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The complete collapse of "Damages"

Oh, Glennie. Deadline doesn't have much positive to say about the end of your un petit television show.

But how brave you were to take a TV role! How quaint! It just gives me a kick. Especially since it moved from an actual network to Direct TV's host channel. But it's warm and thoughtful for you to perform JUST for shut ins, dearie. Funny, those will be the only people who have seen Albert Nobbs, too.

Ta ta for now, dear! Bon jour!

by M. reply 3310/10/2012

Oh Mrs. Gummer, still working on that pesky Quebecoise accent are we ? C'est tres difficile n'est ce pas ma petit salop?

Maybe now with these widescrfeen HD TVs they can finally got your oversized coke shovel honker to fit on a home TV, just in time for inevitable return to the small screen

by M. reply 106/01/2012

Oh Glennie! You're so clever!

What industrial strength chemical did they use to straighten that rat's nest known as your hair, anyway? Certainly I understand the choice - in its Afro Mop stage, it wouldn't have fit completely on any TV, even the wide screens.

Tell me, mon cheri, what's it like to be on a network that no one can see when it rains? It's all so very Ingmar Bergman, pondering these ideas.

Ciao bella….

by M. reply 206/01/2012

M, your sister-in-law Maeve has been slumming in daytime TV for years and your precious daughter is about to do some TV thingie called Emily Owens. It may be slumming, but when you knock TV, you also knock your family members who do TV.

Oh and PS, the real "M" NEVER uses a period.

by M. reply 306/01/2012

The show was great the first season and insultingly stupid last season.

by M. reply 406/01/2012

Ignore the drag queen bullshit. Some hack wrote an article guessing that she may not get an Emmy nod again.

by M. reply 506/01/2012

An Emmy! How quaint. That takes me back to when my career started to blossom and I was awarded one of those trifles for that Jewish miniseries. Oh now let me see, what DID I do with that thing? Oh yes, I think I gave mine to Maeve and Harry to sell that year they had the garage sale. Do you still give those things out? Seriously, do they really?

by M. reply 606/01/2012

[quote]Oh and PS, the real "M" NEVER uses a period.

What happens when she menstrates, rose petals waft out to the strains of Debussey?

( I imagine Debussey was STILL alive when M had her last period.

by M. reply 706/01/2012

Oh surely you must remember winning that Emmy, Mrs Gummer.... it was for your first "talkie"

Now put your teeth in Dear, they're serving tapioca for lunch today.

by M. reply 806/01/2012

Of course Mamie and…oh, what's the other one's name…….Gretchen are suited for TV! They are young and eager to learn….and have far to come before they can even stand in the cooling breeze of their mother's shadow.

But you, Glennie….you were a star. Or so the press of our day told me. Though I never understood why. You played Jenny Garp like Lithgow played Roberta - a football player in a woman's body. And imagining Michael Douglas leaving his wife for your O-Cedar mop head, even for a moment, is just fantasy.

by M. reply 906/01/2012

This was funny exactly ONE time, several years ago.

by M. reply 1006/01/2012

Sort of like your small penis, R10. Funny once, and then just pitiful…..right?

by M. reply 1106/01/2012

The thing that posts as M just called itself pitiful.

by M. reply 1206/01/2012

Neither of you bitches have good timing.

by M. reply 1306/01/2012

The real Meryl knows that Bonjour is one word.

This stuff is very tedious - why don't you just knock it off?

by M. reply 1406/01/2012

Sic 'em Glennie!

by M. reply 1506/01/2012

R12 It puts the lotion on itself!

It does so whenever it's told!

by M. reply 1606/01/2012

Damages is the best tv series i've ever watched, i'm gonna miss it like crazy.

same with Breaking Bad :(

by M. reply 1706/02/2012

[italic]Damages[/italic] has got some great stuff in it. I've watched on Amazon Prime, so I'm not all the way up to date. But Ted Danson and Zeljko Ivanek did some great work.

by M. reply 1806/02/2012

If r2/r11 thinks he is funny or insulting leave him alone.

In reading his posts, can you just imagine how pathetic his life must be?

by M. reply 1906/02/2012

Yeah, but R18, that was only in the first season. The first season was fantastic but subsequent seasons went from dull to downright awful. Lily Tomlin as a Manhattan Madoff-type matron? I don't think so. I am looking forward to seeing Janet McTeer in this final season and how they will wrap it up.

by M. reply 2006/02/2012

Glenn Close is embarrassingly bad in Damages. Hers isn't a great or even a good role, but she doesn't exactly rise to the low occasion.

She seems to be wearing an invisible neck brace and to smell something so repulsive that she dare not open her mouth to speak lest the stink penetrate her orifice.

by M. reply 2106/02/2012

Did anyone else see the season opener ?

Shocked the shit out of me.

by M. reply 2207/16/2012

NO...when did the new season begin?

by M. reply 2307/17/2012

This thread has the tone all wrong. M and G do not go after each other like worn-out drag queens fighting for the last ride home in the club parking lot at 3:00 AM. They are essentially friendly and respectful with the occasional discreet barbed comment.

by M. reply 2407/17/2012

If the premiere was any indication, this last season could be the best one yet.

by M. reply 2507/17/2012

Oh Glennie, perhaps I can get you a bit role on my darling Mamie's training ground for feature films--her Emily Owens, MD television series. Possibly something that won't be too much of a stretch for your type of "talent." How do you feel about playing a rotting corpse?

by M. reply 2607/17/2012

Congratulations on yet another Emmy nomination, Glenn. This time I'll be rooting for you.

by M. reply 2707/19/2012

Based on the premiere, the final season has the potential to be the best. It was a very intense way to set the story in motion. The third, "Madoff" season was my least favorite one so far.

by M. reply 2807/19/2012

I eat shit.

by M. reply 2907/19/2012

Anyone still watching? Ellen vs. Patty every week is turning out fun.

by M. reply 3007/29/2012

I eat DOG shit.

by M. reply 3107/29/2012

Did Patti have Jenna Elfman mudered so she wouldn't lose her granddaughter ?

It played that way to me.

by M. reply 3207/29/2012

But Lily Tomlin was superb in her matron role! R20 must be one of those people who wants actors just to play one type that they have set in their mind. Very skilled actors playing against type are a trademark of this show -- and one of its glories.

by M. reply 3310/10/2012
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