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Adam Levine discusses his Promiscuous sexual past with women

10 hours ago

by HL Staff

From the new 'DETAILS' magazine:

On sex: “‘You know what yoga’s good for?’ Adam Levine asks, pausing in mid-thought as he discusses his healthful lifestyle. He draws to his feet, balances in the private jet’s narrow aisle, points at his crotch, and thrusts his pelvis like a porn star. ‘I’ll tell you what yoga is good for: F***ing,’ he chimes, in a singsong falsetto, then laughs.”

On why he was promiscuous: “There’s two kinds of men. There are men who are f***ing misogynist pigs, and then there are men who just really love women, who think they’re the most amazing people in the world. And that’s me. Maybe the reason I was promiscuous, and wanted to sleep with a lot of them, is that I love them so much.”

by Jake G.reply 10308/01/2013

Oh puh-leeze, Adam.

Stop embarrassing yourself.

You'll suck a dick -- 'fess up!

by Jake G.reply 105/31/2012

I feel you, player! Let's you and me hit the clubs and score some trim!

by Jake G.reply 305/31/2012

"Maybe the reason I was promiscuous, and wanted to sleep with a lot of them, is that I love them so much.”


by Jake G.reply 405/31/2012

These comments won't win him any points with the ladies.

by Jake G.reply 505/31/2012

Sounds like a plan, Matty @ R3! I'll see you and Adam out later, and we can score some pussy! (Just don't tell Kelly!)

by Jake G.reply 605/31/2012

He doesn't care about the ladies, R5.

by Jake G.reply 705/31/2012

Dudes, can I tag team some poon with you?

by Jake G.reply 805/31/2012

DETAILS magazine is a magazine for guys who suck cock in the dark.

Both DETAILS and Adam try too hard to be straight.

by Jake G.reply 905/31/2012

Hey! Adam is very cool. I love to hang out with him and chase after those Victoria Secret models! We do, erm, have loads...of fun.

Yeah,of course Zac can come!

by Jake G.reply 1005/31/2012

He is 100% straight. I have seen him with the ladies, who love him and he loves them back, just like me.

by Jake G.reply 1105/31/2012

[quote] DETAILS magazine is a magazine for guys who suck cock in the dark.

It has been since its inception. It's basically Vogue for Men, but they have to keep playing up the WE'RE STRAIGHT angle.

Esquire already has some of that market, though Esq readers ARE actually straight douchetards who smoke cigars and date underage girls.

by Jake G.reply 1205/31/2012

He's 110% straight.

by Jake G.reply 1305/31/2012

I know of no reason to believe Levine is anything other than straight, I've heard nothing about his male-hookups. There are plenty of slutty straight dudes who like sleeping around, I agree he comes off as a tool but that is nothing new.

by Jake G.reply 1405/31/2012

The "we're straight' angle turns me off to this magazine. It's a homophobic rag.

by Jake G.reply 1505/31/2012

I agree with R14. He doesn't ping for me and unlike others, he is not associated with rumors of homosexuality. He also reminds me of other straight musicians who seem kind of douchey.

by Jake G.reply 1605/31/2012

His brother is gay. He's gay friendly, but he is straight. He also seems like a douche. I've seen Maroon 5 perform live for a TV taping,(free ticket) and he is a very accomplished musician. I was surprised. The concert was good.

by Jake G.reply 1705/31/2012

OMG, I so totally agree with you, Adam. Pussy is A-MA-ZING!

by Jake G.reply 1805/31/2012

I hate the phrase "gay-friendly". It's insulting. Do you think "Jew-friendly" is also as loosely used? Adam is 'Jew-friendly".

by Jake G.reply 1905/31/2012

I love the ragging on him in this thread, but I don't think Levine's gay, either. He just seems like an insufferably vain man, who happens to be straight. These (horrible) comments about his promiscuity are not exactly the latest in a long line of comments proclaiming how straight he is. If they were, they would be more suspect.

by Jake G.reply 2105/31/2012

r20, how on earth would YOU, of all creatures, know how a straight guy feels?

by Jake G.reply 2205/31/2012

Oh, guys, can I come too??? I have a fake ID, lol

by Jake G.reply 2305/31/2012

R20 really has no clue if he thinks straight men aren't prone to brag.

by Jake G.reply 2405/31/2012

Oh my god, this guy is so straight, you can't get anymore straight. Forealz, yo.

by Jake G.reply 2505/31/2012

R20 seriously is ridiculous. Gay gossip is awesome, talking about the fact that someone has a lack of gap gossip is also what this board is for. There is no point in us talking about what celebrities are gay if you refuse to believe anyone of them could not be.

Hate on Levine for being a douche, the straights can have him.

by Jake G.reply 2605/31/2012

He is is straight..his brother on the other hand..

by Jake G.reply 2705/31/2012

R22, you can shove your homophobia. I assume you're the self proclaimed straight guy who trolls this board. I'm sure I'm butcher then you, bitch, especially in bed. I have many straight guy friends...they don't constantly proclaim their 'straightness'. Only closet cases do that. And everyone knows it.

by Jake G.reply 2805/31/2012 have no clue. When straight guys brag they don't constantly say, "I'm into girls! I love women! Love, love women!". That's something else entirely. You're the one who's clueless.

by Jake G.reply 2905/31/2012

R26...bite me. I'm tired of people coming here to declare that gossiping about someone being gay is absurd. Levine is no straighter than Rock Hudson. YOU do not KNOW he's straight. That's the whole point of the closet. To NOT know. Geesh, this site has completely gone to frau hell.

by Jake G.reply 3005/31/2012

I am gay and femme and never proclaimed my straightness, whatever that means. I couldn't even begin to understand what motivates a straight guy to do anything, and neither could you, sweets. They're a whole separate species. Sounds like you're the one with the internal homophobia/masculinity issues.

by Jake G.reply 3105/31/2012

If you assume somebody is gay, 99% of the time you are right no matter who denies it - gay or straight. I think this guy is gay myself. BUt, who cares? What's the big deal if this dude is closeted - more to joke about. I also think he's a homophobic douche bag. Who cares about his brother - that doesn't stop somebody from being a homophobic p.o.s.

by Jake G.reply 3205/31/2012

Is it just me or has the Crazy-Meter here been wrenched up a couple hundred degrees today?

by Jake G.reply 3305/31/2012

R22, you're making my point. Just because you have no straight male friends doesn't mean that none of us do. And most gay men, having been in the closet, understand the epistemology of the closet. It's closeted gay men who make these extravagant shows of declaring their heterosexuality over and over. Straight guys just talk about sex and what they think is hot...they don't keep qualifying everyone with, "I'm into girls, you know." They don't need to because of heterosexual presumption.

You clearly have NO idea how the CLOSET works, and that's what I'm talking about. You must be a frau.

And no, dearest, I have no "issues" around my sexuality. Happy and proud to be gay and very glad to be out of the closet. You're the one who doesn't understand how guys act when they're closeted. Frau.

by Jake G.reply 3405/31/2012

Oh and 22/31...I get can't get off on him unless you believe he's straight. That's your self loathing. I don't need to believe he's straight to think he's hot.

by Jake G.reply 3505/31/2012

[quote]If you assume somebody is gay, 99% of the time you are right no matter who denies it - gay or straight.

Actually, given that about 10% of the population is gay, the odds are 9-to-1 that you're wrong. Wishful thinking does not make a person gay.

As for Levine, I think he's straight and a douchebag. Ditto John Mayer. Neither belongs in the same category as the likes of Taylor Lautner.

by Jake G.reply 3605/31/2012

Oh, and "Details" is nearly as gay as "Out," and always has been, regardless of how hard they try to push the "metrosexual" ethos. It's straighter than it used to be, granted, since once upon a time it had gay editors in chief and staff, but Dan Peres has been at the helm for eons now (eight or nine years?) and is not only straight but boringly so (yes, I know him casually).

by Jake G.reply 3705/31/2012

R36, 10% are openly gay - and honest. That's it. The percentage of actual gay or bisexual people is much, much larger. If gay and bi people were born with horns on their forehead, you'd see that I am right.

Wishful thinking? Wrong again.

by Jake G.reply 3805/31/2012

Oh please, 10% of the adult population is not openly gay. I never really believed that figure. A lot of us live in urban areas with visible gay populations of people who escaped bumfuck to live amongst other gay people, so we're used to seeing other openly gay people on a regular basis. My hunch is that around 4-5% of the population are openly gay, and that another 5% are totally repressed/closeted. I do think that if you include straight-identified people who've experimented with same-sex sex, then the numbers do skyrocket. But 10% out and openly gay? I think not.

by Jake G.reply 3905/31/2012

Only 5% is closeted? That number is laughable.

by Jake G.reply 4005/31/2012

You know who else is greatly consumed with the % of gay people who exist, and reduces it to a tiny little fraction of people like R22, does? Pat Robertson. You're in good company, R22. He believes that such a tiny little group of people shouldn't have rights. Who cares about such a tiny little fraction of the population.

by Jake G.reply 4105/31/2012

I don't know if he's straight, gay or bi because I don't really follow his dating and interviews but as a bi-woman I can tell you that many straight men do brag and I don't think it's just because some are closeted and compensating (a chunk of them definitely are) but for other reasons. It's the ones who lack self confidence and self esteem that do it and that can be for other reasons except for being in denial about sexuality.

After being on this board for 10 years I see not only what differentiates gay men from straight ones but what you guys have in common and that is most men are "Whooores" if they can afford to be. Not everyone of course but many either are or wish they were.

I understand why people think he sounds gay and overcompensating and he might well be, though.

by Jake G.reply 4205/31/2012

[quote]And most gay men, having been in the closet, understand the epistemology of the closet.


Wtf does a woman giving birth getting surgically cut from her V to her A have to do with being in the closet?

by Jake G.reply 4305/31/2012

R14, I'm open to the possibility that Adam is straight since I don't know him personally and can't be sure, but to me he has always pinged, and I would also argue he may have a hint of gay voice.

by Jake G.reply 4405/31/2012

r44 I think his voice is the major thing that makes people think he might be gay, lol.

by Jake G.reply 4505/31/2012

[quote]As for Levine, I think he's straight and a douchebag. Ditto John Mayer. Neither belongs in the same category as the likes of Taylor Lautner.

Didn't John Mayer admit to Perez Hilton he's had a penis in his mouth?

by Jake G.reply 4606/01/2012

I've said this before. My sister slept with him. No idea if he's closeted or not, but he certainly is able to, and does, fuck women.

He's also a huge pothead.

by Jake G.reply 4706/01/2012

Yeah but it's ancient history now, r47, you've been saying the same thing on DL for about 10 years now, bless your heart.

I validly take your point tho'. But bi and gay men have been known to sleep with women as they work out who they are. That said, Levine might be straighter than straight. I just get a beep on the gaydar when he comes into view.

by Jake G.reply 4806/01/2012

r47 and what did she say about his skillzzz and dick size?

by Jake G.reply 4906/01/2012

R48 is right that gay & bi men have sex with women. Lance Bass talked about having sex with a woman on Oprah. And Ricky Martin says he has been intimate with women. Then there's former New Jersey Governor McGreevey. And many others.

by Jake G.reply 5006/01/2012

It was reported today that he is dating his ex girlfriend's best friend. They have been seen making out all over town. What an asshole.

by Jake G.reply 5106/01/2012

How is that different than thousands of other people who screw around in similar situations?

by Jake G.reply 5206/01/2012

R47, this happened in 2006, I think. Not 10 years, but you're right. I have mentioned it before on the DL, as I stated in my post. And I was just adding it to the discussion, as it seemed relevant. Feel free to ignore it.

Trust me, I have learned to RARELY post any dirt I might know about a celeb (which honestly isn't much anymore). DL just doesn't want to hear it, esp. if it doesn't gel with the "everyone is gay" wishful thinking.

R49, she said he was average in terms of dick size, but very good in bed.

by Jake G.reply 5306/02/2012

Does he eat pussy, R53?

by Jake G.reply 5406/02/2012

He loves them so much because when things start getting boring or 'too real', he dumps them for a fresh new sparkly thang. He lives in a fantasy world where women are goddesses.

by Jake G.reply 5506/02/2012

I remember when he was on Piers Morgan last year, he and Piers kept on going on about how lucky Adam is too be with loads of beautiful women.

by Jake G.reply 5606/02/2012

i used to think he was cute...

by Jake G.reply 5709/08/2012

"“There’s two kinds of men. There are men who are f***ing misogynist pigs, and then there are men who just really love women, who think they’re the most amazing people in the world. And that’s me."

Which one? Both?

by Jake G.reply 5809/08/2012

[quote]And most gay men, having been in the closet, understand the epistemology of the closet.

*COUGH* Wanker! *COUGH*

Sorry, there must have been something in my throat.

by Jake G.reply 5909/08/2012

Whenever guys describe women as "amazing" you know they are about age 15 mentally. They quickly change girlfriends when the mist fades, and the "girls" (never "women") go from "amazing" to "bitches".

Remember Russell Brand's passive-aggressive posting of Katy Perry waking up disheveled? It screamed, "Waaah, why can't you be amazing in the mornings, too?!".

by Jake G.reply 6009/08/2012

r60 is drunk.

by Jake G.reply 6109/09/2012

The point is, Adam Levine can be bisexual I he wanted to.

by Jake G.reply 6209/09/2012

I thought Adam enjoyed kissing dudes more?

by Jake G.reply 6309/09/2012

his current model beard is scanky.......really fugly.

by Jake G.reply 6509/09/2012

I agree.

by Jake G.reply 6609/09/2012

No matter how arrogant and douchey he can come off as, I still so fucking would.

by Jake G.reply 6709/09/2012

This reminds of me of Kathy Lee Gifford who was constantly saying on air what a great marriage she had and everything is magical ,and then boom! Frank gets caught with another woman.

Another example, the Smiths, Will and Jada Smith saying how their marriage is so amazing on and on, yet there are tons of information out there that say otherwise ,and that Will is a big fairy.

When people are truly self confident in their sexuality, marriage, famliy life, etc. they don't have to go on and on to prove anything to anyone because they just live it!

Mick Jagger was interviewed once and he said publishers came to him offering him an enormous amount of money to reveal his sexual past in an autobiography. Mick said no way! he said he thought it was just completely tacky to tell everyone about his sexual affairs.

I once spoke to a friend of my famliy who is a counselor,and I asked him why do people go on and on about their sex lives or marriage and other things being so perfect. He said that is a neon sign of major insecurity.

by Jake G.reply 6809/09/2012

what better way to hide than to constantly be "dating" models and other celebrities....big publicity onhow straight he is and a big time lothario......he's selling it, do you buy it?

by Jake G.reply 6909/09/2012

Whenever he's been on CNN's Piers Morgan, Adam & Piers always talk about how many women Adam has been with.

by Jake G.reply 7009/09/2012

If Adam Levine is a straight womanizer, he is a piece of shit! He says he loves women ,yet according to him, loving women is synonymous with being a womanizer? So using women for sexual gratification is a guy who loves women? He sounds like such a lunatic slime ball ,and he doesn't sound all that bright either. Hey Adam that is called Lusting after women! dumass! bedding women and then dumping them moving on to the next one that comes along is a man who is definitely is one of various examples of being a misogynist. A guy who appreciates women being his intellectual equal ,and who respects women as human beings not as human sex toys is a guy who loves women!

I think his statement is actually embarrassing.

by Jake G.reply 7109/09/2012

R70, I saw one of those interviews and after a way I changed the channel because it is so ridiculous to the point of total absurdity. He was on Chelsea Lately show and he said the same thing! Who cares about who the guy is screwing over and over again. Something is truly wrong with him.

by Jake G.reply 7209/09/2012

Did he say anything particular on Chelsea Lately?

by Jake G.reply 7309/09/2012

He said was going on about how his girlfriend at the time, Annie, is so hot and he was going on and on about her to the point the guy needed a cold show.

by Jake G.reply 7409/09/2012

There's probably more indecision about Adam Levine than anyone else we inspect this thoroughly. My own conclusion is that while he is very appealing (to me anyway,) and clangs like Notre Dame on Easter Sunday and would make a fabulous homosexual, he just isn't gay.

by Jake G.reply 7509/09/2012

Remember the time Adam got very protective of Jake Gyllenhaal when someone said Jake was gay?

by Jake G.reply 7609/09/2012

[quote]When people are truly self confident in their sexuality, marriage, famliy life, etc. they don't have to go on and on to prove anything to anyone because they just live it!

There are lots and lots of actors/actresses and musicians for whom sexuality doesn't come up often or ever because they just do not bang on and on about it to the point where they start placing question marks over their own heads.

Why Levine feels it necessary to weave it into every conversation and come off as a fratboy I have no idea.

Maybe he's scared of aging, or being irrelevant, maybe he is hiding that, as an older man, he is bi or gay because you know, gay bro and we can't have TWO of them (OMG!). Well actually we can but maybe he feels the need to hide that?

I dunno, he seems really weird to me, like a teenager who thinks people are actually interested in his sex life. If all that defines you is your libido with women or whatever then it's a pretty poor waste of a life imo.

by Jake G.reply 7709/09/2012

[quote]Remember the time Adam got very protective of Jake Gyllenhaal when someone said Jake was gay?

I surely do and I'd bet the cheque was 'in the post' faster than Usain Bolt out of the blocks.

by Jake G.reply 7809/09/2012

[quote]Epistemology? Wtf does a woman giving birth getting surgically cut from her V to her A have to do with being in the closet?

e·pis·te·mol·o·gy ( -p s t -m l -j ). n. The branch of philosophy that studies the nature of knowledge, its presuppositions and foundations, and its extent and validity.

"Epistemology of the Closet" is the title of one of the key texts of queer theory and critical theory, written by Eve Kosofsky-Sedgwick.

by Jake G.reply 7909/09/2012

of course he is Jew friendly,silly! he is Jewish for chrissake!

by Jake G.reply 8011/18/2012

[quote]And most gay men, having been in the closet, understand the epistemology of the closet.


[quote]Wtf does a woman giving birth getting surgically cut from her V to her A have to do with being in the closet?

Oh, god. I'm dying laughing. I can't believe no one caught this until R79. And to add, it's an episiotomy and the woman isn't cut to her anus.

e·pi·si·ot·o·my   /əˌpiziˈɒtəmi, ˌɛpəsaɪ-/ Show Spelled[uh-pee-zee-ot-uh-mee, ep-uh-sahy-]

noun, plural e·pi·si·ot·o·mies. Obstretrics, Surgery .

an incision into the perineum and vagina to allow sufficient clearance for birth.


by Jake G.reply 8111/18/2012

R80 despite his name, Levine claims he's not jewish. I can tell you most jews upon seeing his name would have assumed he was jewish though lol

Anyway I find him really annoying. In addition to having a weak ass voice and being a sucky live performer (he has so many pitch problems) I never found him sexy. His face is sometimes on the good looking side but his body is totally average and he always looks like he needs to shower. I would never hit it if I had the chance.

by Jake G.reply 8211/18/2012

I would hit on him anytime, any day. He is hot, sexy and closeted.

by Jake G.reply 8311/18/2012

His brother is gay and in 2002 posted on a gay escort sight. He lived in NYC then and would hustle outside Bdway theatres. I know several who hired him.

by Jake G.reply 8411/18/2012

I don't find him hot or sexy...and I don't get gay vibes from him. I think he's better looking than an average guy but not gorgeous and his body ain't hot.

by Jake G.reply 8511/18/2012

Not Jewish? I used to know the family. I am certain that his brother Michael was raised in the Jewish faith. Pretty sure his dad is Jewish. Adam may have chosen a different path, but as I remember the family was Jewish. Does it make a difference?

by Jake G.reply 8611/18/2012

I know an actress who dated Adam before he achieved fame. She has never said much except that he didn't have much to offer. I took that as meaning his size. I agree that the way this article reads, Adam seems to be over compensating for a lack of something.

by Jake G.reply 8711/18/2012

Adam Levine is of Jewish ancestry, practicing or not.

by Jake G.reply 8811/18/2012

so many hot gay brothers!

by Jake G.reply 8911/18/2012

He has tweeted about being Jewish. He may be a non-practicing Jew, but he is Jewish. He is just fine.

by Jake G.reply 9011/18/2012

I wanna be your BOYfriend

by Jake G.reply 9112/27/2012

I dunno about gay vibes but I get camp vibes coming off if him lots of the time.

Is he still wittering on about his sex life?

by Jake G.reply 9206/27/2013

He was knowingly camp in the Jagger video in homage to Mick. We know Mick is straight anyway.

by Jake G.reply 9306/27/2013

sure, R93

by Jake G.reply 9406/27/2013

I never understood the hype about him - he looks like he has golf balls in his cheekbones, his eyes are beady, and he's got NO ass.

by Jake G.reply 9506/27/2013

I will tell you one thing - that bitch can nose dive into a BOWL of coke and keep on singing. Truly a sight to see.

by Jake G.reply 9606/27/2013

Even if he is straight, he's still a huge queen.

by Jake G.reply 9706/27/2013

Definitely not totally gay, if he is at all. He's had sex with at least one "town tramp" of the entertainment world, whose identity you can guess at if you wish, whose mutual friends I associate with. Knowing this, I would never be able to believe he's a closeted homosexual.

And straight men NEVER stupidly rave about how much they "love women"? Really?! Plenty of them do, in positive correlation to level of arrogance and entitlement.

by Jake G.reply 9806/27/2013

Trying too hard.

by Jake G.reply 9906/27/2013

Jessica Simpson r98?

by Jake G.reply 10006/27/2013

sorry, don't kid yourselves, he has had male sex and likes it. Betcha.

by Jake G.reply 10106/27/2013

R100- No, but good guess.

by Jake G.reply 10207/01/2013

Lohan, R98??

by Jake G.reply 10308/01/2013
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