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Jockstraps: do you like them and do they turn you on?

Totally into guys in jocks here...I have, black, grey, orange...I love fucking a guy in a jock....pulling on those straps around their ass while I pound them....nothing hotter.

by bikeguyreply 33309/11/2017

Love them and they turn me on.

by bikeguyreply 106/01/2012

"How nice, dear."

by bikeguyreply 206/01/2012

Cal Ripkin Jr. on NPR today talked about the time he got his first metal cup as a gift from his father. Said it made him feel like a man.

by bikeguyreply 306/02/2012

No they look like fetish wear from decades ago. Hate them.

by bikeguyreply 406/02/2012


by bikeguyreply 506/02/2012

Anything looks hot on a hot guy. I like it when cute guys prance around or strike a pose in a jock in the locker room without being aware of it (being occupied with something else like talking to their friends / cracking jokes).

by bikeguyreply 606/02/2012

On hot guys and jocks, yes.

On fat slobs or shlubs? No.

Pretty much the same with speedo bikin underwear or swimsuits.

by bikeguyreply 706/02/2012

When it's worn by a real athlete with a hot body, yes. When it's worn as a fashion accessory by some NYC disco queen, no.

by bikeguyreply 806/02/2012

I remember some freakshow starting a thread a few months ago demanding to know why they don't cover the ass, and insisting that they should.

Such oddballs flock here.

by bikeguyreply 906/02/2012

I think they look ridiculous and cannot fathom why anyone would be turned on by someone wearing them, unless it has to do with silly internalized homophobic fantasies about fucking straight guys.

by bikeguyreply 1006/02/2012

r10 seems to think that only straight guys wore jockstraps. Does he think the gay men wore pink lace panties? The "internalized homophobia" is looking at him in his mirror.

by bikeguyreply 1106/02/2012

Love them. Not intimidated by things going in and out of fashion.

by bikeguyreply 1206/02/2012

R11, what the hell are you talking about? Nowhere did I say anything like that. People (gay or straight) using jock straps for their intended purpose has nothing to do with my post. I was merely pondering whether their use in porn fantasies has to do with...oh, forget it.

by bikeguyreply 1306/02/2012

Love the old school white ones. Colored ones no so much.

by bikeguyreply 1406/02/2012

I like jockstraps on real jocks, but not on gorilla marys like OP.

by bikeguyreply 1506/02/2012

How does "liking jockstraps" equate to "silly internalized homophobic fantasies about fucking straight guys"?

by bikeguyreply 1606/02/2012

love them. so hot and masculine

by bikeguyreply 1706/02/2012

When I was dating my heterosexual former boyfriend Vin Diesel I loved watching him put on a jockstrap for sex, during which he would put his penis into my vagina and penetrate me to orgasm.

Mmmmmmm I love a man's hot body in a jockstap, mmmmmmmm.

by bikeguyreply 1806/02/2012

They are only hot and masculine when a dude is wearing them because they are playing sports. Otherwise, it's weird and creepy for a guy posing in jock drag to wear them. And unauthentic.

by bikeguyreply 1906/02/2012

They look better on athletic asses in general, they frame them nicely.

Im more of a soft and plump ass guy myself, and they dont look as good on those, IMO.

by bikeguyreply 2006/02/2012

[quote]How does "liking jockstraps" equate to "silly internalized homophobic fantasies about fucking straight guys"?

When you see someone posting an accusation like that, it's because they have a serious problem. It's just like Rick Santorum who constantaly talks about gays. That man isn't straight. He falls in line with Larry Craig, George Rekers, and Rev. Ted Haggard.

by bikeguyreply 2106/02/2012

I swear, 80 percent of all criticisms are projections. Republicans perfected this phenomena, but everyone else does it too, e.g., R10.

by bikeguyreply 2206/02/2012

It's pretty simple.

Would someone find a punk with a mohawk and piercings and tattos all over his face sexy in a business suit? I highly doubt that.

Would someone find a 60 year old geezer hot in Abercrombie and Fitch clothes? I highly doubt that.

A jock strap has to be worn by a hot athletic guy who 'looks the part'. Otherwise it's nothing but a comical costume prop that rather leads to laughter and ridicule than arousal.

by bikeguyreply 2306/02/2012

[quote]A jock strap has to be worn by a hot athletic guy who 'looks the part'. Otherwise it's nothing but a comical costume prop

Oh, dear god. Do you even listen to yourself?

by bikeguyreply 2406/02/2012


by bikeguyreply 2506/02/2012

[quote]Do you even listen to yourself?

Now, why should I? You do such a good job at being part of my audience who pays attention.

by bikeguyreply 2606/02/2012

Weak, R26.

by bikeguyreply 2706/02/2012

What's not to like?

by bikeguyreply 2806/02/2012

I first wore one in junior high (yes, it was called junior high in those days, grades 7-9). They were required. Then high school--in fact, if you did not change into your jock, the guys thought there was something "strange" about you.

You also had to shower. Open showers. We would walk around the locker room in our jocks or bare ass naked.

In college, every guy I knew who worked out at the gym wore a jock.

Times have changed.

by bikeguyreply 2906/02/2012

love them

by bikeguyreply 3006/02/2012

I liked it when this cocky guy in the gym got depantsed and everyone including a whole lot of ladies got to see him so em-bare-assed in his Jockstrap. Just having two straps back there is not gonna do anything for this Jock in his athletic supporter but make the whole gym laugh. It was more epic because he was doing squats and during his whole set the back waistband part of his jockstrap rode up and got some stares cuz that's when I noticed and loved the view every time another rep was finished. He did about 14 reps till a friend yanked his gym shorts to the ankles when he was coming up from a squat! That must have been the best view anyone could have of a jock strapped ass, it was funny cuz it took so much longer till he got to pull his shorts back up. Then when he did there was total ass crack with his manhood supported by the white,almost seethru pouch. What made it extra embarrassing for the jock was that this chick yelled "What's the matter? Can't focus on lifting weights with ur jockstrap hangin out." As he pulled his shorts over his jock/ass! Everyone could not help but look and laugh at this guy. I wish that was caught on someone's cell phone and all over YouTube, definitely a minute I'd love to see all over again!

by bikeguyreply 3111/28/2012

I was once caught jacking off to Janet Reno's jockstrap.

by bikeguyreply 3211/28/2012

I don't get it. Their fetish function is to make the man nude, except to cover up his penis and testicles. Why not show them, too?

by bikeguyreply 3311/28/2012

When I was a little kid in camp, there was one counsellor who was exceptionally hot -- sick body. He wore a jock under his bathing suit when we went swimming. Seeing him in the bunk changing into that jock and then slipping his suit on over it was about the hottest thing I ever saw up to that point in my life.

Later, after grad school, I moved to NYC (Mid 90's) and was working at the investment bank Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette. They had their own "employee's only" gym in the building. When I went on orientation/tour of the gym on the first day of work, they showed me the locker room. They had gym clothes there for everyone to wear. There was a big shelf with freshly laundered hunter green tee-shirts in all sizes, grey gym shorts in all sizes, socks, and jock straps in all sizes. You could keep your own sneakers there. Everyone who used the gym, EVERYONE, changed into a jock and shorts, etc.... some people looked delectable, others looked like clowns.... what an odd place.

by bikeguyreply 3411/28/2012

[quote]He wore a jock under his bathing suit when we went swimming.

It reminds me of a deeply erotic prefect at my school who wore two speedos when swimming in a hopeless attempt to compress his unruly meat: the top one of white and aquamarine stripes that curved round the massive bulge and only emphasised it. Mind watering.

The only trouble with jockstraps is that few have the meat they need to do them justice. But if their junk has the heft...

by bikeguyreply 3511/28/2012

Yes, very hot.

by bikeguyreply 3611/28/2012

why would you wear one working out in a gym? The point of them is to hold a cup to protect your junk if you're playing football or hockey or other sport where you could get injured. They don't do much of anything on their own. It seems ridiculous to wear one just to work out. Do guys who do this also wear underwear or just wear shorts bare assed (which is a little gross since your ass sweats a lot.

by bikeguyreply 3711/28/2012

First of all, I hate the work "junk." It's "cock and balls," so get it right.

I met a guy recently on vacation and invited him back to my room later to fuck. He was pretty hot but when I pulled his pants down he was wearing a taxicab yellow new jockstap. Total dick wilter.

by bikeguyreply 3811/29/2012

I like working out in them and yes, a well-built guy in one is hotter than anything

by bikeguyreply 3911/29/2012


by bikeguyreply 4011/29/2012

One summer when I was in college, with a friend we ran ad in the East Village Other offering "jock straps stolen from high school lockers." We bought them at a thrift shop, soaked them in water loaded with MSG, which made them smell like cum. Over a few months we made $350 with our mail order business. We made many guys happy with their fantasy of teen-age studs in those jocks.

by bikeguyreply 4111/29/2012

Is this thread populated by eldergays? NO ONE wears traditional "jock straps" these days, except for hookup-seeking gays who didn't get the memo. Everyone who actually NEEDS protection cups for sporting purposes (football and baseball players, for instance) wears a biker-style compression garment with cup insert.

by bikeguyreply 4211/29/2012


by bikeguyreply 4311/30/2012

Love the old school white ones. I'll never forget hooking up with a very cute little Chicano in SF at a friend's party... got him home and he had a firm round butt framed in a clean white jockstrap. OMG. Delicious, unforgettable meal.

by bikeguyreply 4411/30/2012


by bikeguyreply 4511/30/2012

Thanks for that R43.

by bikeguyreply 4611/30/2012

[quote] I hate the work "junk." It's "cock and balls," so get it right.

Oh. I see. Any other language directives?

by bikeguyreply 4711/30/2012

There are some dudes at the gym that wear jockstraps, yet they don't even play basketball or contact sports at the gym. They seem to love undressing in the lockerroom to expose their jocks, but dudes just ignore them or shake their heads in disgust. They seem so pitiful and desperate to take their kinky sex fetish to that level. They are embarrassing themselves.

by bikeguyreply 4811/30/2012

R48 that describes me except for the lip licking and eye contact from other guys.

when I wear mine during workouts it keeps my meat in place, otherwise the mushroom head showcases a big ridge bouncing around in my shorts. love getting naked in the locker room, putting on my trainers first, then putting on my jock.

by bikeguyreply 4911/30/2012

it comes down to the body

by bikeguyreply 5011/30/2012

I had the same experience growing up. You were required to wear a jock during PE and the coach would actually check (don't ask) If you kept your underware on or made an excuse to, they you were some kind of freak.

FYI: the purpose for a non cup jock is so your ass sweat dose not soak into your under ware and your balls dont bounce all over the place if you normally wear boxers.

But these days, they are out of fashion and compression shorts are all the rage just like speedos went by by and board shorts are then norm.

I attribute this to homophobia in straight men as as they began to see male sexuality anything other then big muscles as gay.

by bikeguyreply 5111/30/2012

What R51 Said. Women do this too. I saw a show on hottest beaches in the world. When the topic switched to men in America, the women were like "ewww, I dont want to see guy in a speedo. Leave something to the imagination. Besides, all the hot guys wear board shorts."

This coming from a scank wearing a bikini so small it could not hide the camel toe.

Of course she though it was perfectly alright for overweight women to show off their twat, but men should never show their junk.

by bikeguyreply 5211/30/2012

R52 That is because women in America have a double standard. If a woman flashes her cha-chas its considered titillating. If a guy flashes his member, they call the cops.

So bitches, quit flashing me your tits! I am a gay man, they do not turn me on, and you are not making a gay man want to play it straight.

by bikeguyreply 5311/30/2012

Camel toe is just so wrong.

by bikeguyreply 5411/30/2012

Just say No to Camel Toe

by bikeguyreply 5511/30/2012

Jockstraps are hot as hell. Love to see guys wrestling in jocks.

by bikeguyreply 5611/30/2012

I was going to say: this thread is no good without pictures!

by bikeguyreply 5711/30/2012

[quote]They seem to love undressing in the lockerroom to expose their jocks, but dudes just ignore them or shake their heads in disgust. They seem so pitiful and desperate to take their kinky sex fetish to that level. They are embarrassing themselves.

We get it, r48. No doubt, Miss Thang, you also shake your head in disgust to let the other dudes know that you're really, really, really butch.

by bikeguyreply 5811/30/2012

I love wearing a jock; and getting fucked while wearing one is even better!!

by bikeguyreply 5912/04/2012

[quote]No doubt, Miss Thang, you also shake your head in disgust to let the other dudes know that you're really, really, really butch.

I'm not R48, but as has already been pointed out, traditional jock straps no longer serve ANY purpose in a legitimate sport; ergo, the only people wearing them to gyms are either geriatric or, yes, caught up in some weird jock fetish. Why on earth *wouldn't* another gym goer look over at someone wearing a garment from the past and go "WTF?" It's nearly as weird as a Mormon wearing their "special underwear" to the gym.

by bikeguyreply 6012/04/2012

Many NFL players still wear jockstraps, as anyone will notice if you watch the games.

by bikeguyreply 6112/10/2012

Oui! J'aime Le Jockstrappe!

by bikeguyreply 6212/10/2012

r62, that is such an inside post, no one but you understands why u posted it.

by bikeguyreply 6312/11/2012

I sure loves me a jock.

by bikeguyreply 6412/26/2012


by bikeguyreply 6512/27/2012

Only if they look like this and of course the appropriate body.

by bikeguyreply 6612/27/2012

so hot

by bikeguyreply 6712/28/2012

People who wear jockstraps when not playing contact sports are a joke. They are taking their kinky fetishes to a lame extreme. Not hot at all.

by bikeguyreply 6812/28/2012

Don't play coy with us R68. We know you love a cum-encrusted jockstrap shoved in your mouth while a hot jock bends you over the bench in a locker room. Your secret fetish is safe with us.

by bikeguyreply 6912/28/2012

Nothing sexy about them.

by bikeguyreply 7012/28/2012

They make a nice frame for a hot ass.

by bikeguyreply 7112/29/2012

r69, that was vile. why are you thinking about nasty stuff like that, dude?

by bikeguyreply 7212/29/2012

Not hot to me, don't like them

by bikeguyreply 7312/29/2012

They create a nice frame for a hot ass.

by bikeguyreply 7401/22/2013


by bikeguyreply 7501/22/2013

I don't give a fuck if the guy actually plays sports. If he looks hot in a jockstrap, then I'm with OP. Love to fuck his full round muscular ass and use the jock as a way of controlling him, pulling him into me as I slam into him. HOT.

And (related subject) I can't stand guys who have a stupid concept that the bottom is "the female role" or "not a man/less than a man." If you are a bottom and are masculine, I will experience 100% that I am fucking a man. And I will fucking LOVE you for existing. That is all.

by bikeguyreply 7601/22/2013

love them

by bikeguyreply 7701/23/2013

God's gift to all gay men

by bikeguyreply 7801/23/2013


by bikeguyreply 7901/24/2013


by bikeguyreply 8001/24/2013


by bikeguyreply 8101/24/2013


by bikeguyreply 8201/24/2013


by bikeguyreply 8301/25/2013


by bikeguyreply 8401/26/2013

nice bulge

by bikeguyreply 8501/27/2013


by bikeguyreply 8601/28/2013

Jock strap full of man meat

by bikeguyreply 8701/28/2013

Do I like them? Is the Pope Catholic??

by bikeguyreply 8801/28/2013

The pope likes jockstraps too

by bikeguyreply 8901/28/2013

Fuck my ass in that jockstrap, muthafucka.

by bikeguyreply 9001/28/2013

Pink shoes!

by bikeguyreply 9101/30/2013

In the closet - jockstrapped and taped.

by bikeguyreply 9201/30/2013

Locker room jock

by bikeguyreply 9301/30/2013

We all need interesting things to do, don't we?

by bikeguyreply 9401/30/2013

hot jock

by bikeguyreply 9501/30/2013

FUck ME that ass sticks out!

by bikeguyreply 9601/30/2013

packed jock

by bikeguyreply 9702/01/2013

and HUGE tits!

by bikeguyreply 9802/01/2013

manly man in the locker room

by bikeguyreply 9902/01/2013

nice view

by bikeguyreply 10002/02/2013

Messy jock presentation

by bikeguyreply 10102/02/2013

Men in yellow, red, and blue jockstraps.

by bikeguyreply 10202/03/2013

fun with jocks!

by bikeguyreply 10302/03/2013

jock n socks

by bikeguyreply 10402/03/2013

hardcup jockstrap

by bikeguyreply 10502/03/2013

r100, queeny guys like that should just stop. They make themselves look ridiculous. They wear jocks as a weird fetish, not because they are athletes. It's one thing for them to wear it discreetly and privately but to actually wear them in a lockerroom is ridiculous.

by bikeguyreply 10602/03/2013

I love middle-aged men with big beefy, hairy asses in jocks. So yummy.

by bikeguyreply 10702/03/2013

R100 exactly, just like before the repeal of Don't ask, Don't tell happened and so called straight acting gays would wear camouflage pants, like they're really butch, meanwhile gays weren't even allowed to serve openly in the military!

And Jock Straps do nothing for me, they're probably some delusional straight acting gays(I hate that phrase just say masculine like I do) who wear them all the time just for the hell of it, yet they probably couldn't throw a football if their life depended on it.

by bikeguyreply 10802/03/2013

Let's hope this photo doesn't gross out the truly butch gays.

by bikeguyreply 10902/03/2013

truly "butch?" naw, dude. truly masculine, my man.

by bikeguyreply 11002/03/2013

Yeah, daddy!

by bikeguyreply 11102/03/2013

men have nice asses, a jock only improves them

by bikeguyreply 11202/03/2013

A jockstrap can be like a picture from for a fine ass.

by bikeguyreply 11302/03/2013

Oops! that should read: A jockstrap can be like a picture frame for a fine ass.

by bikeguyreply 11402/03/2013

Hot jocks on superb owl Sunday!

by bikeguyreply 11502/03/2013

hot jock

by bikeguyreply 11602/03/2013

jockstrap sniffer

by bikeguyreply 11702/04/2013

black strap

by bikeguyreply 11802/04/2013

it's hot when they are dirty!

by bikeguyreply 11902/04/2013

Sexy as hell on the right guys. And when worn correctly. A sex guy can have them on but if he gives off a peevish aura wearing a jock, it's less of a turn-on.

by bikeguyreply 12002/04/2013

I put them on, I take them off. I can't wait to wear them

by bikeguyreply 12102/04/2013

I pour some poppers into the pouch and then sniiiiiiiif em.

by bikeguyreply 12202/04/2013

jockstrapped hunk

by bikeguyreply 12302/06/2013

beautiful guy!

by bikeguyreply 12402/06/2013

Any dude that wears them off the field for real world wear is a jock. And probably a perv too. He is automatically disqualified from consideration for being weird.

by bikeguyreply 12502/07/2013

no, he isn't. get over your sorry self

by bikeguyreply 12602/07/2013


by bikeguyreply 12702/08/2013


by bikeguyreply 12802/08/2013

hanging out

by bikeguyreply 12902/08/2013

Jockstrapped rugby lad.

by bikeguyreply 13002/08/2013

Love them covering my nose and mouth.

by bikeguyreply 13102/08/2013

testing the flavor

by bikeguyreply 13202/10/2013

beautiful shot

by bikeguyreply 13302/10/2013


by bikeguyreply 13402/17/2013

. . . .La La!

by bikeguyreply 13502/17/2013

fully packed jockstrap

by bikeguyreply 13602/19/2013

nothing is less hot than dudes wearing jockstraps as some type of fetish wear. it either looks goofy or creepy.

by bikeguyreply 13702/19/2013


by bikeguyreply 13802/19/2013


by bikeguyreply 13902/19/2013

Love the plain white ones. Love wearing them, love seeing other guys wearing them. Don't like the jocks that are dyed bright colors...those look kinda faggy to me.

by bikeguyreply 14002/19/2013

Refer to the overused A My Name is Alice monologue.

by bikeguyreply 14102/19/2013

[quote]Refer to the overused A My Name is Alice monologue.

Isn't that a show featuring five women? Do they wear jockstraps?

by bikeguyreply 14202/19/2013

more jocks in jockstraps!

by bikeguyreply 14302/19/2013

[quote]those look kinda faggy to me

[italic]Excuse[/italic] me?!?

You DO know where you are right?

by bikeguyreply 14402/19/2013

Jockstrap or backless underwear?

by bikeguyreply 14502/21/2013

Ugh, they remind me of crotchless panties.

by bikeguyreply 14602/21/2013

They remind me of sex with strangers

by bikeguyreply 14702/21/2013

I wore em when I was a soccer and hockey jock, I wear em now with no cup because my dick is big and I have a thick round Italian ass. Wide waistband only, but any colour. Sexy.

I have lots of grown man designer underwear too, but there has to be the pouch in the front. I need the room.

My bigger dicked bf prefers boxers, but he is a thuggy drippin mess in them.

I like cute young guys with average dicks in jocks too, ASS FRAME.

What is not to love about Jockstraps?

by bikeguyreply 14802/21/2013

[quote]my dick is big and I have a thick round Italian ass.

pics, pics or it didn't happen.

by bikeguyreply 14902/21/2013

Hot guys! thanks

by bikeguyreply 15003/05/2013

Love to see men in jockstraps. Also nice that the thread hasn't been overrun by the self appointed hall monitor.

by bikeguyreply 15103/05/2013

Sniff Sniff.

by bikeguyreply 15203/05/2013

Only trashy or weird guys wear them, outside of athletes playing sports. Gay guys look like clowns in that stuff in the lockerroom.

by bikeguyreply 15303/05/2013

They look really hot in them, sorry for you.

by bikeguyreply 15403/05/2013

They are best at cocktail parties

by bikeguyreply 15503/06/2013

Jesus Christ, give it a rest, R151. Carry an irrational grudge much? You're becoming worse than the guy you're bitching about, spreading your vitriol to other threads like this. Let it go.

by bikeguyreply 15603/06/2013

more jocks, less talk

by bikeguyreply 15703/06/2013

As a teenager I worked several summers at the neighborhood pool. All the guys wore jocks and left them in their baskets in the locker room. Just putting on one of the studs jock made me shoot a big load! Ah, to have my cock & balls in their pouch. Would swim at night after the pool closed in just a jock...with a raging hard on.

by bikeguyreply 15803/06/2013

hot story 158!

by bikeguyreply 15903/07/2013

"Don't like the jocks that are dyed bright colors...those look kinda faggy to me."

Check the mirror to something else that looks kinda faggy.

by bikeguyreply 16003/07/2013

No. Guys into fetishwear are weird to me. It is trying too hard to be sexy, which is not very manly.

by bikeguyreply 16103/07/2013

wearing a jockstrap isn't trying very hard in my book.

by bikeguyreply 16203/07/2013

r162, I don't know if it is trying too hard, but it certainly is some type of fetish or unusual artificial use of a piece of clothing for erotic purposes. Jockstraps are for playing sports, specifically interactive contact sports. Wearing them outside that context is a fetish. Like people who wear leather and collars, guys who wear jockstraps outside of athletic activity are weird, creepy, non-sexy. It's like a guy wearing a codpiece in normal life. But to each their own.

by bikeguyreply 16303/07/2013


by bikeguyreply 16403/07/2013

[quote]use of a piece of clothing for erotic purposes.

Like women wearing a halter top in the grocery store or a buff guy wearing a muscle shirt in Walmart.

by bikeguyreply 16503/07/2013

or just about everyone!

by bikeguyreply 16603/07/2013


by bikeguyreply 16703/08/2013

fetish indeed, but hot

by bikeguyreply 16803/08/2013


by bikeguyreply 16903/08/2013


by bikeguyreply 17003/08/2013

I cant believe these flaming guys wear them to the gym and actually parade them in the lockerroom. People openly snicker at them.

by bikeguyreply 17103/09/2013

they look hot to me if they have a fine ass

by bikeguyreply 17203/09/2013

[quote]People openly snicker at them.

Keep posting that and someday someone may believe you.

by bikeguyreply 17303/09/2013

I'd like to see more of the guy at r167.

by bikeguyreply 17403/11/2013

He's shaved down to the bone

by bikeguyreply 17503/11/2013


by bikeguyreply 17603/11/2013

Jock inspection

by bikeguyreply 17703/11/2013

Laundry day - needs some bleach

by bikeguyreply 17803/11/2013

Who wouldn't be turned on by this?

by bikeguyreply 17903/11/2013

hunk in a bike

by bikeguyreply 18003/11/2013


by bikeguyreply 18103/11/2013

I love them

by bikeguyreply 18203/11/2013

Don't wear them unless you are playing contact sports.

by bikeguyreply 18303/12/2013

Why not?

by bikeguyreply 18403/12/2013

Don't wear them unless you are playing contact sports otherwise you could end up looking like this.

by bikeguyreply 18503/13/2013

jock pair

by bikeguyreply 18603/13/2013

r187, eww that is gross. nasty.

by bikeguyreply 18703/21/2013

Nice and hot!

by bikeguyreply 18803/22/2013

I just jacked off into one

by bikeguyreply 18903/23/2013

Love to sniff a jock & have one in my mouth...especially if it's on a hot stud.

by bikeguyreply 19003/28/2013

[quote]Jock strap full of man meat

Thanks Adele!

by bikeguyreply 19103/29/2013


by bikeguyreply 19203/29/2013


by bikeguyreply 19303/29/2013


by bikeguyreply 19404/04/2013

Love jock straps. I spent many summer weekends at a friends lake house. He had 2 stud brothers & several cousins that were all beefcakes. They kept several jocks in the bathroom and everyone just picked one out to wear water skiing. I couldn't wait to get in there & put one on, one over my face & in my mouth! Then jack off with my cock, balls face & mouth in those studs jocks!!

by bikeguyreply 19504/06/2013

Jockstrap models

by bikeguyreply 19604/06/2013

I can't take who wear them non-athletically serious. Look like erotic clowns.

by bikeguyreply 19704/11/2013

R197, I sure hope English isn't your native language. Jesus.

by bikeguyreply 19804/11/2013

I like erotic clowns myself

by bikeguyreply 19904/14/2013


by bikeguyreply 20004/15/2013

Good looking guys and jockstraps at R196. Let's have more of them.

by bikeguyreply 20104/16/2013

Hit it!

by bikeguyreply 20204/16/2013

He looks like an like erotic clown according to R197.

by bikeguyreply 20304/18/2013


by bikeguyreply 20404/18/2013

Jockstrap fan

by bikeguyreply 20504/21/2013

gym wear

by bikeguyreply 20604/21/2013

script by John Travolta

by bikeguyreply 20704/21/2013

Jockstrap sniffer

by bikeguyreply 20804/21/2013


by bikeguyreply 20904/21/2013

Love them on an athletic guy. I wear them, when I work out, play tennis, or running. I'm old school. Love how it looks when my sweats or mesh shorts cling to my butt after working up a sweat. Love the outline of the straps and the waist band peaking out of shorts.

by bikeguyreply 21004/21/2013

me too

by bikeguyreply 21104/21/2013

Working out in a jock-strap

by bikeguyreply 21204/26/2013

Jockstrap fashion

by bikeguyreply 21304/27/2013

Wet jock-strap

by bikeguyreply 21404/27/2013

Rugby is rough on your ass

by bikeguyreply 21504/27/2013

Let's play catch

by bikeguyreply 21604/27/2013

Waiting for the train

by bikeguyreply 21704/27/2013

The sexiest article of clothing ever invented by man.

by bikeguyreply 21804/27/2013

jockstrap sniffer

by bikeguyreply 21904/27/2013

locker room games

by bikeguyreply 22004/27/2013

Lick that sweaty jockstrap!

by bikeguyreply 22104/27/2013


by bikeguyreply 22204/27/2013

Real gym, real guy, real jockstrap-

by bikeguyreply 22304/28/2013


by bikeguyreply 22404/28/2013

Jockstraps look great on guys heading into a sauna at the gym.

by bikeguyreply 22504/29/2013

Jockstrap quartet

by bikeguyreply 22604/29/2013

r223, not hot

by bikeguyreply 22705/24/2013


by bikeguyreply 22805/30/2013

Jacques Strappe!

by bikeguyreply 22906/27/2013

They are lame unless you are playing a contact sport.

by bikeguyreply 23007/22/2013

I'd like to see the guys at R226 get into a contact sport in that shower room.

by bikeguyreply 23107/24/2013

They are my favorite things

by bikeguyreply 23207/24/2013


by bikeguyreply 23307/25/2013

Dear God. Those guys at R226 / R233 are just begging for Plantar's warts.

by bikeguyreply 23407/25/2013

Guys who wear jockstraps as a perverted fetish are clowns, goofballs. Not hot at all

by bikeguyreply 23507/26/2013

you're a prude, prudie

by bikeguyreply 23607/26/2013

It is a creepy lame fetish

by bikeguyreply 23708/05/2013

it's hotter than hot.

by bikeguyreply 23808/05/2013

It is lame and weird. Stupid fetish that makes you look like a freak.

by bikeguyreply 23908/07/2013

Viva Le Jock!

by bikeguyreply 24008/23/2013


by bikeguyreply 24108/24/2013

I lose interest in any dude who wears speedos, jocks, or briefs. Not cool.,,,

by bikeguyreply 24208/29/2013

clown wear

by bikeguyreply 24309/01/2013

I like used, dirty ones stuffed in my mouth when Daddy fucks my boihole. If I'm really good, he pisses on it before.

by bikeguyreply 24409/01/2013

A jockstrap neatly presents my hole.

by bikeguyreply 24509/10/2013

I think they are a real bro kind of thing to wear.

by bikeguyreply 24609/10/2013

They are not

by bikeguyreply 24709/13/2013


by bikeguyreply 24809/20/2013


by bikeguyreply 24909/20/2013


by bikeguyreply 25009/20/2013

My jock is sweaty!

by bikeguyreply 25109/24/2013

[quote]Cal Ripkin Jr. on NPR today talked about the time he got his first metal cup as a gift from his father. Said it made him feel like a man.

At which point Terri Gross responded, "MARY!"

by bikeguyreply 25209/24/2013

freak wear

by bikeguyreply 25310/05/2013

R253 is so invested in not liking jockstraps that he keeps bumping this thread.

by bikeguyreply 25410/05/2013

Creepy wear

by bikeguyreply 25510/06/2013

I love guys' asses so I naturally am fond of them

by bikeguyreply 25610/06/2013

I LOVE classic jockstraps.

The new gay lingerie jockstraps are a total turn off: you know, the ones that look like underwear with the oval cutout on the ass. Nasty.

And those do nothing for men's asses either.

by bikeguyreply 25710/06/2013

Unless I am dating a football player, I would kick any dude recreationally wearing a jockstrap to the curb. Weird.

by bikeguyreply 25810/06/2013

R257, I agree. You need the classic straps on the sides, it serves the big ass up right.

by bikeguyreply 25910/09/2013

Vintage Bike #10

Only way to go!

by bikeguyreply 26011/15/2013


by bikeguyreply 26111/18/2013

love getting fucked wearing a jock

by bikeguyreply 26211/19/2013

Fetishwear is wack. Feminine guys in jockstraps are playing dress up and look like clowns. Not hot, but pathetic.

by bikeguyreply 26312/01/2013

Jockstrap + Buttplug = perfect gym wear

by bikeguyreply 26412/05/2013

Hey 262 I love fucking a guy wearing a jock.

by bikeguyreply 26512/14/2013

[240] It's VIVE (and not VIVA) le..... whatever: third person singular of the present subjective of the verb vivre.

How Americans mangle my mother tongue!

by bikeguyreply 26612/14/2013

my bf loves when i wear a jock

by bikeguyreply 26712/15/2013


by bikeguyreply 26812/23/2013

Do lesbians have fetishes about gals' bras?

by bikeguyreply 26912/23/2013

Why don't the jocks in my neighborhood play like this?

by bikeguyreply 27012/29/2013

Hot Ass!

by bikeguyreply 27112/29/2013


by bikeguyreply 27201/01/2014

I drip for jockstraps. Wear one every day and it's soaked.

by bikeguyreply 27301/10/2014


by bikeguyreply 27401/31/2014

You can't deny the hotness of this guy's ass.

by bikeguyreply 27501/31/2014

Exactly, perfect ass featured perfectly.

by bikeguyreply 27601/31/2014

I like to sniff, lick & chew on a jock strap while a stud gets hard. Lick his balls & blow him till he blows a load.

by bikeguyreply 27702/04/2014


by bikeguyreply 27802/04/2014

Unless you are pleasing sports, you are a weirdo if you wear them.

by bikeguyreply 27902/05/2014

When was the last time you pleased some sports, R279?

by bikeguyreply 28002/05/2014

I'm pleased by guys in sports wearing jocks

by bikeguyreply 28102/05/2014

Dudes in jock straps DP another. HOT.

by bikeguyreply 28202/09/2014

Why frat dudes sometimes get pregnant.

by bikeguyreply 28302/11/2014


by bikeguyreply 28402/11/2014

Compression pants are phasing out jockstraps.

by bikeguyreply 28502/14/2014

The life of a sports trainer.

by bikeguyreply 28602/17/2014

Happy endings for the sports trainer.

by bikeguyreply 28702/22/2014

NFL players are wearing compression shorts at the Combine, not jockstraps.

by bikeguyreply 28802/22/2014

NFL players can eat my jockstrap, fuckas!

by bikeguyreply 28902/27/2014

I'd like to suck & sniff some NHL jockstraps on those hot studs!

by bikeguyreply 29003/11/2014

I'm wearing one....RIGHT THIS MINUTE!

by bikeguyreply 29103/13/2014

No- items of clothing being a turn on is weird to me and seems sexually stunted.

by bikeguyreply 29203/13/2014

i love it when my bf invites his friend over to work over my 'strapped ass with dildo after dildo.

by bikeguyreply 29304/16/2014

fetish clown wear for weirdos

by bikeguyreply 29405/02/2014

[quote]NFL players are wearing compression shorts

The shorts just don't have much appeal in photos compared to a jock wearing a jock.

by bikeguyreply 29505/05/2014

Football jock's ass framed by a jockstrap:

by bikeguyreply 29605/06/2014

Not really sure what's going on here, but it's HOT:

by bikeguyreply 29705/07/2014

I like to wear a cock ring under the jockstrap.

by bikeguyreply 29805/09/2014


by bikeguyreply 29905/09/2014

Lucky sports trainer at R286.

by bikeguyreply 30005/12/2014

On Wednesday, I went to Jockstrap Night at the Eagle.




by bikeguyreply 30105/29/2014

Black jockstraps on white guys are a big turn-on for me.

by bikeguyreply 30205/29/2014

White ones sure, sometimes, colored ones no, too tryhard. But it's just fashion, not impt enough to be a dick wilter or whatever.

Bottoms who like to wear a jock while getting fucked are playing lady in their head IMO, pretending not to have junk

by bikeguyreply 30305/29/2014

Love pounding a studs ass framed with a jock strap..doggy style!

by bikeguyreply 30409/01/2014

Too Village People for my tastes.

by bikeguyreply 30509/01/2014

Nothing wrong with that R303. I prefer my bottoms that way.

by bikeguyreply 30609/01/2014


by bikeguyreply 30709/23/2014


by bikeguyreply 30809/23/2014

Great story from the jock sniffer at R158.

by bikeguyreply 30909/23/2014

They are too rough and look stupid on a man. I prefer him naked without all that clothing junk. Just get naked, get that cock hard and let me edge it for hours, causing the man to shoot a mile-long load of sperm in my face as he pants and breathes heavily in release.

by bikeguyreply 31009/23/2014

I love how they serve up the ass in the back

by bikeguyreply 31109/23/2014

blue stripe special

by bikeguyreply 31209/23/2014

R158 shows what to do with someone else's jockstrap.

by bikeguyreply 31309/24/2014


by bikeguyreply 31409/24/2014

I've been fucked in mine a few dozen times.

Love filling up the pouch with my load when a hot guy fucks one out of me.

by bikeguyreply 31509/24/2014

Jockstraps were made for bottom bitches

by bikeguyreply 31609/24/2014

That's a big ole girleena at R312.

by bikeguyreply 31709/24/2014


by bikeguyreply 31809/24/2014

I sorta have to wear one when I bottom otherwise I jerk and cum too quickly. My top takes a loooooong time.

by bikeguyreply 31910/19/2014

The Man-Thong

by bikeguyreply 32010/19/2014

Bottoms wear them. You can fuck them and ignore the dick.

by bikeguyreply 32110/19/2014

love to wear one when i get fucked

by bikeguyreply 32210/21/2014

Creepy fetishwear

by bikeguyreply 32310/21/2014


by bikeguyreply 32410/25/2014

R324 looks like it could have been fun at rehearsals.

by bikeguyreply 32510/26/2014


by bikeguyreply 32610/26/2014

Weirdo fetish clothing

by bikeguyreply 32712/01/2014


by bikeguyreply 32801/27/2015

I love the NFL!

Thank you Mr. Patrick Peterson.

by bikeguyreply 32901/27/2015

So hot

by bikeguyreply 33009/11/2017

R329 You posted your response the day my mother died 1/27/15

by bikeguyreply 33109/11/2017

i LOVE men's asses, so yes, I love jockstraps

by bikeguyreply 33209/11/2017

Hell yeah

by bikeguyreply 33309/11/2017
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