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Breaking news: Travolta's Twisted Double Life Exposed

More than 100 men, claims attorney.

Kelly storms out.

Plus a round-up of Hollywood men he wanted and had.

Read all about it, at a supermarket, drug store or gas station near you

by Via National Enquirerreply 58210/26/2012

Wowzers it's on now!

by Via National Enquirerreply 105/21/2012

house of cards crashing down/

by Via National Enquirerreply 205/21/2012

Wow, game on, bitch

by Via National Enquirerreply 305/21/2012

Wait! Hold on! The Bachelorette is rigged!?!

by Via National Enquirerreply 405/21/2012

Wait! Hold on! Rihanna has liver damage???

by Via National Enquirerreply 505/21/2012



by Via National Enquirerreply 605/21/2012

Who did he want and who did he have? Was Randolph's book suppose to expose that? I would say if he wanted Christopher Reeves, he had him.

by Via National Enquirerreply 705/21/2012

Ok, we'll toss Travolta to the ravenous horde.

That should keep them from getting to Tommy.

by Via National Enquirerreply 805/21/2012

Not that a lot of this isn't true, but this is fueled by Scientology plants.

John is being fair-gamed by David Miscaviage and his $cieno goons.

by Via National Enquirerreply 905/21/2012

I am shitting my wrestling singlet in fear.

by Via National Enquirerreply 1005/21/2012

It's the Enquirer. No one will believe it even if it's true.

by Via National Enquirerreply 1105/21/2012

Travolta was always misbehaving...he wasn't a good boy, like Tom...or Will.

by Via National Enquirerreply 1205/21/2012

I suppose R8 that dear old Tom is getting away with stuff because he isn't as blatant as JT.

by Via National Enquirerreply 1305/21/2012

Meanwhile, there is a strong rumour is that Tom and Katie have quietly separated. Contract fulfilled?

by Via National Enquirerreply 1405/21/2012

Oh God, and I called him my friend.

by Via National Enquirerreply 1505/21/2012

Has his wife stormed (or even just moved) out, or not? That should be easy enough to prove.

by Via National Enquirerreply 1605/21/2012

R11 = Marty Singer

Let us all say prayers to the Lord Jesus on high for poor, hoodwinked Kelly Preston. Bless her heart!

After all these years, in innocent naivety, thinking she had the perfect, heterosexual marriage, to be shocked by the startling, unexpected news that her hubby is a homo and her marriage is a sham.

I'm crying as I type for her . . .

by Via National Enquirerreply 1705/21/2012

The front page of the Enquirer is always misleading.

Does it state who he actually had sex with??

by Via National Enquirerreply 1805/21/2012

r11: sad to say but the Enquirer is one of the few sources of investigative journalism left in the US. An article like that is written to stand up in a court of law.

by Via National Enquirerreply 1905/21/2012

R19 is exactly right. The Enquirer doesn't mess around.

by Via National Enquirerreply 2005/21/2012

While he has certainly been having sex with men for decades, and a lot of it very indescrete- none of this is news to the Hollywood community and I am sure, Kelly as well. Come on. This is the Enquirer gang.

If Kelly is playing the I never knew card- perhaps that is because now there are too many coming forward at once. But I'm betting the story of her knowing and walking out is so so much BS.

by Via National Enquirerreply 2105/21/2012

They broke the John Edwards story.

by Via National Enquirerreply 2205/21/2012

[quote]An article like that is written to stand up in a court of law.


[quote]sad to say but the Enquirer is one of the few sources of investigative journalism left in the US.

Not true.

by Via National Enquirerreply 2305/21/2012

When are people like r11 going to stop dismissing the tabloids when there are so many instances of them getting the scoop?

Tiger Woods, John Edwards, Liberace, come to mind without even trying.

Plus, never mind what the tabloids actually print; hell,I'd love to read what they don't publish because they've they've been bought off not to.

I LOVE this scandal. Too bad Travolta just doesn't come clean about the whole house of cards.

by Via National Enquirerreply 2405/21/2012

Gawd, when I saw "twisted double life" I thought he'd been caught with a woman.

by Via National Enquirerreply 2505/21/2012

R11 = John Edwards

by Via National Enquirerreply 2605/21/2012

So, did Travolta get Richard Gere?

by Via National Enquirerreply 2705/21/2012

I'd rather watch T0M CRUIZE crash and burn!!!

by Via National Enquirerreply 2805/21/2012

Travolta suicide in 3...2...

by Via National Enquirerreply 2905/21/2012

I was thinking the same thing, R29.

by Via National Enquirerreply 3005/21/2012

R9 is correct. He wanted out of Scientology and they're going to make an example of him.

by Via National Enquirerreply 3105/21/2012

People always say "oh, it is in the Enquirer", yet the Enquirer always turns out to be factual. They were the first ones to blow the whistle on John Edwards and people (including Edwards) were dismissing it as crap! I also recall they were the ones who caught Frank Gifford with his hands in the cookie jar, LOL!

by Via National Enquirerreply 3205/21/2012

This has COS written all over it. My guess is that he and Kelly wanted out. All of this has been common knowledge for years, yet they choose now to stop protecting and deflecting for Travolta.

And if Kelly's smart, she'll start toeing the line before they out her.

And Will Smith can only be called discrete if screwing high-priced rent boys instead of propositioning masseurs makes one discrete.

Matter of fact, I guess it does. . .

by Via National Enquirerreply 3305/21/2012

Now it's time for The Enquirer to take on Tammy Cruise.

by Via National Enquirerreply 3405/21/2012

If John would just come clean about Scientology and out Tom Cruise and a few would be a win for him...except Tom's agent and attorney would arrange for John to crash in one of his Jets.

by Via National Enquirerreply 3505/21/2012

Exactly ppaying a pro is fine...maybe John is simply cheap?

by Via National Enquirerreply 3605/21/2012

The thing is, when you read the article, it's never the same as the cover.

by Via National Enquirerreply 3705/21/2012

For every accurate story in the Inquirer there are 10 that are not.

by Via National Enquirerreply 3805/21/2012

Eldergay here. I remember when Sly Stallone out JT as a flammer while making Stayin Alive.

by Via National Enquirerreply 3905/21/2012

Kelly will be announcing her suprise, miracle pregnancy any day now. She's a hardcore Scientologist and she's not going without a fight.

by Via National Enquirerreply 4005/21/2012

A better heading should be: Travolta's Twisted Double Life Exposed 2012

Two years from now, nothing will have changed but we'll see: Travolta's Twisted Double Life Exposed 2014

by Via National Enquirerreply 4105/21/2012

[quote]One of Hubbard's solutions to homosexuality was quarantine; the other was counseling with the goal of raising the individual's rating above 1.1:

[quote]The only answers would seem to be the permanent quarantine of such persons from society to avoid the contagion of their insanities and the general turbulence which they bring to any order, thus forcing it lower on the scale, or processing such persons until they have attained a level on the tone scale which gives them value.

Looks like homosexual Travolta needs to be quarantined and counseled.

by Via National Enquirerreply 4205/21/2012


Next week's headline.

by Via National Enquirerreply 4305/21/2012

Scientology rocks!

by Via National Enquirerreply 4405/21/2012

Katie must be observing this house of cards with the keenest interest. I suppose her lawyer dad has copies of the 'marriage contract.'

by Via National Enquirerreply 4505/21/2012

The Enquirer frequently DOES get it right because it pays people for info. And when it breaks a story, watch how fast the MSM latches on to it.

"Gossip is just news running ahead of itself in a red satin dress." - Liz Smith

by Via National Enquirerreply 4605/21/2012

If it's in The Enquirer it must be true.

by Via National Enquirerreply 4705/21/2012

Are you trying to tell me that Tammy spitting in my hole wasn't an act of contempt? He isn't well hung, I thought it was his finger. That's an old wrestling move.

by Via National Enquirerreply 4805/21/2012

[quote]My guess is that he and Kelly wanted out. All of this has been common knowledge for years, yet they choose now to stop protecting and deflecting for Travolta.

[quote]And if Kelly's smart, she'll start toeing the line before they out her.

She already did, or at least tried to. A few months after the baby as born, she gave People an interview and posed for photos. I think John was there, but stayed in the background. She mentioned Scientology and its child rearing practices as being a great help for a new baby, blah, blah, blah. I remember being somewhat surprised by this since the chatter on DL was that they wanted to leave the Clams after Jet's death. Maybe they didn't try hard enough...

by Via National Enquirerreply 4905/21/2012


by Via National Enquirerreply 5005/21/2012

[quote]Now it's time for The Enquirer to take on Tammy Cruise.

I suspect that COS damn near wrote the article for them. In return the Enquirer promised to not go after Tom and/or whoever else Scientology is still interested in protecting.

In fact, watch for a cover on Tom cheating with a hot young cheerleader, or some equally heterosexual bullshit, in the weeks to come just to reinforce his raging heterosexuality.

If it's true that Tom and Katie have separated, that might already act one in the little drama.

by Via National Enquirerreply 5105/21/2012

So true, r11!

by Via National Enquirerreply 5205/21/2012

I have no trouble believing the absolute worst of Scientology, but, wouldn't this revelation reflect badly on them, too??

Or will they spin it that Kelly had NO idea, she's devastated, Travolta has fallen from his chosen religion, etc...?

by Via National Enquirerreply 5305/21/2012

John has sworn he never swallowed and therefore it wasn't sex. In virtually every case of John sucking another man's cock, John was simply engaging in CPR in such a way as not having to put his lips on another man's mouth.

by Via National Enquirerreply 5405/21/2012

I'm wondering what John did to piss the COS off so badly that they're not helping him out.

by Via National Enquirerreply 5505/21/2012




by Via National Enquirerreply 5605/21/2012

Has Ellen Travolta issued a statement yet?

by Via National Enquirerreply 5705/21/2012

[quote]It's the Enquirer. No one will believe it even if it's true.

That's no longer accurate.

They've broken some big stories.

They have enough on the record to make this stick.

by Via National Enquirerreply 5805/21/2012

I don't believe gossip unless I read it on the cover of the Enquirer. The sleazy tawdry matters they report on are great reading in the bathroom and on occasion in the checkout line. That's why I love long lines at the grocery store. It always takes me forever to find the story I want, but in a long line, who cares?

The Enquirer has its shit together and they would be out of business if they didn't.

by Via National Enquirerreply 5905/21/2012

The Enquirer keeps copious files on stories they never run; I'm sure they have the names and photos of Travolta's sailors and ports back to his Kotter days.

by Via National Enquirerreply 6005/21/2012

Has anyone heard from Justin Bieber on this?

by Via National Enquirerreply 6105/21/2012

The [italic]Enquirer[/italic] has top-notch fact-checking and legal vetting, as implausible as that sounds.

by Via National Enquirerreply 6205/21/2012

The Enquirer has been successfully sued a number of times, so now they fact check like crazy and make sure they have the goods to back up a story. I'm not saying they're not trashy, but they don't just throw another "Jennifer Aniston is pregnant with twins" story on the cover every other week.

by Via National Enquirerreply 6305/21/2012

As I said the stories are never as sorted, as the covers imply.

by Via National Enquirerreply 6405/21/2012

I didn't know about this:

[quote]On January 19, 2010, the Pulitzer Prize Board announced that the Enquirer is eligible for consideration for the Pulitzer Prize in the categories of Investigative Journalism and National News Reporting

Here's the Noted Stories and Lawsuits section from Wiki. Looks like they haven't paid out a whole lot.

by Via National Enquirerreply 6505/21/2012

Check THIS out!!

by Via National Enquirerreply 6605/21/2012

R64, try "sordid" and without the comma.

by Via National Enquirerreply 6705/21/2012

[quote]As I said the stories are never as sorted, as the covers imply.

While you may have said it, please don't say it again. We prefer that you comment on sordid stories instead.

by Via National Enquirerreply 6805/21/2012

I sort my whites and darks for the laundry. Does that make me a gay?

by Via National Enquirerreply 6905/21/2012

John tried to give Jeff Conawsy a blw job while he was sleeping. According to Jeff's wife. .. I'd love to have seen that!!

by Via National Enquirerreply 7005/21/2012

Breaking News: I saw Stockard Channing at Trader Joe's once and she did NOT offer to give me oral.

by Via National Enquirerreply 7105/21/2012

"discrete" means a measurable unit of something "discreet" means being careful and hiding

thank you for your time

by Via National Enquirerreply 7205/21/2012

Sounds like the top is about to blow.

by Via National Enquirerreply 7305/21/2012

[quote] "discrete" means a measurable unit of something "discreet" means being careful and hiding

That's a technical definition of 'discrete'. The common definition of 'discrete' is something separate or distinct.

by Via National Enquirerreply 7405/21/2012

[quote] Oh God, and I called him my friend. by: Oprah

Please, bitch. When I was on top, you couldn't wait to get your fat ass on that couch to interview me.

And at least I don't "OWN" a failed network that's bleeding millions in cash, by the day. Talk about a LOSER!

by Via National Enquirerreply 7505/21/2012

Do you really think it matters to John Travolta at this point in his life if he's outed? He's had a great ride careerwise, he's loved and respected by many in the field. I'm sure he has a close core group of friends, plus he comes from a good family, no?

If anything, this might give him a sigh of relief. He can get away from Co$ and live a real life. I wish the best for him. I really do. I just hope if co$ is outing him it will end there and they'll leave him alone.

Finally, I wish he'd write a tell all book! Not in a gossipy way, but to share his perspective on co$.

by Via National Enquirerreply 7605/21/2012

[quote]I'm sure he has a close core group of friends, plus he comes from a good family, no?

I don't know about Travolta, but it's very hard for other Scientologists to leave because their families and all thier friends are in the cult. Families may be threatened if they leave and former Scienos get harrassed (read the New Yorker story about Paul Haggis). Many have cut off contact with families and old friends because the cult considers them "suppressive persons." And God knows what kind of dirt they have on him from his auditing sessions.

by Via National Enquirerreply 7705/21/2012

Hasn't it been rumored that John and Tom don't get along at all? I thought I read that here once.

Kirstie Alley is stepping in to save the Travolta's marriage.

by Via National Enquirerreply 7805/21/2012

It's true that Travlta is loved and respected by many in the industry. Apparently he's a very nice guy (when he's not harrassing the help into having sex with him)

by Via National Enquirerreply 7905/21/2012

Oh, no! This is not going to end well.

by Via National Enquirerreply 8005/21/2012

Stallone was another mostly straight guy Travolta wanted and had.

The only way Travolta is going to save himself and his reputation is by finally growing some balls, leaving his wife and publically coming out against Scientology saying they closeted him and made him hate himself etc. Everyone hates Scientology and thinks its weird cult religion, pushing the whole blame on them is the only way he'll recover.

by Via National Enquirerreply 8105/21/2012

He is popular but the people who work for him have not all been impressed. He acts like there are two class and he can be very rude to the help.

by Via National Enquirerreply 8205/21/2012

Mr. Travolta is the 2nd straightest man in Hollywood....after moi of course.

by Via National Enquirerreply 8305/21/2012

R39 If I remember right Stallone said Travolta was coming out of the closet on a rocket sled.

by Via National Enquirerreply 8405/21/2012

He fucked my titties. At 2:33:12am Saturday, August 23rd, 1982.

by Via National Enquirerreply 8505/21/2012

The 6 men on the cover listed as John's lovers are:

Jeff Conaway

George Michael

Richard Gere

Christopher Reeve

Robert Lynch

John Savage

by Via National Enquirerreply 8605/21/2012

I have trouble imagining Richard Gere getting stiff for Travolta, but obviously Christopher Reeve wouldn't have that problem.

by Via National Enquirerreply 8705/21/2012

I think Reeve for sure but who else? I doubt if they will reveal anyone he had a fling with.

by Via National Enquirerreply 8805/21/2012

Isn't Robert Urich there too, R86?

by Via National Enquirerreply 8905/21/2012

If he handles this the right way, he'll survive. It's going to take a hell of a lot of courage, but he'll be on the right side of history if he fesses up, says, "All right, this is who I am," apologizes for the sexual harassment, but refuses to apologize for being a beautiful gay man.

by Via National Enquirerreply 9005/21/2012

I'll be realy aggrivated in the Entertainment TV Shows ignore this.

by Via National Enquirerreply 9105/21/2012

R85 - W&W!!!

by Via National Enquirerreply 9205/21/2012


by Via National Enquirerreply 9305/21/2012

I doubt that Travolta has the balls to come out.

Unless he takes the Ken Mehlman approach, "I didn't realize I was gay until last week".

by Via National Enquirerreply 9405/21/2012

R74, there's more nuance than actual difference between those two definitions.

by Via National Enquirerreply 9505/21/2012

He had better scheduael an episode of 60 minutes and get this shit off his chest. Scientology needs to be outed.

by Via National Enquirerreply 9605/21/2012

I guess scientology didn't cure the gay. I think Travolta and all the other people who went to them to cure their homosexuality should sue for their money back.

by Via National Enquirerreply 9705/21/2012

It's in the Enquirer. So was John Edwards affair. Oh, people will believe it.

by Via National Enquirerreply 9805/21/2012

If he did have Richard Gere, that would explain that ridiculous 'WE'RE NOT GAY' full-page advertisement he put in the paper when he was married to Crawford.

The two of them should have been lambasted for that homophobic act, but he got a pass on it for some reason. Rich elites are so tolerant.

by Via National Enquirerreply 9905/21/2012

Kelly Code Red! Get the children dressed and get my Streisand albums! Time for another video!

by Via National Enquirerreply 10005/21/2012

Damn! Travolta is a manwhore. I bet he even sucked Bea Arthur's cock.

by Via National Enquirerreply 10105/21/2012

R98, it's one factor among many. It's happening as part of an increasing series of events that point towards Travolta being gay. I was just on YouTube watching some news stories about this, and many of the comments by viewers demonstrate people think Travolta is gay.

It's getting harder and harder for him to hide - even from conservative women who haven't wanted to believe he is gay.

by Via National Enquirerreply 10205/21/2012

ET is ignoring it.

by Via National Enquirerreply 10305/21/2012

I agree that he doesn't have the balls to come out.

He doesn't have the intelligence to blame it on the cult.

by Via National Enquirerreply 10405/21/2012

If other news sources don't pick this up, no one will pay attention to it.

by Via National Enquirerreply 10505/21/2012

Even Ted Casablancas refuses to out Travolta.

by Via National Enquirerreply 10605/21/2012

Travolta & Christopher Reeve? Was Reeve thought to be gay?

by Via National Enquirerreply 10705/21/2012

ROFL r94.

r195 even my aging dad asked me if he's homo b/c he happened to see a mention of the scandal on tv.

by Via National Enquirerreply 10805/21/2012

I believe he was.

by Via National Enquirerreply 10905/21/2012

There have been rumors here for years, R107, yes.

by Via National Enquirerreply 11005/21/2012

"The Enquirer doesn't mess around."

Please. Yes, they have printed true stories but they have also printed bullshit.

Not everything they write is true.

"yet the Enquirer always turns out to be factual."


by Via National Enquirerreply 11105/21/2012

"Even Ted Casablancas refuses to out Travolta."

He has written MANY not-so-blind items about Revolta.

by Via National Enquirerreply 11205/21/2012

After Carol Burnett sued the Enquirer and won good money because their story was made up, they've been very strict about not printing anything that could get them sued again and having documentation to back up all their claims.

by Via National Enquirerreply 11305/21/2012

Blind Vice: Be Careful What Makes You Famous

Gosh, last time we checked in on Seymour Plow-Me-More, he had not a care in the world—other than how to nab his latest gay conquest.

Gotta admit, I've always liked that about Seymour—he's like a little kid. He just wants his boy-toys, lots of cookies, his home life with the fake wife and his that order. He's never really pretended otherwise, unlike so many other grasping, closeted gay stars in this town.

Until now.

Recently, Seymour had an unfortunate incident in his life go down, and it rocked him to his very still-handsome core. So much so, that Mr. Plow-Me-More has taken drastic measures:

Seymour found himself more than a bit put out by this nasty occurrence in his life; he decided it was time to break free from the organization that was most instrumental in his creative zenith and career.

S.P. realized, post-hard knocks, that life's just too damn short to put up with folks who are trying to micromind your every move, which is what Seymour decided the organization was doing, and most offensively, too.

But get this: The outfit that helped create Mr. P as one of Hollywood's biggest stars wasn't havin' it.

No way were they at all agreeable to the notion of releasing Plow-Me-More from their Big-Brother-type biz ways, and that's the reason they brought out "the files."

And Seymour knew exactly what this meant.

Message received loud and clear: If Seymour proceeded with his plan to bolt, his former minders would see to it that every media organization within its reach would be enjoying the contents the Seymour Plow-Me-More dossier of debauched gay behavior (is there any other kind, in stupid America's mind?).

Now, keep in mind, these questionably gathered documents on Seymour are as impressively detailed as they are extensive. Pretty damn daunting, all put together. Which is exactly why Seymour has changed his mind—for now.

I dare say he'll revert back to his original desire, which is to ditch the goons who keep watch over him and break free.

But when?

Before Toothy Tile comes out, I guarantee you that.

And it ain't: Brendan Fraser, David Beckham, Barack Obama

by Via National Enquirerreply 11405/21/2012

"Okay, enough of the hetero, scatological Vices, time for some good ol’-fashioned homo rump-rangin’ activities for an (old) change! After all, when we got that smelly heap o’ emails from folks complaining about the last few stinky-poo Vices—who knew straight people could have such daring fun with excrement?—did you all think we’d actually not return to our well-stacked library of running scared, extremely horny, closeted Hollywood actors? Please. So, here we are with Seymour Plow-Me-More, multitalented star and performer, both in and out of the bedroom, where he assumes an amazing array of positions, possibilities and partners. But to be fair, when Sey-babe cheats on his hardly naive honey (whose quasi-attractive face seems to harden with each new trick SPMM picks up), it’s usually with good-lookin’ dudes. In fact, it always is. Take this last time, for ince. Academy Award-nominated Seymour was visiting one of Hell-Ay’s myriad spas, which are to Los Angeles what Greek coffee shops are to Manhattan. This time, for Plow-Me-More’s man-hunting mission, he’d chosen one of Hell-Ay’s more outta the way steam-room joints, toward downtown, thinking nobody would recognize him. Are these celebs on crack? Do they really think incognito only kicks in south of Wilshire? Seymour cornered his latest beefy selection, took off his own towel (still impressive equipment, must say, even though what’s holding it all together hardly is), and asked for what Seymour usually requests his partners to do to him—i.e., get his oversize bum diddled.

The boy—he was almost a boy—declined Mr. Plow-Me-More’s gracious offer and suggested to fellate the movie star instead, a lovely idea that was accepted and received, by the by. You see, said nooky provider tells us he thought it would be “a bit much” to be corn-holed by Seymour Plow-Me-More in a public steam room. As if a blow job is nothing more than a simple shaking of hands. Well, in sex-for-everything Hell-Ay, s'pose it is."

by Via National Enquirerreply 11505/21/2012

Is R115 from today or is this a leftover from the last time Johnny was outed?

by Via National Enquirerreply 11605/21/2012

Brendan Frazier is always on the downlow, never in trouble.

The thing is Travolta has two films coming out and one film in the works.

by Via National Enquirerreply 11705/21/2012

[quote] his very still-handsome core

Well, that obviously lets Travolta off the hook.

by Via National Enquirerreply 11805/21/2012

The straights are upset over at John's IMDB board.

by Via National Enquirerreply 11905/21/2012

Has Travolta become more indiscreet since his son died? Was that about five years ago? He's was always a whore, but did he start getting careless at some point as part of some self-destructiveness or guilt stemming from Jet's death?

by Via National Enquirerreply 12005/21/2012

Years ago one of the tabloids printed a blind item about two big name male stars who had an affair.

Many people here were guessing it was about Richard Gere and John Travolta...

by Via National Enquirerreply 12105/21/2012

He's always been careless, R120, but the scienos had an extensive cover-up network for him.

by Via National Enquirerreply 12205/21/2012

Losing a child is possibly the most devastating thing that can happen to a person. I think he also held CO$ responsible in part for what happened to his son. He's gone off the rails, using sex and the hunt for sex to forget.

I also think he's come to the conclusion that CO$ is bullshit and life is too short. I think he's on the edge. He could be suicidal but I don't think so. I think he's just going to let the chips fall and he's out.

by Via National Enquirerreply 12305/21/2012

This big guy is one of John's accusers - John Truesdale

by Via National Enquirerreply 12405/21/2012

"The straights are upset over at John's IMDB board."

How are the imdb fangurls taking this? Last time I was at his imdb page (this was around the time the Enquirer did the story about the Randolph book) there were tons of fangurls saying that the gay rumors were lies. They also took Carrie Fisher to task for saying that Travolta is gay.

by Via National Enquirerreply 12505/21/2012

"The straights are upset over at John's IMDB board."

Yes, there's a thread entitled 'homosexuality' & it's had 124 responses. You don't need much imagination to know what the posts are saying. God those people are boring. They NEVER tire of their discussions about 'homosexuality', do they?

I won't link.

by Via National Enquirerreply 12605/21/2012

This will end up with Tom Cruise getting outed. You just watch!

by Via National Enquirerreply 12705/21/2012

Here is an old BI I found at the blind item website:

STAR MAGAZINE...02/24/98

This he-man actor loves to get long massages at the fanciest his and hers spa in L.A., but he acts like he's visiting a seedy massage parlor on Hollywood Blvd. Massage workers dread his visits. He makes a big deal of strutting around the locker room nude to show off his macho body. He claims to be straight, but requests only the cutest, youngest masseurs. On the table, he can be heard moaning and groaning through the thin walls, embarrassing everyone in earshot. Straight masseurs are offended by his overt seduction attempts. All the staffers dread his visits but are too intimidated to squeal on him!

by Via National Enquirerreply 12805/21/2012

Wasn't there a rumor of Travolta trying to leave the cult before Jett's death? As in, suspiciously soon before? Also, wasn't the son found by a younger, attractive 'assistant'? I don't remember exactly, but this could be true.

by Via National Enquirerreply 12905/21/2012

[quote]There have been rumors here for years

OK -- but was Christopher Reeve thought to be gay anywhere other than DL?

by Via National Enquirerreply 13005/21/2012

Another old BI:

STAR MAGAZINE...3/10/1998

This movie hero appears to be a loving husband and father in the Disney tradition, but when he's on location or the family's away, it's another story. He heads for the male bathhouses to seek out anonymous sex. Despite his famous face he hungrily prowls - eyeing every guy in the place. He likes fast uncommitted sex with all types, all colors. One week he was seen four nights in a row cavorting in the steam room. He's the talk of the gay community and if anyone spills the beans his career will be shattered

by Via National Enquirerreply 13105/21/2012

[quote]was Christopher Reeve thought to be gay anywhere other than DL?

I heard it at Fort Harrison, IN, when the first Superman film came out. That was before DL was invented.

by Via National Enquirerreply 13205/21/2012

"As it turns out, Scientology is just scamming homosexuals when it promises to turn them straight. Frankly, this makes them sound more like a real religion than anything else they've ever done!"

-- Mrs. Betty Bowers on Facebook

by Via National Enquirerreply 13305/21/2012

I'm shocked my this information! Shocked!

Only a hundred men? Shocking!

by Via National Enquirerreply 13405/21/2012

I love the list of Hollywood men. "Who he wanted - Who he had!"

by Via National Enquirerreply 13505/21/2012

Here's another of Ted C.'s blind items about Revolta.

(See...Ted does have good gossip! He just buries it in blind items.)

by Via National Enquirerreply 13605/21/2012

R131, is that supposed to be about Travolta or Reeve? Sounds like it could refer to either (or both).

by Via National Enquirerreply 13705/21/2012

no r69, it makes you a segregationist.

by Via National Enquirerreply 13805/21/2012

He's never been discreet. I've known for twenty five years, since my friend's partner worked at a five star hotel in NY where Travolta would come in late with a different guy every night.

by Via National Enquirerreply 13905/21/2012

What's the poop on John Savage?

by Via National Enquirerreply 14005/21/2012


by Via National Enquirerreply 14105/21/2012

I predict another shoe about to drop.

After reading this thread, even if only half of it is true, there's no way he's made it through 30+ years of antics without a soliciting arrest, some incriminating photos or a sex tape, or a police report about a trick gone wrong. I don't know what it is, but I guarantee you someone as indiscreet as he's been doesn't make it this long unscathed.

And let's not even contemplate the STD's he must have at this point.

by Via National Enquirerreply 14205/21/2012

"Only a hundred men? Shocking!"

What they probably mean is that he's slept with a hundred men so far this year!

by Via National Enquirerreply 14305/21/2012

"He's never been discreet. I've known for twenty five years, since my friend's partner worked at a five star hotel in NY where Travolta would come in late with a different guy every night"

Details, please!

by Via National Enquirerreply 14405/21/2012

Everyone is lying, and Travolta is telling the truth? That's rather hard to believe. I don't know about that.

Where's there's smoke...

by Via National Enquirerreply 14505/21/2012

Something doesn't make sense.....

There were NUMEROUS articles and entertainment shows in 2008 were Jeff Conway was SO happy to kick his severe drug habit thanks to John Travolta and Scientology. Travolta and Scientology basically saved his life.

Now Jeff Conway's former fiancée is claiming that he left a suicide note in 2006 claiming John Travolta tried to perform oral on him while he was asleep in the 1990's.


by Via National Enquirerreply 14605/21/2012

because he is mentally ill.

by Via National Enquirerreply 14705/21/2012

Damn, Travolta sounds like a real whore, R139. Actually, he sounds like a sex addict.

I fear that he has GOT to have numerous STD's, given that he has literally been with hundreds, if not thousands of men. That's fucking scary.

Doesn't Kelly worry about catching shit from him?

by Via National Enquirerreply 14805/21/2012

R 142

We've all seen one famous picture.

by Via National Enquirerreply 14905/21/2012

I think 99% of the accusations against Travolta are true, but I don't believe the Jeff Conaway stuff. Seriously, who would mention that in a suicide note?

by Via National Enquirerreply 15005/21/2012

Has Revolta's lawyer denied that John is gay? He has denied the specific charges but it doesn't seem like he has claimed that John is straight, which is kind of interesting...

by Via National Enquirerreply 15105/21/2012

R146, Conaway's girlfriend has never struck me as the soul of veracity. Not to say that nothing ever happened between those two men, but I wouldn't believe it just because she says so. As you point out, Conaway's own behavior after the supposed incident seems inconsistent with the woman's story.

by Via National Enquirerreply 15205/21/2012

Perhaps Conaway regretted stopping him.

by Via National Enquirerreply 15305/21/2012

Guess he wont be flying anymore frau trips for Oprah!

by Via National Enquirerreply 15405/21/2012

2.This actress, wife, and mother is pushing hard to maintain her fake marriage. She hasn’t spoken to her own mother in years. However, after some recent unfavorable publicity, she called up some relatives and asked them to provide a positive comment to one of the tabloids in support of her family.

They all said “No.” They just weren’t willing to lie for her.

Desperate, the actor called her own mother, to whom she hadn’t spoken in years.

Grandma initially said “No.” Mom offered up a wad of cash. Grandma said “Not enough. I want something else, too.”

Turns out that Grandma wants another grandchild and access to all the grandchildren (up until now, her bad relationship with her daughter precluded her from seeing the grandkids). Mom agreed, mainly because she is desperate to to keep up the charade of a happy family, and having pics of the Grands and the Grandkids together would actually make for some good photo ops.

No, we don’t know how the actress’ husband feels about all this. He’s the biggest liar of all, so he can’t exactly take a moral stand here. Frankly, we don’t know whether the actress will even tell him about all this. Yes, she’s sneaky that way. (Blind Gossip)

by Via National Enquirerreply 15505/21/2012

Who cares about the Conaway stuff, R150? Does it matter? There's plenty of other stuff to focus on here.

by Via National Enquirerreply 15605/21/2012

Here's a better photo of John kissing a man than the blurry one above:

by Via National Enquirerreply 15705/21/2012

[quote]Perhaps Conaway regretted stopping him.

Surprise oral is always fun.

by Via National Enquirerreply 15805/21/2012

Obviously that blind is about Kelly

"Yet another family member, Kelly's mom, Linda Carlson, seemed to be sticking to the same line that Kelly and John have been publicly pushing for years:

"Please don't believe the trash out there. It's such trash. Absolute rubbish," Linda tells Star. "They couldn't be happier. They're over the moon."

by Via National Enquirerreply 15905/21/2012

Travolta's lawyer has said all the accusers are lying but he hasn't made the "he is a loving straight family man" comment. Presumably that is very careful pr. If he lies and says travolta isn't gay, it is just going to trigger a deluge of comments and statements from everyone who ever tricked with him.

by Via National Enquirerreply 16005/21/2012

R 156 - It matters because both are linked to Scientology together.

Are the clams using Conway's former fiance against him?

by Via National Enquirerreply 16105/21/2012

Travolta never pursued a retraction from Carrie fisher. Or from for carrying the Robert randolph book.

by Via National Enquirerreply 16205/21/2012

r86, I think that's a list of who he wanted, maybe mixed with who he's had.

I'll read the article while at Duane Reade and let you know tomorrow.

by Via National Enquirerreply 16305/21/2012

Well, one of the tabloids printed photos of Travolta and some guy and a week later, Travolta married Preston. I definitely saw that and wasn't surprised to see the wedding pictures show up right after. His sister was even questioned about the photos on a talk show. She was vague.

by Via National Enquirerreply 16405/21/2012

Oh oh...

Did the Lounge get a letter Webmaster?

by Via National Enquirerreply 16505/21/2012

[R162]He couldn't ask for a retraction because the statement is true.

by Via National Enquirerreply 16605/21/2012

Site advisor for link at r164.

by Via National Enquirerreply 16705/21/2012

I've osted this before, but a mutual friend - a good-looking straight actor - was invited by John Travolta's business people for a meet and greet to discuss a role.

The meeting was at the $cieno Celebrity Centre. Friend was escorted to the roof, where a seductive and romantic dinner table was set - candles, flowers, wine. It was a date, and the staff of $cieno waiters all had to know it was a seduction. It was all enabled by the church.

My friend ate quickly and got out of there as fast as he could. Nothing happened and he never heard from Travolta's people again.

by Via National Enquirerreply 16805/21/2012

Has Michelle Stafford issued a statement yet?

by Via National Enquirerreply 16905/21/2012

Somebody has to accept these dates and actually sleep with him. I want to hear more about his successful seductions and less about the misfires.

by Via National Enquirerreply 17005/21/2012

If even half of this stuff is true, Travolta's got pretty much the saddest life I can imagine. Whatever he's done wrong, seems like he's more than paid for it by now. He's very talented too, so things could have been different for him, poor guy.

by Via National Enquirerreply 17105/21/2012

I'm having a hard time reconciling the image of a man who loved and cared so selflessly for a dying Diana Hyland with that of a gay sex addict. Something is not adding up. I wouldn't trust the Enquirer. Maybe we should get some facts before making accusations.

by Via National Enquirerreply 17205/21/2012

I wouwish he'd come out now with something like I am a Gay American.

What harm could come to him? And I bet everyone would still love him, maybe even more.

by Via National Enquirerreply 17305/21/2012

R173, what better beard than a moribund older woman, whom one could mourn for years without ever actually having to date a woman with whom one could forge a real, romantic relationship?

by Via National Enquirerreply 17405/21/2012

Diana Hyland's been dead since 1977, when Travolta was 23 years old.

I guess nothing could have changed in the ensuing 35 years, eh r173?

by Via National Enquirerreply 17505/21/2012

Why is that, r173? Can sex addicts not be caring and look after friends?

by Via National Enquirerreply 17605/21/2012

Such a sad tale of a nice man who enjoyed his good looks and is being framed by his religious cult.

by Via National Enquirerreply 17705/21/2012

"accusations?" r121?

Please tell me your attempting parody.

by Via National Enquirerreply 17805/21/2012

r173, I can. He's a primarily gay man who can get it up for women, started a bearding relationship with Hyland, who he grew to genuinely care for.

by Via National Enquirerreply 17905/21/2012

Ashton Kutcher is dating Rumer Willis.

by Via National Enquirerreply 18005/21/2012

Are you kidding about Ashton and Rumor?

by Via National Enquirerreply 18105/21/2012

He probably would have been a hot fuck when he was younger.

The one masseur did say he was good in bed and a good kisser...

by Via National Enquirerreply 18205/21/2012

John Travolta's hairy (and in desperate need of a bleaching) hole here.

Any questions?

by Via National Enquirerreply 18305/21/2012

Didn't the Andrews Sisters gang bang him?

by Via National Enquirerreply 18405/21/2012

Which Andrews sisters, R186? Julie and Dana?

by Via National Enquirerreply 18505/21/2012

From Party Animals, the Robert Hofler book about Alan Carr:

"In time, matching John Travolta up with a mate of the opposite sex turned into a cottage industry, and Allan together with a number of the actor's handlers paired the bachelor star with Kate Edwards, Marilu Henner, Priscilla Presley, Cher, Brooke Shields, and Allan's client Marisa Berenson."

by Via National Enquirerreply 18605/21/2012

Don't forget how they tried the hip, interracial thing with Chaka Khan.

by Via National Enquirerreply 18705/21/2012

Summer lovin, had me some ass!

by Via National Enquirerreply 18805/21/2012

Old commercial he did for band-aids in the 70s, before he hit it big. Think he liked getting in the shower with the other guys?

by Via National Enquirerreply 18905/21/2012

He's not gay, John has been happily married to Kelly Preston for years.

by Via National Enquirerreply 19005/21/2012

Is it wrong to fantasize that Travolta and Conaway could have had a hot, sexy affair back in the day?

by Via National Enquirerreply 19105/21/2012

[quote]They broke the John Edwards story.

Translations they put in every issue how someone is cheating on someone and if they do it enough times, eventually they get lucky.

by Via National Enquirerreply 19205/22/2012

Oh, right, R193, [bold][italic]we're[/italic][/bold] the ones that set him up to be sued by multiple masseurs with lurid details.

by Via National Enquirerreply 19405/22/2012


by Via National Enquirerreply 19505/22/2012

Robert Urich was gay? and had sex with Travolta?

by Via National Enquirerreply 19605/22/2012

I bet you anything the Scienos encouraged Travolta's bad behavior in order to have more stuff to blackmail him with.

by Via National Enquirerreply 19705/22/2012

I believe it says "People John Travolta wanted to have sex with and people he did."

Some of those guys are supposedly fantasies of Travolta.

by Via National Enquirerreply 19805/22/2012

r197 Totally!

by Via National Enquirerreply 19905/22/2012

Now Gloria Allred gets in this twisted double life expose!

by Via National Enquirerreply 20005/22/2012

A friend partied with JT a lot in the 80s. Did tons of drugs with him but never has sex with him but confirms JT is gay.

by Via National Enquirerreply 20105/22/2012

Why has his wife put up with this for so long? If she is a lesbian, wouldn't there be stories about her dating women?

by Via National Enquirerreply 20205/22/2012

Wasn't Robert Urich the "protege" of Burt Reynolds the same way Lee Majors was the "protege" of Rock Hudson? Wonder who mentored Travolta back in the day.

by Via National Enquirerreply 20305/22/2012

This is from 2006. I wonder if Travolta has sucked or jerked Gandolfini during the movies they've been in together. Gandolfini is into kinky sex.

by Via National Enquirerreply 20405/22/2012

[quote]Why has his wife put up with this for so long? If she is a lesbian, wouldn't there be stories about her dating women?

Don't you think she has "put up with this" because she signed a cult contract and gets paid very well for staying with him?

Unlike J.T., lesbians are not known for hanging out in baths and spas looking for sex.

by Via National Enquirerreply 20505/22/2012

[r204] What I got from that: Lainey is an idiot and something of a homophobe. She also forgot that Tony Soprano is a fictional character and that Gandolfini is a separate entity and lives in the real world, unlike Lainey.

by Via National Enquirerreply 20605/22/2012

Some woman prefer money way over sex and I'm very sure she could have had any number of boyfriends.

by Via National Enquirerreply 20705/22/2012

[quote]This is from 2006.

Yet, six years later, there are still people who are shocked at the revelations that have been in the press for several decades.

by Via National Enquirerreply 20805/22/2012

I am curious about Robert Urich...who really knows?

by Via National Enquirerreply 20905/22/2012

[quote]Some woman prefer money way over sex and I'm very sure she could have had any number of boyfriends.

Kelly Preston is an actor. In other words: an ambitious opportunist.

And with her talent and looks, nobody would still know who she is if she hadn't gone alone with the bearding marriage arranged by their cult.

by Via National Enquirerreply 21005/22/2012

Maybe poor Suri will tell her mommie something ain't right

by Via National Enquirerreply 21105/22/2012

[quote]She also forgot that Tony Soprano is a fictional character and that Gandolfini is a separate entity and lives in the real world,


by Via National Enquirerreply 21205/22/2012

All of these "beards" know EXACTLY what they are getting into from the get-go.....LMAO. Katie, Jilly, Kelly..the list would take forever and go back decades and decades of Hollywood's hiding their cock-loving-leading-men. HAH. You can also bet that they ALL had air-tight pre-nupts guaranteeing them big bucks for life if they swear to keep their pie-holes shut about their "hubbies". If you want to read a juicy, dirt-filled book try: "Behind The Screen: How Gays and Lesbians Shaped Hollywood 1910-1969" by William Mann(the same hottie who has that book about Babula coming out soon). I still think that Tom Selleck is cocksucker. Apparently when he was in Hawaii doing Magnum, a young hottie crashed a jeep that was registered to TS....who said the "boy" was the son of a woman he was dating then. PULEASE. Shortly after this, he married that dingbat Jilly Mack and had a daughter(artificial insemination anyone?) Both wife and daughter seem to have been kept in a cave most of the time. I don't think I have ever seen a photo of Melissa at all.

by Via National Enquirerreply 21305/22/2012

So Truesdale is married, it might be why he wasn't into Travolta. It probably made the guy mad, having someone hit on him. As if every Massage therapist is into sex with their client...absurd.

by Via National Enquirerreply 21405/22/2012

"Wasn't Robert Urich the "protege" of Burt Reynolds the same way Lee Majors was the "protege" of Rock Hudson?"

More about Robert Urich and Burt Reynolds, please!

by Via National Enquirerreply 21505/22/2012

"Katie, Jilly, Kelly..the list would take forever and go back decades and decades of Hollywood's hiding their cock-loving-leading-men."

Don't forget Mrs. Phyllis Gates Hudson and Mrs. Evie Wynn Johnson! Those ladies are the "elder statemen" of beards.

by Via National Enquirerreply 21605/22/2012

Has anyone read this issue of the Enquirer yet? Report back to us with details if you have!

by Via National Enquirerreply 21705/22/2012

"All of these "beards" know EXACTLY what they are getting into from the get-go....."

Exactly. It's a business deal. They sign an exclusive contract, get a lot of perks and benefits, enjoy a lucrative lifestyle, and maintain a public image of happy heterosexuality and family life.

by Via National Enquirerreply 21805/22/2012

Travolta has IMDB fangurls? In 2012? How old are these people?

by Via National Enquirerreply 21905/22/2012

R219, my mother is 83.

by Via National Enquirerreply 22005/22/2012

I don't know that these "beards" like Kelly Preston are necessarily gay.

As far as Evie Wynn Johnson, she was basically blackmailed by Mayer to divorce Keenan and marry Van Johnson. Mayer put pressure on Johnson to get married, and Johnson said the only woman he would possibly consider marrying was Evie. All of these families - the Coopers, the Wynns, Van Johnson, all of these people lived in the same neighborhood and were friends. Evie and Keenan had two boys and had been married for nine years before Mayer basically threatened her.

Mayer called in Evie and told her if she didn't divorce Wynn and marry Johnson, Keenan wasn't going to have his contract renewed, simple as that.

Wynn ended up remarrying twice more and having three more kids while Evie was stuck with Van. She'd made a deal with the devil and she knew it.

by Via National Enquirerreply 22105/22/2012

If the National Enquirer is to be believed that Kelly left it's not as though she's somehow learning just now that her husband is gay and deeply closeted. She had to know this all along and know that it's a marriage of convenience.

by Via National Enquirerreply 22205/22/2012

R201 Which drugs did your friend say Travolta was fond of? Besides coke.

by Via National Enquirerreply 22305/22/2012

"Shortly after this, he married that dingbat Jilly Mack and had a daughter(artificial insemination anyone?)"

I've never understood people who claim that because a man is gay he can only produce a child through artificial insemination. Unlike ignorant fundies, you do realize gay people are perfectly capable of reproducing--right?

by Via National Enquirerreply 22405/22/2012

I have no doubt she knew from day one that he was gay. I can't believe ppl are buying the crap about how "devastated" and "stunned" she is. If she is it's only because it all exploded and her life is exposed as a sham.

by Via National Enquirerreply 22505/22/2012

The thought of John & Sly Stallone together. Mmmm

by Via National Enquirerreply 22605/22/2012

LA Times did a takedown of both the NE story as well as the original attorney, apparently an ambulance chaser.

by Via National Enquirerreply 22705/22/2012

Has anyone watched Kelly Preston's recent interview on 'The Conversation' - filmed just before this whole thing kicked off.

I didn't know she was drinking/drug user - right up to where she got pregnant again. She looks emotionally fragile. She says Scientology got her through the death of Jet.

by Via National Enquirerreply 22805/22/2012

People profile of Travolta following Hyland's death. Seems like he truly loved her and planned on marrying her.

I got fat on success," observes John Travolta, who's the seventh-billed Vinnie Barbarino on ABC's Welcome Back, Kotter, but would likely rank No. 1 ahead of even the Fonz if Nielsen could measure the tune-in of teenage fantasies. Now John has shorn off 25 lbs. (not to mention half a head of hair) in search of still greater success—but also in the wake of the profoundest sorrow of his 23 years. He's just finished playing a disco kingpin in Saturday Night Fever, the first of a million-dollar three-movie deal. But mid-production, Travolta achingly saw the only love of his life, Diana Hyland, die in his arms of cancer at 41.

A blond Grace Kelly type, she had been cast with Paul Newman in Broadway's Sweet Bird of Youth, was the minister's alcoholic wife on TV's Peyton Place and, most recently, the resilient mom of the boisterous brood in ABC's Eight Is Enough. Although Diana had a mastectomy two years ago, "she didn't know she was going to die for sure until two weeks before," John reveals. "And when I first knew her [she played his mom on the ABC movie Boy in the Plastic Bubble last year] there was a possibility it would never happen."

So when he went east on Kotter hiatus to shoot Saturday Night, Diana remained in L.A., courageously finishing four of the first eight episodes of Eight Is Enough. Every evening they would talk for hours on the phone. Then, with her death imminent, he flew back. The day before she died they walked in the garden together. On Sunday, March 27, he says quietly, "I felt the breath go out of her." At the memorial service John wore the white suit they had bought together for their planned trip to Rio after Saturday Night was finished.

What kept Travolta together during these last "hardest 10 weeks of my life" were the ministrations of an "auditor" of Scientology, John's para-psychiatric faith; Diana's words ("I'm going now, but you are going to have this work"); and the work itself. With a mere 10-day break, he will be back in the studio starring in the movie version of Grease. (Ironically, just three years ago he was a minor character understudying the lead in a road company of the musical.)

Next fall, after he's got the fourth season of Kotter in the can, John will be back in movies, co-producing yet, and starring opposite Lily Tomlin. According to John, Lily "flipped" over his Saturday Night "dailies," and is nothing less than "the most talented actress we have, the most important lady of the century."

Travolta's ambition for himself is only slightly more modest: to be the De Niro or Pacino of his generation. He thinks he has a rather better shot than, say, Henry Winkler. John, though always speaking respectfully of his friend, notes his own several advantages: he can also sing and dance, is eight years younger and certainly physically (if not intellectually) more powerful. (For Saturday Night, which sometimes had him dancing from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m., he trained with Jimmy Gambina, the ex-boxer who shaped up Sly Stallone for Rocky.) John further analyzes that he is less likely to be typed by his series—unlike Fonzie, who has to carry his show, Vinnie is rarely on more than five minutes an episode.

This is not to say that Travolta wouldn't be just as happy to see his "first and last TV series" canceled before his five-year contract is up. He feels that the scripts have deteriorated since the "brilliant" first year—Barbarino has become a "hypersexual" caricature—but he insists he will honor his commitment. "I never knock Vinnie," he says. "He broke me through the sound barrier."

by Via National Enquirerreply 22905/22/2012

That's a rather painful metaphor for John, whose only hobby was flying the single-engine Aircoupe he bought himself (for $2,500) as soon as he got his first $5,000 in the bank. Now, since his breakthrough, neither Lloyd's nor any other insurance company serving Hollywood will insure a production if Travolta flies. He's become such a superstar, in fact, that he's even been grounded from using his Honda 350 motorcycle. John still maintains that if his showbiz career bombs he'll go into aviation.

Travolta comes by his daredevil interest from both sides of the family. His mom, an actress and drama teacher, established a 1931 record for swimming the Hudson. His dad was once a semipro quarterback. He now owns the Travolta Tire Exchange in Hillsdale, N.J., not far from Englewood, where John was born, the youngest of six. All of his siblings have been involved in showbiz (his mom and sister Ann appear in Saturday Night), and he remembers telling some pals about flying all the way to Chicago to see his sister in a nightclub routine. "I flushed red and my eyes started to tear and the kids were laughing," he recalls. "My friends thought I was a bit off because I was interested in the theater."

At 9 he played in a local professional production of Who'll Save the Ploughboy? Bye, Bye, Birdie followed, and at 16 he quit high school ("Perhaps a bigger gamble than I realized at the time," he says) to devote himself to acting. First came a barrage of commercials, then the feature film Devil's Rain and, finally, Kotter. Since the series, he's played a mean high school hood in Carrie. He attributes "a lot" of the success of the movie to himself. Director Brian de Palma and star Sissy Spacek might argue that he's unduly Sweathogging the credit, but possibly he was right. There could be no esthetic explanation why he had a No. 5 record single last year with Let Her In. Carly Simon, he says, has offered to contribute a song and help produce his next album, but Travolta is holding off, explaining, "I have a good voice and want it to be a class act." Last summer he headlined in a touring production of Bus Stop. (Necessarily, there was a contingency plan for evacuating John into the scaffolding should the squealing fans storm the stage.)

For all the box office furor, Travolta has remained level-headed. He doesn't do drugs or booze and had to teach himself to smoke for Saturday Night. Home is a $450-a-month West Hollywood high-rise apartment with a Mercedes 450 SL and '55 T-bird tucked in the garage below. Sadly, he reports, "I picked out a house, and Diana and I were planning on moving in right after this movie. If she was alive, it is very possible I would have married her.

"I have never been more in love with anyone in my life," he confides. "I thought I was in love before, but I wasn't. From the moment I met her I was attracted. We were like two maniacs talking all the time on the set of Bubble. After a month it became romantic." Every weekend during their seven months together they took off—to Palm Springs, Big Bear, New York (often with Diana's boy, Zachary, 4, from a previous marriage. The boy is now back with his father). "I had more fun with Diana than I ever had in my life," he says. "And the odd thing is just before we met I thought I would never have a successful relationship. She told me that she too had thought the same thing. Then, bam."

Travolta finds that he has always been a one-woman man, and there's been no one since Hyland. He's surviving now, he says, on his work and reveries of the past. "I gave her great joy the last months of her life," John reflects. "I always feel she is with me—I mean her intentions are. Diana always wanted the world for me in every possible way."

by Via National Enquirerreply 23005/22/2012

How many men do you think he has ACTUALLY slept with?

I say about 1000

by Via National Enquirerreply 23105/22/2012

Yeah, because the LA Times and the MSM in general can really be trusted to tell the truth about closeted celebrities. They don't help cover up for them at all. Sure.

And that's part of the issue. MSM Corporations like the LAT don't want their readers thinking that they've been lying about these celebrities for years, now do they? The other issue is that the MSM is terrified of the "Church" of Scientology. Tucker Carlson said the very first thing he was told when he was hired to be on television was never, ever to cross Scientology.

by Via National Enquirerreply 23205/22/2012

We knew a friend who swore he had sex with a sweaty Travolta at a hotel gym.

But, here's the thing: we all know he's gay. EVERYONE who matters, and who has a brain knows this information.

EVERYONE with a rational, sane mind knows this.

Carrie Fisher, someone he intimately knows, outed him. FACT.

Even the fucking local news in IN is reporting this.

So, unless he fears for his life (which is plausible), why not just go on 60 Minutes and really do some good?? Tell his story. Don't out others (although that would be commendable, yet ruin his career), and just keep the details to you and your sickness that is Scientology.

People, it's very definition is a CULT. Why do Americans not see this? (As Germany does)

Finally, what's so hard to understand about bearding? Have any of you been to Hollywood? Acted? Modeled? There is so much $$$$ etc. that it'd be SO fucking easy to fall in with that crowd. Fame is addictive. What's the harm, jobless Katie thought? Then he tried to change her fucking name to KATE. And? Oh, she's about to reap $10-$15 million and a brighter star than what she had prior. Yet, is it worth it? Fame. It's a bitch.

by Via National Enquirerreply 23305/22/2012

Now I understand why Travolta wears that See's Candies tee-shirt. It reminds him of having his fudge packed.

Old joke I know, but considering how old and unattractive this person is, does he really warrant this much interest on DL? Travolta is real "date a troll" material. Even the guys that have been shown to have had sex with him look like "out to pasture" material.

How old is the average poster on this thread? I'm guessing well over 50.

by Via National Enquirerreply 23405/22/2012

Why are people so obssesed over if John Travolta is gay or bisexual so much?

by Via National Enquirerreply 23505/22/2012

"People profile of Travolta following Hyland's death. Seems like he truly loved her and planned on marrying her."

Oh, puhlease. The real "love of his life" was probably some hot latino guy he banged in a steamroom.

by Via National Enquirerreply 23605/22/2012

232 here...227, that was addressed to you. If you honestly think the msm is going to tell the truth about closeted celebs, I have a Golden Gate bridge I'd like to tell you. Of course they'll cover up for him, because they're covering up for themselves. The msm has been whoring out his 'love story' with Kelly for years. And don't think for one second that an LA paper isn't afraid of the scientologists. They all are.

by Via National Enquirerreply 23705/22/2012

About 15 years ago when he was younger and I was very young he sucked me off in a gym steam room. That man could suck the chrome off the radiator.

I came big and he held it still in his mouth then went for round two. He barely took a breath.

by Via National Enquirerreply 23805/22/2012

"Travolta finds that he has always been a one-woman man"

LOL, LOL, LOL!!!!!!

by Via National Enquirerreply 23905/22/2012

I'm starting to think Kelly is clueless about all this.

by Via National Enquirerreply 24005/22/2012

[quote]Why are people so obssesed over if John Travolta is gay or bisexual so much?

No one is obsessed about finding out "if" Travolta likes men. They are "obsessed" over the fact that is is well known and documented he likes men, he has already had a long and successful career that is winding down and he still finds the need to lie about his sexuality. It is sad, why can't he be honest?

by Via National Enquirerreply 24105/22/2012

Re. Robert Urich and Burt Reynolds:

According to this obit, Burt "discovered" him when he was working as a tv weatherman and moved him out to L.A. Burt let Robert live with him, out of the kindness of his own heart!

by Via National Enquirerreply 24205/22/2012

r241=Anderson Cooper

by Via National Enquirerreply 24305/22/2012

R241 Isn't up to him to be honest though? I mean its like people, gays are out to get him. I don't know why he's being hounded so much about if he did this or that, if he's this or that.

by Via National Enquirerreply 24405/22/2012

"The msm has been whoring out his 'love story' with Kelly for years."

True dat. If you want a laugh, go to his official website ( and check out the photo section. There are all kinds of magazine covers with John and Kelly on the front, talking about their so-called love story.

by Via National Enquirerreply 24505/22/2012

I would be embarrased if I was some of these guys putting their business and Travolta's out there like this. Makes gay guys look bad.

by Via National Enquirerreply 24605/22/2012

[quote]People, it's very definition is a CULT. Why do Americans not see this?

Exactly!!!! EVERY American reading this thread is totally amazed to see you calling this a "CULT." We never imagined such a thing, R233, and are so glad you provided this new information. We're all pearl-clutching as we type.

by Via National Enquirerreply 24705/22/2012

Well I'm interested in this story because of Travolta's involvement with Scientology that condemns homosexuality as a sexual perversion/danger to society, and how he and his wife can promote/fund this cult.

Otherwise, I really couldn't give a shit who he fucks.

by Via National Enquirerreply 24805/22/2012

Maybe he's bisexual. They do exist, you know. There are also some guys who just enjoy sex with another guy without any emotion, but find emotional and sexual satisfaction with women. Why must we label him, and why must his life with Kelly be a total lie because he's been with (countless) guys? I'm sure she's aware of his desire for men, and probably of whatever STDs he must be harboring, and if she can live with that, isn't that all that really matters?

by Via National Enquirerreply 24905/22/2012

"People, it's very definition is a CULT. Why do Americans not see this? (As Germany does)"


The abuses of the COS go far beyond the Xenu mythology (which is the most harmless aspect of the cult, frankly.) It's not just a kooky space-opera-sect. The abuses that take place within the COS were written into it by L. Ron Hubbard, actually.

The Village Voice has been doing a series on it for some time now.

My opinion: JT has probably been doing this sort of sexual harassment for a while, but the COS has decided to stop protecting him like they probably also do with Tom Cruise.

by Via National Enquirerreply 25005/22/2012

R248 What cult/religion isn't against gays? They all seemed to copy one another with that bullshit.

by Via National Enquirerreply 25105/22/2012

"Maybe he's bisexual. They do exist, you know"

Where are all the female massage therapists saying he sexually harrassed him?

"I mean its like people, gays are out to get him."

Reporting his sexually harrassment means gays are out to get him? Um, okay, does that mean straights were out to get Sen. Bob Packwood?

"I would be embarrased if I was some of these guys putting their business and Travolta's out there like this."

I would be embarrassed if I were a Travolta defender like you. What Revolta did to those guys is a crime. If straight women report sexual harrassment, does that make straights look bad? Not all the guys he harrassed are gay, anyway.

by Via National Enquirerreply 25205/22/2012

r251, I never said any other religion or cult wasn't.

by Via National Enquirerreply 25305/22/2012


What I meant to point out in my post is that most American people probably know damned good and well that Scientology is a cult.

The difference is that the German government (with a few paid-off exceptions) is very aware of it and is not letting the COS get by with their nonsense. The American government? Not so much.

It's understandable that the American people aren't getting too up-in-arms about Scientology right now: we've got a lot on our collective plate.

Anyway, I doubt that JT will ever come out of the closet, even though it would be the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the bad rep of the COS. "They held me hostage and made me live a lie!" I'd guess he'd be afraid the COS would declare him Supressive and keep him away from his kids.

by Via National Enquirerreply 25405/22/2012

So which well-known actors are Scienos besides Travolta & Kelly? I know there's Kirstie Alley, Tom & Katie, Leah Ramini, Michelle Stafford. Who else?

by Via National Enquirerreply 25505/22/2012

I'm pretty sure Jason Lee is a Scieno. Darn--what's that woman's name? Dharma. Jenna Elman. Danny Masterson.

Believe it or not--Beck. At least he was raised a Scieno.

Jason Beghe loudly left the COS a few years back. LOL--check out his youtube videos sometime. He's rather angry in those but chilled out about it later (though he still speaks out against them.)

Paul Haggis left also and did a story with The New Yorker about it. Those are the only ones I know of.

by Via National Enquirerreply 25605/22/2012

Is Scientology the mafia of religions, or is it the Mormons?

by Via National Enquirerreply 25705/22/2012

Probably both. ;)

by Via National Enquirerreply 25805/22/2012

Gays out to assassinate Travolta...

by Via National Enquirerreply 25905/22/2012

I think this story has reached its acme, no? But Travolta is unlikely to "come out" anyway. He'll just lay low for a while until it dies down and that'll be that. Collectively we've got a short attention span, so unless there's a Mel Gibson type thing, we're all likely to move on from the story.

by Via National Enquirerreply 26005/22/2012

"Gays out to assassinate Travolta..."

Please, he assassinated himself with his sleazy conduct and his lies

by Via National Enquirerreply 26105/22/2012

This isn't the first time that Travolta has been slandered by the hands of the gays. He's defeated these lies everytime and i'm sure will continue to do so.

by Via National Enquirerreply 26205/22/2012

Yes R262, because being gay is a slanderous and terrible thing. I really wish PR responses would learn that implying that gay "rumors" are insulting is really insulting to gay people.

You can give some stupid PR bullshit without being homophobic and implying there is something bad about being gay.

by Via National Enquirerreply 26305/22/2012

Perfect example of the mainstream media shilling John and Kelly's fake relationship:

by Via National Enquirerreply 26405/22/2012

R263 that's their whole point that being gay is slanderous and bad. Especially for a guy like Travolta who is a family man and very religious.

by Via National Enquirerreply 26505/22/2012

That's what irritates me, as if we are insulting him by saying he's gay. Maybe he might feel insulted if I said he was straight?

by Via National Enquirerreply 26605/22/2012

[quote]This isn't the first time that Travolta has been slandered by the hands of the gays.

Hmm..except that at least John Doe #2 identifies as straight and is married with kids. In other words, even if he were secretly gay, Doe #2 is not a political gay activist out to out JT

by Via National Enquirerreply 26705/22/2012

That picture of him, Kelly and the baby...that was in poor taste because much of the country already knew he was really gay and it's hard to even say what kind of relationship he even has with Kelly.

by Via National Enquirerreply 26805/22/2012

[quote]I'm starting to think Kelly is clueless about all this.

Um excuse me miss? She knows damn well what she signed up for.

by Via National Enquirerreply 26905/22/2012

Wonder if he fucked any of his Kotter castmates. The only attractive ones were pretty boy Stephen Shortridge and Lawrence Hilton Jacons. I Johnny into dark meat? I bet Jacobs has a monster in his pants.

by Via National Enquirerreply 27005/22/2012

[quote]Travolta finds that he has always been a one-woman man

And a one-thousand-man man.

by Via National Enquirerreply 27105/22/2012

What does "Hollywood" have to say about this?

Are Revolta's celebrity friends defending him or not?

by Via National Enquirerreply 27205/22/2012

Leave John alone, sheesh!!

by Via National Enquirerreply 27305/22/2012

Just adding this to the mix to show how unpleasant Kelly Preston is. Read the blind item and then the comments from maybe half way down.

by Via National Enquirerreply 27405/22/2012

Thanks, R274

by Via National Enquirerreply 27505/22/2012

The most annoying thing about that website R274 linked to is that you have a number of posters saying it's Preston and giving out reasons why, but you still get people saying "Well, gee, do you think it could be SJP or Jolie?"

by Via National Enquirerreply 27605/22/2012

Totally agree with you R276 but the blind was interesting.

by Via National Enquirerreply 27705/22/2012

Wow. It's all unraveling now.

by Via National Enquirerreply 27805/22/2012

I cannot WAIT until Paul Thomas Anderson's new movie "The Master" comes out!!!


by Via National Enquirerreply 27905/22/2012

Wow, read the comment at R274 about the one mention of the other child found through the internet archive:

by Via National Enquirerreply 28005/22/2012


by Via National Enquirerreply 28105/22/2012

A bit off topic here but do the Scientologists get their own planet when they die or is that just Romney and his mormons?

by Via National Enquirerreply 28205/22/2012

They were talking about the color of the carpet in the picture with the baby. The color looks purple to me. I will say, Kelly played a character named Violet in one movie, 1987.

by Via National Enquirerreply 28305/22/2012

It may seem mean to out the Travolta's this way but maybe the lies actually need to be exposed? Maybe fans should be angry if stars tell them a mountain of right after the other. I really wasn't irritated with Travolta or Preston until the bitch insisted on pretending she could have a brand new baby at the age of 50. That was the kicker for me.

by Via National Enquirerreply 28405/22/2012

Now I want someone to out Beyonce for birthing a sponge pillow. It's just as aggravating to me.

by Via National Enquirerreply 28505/22/2012

R256, know your enemy:

by Via National Enquirerreply 28605/22/2012

I wonder if Kelly's abandoned-crippled-child secret will also be exposed? It's going to ruin her completely.

by Via National Enquirerreply 28705/22/2012

Link to Kelly's first husband's bio on imdb

[quote]Spouse Kelly Preston (1986 - 1988) (divorced) 1 child

[quote]Kevin and his ex-wife, Kelly Preston, have a son

by Via National Enquirerreply 28805/22/2012

I hope she is outed as an unfit human being.

As far as Beyonce or Katie Holmes goes, with their rather strange pregnancy's...I wish they would be outed, It's really just too much butllshit. People need to learn and publicist, whomever they work for, need to be outed for the trained liars that they are.

by Via National Enquirerreply 28905/22/2012

R276: That happens all the time on Datalounge, too. A blind item about a retired country singer will be conclusively solved and we'll still get dizzy queens posting:

"I'm guessing Justin Bieber!"

by Via National Enquirerreply 29005/22/2012

MOre info on Kelly Prestons alleged hidden child with Kevin Gage

Google Kelly Preston & Kevin Gage and web archives will appear where this son is mentioned. The son has now been wiped from recent stories (post 2004)

by Via National Enquirerreply 29105/22/2012

[quote]The most annoying thing about that website [R274] linked to is that you have a number of posters saying it's Preston and giving out reasons why, but you still get people saying "Well, gee, do you think it could be SJP or Jolie?"

Agreed. Nor do I understand the need for some morons to write stuff like: "This just screams Kelly Preston to me." It's been fucking answered. Shut up. I don't care what it screams to you.

by Via National Enquirerreply 29205/22/2012

Her disabled child is on her wikipedia page.

by Via National Enquirerreply 29305/22/2012

There has never been any report in the tabloids that Kelly has a kid with her first husband. Moreover she worked steadily through the 80s. When the hell would this kid have been born? That sounds like bullshit.

And 47 year olds have babies all the time through IVF and donor eggs. Look at geena Davis and that woman on desperate housewives.

by Via National Enquirerreply 29405/22/2012

I love it R293

[quote]According to the tabloid media prior to marrying John Travolta Preston she had a child with her previous husband Kevin Gage. Preston's first child is disabled. However, Preston refuses to acknowledge that the child's exists in the public sphere due to her beliefs as a scientologist.

She should be shot for that shit, oh wait, she almost was actually.

[quote]She was briefly engaged to Charlie Sheen in 1990, but ended the relationship shortly after he accidentally shot her in the arm

by Via National Enquirerreply 29505/22/2012

Wow, this is all new gossip to me. Thank you!

by Via National Enquirerreply 29605/22/2012

When are all the Scientologist celebs gonna come out of the woodwork to defend him?

by Via National Enquirerreply 29705/22/2012

Why does everrything have to be so complicated with you people?

There is no evidence Kelly Preston is a lesbian. She's never been spotted with female "friends" or "associates.". Also she's a diehard scientologist. They aren't known for their love of the gays. She also dated notorious heterosexual Charlie sheen.

Isn't it far more likely that she married him thinking he had put "all the gay stuff" behind him via the magic of scientology, and that the money and fame got her to close her eyes? And that he happily played along and maybe even convinced himself for ten minutes that he was bisexual or at least "not really that gay." cut to twenty years later and she turns a blind eye to all the gay rumors and tries not think about it, focusing on him as a father.

I have known three now ended marriages between a straight woman and a gay man, and the reality is that people sometimes fall in love for the wrong reasons and think that gayness isn't really a problem or an issue until it is too late. And each couple really did love each in their own fucked up way.

Marrying a gay man doesn't make Kelly Preston the Antichrist. It makes her a fool. That is it.

by Via National Enquirerreply 29805/22/2012

No mention of son on Kevin Gage's bio.

by Via National Enquirerreply 29905/22/2012

Some troll is making up some serious shit about a non existent preston-gage child.

Link to ANY tabloid report on this or GTFO.

Any asshole can edit imbd or Wikipedia.

by Via National Enquirerreply 30005/22/2012

Kelly Preston likes "hot" cheesy looking men. Kevin Gage, Clooney, Charlie Sheen, John Travolta were all quite hot as hell when she got with them, gay or otherwise.

Did she ever go after cruise?

by Via National Enquirerreply 30105/22/2012

Hollywood heart-throb John Travolta has revealed he is having the best sex of his life since he shed the pounds for his latest film role.

Since losing 25 pounds and turning his saggy paunch into a solid six-pack, the 49-year-old has got his blood pumping in all the right places.

"When I was out of shape I was not as good a lover, because my wife had to do most of the work," Travolta told the Oprah Winfrey show.

"And when I got into shape - well, she just loves the new stamina.

With his grueling exercise regime it is a wonder the star ever has the time or energy for action in the bedroom.

"I go to the gym 6 times a week and I always go between 12am and 2.30am. I'm not tired when I get home - I have so much more energy."

Travolta's gorgeous wife of 11 years, Kelly Preston, admits that his new muscles have improved their love life.

"I like the way he looks with his clothes on or with his clothes off. But it is the stamina that is so good. His body is amazing!

"My husband is sexy," Preston added.

"I love him whether he has a big body or this tight body. He looks good.

"He works really hard and he doesn't stop eating. He eats what he wants and then he works out." Travolta said he needs to keep his energy up but refuses to diet.

"I couldn't have done this purely through dieting. I started off by just walking for 15 minutes; walking to get my pizza, walking to get my ice cream," Travolta joked on the show. "I need to keep my energy up and don't like to diet because it deprives you of one of those things you love to do."

But for his new role in the movie 'Basic' he had to do more than work out at the gym. He had to become a lean, mean, fighting machine by training with military troops who are now combating the war in Iraq. To prepare for the role, he donned combats and tossed grenades with the 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment in Columbus, Georgia. The men who helped him train were shipped out to the Persian Gulf the next day. With the grueling training and serious fighting talk, Travolta said he had the up most respect for the men who are now fighting for the country.

by Via National Enquirerreply 30205/22/2012

r302, that is hilarious. They sound like the Stinkett-Smiths, always blabbing about their supposedly hot love life

by Via National Enquirerreply 30305/22/2012

>>Travolta said he had the up most respect for the men who are now fighting for the country.

Sir, yes, sir!

by Via National Enquirerreply 30405/22/2012

Have you seen this cover for the june 4 enquirer?

Old photo of travolta in drag in the 80s - NOT from a movie.

by Via National Enquirerreply 30505/22/2012

Here's the cover

by Via National Enquirerreply 30605/22/2012

As John Travolta's former massage therapists emerge with allegations of inappropriate behavior, we're hearing that a certain South Beach drag entertainer claims to have had a brush or two of his own with the actor at the Russian & Turkish Baths on Miami Beach a few years back. The model turned high profile drag queen is said to have had his own consensual touchy feely moment with Travolta following their individual Eucalyptus massages, a subject the former Sweathog is said to have been very, er, excited about, sharing the benefits of this ancient rubbing ritual while communicating his knowledge to the out-of-drag dude with a hands-on demo. Refusing to jump on the bandwagon, said drag queen is remaining uncharacteristically tight lipped and will neither comment nor come forward. That is, until Gloria Allred, attorney for two of the more loose lipped alleged ex-Travolta paramours, or JT himself comes a knocking. We're also counting down the minutes until some former Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne massage therapists jump into the ring as that's the hotel Travolta seems to favor, along with alleged late night in-room massage appointments, when he's in town.

by Via National Enquirerreply 30705/22/2012

What the fuck is jt wearing in that pic!

by Via National Enquirerreply 30805/22/2012

R305 - not a JT defender here but he could have been going to a costume party.

by Via National Enquirerreply 30905/22/2012

I don't know - a few of my friends have worked in "show business" (television, theatre, film) for years and I always am told that film actors are freaks. It's not just A-listers. C- listers are freaks. If you want to be friends with someone in the business, befriend a canny supporting performer who is happy for the money. A great living, but not a household name and happy with that? There's a possibility of a reality-based person there. A lead, a star, a semi-star? Forget it. Forget it.

If you are not someone's kid and you made it in the movies, chances are no matter how good-looking and talented you are, you're one fucked up bitch. When I was a kid I loved movie star bios and always thought that if you actually socialized with them, it would be sort of a glamorized real life. (I was in the midwest at the time, so I cut myself slack). Any time I've been around someone famous, their fame is what is on their mind. Maybe an old friend or a parent (scratch that second - never a parent) can access the "regular" non-famous them. The spouse is all about being the spouse of a famous person. I think anyone who could walk away from being a movie star (or being married to a movie star) will never be a movie star (unless, as I said before, they're the kid of somebody good-looking and famous and the wheels were greased).

I don't think Travolta will ever come out. He's spent 40+ years inventing John Travolta. He's a product of the 1960s and the 1970s, plus Italian (know how many Italian guys come out?). In his head, he's John Travolta. To him, that is the Holy Grail. If he had the chance to bring Jett back to life, but the catch was "you never were John Travolta, Movie Star" - he couldn't do it. The choice might lead him to off himself, but he couldn't do it.

John Travolta will come out when he's 80. That's about the age when he'll realize that 20something women don't actually want his ass, that he doesn't have another leading man comeback in him, and that OMG - actually, quite a lot of people have forgotten who he is. THAT's when he'll come out, and it'll be because people have forgotten who he is.

by Via National Enquirerreply 31005/22/2012

r310 = Richard Chamberlain

by Via National Enquirerreply 31105/22/2012

Eddy Grant!!!! LOL

by Via National Enquirerreply 31205/22/2012

I still remember when Stallone and Travolta were on the tonight show in the 80s . Those two were fucking. Travolta was like a giggly schoolgirl.

by Via National Enquirerreply 31305/22/2012

I agree w r310

by Via National Enquirerreply 31405/22/2012

I wonder why Kirstie alley has been so silent?

by Via National Enquirerreply 31505/22/2012

She doesn't like to talk with her mouth full.

by Via National Enquirerreply 31605/22/2012

He is a beautiful dancer. Remember jack rabbit slim's twist on test in pulp fiction when he's high on heroin and uma is all jittery on coke? Beautiful scene - he moves so slinkily.

by Via National Enquirerreply 31705/22/2012

American's will often forgive and forget if someone fesses up and apologizes. We love our movie stars.

by Via National Enquirerreply 31805/22/2012

[quote]. He's a product of the 1960s and the 1970s, plus Italian (know how many Italian guys come out?).

Sometimes it happens.

by Via National Enquirerreply 31905/22/2012

[quote]American's will often forgive and forget if someone fesses up and apologizes. We love our movie stars.

Forgive what? Being gay?

by Via National Enquirerreply 32005/23/2012

The ghost of Diana Hyland will out him, egged on by the ghost of Lani O'Grady.

by Via National Enquirerreply 32105/23/2012

The New York Daily News seem to own this story.

[bold]Source: John Travolta legal team offered $125,000 to Georgia masseur[/bold]

John Travolta's legal team offered $125,000 last week to muzzle one of the masseurs who accused the actor of sexual battery, a source told the Daily News.

The “Pulp Fiction” star’s camp allegedly floated the six-figure sum to Atlanta-based massage therapist John Truesdale to withdraw his federal lawsuit. And, according to the source close to Truesdale, Team Travolta wanted the accuser to keep his trap shut.

“That is completely false,” said Travolta’s lawyer, Marty Singer.

by Via National Enquirerreply 32205/23/2012

No. People will forgive the lies that have been told.

by Via National Enquirerreply 32305/23/2012

[quote]Forgive what? Being gay?

No, forgive being lied to and sold a bill a goods on a sham marriage.

by Via National Enquirerreply 32405/23/2012

I must say I do hate it when the mainstream media associates dressing like a woman with being gay - and calling it shocking on top of that. I mean, come on. They might as well ask if he was the Man or the Woman in the massage scenarios.

by Via National Enquirerreply 32505/23/2012

Well, may John is not gay. Perhaps he's a heterosexual female on the inside.

by Via National Enquirerreply 32605/23/2012

He's hetero-flexible.

by Via National Enquirerreply 32705/23/2012

He sexually harrassed a young hetero crew member on OLD DOGS. That story needs to come out.

by Via National Enquirerreply 32805/23/2012

R325...oh dear.

The "shocking" thing is that a man is dressed in drag who had repeatedly denied being gay. And i don't know how to break this to'd better sit down...but many drag queens are gay. Quite a revelation I know.

by Via National Enquirerreply 32905/23/2012

On the cover of The Enquirer, they have a picture of Travolta, and then a list of pictures of various actors making you think when you first see that they had affairs with Travolta. Then when you go to the article, it states, TRAVOLTA HAD HIS EYE ON THOSE ACTORS!!IT DOES NOT SAY THEY HAD AFFAIRS WITH TRAVOLTA, major Yawn!!

This is typical of Enquirer. They say something like, a doctor says this actress has a short time to live. then you read the article,and it reveals the BS of the front cover indicating, her doctor told her had she neglected her cancer, she would have had a short time to live. They inflate a story on their front cover to get your attention.

In contrast, I agree with some of the posters on this thread who indicated that The Enquirer at times reveals the truth ,and exposes a story that no one else covers. The Enquirer was responsible for exposing Edward's corruption. The media would not break the Edward's story. The OJ Simpson trial was stated by experts that the Enquirer covered the trial so well, that they put the so called, "legitimate media" to shame.

by Via National Enquirerreply 33005/23/2012

Is he a top or bottom? I think he is a bottom.

by Via National Enquirerreply 33105/23/2012

I think he's rock bottom right now, r331.

But then he a. ) shouldn't have played the world for fool. b) joined $cientology.

by Via National Enquirerreply 33205/24/2012

R330, the cover has photos of other stars but doesn't claim that he had sex with them. The cover clearly states: Who he wanted - Who he had.

You don't have to read inside the issue to know that they're not saying he had sex with all those actors. OTOH, they knew a lot of ditzy blondes would assume the NE was saying he had sex with all those men. It takes a modicum of intelligence to know the difference.

by Via National Enquirerreply 33305/24/2012

He's a heterosexual with issues.

I would know.

by Via National Enquirerreply 33405/24/2012

Yeah, it's the fact of the double splash that's the point. The embellishments are 'Inquirer' grace notes to show they're not entirely Co$ megaphones. Just substantially.

by Via National Enquirerreply 33505/24/2012

So, what is he doing for sexual healing right now? He has to stay out of the spa or the massage room or the lockeroom at his favorite gym for a while to let things cool off (if they ever do.) Does he have a list of fuckbuddies who will meet with him at a secluded spot he furiously jerking off while watching gay porn in one of his airplanes? Enquiring minds want to know!

by Via National Enquirerreply 33605/24/2012

Any fresh revelations today?

by Via National Enquirerreply 33705/24/2012

A smart tabloid would see he is vulnerable and find a way to set him up. Is he working on Gottie? Of course Kelly is also working on Gottie so it might be hard.

by Via National Enquirerreply 33805/24/2012

Ooops, I guess it is spelled Gotti.

by Via National Enquirerreply 33905/24/2012

Hmm, which part is 'twisted' then?

The gay reality part (fully endorsed by his wife and $cientology freak pals as long as he keeps it under wraps) OR the duplicitous, straight-feigning family man part and the masses of money he's made for himself and $cientology/Hollywood by closeting himself for decades.

Oh I bet I can guess which condescending side of the coin the NE's 'twisted double life' comes down on.

by Via National Enquirerreply 34005/24/2012

I think a supposedly happily married man with children who is a big celebrity and repeatedly hits on men in public places is kind of twisted by any standard.

by Via National Enquirerreply 34105/24/2012


by Via National Enquirerreply 34205/24/2012

More anecdotes about Travolta, please! You "eldergays" must have some pretty good dirt if he was really as promiscuous as he appears to have been.

Years ago someone here posted that they passed an "Urban Cowboy" poster on the street somewhere in NYC. Someone had written on the poster "I had sex with John Travolta at the Everard Baths in 1977." Then underneath it someone else had written "So did I"

by Via National Enquirerreply 34305/24/2012

I read an article about the Travoltas in People magazine and it was such crap. It was full of quotes from anonymous "friends" saying that they are so happy together and that Kelly "doesn't believe the rumors" which is just crap. People magazine should be ashamed of all the lying and asskissing they do to protect celebrities. And isn't the editor of People gay?

by Via National Enquirerreply 34405/24/2012

I hate People and really can't believe human beings actually buy the crap that they publish.

by Via National Enquirerreply 34505/24/2012

People magazine, the publicist's best friend.

by Via National Enquirerreply 34605/24/2012

Kelly has walked?

by Via National Enquirerreply 34705/24/2012

She won't walk away from all those riches.

by Via National Enquirerreply 34805/24/2012

Travolta in '77 ... you would all have your legs in the air.

by Via National Enquirerreply 34905/24/2012

No, R349, I've always considered him pasty and horse-faced, starting in the "Welcome Back, Kotter" days.

by Via National Enquirerreply 35005/24/2012

R350 is right on target - especilly when you look at the fugly pic. R349 must have been joking.

by Via National Enquirerreply 35105/24/2012

He was fucking gorgeous then. Good lord.

by Via National Enquirerreply 35205/24/2012

r352 made me LOL.

by Via National Enquirerreply 35305/24/2012

I liked him better with the longer hair. I didn't like his look in Saturday Night Fever except I couldn't find a problem with his body or more important, his acting.

by Via National Enquirerreply 35405/24/2012

r349's photo looks like a Mort Drucker caricature from a Mad Magazine parody.

by Via National Enquirerreply 35505/24/2012

What about the news that hit today regarding Roy of Siegfried and Roy ?

His male caegivers have video of him forceablly grabbing their genitals, squeezing their nipples, putting his hands down their butt cracks,etc...

Will take some heat off of Travolta ?

by Via National Enquirerreply 35605/24/2012

See video starting at 7:28 minutes. This is Hugh Jackman and John Travolta.

The two biggest closet cases in Hollywood.

Hugh is another one who is in self-denial or more like it a bold face liar.

by Via National Enquirerreply 35705/24/2012

R351 = an embittered Karen Lynn Gorney

by Via National Enquirerreply 35805/24/2012

After someone has been disabled for long years, their brains don't work quite right so I don't think the caregivers could get any money from Roy. It's just part of nursing.

by Via National Enquirerreply 35905/24/2012

[quote]His male caegivers have video of him forceablly grabbing their genitals, squeezing their nipples, putting his hands down their butt cracks,etc...

What are they going to do, bite his head off?

by Via National Enquirerreply 36005/25/2012

It's bald-faced liar (not bold!)

by Via National Enquirerreply 36105/25/2012

This is the long promised Scientology attack on Travolta and I don't think he can fight back, blame them for closeting him, as has been suggested, or they could probably do worse.

Everyone should leave him alone, so that other people can also get away from that cult. He is not the problem here. Should, would, could, won't happen.

by Via National Enquirerreply 36205/25/2012

Men, give it up. John Travolta is NOT gay. Wishing it doesn't make it so.

by Via National Enquirerreply 36305/25/2012

Wishing it not to be so doesn't make it not so.

by Via National Enquirerreply 36405/25/2012

[quote]Everyone should leave him alone,

Leave him alone like he would be left alone if he was constantly groping females. Naturally, if he did this to females there is no law enforcement agency that would want to arrest him.

by Via National Enquirerreply 36505/25/2012

The man is dying to be outed! Please help him. He obviously is so tied down by Hollywood, his agent, his manager, his church, his wife...I feel sorry for him. LET'S OUT THIS POOR GUY!

by Via National Enquirerreply 36605/25/2012

Did Karen Lynn Gorney turn him gay? She's so unattractive, kissing her might've tipped him over the gay edge. It's been known to happen.

by Via National Enquirerreply 36705/25/2012

R363, I give up. John Travolta is not gay.

Is that a happy ending?

by Via National Enquirerreply 36805/25/2012


Those of you who have posted stories about him here...please share them with The National Enquirer

by Via National Enquirerreply 36905/25/2012

R365 Yes, like he should left alone if he was a hetero celeb trying to leave Scientology and ending up on the receiving end of their dirt campaign. That's what I'm saying.

by Via National Enquirerreply 37005/25/2012

You don't know that this is a Scientology dirt campaign. Or do you?

Your excuse for everyone to leave him alone seems to come right out of the Scientology playbook so that they can control it and wind it down as he agrees to play ball with them again. Nice try, R370, but this guy needs to be exposed for his nasty habits.

by Via National Enquirerreply 37105/25/2012

He's already outed with the latest saga, isn't he???? The only thing missing is him saying "I'm gay". How will scientology "in" him back even if they are willing?

To me this seems like the cult wants to screw over JT while at the same time warn all the other celeb scienos ("see what will happen to you if you dare cross us").

by Via National Enquirerreply 37205/25/2012

i.e. mke an example of him, r372.

The more I see how everything unravels, the more convinced I'm becoming of it.

At any other scandalous point in his life, things were nipped immediately. This one's not going away.

by Via National Enquirerreply 37305/25/2012

Yes, I imagine that they are trying to scare some of their devoted followers. Sounds like The Jehovah Witnesses. If you leave them, they will never speak to you again.

by Via National Enquirerreply 37405/25/2012

Exactly r373. There is no going back from this. So, question is what is HE going to do about them? Is he going to keep them out of it? Is he afraid of them denying his access to his kids if he "rats" on them?

Personally, I think his best course would be to spill all of the scienos shit, blame them for everything.

by Via National Enquirerreply 37505/25/2012

not my john john! i don't believe he's gay.

by Via National Enquirerreply 37605/25/2012

"Sounds like The Jehovah Witnesses. If you leave them, they will never speak to you again."

The one strategy I have yet to employ! Thanks!

by Via National Enquirerreply 37705/25/2012

The difference is, 374, when a person leaves CO$, the scienos want them dead.

by Via National Enquirerreply 37805/25/2012

[quote]Men, give it up. John Travolta is NOT gay. Wishing it doesn't make it so.

No, you give up your insistence that he's straight ... because he's not straight! Like I said before, I have a family friend who is a Scientologist. He and everyone in the "Church" KNOW that he is gay. It's an open secret.

by Via National Enquirerreply 37905/25/2012

Bullshit. Lisa Marie Pressley has left Scientology. The director of Crash left Scientology (and is being very vocal about how bad it was) and there have been no campaigns against them. Scientology isn't the all powerful cabal people seem to think it is. Going after easy targets: sure. But going after the rich: not so much. If anything, Scientology might be using this to their advantage to scare people, but they don't really have the balls to do this shit.

by Via National Enquirerreply 38005/25/2012

It seems the best way to counter the Co$ these days is to refuse to give in to fear, as difficult as that must be for people....but now that the internet spreads info faster, it's harder and harder for the Co$ to hide its tactics.

And there is a much greater support system for ex-members and critics than there used to be.

However, if a current member is sooooo afraid of his/her auditing secrets being revealed (as I'm guessing is the case with a few famous members *cough*)....that member is owned by the C0$ and little Davey Miscavidge. That sounds like a Hell I would not want to live in.

It is highly possible that JT has been doing this sort of thing for a while...but he must have really pissed off the "church" for them to withhold their PR protection. I have a hard time believing they fabricated every single claim....though people will tell the damnedest lies for money.

by Via National Enquirerreply 38105/25/2012

[quote]The only thing missing is him saying "I'm gay".

That's a pretty big thing.

by Via National Enquirerreply 38205/25/2012

How long have the rumors about him been around?

If you had walked into a gay bar in 1977 and said "I had sex with John Travolta!" would most people have believed you or would they have been like "Yeah right, liar!"

by Via National Enquirerreply 38305/25/2012

Gays trying to slander Travolta's name again, I hope he sues the crap out of these liars. How many times does he have to sue these people?

by Via National Enquirerreply 38405/25/2012

Travolta has never sued anyone.

You're thinking of Scientology's other closet case: Tom Cruise.

by Via National Enquirerreply 38505/25/2012

Gays trying to slander Travolta? LOL--you're a pistol, R384. How many times are you going to post that on this thread?

by Via National Enquirerreply 38605/25/2012

It was announced for a long time. Did no one see the videos of that ex-Scientologist who talked about how Lisa-Marie and Travolta are trying to get out, but Travolta is struggling because of the media shit storm that will follow(even though he never harmed anyone to that guy's knowledge)? He talked so much about it. It wasn't just a throwaway thought.

So of course now I believe it's them, because I was told this will happen well in advance.

And honestly, don't act as if these huge scandals, that only come down to celebs being giant sluts, are useful and somehow achieve justice. Please. It was pathetic with Tiger Woods too. Who cares who exactly he fucked how often? This isn't some great achievement for free journalism and truth.

by Via National Enquirerreply 38705/25/2012

R386 i'm mocking Liberace when his ex lover Scott Sued him. He made press releases saying that. LOL

by Via National Enquirerreply 38805/25/2012

"Who cares who exactly he fucked how often?"

A lot of people, obviously, given how much everyone was talking about it.

People care about the personal lives of celebrities - that's why the tabloids exist.

by Via National Enquirerreply 38905/25/2012

Ohhh, R388. LOL. I get it now--I'd forgotten about the Liberace thing. Hilarious that I used his name in my signature. Synchronicity!

There *has* been someone on here saying that a lot. Has that been you every time?

R387 -- I wouldn't put it past the CoS at all, though I do wonder how they could pay off *everyone.* Travolta did an interview with Rolling Stone, I think, in the early 80's where he mentioned being disappointed in the leadership of the CoS. It was discussed in the Janet Reitman book, Inside Scientology (which began my interest in the whole mess that is CoS).

Supposedly, Tom Cruise had lost interest in it at one point...and then suddenly--TA DA!--he's divorcing Nicole Kidman and is Mr. Scientology.

There's some speculation that LMP is leaving/has left. So let's not forget that when the inevitable scandal about her arises. Think about it. She's in control of the EP money now, not Priscilla. Ouch! That's gotta sting for the Co$. :D She strikes me as being someone who would not be so easy to bully, though, so we'll see how that goes.

Paul Haggis predicted that a scandal about him would surface at some point in the future.

On the bright side....people "see" the CoS now.

by Via National Enquirerreply 39005/25/2012

How can something that has been common knowledge for DECADES be described as earth-shattering, or "breaking news"??

by Via National Enquirerreply 39105/25/2012

He's lucky the many, many employees he harrassed over the years haven't all come forward.

by Via National Enquirerreply 39205/25/2012

R390 "gays Out To Assassinate Me, Says Liberace," "This isn't the first time Liberace has been slandered by the hands of the gays"

Can you believe that? LOL Liberace was some self loathing queen.

by Via National Enquirerreply 39305/25/2012

[quote]How can something that has been common knowledge for DECADES be described as earth-shattering, or "breaking news"??

Don't forget, it was "breaking news" when he kissed the guy on the plane a couple years ago. The Travolta "breaking news" gets repeated every two years. Watch for another chapter in 2014. It's the same old story of J.T. being outed but the cast is different in each chapter.

by Via National Enquirerreply 39405/25/2012

R393. Oy. What a mess the poor guy was. There was a a time when people did not know he was gay and were shocked--shocked I say!--when they heard. I remember hearing older women in checkout lines say how "Lee" couldn't possibly be gay. ????? Heh?

And he played off of that. Sad. Yup, for sure--self-loathing. Understandable for the times but still kind of hard to fathom.

by Via National Enquirerreply 39505/25/2012

Ugh, you guys need to tell off some of the delusional straight people posting here. What a bunch of morons.

by Via National Enquirerreply 39605/25/2012

I can't wait until the day that being gay isn't some kind of "shameful" thing to be "accused" of or "guilty" of. Being gay is not a crime or a sick disease! Despite what Republicans would have us all believe.

by Via National Enquirerreply 39705/25/2012

[quoe]I can't wait until the day that being gay isn't some kind of "shameful" thing to be "accused" of or "guilty" of.

The problem with Travolta is not that he is gay. Is that he uses his position of power over people who work for him. And, that he lives a sham marriage.

by Via National Enquirerreply 39805/25/2012

Being gay is not Travolta's problem. Attempting sex with unwilling people is a crime.

by Via National Enquirerreply 39905/25/2012

R396, most of the responses that I see seem to in agreement that the rumors about Travolta are true and that it's very very sad that he lives such a life.

by Via National Enquirerreply 40005/25/2012

How in the hell were people SHOCKED that Liberace was gay?!!!! I can't understand that I mean he was outed doing his height of career in the 50's that he sued in won but still he was the exact cartoon if there was one for Fey!

by Via National Enquirerreply 40105/25/2012

He's hiding in the Bahamas, apparently

by Via National Enquirerreply 40205/25/2012

The Bahamas is perfect. We all know how much they love the Gays there.

by Via National Enquirerreply 40305/25/2012

From r402 link:

[quote]He also spent time at the Scientology center in nearby Clearwater, E! reported.

I wonder if they were giving him a good talking to?

by Via National Enquirerreply 40405/25/2012

LOL R403

by Via National Enquirerreply 40505/25/2012

They were giving him a mediocre hand job, more likely.

by Via National Enquirerreply 40605/25/2012

r382 what I meant was that ppl say he should be outed and that we should out him, he IS outed after this whether he says the words or not (from the world's pov. not Travolta's)

by Via National Enquirerreply 40705/25/2012

He was in Clearwater? They will just starve and kill him there.

Why doesn't he just come out? Instead he goes somewhere to be sick is that?

by Via National Enquirerreply 40805/25/2012

[quote]Instead he goes somewhere to be sick is that?

He didn't go willingly R408. It's a Scientology resort with a dungeon and five torture chambers. Radio Bahama claims he was waterboarded three times today. Listen to their online news for the latest info. Get back to us when you hear an update.

by Via National Enquirerreply 40905/25/2012

The Bahamas are a great place to get away from things. :) And have your son killed under suspicious circumstances y'all! :(

by Via National Enquirerreply 41005/25/2012

Wha? Wait. John Travolta is being tortured right now and it's on the news on the Bahamas?

by Via National Enquirerreply 41105/25/2012

You can hear his screams on Radio Bahama for the first five minutes of the waterboarding. After that, they drowned out the screams with speakers blasting the soundtrack from Saturday Night Fever.

by Via National Enquirerreply 41205/25/2012

I don't think this is a campaign mounted by $cientology - there's no upside for them in spreading rumors just yet, they can still control him through his wife and kids - but I DO think it's a very clear sign that the media is no longer afraid of them. This isn't the first time this has come up, but the difference is that before, the mainstream media was so terrified of lawsuits that they wouldn't touch a story on a clam. Now that dam has broken and the water is starting to flow faster and faster.

by Via National Enquirerreply 41305/25/2012

I wonder of that scares the shit out of Cruise r413

by Via National Enquirerreply 41405/25/2012


by Via National Enquirerreply 41505/25/2012

IMO not yet, R414 - Cruise is a hardcore true believer who likely thinks everything he does is AOK just because he's OT7. He's proud as punch that David Miscavige gave him a medal for his KSW ("Keep Scientology Working") excellence. He'll probably be the last one standing, at least until it costs him his career.

Besides, members generally deny to the death that any data is collected during auditing (or even that there are any problems at all) as long as they're still indoctrinated. That's why one crack in the glass often results in a complete rejection of the cult, like Paul Haggis' - when it crashes, it REALLY crashes.

by Via National Enquirerreply 41605/25/2012

Besides, Cruise's price in the tabloids seems to be going down - see link. He's only worth 20K now!

(I'm not linking to Marty Rathbun's website - he's a dissenter, still believes in Hubbard's mindfuck and is gathering disaffected members around him. He audited both Cruise and Travolta, drove the coverup of Lisa McPherson's murder, knows a lot of dirt and won't dump it. Still calls himself a Scientologist, IMO wants Miscavige's job.)

by Via National Enquirerreply 41705/25/2012

The media should check on which Ocala, Florida gyms have Travolta as a member -- Anytime Fitness Center, The Ranch Fitness Center & Spa, Compass Health and Fitness, Planet Fitness, and Anytime Fitness. You just know he had to check out some of them.

by Via National Enquirerreply 41805/25/2012

One thing to keep in mind. The CO$ people don't have a tendency to behave rationally. Their worldview is quite different from those of functioning people. They won't refrain from doing something stupid just because it's obviously stupid. Fucking with Travolta if he doesn't toe the company line would make sense with them, even if it makes no sense.

by Via National Enquirerreply 41905/25/2012

Any woman who gets close to POS Charlie Sheen must be a major psycho.

by Via National Enquirerreply 42005/25/2012

Is there a papal version of the Travolta scandal brewing?

One of the inner sanctum is in hot water. What else will he reveal?

by Via National Enquirerreply 42105/25/2012

Travolta's sex life is his business. The money grab these people are doing to him is not. Rather than Travolta hit on them, it's more likely these massage people were prostitutes that wanted him and he said "no."

by Via National Enquirerreply 42205/25/2012

Clams to the rescue @ R422.

by Via National Enquirerreply 42305/25/2012

R421, start a new thread - this one's about little Johnny's peepee.

by Via National Enquirerreply 42405/26/2012

I was pounding Brian Joubert's hot tight hairy hole one night in the hotel's steam room, Travolta Yummy!

by Via National Enquirerreply 42505/26/2012

R422 proves that Clams have been strapped to their desks and are busy Googling. Faster, faster!

by Via National Enquirerreply 42605/26/2012

Hey Creamiepie R425 Does Travolta pack a true eight inches?

by Via National Enquirerreply 42705/26/2012

R427 Travolta's little dick is very shriveled...not so Yummy :(

by Via National Enquirerreply 42805/26/2012

Couldn't he leave his wife and kids nicely in that he could consult an attorney and make sure they are provided for until a proper divorce? Then, he could hone in on leaving that cult, right?

I honestly do not know much about the $cienos and am just curious as to why Travolta can't just leave it all and move on nicely. The man is as gay as the day is long but I truly just have a feeling that he never did anything while being audited which was just horrible. You know, like murder or being a kiddie fucker. He has to know that everyone knows he is gay and so why can he not just leave it all behind nicely and come on out?

by Via National Enquirerreply 42905/26/2012

[quote]I honestly do not know much about the $cienos and am just curious as to why Travolta can't just leave it all and move on nicely.

You obviously don't know much about cults.

by Via National Enquirerreply 43005/26/2012

R430 I don't. That is the thing. I know of the $cienos having all of that with the "auditing" but what could Travolta have said with that throughout the years?

What could have said past anything about his obviously being gay? Did he kill someone? I doubt it. Is he a kiddie fucker? I highly doubt that. What could the $cienos have on him past his being gay which would shock people? Would they just lie? Would they kill him?

by Via National Enquirerreply 43105/26/2012

If you break from Scientology, people who are still Scientologist are not allowed to associate with you.

That means his remaining children he didn't kill through neglect would not be allowed to speak to him if he left.

by Via National Enquirerreply 43205/26/2012


They might cut his Penis off! They are known for that.....

by Via National Enquirerreply 43305/26/2012


My guess is that killing his career, and keeping him from his kids would be very difficult to do.

by Via National Enquirerreply 43405/26/2012

they DO kill people, r431.

by Via National Enquirerreply 43505/26/2012

Gays out to get Travolta I see with these vicious lies again.

by Via National Enquirerreply 43605/26/2012

R431 Oh honey I know they do....that's what makes it so fun and Yummy!

by Via National Enquirerreply 43705/26/2012

Nothing will happen. It will all blow over. Watch.

by Via National Enquirerreply 43805/26/2012

A friend told me Travolta had a very smelly hyknee! Not so Yummy :(

by Via National Enquirerreply 43905/26/2012

R438 Right. I guess people are expecting Travolta to admit to lies? If I were him I would just ignore these lies. Gays trying to drag him down again.

by Via National Enquirerreply 44005/26/2012

"Creamiepie" = most tedious troll in ages.

by Via National Enquirerreply 44105/26/2012

"Gays trying to drag him down again."

Stop posting this fangurl bullshit. Everyone knows he's gay.

by Via National Enquirerreply 44205/26/2012


Travolta is known for his stinkie hole

by Via National Enquirerreply 44305/26/2012

R432 has it right - the daughter is what, 12 or 13? Old enough to stand in front of a judge and say she doesn't want to see her daddy? She's been raised in the cult. And recent ex-members say Preston is still hardcore, way more than he ever was. Unless he's ready to charge out of the closet, all it would take is the threat of an SP declare and disconnection followed by an ugly custody fight, presumably in Florida where they have been able to influence judges and officials in the past...

If he's been hanging out in Clearwater lately it means they've still got their hooks in him to some extent. Has he been seen at Fort Homicide? Then he's likely there for auditing, and they're telling him that all this is happening because someone in his life is a potential trouble source. Or maybe they've sold him on the idea that the long-promised and VERY expensive Super Power rundown will solve all his problems. Not everyone pulls a Paul Haggis or Jason Beghe style breakaway, and even the ones who do take years to clear their brains of the mindfuck, it's that deep. They take over every part of your life, especially if you have that kind of fame and money.

by Via National Enquirerreply 44405/26/2012

I rather doubt if this last kid is his, except legally. Anyway, I still hope John will hop out of the closet before anyone can stop him and I hope he will tell all and reveal the CoS for what it is, pure bullshit.

by Via National Enquirerreply 44505/26/2012

Here's a blind item Ted C. did about Revolta's steam room cruising (this came out years before the Robert Randolph book):

So, here we are with Seymour Plow-Me-More, multitalented star and performer, both in and out of the bedroom, where he assumes an amazing array of positions, possibilities and partners. But to be fair, when Sey-babe cheats on his hardly naive honey (whose quasi-attractive face seems to harden with each new trick SPMM picks up), it’s usually with good-lookin’ dudes. In fact, it always is.

Take this last time, for ince. Academy Award-nominated Seymour was visiting one of Hell-Ay’s myriad spas, which are to Los Angeles what Greek coffee shops are to Manhattan. This time, for Plow-Me-More’s man-hunting mission, he’d chosen one of Hell-Ay’s more outta the way steam-room joints, toward downtown, thinking nobody would recognize him. Are these celebs on crack? Do they really think incognito only kicks in south of Wilshire?

Seymour cornered his latest beefy selection, took off his own towel (still impressive equipment, must say, even though what’s holding it all together hardly is), and asked for what Seymour usually requests his partners to do to him—i.e., get his oversize bum diddled. The boy—he was almost a boy—declined Mr. Plow-Me-More’s gracious offer and suggested to fellate the movie star instead, a lovely idea that was accepted and received, by the by.

You see, said nooky provider tells us he thought it would be “a bit much” to be corn-holed by Seymour Plow-Me-More in a public steam room. As if a blow job is nothing more than a simple shaking of hands.

Well, in sex-for-everything Hell-Ay, s'pose it is.

by Via National Enquirerreply 44605/26/2012

Maybe I'll run over to Clearwater and see if I can have a talk with him...before they kill him.

by Via National Enquirerreply 44705/26/2012

Cdan had a reveal today about Travolta as well.

by Via National Enquirerreply 44805/26/2012

Revolta blind item from 2009:

NY Daily News – Which closeted — and married — actor almost had his cover blown when he hit on a straight man in a sauna? Word is the offended dude is now quite wealthy, thanks to a payoff.

by Via National Enquirerreply 44905/26/2012

How much damage control do you think his handlers have had to do over the years?

Do you think they ever had to pay off tricks and ex-bfs who were trying to blackmail him? Rock Hudson was blackmailed several times.

by Via National Enquirerreply 45005/27/2012

John Travolta works hard and need to relax. He gets a massage. Then a massage guys tries to blackmail him. Travolta tells this guy to take a hike and he pull a typical 'mo thing, outing a guy, who was never in.

Since Travolta's careers is based on being one pot of sexy and now he is a still using that, though it's not true anymore, the 'mo thinks he'll get away with it.

Let's face it no one believes Doogie Houser or the guy who was Fraiser's TV brother was straight. It's just not realistic and it kills the scenes.

by Via National Enquirerreply 45105/27/2012

Is r451 totally insane?

by Via National Enquirerreply 45205/28/2012

yes, r452.

by Via National Enquirerreply 45305/28/2012

r429 The most fucked up thing about this man isn't even that he's living in the closet, playing the family man (I'm sure he at least likes Kelly and he loves his kids). The most fucked up thing here is the fact that he's filthy rich and could have had about a million b/f's, bought and paid for, signed on NDA's and he could have avoided all of this. He could have also had discreet escorts of his choosing, again, without having to be exposed this way, yet he chose to pick on complete strangers, often men who had no interest in him whether they were straight or gay.

by Via National Enquirerreply 45405/28/2012

[quote]yet he chose to pick on complete strangers, often men who had no interest in him whether they were straight or gay.

They're called fetishes, they are more powerful than any reason or choice, and they have been known to bring down empires.

by Via National Enquirerreply 45505/28/2012

Well r455 it's very difficult to feel sorry for him on that account. [bold]He had options.[/bold] He's an adult and as dumb as he is, you'd expect him to know the repercussions. We expect adults to know what the repercussions of their actions are and most of those adults aren't famous or rich so....

You call it a fetish, I think there's a lot of megalomania and sense of entitlement involved ("I'm rich, I'm famous, I'm privileged, I deserve everything and esp the little people to do everything I want").

by Via National Enquirerreply 45605/28/2012

add to that the delusion of believing in a cult.

by Via National Enquirerreply 45705/28/2012

All good points, r456/r457. Still, the weak of the flesh are that - weak. And, for the record, I stop feeling sorry for people after their first 100K in the bank.

by Via National Enquirerreply 45805/28/2012

Seems like John T had some self -sabotaging and self loathing thoughts to make desperate come-ons to disinterested men...

by Via National Enquirerreply 45905/28/2012

Travolta just needs to become a Mormon. Then all his problems will disappear. He'll get his own planet and everything.

by Via National Enquirerreply 46005/28/2012

J Edgar at R455 has a point. George Michael was as big a star as Travolta and as rich, and had outright denied any gay scandal could be pinned on him.

Then the world learned in 98 that he just loved touring the toilets in at least two countries, doubtless more. The thrill was clearly as good as anything he could buy. Then came the blissful wanted 'shame' of entrapment and outing. Did he then change his ways? Hell no! Not at least for quite a while. His recent negotiations with the Reaper might now though give him pause.

by Via National Enquirerreply 46105/28/2012

I think it's more self-serving and self entitled than self loathing.

I don't think Travolta is self loathing. One of the guys said that he said he had to "suck lots of dicks at the beginning of his carer in order to become successful" and it sounded like he was basically saying "so why shouldn't you plebe #654654543 do the same for me" (as if they are going to get a big career out of this or sought this like he did). I actually believe he would say such a thing and that shows a HUGE sense of entitlement on his part as if fucking him is the greatest privilege one of the masses can hope for.

by Via National Enquirerreply 46205/28/2012

r461 GM clearly wanted to get caught (maybe Travolta wants the same) and he clearly has had and has many issues. I guess the difference is that he was never a part of a cult and never bearded although he was closeted.

by Via National Enquirerreply 46305/28/2012

Also, another difference between the two seems to be that GM never tried to force himself on anyone as far as I've heard. Propositioning someone that rejects you isn't the same as doing aggressively so to the point of sexual assault.

by Via National Enquirerreply 46405/28/2012

R464 I agree. George Michael just plainly and blatantly cruised and docked his ship at a consensual point of disembarkment. Meanwhile, John Travolta seems to have never learned how to so much as navigate his ship.

by Via National Enquirerreply 46505/28/2012

[quote]...George Michael was as big a star as Travolta and as rich...

R461, I don't think GM was as big a star as JT. He was rich and famous, but his music had a specific demographic for a limited run, and JT's films had enormous appeal across all ages and types of people, and despite a couple of slow periods, he has made a steady stream of films even after his Urban Cowboy/Saturday Night Fever period was over.

by Via National Enquirerreply 46605/28/2012

Even more reason to be more discreet and less reckless, r466.

Discreet, (adjective) -- judicious in one's conduct or speech, especially with regard to respecting privacy or maintaining silence about something of a delicate nature; prudent; circumspect.

by Via National Enquirerreply 46705/28/2012

Travolta can't out himself. Apparently he has been doing everything he knows to do, to get someone to out him. Poor guy, he could probably get butt fucked in the middle of Sunset (with pictures) the fans would say the picture was photoshopped.

by Via National Enquirerreply 46805/28/2012

Do you think he'll ever make a statement, or will he keep hiding behind his lawyer?

by Via National Enquirerreply 46905/28/2012

Will we get an exclusive interview (maybe with the missus, maybe not) on OWN?

by Via National Enquirerreply 47005/28/2012


by Via National Enquirerreply 47105/28/2012

"Will we get an exclusive interview (maybe with the missus, maybe not) on OWN?"

Oprah will help Big Johnny "in" himself. Closet cases cover for each other.

by Via National Enquirerreply 47205/28/2012

Amen, sista.

by Via National Enquirerreply 47305/29/2012

Is he still in hiding?

by Via National Enquirerreply 47405/29/2012

Is this story now dead?

by Via National Enquirerreply 47505/29/2012

I'm not sure R475. Aren't there still a couple of lawsuits going forward? I haven't been following it that closely.

by Via National Enquirerreply 47605/29/2012

Gloria's on the job.

by Via National Enquirerreply 47705/29/2012

Well if it's all behind the scenes, it might as well be dead.

by Via National Enquirerreply 47805/29/2012

Last week, Gloria flew to the east coast to meet with one of the man. She's not going to put out that kind of energy if there isn't a nice payout for her.

by Via National Enquirerreply 47905/29/2012

I've heard he was gay since at least 1979 -- my friend knew him and his family in New Jersey around the time of Welcome Baack, Kotter, and it was no secret.

by Via National Enquirerreply 48005/30/2012

It's already happening. Guilty!

by Via National Enquirerreply 48105/31/2012

Text of Radar report (as picked up by Fox)

Just weeks after John Travolta was sued by two John Does for groping them during massage sessions, at least one of those accusers may be trying to settle out of court.

"John Travolta's lawyer is currently in settlement talks with one of the accusers. The goal is to have a settlement reached very quietly and quickly because John just wants this scandal to go away," quotes a source as saying. "No money has been paid yet, but it's almost a done deal."

Two men previously represented by the lawyer Okorie Okorocha in suits against Travolta dropped those suits and hired celebrity attorney Gloria Allred.

Allred had said she would look at the merits of their cases before deciding whether or not to refile the lawsuits.

Travolta’s attorney Martin Singer has denied Travolta made any advances to anyone, and has said that not a penny had been paid by Travolta to anyone making any accusations of improper behavior.

A total of seven men have come forward accusing Travolta, who is married to actress Kelly Preston, of unwanted sexual advances, reports.

Their source says the John Doe in settlement talks would be sued for twice the amount of the settlement should he ever go public with his story.

by Via National Enquirerreply 48205/31/2012

Is his collapse complete yet?

by Via National Enquirerreply 48305/31/2012

I think in this case, R483, it would be his prolapse that's complete.

by Via National Enquirerreply 48405/31/2012

[quote]Travolta’s attorney Martin Singer... has said that not a penny had been paid by Travolta to anyone making any accusations of improper behavior.

But he hasn't addressed the possibility that money will be paid. He hasn't denied that there are negotiations for a payout.

by Via National Enquirerreply 48505/31/2012

Why doesn't any of the Entertainment Shows say anything? Assholes.

by Via National Enquirerreply 48605/31/2012

Kelly stormed out.... and went shopping!


by Via National Enquirerreply 48705/31/2012

"I've heard he was gay since at least 1979 -- my friend knew him and his family in New Jersey around the time of Welcome Baack, Kotter, and it was no secret."

Details, please! Was his family bothered by his gayness? Aren't they Catholic? Do you know any guys he slept with?

by Via National Enquirerreply 48805/31/2012

Why do people say things like that but give no details? Without details, I don't believe it.

by Via National Enquirerreply 48905/31/2012

r480, where are you?

by Via National Enquirerreply 49005/31/2012

John is NOT gay! Stop slandering him.

by Via National Enquirerreply 49105/31/2012

This is from Time Magazine's 1991 expose on the "church" of Scientology:

"Sometimes even the church's biggest zealots can use a little protection. Screen star Travolta, 37, has long served as an unofficial Scientology spokesman, even though he told a magazine in 1983 that he was opposed to the church's management. High-level defectors claim that Travolta has long feared that if he defected, details of his sexual life would be made public. "He felt pretty intimidated about this getting out and told me so," recalls William Franks, the church's former chairman of the board. "There were no outright threats made, but it was implicit. If you leave, they immediately start digging up everything." Franks was driven out in 1981 after attempting to reform the church.

The church's former head of security, Richard Aznaran, recalls Scientology ringleader Miscavige repeatedly joking to staffers about Travolta's allegedly promiscuous homosexual behavior. At this point any threat to expose Travolta seems superfluous: last May a male porn star collected $100,000 from a tabloid for an account of his alleged two-year liaison with the celebrity. Travolta refuses to comment, and in December his lawyer dismissed questions about the subject as "bizarre." Two weeks later, Travolta announced that he was getting married to actress Kelly Preston, a fellow Scientologist."

Makes me almost feel sorry for him. He was only about 20 when he joined that cult, so they've been blackmailing him for pretty much his whole adult life.

by Via National Enquirerreply 49205/31/2012

Do you think John has a smooth or hairy ass?

by Via National Enquirerreply 49305/31/2012

So, no matter what, John will never get to come out, no matter who rats on him for fooling around. Are we weird? Stars can't come out and politicians are put on trial because of sexual behavior. I know Muslim countries put people to death because of sex but sometimes I wonder if we are not far behind with our ridged attitudes.

by Via National Enquirerreply 49406/01/2012

So what? It is his life and a Matt for him and his family. His alleged reckless behavior must stop, but if he can stop allegedly cheating on his wife, good for him. He doesn't have to take on any identity he does not want to. Of course, if doesn't maintain marital fidelity in the future, he may have no choice. I wish him and his family well.

by Via National Enquirerreply 49506/01/2012

What R494 said.

by Via National Enquirerreply 49606/01/2012

r295, read r292. His marriage is a sham. He has no interest in "marital fidelity." It is a sham.

by Via National Enquirerreply 49706/01/2012

Wendy Williams mentioned on her show that Forbes is reporting that the Gotti movie starring John and Lindsay Lohan is now on hold due to this scandal.

The she read a statement from Victoria Gotti, saying something like [quote]"What difference would it make if he were gay? Who the f--- cares? Does it make him less of a beautiful human being?"

to which the studio audience heartily applauded.

by Via National Enquirerreply 49806/01/2012

"What difference would it make if he were gay? Who the f--- cares?"

The issue isn't just homosexuality - it's sexual harrassment. People aren't suing him for homosexuality.

by Via National Enquirerreply 49906/01/2012

I'm not enjoying seeing Travolta in such a mess. I knew he was gay but he always seemed to be a nice guy. Now if that happened to Tom Cruise I would find it enjoyable and delightful !

by Via National Enquirerreply 50006/01/2012

I want to see a tv movie about him:

Trapped in the Closet: The John Travolta Story

by Via National Enquirerreply 50106/01/2012

[quote]Do you think John has a smooth or hairy ass?

Hairy and pimply.

by Via National Enquirerreply 50206/01/2012

John seems really nice on film and in interviews but I've heard he is very demanding and not really that nice.

by Via National Enquirerreply 50306/01/2012

I read on another gossip site that he had a boyfriend when he was doing Grease...another actor...and the "church" found out about it and started threatening him. Did anyone else hear that?

by Via National Enquirerreply 50406/01/2012

"Trapped in the Closet"

R501, that movie title could apply to any number of actors.

by Via National Enquirerreply 50506/01/2012

You're a sad and pathetic man. You're a homosexual and you don't want to be, but there's nothing you can do to change it. Not all the prayers to Xenu, not all the analysis you can buy in all the years you've go left to live. You may one day be able to know a heterosexual life if you want it desperately enough. If you pursue it with the fervor with which you annihilate. But you'll always be homosexual as well. Always, John. Always. Until the day you die.

by Via National Enquirerreply 50606/01/2012

Travolta is NOT gay. He is a VICTIM.

How would you 'mos feel if someone called you a racist name?

You would be in more a hissy than usual, that's what.

John is constantly the victim of opportunists that want to make a quick buck.

And why shouldn't he pay them off? You throw enough mud some of it is bound to stick.

John is too classy to fight these cash whores.

You know they are cash whores, 'cause if any of them thought for a minute Travolta would want them, they'd give it to him for free.

Just another case of blaming the victim.

by Via National Enquirerreply 50706/02/2012

I think the 'mo trol is Chung Ho from N. Korea.

by Via National Enquirerreply 50806/02/2012

LOL @ r507!

by Via National Enquirerreply 50906/02/2012

I just watched Saturday Night Fever on DVD...damn, he was so sexy and charismatic in that movie.

There's this scene where he's combing his thick mane of hair and wonders if he's going bald....kind of funny considering his hair is all gone now.

Where there rumors about him even back then?

by Via National Enquirerreply 51006/02/2012

I mentioned him in Saturday Night Fever over on the sexiest performance in a movie thread.

And now...sad,sad,sad.

by Via National Enquirerreply 51106/02/2012

"And now...sad,sad,sad."

Well, at least he got plenty of sex when he was young and hot. Too bad he has to pay for it now, or resort to sexual harrassment

by Via National Enquirerreply 51206/02/2012

R507 wasn't serious was he?

by Via National Enquirerreply 51306/02/2012

No, 513. That's the whacked out 'mo troll. When you see "'mo" or "'mos" you know the Fundie frau nutcase is back.

by Via National Enquirerreply 51406/02/2012

You 'mos know I'm right. There isn't one bit of proof that Travola is gay.

If you were sexually harassed what would you want JUSTICE or MONEY?

Justice of course. But these so called victims settle out of court. Travolta is a very busy actor. He can't spend years in court, while some Lionel Hutz keeps him tied up in a frivolous lawsuit.

by Via National Enquirerreply 51506/02/2012

You get extra satire points for the Lionel Hutz reference.

by Via National Enquirerreply 51606/02/2012

I would want money, that would taste like justice. Don't be an idiot. Most people NEED money.

by Via National Enquirerreply 51706/03/2012

Oh, Hi John Travolta @ reply 507

by Via National Enquirerreply 51806/03/2012

"He can't spend years in court, while some Lionel Hutz keeps him tied up in a frivolous lawsuit"

Oh, please, like it would take years to resolve this case. He's going to settle because he is guilty.

"If you were sexually harassed what would you want JUSTICE or MONEY?"

I think if people were honest, they'd admit they want the money.

by Via National Enquirerreply 51906/03/2012

Exactly, most people except for the 1%, need money.

by Via National Enquirerreply 52006/03/2012

This is r480 here. My (gay) friend told me back in 1979 that he knew the family and had been over to their house. He knew John was gay, but didn't say mention the family's reaction.

One thing he did mention that has stayed with me is that John often walked around his family's house in just his underwear.

by Via National Enquirerreply 52106/04/2012

Don't most guys walk around in their underwear? When I was young, we usually walked around naked.

by Via National Enquirerreply 52206/04/2012

What kind of strange household did YOU grow up in, r.522??

by Via National Enquirerreply 52306/06/2012

Here's the most recent cover, which I know is already on another thread.

by Via National Enquirerreply 52406/11/2012

R507 and R515. You're a couple of dumb shits. Years ago I had a flight attendant friend tell me he went to an orgy at Travolta's place in L.A. pre-"happily married" to Kelly Preston. He's a mo you idiots.

by Via National Enquirerreply 52506/11/2012

I think they are the same poster.

by Via National Enquirerreply 52606/11/2012

Gee, did the "you mo's" give him away, R526?

by Via National Enquirerreply 52706/11/2012

I believe Entertainment Tonight needs to pick up on this. It's time for them to stop covering up for John.

by Via National Enquirerreply 52806/11/2012

god, the enquirer picked the gayest, pursed lips photo they could find

by Via National Enquirerreply 52906/11/2012

What's gayface? Someone start a thread so I can see examples

by Via National Enquirerreply 53006/11/2012

When you see it, you know it. I'm a bi woman and I know it.

by Via National Enquirerreply 53106/11/2012

google pictures of scott orson card, r530, and, are you new here?

by Via National Enquirerreply 53206/11/2012

The current Paramount VANITY FAIR shoot was taken two days before the incident at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Who knew what he was thinking..."what PA can I fuck?, I am sooo glad that I'm not near Tom... sitting next to Olivia makes me look straight".

Meanwhile, I got a kick out of Streisand STANDING next to him, while he and Olivia are sitting there like pretty ladies. Babs asked to stand as it makes her look more powerful AND her balls hurt when sitting in one position for too long. She looks OK at aged 100.

Those foolish massage therapists. John Doe #1 should have held on to the cash with Travolta's prints on them.

I still believe John Doe #1. He should have gone into the bathroom, prepped his cell phone & photographed Travolta in robe or half dress. Run like hell, but e-mailed the Travolta pic to ANYONE as the cell phone provider's time stamp cannot be argued. Then he should have taken another photo of an LA TIMES in hand,(FREE on the lobbby table) with the lobby clocks visible in the background and e-mailed that pic immediately as well.

Travolta is so sleazy and I hope he does get caught Some post above is spot-on. Ent. Tonight is either run by Scientologists, or Travolta's immediate family as they whitewash/cover for him all of the time.

He's a fat, bald aging slimey, creepy queen. Besides wanting to see him "go down" for all of would make for great trash TV.

by Via National Enquirerreply 53306/11/2012

OK, I really want him and Scientology outed. Is there anything we can do? Should we buy every cover of the Enquirer that has his face on it? Money talks...I can't think of anything else to do.

by Via National Enquirerreply 53406/11/2012

The only good thing about the Travolta debacle is you could not craft a more stunning indictment of life in the closet - from a Hollywood career perspective - if you tried.

He comes off as repulsive, pathetic, and dishonest. Contrast that to someone like NPH, or even George Clooney, who despite the rumors, hasn't played the game. I don't know if Clooney is straight, bi, or gay, but he has positioned himself such that if he is ever "outed", he's not going to look like a liar and a creep like Travolta.

If someone like Tom Cruise or Will Smith is ever subjected to a similar tidal wave of exposure, it may once and for all put an end to the bearding farce.

by Via National Enquirerreply 53506/11/2012

I wish they would but anyone who said anything about Tom Cruise, that person was shut down hard. It would take a billionair to out Tom Cruise. There is one who could do it.

by Via National Enquirerreply 53606/11/2012

How do Cruise and Smith pull it off? Do they have regulars who are on a "payroll" that involves enormous sums of $? Do they greet the hookers at the door with a brown bag over their heads and just keep the bag on?

I kinda see what you mean about Clooney's "positioning". If Clooney WAS outed w/o no room for denial...yes, he's never had a fake marriage, yet I always see him dragging out some pretty young thing. That's kinda sleazy or as good as lying. Is it because he's stayed single, that it makes him, "nobler"? I do not know how or if he ever comments on his sexuality. Is he even asked?

I live near Smith and see him ALOT with the wife at Sperling's Garden Nursery. He always has a smile for everyone. The wife looks like she'd shuv you with a shiv in the shower. She's one nasty looking woman who scowls at everyone. Gay or straight - he seems pleasant and she doesn't even try to fake "happy",(she should - she's as close as one gets to being a lotttery winner).

Yes[R534],your Enquirer idea is super duper. I am in!

by Via National Enquirerreply 53706/11/2012

The reason why he's not exposed even more imo isn't even because of him but because of the hordes of closeted (bearding or plain lying) homos in HW whether they be actors, musicians or other power players. All the entertainment media knows it, all of HW knows it - hounding Travolta might open a flood of outing and whatnot and next time it can be the hot, beautiful and bankable stars that are the oil of this industry, that make these the trillions of $$$ industries (cinema and music).

Do you really think this is about an over the hill, aging actor who's been outed about a million times before, including in pics?

by Via National Enquirerreply 53806/11/2012

There really are so many gay one wants to out them all. But I think the Travolta's, Will Smiths and the Tom Cruises should be outed and I don't care if it hurts their overly wealthy agents. I really just don't care.

by Via National Enquirerreply 53906/11/2012

I actually resent Tom Cruise more...not because he's gay but because he actually bought and paid for Katie Holmes and everyone knew it. It was completely disgusting and that the press played into all of that mess...have we no shame?

by Via National Enquirerreply 54006/11/2012

Any word from Travolta's friends on all this? Oprah? ONJ? Taranetino? Babs? They have all gone extremely quiet.

Oh, and the Cheers chick. The fat one. Nothing?

by Via National Enquirerreply 54106/11/2012

Christy can be very talkative but not about John.

by Via National Enquirerreply 54206/11/2012

Tarantino is friends with travolta?

by Via National Enquirerreply 54306/11/2012

I kind of feel sorry for Travolta because he is so pathetic. What a pathetic life he has been living for thirty some-odd years. And for nothing, because he's going to be outed now.

You KNOW he couldn't come out as gay back in the 70s when he was hot. It would have ended his career. I guess he just got used to lying.

Poor old sod.

by Via National Enquirerreply 54406/11/2012

R533. Loved your post.

by Via National Enquirerreply 54506/11/2012

I wish there was someone who has the balls to rip the lid off of Hollywood, and out every in Hollywood. Like one mass outing of everyone in Hollywood all at once!

by Via National Enquirerreply 54606/11/2012

I don't really think the younger actors should be ripped out of the closet but if you are past 40 and rich...come out. Like the guys from come on folks...that's ridiculous.

by Via National Enquirerreply 54706/11/2012

I'm with ya R546

by Via National Enquirerreply 54806/11/2012

I think if John came out in a positive way, he would be still embraced and loved.

by Via National Enquirerreply 54906/12/2012

R549 I agree with you

by Via National Enquirerreply 55006/12/2012

I couldn't embrace someone who seems to so routinely make unwanted advances on others. Straight or gay or whatever. Dude is scum and has a long way further to go than merely coming out if he is seeking redemption IMHO.

by Via National Enquirerreply 55106/12/2012

[quote]Any word from Travolta's friends on all this? Oprah? ONJ? Taranetino? Babs? They have all gone extremely quiet... Oh, and the Cheers chick. The fat one. Nothing?

Kirstie Alley is the fat one. All those from his past have gone silent. They know that it would be foolish for them to attempt to in him again. With all the stories about his unwanted advances, they're not going to issue denials.

It's no longer just about J.T. being gay, it's about his clumsy attempts to have sex with straight men who want no part of him.

by Via National Enquirerreply 55206/12/2012

And gay guys who put up with him until they can't take his fat, hairy body and body odor anymore.

by Via National Enquirerreply 55306/12/2012

He really should be ashamed of himself.

by Via National Enquirerreply 55406/12/2012

The Church seems to have abandoned him.

Its members never worry about embarrassing themselves if told to publicly support a fellow member.

by Via National Enquirerreply 55506/12/2012

"You KNOW he couldn't come out as gay back in the 70s when he was hot. It would have ended his career. I guess he just got used to lying."

It's hard to just start being honest when you've spent your whole adult life living a lie. He's been famous since he was 21. It's even harder to be honest when you are entangled in a sham marriage and have kids with your beard. It's easier for guys like Jim Parsons, Matt Bomer, and Zachary Quinto to come out because they never lied or bearded.

"I couldn't embrace someone who seems to so routinely make unwanted advances on others. Straight or gay or whatever. Dude is scum and has a long way further to go than merely coming out if he is seeking redemption IMHO."

Yes, the harrassment is going to make it harder for him to come out in a positive way. The fake marriage also makes it harder. I think he might have been able to come out if he hadn't harrassed guys or entered into a sham marriage - I think people would have respected him for being honest. Very few leading men have come out - the only ones are Chamberlain and Tab Hunter and Chamberlain's career was mostly in tv

by Via National Enquirerreply 55606/14/2012

He should just come out, just come out of the closet.

by Via National Enquirerreply 55706/14/2012

You're out of the woods,

You're out of the dark,

You're out of the night.

Step into the sun,

Step into the light.

Keep straight ahead for the most glorious place

On the Face of the Earth or the sky.

Hold onto your breath,

Hold onto your heart,

Hold onto your hope.

March up to the gate and bid it open, open...

by Via National Enquirerreply 55806/14/2012

For him to come out and claim it was just an arranged marriage would point the finger at his wife for being a liar. That adds another problem to his coming out.

by Via National Enquirerreply 55906/14/2012

Well she is a liar, so why should I care?

by Via National Enquirerreply 56006/14/2012

Which of the sweathogs do you think John fooled around with.

I can see him eating out Epstien's ass while getting fucked by Washington

by Via National Enquirerreply 56106/14/2012

I don't know which ones were gay. I've noticed HBO playing his old films he coming out with a new film?

by Via National Enquirerreply 56206/14/2012

He doesn't have to say it was an arranged marriage. Jim McGreevey said he loved his wife and child but had to come out as a gay American. Travolta could do something similar.

by Via National Enquirerreply 56306/14/2012

r563, I'm not sure if people will believe that Travolta just HAPPENED to fall in love with his wife around the time Paul Barressi outed him

And McGreevey only cheated with one guy (or so he claimed). Travolta has it harder - he has to explain why he was fucking around with every Tom, Dick, and Harry while he was pretending to be a straight family man

by Via National Enquirerreply 56406/15/2012

Will he still be hired to star in films or will directors turn away from him?

by Via National Enquirerreply 56506/17/2012

Or every Tom's hairy dick, r564. (Doesn't he like them hirsute?)

by Via National Enquirerreply 56606/18/2012

That's the problem. He's set himself up so that there's no way for him to come out without totally humiliating himself. Of course, everyone already knows hes gay, but I'm sure he's in a bubble.

by Via National Enquirerreply 56706/18/2012

TRAVOLTA SHOCKED as KELLY ASKS: Time for OPRAH TV reality deal? by Mike Walker

HEY, OPRAH – THERE’S STILL HOPE-RAH! Just weeks ago I scooped that OPRAH WINFREY pitched Scientology pals TOM CRUISE, JOHN TRAVOLTA, KIRSTIE ALLEY, and Sci-friendly WILL SMITH & JADA PINKETT to puhleeeze sign on for up-close-and-personal TV reality shows, but all O got was “we’ll think about it”... until NOW!

Suddenly, say friends close to the Travoltas, embattled KELLY PRESTON – devastated by the avalanche of allegations that hubby John’s gay, plus The ENQUIRER’s bombshell “Travolta’s Six-Year Gay Affair with Pilot” story, yet still desperate to somehow save her beloved family – told pals she’s now a definite “maybe!”

Said a source: “John has a thick skin when it comes to these gay headlines, but Kelly suddenly realized that bringing cameras into their home might be the perfect way to show that she and John are a REAL husband and wife in a tight-knit, loving family.

"But while Kelly’s gung ho on the idea, she’s having a hard time convincing John – who’s refusing to have his private family life viewed under a microscope.”

Kelly still harbors doubts about whether a reality show would be good for her family, but she’s wavering, so...stay tuned!

(I would SO watch that show!)

by Via National Enquirerreply 56806/18/2012

Kelly Preston is a bigger fraud than her husband.

by Via National Enquirerreply 56906/18/2012

He should take advantage that another much more serious high profile sexual scandal is hogging the spotlight right now and quietly settle out of court with all his accusers. What Kelly is proposing would draw attention to his private life. I'm sure this is the last thing he wants.

She may be just be saying she's considering reality show proposals for show, knowing that she and John would never agree to such an invasion. That way, she puts it in the minds of dumb audiences that they have nothing to hide (however untrue). At the end of the day, she would turn down all proposals and continue with their farce of a life.

by Via National Enquirerreply 57006/19/2012

When will the world wake up and realize Oprah is a $cieno?

by Via National Enquirerreply 57106/19/2012

Does anyone else think Kelly "Scientology Just Rocks!" Preston is even dumber and more pathetic than her husband?

I mean...a reality show? Really?

Plus, she used to claim that her son had "Kawasaki Syndrome" and not autism and that he got it from crawling around on carpets! What a dipshit.

by Via National Enquirerreply 57206/19/2012

Kelly is probably doing it for the money. John has stopped giving to Scientology, and Kelly has to take up the slack.

by Via National Enquirerreply 57306/19/2012

money talks, Johnny Boy payed em all off

by Via National Enquirerreply 57410/24/2012

What's the latest?

by Via National Enquirerreply 57510/25/2012

Damn another man being tossed to the coals because he likes to fuck.

by Via National Enquirerreply 57610/25/2012

Another day and he's still gay.

by Via National Enquirerreply 57710/25/2012

Travolta is very unintelligent.

by Via National Enquirerreply 57810/26/2012

Most everyone knows he's a closet case. He's been outed time and again on the front page of various publications. The thing I find interesting is how he and his wife keep appearing at red carpet events as if they're a hetero couple.

None of the Mary Hart-types covering these events have the guts to say: "John, tell us about the cabin steward who is taking you to court for groping him on that crusie ship." Or "John, is it true that you're banned from dozens of health spas for groping man in the sauna?"

by Via National Enquirerreply 57910/26/2012

John Travolta vs Rock Hudson - who scored with the most guys?

by Via National Enquirerreply 58010/26/2012
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