulting. The episode I saw: A waiter answered a phone call and had a conversation at the table in front of customers (mid-order)... stole pizza and beer for his friends... sold beer to minors... stole a keg and sold it to the same minors with the help of a friend he brought into the kitchen. All in plain view of the staff and customers and all in a single shift. In fact, all of it happened within about an hour. Yet the owner supposedly payed "big money" because he wasn't sure if something was up... He then broadcast what goes on in his restaurant to the world. And the waiter willingly had his illegal actions televised. Oddly enough, the episode did show off some serious incompetence in the workplace... that "waiter's" one terrible actor.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 3211/19/2012

Did anyone notice on the Pina Pizza episode that when the "bad employee" was walking out with the keg, the tap was off and laying on the keg while going out the door and the tap was on when coming out the same door 1 second later....this show is so staged and fake it's pathetic. Food Network should be ashamed. They are loosing any credibility they may ahve with garbage like this!!!

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 3311/24/2012

How to they get those professional "head shots" of the supposed abuser if it wasn't fake? Of course it's an actor. Also, if this show were real they'd have some sort of message at the end asking for restaurant owners to contact the show if they have a problem employee.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 3411/24/2012

Mystery Diners makes me cringe I cannot believe I end up watching this crapola. I guess I am so amazed that people fake these scenarios, bad acting, bad setups. It's so insulting to viewers. The lighting is a big giveaway as well, gives it that reality look. Actor headshots for mystery diners. Man o man, what a pile of turd!

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 3511/24/2012

I second the suggestion to watch The Joe Schmo Show (but only the first season). Absolutely fantastic, and featured a pre-fame Kristen Wiig.

[quote]How could they install the cameras and cancel all appointments for a week without the owner's knowledge?

The owners know about Tabatha's setup all along; they just don't know when she's going to call them to come outside and talk to her. It's the employees who don't know what's coming.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 3611/24/2012

As a police officer and a retail owner - I would actually hope it's real for the sake of the "actors". If this is fake, those acting that it is real will find themselves one day on the short end of the stick if their acting career, like most, come to an end requiring them to seek a vocation and employment. Explaining to an employer after you're seen committing crimes by as a former employee then trying to explain it wasn't real - well I would find that hard to believe. Picture this, you're employed for seven years at a business - your boss sees a repeat of this show and confronts you or at the very least becomes wary of you. I find many aspects of this show exaggerated - but with 30-yrs in law enforcement when I have confronted those with a preponderance of evidence there are some that are deers in the headlights and answer with disbelief or you have those that just man up and say "you got me". The human reaction will vary with each person. A person who thinks that they aren't committing a crime or are being disloyal will react with justification and try to articulate their actions, to no avail.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 3711/24/2012

That guy, Chef Joe, on Mystery Diners really looked like he was scamming money on the side. When the owner asked for his money back. he threw it in the owners face like he was making it rain, but he didn’t throw it all, he kept most of it.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 3811/25/2012

As R37 pointed out, people caught committing a crime don't always act rationally when confronted.

And I'd suggest this is even more true when they are confronted by someone other than a police officer, such as a guy in a room with TV cameras and monitors, big photos of you labeled as "subject" and seeing that you have been taped without your knowledge. Most immediately go on the defensive ... "This isn't legal" (Yes it is. There is no right to privacy on the job!) "How can you think I'd do this?" (We know you did it. We saw it for ourselves.) and then either go to anger (Rant and threaten, throw money back at boss) or bargaining (But I really need thjis job!") THAT part looks realistic to me, at least.

Both "Mystery Diners" and "Restaurant Stakeout" have recently started to show how tiny the cameras are that are being used. It's NOT like the big huge things used on Tabitha, which never made sense to me because they are so obvious.

As for those who claim there was too much supposedly happening in the time they were taping (Such as the waiter who served underage girls and sold them a keg, gave free pizza to his buddies, etc.), keep in mind that most of that was the result of opportunities the show created with its actors (such as the underage girls). If someone is cheating when the opportunity comes up, they won't let such opportunities go by. Duh.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 3911/26/2012

I just watched the episode for the Big Earl diner with culprit Claire. I noticed a scene that disproved the show for certain. The men sent in as undercover patrons explained early on in the show that in order to take free shots from Claire and still perform their job correctly, they had plastic water bottled setting on the ground that they used to spit their shot out in.

Later in the show, Claire gives the "birthday boy" undercover agent a "mouth margarita" he shakes his head around a bit to mix up the margarita mix and liquor, then bites into a lime. Where was his water bottle? He wouldn't have been able to bite into the lime without spilling his drink had he avoided swallowing it. A later shot also revealed the water bottles were gone!!


by Bored on a Friday nightreply 4012/01/2012

I'm guessing these are reenactments of actual stories, time-compressed to fit in the show.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 4112/01/2012


So a police officer finds it hard to believe that someone who allowed themselves to be filmed on a "reality show" committing crimes, for which they were not prosecuted?

Well, as I like to say, MY profession isn't prefixed by the word DUMB.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 4212/01/2012

I know one of the business owners in an early episode. Claims it was all real, and that the show required that the owner waive the right to press charges for theft if the employee signs a waiver of his right to sue the show.

As for when-and-if this might come back to haunt the employee, if he or she applies for another job and the potential employer finds out about what they did on the show, how realistic is that to actually happen? There is no arrest, no public record of the waiver, the employee's last name is never mentioned in the show, and the only way someone could possibly stumble on this is if they do a web search for the show name and the name of the restaurant, then sit through a half hour episode to see what happens. No employer has that kind of time to waste.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 4312/01/2012

It's pure reenactment!!!!!!

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 4412/01/2012

Yes, I can confirm that Mystery Diner's is a fake. I myself, auditioned for this program. If you were intelligent enough, you would figure that the responses from the "caught employees" are not genuine. I consider myself a good actor and I refused to be a part of this show, once I found out what it was about. Use your brain people!

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 4512/01/2012

Since our gov't has abdicated its role in maintaining the honesty of our broadcast media, this is what you get. The feds are solely concerned with smut on tv now, not the honesty of game shows, the fairness doctrine, etc etc.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 4612/01/2012

The Village Voice wrote a long article about how fake Iron Chef is.

Of course, you could figure that out if you'd ever seen Mark Dacascos doing backflips and playing a mystic.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 4712/01/2012

C'mon you can tell by the acting. It's likely re-enacted and dramatized from events, pretty obvious the reactions are fairly poorly acted. Pretty bad show.

The other shows seem fine, the inspection one is "meh", the host is pretty bad, and the buzzer is flippin' annoying, but it has decent stories albeit predictable.

The only thing that kind of bugs me on all the shows is the constant tinny high-hat on EVERY seemingly dramatic moment, maybe I watch too many of them.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 4812/03/2012

R17: they explain it in the beginning of every episode.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 4901/01/2013

I like Mystery Diners better that Restaurant Stakeout because it's only 30 min. Restaurant Stakeout is the same show with this slob as host.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 5001/01/2013

Joe, the son of the owner of Ariana, a Middle Eastern restaurant in Huntington, Long Island was cute.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 5101/01/2013

In the episode of Chef Marc's can see the wire on the back of the 'secret' employee's glasses cam. Pathetic.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 5201/01/2013

Yep, ALL reality shows are scripted with paid actors, even the HGTV ones.

You can easily recognize actors being repurposed throughout these shows.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 5301/01/2013

I know all reality shows have some fake/scripted aspects to them, but MD is soooo, TruTV network bad. I watched about 10 minutes of one episode and couldn't believe the bad acting. It was the one where the bartender chick was running a sort of escort service out of the bar. SO fake.

I agree about Love It or List It. Same formula every damn week and you know the homeowners have already made their decision before filming even began.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 5401/01/2013

It took watching a few shows in row for me notice this giveaway, but all you really have to do to confirm that MD is completely staged is to look carefully for the beige "ear mics" that each of the employees who are "caught" are wearing. This type of mic is similar to the one Ramsay wears on the "Restaraunt Nightmares" show, that you can usually see him wearing (because they aren't trying to conceal it). There is no way that someone who was being surveilled for some kind of sting operation would already be.... mic'ed up.. Sheesh.

Shameful. I guess they figure that their demographic of viewers is too inattentive to detail to notice the ear mics, but it's really easy to catch esp. if you've DVR'd the show. Totally and utterly fake, and there's your proof. Just ironically deplorable that a show purporting to unconver deceptive behavior is itself deceiving it's own audience!

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 5501/01/2013

The "perpetrators" are all obviously mic'd. Fake as a 3 dollar bill and insulting to anyone of modest intelligence.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 5601/04/2013

[quote]Yep, ALL reality shows are scripted with paid actors, even the HGTV ones.

A friend of mine played three different people on three different HGTV shows. She did the first one as a favor and they ended up calling her back.

One was a real estate show about buying furniture "for the sexes" (he wants this, she wants that, the designer finds a compromise) and another was a wedding story (she played a friend of the bride). I don't remember what the third one was. In the first one, she was a main character with lines -- in the other two, she was a sort of extra.

(And she's not an actor -- she works behind the scenes in the entertainment industry.)

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 5701/04/2013

Wait so all shows on food network are fakes? What about the next iron chef competitions? The winner, alex, reeks of FN favortism.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 5801/04/2013

Just found a tweet from an actress used for one of the shows. Unfortunately it's staged, reenactment or otherwise.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 5901/06/2013

The Show is completely fake. I was watching the episode about the pizza place and the kid takes a half keg out the back door and goes and drinks in the back cooler. Well if u look closely when he is getting questioned he has an ear piece in his ear then they swich cameras and its gone. The ear piece was almost falling out of his ear! So after seeing all that and all the crazy things they " catch" people doing is so played out. I will def not be watching it again especially if the creators of the show think I'm dumb enough to believe everything they show.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 6001/06/2013

People have admitted to playing parts on this show. Also, people who are caught stealing on camera and then run out the door, never to be seen again, do not sign TV waivers to have their faces aired nationwide.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 6101/07/2013

The most amazing thing about this thread is that there still seem to be a few people who think that there may be some slight thing, some tiny element that may be remotely real about "reality" television.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 6201/07/2013

My opinion is that the show is fake as well. When they are observing and talking with the owner of the restaurant, it seems VERY scripted. The owners always end in "I have to put a stop to this right now!!" too (which can be reasonable but it's all just very scripted and they say it the same every time). My Verdict: VERY FAKE

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 6301/10/2013

I've just watched it for the first time and I thought it was fake in the first five minutes...seems so contrived and seriously, if I am caught looking like an ass____ with my employer I am going to allow my identity to be known on national television? Please, it's a performance...

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 6401/19/2013

The one at Capo,s is faked. The myster diners say they are there for lunch and the owner also mentions lunch. If you go to Capo's web site they are not open for lunch. They are open after 5:00. FAKED

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 6501/19/2013

After watching 3-4 segments of Mystery Diners, it’s obvious that it’s totally scripted, i.e., faked. The basic theme plays out in the following sequence: (1) Owner discusses problems(s) with Prince Valiant, whose crew installs multiple cameras overnight in all the right places and creates a monitoring station in a nearby location that is never discovered by those being watched, (2) PV introduces his microphone- and camera-equipped actor assistants and instructs them to set up the villain to act out the topical odious behavior, (3) The expected behavior always occurs, and is captured in high-quality audio and video, (4) Close-up shots of an act of theft or other mischief are available on demand, assisted by exaggerated actions of the villain, (5) The original hypothesis of evil-doing is confirmed, (6) The owner becomes furious, indicates that he or she can’t take it anymore, and storms into the dining room or kitchen to deliver the bad news, (7) The villain is shocked and angered, and is likely fired, and (8) The restaurant is saved and is reported, after a few months, to be doing well again. If these episodes are reenactments, then say so, but don’t try to deceive us into believing the show is real.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 6601/19/2013

I just watched brothers keeper episode, the owner is totally doing the show to promote his buiness, whether or not the show actually knows, but i had to shut it off. it was so phony i couldnt watch anymore.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 6701/24/2013

I will say the Mystery Diners are real. I myself do what the Restaurant Stakeout man does. Only difference is the cameras are very small and unnoticeable , they already know about the standard cameras but will not look for others and they are in places no one knows or can see. I have been doing this for years, before this guy got his show. I am good at it and I don't advertise my name just my ad and do it

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 6801/24/2013

I just got done watching the show about the Brazilian restaurant (all you can eat) where the manager "J.P." is stealing meat and scamming people with a fake charity. When he is confronted the owner says "put your drink down". When J.P. does this you can see an earbug in his right ear. I looked at it several times (using frame-by-frame on the DVR). It is not a hearing aid either. It looks just like the one all of the people on the show have. Now, why on earth would this guy need one? I would like to see the producers of the show explain that one.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 6901/25/2013

this is the WORST FAKE SHOW EVER. i WANTED to like it, i really tried. So freaking fake that its laughable. Such baaaaad acting. the morons who believe its real, obviousy work for the show/network or have some affiliation. Pretty sad if you actually believe it. LMAO at you.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 7001/25/2013

Besides which Mystery Diners is appearing on NY actors resumes all the time.

Thieving Head Waiter, Chad; Mystery Diners.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 7101/26/2013

'Reality' shows just means cheap. They are all fake but cheap to shoot.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 7201/26/2013

Oh man... The "where's the beef" episode.... It's like they're not even trying anymore. The most awful acting... The ridiculous premise. The cameras are no longer just where they say they are but are somehow moving all over the restaurant... You could imagine a camera man moving all over the place the way the picture jiggles. Sad.

The manager with a fake charity... Advertises a website.... Of course the website doesn't exist... Shocker.

Seriously tho... The acting gets worse with each episode. The owner? It's like it wasnt even his business. Laughable. Insulting.

Tell my TiVo to stop recording it please! It's a car crash I can't look away.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 7301/27/2013

FoodNetwork has jumped the shark in recent years with gimmicky shows like Mystery Diner and this Z-list celebrities cooking challenge that's hosted by Rachel Ray and Guy Fieri. Too much focus on reality shows and "celebrity chefs." Bobby Flay has like 5 shows airing simultaneous on FN right now.

The only show on FN worth watching is Chopped.

Cooking Channel is what Food Network used to be. Entertaining, but the focus is always on the food. Not on the personalities or gimmicks.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 7401/27/2013

Food Network and Cooking Channel are both owned by Scripps. When cooking channel launched they explained that FN was going to move more toward food related entertainment type shows and CC would have most of the cooking shows. Why they didn't make CC an HD channel is beyond me. As for Mystery Diners, its totally fake. Saw one of the bad guys from it on another "reality" show playing some random guy having his car towed or repossesed or something.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 7501/27/2013

Its a fake as it gets, just like repo men. It may have its roots in reality of actual incidents but a) the law is clear on privacy, and any production company must get permission from the people to broadcast then, otherwise they can sue. Just look at cops or alaska state troopers,, real reality tv where many many lawbreakers are not shown.... if that not enough The episode of the pizza place where the guys are moving the keg out the back door, inside the hall the keg pump is on the side of the keg and the keg seal is on the keg. Just as they go through the door into the back alley they cut to back alley camera and the keg pump is mounted to the keg! Wow not even continuity! Tell me how that happens if its real!?

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 7601/27/2013

Undercover boss is 100% real. I worked for the hooters that was featured during the filming and the cameras are explained as a training video being made. Every bit of that show was real. As for the rest, they encourage as much drama as possible. Many are real senerios being reenacted. A&Es shows like Intervetion and The First 48 are 100% real but TruTV has some of the worst.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 7701/29/2013

Chopped and Iron Chef are very real. I have a friend on the Iron Chef staff and I have even watched an episode being taped in the studio. The only slight con they pull is that the chefs actually know the secret ingredient a few days in advance so they can plan their menus and the kitchen stations can be properly stocked.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 7802/08/2013

An absolute joke. I hop you are happy to make someone look bad. You do not loose business by one employee. Hope this show is off the air soon.

Pathetic The owner is the idiot

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 7902/24/2013

Ok im sitting here watching the episode of mystery diners on the restaraunt "parma" in las vegas. I just realized that one of the employees that was stealing the meat was also on the show "all worked up" on the episode where a guy was laid out beside his car which was about to be towed. He supposedly was getting married and his friends got him drunk and put womens panties on him and he was passed out beside his car. I knew the guy looked familiar but i thought maybe it was just that it was a rerun but no. He was "coincidentally" on both shows. Check it out. Not sure the episode of all worked up but it just aired this past week somewhere between feb. 18-23 and then on the episode of "sleeping on the job" of mystery diners that aired feb 24, 2013.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 8002/24/2013

On one of the restaurant shows, one of the customers was told to complain about the service. It was in a local paper in the Hamptons. The customer was a friend of the paper's editor.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 8102/24/2013

Look at "Breaking Amish," a "reality" show of young Amish people leaving the village for the first time and experiencing new things like computers and elevators.

Turns out one of them was a 36 year old divorced father of three who'd been out of the Amish world for 13 years. Another had been sending photos of herself to a modeling website for a couple of years. Two others, who were portrayed as vaguely knowing each other, turned out to be married and had a child together.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 8202/24/2013

anyone who thinks this show is real, needs a serious reality check!!

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 8303/07/2013

Ok, we know Mystery Diners is fake, so why are we continuing to patronize these restaurants? Why isn't there a list of them so we know not to visit them? Why isn't there a boycott? Why hasn't anyone done this? Why doesn't someone set up a web site exposing these restaurants? Will I have to do it?

Seems like the most OBVIOUS next part of the discussion, yet not a single person here has pointed out that these restaurants are also parties to this deception!

I would never go to any restaurant that appears on Mystery Diners. They're full of shit. They were paid off a good sum to stage a fake show. Their legitimacy as a restaurant is in grave doubt.

As for Chopped and Iron Chef, I agree that both of these are real -- and it's obvious that on Iron Chef the ingredient is known beforehard (apparently, chefs are given two ingreidents and prepare for both) and it's obvious the challenger chooses the chef to compete against well beforehand.

I'm not sure about some of the other "reality" Food Network shows. Restaurant Stakeout could be real. It's hard to believe it might be half real and half fake, but I've wondered. Some episodes seem legit, others don't. Restaurant Impossible focuses heavily on the "remodel" of the restaurant and half the time they do a crap job of it.

Bobby Flay's shows seem real, but they probably compress time and make it seem a lot more time-contingent than it is.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 8403/24/2013

everything on food network is garbage and fake. the ones here saying its real are nothing but sheep who probably believe everything on fox and cnn.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 8503/31/2013

FAKE! Explain why one of the servers had a mic pack plainly showing in the middle of her back (tight shirt) on the episode that featured the owner Green Tambourine (New Orleans BBQ).

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 8606/02/2013

All these shows are fake. The Food Network fired Paula Deen for telling the truth. That explains why they keep this program on the air. They can't handle the truth. They should fire the programming director and bring Paula Deen back. At least she is a real person.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 8707/10/2013

The latest episode of Mystery Diners made the Chicago Police look stupid. Circling the area but not stopping to check anything out. I pointed this out to my partner (a Chicago Police Office) and she said the car that was being used did not have a "beat tag" on it. These are the numbers posted on top of a squad car. She said no one is allowed to take the cars out without their beat tag. So we came to the conclusion that although they used a Chicago Police car in this episode these patrol officers (if they used the real police) were off duty and playing for the cameras. She also pointed out that there is no way they would have put their siren on and not gotten out of the car. If you really watch that episode they actually did not turn their siren or lights on; this was just a background sound edited in. So we know at least part of the show is phoney.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 8808/31/2013

Maybe its not fake. I see people posting that the acting is so fake and what not but really normal people aren't great actors. I think that this show is real too a certain extent. Maybe every once and a while they'll put a fake episode but the rest seem fairly genuine. Either way though, its a great show.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 8908/01/2014

saw an actor on Scorpion. old guy sitting down in opening scene who was the wallet thief on recently aired episode of mystery diners. thought the show was poorly acted now confirmed it is bullshit...

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 9010/20/2014

There was show that presented how Iron Chef works: there are 3 possible secret ingredients and the competing chefs know these so they can prepare ahed. What they don't know is what would be the secret ingredient for the episode out of those 3. Also, after the chefs had prepared and plated their 5 dishes, they will be given several hours to prepare 4 sets of each dish for the judges and host. That part is what we don't see anymore.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 9106/10/2015

The only reality show is Football. Food network really sucks. Bobby Flay loses a challenge only when he wants to. It's up to him. The worst is that circle jerk show..The Kitchen. The process of these shows may be real but the winners/outcomes are decided ahead of time. Waste of time. Give me Ina any day.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 9206/10/2015

[quote]They were paid off a good sum to stage a fake show. Their legitimacy as a restaurant is in grave doubt.

[quote]As for Chopped and Iron Chef, I agree that both of these are real

Actually the restaurants pay the network, it is paid promotion.

You can AGREE all you want but both are fake. Chopped is the most fake, The judges are told the winner by the producers before a bite is cooked, and it is not truly 20 or 30 minutes.

Iron Chef is totally staged.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 9306/10/2015

Executives and Producers of the Food Network are not going to leave anything to chance. It's all about ratings and pleasing the viewers. I get sick of hearing all the sob stories on chopped. Just cook the food and shut the fuck up.

by Bored on a Friday nightreply 9406/10/2015
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