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Do You Find Brother On Brother Sex Hot?

These twins that fuck each other is what I am referring to. I think it's hot myself but is it "sick"?

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 23206/10/2013

I don't think about it.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 106/01/2012

Does that mean two black guys?

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 206/01/2012

Super duper hot. Even hotter would be if I could join them. Then the ultimate hottest would be if their father would then join us.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 306/01/2012

I find male cousin-on-cousin sex hot, though.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 406/01/2012

I personally think it's fine.

It's two males - there's no danger of pregnancy. If it was male-female incestuous sex, I might be more concerned.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 506/01/2012

Twin males sounds gross. But if they were brothers that weren't twins, it could be hot. Like Sam & Dean.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 606/01/2012

If the brothers are hot, sure.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 706/01/2012

A threeway with two hot brothers is my ultimate sexual fantasy.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 806/02/2012

Twins are my ultimate sexual fantasy. At belami twins fuck each other and eat the other's cum. Nirvana!

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 906/02/2012

Ask "Jedward"

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 1006/02/2012

Yes! But not with my brother.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 1106/02/2012

OP = Angelina Jolie

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 1206/02/2012

Not sure why but I find this hot. Don't have a brother maybe that's why

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 1306/02/2012

If they are consEnting adults then I have no problem with it

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 1406/02/2012

Double taboo (gay + incest) = double hot.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 1506/02/2012

Incest between identical twins is okay, since they have the same exact DNA, it's basically masturbation.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 1606/02/2012

My older brother used to fuck me and I loved it. It always seemed perfectly normal - he said he was horny and needed an outlet or he'd get blue balls. He took it easy the first few times. He'd blow me because he said it was only fair. We quit when he went away to high school his last two years - foreign exchange.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 1706/02/2012

Brothers is too gross.

Cousin sex is more intriguing to me.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 1806/02/2012

That's hot, R17. More details, if you can, please.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 1906/02/2012

Only if they're Franciscans

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 2006/02/2012

I can't tell if you are just making that up, r17. But I did enjoy reading it!

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 2106/02/2012

The fantasy is hot, but then there's the reality of the Peters twins at BelAmi whom I don't find appealing at all.

Now, the Carlson twins would be major hot for me to watch. I'd also wouldn't mind Luca and Liam Rosso to be US' answer to BelAmi's Peters twins, but I guess only the super rich will get to see some incest action when they hire them for private sessions.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 2206/02/2012


by wonderinginwashingtonreply 2306/02/2012

What is the reality of the Peters twins, r22?

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 2406/02/2012

r24, that I don't find them good looking enough and therefore they ruin the whole incest fantasy for me.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 2506/02/2012

Twincest is great, but only when it's obviously real. Lookalikes pretending just doesn't do it.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 2606/02/2012

I am sure r22 is saying that he does not find the Peters twins attractive enough to enjoy seeing them have sex. R22 goes on to name some twins he would love to see in action

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 2706/02/2012

Ha, R22 didn't need me to explain his feelings!

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 2806/02/2012

OH, when you said the reality of the Peters twins I thought you were referring to some scandal or unpleasantness about them. Besides the incest, I mean.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 2906/02/2012

Handy comparison of hot twins at the link.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 3006/02/2012

I don't think I could get past the ick factor no matter how hot they were.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 3106/02/2012

The ick factor would turn me on

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 3206/02/2012

Remember the Greg and Joey videos from the '90's?

Hotter than hot, and they're supposedly stepbrothers.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 3306/02/2012

Then it doesn't have any significance to the subject, R25 - it's not all about you.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 3406/02/2012

I find the responses on here quite illuminating...I would say a majority like the idea of it and find it hot. I do too.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 3506/02/2012

On Straight Fraternity they had three instances of 3 sets of brothers jacking each other -- stepbros Tony & Lane, bros Reese & Riley, and bros Tony & Brody (with friend Denver).

Tony & Lane:

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 3606/02/2012

Reese & Riley:

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 3706/02/2012

Tony & Brody (with pal Denver):

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 3806/02/2012

Wow, three straight Link Posting FAILS, from someone who obviously cannot read and has never used this forum before.

Dear god.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 3906/02/2012

Sorry, let me try that again.

Tony & Lane:

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 4006/02/2012

Reese & Riley:

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 4106/02/2012

Tony & Brody (with pal Denver):

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 4206/02/2012

One set says they are step-brothers. The other 2 sets say they are brothers, but they appear to be regular brothers, rather than twins.

But let's thank the poster above for his effort.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 4306/02/2012

I didn't say they were twins, and I did make the distinction between step/regular bros in my original post. This thread is about brother-on-brother sex, not just twincest.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 4406/02/2012

I think the idea is hot with respect to other brothers, but would not consider it with mine (and he's gay as well).

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 4506/02/2012

Horny bros

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 4606/02/2012

Can't really see the guy's face, R46, but I'll check it out.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 4706/02/2012

I fantasize all the time bout sucking my brothers feets.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 4806/02/2012


by wonderinginwashingtonreply 4906/02/2012

I went to high school with two brothers who were only a year apart in age, and they were hot to death. Tall, blond, built and gorgeous. I jacked off so many times thinking about doing with the both of them at the same time. They were very close, and I don't think being so close in age was the only reason.

I suspected they were incestuous. A friend of mine (who was also hot to death) was a casual friend of theirs who used to go over to their house after school sometimes. I noticed that after a while he never went over there and never hung out with the two brothers again. When I asked him one day "why don't you hang out with N---- and D----- anymore?" he got flustered, clammed up and refused to give me a straight answer. I think the brothers really were incestuous and wanted a menage a trois with my friend. Oh, how I wished it had been me instead of him!

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 5006/02/2012

The very idea of twins is magical, so their having sex together seems all right. I mean, who never wanted to fuck themselves?

But brothers? I can't deal with that.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 5106/02/2012

There was a set of very nice-looking twin guys who jerked off next to each other on Sean Cody or Corbin Fisher a few years ago.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 5206/02/2012

Are you referring to these, R52?

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 5306/02/2012

Yes, R53. Very hot. The one that cums first waits and watches his brother cum next.

I saw the video a couple years ago.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 5406/02/2012




William and Harry Windsor

Billy and Alec Baldwin













Charles and Edward Windsor

Stephen and Daniel Baldwin

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 5506/02/2012

Do you think William & Harry have ever shared girls?

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 5606/02/2012

Father/son incest is hotter to me than brothers. Or brothers/twins with their father.

OK, flame away, I know it will turn the stomachs of a lot of people here.

But even though it's a fantasy of mine, and I imagine joining in with people I know or see in public, I never have even fantasized about it with my own brother or father and am repelled by the whole idea.

Now that I think of it, as much as I love the fantasy of doing it with brothers and their father, I'm not sure I'd really do it if the opportunity presented itself.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 5706/02/2012

That's so hot

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 5806/02/2012

Which post are you referring to, R58?

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 5906/02/2012

Only if it's the Lawrence brothers or the Jonas Brothers.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 6006/02/2012

Or the Smothers Brothers. Yum.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 6106/02/2012

Fred and Ben Savage, back in the day

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 6206/03/2012

Jeremy & Jason London ?

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 6306/03/2012

Gary Valentine and Kevin James

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 6406/03/2012

Peter and Nathan Petrelli

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 6506/03/2012

Brothers should do it

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 6606/03/2012

Any other pics or links?

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 6706/03/2012

Like this?

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 6806/03/2012

There's a set of twin brothers who work for Corbin Fisher and are in scenes together, but they are always paired with other guys.

They should be encouraged to have sex with each other, like the Peters Twins.

Send in your suggestions, bitches!

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 6906/03/2012

The Peters twins who were mentioned earlier in this thread, do it for me. No, they are not especially good-looking, but they have great bodies and very likeable personalities. In a couple of interviews I've seen the Peters always come across as full of life and enthusiasm, and that is infectious. I worry about what it would do to them if their family ever saw their videos, though.

As for other twin brothers I would love to see the Carlson twins have sex. Their nude pictures together were breath taking and it can't help but leave one wanting more. The Brewer twins simulated having sex back in the nineties and those pictures still make people wonder if they have ever had real sex away from the cameras.

Two scenarios that will never happen but that really turn me on: The first is that the Bryan Brothers- tennis champs Mike and Bob Bryan- pose naked together, or at least in briefs or speedos. I would also love to see Elliot and Andrew Weber, the twins who were eliminated early on the last season of The Amazing Race, take a break from their music and soccer careers and do likewise. But of course those two situations are just fantasies.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 7006/06/2012

[quote] Peter and Nathan Petrelli

I'd like expedited shipping on that DVD please.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 7106/06/2012

My brother and I are both gay and we've had sex. Really not a big deal.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 7206/06/2012

Good for you r72, but I have to ask: How many people- away from the internet- know that you and your brother sometimes have sex?

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 7306/06/2012

My little brother just came out last week though we've long suspected, but even though he and our older brother are good-looking, I can't imagine having sex with them. Incest with my family just doesn't turn me on. But I do get off on hearing stories about fathers and their sons jacking each other.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 7406/06/2012

R74, how about incest with someone outside of your family?

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 7506/06/2012

You just don't get it, do you R75?

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 7606/06/2012

Hey, R76: I'm making fun of R74, you moron. Are you really that thick?

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 7706/06/2012

Sorry, I meant "sex with my family."

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 7806/06/2012

It's completely sick and disgusting. And gays wonder why they remain second class citizens.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 7906/06/2012

I know someone who readily admits that his brother sucked him off when they were teenagers. I truly love the idea ... trying to remember a terrific short story I read in a gay anthology that was truly beautiful and sad about brothers.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 8006/06/2012

Yes, R79. I don't know one person who wouldn't find this video of triplets having sex completely sick and disgusting.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 8106/06/2012

Brazilian brothers...almost twins:


by wonderinginwashingtonreply 8206/06/2012


by wonderinginwashingtonreply 8306/06/2012

[quote]My brother and I are both gay and we've had sex. Really not a big deal.

It's not? OK! What did mom say when you told her?

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 8406/07/2012

Hey r75 - the statement "incest with my family doesn't turn me on" is completely logical, correct - and not redundant at all.

For instance:

Incest with my family does not turn me on ... as opposed to incest performed by others (i.e. two brothers not related to me doing it amongst themselves).

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 8506/07/2012

Until r76 apologized and corrected himself, I thought what he was trying to say was that incest within his family was not a turn-on but incest outside his family (with him as an observer or participant as a third party) was. I saw nothing wrong with his sentence's logic.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 8606/07/2012

I find it totally hot...for someone else. Or with some "fantasy brother" in an alternate reality that bears no resemblance to my past or present, and where we're both gorgeous with jacked bodies and forever on the cusp of manhood...

I have a gay brother. He's pretty good looking and we shared a room until I was 18 and he was in college. The idea of having sex with him now or in the past turns my stomach. If we had hooked up as teens I'm sure it would have fucked me up.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 8706/07/2012

R79, Oh because straight guys don't fantasize about hot female twins or brother/sister sex, or even some straight women. Gimme a break.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 8806/07/2012

I fucked his brother twice

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 8906/07/2012

R81, they're not having sex; they're just jacking off. Boring.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 9006/07/2012

[quote]Good for you [R72], but I have to ask: How many people- away from the internet- know that you and your brother sometimes have sex?

A couple of our friends know. We are not in a relationship, so it's not like everyone on the planet needs to know; just like not everyone needs to know that my gardener has accepted the occasional BJ from me in lieu of payment.

It's not something everyone would understand, but I still don't think it's a big deal.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 9106/07/2012

Anyone remember I wish I knew what happened to them.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 9206/07/2012

[r79] Are you crazy? Are you aware of how much hetero incest there is, especially father to daughter? We're second class because we have fantasies about brothers?

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 9306/07/2012

There is way more hetero incest porn out there than homo incest porn. There isn't much incest porn being done anymore in general, but back in the late '70s/early '80s there was a whole series of films about a young man having sex with his mother (he also does his sister at one point).

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 9406/07/2012

The mere thought of my own brother is revolting, but two brothers I am not related to is a major turn-on. I wish there was more brother porn, but there really isn't much out there.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 9506/07/2012

I remember finding some porn (in book form) about family incest in my father's nightstand. I couldn't decide if it was a turn-on or was terribly creepy.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 9606/07/2012

My brother and I have an 11 year age difference. We used to blow each other from about the time he was 16-18.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 9706/07/2012

R97, you're as full of shit as a Christmas turkey.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 9806/07/2012

Brothers teach each other anal better than other members of the family.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 9906/07/2012

Thanks for the reply, r72

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 10006/07/2012

I think it's VERY hot!! Has anyone seen the Visconti triplets? Three identical brothers. Hot bodies. Nice dicks. Very lovable among one another. check them out.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 10106/07/2012

I finally remembered. Ethan Mordden wrote a wonderful bittersweet short about a man who could never find anyone who was as good to him sexually as his brother, who married when he was older. I believe it was one of the stories in *Buddies* ~ moving, sensual and sad.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 10206/07/2012

Brother on Brother doesn't bother me

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 10306/07/2012

If it's in a fictional story you'd read on nifty yes; but in reality NO.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 10406/07/2012

[quote]My brother and I have an 11 year age difference. We used to blow each other from about the time he was 16-18.

Begs the question - were you 5 or 27 at the time?

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 10506/07/2012

Did either of the Carlson twins ever marry?

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 10606/08/2012

Unless you mean each other, no

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 10706/08/2012

Juan and Cesar Hortoneda got "handsy" in a Bruce Weber photo shoot.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 10806/08/2012

[post by racist shit-stain # 2 removed.]

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 10906/08/2012

Kyle and Lane Carlson

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 11006/08/2012

[post by racist shit-stain # 2 removed.]

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 11106/08/2012

Incest, gross.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 11206/08/2012

I find it gross, sick yeah but not hot. I've never thought about having sex wiht one of my two brother's that's just beyond my frame of mine.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 11306/08/2012

Elijah and Milo Peters

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 11406/08/2012

[post by racist shit-stain # 2 removed.]

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 11506/08/2012

Don't forget the Christy twins from the 70's and early 80's and also the Mangiatti twins who are also known by some other names. I believe there are some others who have done porn as well.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 11606/08/2012

do you freaks have any sense of restraint.... or do you think restraint only involves food. lol

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 11706/08/2012

"I don't know one person who wouldn't find this video of triplets having sex completely sick and disgusting."

I'm sure their mother must be SO proud of them. I'm being sarcastic, but hey, maybe their mother IS proud of them. Maybe she thinks "look at my sexy boys with their big cocks! They came out of MY pussy!" Maybe there was some kind of mommy/triplet sex going on during their childhood that's made grow into adults who allow themselves to be videotaped jerking off together. YECH!

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 11806/08/2012

"A couple of our friends know. We are not in a relationship, so it's not like everyone on the planet needs to know; just like not everyone needs to know that my gardener has accepted the occasional BJ from me in lieu of payment.

It's not something everyone would understand, but I still don't think it's a big deal."

You have sex with your brother? And you blow your gardener "in lieu of payment?" You have some serious issues, hon. Maybe you should talk to a mental health care professional about it.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 11906/08/2012

No, he doesn't. He's just more okay with himself than you are, prissy-pants

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 12006/08/2012

Im surprised no one has mentioned From Beginning To End, the Brazilian gay incest movie!

In this movie, the dynamic started as one brother was over-protective of the other when they were children.

Brother on brother sex is one of those things that is better in fantasy (ie movies and porn), when you are the perverted outsider looking in. In reality it is just icky and gross.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 12106/08/2012

When I was young, the fantasy seemed hot. (Might have something to do with the fact that I was an only child). Now that I've seen it played out in porn, it just seems very, very sad. Like the porn version of reality t.v. people exploiting their own families for fame. Incest porn is sort of like the Kardashian family. Some people find it very entertaining, but it just depresses me.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 12206/08/2012

Simple, brothers should do it, get it over with and move on

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 12306/08/2012

[quote]You have sex with your brother? And you blow your gardener "in lieu of payment?" You have some serious issues, hon. Maybe you should talk to a mental health care professional about it.

I don't have sex with my brother, but I'd love to find a gardener who would work for blowjobs.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 12406/08/2012

"No, he doesn't. He's just more okay with himself than you are, prissy-pants."

So having brothersex and paying your gardener with blowjobs means you're "ok" with yourself? I think you could benefit from some professional help, too.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 12506/08/2012

I like it because I don't have a brother so nobody can accuse me of sick predatory interest.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 12606/08/2012

Kyle and Lane Carlson have two of the most beautifully exposed mushroom heads I have ever seen. Sometimes circumcisions can turn out badly, but in their case their circumcised cocks look very good.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 12706/08/2012

I think it's safe to say that many dataloungers find brother on brother sex hot!

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 12806/11/2012

[post by racist shit-stain # 2 removed.]

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 12906/11/2012

That is creepy... but kind of hot, r129. Were these identical or fraternal twins? Did the straight twin ever find out about the gay twin stalking him?

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 13006/11/2012

[post by racist shit-stain # 2 removed.]

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 13106/11/2012

Thanks, r129/131. As I said that story is creepy but kind of hot. Often when I observe male identical twins one of them will strike me as being in love with the other, or at least hero worshipping him.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 13206/11/2012

[post by racist shit-stain # 2 removed.]

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 13306/11/2012

when you begin to relax sexual barriers, others get by as well. this is the very danger attributed to gay men which conservative religious straights allude.

incest between brother and sister is not a prevalent hetero fantasy. interesting that gay men just don't seem to have routine sexual restraint.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 13406/11/2012

R127. The question is not whether a circumcision looks good or bad. The issue is genital integrity and not mutilating an infant's penis, since only the owner of the penis should consent to something like that.

An adult male can decide when--he's an adult. But the overwhelming majority of males, in fact, almost all, would never choose to be circumcised because they would realize how good their foreskin feels and would know how unnecessary it would be to cut it off.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 13506/11/2012

Interesting, r134, that you can draw no distinction between fantasizing about something and actually doing it. Interesting, too, that you seem to have no knowledge that incest and abuse are most prevalent in conservative, religiously fundamentalist cultures, not progressive ones.

Incest is more common in, say, Alabama than it is in Massachusetts. But don't let reality get in the way of a good self-hating, fundie-inspired rant, dear.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 13606/11/2012

Visconti triplets vs. Mangiatti Twins. Hawt!!!

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 13706/11/2012

The very cute and unbelievably trashy Fisher twins.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 13806/11/2012

[post by racist shit-stain # 2 removed.]

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 13906/11/2012

Harry and Max

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 14006/12/2012


one of the reasons it is not seen as hot between brother and sister is BECAUSE of the very nature of heterosexual sex... i.e. the presence of the female natural sexual restraint. Incest in heterosexual circumstances usually involves accusations of rape.

sex between men only has at its core the lack of impulse control that begins with fantasy and ends with practice. men just do not have the same types of sexual boundaries as women. this FACT has consequences.

you understand perfectly the consequences of the lack of self control with food. yet gay men think any lack of impulse control around sex is natural and consequence free.


by wonderinginwashingtonreply 14106/12/2012

[post by racist shit-stain # 2 removed.]

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 14206/12/2012

there is NOTHING sexy about incest!

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 14306/12/2012

Some of you need to learn the difference between fantasy and reality. Fantasy incest = hot. Real incest = not.

The same can be apply to rape, prison sex, bondage, dominance, sadism...many people fantasize about these things but would never actually rape someone, or restrain and assault them, etc.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 14406/12/2012

so the porno twins aren't actually fucking?

ooookay then

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 14506/12/2012

Fictional brothers = hawt to death


Peter & Nathan Petrelli

Connor & Murph McManus

Sam & Dean Winchester

Real life brothers = sick and disturbing

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 14606/14/2012

Bump, as a protest to r146

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 14706/17/2012

R141 is absolutely correct.

I cant even imagine hetero incest fantasies being discussed anywhere other than on very niche websites. Its just very heavily frowned upon. I dont hear the lesbians chiming in either.

That you guys discuss it on a general topics site and few seem even repulsed by such a fantasy proves R141 right. Theres something about male homosexuality that lends itself to animalistic urges.

Its not politically correct to say this, but it IS correct.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 14806/17/2012

Love this thread!

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 14906/20/2012

Why are we letting str8 gay-hating fraus who call us "animalistic" dictate what we may and may not discuss on a gay discussion board? Fuck off back to your million moms jerkoff board and leave us the fuck alone R148 etc.

fuck off you miserable cunts.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 15006/20/2012

R148 is a frau who needs to be kicked in the cunt.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 15106/20/2012

R148, go fuck a brick

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 15206/20/2012

I know 2 gay guys who had sex with their brothers growing up and one who continued it as adults. And the brothers grew up to be str8 (ish).

I love pissing off str8 fraus.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 15306/20/2012

My posts at r147 and then r149 gave this thread a little more life! I am glad that the posters at r150-153 let r148 have it. She is a big example of why many of us can't help but wish straight women would stay away from datalounge.

By the way, brother sex, if it is consensual and both brothers are at least decent looking, is absolutely hot!

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 15406/22/2012

Always wondered if I would if I had a really close twin.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 15506/22/2012

Brothes on brother sex is the hottest and the most readily available when you're a horny teen, assuming you have a brother. I didn't have one but, if I had, you can bet we would of been going at it night after night.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 15606/22/2012


by wonderinginwashingtonreply 15707/01/2012

Do boys who molested their brothers as children make the worst homophobes?

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 15807/04/2012

I wish I had a brother.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 15907/11/2012

R117=pathetic Christian closet case, probably coaches soccer and lusts after adolescents.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 16007/11/2012

Do the Carlson twins still make appearances at Pride events?

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 16107/16/2012

Love them. So cute.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 16207/16/2012

Really hot sex is usually "sick" };)

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 16307/17/2012

No R2 it means two men who are biological brothers having sex with each other.

If it's a fantasy plot in a porn or fictional smut story that's one thing but in reality it's gross and nasty.

That being said I know some gay men who told me how they get majorly turned on at the fantasy of brother/brother sex or twincest. They don't have sex with any of their relatives but they find this to be hot in fantasy or when it's in a porn or fictional story on nifty.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 16407/17/2012

Love that.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 16508/24/2012

hell no you sick freaks. Incest is gross and vile-I don't care if both brothers are hot. How anyone is turned on by that shit, I'll never know. Y'all got some issues.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 16608/24/2012

No, I don't. I think it's because whenever I would think of something like this, which is almost never, I think of my own brother, and the thought of having sex with my brother literally makes me nauseous. I don't find it hot because in a way it's like having sex with yourself, such a close blood relative, someone you have such a natural bond with.

With that being said, if other people are into it/do it, I don't care.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 16708/24/2012

It's threads like these that make me shake my's the difference between gays and freakish fags. Incest is disgusting. END.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 16808/24/2012

Agreed, R168. And you people wonder why the gay community is looked down upon as disgusting, perverted freaks.

We say we want equality and be just like the straights yet here we are talking about how "hot" incestual sex is. I don't think I ever recall hearing one straight person saying how hot it would be to see a brother and sister fucking.

You people are repulsive.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 16908/24/2012

It's not just a gay guy thing. I've heard lots of straight guys say their ultimate fantasy is having sex with two hot female twins.

I think two male twins having gay sex is somehow in a different category than a brother and sister having sex. I know it's not technically, it just SEEMS hotter.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 17008/24/2012

Whoever is saying it, it's FUCKING NASTY. You don't have sex with family members even if you're both hot. THat' just sick. I wish I could find an island and dump all the freaks and perverts there so they can do sick shit to each other and leave the rest of us normal gays and straights alone.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 17108/24/2012

I agree with all the recent posts. ONLY gays would be considering incest. Never in the history of the world has there ever been father/daughter incest, brother/sister incest nor uncle/niece incest. ONLY gays get involved in incest so that's why people don't want us to have marriage equality. It makes total sense.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 17208/24/2012

yes if me and my dad could join

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 17309/29/2012

Good times with my brothers Huey and Louie, along with my Uncle Donald. Nobody suspects what we're doing.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 17409/29/2012

[quote]I wish I could find an island and dump all the freaks and perverts there so they can do sick shit to each other and leave the rest of us normal gays and straights alone.

Yes, you sound rational and sane.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 17509/29/2012

Unfortunately, I didn't have a brother but, always wish I had. There would have been some hot action going on after the lights go out.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 17609/29/2012

[quote] I wish I could find an island and dump all the freaks and perverts there

There actually is such an island. It's called Manhattan.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 17709/29/2012

Lol R177

And what's wrong with all you judgmental prudes? Brother on Brother sex is HOT, especially if they are twins. Cause for endless jerk off sessions.

Are there any porn sites devoted purely to twincest?

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 17809/29/2012

Nobody suspects what we're doing.

Riiight, r174, 'cause no one thinks twice about triplets running around without pants.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 17909/30/2012

[quote]no one thinks twice about triplets running around without pants.

Didn't some country outlaw Disney films because Donald Duck wore no pants?

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 18010/01/2012

Let's have more input about triplets.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 18110/07/2012

A noble tie that binds all human hearts and minds into one brotherhood of man.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 18210/08/2012

Incest is never hot. I would be just as disgusted to find out a guy fucked his brother as I would be if he fucked his mom, sister, or son. Only someone who is mentally unstable would willingly cross that boundary.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 18310/08/2012

R183= frau

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 18410/08/2012

There's something very weird about it...I can't get turned on by it. In fact I kind of felt dirty even clicking on this thread.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 18510/08/2012

Tommy and Nick from the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. This goes back to 1988. They were brothers that fucked each other. I got into. 3 way with them one time. It was hot as hot can get. We spent a weekend at the El Paradiso motel in McAllen. We left the room to eat. The rest of the time we spent just ass fucking the hell out of each other.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 18610/08/2012

DISGUSTING. You fucking freaks this is not hot.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 18710/08/2012

R186, have you seen them since then?

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 18810/10/2012

I find Chris Hemsworth on Liam Hemsworth sex hot.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 18910/10/2012

And you still clicked, r185.

And that goes for all the other disgusted posters. One thing is to be mildly curious or abhorred, which leads to rubbernecking, and another is to actually participate in the forum and discussion.

Methinks they protest too much

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 19010/10/2012

Exactly, r190!

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 19110/10/2012

189 has a wonderful imagination.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 19210/13/2012

Photos of the Visconti triplets in a jail setting are popping up here and there. Do they have a jailhouse sex video?

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 19310/14/2012

This is one of the most disgusting stories I've read on DL since the one about Anderson Cooper getting caught licking a dog's asshole.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 19410/14/2012

R194 = troll, posting on every thread

Today at the gym there was a pair of hot jock twins working out. I couldn't help but have dirty thoughts about them doing it.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 19510/14/2012

If incest is best, then go fuck your skank ho mama, R195.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 19610/14/2012

brotherly hug

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 19710/17/2012

I live with my brother and we occasionally take baths together. Is that weird?

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 19810/18/2012

Is saves on water 198.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 19910/18/2012

I know, R199. That's what I always tell people. They still think it's weird. Whatever, though...haters gonna hate.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 20010/18/2012

When brothers look like this...

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 20110/21/2012

They look good for eldergays.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 20210/22/2012

My brother sucked me off last night. So there, you bourgeois pearl-clutchers.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 20310/22/2012

Has anyone ever heard of a son fucking his father up the ass? Thought I'd ask since we're all in this incestuous mood, I mean, didn't Lot, in the Bible have sex with his daughter or something?

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 20410/24/2012

Nice bulges at R201.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 20511/09/2012

Robert Rex and Bill Rex - vintage porn models

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 20611/12/2012

Rex brothers

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 20711/12/2012

Nothing unusual about twincest. Happens all the time.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 20801/03/2013

I find it funny all these heteroids claiming straights aren't into incest when any search for "gay" and "incest" on google typically brings up more straight sites than gay ones.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 20901/03/2013

Brother on brother action.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 21001/03/2013

different type of brothers 210

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 21101/08/2013

I had older twin brothers. I am female and think back to when I was about 10 and they were 15. Our mother died young so I was alone with them alot after school until my dad came home from work. Not only did they coerce me into touching their cocks, forcing it into my mouth, make me watch them jerk off, they also brought a friend in and he would corner me, take his dick out and try to get me to suck it. Once, he laid me down in his living room (his family was our upstairs tenants, and licked my pussy). All these incidents were done separately, not as a gang assault. Once,one of my brothers tried to put his big cock into me but luckily it was way too big. I remember being petrified that I was pregnant just because his cock touched my pussy lips. With all that said, as horny as they were, I never saw them touch each other. I think as a young girl, I would have found that really hot. Believe it or not, I never hated my brothers for those days and actually credit them for making me more sexually aware at a younger age. I was more prepared for subsequent encounters and relationships. We have talked about it over the years and came to the conclusion that hormones were in control and there was no long term damage done. I would have loved to see them service each other during those days.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 21201/08/2013

Tennis' Bryan twins are very very close.

". . . A month into their first term at Stanford, where they were assigned to different dorms, Bob dragged a mattress onto the floor of Mike’s room and slept there for the rest of the year."

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 21301/08/2013

R33, first time I heard of them. Does anyone know more about these two, Greg and Joey? That video is so hot.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 21403/05/2013


I think the mattress story is actually kind of sweet.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 21503/05/2013

Nice bulges at R201.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 21603/05/2013

Brother/twin sex to me is the hottest thing ever.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 21706/04/2013

Can't be doing with twincest, not identical ones anyway. Cousins definitely hot though as per r4.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 21806/04/2013

I like r212. You are one cool woman.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 21906/04/2013

My middle brother and i fooled around quite a bit up through my college graduation. It was alot of fun

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 22006/04/2013

Yes, it's super hot.

I'm an only child if that absolves me.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 22106/04/2013

Kissy brothers

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 22206/04/2013

ginger brothers

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 22306/04/2013

Polo bros

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 22406/04/2013

Used to love that spy cam site that featured two half-brothers in a relationship with each other. They were fucking hot beyond belief. I loved to watch them fuck. No twinks there, though, but beefy musclemen.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 22506/04/2013

My brother Dave is hot and loves swallowing my sweet, creamy loads.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 22606/04/2013

Beefy brothers

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 22706/04/2013

Hot twin buns

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 22806/04/2013

I find it interesting. Nothing wrong with a little interest here and there.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 22906/04/2013

Would give anything to see these two go at it.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 23006/04/2013

The last two are heading for Dunkin Donuts to get a double bacon full pound cheeseburger on a blueberry donut.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 23106/05/2013

I've done it. It's really no big deal.

by wonderinginwashingtonreply 23206/10/2013
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